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Angry Sex With Johnny

“not a req, but like could you do something like, how angry consensual sex with johnny would go like? not a req, just asking. if you don’t wanna, im cool with it bc i love you more than johnny. tc. xoxo.”

A/N: You’re the sweetest! Sorry this is late, I hope it’s what you were looking for^^
It’s Johnny month so-

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  • Setting the scene, he’s angry-
    Not entirely sure about what, but… NCT says he’s the most gentle member so-
  • It’s kind of rare because when he’s rational he realizes it’s unhealthy to take out his frustrations on you, even if that means pounding into you for a few rounds.
  • 70% of the time tho, when he’s livid he’s not rational…
  • He could be mad at you, letting his thoughts get the better of him as he suspected you and Yuta were exchanging flirtatious glances, or it could have just been a bad day on the job for him-
  • I honestly think when he’s like this he’d force himself on you initially [I don’t think force is the right word, but I mean just be aggressive about it…]
  • Depending on the situation he’d do different things like if you were walking away from him pull your hips to meet his own roughly, burying his face in your hair as he presses himself against you- causing you to grapple onto a nearby counter for support from the shock. 
    If the two of you were sitting on the sofa, arms folded as he raises his voice at you I could see him just leaning over and smothering your lips in a heated and sloppy kiss, positioning himself to corner you-
  • This all being said… He’d be rational enough to not go much further until he gets your permission… He wants you to cooperate with him to decrease his stress-
    “So are we gonna fuck or are we gonna fuck?”
    OR just a simple
    “I need to fuck you-”
  • If you denied him and pushed him away he’d run his hands through his hair frustrated before storming out… Probably to drink then take care of himself-
  • However, if you affirmed he’d start right away. 
    Not sure if the two of your would always make it to the bedroom… the kitchen counter, living room rug, etc… are just as acceptable-
  • So, as you can imagine, it’s all pretty careless with clothes being tossed around, sometimes a condom, other days you let him pass, too caught up in the situation…
  • Also, as you can imagine, it’s all rushed and semi-sloppy and rough-
  • His fingers leave bruises in their wake, heated and fervent.
  • Usually he takes you from behind or enters you from missionary then moves your legs to the side and just goes at it.
  • Initially there’s a lot of kissing and mouth smothering, just sucking on each others lips and whatnot- but when things get going he usually just presses his chest against your back and bites you shoulder or just holds your hips-
  • His hips have power-
    Like he just takes out his frustrations by slamming into you, the faster and more noise the better to him.
  • I don’t think he’d talk much other than cussing to himself and occasionally degrading you- Something he’d never do under ordinary circumstances.
    “Shit- Fucking slut, louder-”
  • Even tho he seems like a different person and your stomach twists, it’s never scary, you always know your gentle and sweet Johnny boi is just below the surface~
  • When the ordeal is all over, maybe you two went an extra round, he’s calmed down a lot and is pretty worn out… He then likes to do things like snuggle and idly play with the ends of your hair as he begins talking, usually starting with an apology for being so impulsive. 
bts reaction to you having social anxiety.

(a/n: having social anxiey myself I hope I made this the more realistic possible, that’s how I see my anxiety but it can change from person to person. Please forgive me if something’s uncorrect.)


You two were about to enter the restaurant he decided to take you to, to celebrate your first month anniversary. As you stepped inside you noticed the amount of people present and how chaotic the place really was and you started to panic. You weren’t used to having to face that amount of people who, for what you knew, could be judging you. You started looking around nervously and your breathing became fast and frantic “Oh no, not a panic attack. Not here.” You thought with terror in your eyes, shaking. Jin immediately noticed your unease and put a hand on your back, gently asking “What’s wrong Y/N?” with a worried look on his face. You barely heard him through the loud noise and your answer was a strangled noise, he decided to take you out of the place, grabbing your hand and slowly guiding you outside. As soon as you felt the chilly air on your face you were instantly relieved, the buzzing noise from inside gradually attenuating. You started taking deep breaths, with your eyes closed, when you decided to open them you saw Jin looking at you, worry filling his eyes. “Y/N please tell me what happened…” “Jin, I-”  You hesitated, he always knew you were really shy but he wasn’t aware of your social anxiety: you hoped you wouldn’t have to tell him but the time arrived and you were a bit worried. “I have social anxiety. That place was really too crowded and noisy for me and a lot of people were staring at us when we entered… I really couldn’t do it, I’m so sorry…” you murmured, closing your eyes, not knowing what to expect. You felt Jin’s strong arms surround you and, opening your eyes, you saw him looking at you with guilt, almost tearing up. “Oh jagi why didn’t  you tell me sooner? I could have brought you to a calmer place” I looked at him in the eyes and smiled “It’s fine but why don’t we do that just now, we still have to celebrate.” “Okay baby, I’ll always be by your side from now on, I promise.”


You promised your boyfriend Yoongi you would attend his first concert as a solo rapper, thinking it would be something very simple even though, obviously, very crowded. But what you didn’t expect was to be surrounded by screaming fans at the end of the concert, asking you questions about Yoongi’s personal life and generally screaming at you.

You panicked, not knowing what to do. You looked around desperately, trying to catch a glimpse of Yoongi but he was nowhere to be found. The amount of people grew more and now you couldn’t see anything or try to get out of that mess. You started sweating and gasping for air, feeling like the crowd was trying to suffocate you until you felt an hand on your shoulder. You turned around just to see Yoongi looking at you with the same expressio of terror you probably had plastered on your face right now. He started making his and your way out of the crowd with the help of the bodyguards and in less than 2 minutes you were safe in his changing room, shaking.
Without saying anything he put an arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the temple, wanting to give you space. After 5 minutes of heavy breathing you calmed down and looked at him. “Everything okay now, babe. I’m here.” You hugged him tight, your head resting on his shoulder. “Thank you, my saviour” you joked, smiling.


(sorry I always picture namjoon as a bookworm)
You and Namjoon had decided to go togheter to a book festival held near your city, you both loved books so you were happy to spend such an amazing day with your boyfriend.
At 2PM sharp you hopped into his car and waited for 20 minutes as you arrived at the place the festival was held in. You didn’t expect the place to be so huge and full of people: there were stands with tons of books and souvenirs everywhere and a large stage surrounded by thousands of people where someone was reading a passage from a book. You instantly felt suffocated by the amount of people in the area and started looking around nervously, grabbimg Namjoon’s arm. Noticing your discomfort he took you hand in his and looked at you in the eyes. “What’s wrong sweetie?” he asked, with concern. “It’s just- there’s so many people Joonie- I’m scared” (I dedicate this Joonie to @uneedsugar) you didn’t want to make a big fuss about it but you anxiety was taking over and you felt like everyone was looking at you and your weird behaviour. “Maybe we should go home and come back later, when there’s less people? I know facing this kind of environment makes you uncomfortable”
You smiled, seeing how caring your boyfriend was. “Thank you, that would be better.” With a hand on your shoulder he made his way to the car.


It was a nice Sunday morning and Hoseok had a free day so you decided to go for a walk togheter and maybe grab some icecream. As you were making your way (downtown, walking fast) into the city you ran into some of Hoseok’s friends that stopped him to talk since they hadn’t seen eachother in a long time. Sure, you knew Hoseok was a really outgoing person and so he had a lot of friends but you had never met any of them apart from the boys so you were a little anxious, introductions weren’t really your strong point. They started looking at you expectantly, wanting to know you. You muttered a little: “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N” and you took a deep, shaky breath. Hoseok seemed to notice your discomfort and quicly excused himself, saying goodbye to his friends.
“Y/N dear, what’s wrong?” He was looking, worriedly at you. “Hobi, I never told you but- I have social anxiety. A lot of people at the same time, trying to interact with me… makes me really anxious”
“Oh, Y/N I’m so sorry! I wish I knew, at least I would’ve helped you!” “Ah, it’s not your fault Hobi, you couldn’t have known…” you smiled esitantly at him and he pulled you in an embrace, kissing you afterwards. “My precious Y/N, I’ll always protect you~”


Jimin was a kind soul. The kindest you knew. He always wanted to make you happy and treated you like royalty. Today was no difference: he promised to take you to a super fancy store where you could buy new things togheter. As you entered the shop you immediately noticed the cashier looking at you with a judging look. “Of course, I don’t look like a fancy person” you said to yourself, sighing. But you tried to forget about her and held Jimin’s hand as he guided you through the shop.
An elegant, white dress immediately caught your attention and you stared at it, smiling. “That’s so beautiful Y/N, you should definitely try it!” Jimin exclaimed.
You weren’t really convinced it would suit you but Jimin was so excited you decided to try it on, plus you really liked it.
As you exited the cabin to show him the dress Jimin squealed and run to hug you, spooning you around. “My love looks so pretty!” He was smiling widely and you were too until you noticed a client looking at you weirdly. She was probably judging your loudness but you couldn’t help but imagine she didn’t think the dress looked THAT good on you. You noticed the cashier from before was also looking at you with a raised brow and panicking you left Jimin’s arms and ran into the cabinet again breathing heavily. “Y/N honey, what’s wrong?” Jimin hurried after you. You looked at him and started crying explaining the situation through shaky breaths. His eyes widened and he looked at you with a sad smile. “We’re not buying this dress even though it looks amazing on you. These people don’t deserve our money. You look amazing with and without that dress, you ALWAYS look amazing, okay? Please remember that, I don’t want anyone to make you doubt that”
You hugged him with a smile, slowly calming down and you left the shop without looking back


Taehyung was so excited to go to the new karaoke bar that opened in your street that you couldn’t say no to him even though you weren’t that good at singing. You arrived at the place at 9 and you immediately saw Taehyung waving in your direction, with a bright smile. Smiling back you made your way towards him and hugged him, inhaling his sweet scent.
“Let’s sing!” He exclaimed and grabbed your hand, dragging you towards the stage. You started to sweat and looking around to see how many people were looking at you. There weren’t that many people but you were still anxious.
“Why don’t you sing first? I’m new to this and I wanna see a professional first” you winked and he laughed. “Okay, silly. Watch carefully!”
He was amazing. His voice was deep and calming, like a warm hug. He kept smiling at you the whole time and you couldn’t bring you yourself to look away. You were simply mesmerized.
You almost forgot he was expecting you to sing too, when “Y/N come and join me!” He screamed from the stage. Your heart started beating like crazy as you made your way to the stage. “Tae promise me I won’t have to sing solo parts, I’m too scared” “You’re scared? But why? Your voice isn’t bad and you know these songs! You’ll do just fine!” He tried to encourage you, probably thinking that you were just a little shy. “No, Tae it’s not like that…I-” You noticed people were looking at you and you felt even more pressured. “I can’t stay here, sorry…” You said, eyes almost filled with tears.
You felt your body move and before you knew it you were running down the stage and towards the exit. You stopped outside the bar, breathing heavily until you felt someone put a hand on your shoulder. You turned around just to see Taehyung looking at you worriedly. “Please Y/N I’m worried, will you tell me what happened?”
“Tae I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the night it’s all my fault. I- I have social anxiety, singing in front of everyone, with a voice like mine… It’s just too much for me” Taehyung hugged you close, caressing your hair. “You should have told me silly, I love you more than this stupid karaoke and I want you to have just fun at our dates. Now let’s go home and watch a film…just the two of us okay?”

Coming home from school you heard you rigtone coming from your pocket, Jungkook was calling. He always wanted to know about your day so he phoned everyday. “How was your day, babe?” He asked. You hummed in response, felling uneasy. “What’s wrong y/n?!” “
"They gave us a presentation to do in front of the class, due to a week…”
He laughed, “Oh-oh did my y/n not study this week?” You forced a smile. “No it’s not that.” You said, serious. “Hey baby, seriously what’s wrong?” He sounded worried, you sighed. You really didn’t want to tell him everything but you thought he needed to know, sooner or later. “Jungkook I have to tell you something…” “…Yes?” Oh God you were making him worry so much, it wasn’t your intention but at the same time you knew this wasn’t the easiest topic to talk about with someone. “I have social anxiety.” Before he could react you added: “These kind of things make me extremely anxious, it makes me feel like everyone is constantly judjung me and that I’m not good enough for everyone watching me. I know it’s stupid to think that but…” “Y/N, babe, I know what social anxiety is. You know I’m very shy too so I can understand at least a bit of what you feel. But you should have told me sooner! I could’ve taught you my methods” He said, and even though you weren’t seeing his face you knew exactly the smug expression that accompained the last sentence. You let out a small laugh, making him promise to really teach you some of his ways to overcome anxiety. “Of course, anytime Y/N, your master is waiting for you:” He sounded so serious you almost snorted “What a dork” you thought to yourself before asking him about his day. Your oral test now in the back of your mind, ready to be faced.

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Dan is calming phil down after the loss of phils brother

Dan watched Phil worriedly over the lid of his laptop.

“Why is the milk out?!” he snapped.

“You got it out earlier to make yourself some cereal, darling,” said Dan gently.

“Oh.” He was cleaning, almost frantically, wiping over the tabletop, hoovering the carpet, dusting the corners. He began setting up his video camera, and started a video. 

“Hey guys! So, I just got back from the market, where they were selling these-” 

“Phil,” said Dan softly. 

Phil looked up, almost irritated. “I’m filming,” he said, gesturing to the camera. 

“You need to slow down. You’re throwing yourself into work-” 

“You’re so here and there! Don’t do anything! Start doing things again!”

“When I said doing things, I meant get out of bed, talk about him again. Do you really think he’d have wanted you to sit here-”

“You don’t know what he wanted,” growled Phil, standing suddenly. “I’m going out.”


“I said I’m going out. Are you my husband or my jailer?!” he snarled.


Phil simply pulled on a jacket, ignoring Dan’s apology, before slamming the door shut behind him, immediately beginning to cry again. The one thing he had promised himself, no matter what, was that he’d never take his anger out on Dan. Dan was just trying to help. Everyone was. He walked outside, continuing to walk, not allowing himself to stop until he was completely unfamiliar with the area he was in.

The sun was beginning to set now, the weather getting colder, and it was beginning to rain, too. Phil pulled his jacket tighter around himself, pulling up the hood and wiping his eyes. He couldn’t see too well- crying made his contacts fog up- and now he was alone in an unfamiliar part of the city, without anyone to turn to.

He missed him.

He hated that he was taken too soon. He couldn’t say his name, that would only make him break again. He needed someone else. He couldn’t keep pushing everyone away.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he took it out.

Dan: 13 missed calls

Mum: 3 missed calls

Dan: 27 unread messages

Dan: 4 voicemails

Dad: 1 missed call

Cornelia: 2 missed calls

Shivering, he went to his contacts, hitting one of them and holding the phone up to his ear.

“Hey, it’s Martyn! Leave a message since I’m way too busy doing things that are more important than answering my phone, and I’ll call you back soon!”

“Come back,” whispered Phil, beginning to cry again. “I don’t know what to do without you. Come back, please.”

He turned off the call, before noticing one more thing. Martyn: 1 voicemail

Why was there a previously unnoticed voicemail? How had it only shown up now? Was Martyn… alive? Was he okay? Was the car accident, all of it, some insane dream?

“Hi Philly. Just calling to say that I’m on my way to the photoshoot for the new merch. I think people are really gonna love it. It’s the perfect mix of you both, y’know? You and Dan. I really don’t tell you this often enough, but I’m really, really proud of you. You’ve made a name for yourself, doing what you love, with the person you love the most, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Anyway, I’ll see you later. Bye!”

He looked up at the empty park in front of him, his lip trembling. Martyn. Martyn had sent that message four days ago. Four days ago, when his car had ended up in a wreck and he’d passed on, surrounded by his family. Four days, when Phil’s life had turned upside down. Since he had begun ignoring Twitter, instead throwing himself into making video after video, tweeting without replying to anyone, pretending nothing was wrong.

Since he had begun pushing Dan away.

Phil called a taxi, and got himself dropped back home. He walked up each flight of stairs, dry-eyed and calmer than he’d been for a while. Pulling his keys out of his pocket, he unlocked the door and walked inside.

Dan looked up from his phone, his eyes swollen and red and his hands shaking. He stood, gingerly approaching Phil. His hands came up to touch Phil’s face, to move his wet hair away from his forehead. 

“Is this how it feels when I disappear?” whispered Dan.

“Yeah. That’s exactly how it feels.”

“Please don’t leave me again.”

“I never will.”

“I’m so sorry,” whispered Dan, throwing his arms around Phil’s neck and hugging him tightly, beginning to sob silently. “I’m so sorry that I can’t help you. I’m so sorry about Martyn. I wish I could just- I just wish-”

“Bear, no,” breathed Phil gently. “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have gotten angry with you. I shouldn’t have pushed you away.” He kissed Dan gently. “Truth is, I thought I could do this alone, but I can’t. I love you.”

“I love you more. Please, please give yourself time. It’ll be okay.”

He nodded. “Let’s go to bed. It’s late, and you’re tired, I can tell.”

Dan bit his lip, still crying. “I tried to be strong for both of us, but I think we both need… need time. Martyn… he was the older brother I never had. I’m so sorry.”

“I need you, Dan, okay? Don’t apologise. You being here is enough. You being here is everything.” He kissed him. “You are everything. And we’re gonna be okay.”

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My summer consisted of hiding amongst the wildflowers, and hoping you’d think to look for me. I sang with the birds and befriended the bees. It was quite lovely, actually. Until the storm rolled in. Sudden white flashes filled the sky, and the gray-blue color i’ve always been fond of took over the happy haven. The rain pelted against my skin, as if it were warning me to go back; as if it were telling me to uncross the line and forget my useless intentions. What I meant didn’t matter, it couldn’t change what had happened. You never came. I wilted like the flowers, and I drowned like the bees.


Muscles [KatsuDeku]

A/N: Boku No Hero Academia (Bakugou/Deku, platonic) - 33. “Oh? You want me to tickle you that badly?” - ok I’m actually quite the gross KatsuDeku shipper so I had to do my best to not make this too shippy and I’m not sure if I succeeded xD Thanks for the prompt and I hope you like it<3

Summary: Deku has gotten quite the muscled body, Bakugou notices. It doesn’t matter that they’re in the middle of the dressing room: Deku has to prove to him then and there that he’s really gotten stronger too. 

Word Count: 1365

“Wow Midoriya, nice colors!” Deku just took his costume out of his bag, and he smiled as Iida came up to him to admire it.

“Really? That what you got looks nice too!” he said happily. He looked around the dressing room where all guys were getting changed into their hero outfits. He was excited to change into his hero outfit for the first time… It meant so much to him. He took a sigh and then pulled his shirt over his head, following the others’ example by starting to undress, when a sudden growl attracted his and everyone’s attention.

“DEKUUUU!” Deku froze with his shirt still halfway over his head, and he bent a little and peeked through the collar to see Bakugou racing at him. Uh-oh. He let out a loud “EEP!” when Bakugou grabbed both his sides and started to feel him with his hands, fingers massaging and squeezing him firmly.

“E-eh!?” He heard the other guys freak out as much as he did, and he got so hysterical that he began to toss his upperbody around in vain, still caught up in his shirt.

“Where did you get these muscles!? Huh!” Bakugou barked. Deku felt violated to have Bakugou suddenly grope him like this. 

“K-Kacchan! Wait, stop –” He managed to pull one arm out of his tight shirt first and began to push Bakugou away.

“I just exercised that’s a – wait that tickles! S-stohohp!” he yelped when Bakugou continued to harass him. He squirmed and twisted, eventually managing to stand face first against the lockers with Bakugou pressing against him from behind. 

Deku wildly managed to pull his other arm out of his shirt as well, but he gasped in shock when Bakugou grasped that arm and pinned it above his head against the lockers with a loud bang

“Come on now guys!” Iida tried to cut in, but Bakugou leaned close until Deku could feel his breath sending chills down his spine, and he growled:

“You exercised hm?” Deku’s eyes widened when he felt that Bakugou began to claw at the exposed side of his ribs, fingers digging into the bare skin and this time tickling his muscled body on purpose. That ruthless torturous tickling, just like in the past.

“Hngh-ahhaha K-Kacchan!” Tears were immediately welling up in Deku’s eyes from fighting the urge to scream. 

“What’s wrong? You got all that exercise, all these muscles…” when he said ‘muscles’ Bakugou dove his fingers especially deeper into his flesh, tickling him with such enthusiasm that Deku jerked heavily and let out a cry. 

“Then why are you still….” Deku already flinched because he knew he was going to say it. Out loud. Here in the dressing room, for everyone to hear. He struggled again in vain, his free hand clenching helplessly into a fist.

“…Ticklish?” Bakugou then released Deku’s arm so he could tickle him with both hans. He wiggled his fingers up his ribs and under his arms, tickling his armpits and making Deku squeal out loud.

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Imagine: Being Embry’s imprint and taking the Cullen’s side by trying your best to protect Renesmee.

Anonymous said:Could you write an imagine where reader is Embrys imprint and during Breaking Dawn she takes the Cullen’s side and tries to help protect Renesme (if you can could you include reader being a witch?)

A/N: Hey Sweetie! Thank you so much for sending in your request! Sorry it took so long to write up. I hope that this is good enough and is what you were looking for in this specific imagine. I haven’t written anything for fandoms or for Embry for a bit now, so sorry that I’m rusty.Please enjoy lovely; I did my best to fit in the witch reader. Thanks again, sunshine!- Admin Kat 🌙

  It was certain that you weren’t the biggest fan of vampires, - or leeches as your boyfriend (and imprint) Embry would call them -, but there was something immoral about taking the life of this baby that Embrys’ best friends’ imprint was carrying. You were fully aware that the risks of having such a child come into this world - when no knowledge of it whatsoever was accumulated - was among the highest of dangers that you could possibly think of, there was still something that struck at you in a guilty way.

  How could you just stand there and do nothing while this child, - and possible coven of vampires and one human - were slaughtered like pigs in a slaughter house, with no care in the world. You may have not been a werewolf, but you were one hell of a witch and you were definitely unlikely to have ever agreed with vampires, but this seemed to be important to you. There was no way in hell you were just going to let someone kill this innocent… baby?

  “It’s for the cause, (Y/N)!” Embry shot after you, the darkness of the night being disrupted by the lights on Emilys’ porch.

  Your fists shook in vex, your body trembling like his would when he was about to phase, as your back was turned to him. “What cause is killing a baby that hasn’t been any threat?!” You shrieked in retort to him, as sharp as a razor blade, cutting him deeper than ever. “You and your bloody mutt friends can go to hell! How can you kill something that you know nothing of?!”

  Embry was shut down for words, his eyes watery from the stinging bite that you projected onto him, his wounds smarting and aching. “What don’t you get?” He states in a hush voice, fists trembling suddenly. It was rare that he would ever lose his temper. Rarer than a blue moon. “Are you that stupid to not get why I’m even doing this? Why we’re doing this?” He growled out almost in a soft tone, as though he wished not to get into another argument over this topic, again.

  But you were way past the point of surrendering you opinion, your point of view. “Enlighten me, why don’t you!”

  “Because the risk of losing you,” He paused suddenly, voice crumbling to pieces before he went on, “or anyone else, for that matter, would mean we’ve let down our end of the treaty and our purpose as a pack, (Y/N). So, I may not entirely want to do this, but an alphas order means that I have to follow through, whether your mojo-jojo magic spells could stop it or not. I’d rather protect you and everyone else on this reservation than watch the people I care about die because we held back against… them.”

  This stunned you, rattling you deep within as your anger softened then flared like a focused torch. The lights began to flicker immensely and it bubbled over before you could stop it.

  The lights above the pair of you shattered into billions of pointy fragments, reigning down as you were both cascaded into near darkness. The shards slicing through your skin and Embrys’, - though you knew he would heal within an hour -. “What don’t you get, Embry?” You growled back ferociously, the lights shattering in Emilys’ home, causing the pack to shout and Emily to scream in fright. “I’ve never needed you and your stupid pack of ‘brothers’ protection in the first place. I am a witch. I don’t need a dog, - my boyfriend -, or his pals to fend for me. I can defend myself just fine on my own. And even if I go against my very nature, I’ll protect those damn vampires until I take my last breath, for that kid I’ll put my life on the line if it means stopping you idiots.”

 And before he could respond, you disappeared from in front of his very eyes.

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I loved the headcanons of Toshinori and his high school love. How do you think it would go down if Izuku met them one day while training with All Might, looks at him and goes "So this is the kid who is basically been adopted by you."

Hi Darling Lemon Drop! I hope you don’t mind me snagging up this second half for you! I love the relationship of All Might and Izuku so let’s give them lots of love! I wrote this as you by the way ;)

- Mod SourPatch ☕️☕️☕️

🤛🏻 it was a complete surprise to both Toshinori and Izuku when the heroes love just showed up out of the blue.

🤛🏻 “what are you doing here honey?” He thought you were home “just came to see our adoptive child now dear.”

🤛🏻 Izuku was so excited to see you when he realized who you were as a great rescue hero, and was a fanboy all over again when he learned you guys were a couple after his retirement.

🤛🏻 When his meetings no with Izuku ended early because you wanted to take them out to eat, your lover wasn’t happy.

🤛🏻 It changed though as soon as he saw how happy and excited you and Izuku were to talk about stories and share a good meal.

🤛🏻 Izuku even invites you to meet his mom since All Might already had. It went very well and even now you and Inko are such good friends.

🤛🏻 You’re there for every bit of important part of Izuku life, even after your husband passes from his illnesses before you.

🤛🏻 Izukus wedding day, he danced with his mother of course, but he also shared that dance with you.

🤛🏻 Izuku cried hard when you were both gone, and even harder to learn you left everything you had to him.

🤛🏻 Izuku and his family were the kids you never had. He still cherished the two of you for years.

Choose Your Mistakes #17D

Part seventeen, route D, of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to get in the boat.

Originally posted by catswilleatyou

Screw it. You were definitely getting in the boat. What choice did you have? A flashlight and an angry demon arm in the dark versus the angry demon and… whatever Dark was? That was a one way ticket to a ‘Game Over’ screen.

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since you always make alphys assertive type or dominant in her relation ship with undyne maybe consider drawing underswap alphyne more often it suits you better instead of undertale alphyne....i meant nothing wrong plz don't kill me i love you and i'm simply wanted to give you a fair fun idea that's all nothing more and nothing less >u<




Just kidding, that’s a good idea, also because I love Underswap Alphyne so much!! But… I don’t want to do it because I drawing Alphys as dominant in the relationship is too out of character. Also because she’s totally far away from being confident and stuff like that.

Well… since we’re here I’ll try to explain why I draw that dominant Alphys, because you’re not the only one that finds a little weird.

My Alphys is still Alphys, but I show her more like when in the pacifist she becomes more confident (or at least she tries to be like that, you can notice it from the dialogues in the ending, after you defeat/save Asriel… she looks totally more confident than before and it fills my heart with joy, she’s also funny!) 

Then… about the dominant thing… w-well… she’s a nerd. And I have a headcanon that she hides a lot of R-18 pictures and comics, somewhere in the lab. So. Just imagine: she finally has a girlfriend. I don’t think she could hold all her happyness.

Sooo that’s it! That’s why I usually draw her like that! If I would draw her like she was in the rest of the game she would surely look a bit different! Someone could not approve my point of view but it’s okay! Passive or dominant Alphys is still an awesome character!!


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Hi! Just wondering if you could suggest a super soft Billy/Steve first kiss? Steve is patching Billy up after an altercation and Billy is super defeated. But Steve is there with soft touches (that Billly drinks up and leans into), whispered affirmations and the guts to go in for that kiss? This would be so amazing! x

ahhhhh i love this prompt! i went a weird way with it and i hope this is what you were looking for! 

“Steve is there suddenly, ushering Max and Will away from the door. He doesn’t say anything, just reaches out and takes Billy’s hand, pulling him into the warm house and shutting the door behind him.”

Full thing on ao3

[Weiss peeks around the corner of the gym during Yang’s early morning workout, watching as Yangs muscles were all worked]

Yang - [spots Weiss] Weiss ?

[Weiss jumps and ducks around the corner]

Yang- Don’t be shy, come on

[Weiss walks around the corner, looking rather embarressed]

Yang- What are you doing up so early ?

Weiss - [desperately trying to avoid telling Yang that she came to watch her work out]  Uhhhhhhh…….[Yang grabs a bottle of water and takes a drink]

[Weiss’s eyes go wide as she watches the sweat drip down Yang’s bulging biceps]

Weiss- I WAS HOPING ……[whispers] You could train me…..

Yang- So what ? Like a personal trainer ?

[Weiss nods] 

Yang - [excited]  GREAT  ![jumps in the air with a victorious fist pump] I’ve always wanted someone to train with !

Weiss- [laughs awkwardly] Y….yeah

Yang- Don’t get me wrong, Ruby and Blake are great…..but their interests lie elsewhere 

[Yang takes up a position next to Weiss]

Yang- Let’s start off with some squats [gets in position] Follow my lead……

[Weiss follows Yang’s lead]

Yang-  [squats] 1!  [squats] 2 !  [squats] 3 ! 

Writing Requests are OPEN 

Personal Trainer Yang AU

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Class 1A sees a person wearing a leather jacket with Red Riot embroidered on the back and ripped jeans, they try to get Eiji to see/meet his fan but he never sees them after man attempts, a few of them catch him and the stranger kissing against a wall outside. Turns out its his datemate and they were meeting him from the support class to give his little presents

Here you go my darling Lemon Drop. I actually had to look up what a datemate was but it was easy enough and I felt a little dumb not getting it right away *dives into the blanket pile* but I hope you enjoy!

- Mod SourPatch ☕☕☕

It had just been a normal, overcast day at U.A. High and absolutely nothing was going on. The clouds didn’t make shapes, the lessons made no sense, and why was the building so cold? Even Present Mic, who was currently trying to teach their English class couldn’t focus today. Mic had only stepped out for a few minutes.  Maybe they all just needed something else to focus on?

“Hmmm..” Mina hummed on her lips, the pencil tapping to the desk while she looked outside. The sun had finally started to break through when she saw the little flicker of red and white down below, exiting the school. “Hey! Kirishima has a major fan or something!” She stood, speaking loud without realizing it. Slowly pointing out the window to the body of another.

“No Shit..?” Bakugou, surprising was a little relaxed than normal today. Looking out the window he watched the person stand there for just a second. They had a slightly oversized, red and white varsity jacket saying Red Riot resting across their shoulders. The ripped, dark jeans were a nice effect. “Oi.. Kirishima. Take a look.”

There was no response, just silence. Katsuki had called his friends name again, turning over his shoulder to find the later not even in the room at this time. “Where the fuck…?” Stepping from his seat, he peaked his head outside of the door. His friend wasn’t anywhere in eyesight of the classroom but Katsuki didn’t think that Eijiro had gone anywhere with Present Mic.

“Awe.. They disappeared into the trees..” Mina sat back down, still looking to see if they would show up again on the other side of the green earth bushes. “They were going towards the dorms..” The rest of the day was slow, even the lunch hour when they were trying to tell Kirishima about the student with his hero name on the jacket. He just smiled, kind of pushing it away that they had to be joking, he wasn’t that popular.

Many times during the rest of the day the class would see them, jacket and all but every time they managed to find and take Eijiro Kirishima to them.. They were already gone. “Are you guys just trying to mess with me here?” He would tease, acting confused.

When Mina decided to scout around the dorm buildings for the possible, fellow student she was on her own. It’s not like she was hunting someone down.. Or stalking. She just wanted to meet the fan of her classmate. Learn about where they got the jacket is all.

Her pink little body swiftly walked around all the buildings, looking fairly suspicious and mischievous at once to boot. This person had to be a student, they had binders and everything even if they were in casual dress.

She had made it to the support class dorms when she started to hear some giggles, and the slightly deeper tone of a familiar friend of hers. Quickly ducking behind the bushes, the moment she recognized Kirishima’s voice, she hit play. “I can’t believe your brother did that!” He was walking hand in hand with the same student from early that day.

“He is such an asshole, but that’s why I like you. You’re totally opposite.” They’re laugh continued while sharing stories about past family adventures, Kirishima seemed to be just so interested in them it made Mina squeal just a little. After a little while of talking, the datemate rested against the wall of the dorm, Kirishima standing in front of them while they talked quietly. Their fingers still laced together.

Mina couldn’t hear what they were saying, and she new her phone couldn’t pick it up either so the actions would have to speak louder for sure this time. They certainly did.

The last bit of the clip she got Kirishima holding the smallest face into a little, two second kiss, followed by another. They’re hands wrapped around his waist and holding him close with a blush. Just a couple more seconds later, they had run into the dorm with one last kiss before he returned to his. Mina that night, had decided to prove she was right.

“Oi! Kirishima! What the hell man!?” Bakugou came ranting into the classroom first thing in the morning, Kirishima had already been in class after meeting with his friend. They both looked confused, but only Bakguou seemed upset.

“I had no idea you were into someone, let alone seeing someone!” Ochaco beamed, standing at his desk with her hands in her chest like a little kid. “They’re so (cute/handsome).” Her comment, he knew exactly what they were talking about. Kirishima was about as dark has his hair, turning completely right in his seat.

“W-what are you talking about!?” Kirishima’s potential denial failed, even while Uraraka tried to open the video. The moment that Mina burst through the door with Kirishima’s previous night datemate, he knew he was ruined and it was out there.. “Fuck.”


Last night I became inspire from the tales of victims from abuse. I thought that they deserved someone to hold them and make them feel safe, so I wrote this. This is also Post #100! I hope you love him as much as I do. 

He hurt you. He abused his power and tormented you with it. When you thought someone would help they simply looked the other way and abandoned you.

This man you call husband is nothing but evil. An arranged marriage forced upon by your family has trapped you in this living hell. What makes it worse is that you fell for him before all of this abuse.

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Adk;out: Say you have to write an episode of the 100, as a person who works in their staff. What is the A plot and B plot? Who has the moral dilemma? 100% real not a shipping exercise.

Hi Anon! I hope you weren’t looking for tipsy Kat to answer this because she went to bed and you have fully sober Kat now. Anyway, this is a great question!!

If I were writing a s5 ep, I’d make the A plot some kind of tenuous alliance between Spacekru/Clarke and the Eligius crew, probably to use them to help excavate Bunkerkru. Raven begins to connect with a member of the Eligius, Zeke, as they plan to put the mining equipment to use, but she’s not sure she can trust him when she overhears a conversation between him and one of the other prisoners. Her moral dilemma is between telling Bellamy and the others immediately of her suspicions, or confronting Zeke about it first. 

For the B plot, Bellamy and Clarke finally have a minute to reconnect (I know you said this is not a shipping exercise, but you have to agree their relationship is very important to the plot as well!!). They’ve been very cautious and weird around each other so far (due to all the emotional baggage there with him thinking she was dead for 6 years, etc etc). Now, as everyone works together to free Bunkerkru, the two of them talk over their reservations about working with the Eligious crew and their fears of what they might find when they finish the excavation, which allows for them to connect on a more intimate emotional level for the first time since the reunion as well. 

Bonus: Madi helps Murphy brush up on his earth skills. 

Who else wants to play? 

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Hello :) I saw in your description that you were "open to mentoring baby witches", and well...I sort of am one. Im not looking for any deep detailed training right now, and I wouldn't demand so much of your time in any case, I was just hoping to get some tips on where to begin? I've started with what I'm interested in, as I was previously advised, and am beginning with the basics of the Tarot. But beyond that Im a little lost. Feel free to message me, or simply answer this ask. Have a nice day.

Hello darling. Sadly at the moment I’m not taking mentorees as in “sit down, this is witchcraft 101″, more of answering all sorts of questions when I have the time. It’s the high season, so I can’t really spend a lot of time on Tumblr because I have a lot of work to do, given that I’m a tour guide.

This is an ask someone sent a couple of days ago. Here I explain that I have a couple of minimum requirements to even consider taking a person as a mentoree. Gosh, it sounds so petulant, but it is something someone asked. And my requirements are very basic, I promise.

Any questions you have, hop by my inbox and ask them all, I’ll do my best to answer. Sadly right now I can’t offer anything more organized than that D:

Hope to hear back from you!


@trained-trainwreck @ocarina-of-what @elystirra @tyleril-silversword @crystal-pyre @jonathan-nevermore-smith (some for mentions, others for letters)

[ Addressed to Adrianal Novastorm, the letter is a bit worse for wear – understandably, since it seems to have been carried by hand on a favor from the woman writing it all the way from Argus. The delivery boy looks ragged. Has he been traveling for days? Absolutely. ]


I hope this letter finds its way to you. I had a few questions for you – I know that whatever religion you practice it’s not exactly the Light. It’s something else, with water? I don’t remember too much from that time in Gilneas, but what I remember it didn’t feel exactly the same.

Still, I have questions to ask more generally: about healing, and how it works. How did you learn? I know at one point you were a paladin, right? Or something close to it? Did you learn it then, or later? Is it something you can teach more generally? Or is your type of magic particular?

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Hellooo once again 😊 I was the anon who asked for the manager (more like a coach) female reader!! I was wondering if I could request for the same kind of reader? And for Haruichi, Kuroko and Akashi's teammates try to get them together but fail miserably? Can be scenarios or headcannons 💙

These got pretty long…  Especially Haruichi.  I hope this was what you were looking for!  I wrote them as kind of continuations of the previous scenarios

Cut for length.

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Sparring/Training Sentence Starters

Requested by Anonymous

  • “Come on, then! Hit me!”
  • “Your stance is all wrong.”
  • “Am I doing this right?”
  • “I feel like I’ve been chewed up, spat out, and run over repeatedly.”
  • “Get down and give me 20!”
  • How many miles/kilometers are we running?!”
  • “Hey! Watch where you’re swinging that!” 
  • “Nice punch! Now do it again!” 
  • “You won’t hurt me, I promise.” 
  • “My grip feels off…” 
  • “Have you ever used a(n) __ before?” 
  • “I don’t want to hurt you…” 
  • “I think I’m going to feel that tomorrow.” 
  • “If you can lift me up, then you can lift these weights just fine.” 
  • “On a scale of one to ten, how much did that hurt?”
  • “Here, you put your feet like this…” 
  • “Relax. I’m trying to help.” 
  • “Can you teach me how to __?”
  • “God, we stink.” 
  • “Are you doing okay?” 
  • “Are you alright?” 
  • “If I do fifteen push-ups, can I be done for the day?” 
  • “Come on! Another round!” 
  • “You can win this time!”
  • “Work your angle a little more and you got it perfect!” 
  • “What are you doing up at this hour?” 
  • “Where did you get that bruise?” 
  • “Hey, no, stop. You’re going to break your fingers punching like that.”