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Mea Culpa:  We Are Seeing a Resolution Play Out


About Jeff and Annie.

We are seeing the resolution to the “Basic Sandwich” dangling plot thread. We’re seeing it play out in real time, and in very subtle ways.

Yeah. I’m as shocked as anyone else that I’ve boarded this train. If you told me three days ago that I’d be buying a ticket, I would’ve called you nuts because, as far as I could tell there was very little movement in addressing it, let alone resolving it.

But then I did a rewatch. I do tend to rewatch episodes, mostly because I tend to like most Community episodes much better on rewatch once I get my admittedly high expectations for funny/character work out of the way and can watch the episode for what it is.

This tended to be the case this time around. Except for “Basic Email.” That episode is still crap, IMHO, for a lot of reasons I don’t want to get into here.

Anyway, in watching WHAT IS, I, well, began to notice a few things.

I kind of feel a little dumb right now.

Keep in mind, I was never one of those shippers who bought into the idea that there’d be some big moment where we’d go AH-HAH! I never was one of those shippers who thought it would be addressed right away (I figured the middle-third of episodes at best).

In fact, my own stated wish was to have them subtly building in the background until we hit the resolution.

This is why I feel kind of dumb right now. Because I am getting exactly what I hoped for. I expected a breadcrumb trail similar to what was laid down in S2 for the Jeff/Britta are having secret sex reveal. What we are getting is something a lot more subtle. There are clues there, but I think the flaw is that it’s might be too subtle for many people who aren’t particularly invested in this particular storyarc. It’s definitely going to be dismissed by people who anti-ship.

But, I think I’ve got some interesting evidence on my side. And it all comes down to one thing:  a significantly changed dynamic.

More under the cut. Beware, it’s hella long.

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The #sixseasonsandacollab Community art collaboration was organized over twitter. An overwhelming response of 45 artists came together to contribute a character that makes up the mosaic of the Greendale community. Read more about it here!

This is the resulting poster! It will be printed and sent along with jujujulieta to Paleyfest where it’ll hopefully be presented and gifted to the cast and crew! We’re hoping our humble collaboration will help say thank you to them for bringing all these characters to life for us.

If you were involved on the project, or otherwise would like a high res version of this poster, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!