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Please explain to my friend why malec is in love. Trying to prove a point. Love your blog btw ❤️

hey anon’s friend !!! i hope this is enlightening:

The little things:

  • They give each other little gifts. See: the omamori charm Alec got for Magnus when they were in Japan 
  • They constantly want to impress each other and do The Most™️ to make the other happy. For example, Magnus name dropping famous people and complimenting Alec a lot. Also, their second date where Magnus literally takes him portalling around the world. Let’s not forget Alec is always shirtless around Magnus trying to impress him.
  • They always boost the other up. See: “Magnus is quite magical” and “We have a Very Capable warlock for that.” 
  • They defend each other, no matter what. Like literally they first meet when Alec helps Magnus beat a circle member.
  • They’re always such soft beans around each other. Magnus is so gentle with Alec and so smiley. Same goes for Alec !! *war flashbacks to Alec blushing around Magnus*

The bigger, more important things:

  • Lets go back to the dark times when Alec was supposed to marry Lydia shall we? Magnus didn’t give up on him and told him multiple times that he’s dooming himself to a lonely, loveless marriage(“You’ll be lonely all your life, and so will she. Neither of you deserve it. And I don’t either.”). He saw that Alec was unhappy with the marriage and made sure Alec knew that he didn’t have to marry some girl he would never love just to restore his family’s honour (which was ruined by his own parents so). He fought for him. The line “Where’s the honour in a lie? What about love?” comes to mind. Magnus even showed up to the wedding, risking not only his place in the institute as a respected ally, but also his reputation. He stands there, with all his emotions out in front of everyone and just lets his eyes do the talking.
  • Alec sees this and just the sight of Magnus stops him in his tracks. In front of everyone, he walks back down the aisle and kisses Magnus like his life depends on it. He knows how the community around him will react, but for once he puts Magnus before his duty and his family’s messed up honour.
  • Lets not forget Magnus’ iconic line “For almost a century I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything, for man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me.” This line is so important to me because here’s the thing. It’s extremely hard to open up to someone. But usually when you love someone, you feel safe opening up to them. I think that’s why Magnus feels so safe exposing emotions and memories he’s been hiding for so long to Alec. He talks about how he used to be suicidal, he talks about how Camille turned abusive, he even talks about how Alec himself makes him feel. Magnus loves Alec enough to unleash memories that hurt him terribly.
  • Next !!! They’re always checking up on each other/each other’s wellbeing. For example, after Magnus heals Luke, Alec cleans up and asks Magnus if he’s okay. After Alec is possessed and kills Jocelyn, he goes to Magnus’ balcony and Magnus comforts him and makes sure he understands that he’s not to blame. Let’s not forget Magnus spending days by Alec’s side trying to keep him alive.
  • Speaking of which, when it seems like Alec dies, did you notice Magnus’ face? He looked absolutely destroyed, like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. After days of trying, after days of begging Alec to wake up saying things like “I’m all out of answers” and even trying a kiss, he has to watch him “die” and Magnus just looks, ruined. He looks about ready to crumple onto the floor. That is the face of someone who lost a man he loves more than anything.
  • Also, they would do anything for each other. See: Magnus defying Victor Aldertree in a time where downworlders aren’t even allowed in the institute. Also, Alec shooting Azazel for “Magnus” even though he knew it was a risk and he could get him angry and suffer is an example here.
  • No matter what, they always try as hard as possible to have good communication. They know it’s important and they put everything aside to communicate properly. See: “When things get hard, don’t push me away” and “I won’t.”
  • To me, loving someone means you’d put your pride aside for them. That’s what these two always do. Alec puts his pride aside to apologise multiple times and Magnus puts his pride aside to show Alec all of his emotions in the beginning of their relationship.
  • They feel safe with each other. For example, “You shouldn’t be out alone, it’s not safe” and “I’m not alone, I’m with you, The High Warlock of Brooklyn.” It takes a lot too feel like you’re safe with someone, like they could protect you. Usually, I only feel safe with the people I love.
  • Lets not forget that in times of danger and crisis the first person they think about is the other. When Jace accidentally activated the soul sword, Alec went mad trying to find Magnus. he was worried out of his mind and so was Magnus. They both couldn’t stand the thought of losing the other. And the relief on their faces when they found each other was so obvious.
  • Speaking of which !! That leads me to my last point !! They literally said I love you !! And they’ve said it multiple times since. They love each other and its beautiful.

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Lance with rescued prisoners. Bonus points if they're Galra.


I wasn’t really sure what to do but I hope you like it!! 

Also a small hint of Langst cause I had too 

Lance checked his map and turned down another corner. He was running as fast as he could and he could still hear the fighting that was happening outside the ship. Lance silently prayed that no Galra would notice that he was out of his lion and come find him. 

“Lance how are you doing?” Shiro called over the coms and Lance could hear bullets hitting the Black Lion. 

“Almost there, roughly 300 meters.” Lance ran around another corner keeping his gun aimed at anything that could pop out at him. 

“Okay try to be fast, we may need to form Voltron soon.” Shiro started saying something to Keith and Lance tuned him out. 

Almost there, come on. Lance willed his legs to push through the burn that consumed them and finally reached what he was looking for. Prisoners. 

Lance immediately shot the lock off the door and scared everyone in the cell. 

Lance swung the door opened and looked around at all of the occupants of the cell. Some of them looked scared of him while others put on a strong mask. 

Lance immediately recognised some of the species that were in the cell. There were three Balmeras, two Arusians and four Galrans? Lance’s first thought is that they were undercover spies that were meant to keep the prisoners in order and keep them from rebelling or something like that, but there was no way they were still serving the emperor. They all looked skinny and weak, one of them had a scratched up face and another only had one arm. 

Lance shook his head, remember what mama said, staring is not socially acceptable. Lance cleared his throat and held his head higher. “My name is Lance, I’m the Blue paladin of Voltron. I was sent here to rescue all of you.” 

The aliens all smiled, some even cheered and they all stood up and surrounded him. Lance smiled at all of them and started to direct them out of the cell, he turned when he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

Lance attempted to not screamed when he came face to face with one of the Galra that were in the cell. “Yes?” Lance cursed at how weak his voice sounded.

The Galra that tapped his shoulder looked scared and she quietly spoke “are you saving us as well?” She motioned to the other three Galra.  

Lance looked at the other three who didn’t even bother to stand up, most likely assuming that Lance didn’t want to save them and he looked back at the girl. “Didn’t I say all of you?” 

The Galran smiled and Lance directed them out of the cell. 


Lance followed the escape pod in Blue and ran out as soon as it landed in Blue’s hanger. I want to talk to all of them before anyone sees them. Lance opened the pod door and escorted everyone out, stopping the Galrans. He heard everyone else enter the hanger and Lance pushed them farther into the pod. One of them opened their mouth in protest but Lance shushed them 

“Listen,” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know how everyone will react to having Galras in our castle. Let me talk to them first, I don’t want them to hurt you.” 

The Galrans nodded and Lance walked out of the pod. He saw his team along with Allura and Coran helping the newly freed aliens out of the room. Lance inhaled until his lungs ached and walked over to Allura, quickly tapping her shoulder. 

She turned and faced Lance and smiled, “you did well.” 

“Thank you Princess, but there is something you need to see before you leave.” Lance started to make his way back to the pod and Allura hesitantly followed him.  

When Allura reached his Lance stopped her from entering, “can you just promise me that you won’t freak out?” 

Allura gave Lance a sceptical look. “Lance what are you talking about?” 

“Look, I save more prisoners but they aren’t our normal prisoners.” Lance looked back into the pod, seeing what Allura couldn’t see. 

“Lance, just show me what you’re talking about.” Allura pushed passed him and gasped when she saw the Galrans. 

Allura attempted to run out of the pod but Lance stopped her and begged her to listen. “Lance! Are you insane? You brought the Galra right to us? They could be spies or assassins. You put the entire team at risk, I told you to just rescue prisoners not save the wounded!” 

Lance shook his head and held Allura’s arms down in fear that she would hurt him or someone else. “They were prisoners, like I said. Believe me I was sceptical at first but look at them.” Allura turned and looked at them. “See how malnourished that are? See how that one only has one arm? I don’t think they are still serving the emperor. That’s why I brought them here. I was completing my mission.” 

Allura nodded at what Lance said and slowly made her way over the them. She paused in front of them and examined them. After a few moments she reached out her hand and introduced herself and Lance sighed with relief. That could have ended badly. 

I had no idea what to do tbh 

I hope you like it!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! 

i can’t believe i’m going to comment on this, because it’s ridiculous, but for all the anons asking about this aaron cheating bullshit and/or hoping for it

you do realise what cheating on rob would do to aaron right? what the guilt would do to him? how much he’d hate himself?

why would you want to do that to your fave?

Don’t Forget

 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 3 912
summary : Reader goes back to Mystic Falls for Tyler’s funeral and returns home to Kai , finding a very unexpected scene happening in their living room.
* gif by  * gif by fondu-with-downey
keep reading after the cut😉 
to the anon who requested the amnesia one : not sure if this is what you wanted but hope you like it anyways 😊


“It’s just a short trip back to Mystic Falls.” she said , placing her hands on Kai’s shoulder. “I’ll be back before you know it. I need to say goodbye to Tyler.”
The night before Matt had called her to tell her the news - Damon had killed Tyler because of a siren controlling him. Her life had always had supernatural creatures in it but a siren was a completely new one. They were a myth. Or at least thats what she had always thought. Clearly all the myths were true. Her friends were vampires , witches , werewolfs , hybrids , siphoners and her boyfriend of four years Kai Parker was a vampire/witch , a heretic.
“I want to come with you.” he insisted again. “It’s not safe.”
“When has it ever been safe.” she laughed nervously. “You know you can’t come. If you do they -”
“I can cloak myself.” he said , sounding more determinated by the second. “They won’t even know I am there.”
“Kai … we don’t know what that siren can do.” sighed Y/N. “What if she can see you when you are cloaked ?”
“Then I will snap her neck in an instant , grab your hand and run.” he added sounding a little amused. “Just like four years ago.”
“A siren is not Damon.” she interjected. “And as far as Matt has told me , she stays dead for 0.001 seconds. Also I don’t want to risk you getting sirened by her…”
“Are you jealous of a potential scenario that might happen ?” he asked looking at her with curious eyes.
“No.” she lied.
“Liar.” said Kai , scooping her up into his arms and backing her against the wall near by the door. His lips pressed against hers , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss. Her fingers tangled in his hair , pulling him closer. Far too soon to her liking he let her feet down on the ground taking a step away from her , not caring her feet felt like jelly. Kai had a grin on her face , hearing how her heart was racing so fast as if trying to leap out of her chest. “Damn , I love that look in your eyes… You want more of me don’t you ?”
Y/N ran her fingers roughly through her hair , shaking her head avoiding his smoky blue eyes. He took a step towards her , until her back pressed against the wall again. His body was so close she was starting to lose focus.
“Admit it.”
“Admit what ?” she said innocently as if she had no idea what he was talking about. “Will you walk me to the car ?”
Kai smiled taking her hand , looking at the ring on her finger and a smile spread across his face. “Of course , sweetheart.”
He grabbed her backpack and they walked outside. Y/N unlocked the backseat door , tossing her backpack on it and turned towards Kai pulling him in for a long deep kiss.
“I will always want more.” she said , getting in the car. “I love you.”
“Love you more.” said Kai , watching Y/N’s car pull out of their house’s driveway and down the street.

* * *


Longest three days ever. she thought as her car pulled on their driveway. The funeral hadn’t gone without hiccups but Y/N was glad she had made it out of Mystic Falls in one pierce. Having Kai away from her for such a long time felt like hell , as if a part of her - a severely large part - was missing. It was still there but it was somehow not there at the same time. Y/N grabbed her backpack , rummaging through the pockets for her keys. She wanted to surprise Kai , getting home a few hours earlier than expected, and just before the big storm that was rolling in. The sky was covered with dark clouds and thunders rumbled from the distance , the usual slight breeze had started turning into a strong wind , bringing the smell of rain along with it. Usually around that time of the day he was rarely home but even with that knowledge in mind , she slipped the key into the lock as quietly as possible. The door was unlocked which only happened when he was at home. After spending so much time alone in the Prison World without the need to lock doors , this kept happening in the real world.
“Kai ?” she called out smiling , taking a step into the house.

Keep reading

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Nikki wtf you get the cutest messages sometimes?? That anon subconsciously thinking you're korra? Adorable. The anon that dated her gf for like 3 weeks or w/e without realizing it? I died from the cuteness. I wish I had cute stories to tell you about. The best I got is how I woke up one night last week bc my cat was trying suffocate me by laying on my head. That's it. That's all I got. 😂 I hope you still love me 💚

what are you talking about?? thats literally adorable??? your cat wants to be near you and protect you when you sleep!!!

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I'm your new follower and love your writing already 💕💕💕 so could I request Aomine scenario when he's coming home from work only to find his pregnant wife is nowhere to be found, and she's on the bathroom because her waters broke.. They have twins!! But with his skin tone ;)

I’m not entirely familiar with this sort of situation, but I’ll do my best! (I hope I got stuff right, I made Aomine wait out so I can skip writing the labor process as I don’t have any clue on how it goes) ( ◞・౪・)

Fair notice that I think this is mild humor, even if I don’t know whether you guys would consider this funny. Sorry if this is not what you want, anon! Hit me up if you want a serious rewrite.

(I’m not in any way making fun of the process of giving birth. Something just came over me and I wrote it this way. Apologies in advance in case someone finds this offensive or anything.)

He furrows his brows when an empty, dark apartment greets him, your usual greeting absent though he called for you. He wonders where you’re at, police instincts making him slightly wary. Aomine maneuvers perfectly around the room despite the minimal lighting, reaching the closed door of your shared bedroom in the hallway. He opens it, noticing the light from the bathroom turned on. Then he hears a groan—your groan.

“__________!” Aomine calls out, panic overwhelming his head as he barges in the bathroom, a hand unconsciously hovering over his gun holster.

“Daiki,” you reply weakly, yet your face show surprise at your husband’s presence. You didn’t hear him enter the house. He doesn’t waste a second in assisting your propped up form against the bathroom counter.

“I got home early,” he says, as if you telepathically asked him a question, “what happened?!”

“My water broke,” you answer, face contorted in pain as you rest a hand on your belly. He somehow realizes what is happening halfway through your words, already guiding you to the door. “We need… to go to the—”

“The hospital, yes, I know, oh my God,” he mumbles fervently, probably feeling more horrified and nervous than you are despite the strength of his hands’ grip on you. You would laugh if not for the situation that you are in and the pain between your legs.

He is pacing back and forth, a knuckle on his mouth acting as a chew toy to calm down his apparent anxiety, but it’s clear from his face and his twitching legs that it’s not doing anything to calm him down. It has been exactly one and a half hours since your water broke back in the bathroom of your apartment, and his panic has nothing but increased. He insisted on going in the room with you, only earning a weak glare from you and an equally weak “you can’t handle this, Daiki”. He remembers deadpanning at that—you’re not exactly doing so well to say that to him—but now he’s just consumed with dread. How are you holding up? How much pain are you feeling right now?

Thoughts are abruptly killed when an assisting nurse nearly slams the door open, alerting not only him, but other people in the hallway. Aomine visibly jerks at the sudden sound. He can hear your heavy panting and the doctor’s “Push! Push!” from inside the room.

“The second one is coming,” the nurse said, her completely neutral face a perfect, comical juxtaposition to the jittery husband that is Aomine. Before he can even restate his want to get in there and be with you and hold your hand and wipe the sweat out of your face, she closes the door back with a second equally loud slam, effectively cutting off the sound of you. Right, as if she’d let him in in the middle of labor. 

Shit, shit, shit, he curses inwardly, not knowing that his mouth is silently wrapping over each syllable so clearly that a deaf person could probably hear the hissing. You sounded like you’re in so much pain, from the snippet he heard.

Another hour later, Aomine is sure his legs just got slightly buffer and footwork slightly speedier from all the pacing in the hallway, earning various looks from other people in the hospital. It seems like an eternity for him until the door slowly creaks open. It’s the same nurse looking at him with the same face, yet he can sense that she seems relieved despite the ever-neutral face.

“Congratulations,” she says, almost sighing. The nurse steps aside, and at that moment Aomine realizes he is allowed to enter the room. He sprints inside, though the action is not necessary, as it takes less than fifteen steps from his position in the hallway to the side of your bed. His face contorts with worry as he kneels beside your bed, hand cupping your face.

“Baby, baby,” he murmurs, stroking your cheek lovingly.

“Mhmm, baby alright,” you mutter sarcastically, betraying how your heart is full with happiness. Aomine doesn’t even send a pointy glare at you, knowing exactly what you’re feeling, because he’s feeling it too—not because you’re leaning tiredly into his hands and clasping your hand around his.

“Two healthy boys,” the doctor announces with a beam on her face, handing both you and your husband the now not bloody babies. They look like fluffy cherub wraps, you conclude—obviously the physical tiredness has done a number to your brain as well. You realize that they have Aomine’s skin color, slightly tanned, which makes you think they look more like fluffy potato wraps. 

“What did you just say?” Aomine whispers, confusion apparent on his face, and you know you just said ‘fluffy potato wraps’ out loud.

“Nothing,” you whisper back, eyes tearing up at the baby in your arms. His face immediately softens—it’s easy to ignore the bizarre phrase you just uttered and blame it to the labor you went through, but he’s not going to live this one down. He’ll probably whisper ‘fluffy potato wraps’ at you in the future, and while you’re doing the do, to amplify the effect.

All thoughts are quickly thrown out the window when Aomine hears his son gurgle incoherently. The sound is so cute that his heart almost jumps out of his chest, and the reality of him having two sons sink in. 

He’s a father now. He’s going to take care of these two boys, changing their diaper, waking up in the middle of the night to feed them when they’re hungry. By probably ten months he’s going to hear them say their first word, and before he knows it, they’ll be running around the apartment playing tag, going to school and pouting over homework. Then, they’ll grow up, have a crush, get their heartbroken. He’ll watch as they graduate and go to college or get a job, and hopefully he’ll still be around to watch them and their grandchildren. 

Realizing the hotness of his sapphire eyes, he blinks, hoping to take the tears back where they come from. He looks over to you, eyes still slightly glossy and a hand on your cheek.

“You did great, __________.”

“Mmm,” you smile softly. His breath stops at his throat at how lovely you look, sweaty and tired in your hospital gown, and at that moment he says the vows he said to you on your wedding day in his thoughts. “You’ll be a great dad, Daiki.”

“You think so?” He asks.

“Yeah, I think so.”

A comfortable silence wraps around the two of you like a blanket, save for the occasional cries of the babies, while you and Aomine admire your children. You feel joy like never before (actually, your wedding felt kind of like this, too), and it’s as if everything in the world is right…

No, wait.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Did you lock the door to our apartment?”

“What the—”

“I’m just joking. What are we going to name them?”   

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for that ship ask meme, leorio x kurapika

anon you’re the ultimate best aaah !!! Thank you so much for asking!!! ♥♥♥♥

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who is more likely to hurt the other? Kurapika, not that he’d want to, but probably on accident (whether physhical or emotional hurt)
who is emotionally stronger? Leorio
who is physically stronger? Leorio
who is more likely to break a bone? Kurapika
who knows best what to say to upset the other? they both do omg =‘D
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? Depends of the argument I think, but Kurapika more often than not.
who treats who’s wounds more often? Leorio is overcaring with Kurapika and this boy is constantly in situation where he can end up wounded smh
who is in constant need of comfort? Kurapika, even if he would never admit or acknowledge it.
who gets more jealous? Kurapika. He keeps it for himself, though, and I mean, Leorio is a ladies man
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? Kurapika
who will propose? Leorio
who has the most difficult parents? not sure what that’s supposed to mean really, but I’d say Leorio.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? Leorio
who comes up for the other all the time? Leorio
who hogs the blankets? Kurapika
who gets more sad? Kurapika
who is better at cheering the other up? Leorio
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Kurapika
who is more streetwise? Leorio
who is more wise? Depends on the situation, sometimes it’s Kurapika, sometimes it’s Leorio.
who’s the shyest? Kurapika
who boasts about the other more? Leorio
who sits on who’s lap? Kurapika sits on Leorio’s lap

Again, thank you so so much, anon, for asking leopika!!

Murderous Flirtation, Part Two: A Theo Raeken Imagine

I’m back!!! So after a number of requests, I’ve decided to do a part two to Murderous Flirtation. There may be a part three, I’m still deciding, if you guys want one though, do let me know. Thanks to the anon who originally requested this, and I’m sorry everyone else who liked it that this has taken so long. Prepare for some dark stuff. Hope you guys like it and enjoy even if it is terrible x 

Part One

“Did you seriously not learn anything from me kicking your ass earlier?”

“Oh, you know me, princess. I’m persistent. And you didn’t actually answer my question.”

You rolled your eyes, a small part of you enjoying Theo’s attention. A small part.


“Wait, what?”

“I’ll come over.”

The darker part of you found amusement at his surprise. So, naturally, you chose to have a little fun with it. It was what made you, but it was also the part that he wanted, the part you wanted to hide. But, this time, you chose to give in to your demons. 

You turned on him, stroking your finger down his chest, reveling in the increase in his heartbeat. 

“I mean, it’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

The chimera’s lips turned up into that signature smirk, and you felt yourself resisting one of two urges. Of course, you weren’t quite sure you which one. 

Kill him or kiss him.

“Of course it’s what I want.”

“Well, I’ll see you then.”

“See you then, princess.”


The time you spent at Theo’s was…eventful. 

You’d stood on as he’d killed the one called Josh, taking his power for himself. The boy had a good tactic, you couldn’t deny that, but there was still that murderous part of you that was analysing his every move. Every stroke, how he used his claws, how he used his teeth. Everything. 

It was what you used to do anyway. 

When it was just you two, you chose to speak. 



“Your technique, your tactics. Not bad.”

You watched as he walked closer to you, trying hard to ignore the looks he was giving you, as not for the first time, his eyes raked up and down your body. There was something different about it this time. The look itself was more ravenous, and you didn’t find yourself growing annoyed. 

In fact, it seemed to stir something in you. Something dark, something monstrous, something the old you would have bathed in. 

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show. You in?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Y/N, you don’t seriously think I asked you here because I could, do you? I asked you here because I want you in my pack. You’re an alpha, I’m an alpha. We could do some pretty awesome stuff together.”

“Well, there’s not much of a pack if you keep killing them,” you replied, weighing up his offer. He moved closer, backing you against the wall, his hands either side of your head. 

“Details. You in or not?”

This was it. This was the moment when you decided whether to give into your old, murderous ways or carry on with this facade you tried so hard so uphold.

Fuck it. 

“I’m in.”

You forgot everything else as Theo’s lips were pressed against yours, his hands on the small of your back, and yours buried in his hair.

He picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist, as you eagerly granted his tongue access to your own, the two dancing together.

“I hate you.”

He unbuttoned your shirt

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that princess.”

You tore his hoodie apart.

“Stop calling me that.”

He placed harsh, bruising kisses down your neck.

“You love it really.”

You scratched down his back, leaving burning red lines in your wake. 

“Shut up.”

He smirked against your neck, enjoying the control he had over you. 

Control. You wanted it back. 

Pulling him off you, you picked your shirt back up off the floor, placing it back on your shoulders. 

“What the hell?”

“Exactly, what the hell. I might have agreed to be in your pack Theo, but I won’t be yours. I won’t let this - whatever the hell this is - becoming your way of having a hold over me.”

“Who said I was gonna use it as that?”

“No-one. Just that’s what you do.”

You stared him down, and suddenly the smirk was no longer attractive. It was back to being irritating. 

“I guess you don’t need me to show you out, princess.”

You glared at him, eyes glowing red once again. 

“It’s Y/N, dick.”

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Aww I saw your post about wanting to post selfies, but feeling ugly. It breaks my heart to see young people so down on themselves, especially about their looks. Be your biggest cheerleader and say "yeah I may look a mess, but fuck it I am a beautiful mess". I hope you take a bunch of selfies and post them because it's what you want to do. If you aren't feeling like you look your "best" make a goofy face and show how happy you are instead. That always helps me. Have a wonderful day :)

this means so much you don’t even know 0h my god. i’ll try to take some selfies, dear anon, for you.

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i think its a bit rude of you to flaunt your success of your own health around while the fandom is still so upset about the devastating news about stefan's condition. Dont get me wrong, I'm happy for you but maybe keep it to yourself while some of us are still trying to cope...

Wait guys im so sorry that’s not what I was trying to do at all! I know that Stefan’s condition is affecting everyone and alot of people are upset. I’m upset too, it’s horrible and heartbreaking to hear about. I, in no way, meant to put down, or degrade his situation. I was just so excited to have some hope and happiness given back to me, i wanted to share. I am so so sorry if I offended anyone, I love you all & I just want you all to be happy in this sad time.

I’m sorry anon

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Idk if you remember me from a while back. I'm the brain surgery anon. I wanted to thank you again. I am in recovery and I keep going back to read what you wrote for me. It's kept my spirits high even on the days when my body won't work well with me. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Originally posted by destruction-to-creation

Aaaaahhhh Anon hello again! There’s no need to thank me it was an absolute pleasure to write them especially knowing that they’d put you a little more at ease ^^ I’m relieved the surgery went okay and I really hope that your recovery goes as smooth as it possibly can!!! <3<3<3 

- Ghost

Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter

Request: can you write an imagine with newt scamander where the reader compares herself so much to tina??? angst angst angst please!! your writing is astounding btw ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,156

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 2

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“Tina Goldstein, resident goddess.” You mutter as you storm through the front door and down the long staircase rife with splinters and creaky spots. Not to mention the unkind tenants that live on the third and fourth floors. Their shouts follow you down as your boots crash against the steps.

Tina this, Tina that, Tina the infallible. You skip three steps when you jump down onto the landing and yank open the front door. Tina can do no wrong, even when she’s unemployed and obsessive.

The wind slams into your side, trying to knock you off-balance. You shiver but stride forward, no real destination in mind other than to be far away from her.
No one had even looked up when you shoved your chair back from the kitchen table, too busy hanging on every word of some story about capturing some man that used a spell in front of some muggle to care about you. They love Tina’s stories about her adventures.

It’s not like you’re exactly employed. You’d met Newt on a research trip years before. The chemistry between the two of you had been obvious to everyone and it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to pair up for the study. Soon enough, Newt asked you to help him observe some mooncalves under the starry sky and, after some laughing and held hands, a new relationship began. The two of you agreed to work together and alternate research trips. This trip to release Frank was one of Newt’s ideas, meaning that you’re really nothing more than a magizoologist’s assistant.

Still, it’s more fascinating than just running after people and bringing them into MACUSA, right? You meet some of the rarest beasts on your journeys. Tina does nothing but arrest people and memorize the ridiculous laws on magic that Americans put into place. Every auror has stories just as mesmerizing as Tina’s, though the others disagree. Even Newt seems to think they’re interesting enough to warrant ignoring you.

You scowl and wrap your arms around yourself as you continue forward. If Newt wants to spend all of his time with some other girl with perfect hair let him.

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