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To the anon asking about what you can do with a BA in Art History, I majored in that & English Literature. During undergrad, I worked at major magazine, TV, and publishing corporations. Out of undergrad, I worked at Sotheby's and am now at another major TV network. Every adult told me I would be unemployed. Don't let people sway you away from what you want to study. It's about knowing how to leverage your skills - in this case, visual analysis & a wealth of cultural capital. Hope this helps. <3

For anon :) Thanks for sharing your experience!


The Lion and the Wolf

Sansa was walking with her golden prince wen they stumbled upon Arya. Dirty as always, her little sister was training sword fighting with that horrible butcher boy. 

Joffrey laughed at them. He taunted the boy who wanted to be a knight, before he asked him for he duel. He cut the boy’s cheek with his sword. 

Arya yelled at the prince but he didn’t stop.  Suddenly the direwolf Nymeria appeared, savaging Joffrey’s sword arm and forcing him to drop his sword. Arya called Nymeria off while Joffrey lied whimpering on the ground.

Hope, I got the Anon right who requested a Sansa/ Joffrey scene from the 1st book. Thanks for asking!!!

And I have to mention @danjaley who created these poses at the moment I needed them What a coincidence! Thank you for your brilliant work!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been liking my ‘story’ so far. I have no real goals or an idea of what I’m doing so I hope you all continue to like it regardless. It’s really just a casual story so nothing dramatic will be occurring  XD

I got a few anons asking me to share Johan, Liz and their starter apartment so I’ll do that soon! :) 

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For what it's worth, you can do it. If adopting baby is the right thing for you all, if it's where you feel life is leading you, you'll be able to handle it. I don't want to insinuate that it will be easy; that any of this is easy, but that if you decide to take this step you will be able to handle it. I hope I'm not stepping my bounds. I apologize if that's the case. Have a nice day.

I appreciate nice anons. :-) And nice messages which someone else sent me last night. We had court. It went well-as expected. I was able to speak without throwing mom under the bus which was important to me because we want her to have a relationship with Baby if TPR goes through. I had a moment of panic before court about if something went very differently than I expected and that was enough to potentially nudge me some more to thinking that maybe we can manage this.

I’m going to lay it all out there. I feel like it has been more challenging for me to bond with this baby than others we’ve had. The bond with my foster son who I eventually adopted seemed instant to me. I was 48 hours in and totally in love! With Baby’s case they called for placement and then changed their mind so we never had time to connect with him while he was in the hospital for over a month. Then they called back right before discharge and said they did want to place with us so we went to visit him once and then picked him up to take him home. That’s it.

After he was home for a couple of weeks, a relative stepped forward and they said they would move him. Cue a little bit more hesitation on my end. Then the relative took off and wouldn’t return phone calls. She was deemed appropriate but now doesn’t want placement (and after a month or so they gave up trying to place with her).

After baby was home for three months, one parent was released from prison and met Baby for the first time. He said he was going to work to get him back. Essentially he worked the plan perfectly and then we had a six month hearing and he demanded that Baby be returned. That was fall. We started overnights.

Then we put a return home date on the calendar for before Christmas. DH and I packed up most of Baby’s things. A week after Baby did a long holiday weekend with one parent, that parent decided he couldn’t or didn’t want to parent.

I’m a foster parent. I signed up for this. I’m also a veteran. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been doing this for close to 11 years. I know it works like this. This case has been hard for me. I kept saying to the worker, I just don’t feel settled with it. I’ve never felt settled because the case has been in constant motion.

One of my concerns with Baby going to a different family for adoption is our relationship with mom. I want her in the picture for Baby and I’m nervous another family wouldn’t have a similar relationship with her.

To be clear, I love Baby. I care about him. I just am doubting if we have enough to go around. Raising kids with trauma is much more challenging than raising the typical kid. We have little support (hence the blog). I mean, our friends and family are supportive but not necessarily in a practical way that means they can show up and babysit. It’s stressful on our marriage and we want to stay together. Some of one kid’s behaviors put stress on all the other family members and then I wonder if exposing him to that is bad for him and will negatively impact him.

ETA: I realize another thing that is playing into it for me is age. I believe most of you other foster parents that I’ve connected with on here are young. I’m in my early forties, and DH is almost there. I’ll be over 50 by the time Baby is ten! Who wants a super old parent. In the spirit of continued honesty, I’ve also put on 20-25 pounds from my pregnancies (hello 9 and 11+ pound babies!). I really would like to focus on taking some of that off and I cannot even find any moment of my day to accomplish this. I’m also stress eating (DH too but he takes ADHD meds and it makes him lose weight without even trying so he’s in awesome shape).

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I thought shiros white hair was because of the marie antoinette stress syndrome, where you undergo so much stress your hair turns white. Its very common when people are tortured so i thought it was that? Like kaneki ken

Welcome to the 3rd (4th?) episode of “Can This Happen in Real Life?” which is what I hope the reason behind all your questions are, since that’s all I’m really gonna deal with on this blog. Technically, how it happens on the show can be anything you want it to be, or more specifically, anything the creators want it to be, and I have no say on that. But if you want to be more scientific or realistic in your theories (like I do), then you’re in the right place to chat about it!

In regards to your question, Anon, I’ve already discussed the subject of Shiro’s hair being caused by stress in another ask, but I’ll add a little more here for clarity’s sake. Like I said with Bucky Barns and Ed, if you want to know how something might happen in real life, referring to a character from another movie or tv show isn’t going to help you much. We don’t have scientific evidence or even any research done on Marie Antoinette syndrome, (or hair turning white permanently in a very short time due to stress/torture) so I didn’t include it in my original analysis.

@ashcott‘s idea of poliosis is a little more likely. I hadn’t heard of it before so I did a little reading and was super interested in the point that it can be caused by radiation therapy! Sounds like we might be getting warmer with possible scenarios. Even though poliosis is a medical condition that has been researched to some extent, the symptoms are usually temporary, and the hair grows back to it’s natural color. The only way a part of the hair being white at any age has been documented to be permanent is when it’s genetic. Since pre-Kerberos Shiro doesn’t have the white forelock, we assume he doesn’t have this condition, but maybe he DOES and he just dyed it before Kerberos and it GREW OUT WHILE HE WAS GONE OH MAN I LITERALLY JUST THOUGHT OF THAT NOW!!!!

ok freak-out over. But yeah, hope this adds a little more info to your Voltron theory banks! As always, thanks so much for sending in the asks :)

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From one shipper to another: the chances of Lizzington happening are null, mainly because of DG, the twitter saying that Red was Agnes's granddad and that Red loved and had an affair with Katarina. Honestly, I'm destroyed. Not just because of Lizzington, but because I've been following this series since day one, hoping for true and definitive answers only to be deceived time and time again. It's tiresome. Sorry for the bitterness, just wanted to know how do you deal with this mess. Any tips?

Well Anon it ain’t over till it’s over and it ain’t over yet. So in the meantime I’m trying to take it as it comes. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that TBL is never going to be what I want it to be because it has veered so far off course at this point. It’s sad and yes even devastating at times even tho it’s just a show yada yada. But these things are like lightening in a bottle. So rare when you have that magic combination of a great premise, actors, characters, chemistry etc and to see tptb waste it is a heartbreaker.

TBL will always be that what might have been type of show. I’ve made sort of a peace with that. I’m still a shipper because why not. Lizzington is beautiful and more real than the dead af k2 annulled fake marriage. Plus this is strictly my opinion but Red’s supposed affair with KR doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Not even a little. I’m also still invested in Red’s story so if I have to let Lizzington go at some point I will and probably won’t miss Liz that much tbh not to mention care about whatever forced relationship tptb dream up for her. In truth I would have left the show at 3.11 if not for Spader but he’s my guy so here I am. My only tip is watch for James. He never disappoints and maybe just maybe tptb will surprise us in a surprisingly good way for once. Stranger things have happened. Cheers:)

N/A: Anon I don’t know if this was what you wanted, I hope it was. Sorry if its a little depressing, I blame on the songs I was listening to help me write this, yes I hear music for insperation, so I did the same witht this one. I hope you like it okay? If you don’t or do please tell me okay? Thank you for requesting it.

Stupid Love- Antoine Griezmann

That feeling, that stupid feeling. The feeling of loving someone, sometimes that feeling is amazing, its when you love someone, no matter their flaws, no matter everything, its love. But in your case, you were in love with someone that loved another. He was in love, but not with you, and that was heart broken, you were in love with him since, well since ever and he never noticed, no he didn’t. Because if he had, maybe he wouldn’t be in love with another woman. Maybe he would be in love with you. Maybe you were the one that was with him right now.

When they looked at you, in that small coffee shop in France, you knew something was wrong. You had that feeling in your gut, but you were trying to ingore it, he was your best friend, he would tell you everything. He knew he could. But those words, you were not expecting them, he could say anything, but not those words. They were dating, and you smiled, even with your heart broken.

After that day none of you were the same, you started to drift apart, he went back to Madrid, with her. And you stayed, you moved on. You started living your life like he never been there, like he was never part of it. It was hard yes, but you needed to push him away from your memories.

Neither you or him made eforts to contact one another, it was like with her he forgot that you were with him since every, that you were his best friend. But it didn’t matter, that way it helped you move on and forget that you ever loved him. You didn’t watched his games, only the one with France and only because it was your country team. 

Something that shocked you, was when you found out he had a daughter, with her. You were happy for him, but those feelings you were trying to push away came back slowly, he had a family with her. He was happy, even if it broke your heart, he was happy. And you were happy for him. And that is how you move on from a broken heart.

One day you were doing your life, cleaning the house, cooking, doing something when you heard your door bell rang, you walked there and stood for a few seconds when you opened, surprised to see who was standing. Your mouth was open surprised, you didn’t moved. He was smiling, he was waving his hand in front of your face to wake you up from your shock. You smiled back when the shock left your body, and moved a little in the door so he could walk in. He looked around the room, nothing changed since the last time he was there, but to him everything was different.

   - I didn’t knew you were back. - you said closing the door.
   - Yeah, I just got back a few days ago.
   - Oh, is Erika with you?
   - No, she stayed in Madrid. - he says - With Mia.
   - Right, because France is going to play against Spain, and she wanted to support her…
   - No, she stayed because we broke up. - he says looking at you - We broke up.
   - Sorry to hear it.
   - Don’t be. I was stupid.
   - You didn’t cheat did you?
   - God no! When we started dating, I thought that there was love in there, you know? Those stupid butterflies people often talk about? In the start I thought I felt that way with her. And I realized it too late, we have a child in the middle of this. But I had to be true about everything. I need to be true about my feelings, the love I was feeling. You were my best friend and I pushed you away. I am sorry.
   - It’s okay. That happens, and I don’t blame you.
   - Well I am back, maybe we could go back as well? At being friends?
   - Of course, and to celebrate, you are going to help me cook.

You weren’t happy that he had broken up with the mother of his child, but you were happy that he was back to you, you knew he would try to be a good father and to you a good friend. But things change, people change, destiny changes, and yours did change. Little did you knew that from that day you would come closer, and in a few months, you were the one moving in with him and preparing a future together.

Introduction Post: Yuzuru Hanyu

I am a bit confused as to why I was asked to do this since I thought there are quite a lot of posts out there already, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So sit down, grab a blanket, and have some popcorn; this is going to be long.

‘Cause we’ll be talking about this nerd:

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