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 EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy an reader imagine where reader is pregnant with Bellamy’s baby after a drunken night an reader confess to him that its his an he wants to raise it with her but they dont tell eachother how they feel. Murphy is both their best friend and teases bellamy about situation cause he is the god father.Then one of the hundred tries to kill her an they confess. With fluff


A/N: hi I decided to make it as a grounder tries to kill her just because i couldn’t think of any reason or situation why one of the 100 would xoxo hope u like it

Today is the day it was suddenly real. For a while, the thought of having Bellamy had taken over your senses. You’re not sure if it was your survival mode kicking in, being on the ground and everything, or if you just needed to stop gawking over the 100′s leader. 

You had wrestled with your inappropriate thoughts of Bellamy to the point that you actively avoided being alone with him. He didn’t notice much, but he could tell something about you was off. And he wanted to know what it was.

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hey, I'm sorry to bug you with silly, idle things, but my day has been pretty fucking terrible. Could you just tell me a few comforting things about jughead with a significant other, and I understand if you won't do this, because if one person brings it up, everyone will want one, but I simply figured I'd ask, seeing as you are online at the moment. thx xoxo. I adore your blog, and you're a very kind individual.

anon i love u so why not, i haven’t written anything in a while and i love my bf and i hope you feel better soon anon !!

  • when you’re at pop’s together and he’s busy writing away on his laptop, there isn’t much conversation between the two of you. you work on your homework, and he writes, stopping to ask your opinion on something or asking you to edit his work, which is something he trust no one with but you
  • he likes giving you forehead kisses, which is easy to do because he’s so tall
  • he likes napping with you a lot during the day, mainly because it allows him to be awake during the night hours
  • he ditches class sometimes, sneaking away with you to go spend time together elsewhere
  • he’s always critiquing most films, television shows and writing, but if it’s something that you really enjoy, he won’t say anything negative about it (unless you do)
  • whenever you’re feeling down, he takes you to the park, where you just sit down on the grass together silently, talking only if you want to
  • he loves teasing and poking fun at you sometimes (i.e. “aww, you missed me? really? lil ol’ me?”)
  • he’s low key really protective over you to the point that he’s willing to get into a physical fight to honor and protect you (even though lbr, what can that string bean do?)

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Can I have Jhope scenario where he is ur boss n u guys like each other for a long time but u turned him down coz he's just out of ur league n thought he just playing with u. One day an intern kept on insisting to get together w/u n made u feel uncomfortable. Jhope noticed that n got jealous n protective, so he helped u out by pretending to b ur BF but later found out ur true feeling toward him n he let u know his true intentions. happy ending plz ❤️❤️❤️ thank you

Hi hi sweetie! We remember when this request came in and we were like YES! This is something Hobi could definitely use, we loved this request because it adds more variety to Hoseok’s scenarios, so all of you Hobi thirsty darlings can rejoice. Thank you for requesting, we added a CEO AU element because who wouldn’t like to read Hoseok in a CEO au??? We hope you like it!

xoxo admin Mars and admin Em.

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weareeleven  asked:

I am from Brazil and I love your blog ✨ But can you give me tips for people who find it difficult to focus on studies? ❤ xoxo

thank u so much angel!!! ngl i have a lot of trouble with focusing too and i feel like the best way to focus is to just step away from ur phone. leave it in a different room, turn it off or whatever, just do what u need to do to get it away from u so u can revise in peace without getting distracted by all the notifications and things. that usually works for me, so i hope it works for u too~

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AHHHHHHH CANT WAIT FOR FUTURE HEARTS!!! 😆💕 I prob can't read it until sometime next weekend tho because finals are coming up 😭 and don't worry if you don't get it done when you want to!! Take your time 😊

Anonymous said: Hey there! I felt nothing but pure excitement when I saw that you were about to release FH today! I hope you won’t feel pressurized though by all the anticipation of us! I cannot thank you enough for always pampering us with beautiful stories ❤. Nothing but love and respect for you! Xoxo

Anonymous said: Oh God I’m not gonna make it to midnight…but FH…mUST.STAY.AWAKE. *replays perfect man jimin focus*

Anonymous said: Lol its funny thinking that everyone is waiting for u to drop the fic. Haha. Its like bighit x army scenario right now. 😂

Anonymous said: OMG! This is the first time I have ever posted an ask on a blog!!! I just can’t wait for fh pt.6 (your writing is so amazing <3). I should be studying for my AP Stat exam for tm but I keep reloading the page. SO HYPED!!!

thank you guys for being excited for pt6 :”) tbh i’m pretty nervous about it, but regardless i hope you all enjoy ;;

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sense8 is amaZING i feel ya (i watched the entire s2 in one day!!!) & i really love kala (bc i'm indian) so i connect to a lot of the problems she has . . . i just love them all so much & despite how much the show tears my heart apart it always provides so many beautiful, meaningful scenes about connection & what it means to be human that every time i watch it i feel just a little more hopeful. anyways, i hope u have a great day / night!!! xoxo

GOD I WISH THAT WERE ME I would love to watch s2 in a sitting but I can’t because of school :(((((( I’m about halfway through though


and god I KNOW Sense8 makes me cry a lot more than shows typically do because of its themes and messages especially with Capheus’ scenes and how positive and hopeful he is I love Capheus for that and I love how much culture is in the show and aaaaaaaaa god I love Sense8 it’s one of my favorite shows

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heya brat !! this is rlly dumb nd i feel bad bc ur getting a lot of asks about the height mod u use but could u,, like, copy n paste the exact cheat u used 2 make blue tol bc my brain is stupid and can't figure it out im sorry

hi friend!!! no prob!! so this is exactly what i type: add_slider height -20
thats it!!!!!!!!!!! easy peasy!!!!! arthurs height 4 another example is: add_slider height 80
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helps!!!!!!!! xoxo

This is why //I’m// the senpai!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BRO @projecttiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DREW UR NICONICO HUNTER I HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THank u for being an amazing friend and always being there for me when i needed advise and always putting up with my bullshit and selfishness LMFAO i know i can be a handful sometimes ;//q//; and ofc for the fun times u’ve given me (which is like 94% of the time HAHA) and like im looking forward to more stupid shenanigans we can come up with hAHAHADAFHK AAAA IDK HOW TO WRITE SAPPY IM JUST REALLY REALLY GLAD UR MY FRIEND OK FEEL MY KIMOCHIS LOVE YA FULLHOMO XOXO HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

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hi brooke!! it would be cool if u could do some ~professional work~ type of vids like how to nail an interview , linkedin tips, internship outfits, etc!!! p.s HOPE U MEET SOME CUTE BOYS IN NYC THIS SUMMER BC U DESERVE IT xoxo

hello ok ily ur so cute hahahahahahahha and YES!!!!  i’d love to do these kinda videos!!!!  i want to do one with my mom actually on like being a ~girl boss~ because she is and i feel like she has more to contribute than i do

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hey there just stopping by to say that ur one of my favorite mutuals and ur very very pretty and sweet! 💖💖 i hope your day has been good and life in general had been good to you lately!

um come out here binch i wana know who u r!!! BUT U R TOO KIND MY LOVE!!!! I actually feel pretty good today after talking to my psychiatrist!! I gave my sheep, gremmy, a lot of cuddles and kissies today!!!!! im sure ur just as pretty and sweet like icecream! have a lovely night! xoxo <33333

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OMG that cute imagine will be AWESOME I know it!! (just like the rest of your imagines xoxo love u)

babe thank you so much I hope it turns out on paper as it is in my head because if it does ur gonna be a wreck of feels by the end. I love you more I promise xxxxxxx

hello my lil cuties! i hit my goal awhile back but i kept pushing my follow forever off so i’ve finally decided to get around to making it! i got lazy so the graphic looks terrible but oh well. anyways, i’d like to say i love you all, and how much i appreciate that you follow me anD ACTUALLY LIKE MY BLOG AJHSJHSJHS. it just warms my heart honestly. i won’t be including everyone obviously, but that does not mean i don’t see you and that i don’t appreciate you. many of the the blogs included in this follow forever are blogs that i’m mutuals with or blogs that i adore. SO ANYWAYS, if you’re on here just know that i probably stalk you from afar or really up close! i love you all and i wanna kiss all your cheeks. that is all. 

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its real fucking scary when you’re easily triggered by those you love
just one “opened 5 minutes ago” can bring you down
into an underworld of self loathing
wishing you could be as loved as the things that /you/ love
not realising what lies behind small things small notions
that are nearly as small as wireless signals into space
1 like spirals up to 10 , 12, 20
but my self esteem takes a low -
status update: a cry for help,
seen by: nobody,
notification count: zero.
stop checking your fucking phone because nobody fucking loves you
end of story, end of matter,
but things stay online forever
like bad thoughts that always come circling back in the end
one day i scream one day
one day i will be loved
but the scream is in a status update
and no XOXO is going to make me feel any better
no ily or lylas or dm me babe
u don’t rly care
i want to type it, slam it into my phone until my fingerprints stick to the screen
forever like skeletons
i am a shell of who i used to be and it is your fucking fault
status update: rip 2 my grades
rip 2 my social life
rip 2 my pride
seen by: everybody
notification count: zero
—  XOXO by rhiannon louise @edithcrawly

i-effed-it-all-up: cophine au where cosima is a normal person diagnosed with cancer and delphine is the therapist the hospital gives her to deal with it

plot twist: it has a happy ending

It’s a Tuesday the first time she sees her. The weather is indecisive but sunny by and large, and the spring melt has begun. Even the birds have started to come back. It’s a Tuesday, and she looks good. Good enough, in fact, that Delphine can’t immediately pinpoint why this girl is sitting on her couch twenty minutes after her 3 o'clock should have begun.

“Sorry,” she says, flashing a fanged grin. She places her bag beside herself and shrugs out of her red coat. “I’m kind of always late, so I’m kind of always sorry.” Her hands articulate better than her words, and they are enthusiastically animate, one moment held out apologetically and then sweeping away the next.

Anxiety, maybe. Certainly not depression, not by itself. Her shoulders are squared, her smile comes easily and lingers.

Delphine opens the dossier, thin, only the preliminary paperwork she–Cosima, her name is–has filled out. She glances up at her, then looks back down.

“You have written you are here for–”

“Counseling, yeah. About this old thing.”

Her hand flashes again, and this time it contains a tissue spattered with blood. This takes Delphine off guard and she blinks, sitting up a bit straighter. Cosima’s expression remains more or less the same: bright, unperturbed, apparently, even by the blood she’s coughing up. 

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Hey, cuties! Here is the first follow forever I’ve made on this blog. ; dies I would like to apologize for my editing incompetence but this is the best I can do right now. Soo yeah, I decided to make a valentine’s day edition because you all deserve my love. I would totally shower all of you in roses and chocolates if I could, but I’ll stick with the whole appreciation thing for now! I love you all so much and thank you for being so fabu. ♥

I’m not bolding any of my favorite blogs because I’d probably have to bold all of you. You all have amazing blogs and you are all wonderful people. Blogs are listed in abc order! italicized blogs are tumblr crushes. c:

# - j :  

0kamii  |  0takugirl  |  akahshi  |  akashis  |  akirassendoh  |  atsush-i  |  blackdjinns  |  daikiaominecchi  |  escarletes | gayyladriel  |  hanae-ichihara  |  haruuka  |  hinatas  |  hyouriinmaru  |  ichij0u  |  ishidasuryu  |  itachu  |  itarasu  |  itsminseok  |  izachi  |  jeankirschteinss  |  judalbaby  |  jukous  |  junkoschan

k - r :  

kagaymitaiga  |  kisesryouta  |  kuramas9tails  |  laeheyd  |  laxxus  |  lordzuuko | maruuji  |  matsuokai  |  midorimas  |  moltress  |  my-obsessed  |  myswimmerboys  |  n1gguh-plz  |  narutomakis  |  narutouzumakis  |  nejilicious  |  nharmona  |  nokutou  |  nosev  |  ohymir  |  red-hana  |  reirygazaki  |  ren-hakuryuu  |  ryouzen

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I’d like to give a small shout out to some awesome blogs I recently started following because they deserve some love, too. They have great blogs so go check them out as well!~

avatarious  |  baiko  |  bosann  |  mochiru  |  petraralls  |  taikos  |  sexuoh

I shouldn’t have missed anyone, but it’s not impossible. I’m sorry if it’s weird that I listed you on here / sweats nervously ; like a professional stalker, I really didn’t want to leave anyone out.  Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you all have a nice one, bb’s!


-vi ( /)u(\ )

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i feel like shit about my body like 95% of the time, but looking at the selfies and photosets you post helps me to see the beauty in my body. one day I hope to be able to slap my own ass and go "dang girl you're thick as hell!" and have it be an act of self-love. thank you from the bottom of my heart just for existing and doing what you do, it really really matters to a person in recovery like me. love u!! xoxo❤️❤️

i know this message is well meaning and i respect your journey and struggle

but sometimes these kind of messages don’t really sit well with me, it can read as “i would/could never walk around half naked with a body like yours but look at you anyways how brave” there’s a lot of projection in it and like i want you to understand that this isn’t an act of bravery for me, like its not that big of a deal to me.. i look bomb so there’s no complex, so don’t give me yours please.


taylorswift billboard oohiremember redd-lip-classic heldyourpride hearteyeswift maleswifties afterplaid swizzle-1989 cruisinggrooving makeyourwordscount messofadreamer-13 adelaideswift13 My late christmas present/congratulations gift to you!
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I stayed up all nite drawing this and literally didnt move for hours, and i was really hungry, cant feel my fingers, 🙈 As i wanted to thank u and congratulate u on all the wonderful sucess of 1989, u were number one on the charts but most importantly 1 in my heart ❤️ u have one drawing of mine , of olivia,and of u, and i hope u love this one ! it has alot of luv in it, and dibbles says congratulations!! 😸 On all ur achievements in the year 2014! Not just this year but over the past 7 years. I love u and im soo proud of u girlie. And Thank u for giving me such amazing songs and most importantly u ,u are such a beautiful sweet person, and to help me get thru this year especially, with my grandma not doing so good, and me not having friends. i luv u very very much , and ill buy every album, and support u forever and i got ur back ,no one will ever be like u ever or able to capture my heart the way you do. So some how i hope u see this and say u love it or i love u just once in my lifetime, it mean alot to me cause u do to me❤and i know ill never get the chance to talk to u or hug u so im trying to show in anyway i can how much i luv ya ❤️ xoxo lisa cherie hope u have a good day , p.s i feel bad dont want to bother u cause i know alot of people ask u for things , so u dont have to cause i love u anyways ❤️

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im so proud of u for practicing driving!!! i didnt drive for a rly long time cause i was so terrified. but after a little practice it started to feel natural and now i actually sort of like driving!! i hope you get there too!! xoxo

<3 i appreciate this a lot