hope week 2012


Genre: mild fluff, 2012 angst (im back B)

Word Count: 1.7k (this is long for me)

Warning/s: swearing

Summary: based on 2012 by Katherine and Eden ( @phanstoria).  Their relationship was a candle. Dan decided. It lit up the darkness and glowed brightly.

A/N: tysm for @phanstoria for making a heartbreaking wonderful song!! i’m not used to writing 2012 angst soz if this is bad lol. Happy New Year!! Last fic of the year wow :’) hope you guys have a wonderful 2016  ahead :D also: ~ means flashback and - means present ^^

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“Turtles in time” was scheduled to air last Sunday but it got bumped to the June 28th. But don’t worry! they’ll be back in..2 weeks.. I hope