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ephemerose  asked:

Can I request RFA + Minor Trio showing PDA to MC or MC showing PDA to them? (even better if RFA + Minor Trio gets SUPER FLUSTERED :D) *FLUFF IT UP AS MUCH AS YOU WANT B)

Cute request! Hope you like it:) 


  • This guy loves giving PDA to you and he prides himself on how smooth he is
  • But he is an absolute mess when you show PDA to him
  • He was waiting to meet you somewhere
  • ANd when you saw him on the bench talking on the phone, you wanted to greet him “subtly.”
  • He saw you, but he wasn’t expecting you to kiss his cheek
  • He was in the middle of a conversation with one of the RFA members like
  • “Yeah, I’ll definitely have to check out–OOOoooohhh.”
  • Nearly drops his phone trying to hang up and his face is really red
  • He gets you back when you two are alone though


  • You two were grocery shopping and the line was really long
  • You got tired and looped your arm with his
  • You rested your head on his shoulder
  • You were pouting about how tired you were from the trip
  • Meanwhile, Yoosung was dying inside
  • You looked really cute and the way you were hanging onto him was really cute
  • And you were in public and people were watching, and somehow that made him really flustered
  • He didn’t recover for awhile…


  • She wasn’t really big on public affection
  • But you two were out at this cafe and this one guy came in
  • She noticed he wouldn’t stop eye-ing you up
  • She would’ve let you take care of it but you looked really uncomfortable
  • And he wasn’t stopping and becoming more obnoxious
  • So she starts showing some outwardly affection
  • She holds your hand…links arms..pulls you close
  • Eventually the guy gets the hint and leaves
  • But she’s in her protective mode so she doesn’t let go


  • You two were out window shopping together as part of a little date
  • Then you saw a froyo place and Jumin said he had never tried it
  • Of course, you had to drag him inside
  • As you two were eating, Jumin noticed the space between you because of the tables
  • He also was reminded of his father’s advice about being open with smaller affections
  • He holds your hand a little on the table, but he kind of wants to be more sweet
  • So He scoops a little of his froyo and holds it out to your mouth with the smallest of smiles
  • You can see a little blush on his cheeks, but it probably doesn’t compare to your own
  • You take the bite and thank him
  • He can’t stop smiling at how cute you look…so he feeds you a few times to see your face again


  • He rarely gets out of the house, so you two decided to take a day to explore the town together
  • After all the life threatening stuff that had happened, your lives had settled and you were both new to this relationship thing
  • You two took a break on this bench in this comfortable silence
  • He saw a couple across the street sitting together, and the guy stretched an arm around his significant other
  • You and Seven haven’t been publicly affectionate that much, so he decides to give it a shot
  • But his eyes were still on the couple when he stretched out his arm and he accidentally ends up whacking your head
  • You asked what he was trying to do and he gets super flustered
  • He’s too embarrassed to tell you so he just pulls you into a bear hug so you can’t see his face
  • At least the hug went better than the arm wrap


  • You guys go for a little stroll together
  • Normally, Saeran isn’t that affectionate so it’s surprising when you feel his hand slowly slide into yours
  • His cheeks are tinged pink, but other than that he doesn’t show any other embarrassment
  • You continue like that for a little while, hands swinging between you
  • Then, another group is coming towards you
  • You weren’t paying too much attention until he slips his hand out of yours and rests it on the small of your back
  • Once the group passes, you think he’ll pull back again
  • But his arm just delicately hangs around your waist and he pulls you closer to him


  • You two were waiting in line at a cafe
  • And it was quite a wait, so you absentmindedly hook onto his arm
  • You feel him tense for a second
  • You’re scared he wasn’t comfortable yet, so you let go and step aside a little
  • He feels bad because he actually liked the warmth, but he got really flustered
  • So he clears his throat before awkwardly inching out his own hand
  • He interlaces his fingers with yours, letting out a small sigh of relief
  • You smile and hold his hand a little tighter


  • He’s not really a touchy-feely sort of guy
  • He doesn’t really show PDA to you in public, and most of his touches are when you’re alone
  • But if you grab his hand or something in public, he won’t let go

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Teacher cold: it’s like a man cold, in that you bitch to anyone who’ll listen about how shit you feel, but you insist on going to work anyway, because THE KIDS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE KIDS IF I TAKE THE DAY OFF???

I’ll Be Good

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 832
summary : based on the song ‘I’ll Be Good’ by James Young
note anon, i hope you like it and apologies for taking so long
* gif by me


     "I hope one day you will forgive me because I can’t live knowing that you hate me.“ he whispered, lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek before pulling her blanket up. Three days, thats how long they hadn’t been talking and every night in the middle of the night or shortly before sunrise he’d sneak into her room and watch her sleep. Things had stormed so out of control during their fight, he was afraid he had lost her forever and he just couldn’t bear the thought or imagine his life without her in it. That version of his life didn’t exist anymore. He leaned over her, ready to kiss her forehead when she stirred in her sleep, but before she had woken up he was out the door.
Her eyes fluttered open, looking around thinking maybe she had left the window open and that had caused the gust of wind that had woken her up, but the window was closed. Y/N glanced at the door and laid back in her bed starring at the ceiling for a few long moments before she got up, her feet kicking at the ground for a few seconds before finding their way into her fuzzy bunny slippers. A short sigh left her lips and she glanced at the clock before heading towards the kitchen to get a glass with water, seeing how hers was empty.
Y/N opened the door and stepped into the hallway, trailing her fingers on the light blue painted wall with all the framed pictures. For a moment she stopped, looking at a picture of her and Kai from one of the first days they spent together as roommates. It was almost as if their smiley faces glowed from the picture and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile instantly. There they were laughing while making a mess in the kitchen one of the first times they made cupcakes together. Kai used magic to take the picture and ‘capture’ the moment. Flour covered their clothes but neither of them seemed to care and the longer she stared at the picture, the more it seemed as if the image moved like it was a tablet screen on the wall. Her hand reached towards the picture, touching Kai’s smiley face for a few seconds before she cleared her throat, continuing on her way.  Not talking to Kai was almost as painful as her broken arm hidden under the cast, but what truly hurt the most was how much she missed him and the sound of his voice. They went from best friends to strangers in 15 minutes and now she felt more heartbroken and alone than ever –
    “Kai ?” she stopped in the middle of the living room, seeing him laying on the couch semi-hugging a bottle with alcohol. Instantly she rushed towards him. "W-what happened ? Are you hurt ?“
Kai glanced at his clothes covered in blood, then at his best friend and finally at the bottle, bringing it to his lips. Those were the first words she had said to him the past three days and he couldn’t help but feel a happy, even if it was only for a second. He never thought she’d ever talk to him again after what he had done let alone that her first thought seeing him there would be about his well being.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair and sat on the coffee table, leaving her empty glass next to her looking at him with worry in her eyes. They had been living together for almost a year now and her best friend coming home covered in blood wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the way he was looking at her in that moment. There were rarely tears in his eyes but – there they were, but it wasn’t just that. They were filled with pain and regret too
    “Tell me.” she said softly, reaching across to him giving his hand a light squeeze. A sigh left his lips and he just kept starring at her. Three days ago they had had one of their worst fights ever and Kai hated every second since. He hated not being able to talk to her, to hug her. What he hated even more was that it had all been his fault.

      “Would you stop acting like this !” she raised her voice, bumping into his shoulder on her way down the hall. “I swear sometimes I just –”
    “You what ?” he grabbed her forearm, forcing her to turn around. Y/N yanked her arm back, raising her hands in the air trying hard
not to ball them into fists and hit him. Kai looked at his best friend, the girl he loves, and his heart broke. He hated it when he got her upset with him. He hated even more seeing tears in her eyes and knowing he was the reason for them, but his pride always got the worst out of him. “You wish you never met me ? You will turn your back on me ? Leave and never talk to me again ? Is that it ?”
    “If it gets you to stop hurting people and act like the jealous boyfriend I don’t have, then I will !” she raised her voice even more, storming down the hallway towards the kitchen with him right on her tail. Her angry steps echoed in their apartment, louder than possible and Kai wondered why. Perhaps it was because he was afraid he’d lose her, or maybe it was just his heightened hearing.
    “Don’t walk away from me!” he grabbed her arm and pinned her against the wall. He kept trying to meet her eyes but she kept avoiding his gaze. Y/N put her hands on his chest trying to push him off but he wouldn’t move an inch. “That guy was dangerous. I was only trying to protect you –”
    “'That guy’ as you referred to him is one of my best friends from college –”
    “I thought
I was your best friend.” he said with a hint of hurt in his voice. “I thought what we had was – something special and now, what ? One screw up and you give up on me ?!”
Y/N shifted her weight from one foot to the other finally looking into his eyes. He looked more upset than angry, flashes of hurt sparkling in his brilliantly blue eyes. “How can you even
think that let alone say it Malachai ?! How can you even think I’d ever give up on you ?!” she interrupted him. “I said he was one of my best friends from college, meaning he stands out above the others. You are my best friend and I know you are still new to the whole feelings and emotions thing, but –”
    “But what ?” he dared, trying not to think how she had used his full name. That was reserved only for major screw ups.
    “– you can’t let them control you all the time!” she tried to push him off again and he stumbled backwards. “It wasn’t one screw up and you know it ! You can’t choke with magic every guy who gets near me! You can’t make them breathe out fire or break their limps or compell them away –”
    “I can and I will !” he said with determination, shoving her against the wall again. He braced his hands on the wall a little louder than he intended and Y/N jumped up.
    “There it is.
Again.” she raised her voice,  struggling to push him off her. “The jealous boyfriend I don’t have. What ? Do you have feelings for me or something ?! Cuz if so just say s–”
    “Feelings ?” he stepped backwards. “Don’t be ridiculous. I am a sociopath, remember ? I am not burdened by… love or guilt or any of those pesky annoying things called emotions.”
    “Riiighht.” she ran roughly her fingers through her hair. “So, you are
not jealous then ?”
    “Me ? Jealous ? No. I just –”
    “You just what ?” she took a step towards him, folding her arms on her chest. “You are doing it for fun ? To prove to everyone that you are the abomination, the monster they see every time they look at you? Just because your family –”
Kai clenched his jaw, fire burning in his eyes. “Don’t say another word –”
    “– saw you as one, doesn’t mean you have to prove them right ! But what does it matter what I say ? You never listen to me anyways or want to see that someone actually cares about you and believes in you and that you can be good.”  she took a step towards her bedroom when suddenly he smacked her against the wall, purple/black veins flashing under his eyes. “There it is. Again.”
Y/N tried pushing him off but it was like trying to push away a ten thousand ton rock. He was too strong for her even before he became a heretic. Their eyes met and for a moment  she got truly scared. Her best friend looked like a completely different person. They had bickered, they have had their fights but he had never looked at her like that – as if she was something he couldn’t even stand being near at, an obstacle that had to be removed so he can continue in his wicked ways.
    “Get a grip on your emotions. You can’t keep coming home covered in blood every other night. Not to mention those times I had to pull out wooden bullets out of your body –” she tried pushing him off her. “You are
not this person. I know yo–”
    “Stop telling me who I am!” he raised his voice. “This is who I am ! I am never going to change.”
not who you are –”
    “Stop !” he shouted, banging his fists right next to her making her jump up his vampirism showing again. “Stop trying to change me! Stop acting like you know what’s best for me and stop –”
Y/N pushed him off her, storming towards her bedroom. “Fine. You want me to stop ? I’ll stop. I’ll stop talking to you. I will stop defending you every time someone brings up all that you’ve done. I’ll stop everything. Look for me when my best friend returns because
this person, whoever that is right here, is not my friend.”
    “Oh, so we are not friends now, is that it ?” he grabbed her forearm forcing her to turn around. A split second later he heard a crack and she screamed out in pain, her eyes starting to fill with tears. He glanced at his hand noticing how her skin right under his arm had turned purple/blueish and let go off her instantly, his anger dying down in a blink of an eye. Y/N lifted her arm flinching in pain when her fingers lightly touched her skin. Their eyes met and he took a step towards her trying to touch her, but she flinched away for the first time since they had met.
    “Y/N, I –” he took a step towards her but she backed away from him. “I didn’t mean to I, … Please, let me heal you.”
    “No. No !” she shouted, taking another step backwards from him until her back bumped into her bedroom door and she groaned in pain again. “Stay the Hell away from me !”
    “At least let me take you to the hospital.” he pleaded with her. “Or get you some ice.”
Y/N shook her head and walked into her bedroom, slamming the door shut with such a loud bang one of the pictures on the wall fell on the ground.
Kai knelt down to pick it up and gather the broken glass shards and sat by her door looking at their smiley faces. How had this happened ?! Out of everyone he never meant to cause her any pain and now he had not only gotten her upset with him and hurt her emotionally, but had also broken her arm, not realising his strength. He listened to her breathing getting heavier, her heart thumping in her chest and raised his hand, ready to knock on her door when he heard her slip down on the other side, crying.

    “Tell me.” she said softly. “Whatever it is, you can tell me. I am your best friend –”
    “Are you ?” he asked quietly, afraid to look at her. He had spent the night after their fight by her bedroom door and the next morning when he had woken up, she hadn’t been in their apartment. For a few hours he had thought she had actually left him, but then she had come home with her broken arm in a cast and unlike what he had expected, his best friend hadn’t told anyone what had really happened.     “After the way I hurt you, after everything I did –” he took another sip from the bottle in his hands. “You haven’t said a world to me in three days. You haven’t even looked at me –”
    “Friends fight.” she grabbed the bottle from his hands and took a large sip, finishing it. “Damn, what is this ?! It’s stronger than the pain killers my doctor prescribed.”
    “Rum.” he said with a small smile, watching her face scrunch while the alcohol burned down her throat. “It’s a bit too tropical but –”
Y/N left the empty bottle on the coffee table.  "So, why are you covered in blood this time ?“
    “That’s um … that’s not important.” he sat up, patting the spot next to him and she tossed herself on the couch next to him just like always, forgetting about her broken arm and she whinced in pain. A small smile hid in the corners of his mouth. Not only she was talking to him but she acted as her usual self, as if nothing had happened. “May I ?”
Y/N glanced at her arm and then at him, nodding slightly. Kai crushed the cast in two seconds flat, being very careful not to her hurt her again in the process and placed his plams over the large blue/purpleish bruise, muttering a spell. Warmth spread through her arm and a few moments later, the pain was gone and her arm was completely healed.
    “Thank you.” she smiled and he couldn’t help but smile too. He muttered a ‘yeah’ and sighed.
    “I came home about an hour ago and I um … I went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up all this.” he gestured towards his clothes. “And I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, seeing for the first time how I look with those veins flashing under my eyes and my clothes covered in blood. For a second I thought I saw the Devil looking at me, and then – I realised it was me.”
Kai sighed and rested his back against the couch, wiping his face with his hands. It has been almost half a year since he became a vampire and for the first time he understood why people ran away screaming when he was ‘hunting’ or ‘blowing off steam’ or whatever it was he was doing. Even he wasn’t sure what that was anymore.
    “I have done so many awful things in my life, hurt so many people including my own family, but when I hurt you the other night –” he turned towards her, his voice breaking. “Y/N, I am so sorry for what I did, for everything I said. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I never meant to cause you any pain but in the end that’s exactly what happened and you spent the entire night crying, three days in pain and crying yourself to sleep every night because of what I did. ”
    “It happens.” she smiled for a second.
    “But it shouldn’t have happened. You were right.” he got up, pacing back and forth between the couch and the coffee table. “You were right about all of it. All my life I’ve shut out every feeling, every emotion instead of learning to live with them because it was easier not to feel. My family thought me compassion is weakness. They turned me into this this… This cold, merciless person who refuses to feel a thing and can’t let anything slide or show any kind of mercy, I –” he glanced at his hands, rubbing his fingers trying to get the blood off them. “It scares me to death.”
    “What ?” she brought her knees up to her chest.
    “This !” he raised his bloody hands, showing her both sides. “It scares me what I am capable off. How many people I’ve hurt. Innocent people – ” he looked at his shoes. “I became the monster everyone saw. Maybe I was better off in the Prison World where I couldn’t hurt anyone..”
    “Don’t ever say that okay.” she said softly, smiling at him while taking his hands in hers and he sat down on the coffee table. “You made a mistake and you paid for it. You are not a monster. You are not what they turned you into, you are what you choose to be.”
    “But I am this person.” he rubbed his thumbs on her hands. “Y/N, I killed those people tonight, just because they got in my way. It’s their blood on my hands and I –” he sighed, gazing into her eyes. There was only compassion and understanding, no hint of judgement in them. Not now, not ever. Not even when they had fought the other day and he had hurt her. It was the way she was, with heart big enough for everyone even for the vampire/witch heretic who killed his entire family and put one of her best friends in a sleeping coma. No matter how many times he screwed up she never seemed to give up on him or stop believing there was good in him. Which had been one of the many reasons why he had fallen for her. But he knew there was no way she could feel the same way about him.
    “All my life I’ve been trying to shut out the light, doing everything to snuff it out. There might not be any of it left after all those years but if there is, I want to find it. I want to be a better man. Starting today. I want to find a way make it up to everyone I’ve hurt, for all the bruises and the tears. To love the world like I should. I – I’ll be good for all the times I never could.”
    “You want to know where the light is?” she smiled at him and placed her hand over his heart. “It’s right here. In your heart. It has always been there. All you have to do is just – let that spark burn bright and turn into a fire. And I’ll teach you to be good.” she winked at him for a second, her expression getting serious. “I will always be here for you, no matter what.”
    “You will ?” he asked. Y/N nodded and Kai smiled at her placing his hand over hers on his heart keeping it there. “I want to be a better man… someone who deserves having you in his life. I’ll be good, for you.”
    “Me ?“
    “Yes!” he smiled, his heart about to leap out of his chest and he knew she could feel it too. Her gaze drifted from his eyes to their hands together and back to his eyes and he decided to take a leap.    "You were right. I was acting like the jealous boyfriend because I know there is no way for me to measure up to any of those guys who got near you. I let my fear of losing you to someone else take over because… I am in love with you. I am in love with you and I can’t bear the thought of losing you in any way. You said the light is in here.“ he pressed his palm over hers a little. “But it’s not. It’s right in front of me. You are my light.”
Y/N smiled, feeling her cheeks blush and his heart thumping like crazy under her hand, just like hers. “Kai, I –”
    “You are so special and you deserve someone who is good, compassionate, kind… not someone who caused you and your friends so much suffering. Someone like –”
    “Don’t I get a say in this ?” she interrupted. “Don’t you think if I wanted to be with any of those guys or anyone else for that matter, I would’ve said something.”
    “What?” he asked confused.
    “Neither of those guys could ever measure up to you.” she said softly. “In truth, no one can.”
    “What ?” he asked hopefully.
    “God, you are slow.” she cupped his face in an instant and kissed him, slowly getting on his lap. Kai was surprised at first, but 0.2 seconds later his arms wound around her and he pulled her towards him, feeling her heart thumping in her chest faster than ever. Her hands moved towards the back of his head, playing with his scruff and she pressed her body against his not carying her PJ’s might get blood stains on them. Too soon she pulled away, resting her forehead on his gazing into his eyes. “Kai, I – I am in love with you too.”
    “You are?” he smiled, tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear.
    “Yes !” she smiled. “I love you and I always will, but I mean it when I say this – you have to stop hurting everyone who dares walk or breath in my general direction.”
    “Done.” he said suddenly, “But if they dare kiss you or their hands move somewhere they don’t have the right to be, or hurt you in any way I –”
Y/N stared into his eyes, her lips pressing together. “You will what ?”
    “I’ll go over there and kiss you as if my life depends on it.” he held her tight in his embrace. “And I will try not to hurt them. Unless they are hurting you. I will protect you always.”
    “No one can ever take me away from you.” her lips pressed against his, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know, the jealous over protective version of you – so hot, I just – ”
Kai grinned.   “Hey, so… Does you kissing me means I am forgiven?” he asked nervously. “Because I need your forgiveness. I can’t live with the guilt –”
    “Does this –“ she kissed him passionately. ”– answer your question ?“
    “I don’t know –” he pretended to think about it. “It was a bit unclear. Maybe say it a little louder ?”
Y/N slapped him playfully on the shoulder and kissed him as if her life depended on it.


sweet night light (jane/kurt + charlie weller fanfic)

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I was saying to @kate-dammit-run that I needed to write some “daddy!Kurt with his boys” fics and she sent me the sweetest, loveliest prompt for some Kurt & Charlie bonding. I played around with it a little bit – hockey season’s getting started here so I was feeling inspired. Hope this fic makes you as happy as it made me!

sweet night light

The house was dark when the cab pulled up in front, save for the light in the front hall that Jane had left on for him. Kurt quickly paid the fare and collected his bag from the trunk, making his way to the door. It was late already, well past the kids’ bedtime, and he suspected Jane was asleep as well.

Leaving his bag in the front hallway, he headed upstairs, smiling as he approached their bedroom. He wasn’t surprised to see Jane asleep in the middle of the bed, with Sam sprawled out on her chest, his arm splayed across her face, and Eden and Charlie snuggled up on either side of her.

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Because @zombizombi wasn’t feeling well. She requested Swoops in love with Kent.

Featuring Keats. And Disney songs. And just general Keats shenanigans.


“So, does he know?”

Jeff let out a sigh. “Keats, you can’t just start off a conversation in the middle without letting the other person know what’s going on. No, ‘Hi, Swoops’ or ‘How ya been, Swoops’. I need context.”

Keats stared at Jeff. “Okay. “Hi, Swoops. How ya been?” he started. “Context… context. Does Parse know that you’re in love with him?”

Jeff’s eyes went wide as he launched himself over the table to cover Keat’s mouth. He didn’t know hwat he hoped to accomplish because Keats wasn’t saying anything else. He pulled his hand away quickly and wiped it on his jeans. “Did you lick me?”

“I don’t recall,” Keats said with a shrug. “So… does he?”

“I don’t…” Jeff bit his lip and waited. “I don’t love him.” He sat back down in his seat.

Keats then started humming a song that Jeff couldn’t make out. “Who’d you think you’re kidding. He’s the earth and heaven to you. Try to keep it hidden. Honey, I can see right through you.”

“I’m not in love with him!” Jeff said. He looked around and was thankful that no one was paying attention to him.

“Those aren’t the lyrics, Jefferson.”

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exercise 09182017

at the hotel in Houston

  • 28 minutes on the elliptical
  • 15 minutes on the recumbent stationary bike
  • 15 minutes on the treadmill
  • middle pic = BBQ for lunch at the training was super
  • top pic = hoping the rain stops so i can walk to a nice eating place
parallel lines;

we’ll stand idly by, never waving, no good mornings. we’ll never meet in the middle like coffee stains on white shirts. our lives will never mesh like love & hate, juxtapositioning like school children in a war. we’ll stand here, spaces dividing our bodies like pauses in poetry. we’ll never meet like first friends or lovers. we’ll watch each other’s lives pass by, hoping our lines will cross at railroads, but trains collide & burn– we’ll never have the luxury of a fire in our hearts. only stifling silence & broken tongues. it’ll be sad, it’ll hurt, but at least i’ll get to see you cry & i can pretend to hold you close to my chest. sometimes at night, you can hear birds chirping in my ribcage, your name exuding from their whispers. we’ll stand by as life chains us to the tracks & we’ll wish we could run, but life isn’t fair & we are only parallel lines in a world full of crossroads.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of shomadot 2? How does that program stand against shomadot 1? Which one you like the most?

shoma’s basic skating is better now than when he first used turandot, but turandot 1.0 is a much better program than turandot 2.0. i think one of the reasons for this is the new music cuts, and consequently the choreo that goes with the music cuts. one of the biggest changes is the music used during his step sequence and middle section of the program. turandot 1.0 used faster music and had some pretty interesting choreo moments (hitch kick, toe-tapping) during the stsq, the stsq in turandot 2.0 goes back to the same motif used at the beginning of the program and is slower, and the choreo doesn’t stand out as much. the stsq, the 3S on the spike in the music - the entire middle section up to the pause is superior in turandot 1.0.

“nessun dorma” also drags on for far too long in turandot 2.0. it was much more effective in turandot 1.0 when it was only used near the end; in the new program it feels like shoma is just jumping through most of it. by the time you get to the choreo sequence, you’re already tired of nessun dorma. overall, turandot 2.0 is a more one-note program, there isn’t enough variation in the music or choreo and it feels like shoma is skating the same way throughout the whole thing. this doesn’t make the program an eyesore, because i still like the way he moves, but it does make it boring, and i wouldn’t blame anyone if they came out of the program not being able to remember much about it.

i just don’t see the point of shoma bringing turandot back this season. it was a fine vehicle for him in his senior debut season, a warhorse but it suited his drama and power, and the choreo fit the music and was interesting enough to keep me engaged. if he’d decided to go back to it years later, i might’ve been fine with it. but it’s only been 2 seasons. those performances from 2015-16 are still fresh in people’s minds, and now he’s burdened with the challenge of surpassing what he’s already done, which, imo, he will not succeed in because the new program simply isn’t as good as the old one. there are some bits of choreo from turandot 1.0 that really stood out to me - the pause, the spreadeagle near the end, the choreo sequence - that shoma kept or slightly modified in turandot 2.0, but while these bits of choreo seemed suitable and fresh in the original program, in the new program it just makes me think, ok, i’ve already seen this before, and i’ve seen it done better.

the new program is fine enough to look at on its own, but what is the point of it? i know he said he wants to show his growth and part of that is by increasing his technical content, and i gotta say i’m impressed by all the jumps he landed at lombardia, but…that doesn’t make me like the program more. i just think he’s capable of so much more; loco proved that, legends proved that. this program doesn’t feel like a step forward to me. if anything, it feels like a step back.

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Heya! I think you have mentioned it before but I want to be doubly sure; are you going to be selling your art at the oz comic con in Sydney? And if so, will you have any stickers of Roiben or Kaye maybe? I love your depiction of them!

I won’t unfortunately :(

But! I will be there! Walking around, being super excited about art and asking photos of cosplayers and such, I will be nerding out big time. I’ll be Taako and one day and Josephine on another (I haven’t decided which, maybe Taako on Saturday). Also, because I don’t think I’ve posted many pictures, here are some, so keep an eye out for me at Oz ccomic-con. (these are from SydSupanova and Smash)

(Top left I met an inquisitor, and top right I met an Ango! That last one features @vinnie-cha as Merrill in the middle, ahaha)

I hope to table at Sydney oz comic-con next year though!

Lover, Fighter

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warnings: violence, mention of death

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Here´s the next chapter of this journey. Enjoy! If you want to get tagged in this, let me know! :)

Remaining pack of wargs kept looking at you nervously. They obviously didn´t want to challenge you after seeing what you did just few minutes ago. But the orcs were desperate to have Thorin´s head on the plate so they forced their wargs to move forward.

You glanced at them lowering your head baring your teeth while the dwarves were getting ready to defend themselves. The fight was on…

Bilbo was in the middle of the circle the dwarves were created looking around and panicking. He hoped that dwarves and you were able to hold your ground and nobody would get hurt. Suddenly he realized that Gandalf wasn´t nowhere to be seen. Where was he? Vicious snarl however snapped his thoughts back to the presens and he whipped his head to look at your way and gasped at what he was seeing. 

“Amrâlimê!” Thorin´s frantic shout was heard as he swayed his sword at the incoming orc. Dwalin was also occupied with his opponent as were Fili and Kili. But all Bilbo could see was you wrestling with a quite big and nasty looking warg 40 feet away from the rest of the group.

Without even a warning growl you snapped your jaws into the warg´s neck and tried to bite through the skinfolds of the animal so you could get your over 6 inshes long canines deep into the warm blood of the jugular.
The fight was fierce and primitive. Bilbo watched it with a terrified look on his face and hold his breath hoping that your bite would hold. He didn´t want to imagine what would happen if the warg could get away from your grip. Also Thorin was watching your battle against the warg with fearful expression on his face. This was exactly what he was always so scared of. To have to watch as his beloved fought for her life right in front of him. But just as he was about to rush in and help, you managed to get the upper hand. With a violent yank of your head and shoulders you threw the warg on it´s back. Then you kept biting to get through that tough hide which was protecting it´s neck. 

You could´ve as well attack against a dragon, that tough the hide was, but nothing was going to stop you now. This warg was much older than the previous warg that you didn´t have any trouble to kill. This warg´s skin was much, much tougher but finally your teeth sank through the skin and you bite harder until you got a good hold of it. Just a few seconds later bloodjet smudged your chest again and Thorin knew the warg was dead.

You were so furious that you lifted the warg by it´s middle and shaked the dead body like a ragdoll letting out your frustration for a few seconds before letting it drop to your feet. Panting heavily you locked eyes with your next target.

But before you could charge forward, Gandalf´s voice boomed throught the air and everyone, including you, turned to look behind. “This way you fools!”
Thorin didn´t waste any more time and ran to the hole at the feet of a large boulder. “Quickly! All of you!” he ordered and kept watch as everyone slided down to safety. You and Kili were only ones left. “Kili! Y/N! Move!” Thorin shouted and whirled around when one of the wargs tried to sneak upon him.
You barked at Kili who turned on his heels and started running toward his uncle. You weren´t so far behind but all of the sudden pained yelp was heard as a soft thud echoed through the air, tell tell sign as something hard had hit the flesh.
Next thing what Thorin saw was you falling to the ground as sand and hay puffed around you. “NO!” Thorin screamed and Kili turned to look behind him. “Y/N!” Kili yelled horrified.

You were lying on the grass and Thorin could feel vomit rising in his throat. For a second he turned his head ready to throw up but still hoping that the sick feeling would settle while his heart was about brust through his chest because of the sheer pain he was suddenly feeling as he was sure his One had just died in front of his eyes.

Orcs were shouting, cheering as they watched as the great silverwhite wolf fell to the ground. She-wolf had killed two of their wargs but their arrow was enough to stop the beast. Now they would skin it in front of the King under the mountain and feed it´s flesh to the wargs.
Kili was frozen to the spot where he had stopped to turn around. In his ears he could still hear your  yelp as you fell. The orcs sounded like they had won a war. He had to close his eyes, he just couldn´t believe that one single arrow from a orc was enough to bring you down. Suddenly the voices of the orcs changed from victorious to disappointed and angry.

Both Thorin and Kili turned to look what was causing that. You were on your feet and running. Sand was flying from beneath your powerfull paws and orcs started to shoot their arrows. With a single bark you got Kili moving again and he slipped through the hole to the safety of the cave. Next you jumped in head first landing to your side with a whimper and Thorin was quick to follow. You stood up slowly, panting and held your left hind leg up from the ground as the fur on your pelvis started to turn dark red. The arrow had hit to the spot just between your haunch and pelvis. Fili stepped beside you giving you reasuring stroke and gazed to your eyes. You knew what he was going to do, so you turned your head away from him and with a soft whine gave him your permission. 

But because you were so tall, Dwalin came to help him. He lifted Fili as high as he could so Fili could get his hands on to the arrow. He placed his right arm on your back and with his left hand grapped the arrow. He took a deep breath, tensed his muscles in his arm and yanked hard. That made you growl viciously but you didn´t turn to bite him. Oin came next to you as you layed down so he could get a better look at the wound, because he wasn´t going to allow Dwalin to lift him up. “You´ll live lass…” he then said with a warm smile on his lips as he tended you as best as he could. You poked the tip of your tongue out and whined quietly.

Thorin came in front of you and looked at you with pained expression on his face. Ori and Bilbo was looking from behind Dori and Nori in awe at your size once again. Even when you were lying down your head was above Thorin´s as he was standing in front of you. “Oh my….am I glad she´s on our side…..” Bilbo whispered and Ori couldn´t do more than nod.

Thorin closed the small distance between you two and buried his face into your neck. “ I thought I lost you…my heart stopped at that very moment when I saw you falling.” he whispered with a raspy voice gripping your fur even more tightly. You lowered your head resting your chin on his shoulder and closing your eyes.

There was sudden commotion outside as sound of horn was heard and orcs started run away. One of the orcs however fell into to the cave and everyone was on their guard in a second. Thorin let go of you and turned to look at the orc. He took the arrow off it´s body and examined it. His expression changed as he spatted. “Elves!”

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Preview: Shame

An upcoming one-shot since I have never before written about the wedding night
(angsty smut or smutty angst, whatever you wanna call it)

She turned onto her side, confused and ashamed. The bedclothes were made of cotton and felt soft against the bare skin of her arms. Elsie gulped, blinking away a few tears. She should have known. A woman in late middle age could never hope to please a man. Stretch marks, wrinkles and freckles, scars and to that she certainly had developed a bit of a tummy. But it wasn’t only that. Years ago, Elsie had told Ethel that she didn’t live in a sack, but as it had turned out tonight, she did. She’s had absolutely no idea of what being together as husband and wife really meant, not in the way she should have.No wonder that Charles had left the bed before … well, before. She had been more than a disappointment. She was so embarrassed of her tears, her muffled cries and her whole behaviour.If only she had been better prepared. Alas, it was too late now. Their wedding night had become the worst disaster and all of this was her fault. Now she lay here, alone and hurt, feeling ridiculous and ashamed. She was sore and the painful burning between her legs felt most uncomfortable.Elsie closed her eyes, tried hard not to cry and wondered why on earth all of this had gone so terribly wrong.

She should never have chosen this nightgown. An old one from her Ladyship which Ms. Baxter didn’t want and Elsie had thought it wasn’t worn out enough to toss it away. Now here she stood, in front of the mirror of their small hotel room. Her husband was in the bathroom, to shave he had said. She took a deep breath. Charles had every intention to consummate the marriage, that much she knew, but even if she had told him he could have her, she still was afraid. Yes, she loved him and yes, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man, but still. Tonight, she was not Mrs. Hughes, housekeeper of Downton Abbey. Tonight, she was Elsie, a virgin on her wedding night. She had heard tales, of course and she had seen farm animals mating. It couldn’t be that difficult, could it?Truth be told, before she had accepted his proposal, Elsie had always thought  a woman past her prime who had already gone through the change just didn’t do something like that anymore. Now she knew better.The bathroom door clunked shut and Elsie closed her eyes for a split second before she turned around to face her husband. He had changed into his striped pyjamas and looked at her with a shy smile on his lips. Her gaze dropped and her cheeks blushed. It felt silly in a way, staying in front of him in this luxurious, floor-long, creme-white nightgown made of lace and satin. She had already braided her hair which now fell in a plait over her shoulder.“Mrs. Carson, Elsie …” He stopped, obviously not knowing what to say.“Don’t you think it’s time for bed, Charles? It’s been rather a long day for the both of us.” That had been so bold of her. Elsie’s gaze dropped to the floor as she bit her bottom lip.“I suppose you’re right.” 

So this Wednesday another hurricane is gonna pass through the Caribbean. Hurricane María, by the time it reaches Puerto Rico it’s gonna be at category 4 and it’s literally gonna pass through the middle of PR. Hurricane Irma did damage and people haven’t even got electricity and water yet. This is so stressful. I just hope that everyone is getting ready, and that we all stay safe.

Hello Again | Midoriya Izuku x Reader

RATING: General | GENRE: Fluff | 318 words
SUMMARY: You and Midoriya happen to meet again after you had moved away.
A/N: Raffle prize for @pepcvina. I hope you enjoy it!

Living in such a small neighbourhood and being rather timid yourself, it was no surprise that you ended up befriending the cute and kind Midoriya Izuku. The two of you were similar in the sense that neither of you possessed Quirks, and you both had gotten close to one another. Unfortunately, just before entering middle school, you had to move away and ended up losing touch with your childhood friend.

Fast forward a few years later with you in high school, you ended up moving back to Musutafu due to personal reasons. While heading home from school, you would always pass by the famous U.A. high school gates. A small smile graced your lips as you fondly remember how it was Midoriya’s dream to enter this school.

As though by a twist of fate, the moment your thoughts turned towards your childhood friend, a familiar plain-looking face exited the school gates, and you stood there, shocked. “Izun?” You unconsciously called out, using your nickname for the male.

The young man looked up upon hearing that old nickname of his, and his entire face lit up when he saw you. He recognized you right away, you realized, and you felt flattered. Midoriya jogged his way over to you, a large grin on his face as he exclaimed your name. “I’m so happy to see you again!”

Midoriya looked you over, and his face flushed. It’s been quite a while since the two of you last saw each other; you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman since then, and it left your childhood friend speechless.

Flashing him a warm smile, you said, “It looks like we have some catching up to do.”

The aspiring hero nodded, unable to bring himself to stop smiling. He had so many things he wanted to tell you, but for now, he was glad that the two of you could spend time together again.


hey just my humble onion but i hope seeing sean spicer at the emmy’s can serve as an important lesson that maybe we shouldn’t elevate stephen colbert and other politically outspoken comedians or celebrities, to liberal-jesus status no matter how informative or critical they might have been because media values ratings and profit and given they chance they might well choose profit and a middling joke over genuine, empathetic political commentary and activism, and also celebrities, and stephen colbert and john oliver and their ilk are celebrities no matter how well informed they seem and might make an genuine effort to be in their personal time, are not activists, and they aren’t even free agents stating their opinions as they please, and shouldn’t be the mouthpiece of the idk ~resistance~ or whatever. i’m not saying every political comment a celebrity makes is inherently disingenous or has ulterior motives but just maybe the next time a celebrity comes out with a ~scathing~ (i.e. pithy, funny, and palatable) response to something trump or his administration does we can take a minute to think about how celebrity and entertainment media works before slapping the taraji p hensen you’re doing amazing sweetie gif on it

Request:  5 with Trans Jeffmads  5. “say it again.”

A/N: This was requested privately to me by @scullysrandomstuff !! They asked for Trans James, me adding on trans thomas is just what I do. I hope you enjoy it !

Pairing: Trans! James Madison x Trans! Thomas Jefferson

Word Count: 1004

Warning: There’s mentions of abuse, parental neglect, big parents of the past I have for trans thomas, there’s also misgendering and there’s dyphoria.

Thomas didn’t talk about his past but that didn’t mean people didn’t ask. Everyone assumed what they wanted about him. He had learned to ignore it.

He was in the middle of a meeting with Washington, Hamilton and James when his phone rang, “I’m sorry, I thought I turned it off.” He brought his phone out of his pocket but he froze as he saw who was calling him, his mother.

“Mr. Jefferson, do you need to step outside and take this call?” Washington looked at him, half annoyed, half understanding.

Thomas gulped and nodded, trembling as he walked to the door and closed it behind him. “Hello?” His voice trembled.

“Hello, sweetheart.” His mother’s unfeeling but sugary sweet voice. “How is my beautiful girl.”

“I’m not your girl. Your daughter is dead. You either accept me as Thomas or stop talking to me.” He snapped back, frustrated before ending the call before she could respond.

He didn’t go back inside, instead he went into the bathroom and locked himself in one of the stalls as he furiously rubbed at his eyes to try and stop the tears gathering in his eyes.

“Thomas?” The soft voice that he recognized as James’s cut through the silence. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” He mumbled out, loud enough for him to hear as he rubbed his eyes more, trying to avoid crying. His chest was starting to ache, he didn’t want to be a girl. He didn’t want to look like a girl.

“No, you aren’t. You’re rubbing your eyes to keep from crying aren’t you?” James crossed his arms in front of the door.

Leave it to James to know Thomas better than he knew himself.

Thomas let out a huffed sniffle. “I’m fine.” He insisted. “Just my mom again.” He didn’t have a good relationship with his mom, he didn’t with either of his parents. He quietly unlocked the stall where he was.

James opened it and saw Thomas, he looked like a wreck, his hair was wilder than usual and his eyes were red from rubbing at them. “Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t exact get along with my mom… My parents never accepted me when I came out, my father died when I was 14 and his last words were “I hope Tamsin burns in hell” and my mom wasn’t better.” He looked down at his hands.

James brought him into a hug, letting Thomas bury his face in his shoulder as they just clung to each other. “Anyone who doesn’t accept you as who you are, doesn’t deserve you.”

“I love you…” He whispered out, almost inaudible.

“What was that?”

“I…I love you.” He spoke out hesitantly.

James needed to hear it again, he needed to know Thomas loved him. “Say it again.”

“I love you, James Madison.” Thomas whispered out just for him to hear and he pulled back and kissed him softy.

For a while they just stood there, kissing and being in each other’s company.

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LESOE anon here. I'm a sucker for people passing out, so maybe something with Farran trying to help someone even though he's sick and he ends up passing out in the middle of his work?

Trying to help…. Tidus maybe??? (wink)

When Farran stumbles up toward Tidus, he stops, feet digging into the grass underneath him as his hazy eyes focus on the blue-haired elf only a few feet from him. 

Tidus is quiet, calm, with his forehead pressed gently to the head of one of his dragons almost as if the two are silently communicating through the gentle touch alone. Farran can only watch, briefly mesmerized by the serene image as an abrupt heat spikes across his cheeks, but he snaps back into reality when Tidus rolls his face toward him with a soft smile. 

“Farran. You came to help.” 

“I did say I would,” Farran replies as he inches closer along unsteady knees. “And I am an elf of my word.” 

Tidus turns back toward the pale pink dragon before him, soft smile teasing up into something bigger. “I hope you don’t mind that it’s bath day.” 

“Nope,” Farran answers casually despite the slight rasp taking his tone down a few notes. “Let’s get to it.” 

And, they do. For the next thirty minutes, the two tackle bathing dragon after dragon, and when they get to the babies, they both end up getting soaked for the babies are wild, excited, and very unwilling to sit still for more than two seconds despite Farran’s pleads and Tidus’ calm presence. 

If anything, Tidus seems to thrive more with the water dripping down his dark skin, but Farran feels nothing but cold, freezing even. It feels as if the cold water seeped past his skin to dampen his bones, leaving his entire body trembling. He’s able to hide the shaking well enough thanks to the playful dragons, but he would be lying if he said he isn’t counting down the seconds until the two finish. 

“Farran, could you go get one of their toys from the basket by the tree?” 

Nodding, Farran turns slowly on his heel and starts toward the basket, but after a few steps, he feels as if he’s stepped out of his icy skin and back into an overly heated set of skin. His entire body is suddenly very hot, the chill from before now but a mere memory against his fuzzy mind. His heart beat is picking up into a jerking thump as he grows hotter, and his vision is swimming. 

Sure, he’s been feeling a little off the last few days, but this seems a bit extreme, at least to him. He glances over his shoulder to call out to Tidus, to tell the blue-haired elf that something’s wrong, but his voice can’t find words against the thick darkness that clouds over his mind and down to his eyes. He parts his lips as if to speak, and then, everything goes black. 


It’s not the soft thump that pulls Tidus’ gaze toward Farran but rather, it’s the piercing panic from his dragons. He shoots a sharp gaze toward the brunet, and for a moment, he can only stare at the listless form. But, a smaller dragon nudging his hand has him moving toward Farran with furrowed brows. 

He reaches the brunet in a few long strides and drops to his knees to carefully pull Farran into his arms into a slight cradle. The second he catches sight of Farran’s face, he frowns. The brunet’s face is pinched as if in pain, and his cheeks are flushed a worrying red that has Tidus placing a steady hand to Farran’s forehead. 

“Ah, Farran,” Tidus mutters, smoothing one hand down to Farran’s cheek. “You’re warmer than an embarrassed Azari.” His words are quiet, concerned, and he slowly gets to his feet with Farran cradled against his chest. 

“You need help,” he tells Farran despite Farran being unconscious. “I’ll take you.” 


Farran comes to in his own bed, but instead of one of the girls at his bedside, he spots Tidus reclined in a chair with crossed arms and blue eyes slipped closed. 

Farran shifts slightly, and the soft rustle of blankets is enough to pull Tidus’ eyes open. The water elf leans forward, blue eyes glistening with relief. “Farran. How are you feeling?” 

“Bad,” Farran mutters, and he means it. His head is throbbing mercilessly, and his entire body feels as if it’s being pressed against the bed by massive weights. “What happened?” 

“You fainted.” 

Farran jerks up, eyes wide, panicked. “The dragons-”

“-are fine,” Tidus finishes, placing one hand to Farran’s shoulder to ease the earth elf back against the pillows. “The only one that isn’t fine right now is you.” 

Farran sinks against the pillows, blowing out a puff of a sigh. “I hate being sick,” he mutters, and Tidus laughs, a soft, gentle laugh. 

“You will be well soon, dear Farran.”

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You're obviously one of the protagonists in this story (and I write this as an NPCs who'd at best deserve a mention like "when she walked in, there were already several people in the room"). So of course you dying in the middle of a plotline would've ruined the story! (I just hope the story we're talking isn't about the new fall of Rome or something).

Well, one nice thing about existence is we’re all the main characters of our own story, and the world itself is like the Library of Alexandria flying around inside a constantly quaking snowglobe, books knocking their spines together and salaciously crinking each others’ pages. I’m not a believer in one universal story, so don’t you dare call yourself an NPC, Anon.

But yes, it’s nice I get to continue to pad this story out with additional chapters no one asked for like the latter television and comic seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

*Happy squeak*

Apparently, the laptop wasn’t returned just yet! It was sitting on my old homeschool desk and I never freakin’ saw it XD Gonna pop on and try to get some stuff done, at least a draw or two (Probably of my Orphan AU cause I’m apparently loving it-) and try to work on my MAP for @asktazzieandfriends‘s MAP. I hope I dont get interrupted in the middle of it and have the laptop taken-

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Name: Vashti
Nicknames: People used to call me Joy, which is my middle name. It was my grandmother’s name, and is a great example of why virtue names suck.
Gender: Female
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5′1″
Sexuality: Bi
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite animal: Cats, but since there are currently no cats in my life (THOugh THERE IS HOPE), I’m gonna say birds.
Average hours of sleep: didn’t we do this already … Pick a random number and go with it.
Current time: 16:25
Dog or cat person: Cats all the way, though a far more functional me would have a huge female killer alsatian that would go everywhere with me and use rapists for chew toys.
Blankets you sleep with: Base blankies are one top sheet, one comforter (white, quilted). I add blankies through the autumn and winter and right now I have one blankie. It will probably go up to four or five by midwinter - or higher, since it looks like this winter’s going to be a bitch.
Dream trip: J a p a n. I want to rent a room in a shared house and live out of it for a month, with occasional tourism. Before that, I want to go to Alabama (shut up) to see @nardaviel. Before that, I want to start visiting places around the UK to get into the habit of being in strange places. And before that I guess I need to figure out leaving the house more often than every month. Hm.
Dream job: translating Japanese literature. My autism advocate thinks this is not actually completely unrealistic. Sometimes I think she is totally mad, and sometimes I think yeah! I’m gonna!
When I made my blog: uhhh … 2010? Ish?
Followers: 639. And I love all of you. Even the porn blogs.
Why I made a tumblr: I think it might have been so I could follow @fuckyeahlightyagami-blog-blog.
Reason for my URL: It’s my name, I use it in a lot of places.

Everyone’s been tagged, do it if you want to.