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Foul Play (M)

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Summary: Everyone loves a good rivalry, and the students at your university are no exception. Unluckily for you, the rivalry of the decade is between yourself and a furiously irritating Park Jimin. A top gymnast and a basketball star shouldn’t cross paths, but Jimin makes his way into your heart before you can put a stop to it.
Word Count: 24.314
Genre: college au, basketball player Jimin, sports university
A/N: A while ago @workofteaguk was doubting my lane while simultaneously having a crisis over Jimin. So naturally, retaliation was in order. This is all @minsvga‘s fault for encouraging me to run with this idea.

Elitism brings out the worst in people. Feelings of superiority run unchecked where talent and hard work meet to flourish and thrive, where young athletes spend their days training their bodies to the limits, pushing themselves harder to reach the ultimate dream: to receive validation and know that the years they’ve spent sacrificing sleep and jobs and romance for medals, winning seasons, and future professions has been worth it.

And as any good athlete knows, elitism leads to rivalry. Rivalries between teammates, between neighboring schools, or, most notably, a rivalry between Seoul Sports University’s top gymnast and one of the best point guards to grace the basketball court. And when rivalry and hatred reach such a level, it attracts attention from outsiders, from those who find amusement from such bitter hatred between two young people. Two young people who share common goals and similar training regimes, who for all intents and purposes should be close, but cannot stand the sight of one another.

This is a feeling that you know intimately.

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Flight vocabulary in Swedish

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ett flygplan - airplane 
en flygbiljett - plane ticket
ett pris - price
ett flyg - flight
en resa - trip
en semester - vacation
en flygplats - airport
ett bagage - baggage
en vuxen - adult
ett barn - child
en avresa - departure
en återresa - return
ett erbjudande - offer
en taxi - taxi
en tidning - newspaper
ett mellanmål - snack
en dryck - drink
ett säte - seat
ett säkerhetsbälte - seat belt
ett fönster - window
ett land - country
en destination - a destination
sista minuten - last minute
en turbulens - turbulence
en nödsituation - emergency
en hyrbil - rental car
en turist - tourist 
en turistguide - tourist guide
från - from
till - to

billig - cheap
dyr - expensive
snabb - quick
tidigt - early
sent - late
i tid - on time
bullrig - noisy
lugnt - calm
spännande - exciting
trygg - safe
bekväm - comfortable
lätt - light
tung - heavy

att flyga - to fly
att boka - to book
att välja - to choose
att köpa - to buy
att betala - to pay
att resa - to travel
att sova - to sleep
att läsa - to read
att äta - to eat
att dricka - to drink
att titta ut genom fönstret - to look out the window
att lämna - to leave
att anlända - to arrive

( Swedish is not my native language, so feel free to correct me ❤️ )

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