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Hi! My girlfriend came out to me tonight as biromantic and asexual. She told me that I was her first real crush and that she found the idea of sex repulsive. I thanked her and asked what her limits would be sexually (e.g. would kissing be alright?). Have I been too forward? I really want to be a good girlfriend. Can you give me any advice for the future? Thanks and I hope you have a lovely day 🎶 - S

absolutely not! boundaries are good to know so everyone feels comfortable. you sound like a wonderful girlfriend - a lot of our anons are hoping for their partners to react just as you did. if she’s uncomfortable talking about sexual things, try not to ask too many questions all at once, and instead just get some ground rules down first. but you didn’t do a single thing wrong!

- Ino

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*whispers* imagine wendigo Trevor having a nightmare, Jeremy hears and tries to wake his friend to comfort him and the inevitable fallout *flees*

((since this is mostly @imgayfordavid ‘s au, gonna tag them))

For once, Jeremy is grateful he’s been up all night. Stumbling in from a job, he makes his way towards the showers in the penthouse, passing by a sleeping Trevor on the couch. Jeremy wouldn’t have paid much mind to him, but then there’s shuffling and a tiny grunt from him. And Jeremy turns to look at him, seeing the other’s face compressed in pain, curling against the couch. And Jeremy’s heart sinks when he realizes what’s going on.


God knows Trevor complains about them enough. Everyone can see his tired eyes in the mornings after. So Jeremy decides to do the good thing and wake him up.

That was a mistake.

The second Jeremy’s hand touches Trevor’s shoulder, Trevor’s eyes snap open, dark and clouded and they don’t look like Trevor’s eyes at all. Then there’s a noise coming from him, something like a growl but twisted and inhuman. And Jeremy stares with wide eyes back at him, too in shock to move, to run as far away as he can get.

That was his other mistake.

Before Jeremy’s fight-or-flight instincts can kick him in the head, Trevor- no, not Trevor, the wendigo- has got a hand around his throat.

“Trevor,” Jeremy breaths out, clawing the other’s arms to try and get him to stop. “Trevor snap out of it.”

The creature, the spirit only snarls, hand tightening, and flashes its large, sharp teeth. Jeremy can’t remove the other’s grip, it being too strong and Jeremy too human, too weak.

“Trevor!” Jeremy says, voice getting louder, as loud as he can against the other’s vice grip. “Trevor!”

The creature doesn’t respond, just looms closer, eyes black and cold. And Jeremy is shaking as he stands, clawing getting more desperate, breathing getting more ragged. He isn’t sure how much longer he’s going to stay conscious.

“Trevor-” Jeremy whimpers.

And the the squeezing stops. The creature blinks, eyes slowly growing lighter. And then the creature let’s go. Jeremy drops to the floor. He starts heaving in breaths of air, coughing as his crushed throat allows oxygen again.

“J-Jeremy?” the creature- no Trevor, it’s Trevor again- says quietly above him. “Oh god, Jeremy.”

“Trevor, it’s ok-” Jeremy tries to get out, but his voice is too hoarse and it comes out as a wheeze instead of words. 

“I’m so sorry.” Jeremy hears above him, and then there are footsteps and then silence. And when Jeremy has enough strength to look up, Trevor is gone. And the front door left swung open.

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Jyushimatsu, my older brothers got into a fight two days ago and aren't talking to each other. Instead they want me to pass messages to each other whenever their setting near each other. My older sister is about ready to struggle them both...what can I do? What would you do? Please help.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help much… I don’t know what to do when people fight except be extra cheerful… I hope things have been better since then though!!

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Hey, just wanted to let you know most of the cookies are ready now :) Though I'm afraid it's Christmas cookies, so more fancy than normal ones, but they contain chocolate so I suppose it'll be fine :D

COOKIES YAY!! (I’m a bit late sorry but i hope i still get some) that’s okay, they’re cookies and i love them so i will eat them no matter what. 


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Good Vibrations (Woozi/Jihoon Fluff)

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AN: I did it! I wanted this done and posted before the ‘Nice’ era was over and I have accomplished that goal! Are you proud of me? I’m proud of me :D So as requested this is some fluffy fluff fluff with a lot of Woozi praising. <3 Prewarning: the reader’s character is a bit dramatic, just cause it worked that way, but yeah I hope you all like it! Anon friend, I’m sorry you waited so long but here it is! <3

OMG I posted this and I didn’t even realize I forgot to put a title!! What is my life? *smacks self in forehead*
Shout out to @imaginethesedorks for giving this baby a title <3

Summary: Seventeen’s new mv ‘Nice’ is out and you are in LOVE with it! Especially Woozi’s part because he’s so great and amazing and you just want to let him know that.

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Okay but have you seen Misako Renbutsu?? She's so pretty and she's gonna be Riza Hawkeye in FMA LA. I can't wait for Dec. 2017!

I have and???

She’s so pretty!!! I can’t wait to see what she will do as Riza. I’m still wary about the film, but I’m excited to see what she does. I hope that Riza has a somewhat fleshed out role in the movie…

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Are you think something bad will happen to Touka since Yoriko tell her full name to Bujin? Idk i just fell that something will happen but i don't want to acccept what i thinking... 😭

I do think something bad will happen, I think it’s not a coincidence that she gave her whoooole name, especially to a ghoul investigator. I don’t know, I hope isn’t something way too serious :/ but I’ve been craving for a Touka/Kirishima arc so maybe this is a good opportunity. 

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Im the hugging anon again, back with more hugs. Also here to say, i hope the ke hate anon gets reported and kicked off, ke and you dont deserve to see that kinda stuff. *hugs*

KE deserves only love and good things. This is not at all what I want for them. Whomever this person is, I hope they will see that they are not at all helping KE even remotely ever speak to me again. I don’t want KE forced or guilted into speaking to me!!!! I just want them to see me for who I am now and start brand new with me. They are not letting that even be a possibility.

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Headcanons for Shizuo with an s/o who is really cold and wants to warm up using cuddles, but is too stubborn to admit it so they just silently try to hug him and hopes he gets the hint with how cold their hands are. Also this takes place in Shizuo's apartment.

  • He never fully gets the idea “oh they want to cuddle, alright” he’s just like “FUCK WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HANDS, YOU’RE FREEZING?! HERE LET ME WARM YOU UP, JESUS GOD DAMN IT!!!”
  • Deep inside he is sort of flustered, but again, he pushes that aside and tells himself “NO THIS IS NOT A CUDDLING SESSION, FOCUS, SHIZUO! YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY QUIT FREEZING THEIR ASS OFF!”
  • I imagine his hands are generally rather cold too, so it either won’t work very well or it will take a really long time. Which means more and longer cuddling! But it’s for the purpose of saving their life, ofc, what are you talking about?!
  • He probably always has a warm cup of hot chocolate prepared and dozens of blankets spread out beforehand once the colder season arrives, just specifically for them to warm up!

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i like what you're doing but I just wanted to say instead of saying the gender they were born as use the gender they were assigned at birth. the first implies trans people were the gender they were assigned but really the assigned gender was forced onto them. hope this didn't sound rude, sorry

No thank you for correcting me ill change that right away