hope will lead you home

aries - you have to tear down your own walls first; love isn’t the kind to bleed through the cracks. she wants an ocean. give in.

Leo - i hope one day you can break free from your glass house.

Sagittarius- your love has thawed the ice in me; one day the sea levels will rise to drown my coastlines, and I will welcome your waves with all the love my arms can carry.

Taurus - i saw you in a dream once. i used to hold you when you would cry, but i know she’s stitched your wounds and you’re not crying anymore. i hope you’ve found your peace.

Virgo - they told you all roads lead home, but i know you lost yourself somewhere across the Atlantic when you left everything for something you weren’t sure you even wanted. i don’t know who you are anymore, but i hope you find it– whatever it is.

Capricorn - do you still see me in your skylines? i’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Gemini - they say you have another face hidden somewhere beneath your dress, but i’ve never known anyone who so unapologetically belonged to themselves. but tell me, are you really at war with the world? or is it all just a front? will you ever be caught late at night taking your mask off? i wonder what you think when you’re alone.

libra - i caught you once with your face in a book– did you ever catch me looking?

Aquarius - i worry about the way you love, but i envy it, too. there is beauty in always giving, but there is a loneliness so deep in loving what cannot be returned.

cancer - you are the light in every room, you are the beacon in every storm. you are my manna from heaven, you are the house that keeps me warm.

Scorpio - there are cobwebs in the corner where you used to sit, but sometimes I still see your footprints in the dust. you have a way of haunting the people you loved.

Pisces - your words are featherlight, but your actions are made of iron. one day I pray you learn the weight of what you have done.

—  the signs as I have loved them // mh
About Us // LEE JENO // Pt 1

“(Y/n)-ah!” - the salty expression on your face faded away as a smile replaced it by hearing him call your name, you turned to look at him with your best grin.

At the time, he was still jogging towards you in his black mask, covering his mouth, his white hat covering his blonde hair.

You chuckled as he came closer and closer, stopping when he got closer to your side, “Aigoo…” you whispered to yourself.

He bent over, catching his breath, you giggled before walking to him, “You ok?” you asked while patting his back.

You took his white hat off, ruffling his wet, sweaty and sticky hair, holding the white hat in your other hand.

Nodding his head, “Y-yeah..” he said while panting as he looked at you with that all-kill of an eye-smile.

The very same eye-smile you came to love, the one many girls fell in love with, the one he gifted you with every second you spent together.

Jeno lifted his head up as he stood up revealing the difference in your height, Jeno being 174cm and you being slightly around 161cm, it was cute.

You reached into your bag, looking for something to help him, maybe cool him down, or even just get rid of the sticky feeling on his forehead, you could tell he didn’t like it.

“So, where are the other members?” you asked, grabbing a cloth, standing on your tip-toes and using it to wipe Jeno’s for his sweaty forehead, a smile appeared on his face as he thanked you before thinking.

You were so caring towards him, you did things out of the kindness of your heart and he loved that about you.

The way you took care of him and the other members made his heart flutter at first, but now it’s jumping around inside, doing summersaults.

His eyes looked around the empty park you two stood in, then they finally landed on you, he was observing all of your features, nothing else could be more important than you.

Jeno looked you in the eyes, “They’re at the dorm.” you smiled slightly before breaking eye-contact with a slight blush, he took note of that.

You focused all of your attention on making the poor boy less sweaty, “(Y/n)…” he started, you gulped down your saliva, your eyes were staring right into his.

Neither of you broke the eye-contact, naturally, you went down from your tip-toes and back to your normal height, looking up at him, it was just so right when you stared into each other’s eyes.

“Thanks,” although you couldn’t see Jeno’s mouth, you knew he was smiling because of his eyes, your heart thumped rapidly as the colour of red rose to your cheeks.

You nodded with a simple, “It’s okay.” - Jeno laughed at your cuteness, ruffling your hair as you placed the cloth back into your bag, his hand found his way to your cheek.

He rubbed it softly, making you blush more, “What did I do to deserve you?” he asked you, not expecting an answer, but his caring eyes said so much to you.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/n).” he said again, using his free hand to pull down his mask, then using it to push a strand of your hair behind your ear.

You stared down at the ground, biting your lip as Jeno spoke to you softly, no one knew how lucky you were, and you couldn’t be happier with how you managed to get someone so perfect into your life.

“Oppa…” you said quietly as you looked back up at him, “Are we still getting ice cream?” you asked, Jeno squealed in cuteness and he squished your cheeks together.

Jeno couldn’t contain himself, “Aigoo~ why are you so cute? eh? are you trying to give me an ageyo attack?” he playfully ranted before taking his hat, pulling up his mask and holding onto your hand.

“Yeah,” he smiled, leaning down to rub the tip of his nose against yours, giving you an eskimo kiss, you let out a quick giggle before pulling yourself away.

The two of you walked through the streets while swinging your hands back and forth, occasionally laughing and playfully fighting.

Soon enough the two of you had ended up in the ice-cream shop the two of you grew up in, there were booths all around, all in different colours with cute curtains.

“What do you want?” Jeno asked as you used your free hand to rub your chin, you eyes scanned the menu, “Milk chocolate!” you decided to point at the menu, bouncing up and down while you both held hands at the counter.

Jeno couldn’t stop smiling, or laughing, you just made him so happy, you were his happiness.

An employee of the shop came out with a grin, “My favourite couple is back, what can I get you this time?” Jeno made the order as you spoke with the ahjumma making it.

“How long has it been now?” the ahjumma asked as you looked at Jeno, “Almost a year!” you exclaimed in happiness.

Jeno ruffled your hair with his free hand, “Oppa~!” you whined, the ahjumma chuckled, “I’ve been serving you both since the day you started going out, it’s almost been a year! I still haven’t seen your face, is he handsome?” she asked you, you blushed a bit before nodding.

The ahjumma handed you both your ice cream, Jeno led you to your couple booth, the same booth he asked you out in, on your birthday almost a year ago.

“Oppa, you can take the mask down now.” you said as you closed the fogged glass door and light coloured curtains, Jeno nodded as he took it off along with his hat.

You watched him as you begun to eat your ice cream, “(Y/n), I think we need to talk about us…” Jeno said looking up at you, you nodded at him not taking in the possible outcomes of what he could say.

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Midnight Haze

BTS + EXO x reader (+WINNER)

Overall Warnings: angst, SEXUAL THEMES, POSSIBLE NON CONTENT, gore, prostitution, kidnapping, drugging - if you’re uncomfortable with ANY of these themes please avoid reading!

BTS/EXO gang!au

BTS visuals - EXO visuals

word count: 3,221

Being a recently turned 18 year-old, you lived on your own in a dingy apartment after moving out of home which consisted of just you and your 25 year-old abusive older sister after your mother’s undiscovered disappearance, that fell months after your 16th birthday. Your father walked out years before, with no explanation on your behalf, leaving you parent-less for what you’d consider to be most of your life. When you take a turn down a highway you’d never seen before, how will the rest of your life unfold?


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anonymous asked:

request: daddy!harry having to take care of his kids while his wife has to leave town for a few days for a family emergency, and while shes gone theres a couple of disasters/ breakdowns/ tantrums but thankfully his wife comes early and saves the day!

Thank you so much for this request; I had the most fun writing it. Forgive me for any errors. Also, probably the longest piece I’ve ever written.

“Are you completely sure you’re gonna be able to handle things on your own?” Your eyebrow raised as you stood in front of him and asked the question that had been at the tip of your tongue the whole time you were packing to visit an ill relative. You were both stood at the door, your two-month old baby, Cohen, in Harry’s arms while your other three kids were playing somewhere in the house.

“Jesus, they are my kids too y’know? I’m capable of taking care of them by myself a couple days. Just don’t be gone too long.” He started off with a scoff and an eye roll but got quite sheepish near the end of the sentence. Your taxi was waiting patiently outside in the car as you said your final goodbyes, the kids didn’t fully understand that you were going away so they didn’t seem bothered now, but after an hour you were sure they would be giving Harry grief on your whereabouts.

“Okay, I love you. Call me if you need me at any time, yeah? No matter what.” You rubbed his cheek adoringly before leaning him to give him a hug as best you could without squishing Cohen. You then shared a long kiss before you finally pulled away giving one last peck on your baby’s head.

“Yeah,yeah. Off you go, yeh’ve got a long drive. I love yeh. Just take care of yeh aunt, don’t you be worrying ‘bout us.” And with a tap on your bum you were sent out the door, calling one last goodbye to your kids before getting in the car, your bags tucked away in the trunk, and waving as you sped off away from your house.

Harry stayed at the door even after your car was out of sight, as if standing there would will you back. He knew you needed to be with your family after your aunt had fallen terribly sick, but what he failed to mention to you was that he was absolutely shitting himself. Taking one last deep breath, he shut the door and turned to face what would be his reality for the next few days.

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“Last year was a son of a bitch for nearly everyone we know.
But I ain’t fighting with you down in the ditch…
I’ll meet you up here on the road.

I know you’re tired and you ain’t sleeping well;
Uninspired and likely mad as hell.
But wherever you are I hope the high road leads you home again
To a world you want to live in”

I hated the way you were looking at me
Like you didn’t even remember the flowers I wore in my hair
Or the way I smiled rays of lights and touched your arm when I laughed
Like we’d never watched the leaves change colors
We just saw them fall to the ground
I fell to the ground
It must have been all of those pills
I know it scared you to see me laying on the shower floor
But when I was little my parents told me that if you stare at the sun for too long it can blind you
So I won’t apologize for being afraid to look you in the eyes
And I know you can never really stop caring about someone
You just learn to show it in different ways
So if you think I don’t notice how I used to jump in your arms whenever I saw you and now I can’t look at you without shaking
I do
And if you think it doesn’t hurt like hell to see the way you look at her
Like she breathes the air into your lungs and you’ll never have to worry that you’re staring at her scars for too long because she doesn’t have any
It does
And I used to rip my skin open but you ripped my heart open and that hurt so much worse
Almost as much as when you left instead of helping me clean up the blood
But it got on your shoes when you were walking away
I still see traces of it in your footprints
I hope they lead you back home
—  I don’t know how to tell you I’m sorry without spelling it out in my own blood
❤ sorority sugar guide to making Pref Night more meaningful! ❤

Q: Recruitment is starting soon and we have realized that our Preference Night is a little more “boring” than we would like. We were wondering what you could suggest we do to our speeches and Pref Night in general to make it a little more exciting. We are open to any kind of small decorations, games, advice that you have!

A: Preference Night should be more serious than your other rounds, but that doesn’t mean the party should be boring. Set an atmosphere of serenity, enchantment and elegance. Your PNMs are honored guests at your house for a very sincere event meant to result in your sorority being listed #1 on their final ranking cards. Here are some tips to add an extra dimension and meaning to your final recruitment round! xoxo ;)

 Preference Night Top Tips: 

  • Touching Music: Making the Pref round sentimental, emotional and meaningful is greatly assisted by music. Have your chapter sing or play music which touches the hearts of PNMs. Contemporary songs with the words changed to reflect your sorority is very effective. Sorority classics are important too. If you have a talented singer in your chapter ask her to sing a moving solo as well.
  • A Beautiful Theme: Theme your pref night with your sorority colors, jewels and flowers. For example, a dramatic blue theme with diamonds, pearls and roses would be impressive if those are your symbols. The evening should be lush, elegant and pretty, even on a tight budget. Or, you can choose a more specific theme like Night in the City or Evening in Paris. The idea is to leave a lasting impression on the PNMs after the final night.
  • Decorate & Dress with Style: Hang drapes or fabric around the walls for added elegance. Colored mood lighting also helps. Twinkle lights are always pretty, along with floral centerpieces and a classy Pref Night banner. Offer a beautiful buffet table of lovely food and drink (if allowed.) Dress in matching black, white, or sorority colored dresses with nude or black pumps. Every sister should look her semi-formal best. This gives the evening an extra important feeling from start to finish. 
  • Special Ceremonies: If you don’t already have Pref Night traditions, it’s time to create them! Some ideas include ~
  1. Create a Wishing Well where each PNM makes a special wish for bid day. Give each PNM a token or flower to place in the fountain. Then tell each girl that you hope her wish comes true. PNMs can also place pearls or flowers  in a bowl, crown, or another sorority symbol. 
  2. Have your President start reading a special poem and each sister adds another line to the poem around the circle of sisters and PNMs.
  3. Stage a candlelighting circle with several sisters sharing why they joined the chapter and what it means to them as the flame is passed.
  4. Arrange some short speeches based on the tenants of your sorority. For example, one sister says a few words on loyalty, another speaks about service and a third shares her thoughts on friendship. 
  5. Through a ceremony, give each PNM a gemstone, flower, or special note, speak with them about the meaning of your sorority symbols, then collect the items through another ceremony at the end. 
  6. Show a meaningful video/slide show emphasizing the bonds of your sisterhood. 
  7. Have sisters go around the room greeting PNMs and saying “XYZ is…..” They share what the chapter means to them in once sentence. This should seem random, but is actually staged with the sisters who have connected with a PNM all week being the ones who speak to the girl again.
  8. A centerpiece candlelighting is very pretty. Start a candle pass, then have each active and PNM pair approach the centerpiece and jointly light a candle on the anchor, arrow, kite, key, or other symbol. 
  9. Give personalized treats to each PNM. For example, share a slice of cake or a cupcake with each girl’s name written on top. Making the PNM feel individually recognized is key. 
  • Goals of Preference Night: Everything you do during the final round should be all about securing the PNMs on your A-List. The words, conversations, music and every ceremony should geared towards your ultimate goals. Drive home these messages to your PNMs through these activities:
  1. Your sorority sisters are genuine, lifelong friends ~ tell the PNM she is chosen to be one of those special friends. 
  2. Your sorority sisters are unique and talented ~ tell the PNM she is invited to join your sorority because she has the qualities you value in a sister. 
  3. Your sorority empowers and inspires its members ~ tell the PNM she can be the best version of herself by pledging your chapter. 
  4. To be successful, divide your Pref Night into 3 sections! First is the welcome, where PNMs are warming brought into the house by assigning a familiar sister to each girl. Get the PNM to talk about her rush week experiences and share her thoughts, worries and concerns. Assure her that your chapter is right for her. Relate to the PNM with phrases such as ~ “I’m so excited to see you here tonight.”  “I know how you feel. When I was a PNM, I felt anxious, but when I found XYZ I felt so at home…“ and “You can relax. You’re here with us now.” Offer refreshments, engage in conversation, have floaters welcome the PNMs and look forward to the evening’s ceremony. 
  5. Secondly, perform your chapter’s ceremony. Sing, perform wishes, host a flower exchange, candle pass and/or other special events outlined above. Make sure sisters speak from the heart, parts and songs are memorized, and your traditions touch the emotions of your PNMs. Testimonials should be authentic, real and relatable. 
  6. Thirdly, seal the deal! Have the best recruiters speak one-on-one with their PNMs intimately and make each girl feel 100% wanted by the chapter. When the hour ends, every PNM should feel confident, pampered and highly desired by the sisterhood. In conclusion, say things like, “Remember what we’ve talked about tonight.” “I hope your heart leads you to our sorority.” “You’ll always have a home with us.” 
  7. PNMs look around the room to see which other potential new members might be pledging, so place similar types near each other on Pref Night. If PNMs see girls like themselves going XYZ, it helps finalize their decision. 
  • Preference Night Reflections: Ask sisters to share certain things that will make an extra strong impression on your PNMs.
  1. I pledged this sorority because…
  2. In XYZ I’ve found…
  3. Three things I’ve learned about myself are…
  4. When I went through recruitment, I felt…
  5. I’ll always remember the time…
  6. XYZ has changed my life in this way…
  7. My first impression of my sorority was…
  8. My most emotional memory of pledging is…
  9. The sister who had the biggest impact on me did this…
  10. My favorite part of our creed is…
  11. Our mission statement/motto means the most because…
  12. Sisterhood in our chapter can be summed up in one word…
  13. The top thing that make my sorority the very best is…
  14. If i had not joined my chapter i would feel…
  15. Joining XYZ gives a girl these wonderful things…
  16. i feel _____ about my chapter!

Also helpful ~ 

• 40 Questions for Sisters to Ask During the Preference Round

20 PNM Preference Night Questions to Ask Sisters

Tips for Food Service During Preference 

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Lead Me Home [Part Three]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 2,303 words

warning(s): brief language, FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

pairing: bucky x reader

note: Hi, my lovelies! I hope you love part three of Lead Me Home as much as you’ve loved the last two parts! I honestly want a Bucky Barnes so bad it’s RIDICULOUS! [The tag list is OPEN!]



Bucky didn’t question the boxes you put in his car, or why the hell you wanted to take those boxes to the mall. He was observing your every move, but not judging it. It was almost if he knew how unhappy you were with yourself. He was the only one who you knew would understand your decision to get rid of everything.

Deep down, you were slightly jealous that he didn’t have to scrap every inch of his identity to be perfect.You slumped down in the passenger seat of his car after you had finished putting your boxes in the back. Bucky’s loud electronic music pulsed through the speakers causing your seat to shake. Most people thought of his music taste as annoying but you loved it; the beat of the music made you feel emotion. The music didn’t need powerful lyrics to make a statement, and you adored it.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky looked at his watch and you had to stifle giggles that threatened to ooze out your lips. He was so old fashioned, looking at an analog clock watch even though he had a perfectly good electric one right in front of him. His friends said he started doing it ironically but then it had become a habit and he couldn’t help himself.“I’m sorry I’m late. Apparently, the light on Wayland Street is out of service so they had the police regulating it and somebody pulled me over because they thought I only had my permit and was driving without adult supervision.” He rolled his eyes and then flashed you a grin. “Anyways, how are you? What do you want to do?”

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Lead Me Home [Part Two]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 1,088 words

warning(s): brief language, FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

pairing: bucky x reader

note: I’m so thankful for all of you who supported the first part of Lead Me Home and I hope you like this part just as much! Remember you are loved and should never feel like you have to change to make people fall in love with you. Sorry I’m posting this AGAIN. My anxiety got the better of me and I felt like it wasn’t good enough to post. Thank you @amrita31199 for sending me a lovely message in my Inbox that gave me the courage to post this again and @thenightmarebeforebucky for being the best friend a girl could ask for. Also can we start a post-political animals support group because I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.



Freshman year was the worst year of your life. You thought it couldn’t get worse than middle school when your acne was terrible, and you had train tracks with purple rubber bands on your teeth, but then you became a freshman and discovered that life got so much worse. Ninth grade meant you were too old to ride the bus and be cool, but too young to drive. Ninth grade meant that the braces came off but the insecurities came on full force. Ninth grade meant Bucky Barnes would be back in your life daily.

Your crush on Bucky had never died down but you did your best to conceal it by pretending you were interested in other guys, and you faked it until you made it, eventually falling head-over-heels infatuated with other guys. All the guys you liked fit the same mold, cute but not James Buchanan Barnes. The only guy you had really thought you could love, other than Bucky, was Steve Rogers. He was tall, strong, beautiful, and was known for his fuck boy tendencies. You thought that he was amazing despite all the rumors and your childhood best friend knew that. Bucky was constantly trying to set the two of you up, but Steve Rogers just didn’t seem all that into you.

That was the moment a switch flipped in you. You started packing your usable clothes into boxes. You wanted to get rid of it all; you wanted to start over. You knew a lot of teenagers must’ve felt like they too were losing themselves as they grew up. It was all apart of the teenage sob story you had heard from all the adults before you. You believed yours was different though, you hadn’t found out how to be the girl you wanted to be until that moment.

If you had a car, you’d just drive to Plato’s Closet yourself and sell your clothes so you could buy expensive brand clothing, but you didn’t and nobody in your family would waste the time to take you to the nearest mall. You hated how your childhood best friend was also your designated driver, especially on a mission like this, but you didn’t really have a choice. You needed his help. You needed to climb the social ladder if you were ever going to have a chance. It wasn’t necessarily a thing you wanted to do, change yourself for someone else, but it was something you felt you had to do.

Your fingers nimbly slid over your iPhone’s screen. It was two years behind the current model; your contract had locked you into keeping your phone for three years before you could get a new one. All you had wanted to do at the time was get a current model, but you couldn’t afford a phone over six hundred dollars when it would function the exact same way as the current one you had. You pressed down on Bucky’s number in your messaging app. He was the type of person who would instantly respond to a text and you knew it.


It was a subtle way to get his attention. You were too embarrassed to tell him what you you were planning on doing, so you figured you’d just wiggle your way around the truth. It wasn’t necessarily lying, you just weren’t going to say what you were really doing.

You were could see the dot-dot-dots in the corner signifying that he was in fact replying. Watching his response time still gave you butterflies even though you knew he’d respond that fast to anyone. It was cute; it made people feel important. He was a natural born leader, his heart was made of pure gold.

Y/N! What’s up doll?

The pet name he had just called you reverberated in your mind over and over again. You were so infatuated with all of his mannerisms; he was a gentleman who made you feel like you were on top of the world. It was why he always had a beautiful girl on his shoulder. He was the actual definition of a “babe-magnet.”

um… what are you doing?

Nerves were getting to you. He was almost always with his girlfriend, and when he wasn’t he was thinking about her or talking about her. You wouldn’t be surprised if he was busy with her. He was so miserable after Natasha broke up with him, but then he met Adelaide. She was in the same year as him and the most gorgeous girl you had ever laid eyes on. Her only downside was her temper; the beauty queen could go from the sweetest cupcake you’d ever met to fire-breathing-raging-bitch-queen in minutes. In all honesty you were surprised they had lasted so long, nearly two years and counting.

I’m studying. If my grades get any lower I won’t be able to play football anymore.

You sighed. Bucky was extremely smart, he just didn’t care enough about school to apply himself. He did care about college football which was the only thing that kept him afloat. He just kept telling himself he had to graduate high school, play college football for a couple of years, and then move on with his life. He was still set on his dreams of joining the military.

well i won’t bother you then buck :) grades are important.

You threw your phone on your bed, feeling defeated. You weren’t going to get the ride you needed until you saved enough cash for a car, which would mean you’d be too broke to buy the new clothes you wanted. It was a vicious cycle of brokenness.


A smile reappeared on your face when you read his text. It was a surprise that he wanted you to distract him, of all people. You always assumed you were the last resort; that he’d only ask you to distract him from real life if all of his other friends were busy, but Bucky had too many for them to all be busy. He was the leader of the clique.

well in that case… can you be a babe and pick me up? i need your help with something.

He responded quickly with a message along the lines of ‘I’ll be over in ten’ with a dozen too many smiley faces. A smile appeared on your face as you read his text. Maybe you could redeem this night after all.

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