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hi! this is a v v simple question & im sorry to waste ur time with it but i can't find the answer anywhere else, so who better to go to than my fave!! when you color, how do you stay inside the lines? i use the photoshop wand tool & use it on the lineart layer, then switch to the color layer to use the paint bucket tool but it's super duper slow & i cant figure out a better way to do it? how do you do it? im sure u, a neat person, has some neat tricks up ur sleeve :) thanks in advance!!!

i color in probably one of the most painstaking ways? but IMO, it has the nicest effect for me! but yea, i do it manually, like i would anything else like watercolor, pencils, etc. refer to the GIF. (from a scrapped speedpaint huhu)

(AND HELLO! thanks for the question. <3)

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Ohhhh, for shoot fic prompts...one of them teaching the other something (not something like fighting, something softer?).

“Damn wash and fold,” grunts Shaw, shaking out her shirt to examine a patch under one of the arms. “There’s a hole in it.”

You know for a fact that one’s her favorite–it’s the first one she always picks out of the drawer after you’ve picked up and put away her clean laundry.

“Here, give it to me.” She hands over the shirt, perfunctorily, and you almost laugh when you see it: a rip in the seam, no more than an inch wide. “Oh, that’s not bad. You can stitch that up in five minutes.”

Shaw looks dark. She snatches back the shirt and looks at the hole again. 

“Maybe I can still wear it like this,” she says. “It’s not that big a hole.”

“Don’t be silly. Don’t you know how to fix a seam?”

Shaw gives you a Look. “I’m not much on that girly shit.”

“It’s not girly, it’s a survival skill. Come on, I’ll teach you.”

There’s a sewing kit you swiped from a hotel room a few cities back, tossed into the bottom of your bag. A needle and a few loops of black thread in there–it’ll have to do.

Shaw’s waiting for you on the bed. She’s turned the shirt inside out, the way you told her to, and is running her finger over the unraveled patch.

“Give it here,” you tell her, after threading the needle. “This won’t take long.”

You start stitching a quarter inch from where the hole begins–there isn’t much black thread, but it should last–and narrate to Sameen, who’s resting her head against your shoulder to watch you work.

“It’s super easy. I used to mend our clothes from the time I was little.” The needle dips and surfaces, dips and surfaces–it’s muscle memory from the shirts of yours and your mother’s that you made strong again under your fingers. “You just do little stitches, over and through, and overlap as you go, so it holds well. Want to try?”

Sameen takes the shirt, then the needle, and hesitantly dips it through the layers of cloth. She pulls the thread tight.

“Good. Now pull it back through, and overlap a little.”

The tip of the needle appears–off the line, then off again, and then back through, close enough to right–and you help her align the next stitch. By the third one, she’s got it down. 

“Your manual dexterity is, as always, wildly impressive.” You give her ear a playful nibble.

“Watch out,” she says, shrugging you away, “I’m holding something sharp.” But she doesn’t protest as you rest your chin on her shoulder and watch her work. “Anyway, you’re forgetting I was a surgeon.” 

“Oh, I didn’t forget.” 

You show her how to close it off so the work won’t unravel, and since the black is out, you unwind the dark brown thread to finish the seam. After all these years, you’re nothing if not resourceful.

This part goes a lot faster. Sameen’s got it covered.

“You’re good at whip stitching,” you tell her. 

“I’ve had enough practice,” she quips. “Not least on you.”

You help her close off the seam, bite off the extra thread–old bad habit–and feel over your work. It holds tight when you tug it, and the line looks true enough when you flip it right-side out. 

“See? You can’t even tell.” You grin at her. “Do I get a reward for rescuing your favorite shirt?”

Sameen scoffs as she turns your face in her hands.

“I did most of the work anyway,” she says, but her kisses definitely say thank you, and that’s good enough.

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Keith telling Matt he's galra and Matt's reaction ? Or maybe team voltron minus Keith ( and shiro if you want ) finding out that Matt and Keith are dating ?


[This is just one of the many works I started for today, and I hope I can finish every single one during the next couple of weeks.]


Keith was scared.

No, scratch that, he was terrified.

He felt as if there was something pressing down on his chest, squeezing his ribs and his lungs and his heart. It was a heavy weight, something that he knew he wouldn’t be able to take off him without having to make a real effort. He had already told the paladins, heck, he had already told Allura about it. It was not as if this was the first time he would have to come out, to tell the truth of his heritage to someone he cared about.


But he had already known, back then, deep down, that they would understand and accept. Even if grudgingly, they would have accepted him and he would have still had his place in the castle, as a Paladin, as a member of Voltron. In a sense, he had been expecting even less than what he was actually given—he was waiting for tolerance, and received complete and thorough acceptance instead, even if it had taken more time for some than for others.

Now though, things were different.

Because this was Matt.


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Blurred Lines

Originally posted by daehyeons

Pairing: Daehyun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count:  3.7k

Warnings: Daddy kink, voyeurism?, sexting… 

A/N: This took forever I’m sorry. I hope you guys like it! Thanks again for voting!!

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i’m one year out of a two-year-long abusive relationship and i’ve finally stopped reeling from it. i’m not over it or even anywhere near over it yet, but for the first time i feel like i’m starting to heal. i’m slowly learning how to like being alive again, and it feels like i’m experiencing everything for the very first time. the other night i felt truly happy, like i’d never even been hurt before, for the first time in 2 ½ years. i’m always going to be scarred but maybe i won’t always be hurting

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DateSana for that ship meme, please. Congrats on 200 followers!

  • who believes in love at first sight? Neither of them, but Yukimura doesn’t believe that a lot of time has to pass to make a strong connection. He has claimed people as his best friend for sharing snacks, made Masamune his rival after one fight, and has been the cause of at least one of Sasuke’s panic attacks when he actually went off with a stranger as a kid. Masamune is much more cautious when it comes to personal connections. 
  • who started liking the other first? They both liked each other pretty much right after their first meeting, but Masamune was the first to figure out that he likes-likes Yukimura. He promptly stomped that feeling back into the recesses of his mind. Masamune amps up his flirting tries to hint his affections without actually saying anything because he may be a confident flirter he is so much more hesitant with actually expressing affection because, aside from very few exceptions, him expressing love has always led to heartbreak. So he flirts and gives gifts and generally does everything to say he loves Yukimura without, you know, actually saying anything. Instead, he observes, waits to see if there is a time where his affection would not only be reciprocated but also not lead to disaster. Yukimura takes a little longer, but once he figures out his feelings he’s going up to Masamune, eyes, and cheeks blazing, more serious than he has been for almost anything in his life and saying that he loved Masamune and, if it isn’t unwanted, would he like to be boyfriends. Masamune smiles, a real one that softens his eye and takes years of hardship from the solid lines of his face and shoulders, and accepts because if there is anyone he could place his future with, it is this earnest, adorable man. Yukimura had the courage to confess, it’s only fair he matches it. 
  • who is more likely to suggest a romantic, candle-lit dinner? Yukimura, but he doesn’t suggest it. Masamune will just walk in and see two huge (and he means huge; Yukimura eats like a starved tiger) bowls of stew, one of the only dishes Yukimura can make perfectly, with candles lit in the center and an actual tablecloth spread out. Masamune will tease him about it, but seeing the effort and care makes something inside him go soft. Yukimura just likes doing sweet things for Masamune, likes seeing the glint in his eyes turn gentle and warm. 
  • who’s behind the wheel more often during road trips? Whoever can get to the driver’s seat first. They both love driving, though Masamune is partial to motorcycles rather than cars, and so like most other things in their life it’s a competition who gets to drive. They of course switch when they need/ want to, like if one is tired or sick or wants to take pictures, but it’s usually first come first serve for the driver’s seat. 
  • who sets up the tent and who gathers firewood during a camping trip? Yukimura, who has been on many “Nature Manstravaganzas” with Oyakata-sama and Sasuke sets up the tent. Masamune gathers firewood because, thanks to plant expert Kojuro, he also knows all the tasty plants he can gather to eat later while he’s getting wood. 
  • who hooks bait during a fishing trip? who catches more fish? They both hook their own bait because they are Tough. Though who catches the most fish flip-flops occasionally, Yukimura tends to win out in their fishing competitions. 
  • who insists on learning how to ballroom dance? Masamune already knew how to ballroom dance when he and Yukimura start dating! Yukimura was surprised to find old photographs of a young Masamune and older woman (who a written caption on the back of the photo named Kita), dancing at a party. Yukimura asked Masamune about it and expressed his admiration that Masamune had this skill. Masamune asked if Yukimura wanted to learn and that was that. If Masamune used it to sometimes sneak a feel of Yukimura’s butt or steal some kisses, well, call it his teaching fee.  
  • who goes all out on the other’s birthday? Both of them! Masamune loves throwing parties and Yukimura knows that Masamune loves parties. So they both gather everyone they know, Masamune’s Boys and their friends/ caretakers. Masamune will cook an honestly frightening amount of food, all Yukimura’s favorites including an insane amount of dango. Yukimura will have Sasuke help him make zunda mochi, much to Sasuke’s dismay. There will be a ton of music and drinking (for Masamune) and party games and dancing (for Yukimura) that will end in a birthday brawl between the two to end things. It’s not often they will throw a party this size, but it is always spectacular. 
  • who sings louder while cooking? while showering? Yukimura is unabashedly a shower singer. He sings loud and proud and if Masamune is nearby he’ll sometimes join in and it turns into an awesome karaoke battle for the ages, ending in them laughing too hard to continue. Masamune is the one that sings while he’s cooking, but it’s so quiet that it is almost buried beneath chopping, sizzling, and mixing. Yukimura thinks it’s a shame, Masamune has a lovely voice.  
  • who teases the other for said singing? Masamune, but it does lose some of its impact when Yukimura knows he likes it because he always tries to sing along. 
  • who insists on checking their zodiac sign compatibility every so often?  Neither of them are big on star signs, but every so often Masamune will look at them out of curiosity. Sometimes he’ll bring up something funny one of them says and the both of them will laugh about it, but for the most part, they rely on their own wills to guide their relationship, not the stars.  
  • who drags the other to fortune tellers at fairs? Yukimura because he finds them fascinating. Masamune likes to see Yukimura take these hacks seriously, worrying if they give a bad prediction or happy if they give a good one. 
  • who would carry who over the doorstep of a new home? Masamune, because if anyone is going to be the blushing bride in this relationship, it’s going to be Yukimura. Just because he’s shorter does not mean he gets the ragdoll treatment. Yukimura usually accepts in with some blushing and irritated words, but every so often he’ll sweep Masamune off his feet (usually when Masamune’s teasing goes too far) spinning him around the room before Masamune twists around enough to turn it into a wrestling match on the floor. 
WWII AU: Nikolai Borisov


  • Had a tendency to stick around the wrong crowds. At a young age, that meant children who liked to stay out late in Moscow, borrow things they never intended to return, and get kicked out of establishments for being too loud. At an older age, that meant men and women that forced him to think about a political environment he normally didn’t pay attention to.
  • Neutrality always was a hard thing to keep, something he learned about the same time Romania did. While his current home made friends with Germany, Nikolai packed his bags and left, leaving only a note for his parents, one he instructed them to burn after reading. The less they knew about where he went, the better. He hasn’t heard from them in years.
  • Hides his accent as best as he can, though it slips out when he really gets to talking, which is a lot. On a couple of occasions it’s gotten him into trouble, people mistaking him as an Axis ally. Nothing a small little car bomb couldn’t get him out of, allowing him to quickly be on his way.
  • It was when he showed someone how to make a fiery concoction one night to save their lives that they suggested he lend his knowledge of flames and fireballs to the war, to finally show where he stood. (Was surprised to find the Finns were not only using his concoction against Soviets, but that they had mockingly named it after fucking Vyacheslav Molotov because of his “bread baskets.” Still thinks it should be called the Borisov cocktail. Molotov didn’t do shit.)
  • He thought on the suggestion of joining the Allies and kept running until he reached Piombino, where he chose to be a civilian volunteer and help try to keep German forces out in September of 1943. It wasn’t long after they’d fled that he was noticed for some of his craftier methods in the fight, and soon he was tossing grenades and setting up land mines for unsuspecting soldiers.
  • Has been a nomad for so long that his social skills still aren’t always up to par.
  • He’s also beginning to feel like it’s time for him to move on again, to get out and see where else he can not have roots.


  • Theodora - rescued him from a fire of his gone wrong. He was unable to get away from the explosion in time, but thankfully, they were there to pull him out when he couldn’t run. He hasn’t forgotten the courageous deed, and knows he owes them a debt.
Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.

Calling All Witchy Writers.

It’s getting harder and harder to connect with witches who are also writers. It is so, so important for us all to band together and form a helpful community where we can all celebrate each others’ works and give advice.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been published on Witches & Pagans, posted fanfiction online, or have written in a journal you only keep to yourself. If you’re a witch who writes, I want to hear from you. 

Use #witchywriters to connect to each other on Tumblr and Instagram.

This hashtag is hardly ever used, so we might as well take advantage of that. And of course, reblog this to boost the word.

I want to connect! Make more friends! Read more work! Change the world one witchy writer at a time!!