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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


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Tobias: Are you kidding me? Following me all the way to the party without being noticed? It’s called stalking! And it’s giving me creeps!

Lennon: Chill, I’m a party guy! All I wanted was to help you out as you’re my new friend. Just trust me, if you’re seen around me you’ll have a better chance to be liked by people.

Tobias: I’m not your friend, and you’re a loser. Go away.

Lennon: As you wish, Toby.

Tobias: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID? You ruined the last living chance of me warming up to you by calling me that.

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Swap Pap secretly watching Swap Sans being cute

1 - Sans is wearing his “cool outfit”, since ut!Papy wears a basketball outfit, us!Sans wears a team leader outfit, why not?

2 -  This bathroom is for us!Chara, that’s why it’s so small and simple, the bathtub is in the bigger bathroom.

Hope you like it~ 

If you guys wanna see more pics of Sans wearing his cool outfit, feel free to request~


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No, I… I shouldn’t!!!

Second thought!!! Maybe…

You guys are lying…

I… I need a minute to think…

Benson’s insecurity

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have there been any pinkcon moments yet?? do u have a compilation list;)

Well so far we have few pinkon moments, but honestly, not as many as my heart desires lol Under the cut you will see a list with few of the pinkon moments vids I collected for you ^^’ fyi you might see ppl calling the ship name konpink or even blackon. But idk, I think i like pinkon the most ^^

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“ We will see the King fall this day”

@darcisprime​ ‘s Guardians fighting Oryx~

Done my projects for a little while so its back to requests~~

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Is this an actual appreciation blog or is it a sarcasm one?

I’ve been interested in seeing guys gain weight earlier than I knew my own sexual orientation.
I truly admire seeing a guy let himself go, and I appreciate anyone getting fat on purpose because they wanted to.

People who send me submissions of guys who got fat, or are getting there - they make my day. It’s like a blessing to have people share pics with me. I hope to see more in the future

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What a perfect girl you are😍🔥 Never seen a mallu this hot before💞 I'm now proud i'm a malayali😍 Thank you for the pics and i'm hoping to see more💦

hiii handsome…thanks for liking me, if.you are proud to be a malayali,,,then lets chat in malayalam !!..sheri alle….angane alle vendadh??…


“Sweet Pea!”