hope u have a good night babes

college bf taehyung

might’ve died while writing this, 6/7!!

  • forgive me pLEASE 
  • but i always imagine college tae as a fuckboi 
  • like you’d find his ass on tinder 
  • lowkey swipes right bc he’s cute as hell 
  • he’d date u for fun then realize ur a keeper 
  • and like he’d rlly be whipped for u 
  • always texting you cute lil things
  • “morning babe, hope u have a good day”
  • “i miss ur face, come to my room after class”
  • “did u know that ur my fav”
  • “i love u lots”
  • “more than mcdonalds”
  • he’d be so spontaneous 
  • like you guys would be going on midnight adventures 
  • anywhere from downtown to like walmart or something
  • lowkey see you and tae hotboxing
  • majority of the time y’all spent together would be at night time
  • obvs day time dates were cute
  • but something bout night time & tae was thrilling???
  • tho he’d have a bad boy persona he’d be such a sweetheart
  • and one night y’all would meet up for ur night time dates
  • so while you guys are driving 
  • he’d look over at u while rolling the windows down
  • u totally understands what’s about to go down
  • and so u blast ur trap music sOOO loud, the citizens of like your neighbouring country could hear
  • “omg i have somewhere rlly cool to take you”
  • and he’d just park in the mcdonalds parking lot
  • “tae….this is mcdonalds????” 
  • “exactly?”
  • “are u serious”
  • “just kidding??“ 
  • but really he’d get some food then take u to some secret place that only he knows of
  • and you two spend the night just being dumb and fooling around there
  • “y/n”
  • “yes tae”
  • “tell me something about you that no one else knows”
  • and he’d have this really sentimental look in his eyes 
  • the whole night would full of confessions
  • and deeeeeeep talks
  • “ok ok, i have one final confession”
  • “what is it tae?”
  • you’d probably grab his hands, and legit look into his eyes
  • and he’d just smile at you and totally forget about everything
  • bc u were literally the only person that was worth his attention at that moment
  • “i love u”
  • you’d probably hit him like binch i know that already!
  • but u’d say it back obvs
  • you guys would DEF make out under the stars 
  • cheesy af but yOLO
  • honestly, college bf taehyung would actually be so perfect
  • bc not only are you dating your lover
  • but your best friend too

haikynizzle  asked:

Oooooh du sprichst deutsch !! Sorry aber das findet man soo selten hier deswegen macht mich das gerade sehr glücklich <3 I'll continue with english since I think it's a bit rude if I just start rambling in german although most of ur follows will understand not even a single word .. just wanted to say u're awesome !! The way u write Kachan is just overall perfect and makes my heart ache .. a lot tbh .. sooo keep up the good work babe !! Hope u have a great day <3

Ach du meine Güte, Schatzilein 💕 Ich freu mich so dass du mir auf deutsch geschrieben hast ☺️ Nonetheless, you’re right! Since it’s public we should talk English 😉 Thank you so, so much 😍 no one ever told me that they like my Kacchan and that makes me just so happy? He’s really a difficult character because of his many personality traits and I always feel like I’m not doing him enough justice 🙈 I appreciate your kind words so much 💞 They’re my soul food ✨

Falling For You

Request: do one where Harry and y/n are best friends and u have a boyfriend and Harry’s ‘secretly’ jealous of him so much and one night at a party harry gets drunk and kisses you and you get confusing feelings afterwards.

A/N: So I changed it a little bit, hope you still like it! xx

“You want another drink, babe,” Harry asks, rubbing your lower back affectionately.

“No, I promised Jake not to drink too much tonight,” You answer him, yelling to be heard over the loud booming music echoing through the house.

“God forbid you have a little fun,” He frowns his good mood disappearing as soon as you mention your boyfriend, “Like he’s such a fucking saint,” He looks away, staring into his cup.

“Harry,” You sigh, squeezing his arm to get his attention, “I know you don’t like him, but he’s a good guy.”

“Oh yeah,” He scoffs, downing the rest of his drink before looking at you, “’cause all ‘good guys’ tell their girlfriend’s how to live their lives.”

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“And you’re here because...?” (Niall)

You usually aren’t all that excited for Wednesday nights but ever since you and Niall agreed to spend Wednesday nights together at his place, you couldn’t help but feel giddy at the thought of a good dinner and some alone time with your #1 man.

You got off work with a smile on your face that left your coworkers confused. Even they picked up on the sudden change in attitude considering it was in fact just the middle of the week. You arrive home and set all your things on your kitchen countertop and drink a glass of water before you went all out on preparations for tonight’s date

You walk into your bedroom and ready the outfit you’ll be wearing to work tomorrow. It’ll probably be the only thing in your sleepover bag for tonight, considering you already left toiletries and bed clothes over at Niall’s. You stared at your closet and tried to pick out the best possible outfit for tonight. Considering that tonight was your only night without having to stress over work and its numerous deadlines, you decide to go all out and wear one of your favorite pastel dresses and match it with your black bomber jacket. You receive a message from Niall just as you were halfway through with your make up.


Babe, are ya ready to go ? Got some bad news .

Hey. Yeah, I’m just about ready to go. Is everything alright?

Meeting with golf management is taking a lot longer than expected . Sorry .

That’s fine. I hope the meeting is treating you well though. What time should I expect you to come by then?

Don’t think I can come fetch you at all . might have to take a raincheck for tonight . sorry babe

Oh, I see. Okay.

Maybe I’ll take you out tomorrow instead ? will u be free tomorrow night ?

No, I have a deadline on Friday and I don’t think going out tomorrow night will help me finish it. 

Sorry babe . I’ll talk to you after this meeting . love ya

Love you too.

You rolled your eyes and stared at yourself in the mirror. Honestly, you looked pretty damn good and you hated the fact that all the work you put in to looking this pretty has gone to waste. You take a quick selfie and decide to post it on your private Instagram, captioning it with: “What a lovely night….to stay home, eat take out, drink my weight in coffee, and work on those deadlines”

You change into your sweats and after much hesitation, remove the make-up you put on your face. You grab your phone and order yourself a good Chinese take-out meal, because hell, you deserve it. The pile of work you settled on your kitchen counter screams to you and you grudgingly pick up your things and bring them to your bedroom. When your take out arrives, you scatter your pile of work on your bed, get your laptop, grab your sweet and sour chicken, and begin your night of work.

Your phone rings 2 hours later, and it’s 8 in the evening. You’re only about a fourth done with your work for the night when you see the caller ID is Niall’s. You grudgingly pick up your phone, still feeling a bit off with how he “stood you up” tonight.

“Hey,” Niall speaks first, and it’s obvious in his tone that he still isn’t quite sure how you feel about him canceling tonight’s plans.

“Hey” you answer, trying to sound distracted and busy with your work, which in half honesty, is the case.

“Are you busy?” he asks, testing the waters.

“Yeah, I’m finishing a few articles for work” you reply, sighing as you realize just how much work you had to get done before this week ends.

“Have you eaten? I can swing by and bring some food-“

“I’ve eaten and I’m fine, Niall. You should eat, your meeting must’ve kept you busy and starving” you reply sounding a lot more bitter than you had initially intended.

You hear him let out a heavy sigh. “Babe, listen, I’m sorry about tonight’s plans, I am. Do you want me to come over, bring you anything? Keep you company?” he offers.

You roll your eyes before answering. “Ni, I’m fine. I’ve eaten, and I’m working, so I’m okay. You don’t have to come over or pass by. Just, go home and rest, or something”

“Stop doing this. I already said I’m sorry, and I’m trying to make it better, but you’re rejecting me. What do I do? What do you need from me right now? How can I make it better?” Niall asked, and you felt your eyes get heavy with tears threatening to fall when you hear the desperation in his voice.

“Niall, please, I’m just trying to get my work done, just like you were earlier. I’m fine, can we not talk about this now, please?”

He sighs, but decides not to argue about it for now. “Okay, I’ll talk to you later then. I love you.”

“Love you too” you reply and end the call.

You try to get your work mojo back on but the thought of upsetting Niall was sitting at the back of your head and it simply wouldn’t go away. It upsets you how Niall’s work seems to always get in the way of things, and when it does, there’s no changing it. Unlike when it’s your work that comes in the way, Niall just has to make a few excuses for you and it’s dealt with. It seems as if you’re not a good enough reason to put work aside, and to be blunt about it, it fricking sucks.

You try to dodge all Niall-related thoughts for at least another hour before you feel the need for caffeine. It’s a little past 9, and as it is still early enough for the Starbucks next block to still be open, you decide to wear a hoodie over your tank top, and after much jumping around and swatting, you rid your sweatpants of food crumbs and you were ready to go.

You grab your phone and wallet and head to your front door. When you swing it open, a fist welcomes you as it comes almost too close to your forehead.

Niall stood in front of you with two take away cups of coffee from Starbucks. Of course.

He looks just as surprised to see you as you are to see him. He quickly puts his hand down and gives you a small smile. “Hi”

“Hey” you answer, both of your just standing in front of the other, one in the confines of her apartment, and the other standing right outside her door. “…and you’re here because…?” you ask.

“Figured you’d want some coffee,” he says and offers the coffee cup tray to you.

“Two coffees?” you ask.

“Coffee and company,” he says, with a hopeful glint in his eyes. “If you’d accept it.”

You move aside and keep the door open, “Come in” and you motion for him to do so.

He offers you one of the coffee cups before he grabs the other for himself and disposes of the tray in your trash. You lead him to your bedroom where you were once busy with your work.

“The bed’s a mess,” you say as you place your coffee on your bedside table. “Let me just clean up so you can take a seat somewhere” you say and pile some of the folders to make space for Niall.

“It’s fine, I can sit outside on your couch.” He says.

“What?” You look at him confused. “What are you gonna do out there? Stare at the walls?” you ask.

“Well, no, but you’re really busy and I don’t want to bother you so-“

“Niall, it’s fine. Stay here.” You say, and place most of your things on the floor beside you bed.

“I don’t want to bo-“

“You won’t, trust me.” You assure him as you hop on your bed and grab your laptop, eyeing him to sit on your bed as well. He does, albeit hesitantly.

“About a while ago,” he started. “I’m really sorry.” He says. “I had no idea the meeting was going to keep me in there for so long, much less, that long to actually get me to cancel on our plans.”

“It’s fine, Niall. I get it.” You say and look at him briefly before getting back to editing you work.

“I know you were excited about it, I mean, you even got one of my favorite dresses on you picked out.” He says and eyes the pastel dress you wore earlier for the night that should have been as it hung outside your closet.

“Niall, I know you’re sorry. I get it, work comes first. It’s fine, I’ll get over it” you dismiss him.

“That’s the thing. Work doesn’t come first, I mean, it probably does look like it does, but I don’t want you to think that you come second to whatever meeting or conference I have to attend.” He says.

You stop typing and fold your laptop to get it to sleep mode. You turn to look at Niall. “It just seems a lot like I’m always the one who has to sacrifice what I’m doing to get to you. But with you, I just feel like I’m not a good enough reason to leave a meeting or excuse yourself from work.” You confess.

“Babe, I’m-“

“I know it isn’t fair to say that, because your job is proper more important than mine, and obviously, they need you more than they need me at mine, but-“

“Hey, hey. That’s not true. What I do is different from what you do, but it isn’t more important. I’m just as important as you are, babe. We’re different, but we’re equals.”

“I’m sorry” you say. “For the attitude, I didn’t mean to come off as a bitch. I was just really excited for tonight, and I got all ready and then you canceled and I was just in an off mood since.”

“I’m sorry too because I didn’t know you felt that way.” He says and scoots closer to you, wraps his arm around you and kisses your temple. “Sucks that we can’t go out now,” he adds. “you looked really good a while ago in your dress and all.”

“How did you know what I looked like?”

“You posted on Instagram, remember? That’s how I knew I had to bring you some coffee too.” He says and whips out his phone, pressing the lock button. You smile in surprise when you see that he changed his lock screen to the selfie you took earlier.

“Well, we could always have a stay-at-home type of date night” you suggested, looking up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, but you got that deadline and all that paperwork” he reminds you.

“Ah, screw it. I did some of it tonight, I can finish it up tomorrow”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, whatever it all. I just wanna be with you,” you say, and snuggle closer to Niall, “I missed you”

“I missed you too, babe” he says, and rests his cheek on the top of your head. “So, pizza?”