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Dahmer Detective: Part III

Part 3/3 of victim identifications and summary of confession to Detectives Kennedy and Murphy.


• Over 300 homicides were speculated and asked of the Milwaukee Police Department to look into after Dahmer’s capture.
• When asked about Adam Walsh, Jeff says, “He’s a kid; I wouldn’t hurt a little kid.” Pat reminds him of 15 year old victim of his (who was actually 14, Jamie Doxtator) and Dahmer insisted he thought that his victim was young, but still of age. He stated that he was not attracted to children and that while what he did was selfish and horrible, he sought out sexually mature guys - ones that could give and receive pleasure. He acted almost annoyed at the suggestion that he was interested in children in that way.
• Sixth victim (unnamed victim - possibly Raymond Smith/Cash D/Ricky Beeks - Dahmer says he thinks this occurred October 1990, but Ernest Miller was his only October victim). Some of these particular polaroids have made their way online, identified with the chest cavity opened up for intercourse and to masturbate with the viscera.
• Home inventory included ten skulls, 4 bodies in one blue drum of muriatic acid, sets of hands, a human scalp, two preserved penises, an entire skeleton, and various cutlery all with traces of human remains. Ziploc bags filled with organs were neatly piled in his freezer, led detectives to the conclusion that Dahmer was eating his victims. Pat seems a bit shaken by this news and goes back to speak with Dahmer, who notices his changed behavior and asks if he is okay.
• Seventh victim (unnamed - Edward Smith) wasn’t Dahmer’s type but he was affectionate and eager so Jeffrey took him home anyway. Tried to bake the skull but it exploded (Jeff felt “rotten” about it) and he wasn’t able to keep any of him.
• Det. Pat Kennedy receives personal calls asking for interviews from Oprah Winfrey, Inside Edition, and Geraldo Rivera for a sum of $30k.
• Dahmer notes that black prisoners don’t especially care for him and make remarks at him, but he doesn’t feel worried about it.
• Joyce, Jeff’s mother, refused to have anything to do with Jeff’s case or the defense.
• Ambassador Hotel victim (aka - Jeff’s spiral back into murder after nearly a ten year gap - unnamed 2nd victim - Steven Tuomi, although apparently accidental) He awoke after a night of consensual sex, followed by his drugging antics - finalized with less consensual sex - and victim was lying beneath him, broken ribs, bleeding out of mouth, and dead. Dahmer’s arms were bruised and he did not recall how or why this occurred. Found himself aroused many times during dismemberment.
• Pat eats lunch with Jeff and Dahmer tells him the prison food is starchy and he is not used to it. (Beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas)
• Kennedy and Murphy bring up the meat in the freezer and Jeff looks terrified, like a child waiting for punishment, and they have to reassure him they just need to know the truth, and he caves. He admits it, embarrassed because he thought things were going so smoothly with the Detectives and they had been so nice to him, and he didn’t want the press to find out because he knew it would be considered ‘monstrous’.
• First victim he attempted cannibalism on was Cash D - (aka Raymond Smith or Ricky Beeks). A hustler, agreed to come back for $100 and photos, Jeff had tried to hug and kiss him and he would only let Jeff fellate him and take pictures. Jeff was especially drawn to his muscles. Dahmer says this is the victim he stabbed in the throat (but it was actually Ernest Miller?) because he started to wake up. He kept the whole skeleton, kept heart, bicep, and thigh for consumption.
• Says other very attractive victim male model (unnamed victim, Oliver Lacy, based on the more graphic details to follow) Dahmer attempts to use chloroform, hoping he can keep him alive longer, as he feels lucky to have him, but it doesn’t work. Places head in a box - found at crime scene - and took Polaroids of him hanging from his shower rod by a strap and others in various poses lying on his stomach, handcuffed, flesh open. In one photo, three corpses are visible, dismembered in the background.
• He started going to Chicago to pick up men because of the complaints against him at Milwaukee bathhouses, he picked up more bathhouse memberships out there instead.
• A guy he drugged in Chicago accused him of doing so, they argued, and he punched Jeff in the face, leaving his nose bloody and left. This person has never come forward or been identified.
• He describes meeting ‘mixed-race’ victim (unnamed victim, Jeremiah Weinberger) and how affectionate and loving he was to him. They rode the Greyhound from Chicago to Jeff’s apartment, where he agreed to stay the weekend without any payment. On the ride home, they had oral and anal sex, and Dahmer said that although he usually hated it, he let (Weinberger) have his way because he was so eager. He goes on to say that they had almost what he saw as an normal relationship - they ate breakfast together the next day, took a walk, drank together, and had more affectionate sex (Dahmer calls ‘making love’ - he calls it that pretty often in here), he says it was “wonderful”. (Weinberger) says he has to go to work the following day and must leave soon, Dahmer realizes he’ll never have a normal relationship and makes him the drink.
• During lunch with Jeff, Pat is eating some small bananas native to Hawaii. Jeff asks if he can have one, and Pat says he can, Jeff says they remind him of fingers having sat in muriatic acid. He eats it and says it’s not bad.
• Jeff says he photographed one of the final victims (unnamed - Matt Turner) standing because rigor mortis had set in and made him posable. Pat thought the victim was still living in the Polaroid.
• Jeff says he chose his victims based on attractiveness, body type, and opportunity, never race or anything else. He would watch them and see if they noticed him first, sometimes it was easy, other times he would wait for them to be alone so he could talk to them or until bars were closing and everyone was leaving alone.
• Jeff enjoyed the campiness of drag shows, although was not attracted to drag queens, described this in an enthusiastic way.
• Dahmer admits to sex zombie experiments after pathologist notes small holes drilled in the skull in only some of his victims. Previously only mentioned removal of brain matter to retain the skull.
• Deaf victim (unnamed - Tony Hughes) left on floor for three days after one of his experiments failed immediately. Jeff drank himself to sleep in disappointment.
• Dahmer is very surprised to hear that the Asian boy he molested was related to the Asian boy he had conned the police into returning to him and killing him after. (unnamed - Somsack and Konerak Sinthasomphone). He was not interested in the personal lives of his victims. Polaroids are listed as graphic.
• Dahmer drugged his last victim (unnamed - Joseph Bradehoft) joins Jeff for light sex for $50 and Jeff drugs him and fellates him, strangling him with his bare hands afterwards, then has anal sex with him, which has become the norm post-mortem. Detectives ask why he always waits to have sex until they are dead - Dahmer says he cannot climax if they are alive, as he doesn’t have complete control.

My notes are the italicized portions. I can elaborate on any of the above, I just wanted to get some information down while it was still fresh in my mind. I’m learning that victim’s names aren’t going to be noted, especially because Jeff knew so few of them, so I’m taking my time to make the connections and notes as I read and adding them here. Final book summary coming soon, likely entailing the trial and some additional personal information.


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