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Id like to request Prefall Gabriel's slow decent into maddess over Jack's girlfriend who hes friends with. "I could treat her better - it should have been me" complex turned obsessive. For rating, dark with a touch of angst please and thank you ♡

It doesn’t bother him that much at first. Gabriel is miffed at best but he can’t say it’s too surprising after everything that’s happened between him and Jack. The boy scout stole his rightful position as strike commander and now he took one of his most promising cadets for Blackwatch as his own. Gabriel wouldn’t say he had particularly any strong feelings for you but he did enjoy your company which was a rarity for him these days. But no, he wasn’t bothered. Not at all.

It’s difficult to stay disconnected from the whole relationship when it’s all anyone ever talks about. Both his superiors and subordinates all talk about the couple of  Overwatch and how brave they are for even making things public. Even Jesse can’t help but bring it up in his presence since the kid did have a sharp eye. The gunslinger says how it’ll be almost their first month together just to provoke a reaction out of him as he knows how he feels about you. Gabriel stops listening to everyone after awhile. It all sounds like white static. 

Gabriel is present for you and Jack’s first couple’s fight. In fact, he even feels a bit smug that the boy scout blew it. He couldn’t hide his smirk when you slapped him hard across the face. His face dropped when he saw you in tears, however, and went after you while Jack stood there with a defeated look on his face. When he finally catches up to you you’re crouching in the corner in one of Blackwatch’s combat rooms. 

He furrows his brows and places a gentle yet firm hand on your shoulder. Without warning you throw yourself into his arms, burying your tear stained face into his chest as you let out a sob. All the feelings the Blackwatch commander had tried so hard to bury for so long finally came to surface and it felt as though his heart had burst. How could Jack make an angel such as yourself cry? Without even bothering to go after you no less. It made his blood boil with an underlying anger he had always had for the man. 

Gabriel glanced down at you and swallowed his pride for the time being as he spoke, “It’s alright now, mija,” He presses a kiss to the top of your head before smoothing his fingers through your locks of hair, “I got you, I got you…” 

You nodded at this as you continued to cry into his chest. You’d been close to Gabriel but once you had started dating Jack he grew so distant. Reflecting on it now, even questioning your own current relationship, you regretted not trying to stay in touch more often. Despite his extremely rugged and aggressive nature he had his moments where he was very kind to you such as now. If you weren’t in such a state of emotional turmoil you might have been more aware of the compromising position you were in with the man not to mention how far he was going to comfort you.

Gabriel’s hand rubbed up and down your back in small circles as he pressed your body closer to his. He had thought of your bodies very close together like this more times than he’d like to admit. Albeit in a much different situation but he wasn’t going to complain. He could feel himself grow dizzy from how hot your body felt against his own mixed in with your scent that could drive any man mad. But clearly not Jack. His thought process resumed to Jack and how he had upset you. If it were him he would never do anything like that moron of a boy scout ever did to upset you and he sure as hell wouldn’t have you run off crying. Gabriel could treat you so much better than Jack ever could if he just had the chance. 

“I could treat her better,” He presses another kiss to your head when you let out another woeful whimper, “It should have been me.”

“Gabe?” You look up at the man who held you a little too tightly for comfort. He senses the fear and confusion in your eyes and forces himself to relax. 

“Sorry, chica,” He gives a small smile before his look turns dark as he sees Jack enter the room from the door behind you. He utters lowly, “Debería ser yo quien te besa. No merece nada de lo que es mío…”

“What? I don’t-” You quirk a brow at him, confused before you turn around and meet his gaze to see Jack who had a hurt expression, “Oh.”

You practically shove Gabriel off of you and he isn’t sure whether to be angry or hurt. Instead he just wears a blank expression as you slowly walk over to the blonde and try to explain the situation as best as you can. The man is silent for awhile as he listens before he lets out a smile that portrays relief. He apologizes before pulling you in for a kiss to which you gladly reciprocate. 

Gabriel’s eyebrows narrow as he and the latter’s eyes meet as he passionately kisses you. Jack’s hand trails down the curve of your back and firmly grabs your ass. You squeak in surprise and slap his hand away, bashfully glancing at Gabriel briefly who wore a dark expression unbeknownst to you.

“Jack, not in front of Gabe…” You mumble silently but he can still hear your words.

He turns back to you with an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry I got too carried away.” The man leans in and whispers into your ear with his lips just ghosting on the shell of your ear, “Let’s continue at my place.”

He can’t make out what the man says but he doesn’t need to. As the both of you leave the room he’s once again left alone. Gabriel has always told himself that it doesn’t bother him. It doesn’t bother him that you left him and began dating another man, the man he once loved like a brother, but that wasn’t quite true. 

The rage that fueled within him, the fire that been burning for so long, almost all at once burned down his sanity.

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i, like the last anon, also want to be your friend, but idk how to approach you without being an awkward mess about it :(

approach me with 10 bucks and a reeses