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13 Types of Hope, by Lemony Snicket

(From Twitter, 23 February 2017)

There are, also, thirteen types of hope, also arranged chronologically… [in addition to 13 kinds of despair] /

1) “I hope that my alarm clock went off accidentally in the middle of the night and so it’s not dawn.” /
2) “I hope that the quiet camaraderie of breakfast extends throughout the planet.”/
3) “I hope that this newspaper is kidding.” /
4) “I hope that I look busy to anyone invested in my busyness.” /
5) “I hope that I manage not to say what is on my mind whilst speaking with this professional associate.” /
6) “I hope that clock is playing a trick on me.” /
7) “I hope that the talk at cocktail time is imaginative and hilarious.” /
8) “I hope cauliflower is not involved overmuch.” /
9) “I hope someone else is doing the dishes.” /
10) “I hope that this book improves.” /
11) “I hope that noise was nothing.” /
12) “I hope that the most obvious and embarrassing interpretation of this dream is off-base in some way I have not yet determined.” /
13) There is a thirteenth type of hope, difficult to describe, which occurs outside the confines of the clock – the only one which matters.

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How draw hand?

How to draw hand? Um im not sure if im the best to ask because I kinda sloppy draw it, but my process is always like this: sketch the basic, line and fix some details (like the middle finger is longer), then just add some more (if its a mans hand)… Theres plenty of WIP about this on Google, and also you can try practice with manga reference

Hope this helps!

Leon Draisaitl #1

Requested by Anon:  Could you do a Leon draisaitl one FILLLLLLLLED with angst?

*I hope this is angsty enought!! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 998

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What are you doing here? What are you doing freezing your ass off in the middle of Canadian winter when you can be safe and warm in your apartment in Germany. Did you really have to spend that much money and twelve hours of traveling just to get to Edmonton?

Two days ago, you would answer that yes, you had to go to Edmonton. Leon is in Edmonton and you missed him so much that you’re willing to take five days off just to spend time with him. Actually, you’d pretty much do anything and everything for him. He knows that.

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Okay but I'm super upset that there literally hasn't been a WORD spoken about Kravitz yet by any of the boys. Like I seriously hope Kravitz is ok. BUT I ALSO WANT AN EPISODE FROM HIS POV EXPLAINING HOW HE GOT TO THAT PLACE AND SHIT BECAUSE I'M JUST SO INTERESTED AND CONFUSED. LIKE SON...WHY YOU THERE. H O W

TBH these are fast-paced episodes so i can see why theyd omit it (+ justin likes to play taako as dexing the fuck over any emotions whatsoever) and taakos not gonna be like DAMN IM SO SCARED FOR MY BF in the middle of kicking some liches and dying like 2ce but……….

me?? the fuck?? too?? please god.. just utter his name.. act concerned.. anything.. graffin. my bud. bestie. do this for me: how the fuck did that h

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A while back there was an ask where the Reader sent her man a text during class that got autocorrected as "I'm horny" when they meant "I'm hungry" and the guys obviously got confused/embarrassed. Could I please request that but with Ebumi, Zanba, Sekito and Kokuto? 😗

I wasn’t around just yet for that request but I hope you don’t mind that I answer it! XD I just- yes. 


Zanba looked at the message in the middle of class and the silence would be interrupted by his laughing. Once he calmed down, Zanba would text them back with. “Alright babe. Let’s meet up after school and take care of that then” 

Sekito would slightly gasp when he read that. How bold!. Sekito would think of how to reply to it. Obviously he didn’t even consider it could be an auto correct but at the same time were they the type to say something like that? With that in mind he would then reply “Okay. I will help you out in any way I can!”

Kokuto would look at the message with a blank expression. “…” he would slowly type back after a few moments. “… Hmm. I am pretty sure that’s not what you meant. You mean you’re hungry right? “


When Ebumi read that message, he looked at it for a few seconds before sending back a reply right away saying. “Me too” ((LOL))

Mod Darling. 

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I had to do a different binding spell last night due to not being able to use fire due to dorm rules. But I have done curses before and last nights curse went a bit odd. Right in the middle of it I felt the sudden severe need to vomit. I grabbed my moon water and drank it (had it and salt there just in case things went badly) and the feeling went away pretty quickly. I also was having odd issues with my candle where it started popping and sparking everywhere.

Yikes! I hope you’re okay now???

I’ve been listening to Howard Pyle’s Adventures of Robin Hood, and it’s delightful and nostalgic and reminding me why I went through a brief period of being obsessed with Robin Hood stories in elementary and middle school. It’s just. So silly. I just got through the story of Will Scarlet joining the band.

Robin and some pals are walking when they see this super pretty guy going past with fancy red clothes and a ROSE IN HIS HAND.

Robin: Bet that guy’s some Norman jerk oppressing the good English townfolk. I’m gonna fight him.

Little John and Arthur: Mmmm actually he looks kinda buff for a dandy? Maybe don’t?

Robin: Nnnnope gonna fight him!

Pretty rose man: *sigh* I was really hoping to get through this day without killing anyone. *draws sword*

Robin: No swords we beat each other up like men.

Pretty rose man: …sure.




And it turns out he’s actually Robin’s nephew who had come looking for him because he’d KILLED A MAN BACK HOME and was on the run from the law.

I always loved Will Scarlet as a kid, but I’m pretty sure I missed this version of his origin story last time around.

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is it just me or has bts been using pre recorded vocals lately for the comeback stages to spare their voices for the tour? not that its a bad thing, but if im wrong, god, then the improvement of their live vocals for this comeback is insane

it sounds live to me??? idk i feel like they’ve improved a lot

hi kim im rly sad bc due to where i live middle europe) i doubt ill ever see bts live and its just making me so upset because they mean so much to me and seeing them live would be the best thing to happen to me;; ur so lucky to see them live i hope ull treasure the feeling forever

ah, i’m sure you’ll be able to see them one day! they’ve been to europe before so hopefully they’ll be back!! ;;;

I’m sooo happy taekook sat next to each other again!! It takes me back to the debut days when they were attached at the hip and were always either standing or sitting next to each other everywhere sighh it seemed like kookie idolized taehyung back then 😍😍

dkajdnfkadf ME but yeah /wipes tears time flies by so fast

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Hope you're feeling better! Here's a random joke (one of my favorites for the groans it usually induces): Three men are in a boat in the middle of the ocean. They have four cigarettes between them, and want a quick smoke. None of them had a match or a fire source with them though. So they threw a cigarette overboard and the whole boat became a cigarette lighter.

i snorted/laughed at work 

thank you for this ;;; <3

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I use scripts to get by in conversations. I have also learned basic human patterns (esp those of people I know personally) which makes it easier to predict what will happen, even if I don't understand WHY (i.e. the thought process of others). This helps me pass as neurotypical often, but also causes me to doubt whether I'm "really autistic" or not. Does that make sense?

It does make sense (it’s also something I’ve done during middle and high school, but that failed when I got to college) and even if you are able to pass as neurotypical, it does not mean that you are not autistic. The fact that you need scripts in order to hold a conversation implies that you do not really understand the social cues and language in the same way as neurotypicals.

Hope that helps

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If it makes you feel any better abt the crush thing, I was performing a duet with mine (Dear Theodosia actually) in front of judges and friends and family for an important competition and my vocal quality gave me the middle finger and left the room. We got a terrible score and it was mostly my fault. (^:

oh my i’m sorry to hear that! i hope your crush was understanding

I’m having family and friends over tomorrow, and all I have done these past few days has been trying to tidy up and think of something to cook for them. I’m outting emphasis on the word trying, bc in reality I’ve sat and watched Hercule Poirot for hours and drank coffee, in the hopes the caffeine would kick start my numb brain. It hasn’t.

I’ve not been well for months, but that’s something I wouldn’t want to show, not to them. I don’t want to worry people.

All I want to do is live in my bed, hide under a blanket, read fics and scroll through tumblr. (Hello kids, this is the life of a middle aged trash)