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Sleeping At Last - [ Atlas: Space I & II ] songs meme


“Our once barren world now brims with life.”
“I guess space, and time, takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.”
“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right…”


“I am desperate if nothing else, in a holding pattern to find myself.”
“God knows I am dissonance, waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune.”
“And somehow I’ve fallen in love with this middle ground at the cost of my soul.”
“Somehow all of this mess is just my attempt to know the worth of my life.”


“The night sky once ruled my imagination.”
“At first I thought you were a constellation, I made a map of your stars.”
“I was a billion little pieces ‘til you pulled me into focus.”


“Brush off the dirt, and let my change of heart occur.”
“But I put it out of my mind long enough to call it courage.”
“I bend the definition of faith to exonerate my blind eye.”
“’Til the sirens sound, I’m safe.”


“We left our date of birth and our history behind.”
“We were amateurs at war, strangers to suffering.”
“Our questions ricochet like broken satellites: how our bodies, born to heal, become so prone to die?”
“They’re calling off the war on account of losing track of what we’re fighting for.”
“There is goodness in the heart of every broken man who comes right up to the edge of losing everything he has.”


“I don’t know who I am, but now I know who I’m not.”
“Make my messes matter, make this chaos count.”
“Let every little fracture in me shatter out loud.”


“You taught me the courage of stars before you left.”
“With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.”
“I’d give anything to hear you say it one more time; that the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes.”
“How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.”


“It was a stained glass variation of the truth.”
“Stitch by stitch I tear apart.”
“If brokenness is a form of art, I must be a poster child prodigy.”
“I’m only honest when it rains.”
“My ink’s run out, I want to love you but I don’t know how.”


“I woke up from the same dream.”
“Now I live a waking life of looking backwards; a model citizen of doubt.”
“The heaviness that I hold in my heart’s been crushing me.”
“I’ve been worried all my life, a nervous wreck most of the time.”
“Show me where my armor ends, show me where my skin begins.”


Klaus worked so hard to get this far and the most he could do was hope that all his hard work wasn’t in vain. After everything around him fell to rubbish, the only thing on the man’s mind was to make his way halfway across the country and find his family. (And he told himself over and over again that he cared about Elijah’s safety as much as Rebekah’s, but deep down he knew the devastation over Rebekah’s assumed death hurt him a lot worse than Elijah’s.) It had been weeks since the world fell and New Orleans came a battle ground for zombies versus humans. Luckily Klaus made it out just in the knick of time, and immediately headed back home towards Mystic Falls.

The town was deserted; small towns tended to be, he noticed, considering most people fled to cities when it all went down assuming they would be safe havens. They were incredibly wrong. At least that made it a little easier for him. Less human interaction seemed to be the best possible choice. The only people he wanted to see were–hopefully–still in the mansion he left them at. At least it was still standing, he noticed as he pulled up into the driveway. But it didn’t take long for him to be noticed, and not by the people he wanted to be noticed by. Well…these weren’t really people at all. He cursed softly and got out, running for the front door and cursing again as it was locked. 

“Brother, sister!” he called. “It’s me! If you’re in there, open up!” He turned just in time and shot a walker in the face wincing as the blood hit his skin, his other hand continuing to pound on the front door.


Extraordinary was a fascinating word, wasn’t it? It could mean something so wonderful, so astonishing, that you had to come up with a new word just to describe it. ‘Extraordinary,’ when taken apart, meant extra ordinary. Nothing out of the blue, a star that was unable to shine, something so feeble and pathetic that no one even gave it the mind of a single glance.( And what was it like to be like that? What was it like to be ignored? What was it like to be out of the spotlight? Was it cold? Were you green with envy? )

Red would describe Lance as extraordinary. He was something indescribable, unimaginable, incomprehensible. He was a cryptic message meant for only the most kind of hearts to interpret. He was a crystal, a sparkling gemstone, inside a rock hard shell of stone and jagged edges. He was tangible sunshine.

All hidden by hurt, by fireworks that were lit too soon.

( — and who was she to decide that he was ready to do anything? )

( Was he meant to be painted in red? — )

She guided his father, back when she was first created, back when the paladins were meant to form Voltron and defend the universe and protect everything — back when she knew what everything meant. Now she is faced with a decision: Lance, or his sister?

It was only a matter of time. But ultimately, despite her arrogance, it was his decision on whether or not he would become a paladin.

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                            “ just looking at you is making me feel uncomfortably hot
        not in a  sizzling piece of eye candy  type way, no— as in, whatever garbs this man was clad in HAD to be causing him undeniable suffering in this blazing heat. it almost made the emperor want to relinquish one of his oversized fans, for the sole purpose of saving this stranger’s poor body from spontaneously combusting.
           … almost.
                            “ don’t scuff up my floors when you pass out


    ☩     Eyes widened, surprised. A moment later, his head dipped to greet her and— when it lifted— a soft smile graced his lips. His hands moved to the pockets of his coat as he relaxed and a huff of a laugh escaped him. His smile shifted, then; he grinned

     “ To what do we owe the pleasure? ”

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(that’s uh… that’s a lot of metal.)

He’s silent– almost like he were struck dumb by such a sight. It’s not like it were… unusual, but it’s also not something Naki would expect to see daily. Eyes were wide with uninterrupted attention, like this was going to be the only time he’d see anything like this. Lips were ajar, just slightly open to imply a silent ‘ooo’ noise that’d never touch the open air. She’s not a ghoul, is she? He’s contemplating for a moment, because, well… uh, that doesn’t seem normal for ghouls. Balling his hands up into fists, he’s suddenly eager to call her way. Hands are brought up to his chest, practically holding all of his excitement inside himself.

“Oy– where’d ya get all’uv that from?!”

He hadn’t even paid attention to what she’d been doing previously.

“… I, uh… askin’ for a friend s’all.”

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     “Lup… I wanted to apologize.” Lucretia sighed, closing her eyes and dipping her head. She’d apologized to her in Litch form long ago, but now that she was back on the physical plane, Luc felt like she had to get it off her chest again. 

     “I don’t know what I can say to make it better, I just– I… I’m so sorry I made them forget you.”

A WARMTH SETTLED ONTO HER CHEEKS, feverish in all of it’s attempts, embarrassment clearly evident. her lips twitched into a small smile as a familiar wave of anxiety hit against her chest. ❝ i didn’t – sorry. i, um, didn’t mean to pry. i – my curiosity got the best of me. ❞ a beat. ❝ i didn’t hear anything, but even if i did, i’m, uh, good at keeping secrets.❞      @breedsmisery​ / starter call.

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“ You mean to tell me .. “ 

– He trails off, in thought for a moment. He’s wrapping his head around this, but he can’t seem to fully grasp the situation and information given to him.

“ ..That you’re sort of a monster– but of a different caliber ? 
… I know you have explained, but –
                                              – run it by me again, darling ? 

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( ωєєﻭє тιмє !! )   |||  « U-uhh… »
Something Luigi wasn’t quite expecting was certainly to come back home after a small walk - something quick, nothing more than ten minutes, just to catch some breath after housecleaning - and finding one of Bowser’s children waiting right in front of his door.

He’s… not even sure how he should react.
Should he be scared? Or calm? Did the child come there to play or to tell him something?… or to bully him…? After all, we’re talking about Bowser’s children…!

« … h-hello…? » he eventually says, simple as that.
He can’t understand why they’re there, but he surely can still be kind.

He just hopes they won’t ask him to get in the house…


What’s goin’ on man? I’m lookin’ for the cutest chew toy for my puppy, she’s also got some expensive tastes. Think you can help a brother out? 

This happened to be the closest Pet Store to Rudy’s new apartment, and Hell he wasn’t gonna complain. Meant less driving to do. His best friend Armida got him a Chocolate Lab puppy for his birthday two days ago (a dog he had always wanted since God knew how long), and now he felt the need to spoil his little princess rotten. 

He had yet to think of a name for her, so he just referred to her as Princess for now. Hell, he thought of naming her that anyway-Rudy Nelson was never the most creative person, even he would admit that freely. Swimming, on the other hand-now that was his language. 

The college student had entered the pet store and saw the man right away before having addressed him for assistance with Princess’ gift. He heard rumors that this place used to be something else back in the day, but he never really paid attention to the town talk, especially since he recently moved to this area barely a week ago along with Armida, who lived right next door to him. 

Gossip was usually just bullshit, anyway; something Rudy never had time for. 

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          ❝  what do you mean you won’t buy this for me ?  ❞     her head is tilted to the side as she speaks, unfamiliar with hearing the word no.      ❝  c’mon, it’s one thing !  i’ll get you whatever you want in the future.  ❞     cue the wiggle of her eyebrows   ———   which she hopes is  compelling  enough to get her way. 

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Well, well, look who it is~. Come to read me a bedtime story with one of those old spell books ya got, Witchy? To what do I owe the pleasure, dearie~?

A low, sultry chuckle of amusement left the succubus’ lips as she smiled lightly, showing a bit of fang while at it, as she spotted Blair heading her way. Well, this should prove interesting, to say the least. The succubus supposed her alone time was over, but she wasn’t upset over it in the slightest. Hell, she hadn’t been doing anything anyway since they pulled her out of the shows and into sudden retirement. She honestly needed something to do…something to get her mind off of what she overheard Joey and the others discussing as to what to do with her now.

Ugh, she felt like she was on trial for a crime she did not even commit, and it frustrated her to no end. Then again, she also thought of her existence: her sole purpose for living was to entertain, and she couldn’t even do that anymore. She was no longer a valuable asset to the studio- she was now completely disposable. She wasn’t going to admit it out loud, but those thoughts scared the living daylights out of her. What could she do to remain here? How could she convince Joey that she could be of other use aside from singing and dancing in front of a motion picture camera?

Fear of what her fate could be tore her up inside…but outwardly, she was as cool as ever.

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It was getting late, Sans went ahead to get his bed ready. Or at least, what he considered ‘ready’, the bed itself was a mess from anyone else’s perspective; sheets cluttering in a bundle near the wall on his bed, his pillows stained from past dinners he decided to have in his room over time. But he certainly didn’t mind it at all, the scene was almost like a trade mark to him and made him feel almost comfortable, His younger brother on the other hand, thought other wise.

Sans settled himself at the edge of his bed, the springs squeaking from the weight change. His bone hands clanking as his rested them in between his knees. When suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, something materialized

It was a bodily figure. Leth didn’t flinch, nonchalant about what was happening.

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   ‘ here — i made this for you. it’s supposed to ward off like, bad… uh, things. i think. ’ bad spirits, bad demons, bad warlocks, bad anything really. ‘ it’s a prototype & i want you to test it out for me, that’s the only reason i made it. so, y’know… don’t get any weird ideas. ’