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You are the song in me that I can’t ignore, you are the simple things that I live for.

best friend!haechan
  • u met donghyuck in middle school. u were a transfer student and the first day he went up to u and was like hey !!! and he just constantly bothered u and u guys eventually ended up being friends bc who cant be friends with that goof ball?? 
  • he was like hey didja know im going to be an idol someday?? and ur like yeah ok lol and hes like now its true !! im a trainee at sm !! im going to be an international star!! and u were like really skeptical bc ya sure lmao
  • when u guys hung out he would always sing and stuff and one time he got so fed up he took u to the sm building and snuck u in and u were like wtf whoa and everyone was like hi donghyuck and hes like hELLO1!! and then ur like wtf ok … my friend rlly is a fuckin trainee
  • but yeah u guys r best friends and in class u always paired up with each other
  • when he appeared on mmc he kept it a secret and one day u just get a text saying “watch disney channel at 1pm ok??” and so ur like wtf is this fool pranking me but u tune in anyways and u see him aND UR MOUTH JUST HITS THE FLOOR and ur liek WHAT!!! and so u call him like EXPLAIN URSELF but he just laughs and was like surprise!!!
  • being friends with donghyuck means a lot of laughter and inside jokes; hes constantly playing pranks on u and everyone around him and everyone in school loves him !!
  • hes always giving u mini heart attacks by taking ur hw when ur not paying attention or swiping ur phone 
  • eventually more people started paying attention to him and he got SUPER popular at school but that didnt stop him from hanging out with u every lunch break 
  • he sends u snapchats of the boys with little drawings on them and its honestly so childish but so donghyuck u cant help but laugh
  • he introduces u to all the other boys and yall get along really well and theyre like r u two dating?? and u two just burst out laughing bc ur like mE DATING U ?? WHAT A JOKE and everyones like ??? and u guys just keep laughing bc HONESTLY WHAT A JOKE
  • u guys work together to play pranks on the boys and sometimes u work with the boys to play pranks on donghyuck
  • he practices in front of u and asks for ur critique and holds ur opinion in such high regard
  • for his birthday u gave him a collage of all of his ugly snapchat selfies and he bursts out laughing and he has it framed in his room bc its truly a work of art
  • honestly he didnt even tell u he debuted u had to find out thru teaser pictures and ur like DONGHYUCK WHAT WHO IS HAECHAN WH AT
  • and hes liek new name who dis  : ) and ur like CRYING because UR SO HAPPY FOR HIM like hes actually going to become an international star!! and hes LIKE IM SO SORRY FOR NOT TELLING U ?? I WAS GOING TO HOENSTLY BUT I . ,, , 
  • HES SO FLUSTERED LIKE OM G??? but then hes like dw when i get famous ill give u front row tickets and u start laughing so hard and ina couple of minutes u guys r rolling on the floor laughing
  • ur his biggest fan and u come to as many lives as u can and u always have a sign for him !! when he sees u in the crowd it makes him want to work even harder!!
  • ur so used to calling him donghyuck ur like whos haechan l0l idk anyone named haechan from nct all i kno is fuckin lame kim donghyuck.. dongsookie
  • U WILL LITERALLY FIGHT ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THAT HE IS UNTALENTED OR UGLY like u fuckin will fight for ur best friends honor s2g
  • it bothers him but he never shows it and hes like lol chill out .. we all know that theyre just in denial,, that me, haechan is the main visual ; )
  • and ur like lol whos haechan i only kno donghyuck
  • when he travels he always remembers to bring u back a souvenir. since hes so busy he cant see you often, but he calls every night regardless to talk to u 
  • when hes traveling he sends u a WHOLE BUNCH OF SNAPCHATS he liveblogs everything he does and it just cracks u up 
  • donghyuck is basically the best best friend u could ever ask for. hes always there for u no matter what and supports u through thick and thin

best friend!jaemin 

best friend!mark

“Midnight Troubles.”

requested by nonnitta

Pairing: Samuel Drake x Reader

Summary: One of your usual night terrors sends you into a severe panic attack. After dealing with these alone for a long time someone is finally here to help you work through it.

Words; 1,129

a/n: thanks for the request nonnie!! supportive sam drake is honestly the best and its nice to think that beyond that tough exterior he’s got a kind and caring soul. i have my own experience with panic attacks, mostly due to a trauma i’ve been through and writing this was kind of tough but i did it… which is good. hopefully its alright, not as long as usual but you know. xx hope you guys enjoy.

if you guys ever need someone to talk to my ask and messages are ALWAYS open, anon or not add a * if you want the ask to be answered privately please!

warnings: panic attacks, sickness, swearing

   You woke up in sweats, shivering and terrified. You didn’t know what was happening, you didn’t know where you were. Or what was going on. Your heartbeat was racing and your breathing was out of control.

You sat up in your bed, placing your hand on your chest trying your best to calm yourself down, you couldn’t. It wasn’t working and it was only getting worse, worse than usual. 

You stumbled out of bed throwing the duvet off trying your best not to fall of your legs. Your knees felt weak and you had to hold on to whatever you could to walk as normally as you could. Your first instinct was to go to the washroom and you did, you didn’t bother closing the door behind you. 

The washroom light illuminated the dark bedroom, the fan breaking the silence of the night. You set your hands on the washroom sink trying to calm yourself down. Tears were welling at your eyes and you felt the knots in your stomach getting tighter and tighter. Your breathing was picking up its pace and which each second that passed you felt like hurling.

You gripped the sink tightly hoping to make it stop but it didn’t work. You hunched over, your face tensing once you threw up. You gripped the sink for dear life, not being able to hold yourself up without it. 

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Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran for my first half (½?? idk, i’m not v good with fractions), of the art trade w/ @nlckrhodes 

mangaaddict303  asked:


Yeah! Of course I can do that thing! XD This is actually a really nice and chill way to start writing again on this blog so thank you for that tbh.~ I hope you don’t mind it being in headcanons. ^-^ - admin queen ☆  


  • Daichi Sawamura
  • Something just tells me they’d instantly click. Like they just know the other has to deal with some obnoxious shits from time to time but that they also care for them because they’re their family and it’s literally how their first conversation goes pretty much.
  • Like, just, friends and family are so important to the both of them and I feel like since they both share that understanding there’s just a certain level of their friendship no one else really can get to understand and that’s what makes them such close, best friends.
  • Along with Sugawara, I feel like they could literally be a great Trio Of Dads™.
  • Ok but I feel sometimes Akashi can be a little hard to approach from time to time but when he’s around Daichi he’s so much more calmer and I feel like whenever Daichi can get him to laugh it’d be way softer and melodic than usual and before they know it there’d just be a crowd of their friends wanting to hang out with them because they’re such a great duo.

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harpers-mirror  asked:

For the fic game: SamBen - "come on baby play me something," Stragan - "it takes your mind again," Mindelkaffel - "i've got you and you and you"

these all got really long because I have (count it) zero self control…

“come on baby play me something”
Sammy complains about Ben’s singing every chance he gets, but he can only resist the force that is Ben Arnold grinning like sunshine coming out from behind a cloud and singing some dorky pop song at him for so long. It’s raining at 6 am and the song is blaring from Ben’s awful car speakers and the two of them are dancing in the parking lot outside the radio station, and things are pretty okay. samben/G/tags for schmoopy fluff and light kissing

“it takes your mind again”
Maybe Stand was always right and neither of them were possessed by anything and maybe there wasn’t going to be an apocalypse and maybe nothing paranormal ever happened to them and everything could be explained logically. Alex knows better, though. She knows the lines of color threading through Strand’s irises are too regular, too precise, to be anything except sacred geometry, no matter how many times he repeats apophenia like a prayer. (Alex hasn’t looked in a mirror lately. She tells herself she’s not afraid she’ll see the same patterns in her own eyes. She’s lying.) Or the possessor of knowledge can become the possessed, and some things weren’t meant to be known. Stragan/T/tags for possession, angst, and first kiss in probably The Worst Circumstances Ever

“i’ve got you and you and you”
The boys want to treat Minkowski to a spa night after they all get back to earth. Eiffel and Koudelka plan everything as best as they can - so of course everything has to go wrong. Ice cream may be melted, smoke alarms may be going off. Dinner is definitely ruined. The night, however, is not over yet. What can go wrong with a simple movie and popcorn, right? (Everything can. Minkowski loves the two of them anyway.) minkaffel/T/tags for food, implied sex, fluff, eiffel’s general lack of food preparation skills, and have you checked the microwave?/it’s not the freaking microwave!

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what do you think a sleepy grizi would be like?

Sleepy Grizi
okay so i think that antoine would be really grumpy when he’s sleepy? he’d probably be annoyed if anyone kept him from sleeping and while i do think that he’s a friendly guy, i can imagine him getting really obviously pissed at people who bother him tbh. also to me he seems like the kinda person who takes forever to find a good sleeping position — he’d probably roll around in bed all the time, kicking the sheets off his body and then pulling them up again, hitting his pillow to make it fluffier etc. i also think that he’d enjoy being cuddled while he’s trying to sleep??? like he’d probably want you to spoon him every once in a while when he’s had a long, rough day bc it’d help him doze off faster. 
(+ and he’d probably wake up with pillow marks all over his face the next morning)

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Hello! I saw your icons page and I was wondering if I could request some icons of Kenma? ;w;

hey buddy !!! i’m so sorry for the late reply but sure i’ve done some !!!!! i’ve done 12x anime icons (9 colour + 3 b/w) : o here’s the preview:

all the rest of the icons you’ll find on my icons page (click the ‘requests’ tab to see the kenma ones)!!!

anonymous asked:

omg u are like the sweetest most precious thing to exist ever. and I really need someone to talk to abt something!! so I'm coming to u ok. basically I have really low self esteem, like it's so bad I avoid mirrors I come across in public, I hide my whole body in group pictures my friends try to take, and most days I can't even leave the house because I feel so ugly, and on the days that I do all I wanna do is go home bc I feel so disgusting and it makes me cry. I opened up to my best friend (1)

(2) and told her everything about the way I feel about myself and told her how it literally plagues my life and most days I wish I wasn’t living. we went into the city yesterday with our other friend and I was supposed to meet this boy that I had been talking to for the first time who I really really like. I was super nervous and self-conscious about the way that I looked so I asked my best friend if I looked okay and she just said “you’ve had better days.” that was it. I thought she was joking (3) but then she wasn’t. I asked if there was anything I could have done to look better and she told me no, just that I’ve had better days and there was nothing to do about it. because I’ve been struggling so much with the way I look I got really upset and had to walk behind them for a while to keep myself from crying and my friends got mad at me for being “dramatic” but it really fucking hurt my feelings and I ended up not meeting this guy I really really like because I felt awful after that. (last) basically my struggle now is that I can’t tell if I got what I deserved for asking how I look or if I need to find better friends who take my feelings into consideration and don’t say things like that to me when I’ve already explained what I’m going through. but when she said it my other friends laughed, so they took it lightly which is why I’m confused as to whether or not I have the right to be so upset about it?? was it as shitty as I thought? I’ve been crying a lot since. I feel lost

omg hi angel first of all thank you so much for the compliment ur so sweet ily n second im so sorry this is late (at least i think it is i havnt been on much bc ive been at the hospital w my mama) n finally im so so sorry u feel this way and its affecting ur life so bad i totally understand bc i struggle w the same thing n once had a friend who didnt understand me and what i was going thru and i explained it to her once i realized she thought it was just me overreacting n such but still after that she never took it seriously so i kinda just ended the friendship n i do have a friend who understands me a lil better now and always reassures me n stuff. Now this is not me saying You  have to get new friends maybe try to talk to them n tell them how u felt after it all happened n see how it goes . I do wish ur friends were a bit more understanding tho when  you opened up to them and worded things better when u asked them how u looked bc that could’ve been handled a bit better. They should’ve been more considerate  about ur feelings especially since u were already worked up about meeting with that boy n u def didnt deserve anything angel its okay that u asked that question there was nothing wrong w asking and u have the right to be upset over whatever u want to be upset over ur feelings are 100% valid