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BTS’ Future Soulmates (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

Juno is an asteroid that represents marriage and committed relationships. It dictates what you value and look for in a partner. While the planet Venus influences something similar (who we find attractive), Juno is more long term. It delves into the realm of soulmates.

Jimin - Sagittarius Juno

  • sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac; they’re on a constant quest for the unknown
  • they strive to live every day to fullest and learn something new along the way
  • jimin, having his juno in this sign, means he wants someone who stimulates him on not only a physically or emotionally, but also intellectually
  • this doesn’t mean someone with a master or doctorates, just someone with a bright mind and a story to tell
  • someone who broadens his horizons by introducing him to perspectives
  • those with this placement are very likely to marry someone from a different cultural, religious, or economic background 
  • and may meet their soulmate in a foreign country
  • often their relationships are unique/non-traditional in some way
  • they are extremely open minded and accepting of others
  • in a relationship, he’s optimistic, sociable, and a real sunshine
  • he would travel frequently and embark on many adventures with his partner
  • because sagittarius is such they a free spirit, they put a lot of importance on independence
  • they need their “space” and freedom in a relationship
  • in extreme cases, they have trouble settling down with one person and avoid commitment
  • i’ll look into some aspects juno forms in his chart to give a more detailed view
  • juno sextile uranus: increases the likelihood of his future relationship being unorthodox and him being attracted to someone “different" 
  • this is a good aspect for long distance relationships
  • attracted to intelligent aquarius types
  • juno sextile pluto: indicates power struggles in relationships, often sexually; he’s drawn in by intense empowered partners and has an urge to "dominate” them
  • attraction to intense scorpio types
  • (this is heightened by scorpio mars/venus)

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Wasn’t Expecting That

Request: okay but what about seven minutes in heaven with someone that’s not bucky but she’s dating bucky and no one knows and shit hits the fan
Word Count: 981
A/N: first, i kinda wrote this differently. even tho you’ve read the prompt, i kinda wanted to make it a plot twist. second, i wrote 4 different versions of this. third, i hope u like it.

This was probably the worst decision that you had made in your life. But how could you say no to a group of superheroes who risk their lives for you everyday and who don’t ask for much in return. You knew that you should have never accepted Tony’s job offer. This was so stupid and there was no way out of it, once you spun the bottle you had sealed your fate and your position in the game.

Watching the hypnotic spin of the bottle caused you to become dizzy but you couldn’t take your eyes off it. The anticipation was killing you, especially when the bottle’s spin began to lose speed. When the bottle finally stuttered to a stop, you looked up in the direction it pointed and let out a gasp. A pair of blue eyes were staring back at you wide in slight panic before they began to crinkle at the corners as the super soldier smiled a mischievous smile.  

You were going to kill the Avengers. Every single one of them who agreed to this game, starting with Tony for suggesting it.

“The wise vodka bottle has spoken,” Tony presented.

“How wise can it be, it’s vodka,” you mumbled.

Wanda nudged you until you stood up and you glared at her in the process. Your “traitor” remark had been ignored by her as she giggled.

“Glad you think this is funny,” you muttered, slowly walking towards the utility closet. The super soldier’s presence was noticeable and it only made you more nervous.

“You’ve got seven minutes. Clock starts when the door closes,” Tony explained and you could only roll your eyes, thankful that he didn’t see it.

“Someone take the time!” Natasha yelled right after you opened the door, letting yourself in and then making room for the soldier.

“I got you,” Sam replied, lifting his phone with the timer already on the screen.

“Have fun! Kiss his star spangled ass!” Tony shouted as Steve closed the door.

“‘M gonna kill ‘em,” you grumbled in the darkness.

“Relax,” Steve said, flipping the light switch on, “it’s just a game.”

You look up at Steve and noticed that his smile was turning into more of a smirk and it was becoming increasingly annoying.

“What?” You harshly spat. Steve chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest, clearly amused by your attitude over the situation.

“Bet you wish your boyfriend was in here with you,” he replied cheekily. Usually he wouldn’t condone games that were ploys to get people together or use unfortunate victims as toys in the name of fun. But Steve knew exactly why you were so upset with this, so upset with the fact that you were in here with him.

“B-boyfriend?” You stammer, “what boyfriend?” Steve would have been more convinced at your question if you hadn’t started to blush furiously and play with the hem of your shirt. You didn’t even convince yourself.

“Bucky,” Steve states as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Your mouth began to mimic the movements of how a fish breathes. Realizing that you weren’t going to be able to respond, you just shut your mouth and stare at Steve.

“C’mon. I know he’s not just a friend so don’t tell me that crap.”

“What?! No! You don’t know what you’re talking about,” you scoffed. It was your turn to cross your arms over your chest, suddenly feeling small and self conscious.

“Uh-huh. Okay.”

Before you could even try to come up with a response, the door swung open and a very angry Bucky was towering in the door frame.

“Dude what are you doing?” Sam shouted.

Bucky pushed Steve aside and took two steps before he was standing in front of you.

“Bucky?” You whispered unsure of what he was going to do.

He reaches out and grabs your face and tugged you forward so his lips met with yours. You squealed at the abruptness but then you’re grabbing at Bucky’s shirt. When Bucky gently bites your bottom lip and you moan, he loses it. His flesh hand becomes greedy as it roams down your body, exploring every curve and your hands moved up to wind around his neck. Bucky breaks the kiss briefly to push you further against the wall behind you. His lips were on yours again and his flesh hand hitches your leg around his waist, grinding himself on you.

Before anything could progress, Sam quickly shouts “time’s up.” Natasha hits him on the shoulder and he just shrugs at her.

“I uh, I think I speak for everyone,” Tony began, “ when I say; what the fuck?” Everyone hums in agreement but Bucky and you don’t answer them right away, instead you stay embraced in each other’s arms a little while longer.

“What does it look like Tony?” Steve said, moving towards the group once more. Tony picks up his glass and swings down a giant sip.

You just look at Bucky and giggle as his hand rubs up and down your thigh before lowering it down and letting you straighten out his hair.

“As much as I want to continue this game, I don’t want anybody kissing my boyfriend,” you take Bucky’s hand in yours and began to pull him towards the elevator.

“Boyfriend?” Bruce mouths to Vision who looks equally confused.

“So we’re going bed,” you said, turning around to face them when you reached the elevator doors.

“Don’t disturb us,” you winked at the group just as the doors began to close. Bucky chuckled and pulled you closer to him, finally in somewhat of a private area.

“Now they know you’re mine,” he mumbled into your neck and you couldn’t help but look up at the ceiling with a smile as Bucky continued to assault your neck.

Tonight you were going to get more than seven minutes in heaven. 

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