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I need to hear Rick say I love you to Michonne then I will be fully on board with Richonne. I feel like all those years she stood with him before the couch scene.. She deserves that...Otherwise, she is just in house to him...I been hearing rumors of a marriage proposal hoping this is true...I do not feel we have scene enough intimacy between them. So, 7 x 12 better change my mind...

Hello! Sorry it took so long to get to this.

You waiting for 7x12 is cool for what it is, but I have to disagree about the intimacy part. I think they are already quite intimate, and while I would love to see more (we Richonners are a greedy lot), I think it’s clear that they care for one another and are in love.

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I mean, not to be funny or anything, but if you’re not fully ‘on board’ with them by now, you probably never will be. If you can’t fully get behind the healthiest relationship on TV right now as it stands, then I don’t know, maybe shipping them just isn’t for you, and that’s okay.

As for a marriage proposal, I’m not sure we’ll see anything like that in the back half of 7 (or at all). The thing with Rick and Michonne is that they don’t need to be married to ‘prove’ that they love one another (though I would die if there was a proposal); they don’t need to be shown to be all over each other constantly to remind people that they are together.

Michonne deserves to have her hand held; receive shoulder, tummy, and forehead kisses; receive gifts from her beau; to be hugged; to be doted on; to be loved and made love to. She deserves everything. She is happy with Rick. She is loved by Rick. Yes, she stood by him before they went canon, and that was her choice because of the person he is.

Rick is far from perfect, but his love for Michonne is.

I will agree with you on this: I need to hear the proclamations of love and Rick has to say it first. For too long people have tried to erase and deny his feelings for her. I need to hear the words come out of his mouth and then I will pass away not so quietly hehehe

Happy shipping.


Destiny 2 rumored to be at E3 this year in June! Activision has a giant booth on the floor this year and people are speculating that Destiny 2 might make an appearance

Let’s hope this turns out true!

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You should ask Minase if she enjoyed voicing worst DR3 girl.

I dunno, I liked Andou a lot, but I prefer characters with dubious morality to begin with. Kinda feel like she got cheated out of getting an actual arc because so much time got allotted to watching Naegi not grow as a character.

Had there been time, she could have had the redemption arc Saionji got cheated out of, but instead we just got…Kibou-hen. Yay.

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I always thought your theories would be true but honestly I just lose hope now. After seeing the new spoilers and JMo out the show, also the C$ wedding coming this season, I think they don't make SQ canon and never intended for it to happen, basically we knew JMo was the one who pushed for more feminine clothes on Emma so the theory about Emma being OOC was wrong, that's how she sees Emma and the writers just pleased her. Thank you for your theories but I guess I'm done with SQ now. :(

Hey Anon,

as I’ve said before, everyone has to do what makes them feel best. I write theories. I explain why I think what I think and I provide you with links and references so you can make up your own mind. I’m just a stranger on the internet. It’s why I do my own research, but to you I’m still just that. A shady stranger. 😎 Don’t just trust me. Everyone is biased and has blind spots and that includes me. I don’t need anyone to believe me, I’d rather have people read and think about it. Not just accept. My blog isn’t about hope, it’s about analyzing the show. Yes, many people come here for hope, but that’s not what I do. That being said, I do care about how everyone’s feeling, but that’s not really connected to my theories. So I’m always here for the hugs and the encouragement too if that’s what you need.

Personally I haven’t heard anything that didn’t fit in with OperationOUT and I’ve been talking about Hook and Emma getting married since we saw that wedding dress between them. You can’t only focus on some of the show subtext, it was obvious that they were going to go in that direction. Everything we’re hearing right now is very vague speculation. Depending on what you already think or fear, you’re going to interpret it in a certain way. We all are.

 Here are links to posts where I touch upon most of the things you mention.

Hook as the Animus
Hook represents a part of Emma she needs to make peace with. It also fits in with what looks like Hook and Emma parenting Henry. It’s about Emma wondering if the darkest parts of herself are fit to be a parent. When they started living together it symbolized Emma starting to “take him back in”, starting to merge with that part of herself. A marriage or near-marriage would mark the end of the process and would mean the end for them.

A wedding and a funeral
A short exploration of themes related to weddings, funerals and relationships and what it could mean.

Season 7
The spoilers for a reset for season 7 can be linked to Emma’s journeys and their repression. Breaking through it could shake up the world for everyone.

Breaking the curse
Emma and Regina are in a similar position as Snow and Charming not long before Emma broke the curse. How does that fit in with spoilers of a reset and people leaving?

As for the clothes, this scene was visual storytelling, they set up that shot specifically to reveal season one Emma appearing behind the floral blouse. It was telling us what to expect this season. 

Nowhere does it say that Jennifer Morrison pushed for more feminine clothes on Emma. I think the story calls for it and she is involved in telling that story, but your claim is really just an assumption as far as I can tell.

So, again, if you have to stop watching to feel better, stop watching. Read fanfiction, watch fan art. Or better yet, start creating some if you don’t already. Don’t let something you can’t control make you feel powerless. Or don’t ever think that because it’s on television, that the story is somehow more legitimized than your favorite fanfiction. The story that resonates with you is the real story, wherever you find it and nobody has the right to take that away from you.

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I wish the recent news would bring this fandom together again. I've read horrible things on shippers' blogs and equally horrible things on NSTs' blogs. Blogs that were otherwise hilarious, thoughtful, politically active and thoroughly enjoyable. In the end, it's all about a TV show - when the real world looks like going up in flames every second, can't we at least be nice to each other in our fantasy world? Doesn't cost a thing.

It will be difficult anon, but I hope with all my heart that your wish will come true! :*

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I'm feeling rather very low due to stress from work. Would you any chance suggest a few fluff/angst fics please to (hopefully) cheer me up a bit, since I haven't read any good ones in awhile. Don't really mind the length, please and thank you xx

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that and I hope these help:

True Love

If We’d Kissed in High School

Straws in the Way

To Let Lie What’s Done

The Trouble with Courting

There is No Road Map to Your Life



Oh my lord, it’s your birthday, and I truly have absolutely no idea what to say. Like,, I’m literally so happy you’re here? The day of your birth is, like, a day to feel so blessed, and happy? You’re the sweetest person alive, and I don’t know how I’m the only person crying right now, just so happy to be on this Earth with you. Shit, I have so many things to say about this amazingly beautiful creature and they’re completely gone- I just (“: I hope his day is the best, all his wishes come true, and he enjoys every bit of it…and, *goes into rambling a damn b o o k*

+ Everyone reading this better feel damn blessed they get to share their lifetime on Earth with this puppy, istf–

• Ten isn’t even her bias. - Haelo

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Do you think there's hope of redemption for Tooru?

I’m not sure. It’s true that Mutsuki crossed the line a long time ago, but it’s also true that they weren’t quite themselves. After they came back from their state of temporary dissociation, they always felt the full weight of what they’d done, and always experienced immense regret and self-loathing. So, if the knowledge of what they’d done during this arc won’t cause irreparable psychological damage to what already was a really frail mind, maybe they will get a chance at redemption. Imho it depends on Mutsuki’s ability to live with the consequences of their terrible actions, and on the amount of external help they’re going to get. 

On the other hand, I can’t really see Ishida killing them in the distant future, if no character development has been reached. Mutsuki is the one quinx member that has gotten the most screentime out of everyone else, and it would feel a bit anticlimatic - not to mention a waste of potential, narratively speaking - if all this big load of issues wasn’t meant to ever get a solution. Kaneki is a pretty problematic character himself, and he’d done his load of morally unacceptable things, but in the end he’s trying hard to get his own redemption by letting people in and by reaching out for their help, because even though he’s done a lot of things wrong, he’s never been in his right state of mind when he did them, either. I think that in a sense TG’s whole narrative is about the constant struggles that “problematic” individuals have to face day by day, and how they don’t define them, as long as they find a good reason to fight for, and a good motivator to overcome them.

So, it could go both ways I guess, but it really depends on two things: Mutsuki’s own mental fortitude, and if the other quinx (or even Kaneki) will be there to help them along the way. 

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I'm seeing things around and people saying Bonnie dies in the up coming episode! I really hope it isn't true . Do you know if she is in episode 16?

Yes she is and no she ain’t dying lmao trust me. JP confirmed Bonnie will have a happy and definitely unpredictable ending and that’s Bamon.

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I read on a blog that apparently they want Jennifer to sign for more than one season and this is why it's taking so long, because she'd want in only for S7. I have no idea if this is true, I'm just repeating what I read and I hope it's not true.

I think whatever blog you’re reading is talking out their ass and knows nothing. Jennifer Morrison is a consummate professional, why would any fan on the internet know the inner workings of her contract negotiations? They wouldn’t. My guess is that your blog is speculating based on the podcast interview she gave a month ago.

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I just now saw the "Kai lied about Elena coma spoilers" Im sure they must be a few weeks old. I just havent seen them. I hope to God they are true

Me too. But seems like it with the DE scene being next to the Gilbert House with Jenna and John on the porch. The fan who saw the scene said it was a dream because of that and that Damon was giving Elena a vision. It would explain JP saying “DE will come face to face” when a DE fan asked her about them. It looked like it was all she could say about DE since they are not endgame. It sounded cold from JP’s part like this scene was closure for DE. She is more spoilerish about DE usually so its a good sign for us. She also said DE wouldn’t have kids so they are not endgame. 

I bet the kids that were casted for the finale are for the school Alaric wants to create with Caroline for supernatural children like the twins. 

Tomorrow is Tsagaan Sar (mongolian lunar new year) and the year of the rooster starts for us mongolians as well, so we were eating a lot today! 😋

I even found the secret coin in my food which means that I get really lucky this year! I just hope it’s true, I had several mental breakdowns last year…

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I hope the Katherine in Caroline's body theory is true. It would be genius, all of them thinking they're one step ahead of Katherine but surprise bitch!! She would win them all, it would be such a plot twist and then on 8x16 we see her as Nina.

I would love it