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Hi my sister is starting her last exam week for her undergraduate accounting degree today!! Could you draw a Yamaguchi and/or Tsukki wishing her good luck? She loves them and we always text each other when you update your blog because your art is amazing. So it'd be awesome to text her look "what asked for you!" Best big sister points.

Hello!! I don’t know if this is late or not but wishing your sister all the best!! 

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I recently broke my left arm again ( hasn't happened since I left competitive sports ages ago) and was painfully reminded that it is hard to deal with especially if it is your strong (?) leading (?) hand Now imagine Yura and Beka at different times in their relationship having to deal with the other being injured I think young-ish Yura would rush to Almaty the second he hears about the accident and being really worried just to have Beka tell him it is not that bad ( part 1/2)

bitchboydiva said to daddybek: ( part 2/2) because let’s be honest a broken arm/ wrist is one of the most common injuries in ice skating But Yura still dots over him and ignores yakovs scolding When a few years later Yura crashes badly Beka was there at the rink and is nearly sick with worry when they rush him of to the hospital When Yura gets home after a minor surgery at his wrist he complaints about how he can’t train for months but absolutely loves how Beka takes care of him ~ just my thoughts - love Саша

have you ever read something so sweet in your life

Uhguzhugfhgh I am a suCKER for these two taking care of each other and just being there for love and support??? Give me dedicated friends to loyal lovers Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky who are always there for one another goD

Can you even imagine all the fluffiness to ensue

  • Beka lying in bed besides a sulking post-surgery Yuri, just listening to him rant out his frustrations and stroking his hair to calm him down, reassuring him he’ll heal up in no time if he gets lots of rest.
  • Yuri insisting on feeding Otabek, even thought he older man says he can use his non dominant hand for something like that. Yuri doesn’t listen, looking satisfied when Otabek gives up and takes a bite from the fork Yuri holds up to his lips.
  • Otabek helping Yuri get changed and it takes forever, because Yuri won’t stop squirming and that boy likes to wear lots of layers.
  • Yura literally just doodling chubby cats all over Otabek’s cast (and Otabek wants to die because he is so cuTE)
Sensitive Negotiations, B-side: Part 1

Her fingers sift through the loam, brushing over papery skin. She pushes further, cupping the whole of an orbia bulb, feeling the small fissures between pieces.

“There, do you see?” Shirayuki pulls back, gesturing for the novice to try as well. He’s just about Ryuu’s age when they met, eyes the large, limpid brown common among Lyrias folk. “Just like that.”

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Hi Lottie, sorry to be a bother but I'm having a hard day struggling with grief. Would you maybe write something where Hux thinks he can't have kids but really Kylo has been sending them off to some neutral planet? Maybe suppressants are banned to grow the trooper battalions but Kylo can't bear to see his kids fall to that fate. He alters Hux' memory so Hux thinks the babies never made it to term. Newly crowned Emperor Hux is offered a gift by his Knight its all his children returned safe. Pls?

You’re not a bother, darling! Never! I’m sorry you’re struggling.

It’s the morning after his coronation.

Hux has woken extremely early to Kylo pressing a soft kiss to his forehead, whispering to him that he’s got an errand to run and that he’ll be back before sundown. The Knight disappears before Hux can ask any more questions but after yesterday’s celebrations, Hux is more than happy to roll over and fall back asleep.

He wakes again hours later from a pleasant dream, albeit groggily, with a heavy head from yesterday’s drinking and an even heavier body from his and Kylo’s passionate night.

Hesitantly, Hux sits up with a groan, his palm finding its way to his stomach and suddenly he’s welling up when he finds it flat. He’d dreamt that he was round with child, so plump and full that his dear husband and Knight had to carry him to their bed where they fall asleep, the feel of their growing baby kicking beneath their joined hands atop Hux’s stomach–

Hux covers his mouth. If only. After three pregnancies and three miscarriages, Hux has received the clear message that the galaxy is obviously trying to send him.

He can’t have children, can’t carry them to full term. Each time, he’d felt pain in his lower half, collapsed, and woken up a day later with an empty womb and Kylo by his side, his soft brown eyes filled with sadness as he utters the familiar words ‘I’m sorry, Hux’, but even the softest of words can’t take away Hux’s pain.

Wishing he had Kylo here now to comfort him, Hux sighs but gathers his strength to get out of bed and wash, putting on his mask to deceive his subordinates, hide every emotion that’s racing through his mind.

Nothing new, he thinks.

The day passes slowly and even Hux can see that his officers and advisors aren’t working as quick as usual; alcohol and celebrating his crowning has definitely taken its toll on many.

He’s sat in his throne, golden and ornate, when his messenger approaches him with a glazed look in his eyes.

“Your Majesty,” the boy bows. “Your Knight, hound and husband is requesting your audience, sir.”

Odd, Hux immediately thinks. Kylo normally enters with a Force-push to the double doors and strides in before dropping to his knees in front of his Emperor. He never asks permission to enter like a visitor or a commoner would. Already, Hux is nervous.

“Of course,” Hux nods, waving his gloved hand. “Let him in immediately.”

“He…also said that you should brace yourself, Your Highness,” the messenger says before bowing again and exiting, striding up the long, red carpet , leaving Hux with his anxiousness.

What could Kylo possibly do that would surprise him? After disappearing this morning, Hux has wondered what Kylo has been doing but their independence is still important, but this–

The doors open. Hux goes numb.

Kylo walks in slowly, a little girl holding his hand, a taller boy holding hers, and a bundle nestled in the crook of Kylo’s free arm.

The boy and the girl look no older than 4 years old, both dressed in expensive clothing and both having a little bounce in their step. Her red curls bobbing, the girl wears a golden bow in her hair, whilst the boy’s brown hair is brushed back.

“Emperor Armitage Hux, my Grace, my love. Hux.” Kylo halts in front of the small step that leads up to Hux’s throne and drops to his knees. “Forgive me. My intentions were nothing but the best for you–”

“Who are they?” Hux stands up slowly, finding strength in his knees, fearful of Kylo’s answer.

Kylo swallows hard. Even without Force powers, Hux can almost sense the unease in his husband’s mind.

“This is Mara,” Kylo says, looking at the girl, and already, Hux’s fears are confirmed at the mention of the name he wished to call his first baby girl, after his step-mother. “And Henri.”

The boy looks just like Kylo.

Kylo adjusts the bundle in his arms, pulling the blankets down, “And the littlest one is Millie.”

The baby stirs in Kylo’s arms, a ginger tuft of hair already on her head. She can’t be older than six months, the time since Hux’s last miscarriage.

“Explain yourself, Kylo Ren. Quickly.”

Kylo hesitates but Hux ensures his stare burrows into Kylo’s skull for intimidation, angry and rageful, confused.

“They’re ours, Hux,” Kylo days quietly, and Hux feels his knees give way as he sinks back down into his throne, trembling. “You’ve carried and birthed them all. All cut out of you before you entered natural labour. I…altered your memories so you’d forget, so you’d think you’d lost them. I had to hide them, Hux. I had to. The Resistance, the stormtrooper program–”


Hux barks the word at Kylo, pleased when he stops speaking immediately. He can’t think straight. Altered his memories? All this time he’d believed that he couldn’t carry children but they’d been taken from him, given the names that he’d wanted to call them, kept hidden.

“Mara,” Hux steps down from his throne, mind lost to a flurry of emotion. “Henri. Millie.”

Kylo flinches as Hux suddenly drops to his knees and takes the boy and the girl into his arms, hugging them, kissing them, crying.

“Mama,” the girl says. “We missed you, Mama.”

“I gave them memories of you,” Kylo says, voice shaking. “I’ve visited them on their planet since they were born. Showed them pictures. Told them stories of you. Their mother, the emperor, the love of my life.”

“Papa said you missed us too, Mama. Have you? Have you missed us too?” Henri asks, brown eyes wide.

“Yes, darling, yes I have, so much,” Hux kisses his son on the head, moving to take little Millie into his arms whilst Mara and Henri cling onto him.

Hux smiles. The anger for Kylo’s deceit will come later but for now, Hux holds his children in the tightest of embraces, scared to let go of his new family.

Union [1/1]

A pornstravaganza prompt for the wonderful and sweet-hearted @killiancygnus - a semi-spec totally-not-happening CS wedding night fic for you just under the wire before canon josses it!

1.4k. Rated P for Pornstravaganza. I threw in a bit of kink Frantato darling, hope that’s okay!

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I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

Happy New Year, @honeylavendertea!  🌠

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hey! i love your blog! you did a rant/analysis thing of baek's sexuality and i was wondering if you had anything to say about chan?

Hello there darling! Thank you for loving my blog, I appreciate it <3  Why yes I did~ I actually posted something abt it but it was very brief. (coz I also included my opinion abt the other members) and here’s the link if you wanna read it haha.

But yes yes, I said that I’ll elaborate more on Cy’s sexuality on the third part of my “Why I like BaekYeol/Chanbaek” post but I wasn’t able to put it in there. It wasn’t intentional tbh I just forgot to HAHA. And the third part already had 6k+ words and over 200 pics/gfs so I don’t think I need to add any more HAHA.

Okay so I’ll just elaborate a bit here :D It won’t be long unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you see it) bc I personally observe Bh more than Cy bc he is my bias so I have much more to say abt Bh. And my opinion on Cy’s sexuality is kinda self explanatory.

I already said it before and I’ll say it again, My opinion on Cy’s sexuality is that he’s heteroflexible. Idk if u believe that heteroflexibility does exist, but I do. Bc I’m attracted to males primarily but I don’t mind if I fall in love with a girl or sumthing (I haven’t ‘like’ liked a girl yet tho, only boys so idk). So I guess that’s why I believe it exists? Bc there are ppl who’s primarily hetero but won’t mind playing for the other team if they srsly liked/loved the person.

We have gone off topic tho this was supposed to be abt Cy lel. SO, I think Cy is heteroflexible bc of the vibes he’s giving me and how I’ve perceived him through watching numerous shows (from radio shows, variety shows, guesting etc) with EXO in them in the past years. He rly didn’t show me that much signs of being attracted to males or possibly being attracted to males.

BUT! Our queen Bh comes and as the delulu BaekYeol shipper that I am, you can already expect that I think Cy is attracted to Bh romantically. I’m not rly that positive that Cy is indeed attracted to Bh romantically. Maybe 70-30? (70% that he IS attracted to Bh romantically). The other 30% is skeptical bc Idk Cy personally and I don’t want to say that I’m sure of Cy’s sexuality.

Same with Bh tbh I think he’s bisexual 70-30 and the 30 is the me being wary bc again, I do not know Bh nor Cy personally and even if I do, I still can’t be sure abt their sexual preferences bc the only person who can be 100% sure of his/her sexuality is the person himself.

But even though I can’t say for sure that Cy is romantically attracted to Bh, I can say with confidence that he is somehow attracted towards him. Be it in a friendly manner or more. 

And here are the times that I feel that Cy is attracted to Bh~

The little things  Cy does when it comes to Bh. Idk but I just see this as something that signifies attraction. Even just a teeny tiny bit, attraction is still attraction.

Staring at the BaekBooty. Hallooo?

Easy there Cy, Chen don’t mean no harm he yo friend.

Cy is gentleman AF towards Bh. Y’know I haven’t seen guys do that to other guys that are just their ‘friend’. in my experience at least.

He practically ran to catch up and bring an umbrella to Bh.

STAAAAARES. Tbh that’s like the greatest factor for me bc Cy stares at Bh too often forit to be called “right angle at the right time”. And just look at his expression. esp at the last gif JUST. LOOK. I don’t think I need to explain now do I?

And ofc THIS moment. WHY IS CY SO RESISTANT? It’s like he’s forcing himself out of Sehun’s grasp bc he is embarrassed af and everyone who has a crush prob understand Cy’s feelings. Bc ur friend is forcing you to go near ur crush and hug them like, WHO WOULD NOT ACT THE WAY CY DID? Okay okay that may not be the actual case but I just can’t see any other possible reasons. (more)

So that’s it! I hope you were satisfied with my answer darling~ let me know if you have more questions or just anything you wanna say to me :) Have a good day! ^^

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Can I request a Newt x reader where they welcome their first daughter? Just them seeing her for the first time and how enraptured they are by her? Just fluffy & sweet :))

I’ll do my best!

Imagine: Welcoming your first daughter with Newt.

“You look more beautiful now than ever, my darling.”

Newt kissed you lovingly on your brow, brushing the sweaty strands of hair back as he smiled at you. Labor didn’t last as long as you expected, but you were still beyond exhausted from the entire thing.

“Don’t lie…”

He chuckled at your whiny tone, and he held your hand, gently rubbing along the knuckles as he kissed it.

“I would never, my love.”

And it was the truth, because seeing you laying there in the after glow of delivering his child, it was one of the most amazing things he’d seen.

“Here she is!”

The nurse came into your hospital room, smiling widely as she cuddled your baby girl to her chest, holding a tiny bottle up as she fed her. Newt turned to look at her, his eyes widening when he saw the small child nestled in her arms. He was a total loss for words, because even though he had been there the entire time she was being born, he was more worried about you. But, now…now he could enjoy the overwhelming feeling that came to him. He stood up from the stool, smiling at you quickly before holding his arms out. The nurse carefully rested your daughter into his open arms, cradling her head and giving Newt some tips before leaving you two alone.

The wizard stared down at her, a breath of a laugh leaving him as tears welled in his eyes.


You couldn’t help but giggle along with him, all your hormones adding to the joy and tears. Seeing Newt hold his child for the first time was just a sight you wouldn’t soon forget.

He shushed the child’s soft coos, rocking her gently as he walked towards you. He took a seat next to you on the bed, leaning a bit down so you could get a better look at her.

“Look, that’s your Mum.”

The baby looked at you both curiously, drooling slightly as she made a weird noise. Newt chuckled, using the blanket she had wrapped around her to dab at the saliva.

“Not a very well mannered one, is she?”


“I’m joking, darling.”


Hope that was okay, short but sweet lol I know nothing of babies….I prefer toddlers…babies make me nervous haha

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Supercorp - The places we’ve come from, and the places we’ve yet to go

Originally posted by supercorpshipper

Request: Can you do Supercorp fic? 😃 Anything…..

a/n: anything…?! ANYTHING!!!?? man when you have that much freedom it seems like it’s harder to figure out what you wanna do. I was mulling this over at work and I guess this is what I came up with, figured I should just roll with it. In the fun of it all I thought up some really fun heartcanons that I never really imagined before and I just had to stuff them all in here

As always, keep those prompts and requests coming, I love seeing what you creative people come up with! Hopefully I write something that makes y’all smile, laugh, makes your day, whatever have you. Thank you all for reading, whether you’ve dropped by once or you’ve stuck around a long time, I really do appreciate all of your feedback! :D

- - - - -

It was an arrangement that benefited all parties; Lena most certainly didn’t want to have to meet the family with still shaky legs and stolen of all her breath, and Kara felt like she missed the thrill of driving maniacally down an old dirt road. It offered a certain freedom that was so unique to itself that even flying in the city couldn’t touch it.

For all her seeming naivety and innocence, Kara was an absolute speed demon. Lena figured some of that might have had to do with her powers, but a lot of it might have had to do with Kara’s equally wild adrenaline chasing, motorcycle riding big sister. She herself had learned that Kara was a bit of a sucker for a nice bike and a lot of CC.

Not entirely surprised, but still rather wary of the habits she might have to indulge in the future when dealing with her girlfriend, Lena had to put her foot down somewhere, and there was plenty of: no, Kara, I will not ride on the back of a motorcycle with you to Midvale. And there was also a lot of pouting on Kara’s part, but for all the unstoppable forces and immovable objects paradoxes, Lena won out in the end.

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I'm still fangirling over your picture (because I just love chubby ppl(and how squishy they feel when I cuddle with them), but anyways, *awkwardly clears throat*, I was wondering if your still open for requests and if you are, can you do some fluff hcs for Poly!Cygate, TFP!OP and two other bots of your choice with human s/o? c:

Hello sweet person~! I’m going to take you calling me chubby as a compliment since you said you love it. X’D And thank you! :3

Okay so I hope you like these darling, I’m tired right now but I put a lot of thought into these. They’re all MTMTE except Optimus and though Megatron was a little tough, I wanted to try my hand at fluff with him. 

So here you go darling~!


  • The human has to work hard to become close enough to Cyclonus to be his s/o but Tailgate has had a great opinion of them since day one so that helps. He wants to get to know them better and be their friend and encourages them to try to get to know Cyclonus as well (and for Cy to not be so withdrawn from the human). Over time, all three do become very close and no one on the Lost Light is surprised when the three enter into a poly relationship.


  • Being in a relationship with these two means there’s always a good balance. Cyclonus is the best one to go to for advice when something goes wrong, while Tailgate helps his s/o cheer up with his bright and positive personality. Both enjoy snuggles with their s/o (though no PDA for Cyclonus, he gets grumpy) and Tailgate especially likes to always be touching one of them if he can. Cyclonus usually just holds them to his chasis and lets them sit on his shoulders or in his hands. Tailgate runs a servo over their hair, pokes them lightly to tickle them and nuzzles them.


  • Imagine there was a garden somehow made for the human on the ship.
    Both Tailgate and Cyclonus enjoy helping their s/o garden and pick food or flowers (using holoforms of course). It’s a soothing past time for all of them and Tailgate will make them both flower crowns to wear. Cyclonus sometimes sings for Tailgate and their human as he helps them garden. Sometimes Tailgate and the human will join in and anyone walking by will just hear the three singing together, maybe a bit too enthusiastically. ;P


  • He’s wary and closed off around the human at first. He doesn’t know how to react to them being on the ship and is sure they hate him and who could blame them? The human is cautious around him too since he used to be a terrifying warlord. They don’t start to open up until one day when the human comes to drop off some paperwork and sees poetry Megatron had written. They’re excited because they love poetry and before either knows it, they’ve spent hours talking.


  • They tend to keep the relationship hush hush but behind closed doors, Megatron is surprisingly affectionate once he figures out how to be affectionate with a being so small. Very gentle with them but really enjoys when they reciprocate his touches, especially kisses. Though he still isn’t the biggest fan of using holoforms, he will when either is feeling particularly upset about something and needs some serious cuddles for comfort. He also likes to use it to put on music and slow dance with his s/o.


  • He honestly values his s/o’s opinion more than what anyone would expect of him. He knows they’re intelligent and through falling for them has let go (slowly) of some of his prejudice. So as a sign of respect (and because they are dating), he tries to be honest with them and talk to them about what’s going on. Whether it’s with him personally (since he struggles with talking about himself, this takes a while) or what’s going on with the ship. Megatron listens to his s/o’s input and though he might not always agree, they can tell he thinks a lot of them and their abilities.

Ultra Magnus:

  • He tries to hide his growing attraction to the human on the Lost Light, he really does. But it’s super obvious to everyone around him including the human so a few bots kept talking to the human about approaching Magnus since that was the only way anything would happen. They were nervous too but imagine their surprise when Magnus was really happy (if shocked as well) that they’d asked him out. Rodimus was eavesdropping and cheered loudly outside the room. :P


  • A romantic deep, deep down but it takes a while for him to get used to being in a relationship after so many years of war so he’s a bit stiff at first. He’s quite old fashioned and his ideas of romantic dates are tuned to what his s/o likes (he just wants to make them smile). He teaches himself how to cook human food (and cook it well) so that he can make them homemade meals with candlelight and soft music. He’s blushing all the while but he’s trying bless his heart.


  • He really enjoys the soft moments with his s/o and any affection they show him, even if it makes him awkward and he blushes a lot. They’re the only person who can call him Mags without getting reprimanded and though he doesn’t say it, he really likes it when they call him that. He usually prefers to cuddle out of his armor since it’s so damn big. For some reason his s/o really likes his mustache and teases him gently about it when they cuddle. He doesn’t mind though because he likes seeing the playful sparkle in their eyes.

TFP Optimus:

  • He’s hesitant to be in a relationship during the war, especially with a soft, fragile human. But he can’t deny his attraction to them (mentally and physically ;D) and has a hard time trying to keep himself from growing too close to them. It’s inevitable though and he realizes how much he cares about them when during one of his rare free moments, he immediately seeks them out. They talk until both grow tired and the human falls asleep on his chasis while he’s laying in his berth, Optimus falling into recharge only a few minutes later.


  • But once they do finally get together, it’s undeniable how happy the two are. Optimus is a tired, stressed warlord but when he spends time with his s/o, they alleviate some of that pain. He’s often caught himself staring at them with soft optics from across the room, occasionally ignoring by accident whoever’s talking to him at the time. When they’re alone, he does love cuddling his s/o and holding them close and ever since that first time, the two like to sleep together.


  • He’s truthfully very protective of his s/o, despite trying his best not to make that obvious or overbearing. They’re in a war though and he worries a lot for them and the thought of anything happening to them hurts his spark. He respects their independence though and trusts them to do the smart thing if there’s ever an emergency. But if they’re okay with it, he prefers keeping them by his side. Even in front of others, he’ll hold them in his hands and as he works or they talk, gently caresses them with a servo.


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Hey can you do kissing with Lily's characters too?

Nora Montgomery:

~Hesitant when kissing you at first

~She gets a bit tense when kissing you

~But she quickly relaxes into the kiss after she realizes how gentle you are

~Doesn’t want it to be heated unless it’s the right time

~Wants you to be in control

Mary Eunice McKee (non-possessed):

~Very shy kisser

~But quickly gets slightly addicted to kissing you

~Doesn’t put her hands on you

~Until you finally convince her to do so

~Sweetest of kisses

Mary Eunice McKee (possessed):

~Very rough

~Always in control no matter what

~Always a heated kiss

~Kisses you out of nowhere

~And most likely shoves you against a wall

Misty Day:

~Passionate kisses

~Grinning into the kisses


~Tugging you down (usually on a bed) when the kiss lasts long

~Kisses while dancing together

Aileen Wuornos:

~Forceful kisses

~Lots of tongue

~Very wild

~Digs her nails into your skin when kissing you

~Sometimes cackles when you moan into the kiss

Shelby Miller:

~Loving as hell

~Lingers her lips on yours even when the kiss is done

~Always gentle

~She blushes when kissing you sometimes

~Makes sure you enjoy the kiss fully

(Thank you for this lovely request, darling anon!!! I hope I did okay with Lily’s characters!! Much love, xoxo)

anonymous asked:

What about Yuri.p ,pitchit and Leo when they accidently blurt out that they have a crush on s/o while in conversation with someone/people and the person / people that hear it just smile real big and tease them about it ~sorry its so long -H

No worries, darling~ It’s just fine! I’m a little confused what with the constant mention of people, but I think I get the gist of it! Hopefully this is alright

-Yuri’s just chatting with Mila when it happens
-But I use the term “chatting” incredible lightly
-It’s more
-Her talking and asking things and he just
-Grunts confirmations while looking through his phone
-Like wow, thanks, you silver-tongued rascal
-And Mila totally knows, by now the conversation is a fucking mess, she’s just saying weird shit because it’s funny how it flies over his head
-”Yuri, you know a cow can’t digest it’s food until it makes sweet love with a squirrel?”
-what the fuck Mila
-But now she’s getting bored, and a bored Mila is a dangerous one
-ESPECIALLY when she notices you nearby
-So she grins slyly, and leans against the table, propping her chin on her hand
-”Hey Yuri.”
-”Don’t you think Y/N is super cute?”
-You totally hear, and you begin to blush, and hunch your shoulders, you can’t help but smile a little
-Mila continues, grinning, “In fact, I distinctly remember you telling me you have a crush on them, isn’t that right?” oh fuck here it comes
-”Mhm.” He replies. But now he’s coming back to earth,since whatever the fuck he’s looking at on his phone is boring af now, and his mind is rewinding what he’s missed
-Wait what did he just fucking agree to, hold up-
-Yuri’s head snaps up, his face looking as if he’s been shot, and he sees Mila smiling, and you smiling, and oH NO, FUCK FUCK FUC-
-You grin, “What? Is it true, Yuri? You liiiiike me~?” You flutter your eyelashes, and he’s blushing up a storm, help him
-He doesn’t hear the end of it for like a fucking week, he curses Mila out and swears vengeance, hE WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN GODDAMMIT

-Did you know Yuuri’s a piece of SHIT
-He’s not but Phichit will never forget this
-He did this on purpose, he must have
-Phichit’s just chatting with him, they’re talking a ten minute break during practice
-and you’re loitering nearby, just checking your phone, checkin texts, kinda zoning in and out, that’s chill
-Phichit glances at you now and then, and when you catch his gaze, you smile and wave
-And he does the same, laughing slightly
-Yuuri looks from you to Phichit and decides to take one for the team
-D On ‘T
-”So, Y/N…” He starts, leaning his head back
-”Yeah, what’s up?” says the unsuspecting you. Phichit tilts his head, curious to hear the conversation
-”You ever think about dating anyone? Got your eye on anyone?”
-Okay now Phichit knows somethin is up because Yuuri couldn’t give two shits about this kind of stuff
-You blink owlishly, and you’re kinda speechless
-”Oh, well, um-”
-Phichit laughs nervously hahaha yuURI WHAT ARE YOU DOING–
-Yuuri’s just smiling nonchalantly, and looks at you expectantly
-”Well, I’m sure Y/N is too busy to think about that kind of stuff, right?” Phichit presses, hoping that you won’t answer
-Because if you do it might crush him
-But you laugh slightly, “Well, actually… I may have my eye on someone…”
-”Let’s maybe talk about something else,” Phichit says instantly, he can’t stand this, goddammit Yuuri-
-”What? Why?” Yuuri asks innocently
-”Because it’s not exaclty the best thing to hear my crush talking about someone else they like, Yuuri, GOD.” WOOP THERE IT FUCKIN GOES
-You grin and Phichit feels like dying
-”Aaaaw, you thought I liked someone else? And you felt bad? You’re so cute Phichit~ Don’t worry, I was thinking about you anyway.”
-hey can someone kill him he’d really appreciate it THANKS

-Leo, Guang-hong and you are actually having a video chat while it’s happening
-It’s kind of hilarious, because in skype if there are more than two people, it’s more of an audio call than video call
-So you two are joking around
-Guang-hong is fanboying about Viktor, and you two are teasing him for it but WHATEVER that’s what friends do after all
-You excuse yourself for a bit, you need to go check up on something
-So they’re just, “Okay, hurry back.”
-It’s a bit silent, before Leo starts nudging at Guang-hong again.
-”You’re practically in love with Viktor, you should just maaaarry him.”
-Guang-hong is taking it like the good-sport he is, and just starts laughing, “What are we, five?? Leo, pls.”
-Leo starts mimicking his friend’s voice
-”Ooooh Viktor, the way you land your quads is sooooo amazing! I’m star-stuck! Have my children Viktor!!”
-Leo’s fuckin losin his shit god these kids are like, three
-”Yeah, well, if you can tell me to marry Viktor, I can tell you to marry Y/N or something.” Guang-hong says with a smug satisfaction
-Leo laughs, “Dude, yeah right, like I’m ever going to tell Y/N I have a crush on them, let alone marry them. It’s more likely that you-”
-”Um, you what?”
-Leo freezes, and the whole chat goes silent
-Leo is freaking the fuck out inside
-Guang-hong finally breaks the silence by nearly losing his shit
-”O-Oh my god, um, I’m just gonna-”
-”Guang-hong, I swear to go d if you leave-” Leo starts before it’s too late
-And oh my god, the camera settings are back to work and right there, Leo sees your face
-He’s blushing up a storm, and has the most horrified look on his face while he sees you grinning like the Cheshire Cat
-”Aaaaw, you have a crush on lil ol me?” You say teasingly