hope to find love

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I know this may seem like a downer but I wanted to share it. I had a four year long distance relationship. It had its ups and downs but I cared for him. I ended up ending it since it wasn't healthy at the end, but I knew I loved him. I still believe that long distance relationships can work and can bring much happiness and joy just as a close contact relationship. It's fun and exciting and I recommend it if that's your cup of tea.

Thank you. I know some people can’t do long distance, but it’s far from impossible, as people like you show.

I’m glad you got out of it if it was unhealthy for you, and I hope you can find love again.


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)

happy valentine’s day to all dark skinned black people experiencing internalized racism and anti blackness from their community and have lost hope for finding black love 🌹they don’t deserve you

My thoughts find you far too often and far too deeply despite our distance. Memories hold me at night in a way you no longer can and my dreams have become our secret meeting place. I’ll see you later, love.
—  strkr, I hope your thoughts find me too…

I was just playing a round of Overwatch as Mercy and the Hanzo on my team didn’t see the McCree sneaking up on him but instead of trying to kill him the mccree just said hi to him and tipped his hat then they spent the rest of the round running around finding each other and putting down their sprays and it was basically Romeo and Juliet in its finest form because 76 kept killing hanzo and i just-

I hope one day, you will find sunshine in the darkness of your void. By then, you will realize that the sun was always right behind your back. You just need to shift your focus.
—  Lukas W. // Perspectives