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Do you think Tom could go to Oakland this year like last year? Or at least spend thanksgiving with Z again?

Her thanksgiving was not in Oakland, but at her house in LA last year, and Tom went there. … This year? I have no idea what his schedule is like  now that CW wrapped. What he has up his sleeve work wise that we don’t know of, etc. I just hope he gets some rest….And by the way, I think my initial gut feeling was right about his nose. I think it was just pro-make up for a scene because it looked perfectly fine in the set pics yesterday and in the ping pong video from the trailer.  I think that jokester asshole fooled his fans.

Mars year 2015 in review: March, pt. 1

Note: since March was a “somewhat busy” month for Mars, the review will be in at least 2 parts - otherwise the post would be unbearably long! :)

And once again: fan pic/gif/video credits to owners!

For Jared, March began with some humongous changes.

A little snip, a big shave and no doubt a very painful waxing that broke the echelon into a miiiiiiillion little pieces:

And just like that… Ombré Jesus with human facial features was no more.

Jerd naturally took his sweet time trolling us about all this:

His usual hair stylist Chace also decided to get his troll on with some highly suggestive posts:

However he had zero to do with Jared´s big transformation (and reportedly hasn´t been back to do any Leto hair stylings since, so seems like the big boss was not happy about the hints), and it was of course the Suicide Squad crew who got to do the honors.

We all knew it was coming, but when we actually laid eyes on him for the first time during Paris Fashion Week…

I for one was NOT READY for Blonde Dom!

In addition to attending some fashion shows wearing some of the most hideous outfits, he also took part in an event straight out of Rosemary´s Baby - quite frankly I´m surprised the participants made it out alive:

Blonde Dom posed for some nice/hot pics…

… but of course his inner Jerd would not stay hidden for long.

The b&w games got underway and went on for several months and caused only slight annoyance…

But perhaps the most memorable event from Paris Fashion Week was our introduction to…

In this pic we can´t see where And Guest´s other hand is, but as we will learn later on in the year, there is one place they are eager to grab.

Step back and breathe, And Guest, let the men hug it out. You will get your turn.

However, apparently some other nameless/faceless model was about to get her turn as well, if the stories and pics of him sending around a few texts, hoping to find some other companions besides And Guest are true.

No news on his success however.

But now we leave Jared to conquer Paris and move our focus to…

… Tomo who seemed very enthusiastic to get back on the road.

And speaking of Take 2´s…

… Shannon still kept working hard on the launch of Black Fuel which was scheduled for his b-day.

And OH WHAT A SURPRISE IT WAS INDEED! Only the surprise didn´t come so much from him or from Black Fuel, but from…


So not only did Shannon prove the weeks-long gossip about him not going to be joining the Russian tour (because his hands for example looked too soft in one fan pic, meaning he wasn´t practicing drumming O__o) wrong, but he also felt like bringing a +1! Fateful decision, Bear. Fateful decision.

But, let´s not get ahead of ourselves! Plenty to cover before we get to the good stuff! :P

Once they landed in Russia, Sochi to be more precise, Shannon and his recycled ride went to a local amusement park to experience some different kinds of rides.

He was naturally swarmed by fans wanting to take pics with him (and a few extremely sad ones actually wanted to pose for pics with his +1 because obviously now that she is his “whatever”, dutiful minions will do anything and everything to make sure Shannon knows what good little fangirls they are), and since Mr. Leto decided to goof around, make stupid faces and basically just act like A LETO in the pics, that kicked off the inevitable “OMG HE´S HIGH/DRUNK AGAIN” gossip which went on for the whole duration of the tour. 

(Note: these claims of him being high/drunk were not surprisingly never proven to be true, however there were some incidents that raised eyebrows - more on those later on).

Oh and remember Shan´s red hat that earned awards last month? 

Yeah, THAT´s why it needs to burn.

By this time Jared had also managed to tear himself away from the model army in Paris:

A video posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Mar 8, 2015 at 5:36am PDT

On Shannon´s birthday his big dream finally became a reality: Black Fuel officially launched.

Altho I personally don´t really get how wads of cash, weapons and golden deck of cards have anything to do with coffee OR essentials for living, but whatever…

But all in all, the launch did seem to be a successful one, even tho some fans swore they would not spend a single cent on anything Shannon/Black Fuel-related due to his freeloading +1:

Sadly that conversation has pretty much died down in recent months…

But back to Russia: other than Black Fuel launching, Shan´s b-day came and went with not a single tweet or pic or Snap from Jared or Tomo. Quite a big difference a year makes - in 2014 Jared simply wouldn´t shut up about Shan´s b-day and posted pics left and right.

Gee it´s almost like things are not hunky dory within the Mars camp! And gee what, or who, could possibly be the reason for that?!

Anyway, they did however acknowledge it on stage, and as we later learned from the Mars in Moscow Vyrt VIP footage, they did all go to one of those wind tunnel thingies.

Birthday boy was cute as a button:

Jared, obviously, excelled at this activity too:

Some people however should just have stayed at the hotel:

Flight-challenged Tomo was his usual stand up guy and made us swoon on International Women´s Day:

And the rest of us got some love too:

Jared seemed to ease into his eyebrowless existence and gave us a close up:

And in doing so, gave one future saddo the perfect backdrop for some trolling - please take a mental note of the tiles, you will need it later on.

From Sochi the tour moved on to Voronezh and we got some cuter-than-cute pics…

… and some seriously intimidating ones.

Also a teet or two may have been spotted.

What wasn´t spotted however was the whole band together anywhere that wasn´t a stage. They even traveled in separate cars, with Jared and Tomo in one, and Shannon and #Vegan in another. Evenings were also spent apart, and Jared and Tomo were spotted having a dinner for only two.

On the plus side, Blonde Dom was spotted all over and kept us busy drowning in our own drool.

The band appeared on a tv show called Urgant, and this occasion might have actually been one of the few where the band socialized off stage, and even traveled in the same car.

And not coincidentally, YKW was nowhere to be seen - thank god for hotel gyms! Otherwise this adventure would have been totes sad.

Jared made us weep, as per usual.

Jared made us horny, as per usual.

Shomo made us swoon, as per usual.

And finally Shannon and his little legs killed us, as per usual.

Thus endeth Part 1 of March review. Plenty more to cover - we are barely 2 weeks into March yet! But lets hand out some awards while we take a breath.

March´s ”Bet You Guys Didn´t See That One Coming!” award goes to:

March´s “MONKEY!” award goes to:

March´s “Yeah I Got New Boots And No I´m Never Taking Them Off” award goes to: 

March´s “Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong And We Are Not Avoiding Each Other At All” award goes to:

Part 2 of March review will be coming up once I manage to pry myself off the floor - I´m completely exhausted already.


She’s amazing.

After she said she definitely remembers me (I didn’t ask if she did and I’m not sure if I believe she does), I nearly broke my face smiling. She said she hoped to get a picture with my daughter (we did have a photo op ticket for right after, where she said “there you are! Hi again!”) and we saw her go bananas over this amazing body art.

I drove about 4-4.5 hours to get to TO from Ottawa and halfway through I realized I forgot a bag at home with the receipt from a donation I made (since everyone else is better at making Tshirts) and some other stuff. Instead, she got two drawings from my barely four year old. They were pretty good :)

My feet hurt. Hope to get better pics tomorrow! Here are just a few from my phone. (My camera is one of the things I forgot :( sorry for the blurry pics!)