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BTS catch you masturbating

“Can I get a BTS reaction to coming home to seeing you naked in bed masturbating?” - Anon

Thank you for the request!  I hope you enjoy! XOXO - Lace 


He hears your moans as soon as he walks through the front door, a smirk plastered across his face knowing what you were up to.  Your voice became louder as he made his way to your shared bedroom.  He leans against the door frame, admiring how you look completely fucked out just by touching yourself.  You are so focused on what you’re doing, you don’t even notice Jin is there until he removes your hands from yourself, replacing them with his own.

“My baby just couldn’t wait, could she?”


Coming home early, he makes his way straight to the bathroom to shower.  As he passes your bedroom without a second glance, what he sees out of the corner of his eye makes him stop and take a few steps back.  His heart beat begins to grow fast along with something else at the sight of you.  You take notice of his presence, causing you to stop your movements.  With his pupils blown out with lust, he makes his way to the edge of the bed. 

“Please, don’t stop on my account.”


He thought you’d gone to shower, but when you hadn’t returned after an hour, he thought he would go check on you.  As he approached the bedroom door, he heard what was taking you so long.  He can’t hide his smile as he slowly opens the door to see you in your current state.  You open your eyes to see him smirking at you.  You reach one hand out to him, asking for help.  He lets out a breathy chuckled as he moves to you, soon hovering over you. 

“If you needed me that bad, you should’ve just asked.”


As he stands in the doorway watching you arch your back and moaning his name, your bare body squirming beneath your thoughts of him, he can feel his pants becoming tighter.  Stripping himself down to his underwear as he made his way over to you.  You look at him and smile knowing you were about to get what you needed.  He is soon hovering over you with his lips at your neck.

“Can I join my princess?”


As he gets out of the shower, he hears your familiar whimpers and moans.  Still slightly damp, he walks out in only his towel to the site of you touching yourself.  You breathing hitches and you open your eyes as you feel someone grab your hands and move them above your head.  He crashes his lips to yours before moving down to your neck all while grinding against your aching core.

“Baby, how do you do this to me?”


He’d gotten worried after you didn’t answer his last few calls or texts, so after getting approval on leaving practice a little early, he was stepping through the front door.  As soon as he hears you, he feels relieved and quickly understands why you didn’t answer.  Your whines for him becoming louder as he approaches the bedroom.  He gazes upon your arched frame before locking onto your hands and how they were making you feel.  You look at him and stop only for a moment.

“Please, let me watch.  You are so beautiful this way.”


He can’t look away once he’s seen you.  Everything about you right now is driving him crazy.  They way your hair is sticking to the slightest bit of sweat on your forehead, how your face is scrunched and your breathing heavy.  The sound of you saying his name over and over is what finally got him to start taking off his own clothes.  He walks to the end of the bed and takes your hands in his own. 

“Y/N, let me make you feel better.”

I hope you enjoyed! XOXO - Lace

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i was wondering what is the best place to sell art stuffs where you are in control of shipping the products? like, when you were selling the ford charms you were able to send the customers a small drawing with what they bought and such. sorry if this is a confusing question? i dont know how to word it into a coherent body of text yeet

short answer: i’ve had personal experience using etsy, storenvy, & tictail. etsy looks a little drab but is imo far superior to the other two; there’s no fuss over paying extra fees, and shipping labels are practically taken care of for you. plus, you get to see thorough sales stats, and i like how their customer conversation system works. the only suggestion i’d have is to make your product listing photos look really good because it takes quite a bit to stand out when the website looks so plain, but if you’re selling art, that should be easy.

less short answer:

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Prompt - Emma is trying to get Regina to tell her what her actually age would be....

Thanks anon for the prompt! I hope you like it! ;)

“So I’ve been thinking.” Emma said while putting the fork over her half-eaten breakfast. The scrambled eggs were starting to cool down and for a second she eyed them sadly before returning to look at Regina, the brunette woman sipping from her coffee mug as the usual bustle around the booth they were sat in continued on Granny’s.

“You’ve been thinking.” Regina added, arching a brow over the edge of her mug, putting it down as she eyed Emma part her lips a couple of times before picking the fork again. “About something in particular dear, or you wanted to tell me that your brain functions are still intact?”

Emma rolled her eyes at the dry humor of the older woman but smiled slightly at the mirth dancing on the former queen’s brown eyes. Eating another forkful of scrambled eggs, she swallowed them down before fixing her stare on Regina, the other woman putting the mug down as she did so.

“I’ve been thinking about my mother.”

“Your mother.”

It was definetely something Regina hadn’t expected to hear and as she narrowed her eyes Emma stole the mug in front of her, taking a sip before placing it in front of Regina once again. The former queen did nothing but look at the mug and pick it once again, nursing it with her hands.

“Do you want to tell her about…” The brunette woman started, halting in mid-sentence while looking around at the patrons that ate and drank their own breakfast.

“Not today.” Emma assured, biting the inside of her mouth, the pain brief as she nodded to herself. “I was just visiting the other day and she told me how she wanted to celebrate my father’s birthday.”

Regina nodded, asking Emma to keep going as the blonde halted again, playing with the fork while doing so.

“Which got me thinking.” The blonde finally said. “About how you all were frozen in time for 28 years… and what that means.”

“Ab…” Regina halted and put the mug down strong enough for Granny to look at their direction and clear her throat loud enough for the sound to reach their booth. The former queen, however, paid her little attention as she kept eyeing the now blushing blonde. “I know where this is going.”

“I mean, is not a big deal, right? Is just… I think we haven’t really talked about your own birthday.”

Regina narrowed her eyes and let out a small sigh, her left hand on the table tapping its surface. “You are incredible.”

Emma smiled at the adjective before finishing the last of her eggs. “I know, you like to say that whenever you…”

“Don’t finish the sentence.” Regina whispered through suddenly gritted teeth eyeing Granny who visibly snorted before entering on the kitchen once again.

“Well, is true!” Emma replied, getting an eye-roll from the older woman and a minute nod. “I was just wondering, but you don’t have to tell me…”

“I’m not going to tell you my age, Emma, I think is not that complicated to find the actual number after all.”

Emma pouted, the edge of the fork hitting the plate as she fumbled with it. “C’mon, I think you’re still pretty hot for being… 60?”

Regina huffed and chuckled, shaking her head as Emma eyed her, this time mirth being the one that glowed on her eyes.




“You are incorrigible.”

“I know, you love that about me.”

“That I do, dear.”

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I hope I submitted this correctly - how about an Ask about Eiichi Ōtori asking his crush out for a first date?

Done a school scenario type here. Hope you don’t mind!

“If that’s the case, then finding an algae near a pond is the easiest!” Said your classmate with a beam after finally deciding, as your leader, as to what you were going to research on.

“Pond huh? That’s fine I guess.” Eiichi replied skimming through his notes. “I want to get a red algae though.”

“No, that would be hard, Otori-san, let’s stick to something simple.” You replied, looking up from your notebook, piping into the conversation.

“Why not do something different?” Eiichi asked smoothly and chuckled when you gave him a funny look. You felt a tremor course down your spine at his mocking tone.

“Hey hey. You two discuss and decide. My job here is to categorise and revise your info.” The leader cut in. “○○○. Eiichi. I’m leaving the rest to you. Gotta run, see ya!” He said, shoving his books into his bag before running off with a wave.

You shifted uncomfortably after being left alone with Eiichi. He didn’t look up from his notes, his violet eyes gleamed with focus. You meekly bent your head and tried to focus on your own writing. Was he ever going to speak?

“So….” You fiddled with the edge of your sleeve nervously.

“My place.” He muttered softly. You gave him a wide eyed look and he snickered at your shock. “I have a microscope, silly.”

“Ah.” You settled back into your seat. “Right..”

“We can grab a coffee on the way. You and I. An hour from now? I need to see my brother, that’s why.” He smiled, shuffling his papers back in order and you tried not to blush at his emphasis on “you and I.”

“Uh sure…” You smiled, hoping you looked polite.

His face softened at your agreement. You thought he looked surprised and seemingly gentle but his expression turned self-assured immediately. “Change your clothes if you want. There’s also a music event near the lake where we can get the algae from. If you want, we can…” He trailed off, adjusting his glasses on his nose before smirking slightly and standing up.

“That would be cool.” Your eyes lit up at the sound of having fun while doing your assignment.

“Great. Its settled then. An hour from now. The park’s entrance. Coffee, algae and analysis at my place.” Eiichi slung his bag over his shoulder, his expression glinting mischievously against your excitement.

“Sure! I’ll call you when I reach there too.” You stacked your books, lifting them, trying your hardest to ignore the little bubble of joy and excitement brewing in your heart.

“Yeah. We’ll make good of this work, you and I.” He said confidently and this time you weren’t able to stop the blush which flooded your cheeks. You wanted to slap yourself because he possibly couldn’t mean more.

“It’s a date then.” He smirked teasingly before walking off in long, pronounced strides, leaving a frazzled you behind. Did you just score a date with the aloof and cunning Otori Eiichi? Your mind constantly denied the possibility but your heart screamed a quiet ‘yes’ and for some reason you knew, he meant that too.

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Do you have any inklings or hopes on what Papa IV might be like, personality wise?(If u mentioned it before I'm sorry 4 asking again) Cause, I suddenly remembered when y'all were talking in the podcast about how you want Papa III to be replaced, via murder. And the thought surfaced on my mind that if Papa IV turns out to be an ambitiously evil mf, it would certainly be in keeping with the medieval theme of the next era, for him to have Papa III assassinated to gain the Papacy. Just a thought.

i want iv to be so sinister he makes ii look like mickey mouse, dude

also this will never happen but it would be so fucking lit if papa iv was actually papa ii coming back and killing his brother and being like “surprise bitch i bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” like there is enough evidence to make a solid case for this happening but it WON’T BUT IT WOULD BE LIT—


Dan x Reader Imagine (fluff)

(this is my first fic if it’s bad im sorry i did my best)

The vomiting started at approximately 3am.  The feeling that you were expelling your intestines from your body was secondary, however, to the guilt you felt at waking up your roommate, Dan, who was by far the lightest sleeper in the flat.  A light knock on the half-ajar door signaled his appearance in the bathroom, where you were huddled on the floor, trying to catch your breath.

“You all right, Y/N?”  Dan asked, leaning around the door frame.

You stretched out slightly on the floor, making an effort to look less pathetic than you actually felt. 

“I hope so, I dunno what happened,”  you replied, getting to your feet.  “Sorry I woke you up.  I didn’t wake Phil, did I?”

“Nah, he can sleep through anything.  And don’t worry about it, Y/N, just try and get some rest.”  Dan slipped back out through the doorway, hitting the light switch as he went.

Although you tried desperately in the next few hours to take Dan’s advice, your stomach had other ideas.  You went back and forth to the bathroom all night, feeling worse each time you went.  By 7, however, whatever cruel bug had infected you seemed to have had its way with you, and you were left in your bed, skimming the surface of sleep.


You awoke, groggy and disoriented, to bright sunlight streaming through your curtains, the sneaking suspicion that you hadn’t slept at all, and a pounding headache.  You threw back the covers and headed out to the kitchen anyway, eager for a glass of water and some human interaction that didn’t take place while you were hunched over a toilet.

In the hallway you met Phil, whose bright cheeriness was a stark contrast to your mental and physical fog.  

“Feeling better, Y/N?” Phil asked.  “Dan told me how sick you were.”

“Yeah, I think the worst of it is behind us.  What time is it, anyway?”

“ Around three,” Phil answered.  With that, you went off down the hall to retrieve some water and an aspirin.  Not eager to relive the trauma of the previous night, you chose the couch as your new place to rest, got a blanket, and dozed off again, this time much more deeply.


This time when you woke up, the room was dark, save from a slightly blue glow that seemed to be coming from the other side of the couch, adjacent to you.  Blinking the sleep from your eyes, you noticed Dan tucked in his usual sofa crease, on his laptop.  

“What time is it?”  You asked, feeling around for your glass of water.

“Nine-thirty,” Dan answered nonchalantly, looking at you with a crease in his forehead.  “Do you want another glass of water?  Phil got rid of yours a while ago.”

“I can get it,” you offered, half-untangling yourself from the blankets, then stopping in your tracks.  “Wait, isn’t it Tuesday?  What happened to your liveshow?”

“I cancelled it,” Dan said.  “I didn’t want to disturb you or anything.”

At first you were taken aback by the sweetness of the gesture.

“You didn’t have to do that,” you said, searching for words that would downplay the situation.  “I mean, you could’ve woken me up, you could’ve done it in your room…”

“No, Y/N, I wanted to focus on you,” Dan interjected.  Then, slowly and uncertainly, “I mean, you were really sick and all, and- and Phil feels the same way too…”

“Well, alright, if you’re both sure,” you said with an air of conclusion. “But is there anything I can do to make it up to you?  I mean, the liveshow’s a pretty big deal.”

“You could be on it next week,”  Dan offered.  “You know they all love to see you.”

It was true, Dan’s viewers did love to see you, but not for reasons you were both entirely comfortable talking about.  Whenever you came onscreen, the chat was flooded with messages like “JUST KISS ALREADY,”  “omg my otp,” and “I ship it sooooo hard!!!”  Et cetera.  You weren’t quite sure of your feelings for Dan, and you weren’t ready to broach the topic by way of livestream comments.  But the idea of appearing on the liveshow did ease your conscience quite a bit.

“Sure, I can do that,” you said neutrally.  “Now, I’ll never be able to sleep through the night after today.  Do you mind if I look on with you for a bit?” You asked, gesturing to his laptop.

“Sure,” Dan answered, shifting over and turning his laptop so that there was room for you to see.  It looked like he was writing a script for some video he was going to film.

You stayed there for a while, close but not too close, you tucked into the blanket, Dan eagerly tapping away on the keyboard.  Before you knew it, the warmth and the clicking of the keys made you drowsy, and despite all the rest you’d had, you dozed off for the third time that day.  Unbeknownst to you, Dan later accompanied you on your foray into a deep, peaceful sleep, which was where Phil found you both the next morning.


 To be Continued (Maybe??)

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Sabrina mentioned identity words in an answer to a previous anon question. Could you make a list of identity words?

I can make a list of some identity words, but the list is so vast that it would take days to list every identity word. The following are some identity words:

  • Autistic
  • Bisexual
  • Asexual
  • Poly
  • Gendervague
  • Trans
  • Schizoaffective
  • Disabled
  • Black
  • Native
  • Muslim
  • etc.

I hope this is what you were looking for. 


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we had a lock down at my school yesterday and when I finished my final I just took a nap until we could leave because.. exhaustion *jazz hands*. so I was wondering how would kuroo, iwaizumi, daichi, and kenma (obvs. always gotta include him) react/deal with a s/o who is super exhausted all the time so falls asleep whenever possible, wherever possible (because same). hope you're doing well and healthy! don't forget to take care of yourself :) -yours truly, kenma anon

Oh wow, hope it was just a drill or something. Look after youself, dear Kenma Anon!!

Kuroo didn’t mind it, as long as they were never in places that were dangerous in any way. Usually he moved them into a more comfortable position, or so they were leaning on him. He’s very curious to what they do that makes them so tired all the time, but is afraid to ask in case it’s not something he can help with.

Iwaizumi gets worried that they aren’t taking care of themselves properly, and confronts them of just that. If they aren’t sleeping, for whatever reason, it isn’t a good alternative to just pass out wherever they wanted. He figures getting to the root of the problem is the easiest way to solve it. He doesn’t mean to come off as overbearing, he just wants them to be okay.

Daichi doesn’t know how they can just. Sit somewhere and fall asleep. He doesn’t get it. Even so, he figures it’s not the best thing for them. After he learns about this habit of his partner’s, a lot of their dates turn into napping sessions. Mostly for them, so Daichi knows they’re getting some rest, while still getting to spend some time together.

Kenma was the same, quite often. Not the greatest match. Sometimes, he even fell asleep with them in random locations. Most of their dates consisted of just napping together at one of their houses. Or they sleep while Kenma cuddles up to them and plays a video game, or vice versa. Though at least with all their nap-dates, they don’t seem to be passing out as much in public.

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Hey I was the one who sent the anon assuming what people were talking about on SC when Kerry said he looked like nnamdi cause of his cheeks. Sorry should I have sent it privately so people wouldn't flood your box with speculations ? Just learning how to work tumblr, I hope that didn't happen. To answer your question she said nnamdi name then calebs middle name & said he would look like him. I could try to get you the link I know the "kernnamdis" have it saved on Twitter 🙄

LOL, no thank you, I do not want any Kernamdi links 😂 And really, Kerry can say whatever she pleases. Now where is that kid out with his “dad”? That’s more interesting than her SC stuff


Spinning, Ramadan and…

MUTASIM: Okay. What the fuck happened now?


ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..

ADAM: Explain!

MUTASIM: Something happened at someone’s else’s place with someone.

YOUSEF: Mutta is explaining. I thought we have to get tan and stuff because we’re..

MUTASIM: Because we’re sitting in the shade.

YOUSEF: Get some pigment.

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Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)