hope to haiti 2012


This is awesome!  Misha, Colin, Cinde, and the rest of the Hope to Haiti 2012 team are awesome too!

Misha in conversation with Gerard Clodomir, the JCC’s general contractor. Originally from Haiti, Gerard was formerly the Chief Engineer of New York City’s MTA. He’s managed some truly massive crews - his last comprised over 1,000 people. As if that weren’t enough, he has a great deal of experience in seismic construction. He’s already built one building with Bonite and it took almost no damage during the earthquake.

The guy’s got some serious skills, and we’re all so grateful he’s volunteering his time and expertise to the JCC.


Curious about Random Acts? Take a look!


More pictures from Philip Schneider. You can see the rebars used in the construction of the orphanage. Rebars are steel rods used to reinforce concrete. They’re pretty common in construction, but every little helps when it comes to making sure this building stays quake-proof.

You might see people asking why such a “small” earthquake caused so much damage, and if you look for the answer on Google you’ll find a lot of people pointing to poor building standards. The truth is, though, that poverty did the real damage. Haitians know about safer construction methods, but unfortunately knowledge is almost useless when you can’t afford to apply it.