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Happy Birthday to my dear Christy! @nikifforovs​  ♪(・∀・*)乂(*・∀・)ノ

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Hey! Quick question, do you have an about or more about you? I want to get a feeling of what you are like because you seem very nice

O THANK U uhhhhhh. hm. well my mbti is intj, here’s some characters that have that: 

  • jaehee (mystic messenger)
  • togami AND munakata (danganronpa)
  • rei (free!)
  • kyoya (ouran HSHC)
  • yuki (fruits basket)
  • ive heard some people say nozaki from gsnk too but his is debated heavily lmao

basically im just rly quiet and studious lol….a stark contrast to how i type, but this isn’t my real syntax. just my hip internet slang. and uhhh i like to mess with people sometimes, but i’m really monotone and stoic, so i have a dry sense of humor that people don’t always get. other than that i actually don’t get jokes or laugh at a lot of things. one time i got called “humorless and cold” by a friend.

but my sense of humor is like. telling a friend all about this really cool, older, liberal guy he’d like. then when he asks for a picture, say “here he is” and it’s bernie sanders. (yes that happened and he still isn’t over it)

i’m pretty serious about school, make good grades, and find expressing my emotions to be difficult. i admire people who can easily cry. i also wanna take charge and win all the time so that’s probably annoying lmao

Laney and Clicky for @legaleaglefeathers !! Again I’m sorry this took so long and I’m sorry it’s not too good but I’m a little one handed ykno :/ anyway I’ve never drawn a duck OR a legal eagle before so I consider this.. killin..2.. b i r d s…..with one stone…
this was a lot of fun to draw so thank you!! I’ve admired your art for a long time and now that I’m part of this community I can give u things yaaay c: I hope u like them !!

the beautiful and talented @neenka and I did a collab and I’m so happy !!!! 

PLAGG AND TIKKI. AREN’T THEy CUTe. I love their design sobs they’re so tiny and cute and cinnamon rolls///o(*≧□≦)o 

She did the beautiful lineart and I colored. I feel so blessed to be able to collab with so talented friends ;___; thank you neenka !!


Angie Martinelli + text post meme  (◕ᴗ◕✿)

For my pal gal, happy birthday you beautiful nerd  ❤

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♡ Little Devil set pt.1 ♡

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