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aleks dancing pt 1 - creature talk 103

when the world’s on fire you kiss me

n/leo, ~15k, nc17 // anon asked for an age gap fic where hakyeon is a few years older than taekwoon + first time with lots of i love yous and thigh kissing. this wasn’t supposed to get this long but i hope you still like it!

Taekwoon has a penchant for getting in trouble, but something good comes out of it in the end.

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Hello! *~*

Now that fall is coming closer and closer (and with it HALLOWEEN OwO), I got a lot of request to change the “sun warmed stones” path into more suitable colors.
And today I finally found the Time to do so!!!

!!! Important !!!
This path consists of 2 (!) differently colored ones. One is fit for September to mid October and the second one for mid October to November!
So be careful not to mix them up! ^u^

I hope you like them, and as always I’d love to see screenshots of your town “wearing” my design. OuO

Check out the spring/summer version HERE.

(Please do not claim as your own! The only source to this design is this blog. Thank you.)

Have fun! o_~