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Autumn Leaves
Pyrrha Nikos Didn't Deserve it
Autumn Leaves

I wrote a song about Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY because I love her and she’s beautiful and only deserves the most beautiful things in life. I told @misshermitcrab​ forever ago that I wanted to write her a song and I finally did SO THIS IS DEDICATED TO JULIE. 
I hope you guys like if you listen! <3

Brilliant sun, where have you gone?
The nights are getting longer,
fear is setting in everyone.
Beyond the clouds, I see the world.
But from up here I have
never felt so alone.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
Just another scar that I’ve counted.
Maybe this was not what I wanted.

Armed to the teeth and setting out.
But I don’t feel protected,
instead eclipsed by all my doubt.
A final kiss to find a light.
I’m sorry that you didn’t
realize it was goodbye.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Please forgive me for holding the truth.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Broken pieces of a girl.
Falling into my destiny.
This was the path laid out for me.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Not superhuman, just a girl.
Following the echoes of
the ones who showed me how to love.

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Everything was over way too soon.

Hi Taylor! My name is Ashley and I just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of yours. I’ve been to six concerts of yours and I actually wrote you a letter in July of 2016 and I’m not sure if you got it since it was sent to Hendersonville, Tennessee but I really hope you do and I pray every night that I hear back from you. I know that’s probably not possible since I imagine you get millions of letters every day that you go through but knowing you got my letter and I heard back from you would really make my year. You have no idea how much. I also can’t wait for the release of TS6 and I’m 💯 percent positive it’s going to be another amazing album. How are you doing? I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I’m going to end this probably incredibly long letter by saying, I really hope to meet you someday so I can finally get a chance to talk to you and thank you for being the best friend I never had and being there for me through your music and words of wisdom to every single one of your fans. Your “Clean” speech that you gave every night of your tour was so inspirational and made me cry. You have a beautiful, kind and caring heart and it will be an honor to hopefully meet you someday, Taylor. Hope you have an incredible year! @taylorswift

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Hi Wil, hoping to come see you at the London Film Con in July. I just wanted to ask, as I know you don't do hugs etc if handshakes are ok? I suffer from anxiety myself so I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. I can't imagine what it must feel like to meet so many people in one weekend so anything we can do when meeting you to not stress you out let us know. Wishing you all the best.

I like to do enthusiastic waves. It’s easier for me to just activate a no-touching-at-all policy because there are thousands of infection vectors at a con and if I didn’t have that policy, it would be problematic.

Not one Bamon scene in existence for the last episode ever which of course what we should have expected from Julie Plec. But that’s okay. We hoped and wished for these two epic characters to be endgame and you know what? even if there was no “I love you” or kiss to seal the deal. Bamon was real and will always be in our hearts and never will I see such an epic chemistry between to characters ever like I did on TVD. I want to thank Kat and Ian for believing that Bamon was real even when they didn’t get the chance for the two make it really true. Thanks for the fun Bamon family! We had so many fun convos and interactions here. I will love you always ❤️


july 7th, 1993 // I don’t want y'all to ever be sad or lose hope. I know life can be hard and kick you in the bootay sometimes. I know it can be discouraging and at times you feel like “is it ever gonna happen for me” or “am I ever going to be in love?” Well my dear the answer is yes. I truly believe you are. “But what about” NOOOOOOO. No buts. Do I know when it will happen? No. But it’s going to. You may think what you want about yourself, but let me tell you something. You are amazing, and I need you to believe this. Your smile, your laugh, your body, your hair, your ears, your nose, your quirks…everything….is pretty darn wonderful. You are perfectly imperfect and it’s time for you to EMBRACE and show love to who that is. And don’t you dare compare yourself to anyone else. That is SO detrimental. You weren’t meant to be anybody else, there is just one YOU. I promise, someone will come along and show you love like never before. I believe it. That person will adore and accept every part of you, and will really take your breath away. That magical feeling will be out of this world. It might be tomorrow, next year, or five years from now…but he or she will come. You just be patient and see. Trust me, it’s worth the wait :) So smile, take heart, and have a little faith. Oh and one more thing….never settle!!! I’m kind of super excited for you. I love you oh so muuuuuchhhh! Love, Ally.


You want to know what my favorite thing about this team is? It’s not the goals, the assists, or even the games won. Those are great, but what really fills me with joy is the unexpected friendships that come out of the team and that we see develop. Look at Abby and Syd. Never, and I mean never, would I have initially thought that those two would go on to become crucial and integral parts in each other’s lives. I mean for fucks sake! Syd had 25 years worth of friends to pick from when choosing her maid of honor, yet she chose Abby. Look at KO and Hope. Completely polar opposites from each other. Hope the scary goalkeeper who never smiles. The cold, calculated menace and hero of the field. Then you have Kelly who can’t walk 100 meters without jumping around. Yet guess what? Some crazy force of nature brings them together for incredibly special moments both on the field and off the field. You turn your head and who do you see? Whit and Ash. Again, the nice sweet girl with the crazy rebel goalie. These two opposite ends are brought together because of soccer. And lets not fucking forget about the New Kids! Can you have three more different people be three better friends for years and years and years? No.You have to admit, as a diehard fan there is nothing better than these strange yet too good to be true friendships that occur and that fill us with joy and emotions on days like today.  

My Womanhood Is Not A Fraud

This is a post my dear friend, actress Trace Lysette posted on Facebook last month. I needed to share this to show what some of trans folks experience trying to live our lives and our truth.

Trace Lysette

July 31 at 11:36am · 

I recently attempted to acquire some footage for my acting reel from a film I shot a couple years ago. I shot this film before I was out to the world as trans. I was hesitant to post the response from the producer but I want the world to know what kind of transphobic attitudes still exist.

Me: “Hey, hope all is well. I am trying to put my acting reel together and I never got the final copy of ”….“. Do you have a high quality link I can provide to my reel editor so we can pull some of it? I’m in LA now and the rough edit I have is back in NYC.”

Producer: “Trace I don’t have a link available for the film which at this point is void as per your posts it was all a lie a plot of deception. Congratulations I was fooled from day 1 and because of that I have compromised my judgement and the integrity of my film and those who were involved. I have spent large sums of Time, Money and Resources based on a deception and the sad thing is I am sure you don’t feel any accountability as all you had to say to me is once again self centered and about you. I guess that’s how it’s always been. Once again congrats you sure made a fool out of me, continued success and I commend your honesty although way too late to matter now. For the record I won’t be releasing the film and I do not give you permission to use any of it as it was all a fraud!”

My womanhood is not a fraud, I am a human being who deserves safety and respect at the very least. This type of thinking and mindset that has been engraved into the mind of society is the same kind of thinking that leads to violence against my trans brothers and sisters. It is the same mindset that allows people to disrespect and abuse us verbally and physically. Calling my womanhood a fraud is an act of violence.
‪#‎translivesmatter‬ ‪#‎transisbeautiful

Imagine: Shooting off fireworks with Dylan and Eric for the 4th of July.

Hey guys! I just want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! Even those who are not in the US. I hope today has been amazing for youes and I would love to hear what you guys did today! Are you guys excited for fireworks tonight?? I know I am! XOXO

Right, to explain, I’m going away in July, so this is my June program, it’s still open to change but this is my rough plan. The exercise that is on the top is the one I will do a full workout for, the one underneath is one I will do a few sets on, just to keep them working. So for example on the 15th it’s a full blown back day, then I’m going to do some work on my calfs and abs! Hope this is what you wanted!

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Daf can you believe I went from "I'm staying away from Spoilers, I want Julie to surprise me" to "WTH is happening, I need to KNOOOW!!"???? I mean what kind of a freaking hypocrite am I? I feel bad and don't care at the same time .. AARGH plus my head hurts like crazy .. :( HOW are you though? Holding up in the middle of all this madness I hope? :) <3

MEMEME! honestly i wasnt even really hiding from spoilers but i wasnt looking for them either. But i just adlgjdhzbcnd what is happening TO USSSSS! yess, im ok! Just so confused but i agree with faiza’s theory ❤❤❤

Well, now I know what it is to spend several hours writing, net 57 words, and be pleased about it. Made real progress!

Reached out to a friend for opinion on dialogue, and ended up spewing paragraphs of characterization thoughts at her. If you’re stuck on something I highly recommend this! @hardlyfatal thank you!

I’m sure nobody is waiting on tenterhooks for the next chapter of my thing after all this time—at least, I hope not, because the guilt would be too much to bear—but it is coming along. I want to finish this before July and there really isn’t too much left, so no excuses!



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Today marks the first day that “Overview” is officially for sale both online and in stores across the United States. This moment is a dream come true for me and is one that would not have been realized without the support of everyone who has followed the project. Without a doubt, the enthusiastic community that has gathered to view the images each day inspired my publisher to reach out to me last July. Then, the book deal gave me the push I needed to leave my job and focus on Daily Overview full-time. Three years ago, I had never heard of the Overview Effect, nor was I anything close to what you might call an artist or an author. I hope in addition to the perspective that these images offer us, this project has shown what can happen when you pursue your dreams and work that you not only want to do, but also work that you think will make our planet a better place. To me, this book represents the most significant milestone along that journey so far, and I am excited to share in that celebration with every single of one you. If you would like to support my ongoing efforts, you can share a post about the project or simply buy a book online (link below) or in stores today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Ben

Order a copy of “Overview” here: http://amzn.to/2aND71C

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thank you so much for posting lovely content, the tvd finale has been really hard on me because stefan + steroline was what helped me keep going these past few years. i know you've stopped watching but stefan literally committed suicide, he didn't give damon the choice to sacrifice himself, and he's had pretty obvious ptsd and depression throughout the show. i'm just so sad cause julie admitted that until 2 weeks damon was dying but kevin changed it at the last minute

AWWWWWW i hope you’re okay! believe me i know how you feel! i think that stefan was happy towards the end though with caroline. he definitely didn’t want to die he just cared about damon’s life more than his own. i think he went out happy and a hero and it was very true to stefan’s character and im also gonna love him forever :’)

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I said I wanted to be a lawyer at 12 and my blue-collar parents never let me forget it. Graduating in two months, taking the Bar exam in July, and hoping i made the right choice.

Let’s Play A Game - Anon me why you went to law school, and I’ll post it, no questions asked

July 17th

Ruined me.

Every day before July 17th, I was in ignorant bliss of enjoying what it felt like to be whole. I understood what it meant to be loved unconditionally and to have faith in another person. When waking up each day was full of endless possibilities and new opportunities to change the world. Wanting to always learn something new. When it felt like the sun was kissing my skin and my hope was at an all time high. Nothing could stop how happy my heart was with you, with us… with everything.

Now. Now I know that love has conditions and that faith in other people will let you down. Waking up feels more like a chore and a major inconvenience. Every now and then I pray that I just don’t. I don’t believe that I can change the world anymore. That’s a belief held for people who haven’t been let down like this. I try to avoid the sun as much as possible now. I close the curtains and avoid any sort of light on my heart because all it brings is false hope.
I hope you understand everything you took from my innocent soul. Believing in true love is a rare gift that only few will feel without pain. I don’t believe I deserve much of it anymore. I’m now damaged goods. Pure love doesn’t deserve to be spent on a heart like mine. One that’s hardened and callused from fighting a war it didn’t see coming. It wasn’t prepared for this kind of betrayal.

At the same time, I’m trying my damn near hardest NOT to be like this. Working day in and day out to mend these wounds and to leave the least amount of scaring as possible. My heart is trying so hard to love like that again. It yearns to have a sense of peace and balance but it’s having a difficult time getting back on its feet.

I now have a new admiration for people who find this level of hope. A different kind of hope. One that accepts that people are flawed but it doesn’t mean they will always let you down. One that says to try again and to let yourself be vulnerable. To tear down those walls you built so damn high and to grow from this experience . My goal, is to learn this. To embrace it. To accept it.

So, here’s to learning something new since,

July 17th.

—  Me
Picture us
2012, drinking in public parks at 15 years old
the sky getting dark
the summer we were hoping we’d grow old.
We talked bout first kisses
slurred our words 
finishing water bottles filled with vodka mixed with diet coke
We got high and flirted with older boys, who only wanted in our pants
And that July you gave one of them exactly what he wanted 
and cried on my shoulders when he never spoke to you again. 
You swore off love after that.
and I stilled kissed any boy who called me pretty
We went to parties, and ran home before midnight so we wouldn’t be late for curfew
and then we would lay on my bed and talk about the night 
We were young and dumb and searching for love that only exists in the movies, 
because that’s what teenage girls do before they’ve had their hearts broken. 
we believed every boy
even though they all read from the same script 
“I promise that I’m different.”
“I never want to see you hurt.”
you were all the same 
you all tasted like cheap beer and blunts
you all had tongues that only told lies
and we had hearts that were positive that everyone was good and kind.
That’s what has fucked us up our whole lives.
When we sat on the benches at the park,
drunk and dreaming about all of the places we would go together,
the apartment that we’d one day have,
the fairytale boyfriends that would love us unconditionally, 
did you ever for a second think we’d stop being friends?
You moved on, and so did I,
just like every guy that used us when we were young
Now we lead different lives,
you get drunk on champagne and wine in college 
and I stopped drinking altogether,
when I realized it only damaged my liver and my brain,
making me lose all of my faith.
—  being young and 15 can hurt like hell

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a year ago you said that if bonnie dies it will be too predictable and linking her life to Elena's is not going to cause her death. but i think you're wrong Julie always does the easy option she never wants to do what we want and so i think bon will die

I’m actually terrified that Bonnie will die just to pair her endgame with ‘the love of her life’ Enzo. Which I find to be an absolute disgrace to Bonnie as a character. I’m terrified because Julie Plec probably had that thought as soon as she paired them together. 

What does give me hope is that it’s not just Julie but Kevin had a say in how the show ends. He always tried to develop Bonnie as much as he could. Kevin knows how to write compelling and complex storylines - he doesn’t take the easy route and this finale has been shaping up since season 2. So I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can only hope that this finale is worthy of the characters and not particular fans.


Left: September 2015
Right: July 2016

It’s been almost a year since I: a) entered the Star Wars fandom, and b) started drawing on a graphic tablet. It’s pretty remarkable how much my artwork has improved since then! If you’re an artist, whether you draw or you write or whatever, just promise me you’ll keep practicing, no matter what. Here’s to another year!