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Junilypso ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ
  • they’re Soft Girlfriends™
  • calypso loves wandering around Camp Half-blood’s woods; she knows it’s dangerous but iT’S SO bEauTiFUL
  • it’s such a different atmosphere from Ogygia, calming but in a rougher, wilder way
  • she finds it fascinating
  • the nature spirits are a bit moody in general, but calypso gets to know a dryad in particular who’s very sweet
  • she starts packing picnics for them to share
  • picture this: lying on the grass, staring up at the sky
  • cUDDLING on the grass, staring into each other’s eyes
  • hair braiding becomes a regular activity
  • they both constantly have flowers in their hair
  • juniper is a much better kisser than leo lma o (sorry bud)
  • calypso regularly appears back from the woods a blushing mEss, with grass stains all over her clothes
  • leo teases her ENDLESsly about it
  • “and to think I brought you here so you could have sex with some tree spirit in the woods, smh”
  • learning combat techniques together adahf;xhfx
  • hONEsTLY imagine calypso in gear 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
  • they never learned to fight so they’re both amateurs, which means there’s a lot of confused stumbling around and of course there’s practice sparring that turns into make out sessions
  • the other dryads get so exasperated with them
  • and they’re not jealous at all pffft where would you get that idea
  • calypso planting flowers at the base of juniper’s tree
  • just… junilypso
For @lgbtqpjo’s 3k week!! Inspired by @percalyspo

I finally read Eyeshield 21 and sold my soul to this scrawny devil.


The first of two.

I hope we did it right!

Protons and Electrons

[This was requested by anon -  Could you write one where the reader is like a total baddass?! Like, leather jacket, cocky confident attitude, and best friends with Morgan? So, can Spencer try to be cool like the reader to get their attention, but fails miserably by being awkward nervous Spencer, but the reader loves that about him and they ask him out? Brownie points for super duper cutesy dorky Reid? TYSM!!!!! – I hope I did all right…”]


“The reason as to why we are attracted to our opposites is because they are our salvation from the burden of being ourselves.” 
― Kamand Kojouri


“Hey, pretty boy, I’m actually free to go out tonight, you coming?”

Spencer couldn’t help but be a little skeptical by the invitation.

“Where exactly are you planning to go?”

“Dive bar near Reston, come on man, everyone’s going.”

“I don’t know, bars aren’t really my thing.”

“Look, Reid, I love my son more than anything in this world, but I need some adult conversation tonight. Hell, spout off about proton charges for all I care.”

“Protons can’t actually charge without an electron to –“

“Yeah, all of that, save it for tonight.”

“Morgan, I’m not sure –“

“Is boy wonder putting up a fight?”

“He sure is mama, I come in to visit with all my loved ones, and this one here passes up the opportunity to catch up.”

Spencer couldn’t help, but falter on that. “That’s not it at all, I’m only saying that the location isn’t ideal. There’s more violence in those types of bars than one with a restaurant setting. Did you know a study was shown that –“

“Yeah, yeah, but I think what chocolate thunder forgot to mention was who else would be there.”

Morgan grinned at that, the mischievous spark coming to light. “Oh, I think I did.”

Spencer looked back and forth between them. “What do you mean? I thought you invited the team.”

“I did, but my sweet honey glaze has drove down here to meet up, figured we’d all hang out tonight and let her see Hank and the little woman tomorrow.”

Spencer’s brows knotted in confusion, not entirely sure who Morgan was describing.

“Y/N, Reid, you know the one you made goo-goo eyes at during the Christmas party last year.”

“I did not!”

“Oh, so you were weirded out by her, cause that’s what she thought.”

“No! That’s not it either. I have no reason to think she’s weird.”

And he didn’t, honestly he had been captivated by you. The way you carried yourself with self-confidence, so sure, yet with the warmest smile he had ever seen. It hadn’t mattered that half your head was shaved, didn’t matter that the part unshaved was dyed a startling shade of red, or that your tight clothing was mostly made of leather, and it didn’t matter that you’d set off metal detectors a mile away from how many piercings you had; the way you laughed and made people laughed, wanting to help so everyone could enjoy the party, how you listened and enjoyed his and everyone’s company, that’s what mattered. But he knew you’d never see him, not the way he wanted you too. No, like so many others you’d see him as dorky Spencer Reid, proven genius and all around mess.

“Are you even listening anymore?”

His eyes came back into focus. “What?”

“Oh, thinking about your lady?”

“She isn’t my lady, Garcia, it’s not like she’d ever be interested in me anyways.”

“Now that’s not true, you’re a marvelous upon marvelous specimen of man, but, well, maybe if you gussied up differently it’d catch her eye.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, you’ve seen her, maybe something of cow hide would be more beneficial.”

“Reid in leather? Dear Lord, mama, what’s the matter with you? Just be yourself, except, you know, talk to her. Don’t hide.”

“I’m not saying to not be him, just he needs something to get her interested.”

“He’s not a peacock, he just needs to be himself, Y/N might be crazy as hell but she has a good heart and she likes that in other people. Just do you, Reid.”

Garcia rolled her eyes, exasperated, but was halted when Spencer started gathering his things.

“I’ve got to go, I’ll meet you guys there.”

“So you’re coming then? All right, pretty boy! I’ll text you the address.”

Spencer gave an offhand wave and went home.

Maybe he should try to be a little different, you didn’t know much about him, only a fleeting moment in time. A first impression could always be wrong. This could be his chance to be someone else, not be the clumsy, awkward know-it-all and be the guy people are drawn to. Rifling through his closet, he couldn’t help the depleted sense of his wardrobe, he had nothing that someone would think was cool. Cardigans and slacks taking up most of the space, but in the back he was able to find an old leather bomber jacket. He couldn’t even recall where he got it, and with his memory that fact startled him. He didn’t have jeans and he didn’t have boots but he did have his converses, the worn pair a comfort to him which he hoped would increase his confidence tonight. Fixing his hair the best he could he looked at the addressed to get to the bar.

‘It’s now or never, Reid.’

The place was dirtier than he would have liked, floor covered in peanut shells and sawdust, the tables and stools worn, the leather chipping away as rusted coated the frames, but in a way it was homey. The patrons looking as if they had just got off work and decided to catch up with friends.

“Pretty boy!”

‘Why does he have to call me that in front of everyone, it’s endearing when it’s the team but with –‘

“You made it I see and you had yourself a little costume change.”

Sitting beside Morgan he could see you, that same warm smile adorning yourself, your lips still puckered in a way that let he know you had been laughing at something before.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi, Spencer…it is okay if I call you that right, I can call you Reid if you want.”

“No! It’s fine I mean, I’d prefer it. So where is everyone?”

“JJ and Garcia are on their way, the boys were giving JJ trouble didn’t help that baby girl was there, she’d let them rule that house if she was allowed to.”

Thinking of their roles as godparents he couldn’t help but smile, yeah, the boys seemed to have a way to tug their hearts to fit them.

“Do you spoil them too, Spencer?”

“He spoils them with knowledge.”

Spencer watched you arch your brows up and nod.

“I like being there for them, all of them, including Hank.”

“I bet you’re good at it.”

“I try to be, I mean, when there’s time for it.”

He didn’t know if this conversation was going right, she was paying attention to him but he wanted her to see him as cool, an equal, but gushing over his godchildren probably wasn’t going to get them there.

“So, Y/N, did you drive your bike here?”

Watching you sip your beer he waited as you nodded. “Yep, why, would you like a ride?”

“Oh, you shouldn’t drive when you drink, people with even a slight buzz raise the risk of fatalities to forty-five percent and without the exterior a car gives a motorcycle may –“

He’s rambling, damn it, he didn’t mean to, but she’s smiling a quirk of one but it was still something.

“Maybe we can share a cab tonight and you can drive me to Derek’s on it tomorrow?”


“Reid on a motorcycle, you know I never pictured him in leather and he looks halfway decent, hell maybe he’ll be doing wheelies in the parking lot.”

He knew the jacket would be a bad idea. “Shut up, Morgan.”

Your giggled made him flush even more. “Ignore him, Spencer, have a drink with us, since I’m out with cops tonight and have to take a cab I’ll be having me some tequila.”

Observing the effortless way you drank and sucked the lime, he couldn’t help but think he could do it too.

“I’ll have one as well, please.”

He tried to ignore the smirk on Morgan’s face as the bartender poured his shot.

“Sure you can handle that, Reid.”

His lips wanted to pout in trying to keep from blurting obscenities.

“Here, Spencer, you just lick the salt, drink it back, and suck the lime. It takes practice to do it quick.”

Doing as instructed, he lapped the salt, wishing he had washed his hands first and then tipped his head and glass back, choking as the fiery liquid hit his esophagus. The remaining liquid in his mouth sputtered and he felt your hand patting his back in trying to quell the coughs.

“Can we get some water over here please?”

He blushed, this wasn’t going the way he wanted it to at all, he was looking like a bigger dork than usual.

“I would say suck on the lime, but I don’t know if that’d help or not.”

He shook his head at you, no the acidity would not help him right now. His cheeks and throat were burning.

“Maybe we could play some pool until the others get here.”

Morgan shook his head. “I think I’ll pass, the way genius here is he’ll take you for everything you have.”

You shrugged. “Perhaps I just have more confidence in my playing skills than you do.”

“Your money, Y/N. Hey, pretty boy, why don’t you tell her about that proton charging while you’re at it over there.”

He felt you lightly grasp his shoulder steering him to the table.

“I hope you don’t let him get to you.”

“I don’t, not all the time anyways, I just wish he wouldn’t treat me like a kid sometimes.”

“I wouldn’t say a kid, more like a younger brother. So, you good as he says?”

“Um, a little bit, pool’s mostly geometry and –“

“I’ll take your word for it, we don’t have to play for money then, I’ll need some to make it home. But we could play for a prize.”

His eyes searched your face. “What kind of prize?”

You smiled, mischievous. “Whatever we want.”


“Whatever I want if I win, whatever you want if you win. Except money or my bike.”

“What about a ride on it?”

“We can do that.”

“And if I want something else?”

You smiled, his heart palpitating. “We can do that too.”

He already knew he was going to win, he’d played enough games of pool in school to know that. The older students thinking they could out best a kid, well, at least there he was able to show them. Though it didn’t stop them from beating him up, claiming he cheated. He was about to shoot…

“Play hard, Reid!”

He scratched.

Oh, God, now everyone was here now. He wished they wouldn’t give him a hard time, and for once, his prayers seemed answered, after the girls kissed each other’s cheeks in greeting they fled to the bar, letting Morgan pick up the tab. But he knew they were watching and he couldn’t shake that.

“Spencer, it’s okay, you can go again.”

“No, it’s –“

“You were distracted that’s fine, let yourself get into your zone, it’ll be okay.”

It was sinking ball after ball but you had kept up and he only needed the eight to win.

“So what was the deal with protons?”

“Oh, Morgan was just being…Morgan earlier.”

You laughed. “Isn’t he always?”

He couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Yeah he is.”

“But what about them.”

“He was thinking protons charge on their own they don’t.”

Missed, if you missed he could still sink it, the angle was perfect for it now.

“So how do they charge?”

“Um, it takes an electron to, I guess you’d say, engulf it so it can charge.”

You smirked. “Is that when they say opposites attract?”

He smiled. “Very much so.”

The smile fell when you sank the eight.

“Yes! I can’t believe I won.”

There went his chance. Anything he wanted. One date, one kiss. Now nothing. “Yeah.”

“Don’t be a sore loser, it was luck at the end, though skill was there throughout.”

“I’m not being sore, I wanted to win though.”

“I’ll still let you drive my bike tomorrow.”

He shook his head, he knew he was being irrational, but he felt defeated as if some source of fate came in and struck him down. “Could I have my prize now, Spencer?”

He shrugged. “Sure.”

“Are you?”

He nodded.

Standing on tiptoe he almost pulled away when he felt your lips on his. He could hear cheering from the bar but the velvet he felt was stifling the noise.

“What was that?”

You shrugged. “My prize. I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the party, and this seemed like the best tactic. You’re not mad are you?”

Since the Christmas party? “No, I’m not mad, confused, you wanted to kiss me?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, I’m me and you’re you.”

“You’ll have to explain that one to me Spencer.”

“You’re tequila and leather and I’m books and coffee.”

“Well, I happen to like books and coffee, not to mention sweater vests and messy hair. What about you, I doubt tequila’s up there, but what about leather?”

He nodded dumbfounded.

“You’re the one that said that opposites attract, well, this electron’s attracted to you genius.”

He blushed. “I wouldn’t mind being enveloped by you.”

With the words out, he blushed, making you laugh. Dragging him down by the collar for another kiss.


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Maia and Alex

Right Here With You
  • Right Here With You
  • Jamie Brown

A song from Lexa to Clarke after 3x16.

Close your eyes and see me,

I’ll always be right here with you,

Open up your eyes and feel me,

I’ll always be right here with you.-

Not a moment lost without you,

This grave I dug is opening up.

Not a moment lost without you,

I’ll always stay, my love.  


Darling if you’re scared,

Run to me,

Darling if you’re out there,

Run to me,

I always be,

I always be,

Right here with you.

Darling if you’re giving up,

Run to me,

Darling if you’ve had enough,

Run to me

I’ll always be,

I’ll always be,

Right here with you.


Remember your arms around me,

I’ll always be right here with you.

We where once carefree,

But I’ll always be right here with you

Not a moment without you,

This grave I dug is opening up.

Not a moment lost without you,

I’ll always stay, my love.  


Darling if you’re scared,

Run to me,

Darling if you’re out there,

Run to me,

I always be,

I always be,

Right here with you.

Darling if you’re giving up,

Run to me,

Darling if you’ve had enough,

Run to me

I’ll always be,

I’ll always be,

Right here with you.



And it hurts,

Knowing that you miss my touch,

Knowing that you miss my love,

But I’ll always be right here with you,

Yet it hurts,

Knowing that you miss my lips,

Knowing that you miss my words,

But I’ll always be right here with you.


Darling if you’re scared,

Run to me,

Darling if you’re out there,

Run to me,

I always be,

I always be,

Right here with you.

Darling if you’re giving up,

Run to me,

Darling if you’ve had enough,

Run to me

I’ll always be,

I’ll always be,

Right here with you.


all right!! claps hands

so we got joslyn, jora, and honey kuto!!

joslyn’s a lone wolf, mostly due to her father abandoning her, almost leaving her for dead. she holds a lot of resentment and has the hardest time trusting folks. shes a self taught horse rider and prides herself on this. she thinks that if she wins this race, she’ll be able to prove her worth.

jora and honey are joslyn’s great great great great(?) grandkids! they’re inseparable fraternal twins (you literally can’t keep them apart without one freaking out(honey usually)). jora is currently studying marine biology while honey tags along (and dont let the professors say anything about it or jora will have their asses).


aqours positivity because we all need a little love and support from our favorite idols

and as the world comes to an end
i’ll be here to hold your hand
‘cause you’re my King and I’m your Lionheart

happy belated birthday miyukeis <3

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typenullandvoid “Did you have a hard time getting up here? Do you have Pancake with…”

“Heh, good, Your boyfriends already here and sneaking around trying to steal shit with my Ultra beast. This is the first ball you’ve been too since we started doing them again, right? I hope I did well enough planning it that you and everyone have fun” he nods, still very much stuck in professional mode- Help him.

“No being official with me, young man,” the doctor teased, taking a hold of his son’s hand and pulling him over into a hug. With his arms around his son, he used him somewhat as a makeshift crutch, leaning against him.

“I’m proud of you, this is an amazing ball.”

Bodyguard AU! drabble.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Fluff

Words: 980

Originally posted by yooongiyoongi

The concert opens with deafening cheers from the fans, banners and lightsticks flawlessly arranged across the entire audience. Your new title track had been attracting tons of attention since your most recent comeback. Time with your fans was always incredible, and the concert quickly came to an end.

“Thank you all so much for coming here today!” you shout into the microphone after your final encore. “I really appreciate you all taking time out of your day to come see me, I hope you had as much fun as I did tonight! We’ll meet again, right?”

The fans scream an affirmative, and you raise your arms to make a heart before leaving the stage, reminding everyone to get home safely.

You head backstage to remove your makeup and change into street clothes, packing up your things and getting ready to head back to your dorm and get some sleep. You have a busy schedule tomorrow.

Your bodyguard greets you with a tight smile.

“Ready?” he asks. “Let’s get going.”

You’ve been becoming more and more popular as the days go by, your fanbase only expanding, so you were arranged a bodyguard a few months ago – it was necessary especially since there were always massive crowds after concerts who waited outside the arena, as well as outside the hotels you stayed in and at the airports you were departing from and landing at. It’s been increasingly difficult to leave the venues safely without causing harm to your fans.

Your bodyguard’s name is Jungkook, a strong and rather tall boy with navy purple hair and a face so pretty he should really have been the idol instead of you.

“We have to go now,” Jungkook tells you. “Be careful while we get into the van.”

You look at him, slinging your bag over your shoulder and nodding. You follow a staff member to the exit, and you shiver when Jungkook takes you by the arm. His touch is making you nervous.

He notices your uneasiness, and leans to look at you. “Are you okay?” he asks, and you hear the concern in his voice.

“Yeah yeah,” you say, turning your head away from him to hide the blush coming on. “I’m just a little tired from the concert.”

Lately, it’s been harder and harder to deny the little crush you’ve been developing on the boy. Any type of contact and conversation makes your heart skip a beat, and you could feel the butterflies in your stomach, making you feel like a teenager in love. But you don’t know much about his personal life, if he had a girlfriend or not, or if he felt anything aside from responsibility towards you.

The door opens and you hear the screams of your fans, almost blinded by the flashing cameras. Jungkook tugs you behind him, shielding you from overexcited fans on your way to the van. His hands were steady around your wrists and the two of you were just a tad too close, and it makes you more flustered than before. You try to smile and wave at as many fans as you can while you make your way over to the waiting van, and some fans manage to catch your hand for a few fleeting seconds, which for some reason only makes Jungkook’s grip on you tighten.

You finally reach the van and he gets in next to you – it’s obvious he’s pissed off, and it’s only when he lets go of you that you realize how tightly he’d been holding you. You’ve never seen him this aggressive before.

“Why did you let them grab onto you like that?” Jungkook asks through gritted teeth. “Something could have happened to you.”

“Jungkook, they’re my fans – I can’t ignore them after all they’ve done for me, and they wouldn’t hurt me – “

“But they could have!” Jungkook’s fists are clenched. “Maybe not intentionally, but accidents happen, and I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to you, okay?” His voice and expression soften as he looks over at you.

“But I’m fine now, and that’s enough, right?” you ask, temporarily getting lost in his beautiful eyes.

“Yeah,” he says, looking away. “That’s enough.”

You drift off and you’re asleep for the rest of the ride back to the dorm, exhausted from both the concert and the fact that you haven’t been able to rest properly ever since you made your comeback. You feel the van come to a stop and when you open your eyes, you’re against Jungkook’s shoulder, and he’s looking at you. He coughs and looks away quickly when he realizes that you’re awake, and for a moment you’re both silent.

“Hey,” you finally say. “Thanks for today. I’ll be more careful next time, Jungkook.” You open the door on your side of the van and grab your bag, stepping out.

“Wait – “ Jungkook touches your shoulder, and you turn around to look at him. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Okay. I know this is going to sound weird and completely out of the blue and I understand if you say no but if you have time, someday, maybe after your promotions are done, or, um – any day your schedule isn’t as packed – would you like to go out with me? On a date?”

“I would love to,” you say, the butterflies in your stomach going at it again, your head spinning a little and your cheeks reddening, but on your face is the biggest smile you’ve given in a long time.

“It’s settled, then,” Jungkook says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips, one that he’s trying to hold back but to no avail. “I will send you a message later on with details.”

He shuts the door, and you feel yourself falling even harder for him. Maybe this hadn’t been a one-sided thing after all.


A/N: First of all, I really hope you enjoyed this little drabble~ it was the first one I’ve written so I would really appreciate any kind of feedback! Also I would like to thank @namsanlocks that helped me so much to edit and made it a hundred times better <3 

RPF: Comic Con 1/1 SamCait (Adult)

(for those of you who wanted a comic con fic! Hope you enjoy! :) )

“Do you think we did the right thing?” Sam asked flopping on the bed.

Cait dropped the phone on the night table. “Let them be pissed. You were right. It’s time.” They’d each received texts from the PR department at Starz. Word of their behavior was getting out and the convention wasn’t even over yet. Yay for social media, Cait though wryly. Though that had been the point really so she supposed she should be grateful. They’d wanted everyone on facebook and twitter to catch the little moments between them. That had been the whole point. It was just taking a while for Cait’s natural instincts to change, to not fight the urge to keep everything in her life out of the media but welcome the intrusion. She loved Sam and it was time the world knew it.

If it was up to Starz, they’d keep the relationship a secret. Oh there would be meetings. Lots of meetings. But Cait would worry about that later.

She took off her shoes and sighed at the pleasure of digging her toes in the soft pale yellow carpet. She joined him on the bed and touched his chest.

“You’ll get the worst of it, you know? You said you were ready, but are you sure? Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up yet but I was selfish and all this sneaking about is getting really old,” Sam said softly, his voice tinged with both apology and frustration.

“I love you. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves. That includes any of the suits.” Cait nuzzled his neck, making him laugh, a sweet rumbling noise in his chest that she could feel against her.

His fingers trailed along her back and she sighed, her body growing warm. “I think we did the right thing. Just enough to get the idea out there, yeah? I mean, this subtlety thing is hard when all I wanted to do was grab you and have my wicked way with you right on the table at the panel.”

“Well, that certainly would have gotten the message out quicker,” Cait giggled.

He teased the nape of her neck. “I can’t wait until I can just walk outside and just hold your hand whenever I want to. Kiss you.”

She pressed her hips into his meaningfully. “You can kiss me now.”

Instantly he responded, thick and warm against her. “Aye, that’s true. And some things are best done behind closed doors anyway, aren’t they?”

“My boyfriend is so wise,” Cait teased.

“Like this…this is best done behind closed doors. Isn’t it?” Sam eased her onto her back and slid a hand up one of her legs, beneath her dress to part her thighs.

“Mmm, yes that’s for the best.” Cait bit her lip as his fingers met soft, warm fabric. One finger teased past the fabric to wet skin and she moaned.

A long finger pushed inside of her. “I probably couldn’t get away with doing this to you under the table at the panel.”

Cait arched and pulled her dress up and off as his finger pumped slowly. “Not that you almost didn’t try! I felt your hand on my thigh, you sneaky bastard. You’re lucky no one saw that.”

“Um…” Sam bit his lip, and stopped his movements.

“What?” The edge to her voice was more because he’d stopped than worry that anyone had seen him putting his hand on her.

“There’s a picture,” he said sheepishly.

“What? Who took…ohhhh…” Cait fell back against the mattress as Sam resumed his attentions, effectively distracting her again. “Who cares at this point…Oh God…”

Sam paused his movements again, but only long enough to remove the rest of her clothes and then his own.

Once back on the bed, he kissed her deeply and thoroughly, tasting of the handful of mints he grabbed when the front desk clerk of the hotel wasn’t looking.

His tongue teased hers briefly before he pulled back, nuzzling her neck, his skin against sending shivers through her blood.

Cait slid her fingers through the red-gold strands of his hair as she dotted kisses along his jaw before bringing his mouth back to hers. Anything was worth this, lying here beneath this beautiful man. She rocked her hips against him, eager to feel him inside.

He sucked in his breath at the contact and pinned her hips to the mattress. “Not so fast, love.”

“Sam…” she sighed impatiently.

He lowered his mouth to one of her breasts as he crooked a finger inside of her, thrusting faster, deeper, until she was shaking and clutching at the blankets. She didn’t fight him, didn’t ask for more now but just let him lead her over the edge as the orgasm hit her hard.

Panting against him, Cait dug her nails into his shoulders and smiled at him. “Turn over, babe. You deserve a reward for that.” She reached for the condom in her purse and kept it at the ready next to her on the bed. He was already half hard. He moved in her hand the instant her fingers circled him. She distantly heard another notification bell go off in her phone as she stroked Sam slowly. She started laughing. “Can you imagine if that’s one of the studio guys calling again? If they could see what I’m doing right now?”

Sam was torn between breathless groaning and chuckling as her hand worked his cock until it was beautifully ready.

“I’m half inclined to call them back and leave the phone on as we do this so they would get the point that we’re done hiding,” Cait said with a wicked smile.

Before Sam could answer, she took him into her mouth. She used her lips and tongue in time with her fingers to bring him to the quivering trembling brink, making him so hard that her own body opened and swelled in anticipation of having this thick beautiful cock driving deep inside of her.

“Christ…Now, Cait…Now….” She rolled the condom onto him and he made her squeak in surprise when hungry, aroused male took hold of her sweet, gentle Sam and pulled her beneath him.

Cait was trembling with need for him. His long muscled body hovered over her and Cait arched, wanting the rasp of his hair roughened chest against her breasts. Sam kissed her, and she cried out into his mouth when he thrust into her in one smooth easy drive because she was so wet and ready for him.

He took her cries into his mouth as he drove deep into her again and again. She wrapped her legs around him wanting to keep him there forever cause it was always so bloody perfect him with. It had never been this good with anyone else. Even the most fervent, fumbling quickies in between takes on set, or rushing because they were late for work or an event undid her than the most leisurely love making with any other man in her past.

“I love you,” she moaned into his mouth.

He groaned and gently bit her lip. “Again,” he urged, quickening his movements.

“I love you….I love you…I love you…” Cait chanted against his mouth.

He gripped her hips and drove in once, twice, three more times before she split apart beneath him with a cry of his name and he stiffened above her with a groan of hers.

Sam’s limbs went liquid above her and he barely caught himself before falling onto her, moving slightly off to the side as she felt him start to soften inside of her.

He nuzzled her neck when he came back to her after discarding the condom. Cait barely had time to catch her breath before she felt him move down her body.

“Oh Christ, I don’t think I can take another round just yet, hon,” Cait sighed even as her body hummed back to life.

He smiled up at her from his position between her thighs. “How long do you think before that line about the honey pot goes viral?”


                           The End


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