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requested: can you make an imagine where Tom cheats on his gf and he wants to get back together but he randomly meets the reader (y/n) who is willing to help him get his gf back but he ends up falling for the reader instead

summaryTom is down on his luck with his relationships, the last one blowing up in his face right in the middle of your coffee shop. He turns to an unlikely stranger for help–you. However, after you agree to help him, he finds himself falling for the unlikely stranger instead.  

word count: 2k

pairings: tom holland x reader

warnings: none

a/n: depending on how popular this one gets, i might turn it into another series. we’ll see!! i couldn’t write tom cheating on someone because i dont have the heart to so i tweaked it a tiny bit i hope thats okay  // not my gif // i also tried to make the reader as gender neutral as possible

Each time you woke up in the morning, you knew it was going to be a good day–simply because you refused to have a bad one. You sang in the shower, danced while you got dressed, whistled while you put up your hair. It was like you always had happy music playing in your mind, you radiated positivity. And what better job for someone who radiated such happiness? A humble cafe owner in New York City.

You waved to the usuals who were in your shop nearly every day–the familiar faces causing your heart to bloom open like a flower in spring. You donned your apron with a beautiful smile, greeting your employees and began taking orders.

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Curiosity | Peter Parker

Summary: Where the reader confronts Peter about his absence recently and why he suddenly rejoined the decathlon team…

Warning: minor spoilers, swearing, and a little long…oh well

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Type: Continuation of Patch Up


Part One Here / Part Two Here / Part Four Here / Part Five Here / Part Six Here

The next day, Peter slugged his backpack over his shoulders, making sure to protect it at all costs for the contents inside. “Hey Pete,” Ned said, joining him.

“Hey Ned. Can you help me with something later?” 

“Yeah. What’s up?” They continued down the hallways of school. “Finally gonna ask Y/N to Homecoming?”

“What? No, no, no. I will deal with that later. Listen, after the party last night, I chased a bunch of bad guys and they fired some alien tech at me. A piece broke off from one of the guns and I need your help to see what it is and what it does.” Ned nodded his head. 

“You have a piece of alien tech?” 



“No, not cool. I need to know what this thing does and if it is dangerous or not,” Peter added.

“Its alien technology, Peter. Of course it is going to be dangerous.”

“Will you help me?”

“Hell yeah. How could I pass that up?”

“Okay great. So during robotics class, we can work on it and see if we can pull out its power sou–” Peter stopped talking when his eyes caught sight of Y/N approaching them. 

“Pete! What the hell?” Y/N said, throwing her arms up.

“What did I–” Peter asked in confusion.

“Where were you last night? You missed him! After you left, he came,” she exclaimed.

“Who came?”

“Spiderman! He actually came to Liz’s party. Flash was so jealous,” Y/N laughed. 

“O-Of me or of Spiderman,” Peter stuttered.

“Well, who do you think, Peter? You of course.” Ned nudged Peter in his arm. “You where really the talk of the party. Its kinda sad you missed it.”

“Y-Yeah well, I wasn’t feeling good so I decided…to go home,” Peter said. He shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded his head. “Listen, Y/N–” but before Peter could finish his sentence, the bell rang.

“Oh, I should get to class,” Y/N said. 

“Yeah, yeah. Me too,” Peter shrugged off casually. He slowly walked backwards and then remembered something. “Actually, I go this way,” he went and pasted Y/N and she went in the opposite direction.

Peter glanced back at her retreating figure before continuing down the hallway. Then Y/N turned around and briefly glanced back as Peter and Ned made their way to their first class of the day.

Peter slammed his hammer down repeatedly onto the foreign purple device, hoping to break it apart. He jumped back slightly and the top came off. He gently pulled it off to see the purple glowy thing underneath it.

“Woah, what is that?”

“I don’t know,” Peter grunted, pulling it apart. “Some guy tried to vaporize me with it.”



“Awesome!” Peter furrowed his eyebrows at Ned in confusion. “I mean…not awesome. Totally uncool that guy. So scary,” Ned tried to cover up. 

“Well, look. I think its a power source,” Peter said, struggling to get his screwdriver into the device.

“Yeah but its connected to all these micro-processors. Thats an abductive charging plate. That’s what I use to charge my toothbrush,” Ned pointed out.

“Whoever is making these weapons is obviously combining alien tech with ours,” Peter observed.

“That is literally the coolest sentence anyone has every said. I just wanna thank you for letting me be apart of your journey into this amazing–” the two of them moved away as Peter swung at the device. A small blast coming from the device. They both turned their heads towards the professor who was skimming through a cross word puzzle.

“Keep your fingers clear of the blades,” he ordered. Ned and Peter turned their attention back towards their project, now seeing that the purple glowing device was free of the weapon.

“We gotta figure out what this thing is and who makes it,” Peter said.

“We will go to the lab after class and run some tests.” The two did a small little handshake before packing up their things and leaving the class.

“First, I say we put the glowy thing in a safe place” Ned said, as the two walked in the absent hallway.

“First you gotta come up with a better name than glowy thing,” Peter said.

“You’re right.” Two people rounded the corner and Peter took cover.

“Crap!” He jumped out of the open, hiding behind a wall. “Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.” Ned looked both ways before awkwardly joining him. The two of them poked their heads around the corner, watching the two bad guys roam their school. “Those are the guys who tried to kill me.”



“We gotta get out of here,” Ned pressured.

“No, I gotta follow them. Maybe they will led me to the guy who dropped me in the lake,” Peter said, poking his head out again. 

“Someone dropped you in a lake?”

“Yeah, it was not good,” Peter said. The men disappeared into a room and Peter moved from his hiding spot.


“No, stay there.” Peter left his best friend and quietly made his way into the same room the bad guys were in. Someone suddenly knocked on the window and Ned turned around, looking at a kid in the window.

“What are you doing?” The kid asked.

“Nothing,” Ned laughed nervously. “You?”


 Peter squatted down and stealthily made his way into the room. The two men seemed to be tracking the purple device Peter was carrying. A monitor in the hand of one of the men, tracking the radiation emitting from the alien purple thingy.

When they didn’t find anything, they turned to leave, the room uncharacteristically quiet. It was skeptical to them. They shrugged it off and walked out the door. Peter hang upside down under a table. He reached out and shot a small mechanical spider onto the shoe of one of the men, tracking them himself.

Back at Peter’s apartment, Ned turned on Peter’s tracker. His web shooter emitted a hologram, a map, of the whereabouts of the two men. “This is so awesome,” Ned said, referring to the map.

Peter flopped onto the bed and gazed at the hologram that Ned held. “I know right? They are in Brooklyn.”

Over the next few hours, the two kept track where the bad guys were traveling. “Staten Island,” Ned announced, grabbing a handful of Doritos. Another hour pasted and Peter was loading his web shooters. “New Jersey,” Ned said, watching the hologram.

And after another hour, the hologram beeped rapidly. Ned sat up in Peter’s bed, Peter’s Spiderman mask displayed on his best friend’s face. Ned grabbed the web shooter.

“They stopped.” Peter, who hung upside down from the ceiling, turned around and faced Ned. He read the map.


“What’s there,” Ned asked.

“I don’t know. Evil lair?”

“They have a lair?” The spider eyes widened.

“Dude, a gang with alien guns run by a guy with wings. Yeah, they have a lair,” Peter stated.

“Badass,” Ned nodded with a smile. “But how are you going to get there if it is like three hundred miles away?” The two of them turned their heads towards the Academic Decathlon poster.

“It’s not too far from D.C.”

The next day, Peter made his way outside to meet up with the Nationals team. “Guys,” he said, coming to a halt in from of the small group.

“Peter?” Y/N asked in confusion.

“Yeah, I was hoping I could maybe rejoin the team,” Peter begged Y/N.

“No. No way,” Flash said, pushing past Y/N. Guess he was still a little pissed off about Peter being friends with Spiderman. “You can’t just quit on us then stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone.”

“Hey! Welcome back Peter,” Mr. Harrington said while hopping off the school bus. “Flash, you’re back to first alter now.”


“He’s taking your place,” Abe laughed.

“Uh, excuse me. Can we go already? Cause I was hoping to get in some light protesting in front of one of the embassies before dinner,” Michelle announced.

“Protesting is patriotic. Let’s get on the bus,” Mr. Harrington said. Flash shoved his yellow jacket uniform into Peter before angrily stomping onto the bus. Everyone loaded onto the bus except Y/N and Peter.

“Why did you rejoin the team? I thought you were needed by Mr. Stark,” Y/N said, a single eyebrow raised.

“Well, yeah but he was generous enough to let me go for the weekend,” Peter shrugged. Y/N nodded her head suspiciously. She walked up onto the first step before Peter stopped her. “Hey Y/N?”

“Yeah,” she said, turning around.

“Y-You don’t–a-are you–I don’t–do you–do you have a–uh–are you–no–you don’t happen to have a date to Homecoming, do you?” Peter asked, tripping over his words. Y/N smiled sheepishly and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“No, I don’t actually. I guess I have been kinda waiting for the right guy to ask me, you know?”

“Y-Yeah, yeah. Absolutely,” there was an awkward silence between the two.

“Sooo?” Y/N pushed.


“Do you have anything else you wanna ask me?” Y/N tried hinting, attempting to be somewhat discrete about it. Peter opened his mouth to say something but the words he wanted to say, never came. Instead, he squeaked out:

“N-No, I’m good.” Y/n slumped slightly and turned around, continuing her journey up the bus. 

“Dammit, Parker! What is wrong with you? Why couldn’t you just ask her? Why couldn’t you just ask her to Homecoming? Damn idiot,” Peter said to himself quietly, mentally slapping himself in the side of the head before entering onto the bus.

For the entire trip,Y/N and Liz were testing the other kids. Liz and Y/N took turns asking the question and the kids would ring in when they knew the answer. Y/N asked the last question on that specific topic and Peter rang the bell. He answered the question perfectly and Y/N nodded towards him. “Very good, Peter. It’s good to have you back.”

“Its good to be back,” Peter muttered to himself. The boy looked down at his phone which was ringing. He stood to his feet and looked at Y/N. “Can I take this real quick?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Thank you. Hello?” He made his way to the back of the bus, sitting one seat behind Ned. Y/N watched him as his face scrunched up as he talked to whoever was on the other side of the phone. Y/N snapped out of her thoughts, clearing her throat in the process. She went back to reading off her note cards until they reached their destination.

When they made it to the hotel, the kids all marveled at how big it was. They all signed in and were given partners to room with. Peter was with Ned and Y/N was with Liz. Peter glanced over at Ned.“You brought your computer right?”


Inside their hotel room, Peter plugged his suit into Ned’s laptop and set everything up. Peter pulled out some tools and began to work on his suit, trying to locate the tracker Tony installed.

“Peter. Why are we removing the tracker from your suit?” Peter glanced over at Ned, a flashlight in his mouth. He removed it and turned his attention back to his suit.

“Because I gotta follow these guys to their boss before they move again and I don’t really want Mr. Stark to know about it,” Peter admitted.

“Sooo…you’re lying to Iron Man, now?”

“No, I am not lying. He just doesn’t really get what I can do yet,” Peter shrugged. Peter found the tracker and pulled it out of his suit. “Got ya. Alright Happy, have fun tracking this lamp.” Peter placed the track on the lamp and went back to looking at his suit.

“There’s a ton of other sub systems in here but they are all disabled by the…training wheels protocol,” Ned laughed.

“What?” Peter moved to sit beside Ned, confusing written on his face. “Training Wheels Protocol?”

Ned held in a laugh.

“Turn it off!”

“I don’t think that is a good idea. I mean, it’s blocked for a reason,” Ned pointed out. Peter moved off the bed and jumped onto his own one.

“Come on, man. I don’t need training wheels. I am sick of him treating me like a kid all the time. It’s not cool,” Peter said in frustration.

“But you are a kid.”

“Yeah, a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands,” Peter protested.

“Peter! I just don’t think this is a great idea. What if this is illegal?” Peter jumped off the bed and knelt next to Ned.

“Ned. Please. This is my chance to prove myself,” he begged. “I can handle it. Ned, come on.”

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.”

“The guy in the chair,” Peter whispered encouragingly.

“Don’t do that,” Ned rolled his eyes.

“Come on,” Peter persuaded.

 Ned sighed and double tapped his computer. Immediately, Peter’s suit light up and they both looked at it. Peter put on his suit and normal clothes over top of it. He zipped up his hoodie and put the hood over his head. He peeked out the door of their room.

“Okay, the glowy thing is evidence. Keep it safe, alright?” Ned reached over and grabbed the glowy thing off the bed.  

“Okay.” Peter looked at his web shooter, reading the map laid out for him.

“They’re moving.”

“Be careful,” Ned said. Peter left their room, closing the door behind him. He turned to leave and stopped when seeing Y/N in her swimsuit, a towel in her arms. Peter backed up slightly and she smiled at him. “H-Hey Y/N.”

She pass him and motioned for the others to follow her. “We are going to go swimming,” she whispered. The others ran quietly past Peter. Flash following behind them all to give Peter a slap on his butt. Peter jumped and protested quietly. The kids disappeared, leaving the two in the hallway alone.

“I-I was uh–I was going to go study i-in the business center,” Peter lied.

“Peter, you don’t need to study. You’re the smartest person I know,” Y/N grinned.


“Yeah, I know you’ll make us proud tomorrow,” Y/N said truthfully. Peter looked at her in admiration.

“This is really important to you,” he noted. 

“Well of course. It’s our future. I don’t want to screw it up.” He nodded in agreement. “Also we raided the mini bar and these candy bars were like eleven dollars. So if you wanna join us, you are more than welcome to” she tossed him a candy bar. “Just come down whenever.”

“A-Actually I really do have to study,” Peter lied. He could see the disappointment in her face but she covered it was a soft smile.

“Oh okay. If you insist.” She turned to leave, briefly glancing back at the boy before joining the other kids. Peter sadly turned and walked in the opposite direction.

The kids all played and splashed in the pool, Peter watching them from the open window on the rooftop. He smiled down at Y/N who casually sat at the edge of the pool, her feet in the water. 

He stood to his feet and put on the final piece of his suit, the mask. As soon as it was situated, the suit light up again and a voice spoke to him. 

“Good evening, Peter.”


“Congratulations on completing your rigorous Training Wheels Protocol and gaining access to your suit’s full capabilities,” the lady announced.

“Thank you.”

“So where would you like to take me tonight?”

“I-I put a tracker on someone. He’s a bad guy,” Peter said, putting his hands on his hips.

“Tracker located. Plotting course intercept target.” He watched the lady pull up a map and show him where the bad guys were located. 

“Okay, well as long as i make it back in time for the decathlon, I am fine,” Peter said before swinging away and following the map. Peter jumped onto a moving truck and rode it a few miles out of town. 

“One hundred meters from destination and closing. Jump now,” Peter did as he was told, jumping off of the truck and landing on the ground. He ran into the brushes and kept low. “Detecting three individuals.”

“Why is their secret lair in a gas station? That’s so lame,” Peter whispered. He climbed up the sign of the gas station and sat down on it. “Hey suit lady, what are they doing?”

“Do you wanna hear what they are saying?”

“I can hear what they are saying? Uh, yeah.”

“Activating enhanced reconnaissance mode,” Peter’s suit x-ray scanned the van the bad guys sat in and he could immediately hear their conversation.

“Woah, that’s so cool! They are in the middle of a heist. I could catch them all red-handed. Okay, I am going to get a little closer so I can see what is happening,” he told the suit.

“Would you like me to engage enhanced combat mode?”

“UH, enhanced combat mode? Yeah!”

“Activating instant kill,” the suit said suddenly. Peter’s eyes turned black with little red circles in the center. 

“No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want to kill anybody,” he insisted. His eyes went back to their regular white.

“Deactivating instant kill.” He jumped and webbed the sign but immediately fell flat on his face against the pavement. He stood up in confusion.

“What the hell just happened? What was that?”

“You webbed the sign and landed on your face,” the lady stated. Peter looked up and tried webbing the sign again. Small webs landing on it.

“Suit lady! What is wrong with my web shooters?” He ran for cover. 

“Rapid fire is the default for enhanced combat mode,” the suit said.

“Why would I need rapid fire?” Peter asked, slightly confused.

“Would you like to see more options? You have five hundred and seventy-six possible web shooter combinations.” Peter looked down at his hands, every option lighting up on the screen.

“Mr. Stark really over did it.” He shook his head and pointed to one of the combinations. “That one.”

“Great choice! Would you like me to set this as your new default?” Peter tested it out. A web came out alright, shocking the sign and lighting up the letters on it.

“What was that?” Peter asked, running to hid again.

“Taser webs,” the suit lady chimed.  

“Taser webs? I don’t want taser webs,” Peter whispered, jumping onto the roof of the gas station.

“You seem to be very unfamiliar with your web shooter settings. Would you like to run a refresher course?”

“No, just…you choose,” Peter said, shaking his head.

“Sure!” Peter looked up and saw three long trucks passing on the main road. He then looked up just in time to see the flying monster swoop down and hover over the trucks. “What the–”

Peter watched the flying monster guy/thing, latch onto the last truck. He dropped four cubs and a purple portal opened. The man dropped into the loading container and disappeared from Peter’s sight, the wings of the suit being left outside to fly above the truck.

Peter jumped and landed on the truck the monster was in. He peered into the container, watching the man load a backpack full of items from the shipping container. 

“Woah! Cool! It’s like some kind of matter phase shifter,” Peter observed, reaching his hand out to touch the purple portal. 

He backed away and waited for the villain to exit the moving container. As soon as he did, Peter webbed the backpack and pulled it towards him. 

“Hey, big bird! This doesn’t belong to you,” Peter shouted. His eyes dilated as the monster jumped back into his suit, detaching from the container. “Oh god.” He flew towards Peter but he dodged him easily. He aimed his web shooters at the flying monster and the webs fell short. “Suit lady! What was that?”

“You told me to choose.”

“What? No, just set everything back to normal,” Peter struggled, now trying to block the bird man without any weapons or webs on hand. 

“Activating all systems.”

The man grabbed hold of Peter’s shoulder and tried pulling him away. Peter was able to push away from his grasp, however; he lost his balance and fell into the portal. He knocked the cubes in with him. He immediately jumped up to escape the container and he hit his head. The portal closed and Peter lay unconscious.



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Help (B.Barnes) *NSFW*


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, dry humping, sexual themes, (no penetration!!)

Requested by Anon: can I request a fic where bucky and the reader have to share a bed and he gets horny/a wet dream? love those types of fics. and as much buildup as possible if you can? 💕💕

A/N – hopefully that was enough buildup doll! Thanks for requesting it, I loved writing this! I hope y’all liked the dry humping instead of actual sex, figured I’d switch it up a bit! xo

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Coffee Shops and Scars

Request: “hello there! your works are absolutely amazing and I enjoy reading them so much~ keep doing what you do!!! I would love to request a soulmate au where both newt and reader can feel and witness each other’s pain and even fresh wounds on their own body!! (eg. if newt gets a paper cut, so does the reader at the same time) welcome to the angst train _(:3/”

Word Count: 3,434

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warning: Mentions of blood

Requested by @ah-excuse-me but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Your friend holds a bowl of popcorn out to you when it happens.

You curse and grab your arm, curling up and grimacing.

“Again?” Is all Maria says, placing the bowl back in her lap and taking a handful of popcorn.

You groan. “I’m going to kill this idiot when I meet him.”

She laughs. “You’re going to kill your soulmate?”

“Yes.” You grumble.

“Well, how bad is it this time?” She crunches the popcorn in her mouth as the two of you ignore the record droning on in the background.

You remove your hand from your bicep. A red patch of skin grows under where your hand was clutched, bubbling up in the center. You hiss at the sight.

“Oh, that’s disgusting. Do you have your medkit?”

You nod, squeezing your eyes shut. “How the hell did he get a burn there?” You mumble, reaching to your hip and unlatching the medkit you carry with you. It holds everything from tiny bandages to a tourniquet. The tourniquet was a joke gift from another friend when they’d noticed all the scars covering your body, but you’re not so sure you won’t need it someday.

“Leaned against an open oven?”

“With their upper arm?”

She shrugs, tossing more popcorn into her mouth. “Possible.”

“Whatever.” You dig around in the bag and find the bottle of burn cream. You’d bought it six months before and used half of it already.

Maria looks back to the record player, watching the disk spin. “You’re missing the best part of the song.”

“I’m sorry, I’m a little busy.” You spit. You’d been having a perfectly good night before your soulmate had to go and do something stupid.

You finish applying the burn cream when a deep cut suddenly rips opens on your left forearm. A trail of blood rushes out of it, dripping onto your blanket before you can grab anything.

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A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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Concept: Mickey and Emil have been friends basically since they both began skating. They’re really close, and when I say close I mean HELLA. Sleepovers, friendship bracelet exchange when they were 12 (Emil still wears his outside of skating, and while Mickey will never admit it he still keeps his in his wallet of all places), the whole deal. Sara is also part of their friend group, but she’s definitely not as close to Emil as Mickey is.

And then puberty hits and Mickey suddenly becomes very aware of Emil and his closeness to Sara. In reality, nothing’s really changed, but he’s begun to get a weird tight feeling in his chest whenever he sees Emil smiling and laughing with Sara. He begins to be a lot more protective over Sara because that’s what it’s gotta be, right? Sara is getting prettier each year, and as her big brother he has a responsibility to keep men from taking advantage of her. Even if it’s Emil, who he’s known for years. Anyways, there’s nothing else this feeling can be, right? Right. Nothing more than protectiveness.

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Babysitter (Part 3)

Summary: You lie to your parents so you can spend a few days at Taehyungs house.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to be a series, so thank you for everyone who is reading my stories :) more on the way, especially other members ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5Masterlist 

As the situation was awkwardly quiet you watched your father’s confusion turn to anger while your mother tried to figure out what was going on.

“I guess you will be receiving your last paycheck.” Your father stormed off.

“Dad, wait….it’s not what you think.” You ran after your father.

Taehyung looked down apologetic as he bowed to your mother. “Thank you for your kindness, I’m sorry I betrayed your trust, I must be leaving.”

Your mother just embraced him into a hug. “Don’t worry dear, everything will work out.”

Your mother followed you and your father to the kitchen as Taehyung left with the suspension killing him.

“Dad please listen to me.”

“No….In my house, with your sister a room away?”

Your father expected the worse and he was honestly correct but he was over reacting, you were considered an adult now. Tae was also a responsible, mature adult, he should be grateful. It was wrong to sleep with Tae while your sister was in hearing distance but you were careful.

The only way to tense the situation was to lie, so thats what you did.

“Nothing happened, we fell asleep that’s it.”

“What were you doing exactly?”

“After we sent Dara to bed, we just went to my room and talked, we eventually fell asleep I swear.” You begged.

“You know Taehyung, you know he would never disrespect me….no reason to fire him.” Your fathers eyes soften but still had anger behind them.

“Minho.” Your mother interrupted.

“Let us talk alone.” Your mother said sweetly.

You left and found Dara sitting in the living room.

“Dara.” Your sister looked at you. “When you saw me and Tae in bed, what did you see? You saw us wearing pajamas right?”

Your sister looked up confused. “No.” She was unsure. “You didn’t have clothes on….don’t worry Sungmin said it’s a grown-up thing.”

You panicked. “Dara you like Tae right?”

“Of course.” She cheered.

“If mom and dad ask you….we had pajamas on okay?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Please Dar, just say yes okay….if you want to see Tae again you need to, unless we are in big trouble.”

“Okay.” Your sister finally agreed.

“Don’t speak unless they ask you okay.” She nodded.

You still felt nervous, you feel like your couldn’t trust your sister to successfully lie for you.

Your mother and father came out looking for you. “Okay here’s the thing.” Your father started.

You stood at attention for your father. “You are in full babysitting duty unless you have plans….we don’t see it’s necessary to have him here when you can watch your siblings.”

“But dad.”

“It’s not necessary.” Your father raised his voice. “Why waste the money.”

“So he can’t come over to hang out, not being paid?”

“Unless we are home.”

“That’s so unfair.”

“My house, my rules.”

“I’m an adult now, you can’t be treating me like a child….I’m at school alone around guys what makes this different?”

“How can we trust you sweetie, your sister can’t be exposed to that behavior, she’s too young.”

“Nothing happened.” You lied.

Your father just rubbed his head stressed. You felt the tears fall from your eyes. Instead of speaking another word you just stormed up stairs.

You buried yourself in your pillows sobbing. How can they act this way? You were an adult now, for all they know you could be hooking up with guys in your dorm.

“Sweetie.” You heard a knock on your door. You looked up seeing your mother.

She came over sitting on your bed. “Why is he acting like that?” You asked your mother.

“Because sweetie, you’re his little girl, it’s going to take him some time to accept that you are an adult.”

You sat their sobbing on your mothers shoulder as she rubbed your back. “I like him.” You confessed. “And he likes me.”

Your mother dried your tears as she looked into your eyes. “Tae asked me out, are you gonna tell me no because I already know what dad’s answer is.”

“No sweetie, I like Taehyung, he’s a good kid. Don’t worry about your father okay.” She smiled and started to get up.

“And don’t let your father see these.” Your mother brushed your hair off your neck.

“Your father and I were young once.”

“What?” You said more to yourself because your mother left you alone with confusion. You got up and looked in the mirror.


There was purplish red fainted hickeys all over your neck. He will be the death of you, most likely if your dad does see these.


“(Y/N), you have a visitor.” Your stomach flipped of the sudden visitor, you hoped it was Tae but the way your dad scared him off, probably not. You walked down the stairs and saw your friends Sana and Liz.

“Hey girl.” Your face immediately dropped. You felt almost disappointed.

“Hey.” You said quietly.

Your friends led you to your porch, obviously wanting to talk to you in private. “Where have you been all week?” Liz asked.

“I’ve been babysitting.”

“Really, doesn’t your parents have a babysitter?”

“Yeah.” You shrugged your shoulders not wanting to talk.

“Well anyways.” Sana said to escape the awkward tension. “There is this hangout that my boyfriend found and I think it would be cool if we triple date it.” Your friends smiled.

“Triple date?” You ask.

“Yeah me and Liz have our boyfriends, who you still need to meet, and Changkyung can bring his hot cousin for you.”

“Your trying to hook me up?”

“Yes girl, you need to get some action, have you even had sex yet?” That hurt. You just laughed sarcastically.

You got up from your sitting position and started for the door.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong? Sorry if we offended you.”

“I have had sex thank you…actually the other night if you should know, with an amazing guy that my father is forbidding me from seeing.” They looked at you stunned that you started rambling.

“And also something you guys should know is the first time that I actually did have sex was that asshole Youngjin making me drunk.” You continued.

You had everything bottled up for a long time. “What, you don’t remember? A lame party you guys dragged me into going and abandoning me like usual when you promised me you wouldn’t so instead I basically got raped because I woke up in an unknown location with no clothes next to the guy I thought was decent but turns out was a disgusting pervert. So sorry I’ve been a party pooper.”

Your friends got up and walked closer to you. “We are so sorry, we didn’t know about Youngjin.”

“You guys seemed like a perfect couple.” Liz softened.

“So did I, turns out he was in more then one relationship. He was only in it for the sex.” Liz wrapped her arms around you. “We’re so sorry.”

“Yeah.” Sana hugged you to. “We just wanted to help you because you told us how bad you are talking with guys.”

“Yeah we didn’t know you had one.” Liz nudged you.

“Yeah what’s his name? What’s the details?”

“His name is Taehyung. And funny story about that.” You blushed.

“He’s my brother and sisters babysitter.”

“Shut up.” Sana said.

“So you just met him?” Liz asked.


“Damn girl you weren’t lying.” Liz pulled your hair off your shoulder. “He marked you.” Her eyes widened. You just blushed.

“So why is your father being an ass?” Sana asked.

“Because after my siblings go to bed we…you know…..and my sister caught us in bed the next morning and spilled it too my parents.”

They both looked at you surprised. “You dirty girl….I thought I was bad” Sana smirked.

“Guys it’s not funny…I basically got him fired.” You looked down. “Now my father doesn’t want him here with me alone….like I’m some child.”

“That’s bullshit.”

You still felt bad about the whole situation, you didn’t even get to say goodbye to him yesterday or called to see if he’s okay.

“Can you guys actually drive me somewhere?” They nodded.


Sana had an idea to get me some alone time with Taehyung.

Your parents were talking in the study about business, like usual.

“Hey Mr and Mrs. (Y/L/N) I was wondering if I can borrow your daughter for a few days?”

Your parents just arched their eyebrows.

“My parents are having this family vay-cay at the lodge and I really don’t want to be alone with my family.”

You looked to your parents to see if they would approve.

“Your parents will be there?” Your mother asked because she knows of Sana’s behavior.

“I guess you may go, for how long?”

“3 or 4 days about.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay.” Your mother nodded.

“Who will watch the kids if we need her.” Your father barged in.

“Stop being cold towards Tae, they said nothing happened.” Your mother hit your father in the back of the head.

“I think you guys should take a mini vacation too, you work so hard. Take a few days off, do some fun things with Dara and Sungmin.” You suggested.

Your parents were a pretty high end of the business they work for so you doubt they wouldn’t get off.

Please say yes. If they need Tae for babysitting, this defeats the whole purpose of the plan.

“I dont kn-”

“Minho, come on, it’s been a while since we spent some quality time with the kids.” Your mother hugged your dad from behind.

“But it won’t be all of our kids.” Your father looked at you.

“I’m fine.” You smiled.

“Okay.” He finally agreed.

Fuck yeah.


You packed your bags for a few days and headed out the door. You called Tae to get his address and he didn’t question why but you guess he assumed.

“Can I go meet your bae?” Sana pushed.

“No he’s probably still upset with my whole parents thing.” You got out of the car and noticed he lived in an apartment complex. Alone?

You knocked on the door waiting for him to answer. As soon as he did a guy shorter then Tae answered. He had short black hair and his face seemed like he just woke up.

“Can I help you?”

“I got it Yoongi.” You saw Tae appear in the door way. “Sorry.” He looked back at the guy who was walking away groaning.

“Sorry that’s my roommate Yoongi.” He has a roommate?

“Hi.” You nervously greeted.

He just smiled and immediately pulled you into a desperate kiss. You already felt the butterflies in your stomach. It’s been two days since you last felt those lips and you missed them.

As you daydreamed into a relaxing sensation you heard a clearing of someones throat.

You both pulled away from the kiss seeing where the noise came from.

“Sorry to ruin the moment, but we’re off….and the story you told your parents doesn’t have to be a lie, we can really stay at the lodge if you want….four bedrooms, it’s off the beach, hot tub. You can have all the alone time you need, no worry about roommates.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Okay, we’ll see.” You wrapped your arms around Tae’s waist.

“Nice to meet you by the way.” She greeted.

“Hot.” You friend gave you a thumbs up. You just laughed from embarrassment.

“What lie is she talking about?”

“I told my parents I was spending a few days with them….so I’m all yours.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung smirked. “I thought I told you not to do that.”


You sat on the sofa with Taehyung watching a movie, cuddled under a blanket. You still had butterflies from just being near him. It felt right, like you knew you wanted to be with him.

“I’m sorry that Dara almost got you fired.”

He looked at you sweetly. “It’s fine, that little twerp owe’ s me though so make sure you tell her that.”

You laughed. “I actually blame you though.”

You looked at him confused. “What? What did I do.”

“You make me crazy that’s what.” He was being over dramatic.

You raised your eyebrows. “How?” You leaned forward.

He closed the small space between you. That was a good enough answer in your case. You loved the way he kissed you, switch from aggressive to passionate in the matter of seconds.

“Do you see what I mean?” He stopped for a breather. You saw the lust in his eyes. You slightly pushed him back straddling his lap. You pushed your lips to his, while sliding your hand down his chest. You could already feel him getting hard underneath you.

“You got excited fast.” You smirked.

He shh you and leaned forward towards your lips again. You started to rock your hips along with his.

“Eww.” Before your make out session could get any deeper, you heard a voice interrupt.

It was Taehyung’s roommate Yoongi coming out of his cave.

“Don’t you have a room you can do that in.” He groaned.

Taehyung just looked at you apologetically.

“But before you answer, please don’t be too loud, I want to keep my food down.”

You and Tae just blushed.

“Let’s go.” Taehyung got up lending a hand for you.

“Where are we going?”

“I believe I owe you a date.” He smiled. You gladly accepted and made your way towards the door.

“See ya later Suga.” Yoongi nodded.


The whole ride was peaceful, Taehyung was so goofy. When you’re with him, its when you smile the most. He kept putting on rap songs you didn’t know but he knew every word to, he would make you laugh by the way he was so turned up by it.

As soon as you reached your destination you noticed the view of the ocean off the boardwalk. It was beautiful.

The little things he did made you love everything about him. The way he would sneak up behind you and poke your sides, when he put his arm around your waist while you walked up to the gate. He was very affectionate towards you to the public eye. He would sneak in little pecks on your cheek or nose, sometimes your neck. All during this walk from his car to the boardwalk.

Youngjin was your first and only boyfriend before Tae and the difference was unbelievable. He was never affectionate towards you, he never would hold your hand or kiss you in public. Probably from the fact that he didn’t really like you, he was in more then one relationship, you were just his toy.

This was a whole new experience for you, not just the pleasurable nights with Taehyung but actually being out of your house with him. You were getting a real taste of how it’s suppose to be when you’re in a relationship. And you loved every second of it.

The first hour of your date was fun, just walking along the boardwalk, where the carnival portion was. You would stop and get cotton candy, play different games you clearly sucked at. Tae felt bad because he wasn’t so good either, so he couldn’t win you a toy.

“I have a better present.” You snapped your attention towards him and he immediately pulled you into a deep kiss. He even leaned you back, holding you in place, like a romantic kiss from a movie. As soon as he brought you back up he pulled away and went in to lick your face. The action had him running in the other direction laughing.

“Tae….that was gross.” You laughed, wiping your face.

He wouldn’t stop speed walking away from you so you had to run after him. When you got close enough you jumped on his back.

“Aish, you’re heavy.”

“No you’re just weak.” You teased.

“Look a photo booth.” You pointed in the right direction.

You slid down Taehyung’s back and pulled him to the box. You pulled the curtain when you saw that it was empty.

“First date memories.” You pulled him in.

After Tae paid you decided on a normal picture first, as you only get four pictures. You both smiled sweetly for the picture waiting for the countdown. As soon as it hit one Tae quickly grabbed the sides above your knee, triggering your tickle spot. You screamed in laughter.

“You ass.” You yelled as soon as you saw the picture come out. It looked ridiculous. He couldn’t hold in his laughter. The next picture went off as you squeezed his cheeks, causing him to make a funny face.

As soon as you let go, he leaned into you kissing you once again passionately. This time you were lost in the kiss. Forgetting about your surrounding, even the photo booth. You felt Tae grab on to your thigh, sliding up your skirt. You felt the rush take over as you placed your hand over his sensitive area. You started to rub the area, making him moan between your lips.

You felt him get back at you as soon as you felt him rub your core causing your lace panties to dampen. The sexual tension was hitting you both hard. You pulled down his zipper reaching into his jeans. He could feel his member throbbing against your hand.

“I want you.” You whispered against his lips. He pulled away looking at you lustfully. You both got up leaving the photo booth grabbing your pictures in the process. You both were speed walking until you seen a small alley within two buildings of the boardwalk. You could tell it was where the restaurant placed their garbage. You felt like this was too risky of a spot, that anyone could walk in on you, yet walk by, but at that moment you didn’t care.

He held you up against the wall as he kissed your neck down to your collar bone. You felt dizzy just by him kissing lower towards your breast. You reached your hand down into his pants stroking the areas around his throbbing length. He danced his fingers under your skirt pulling down your underwear until they were around your ankles. You stepped out of them as soon as he reached and picked them up. He grabbed them and put them in his pocket. A clear smirk evidence in his face.

He watched you as you grabbed his pants buckle and undoing them quickly. You pulled out his member pumping rapidly. You got down on your knees putting him in your mouth. You didn’t want to tease him too much from the sensation of being rushed.

You didn’t suck him for long before he pulled you up. You could tell he needed you right then and there. He lined his length towards your core pushing in before you were ready. You almost shrieked from the surprise.

“I don’t care if anyone hears us this time.” He thrusted into you deeply.

“Yeah because I totally want to get arrested for indecent exposure.” He laughed at your sarcasm.

You wrapped one leg around his waist to get a better angle.

You moaned quietly as he thrust into you deeply. You felt the pleasure throughout your core. Your breathing hiked up when you felt you were close to your climax. He kissed you to steady your moaning. You felt your body weaken as your orgasms was passing through. You noticed the smirk on his face as he had to hold you up.

“Almost there.” He whispered. You gently brushed his hair off his sweaty forehead. He closed his eyes as you felt him finally release inside of you. He slowly backed away pulling out of you. As soon as he pulled his pants back up he grabbed your hand kissing it tenderly.

“Is it crazy that I might be in love with you already.” He whispered.

You felt butterflies as soon as those words left his mouth. “You love me?” You didn’t know how to process those words.

“Yeah. I don’t know….I know it’s kind of soon but the way I feel around you-”

You leaned in to kiss him immensely. “I think I love you to.” His face lit up.

“But to be fair, I’ve never been in love before.” You confessed. “But if it’s the feeling of the constant butterflies when I’m around you or the fear of ever losing you or even the way I can’t breath when I’m not with you then yeah, I’m in love with you.”

He picked you up as you wrapped your arms around him.

You heard the door to the side of the building unlocking ruining the moment. “Shit, we better go.” Tae grabbed your hand pulling you towards the boardwalk.

As you made your way towards his car you realized something. “Are you going to give me back my underwear?”

“I don’t know yet.” He laughed.

“So….what are we going to do for the next few days?”

“I have a few ideas.” You bit your lip.

“Slight warning, you might be meeting my friends…..they tend to linger around my place.” He laughed.

“That’s a big step in our relationship.” You teased.

“Don’t worry, they will love you.” He kissed your cheek.


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A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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from the dining table; bucky barnes

based of the song “from the dining table” by harry styles

warnings: cheating, liqour, feelings, lots of language, angst, iM soRRY

The night wasn’t supposed to go this way. You had come back from a mission early, elated to surprise your loving boyfriend. Seems more like you were the one surprised instead. As you trudged up the stairs to your shared apartment, it was startling to find two people standing in front of the cheaply made door.

It didn’t take long to realize who one of them was, tall with a dark haired man bun. Your Bucky. What you didn’t know, was who the other person was. Or why the pair of them were standing so close.

You swiftly hid behind the wall concealing the stairway and listened closely. You could feel your head pound to the rhythm of your heart and the tips of your fingers tapped together in anxiousness.

“I really had a great time, Buck.” The woman had obviously spoken, using the nickname reserved for his closest friends and you.

“Me too, doll.” Your heart twindged at the adorning name but you couldn’t find it in you to reveal yourself.

“Maybe next time, we can end it at my place?” She spoke suggestively and you could hear it followed by Bucky’s chuckled.

“I’d like that,” You peeked your head around the corner and took in the sight before your eyes. Her long arms around his neck and nails in this hair, her lips planted firmly on his. His arms snaked around her hourglass figure as he lifted her off the ground and reached for the door knob.

You felt physically ill. With your stomached tied into several knots and your knees feeling weak, you turned on your heel and slowly walked down the stairs leaning on the wall for support.

Of course it had to rain this night of all. The cold splatters soaked you to the core as you stepped out into the night. The rising bile in your throat made an appearance as you ran to the bushes and dry heaved seemingly forever.

You chest hurt and it felt like someone was stabbing into you repeatedly, all the while rubbing salt in the wounds. You stumbled to a standing positions and began walking toward the hotel a block from your- his apartment.

The receptionist had noticed your distraught look, recognizing it as heartbreak; something no one was immune to. She took pity on your defeated form and gave you a room on the top floor, far from anyone. With a muted thanks and a slow sluggish walk you willed yourself to the elevator to the 14th floor.

The room was nice, with a crystal chandelier and a mini fridge, any other time you would have been elated but now you just wanted to cry. You stood in front of the closed mahogany door and the tears you managed to keep in spilled from your bloodshot eyes. Sliding down the door, and shook violently as you screamed out in frustration.

How could he do that to you? How could he find another woman within the weeks time you were gone. Thats when it hit you, it was going on much longer than that. All the late night gym trips and sudden disappearances had added up. How did you not see it before? How had you been so stupid? So blind to what was right in front of you?

The pristine white of the bed mocked you, the purity of the sheets mocked you. You had given Bucky everything you had, and he tainted it all without you noticing. Your pure view on him was ruined, ripped apart and stomped on until there was nothing left with dust, painful dust. Sorta like your heart.

You shakily stood and stripped the soaked clothes from your body and dragged
yourself to the shower. The water burned your skin and left you raw and red, but you secretly hoped it would wash your pain away. You stayed in there until you felt so tired you were worried you may collapse in the shower.

The bed was cool against your hot and raw skin and soothed the scars of your heart. Your eyes stared at the white ceiling and the tears leaked out of the sides of your eyes. Sleep engulfed you like the darkness your heart now felt.

Woke up alone in this hotel room

Played with myself, where were you?

The sun shone through the opened curtains and you winced, the pounding sensation in your head making you feel delirious.

The unfamiliar room was puzzling to you until the events of last night rushed to your mind. The pain reinstated itself into your chest and you pulled a shaky breath, unable to cry anymore.

The digital clock next to the bed read 10:47 and the lump in your throat grew as you thought of Bucky. His mystery woman was probably making them breakfast, or was leaving to go home. Thoughts ran through your head at a rapid pace and you stopped yourself.

You didn’t deserve to feel this pain.

You threw the mini fridge open and found they had no alcohol stored, but when you walked to the door to run to the bar downstairs, you found a bottle of bourbon at your feet.

A small note was attached and you bent over to inspect it. “Heartbreak’s a bitch, but bourbon isn’t” You realized it must have been from the receptionist and faintly smiled as you picked the glass bottle up.

It was half gone by twelve.

Fell back to sleep,

I got drunk by noon.

I never felt less cool.

It was another day before you gathered the courage to go home. To him.

Standing in front of the cheap and poorly painted door of your apartment, it almost seemed unreal. Walking into what was once a home filled with blissful memories, it was hard to believe there was something sinister behind closed doors.

You cautiously treaded on the wooden floor, not wanting encounter anyone. Much to your dismay, Bucky was sitting on the couch and heard you come in.

“Doll?” He grinned widely, rushing towards you to engulf you in a hug. You stood in the embrace, not moving to hold him too. He took notice and pulled back with a concerned look. “You okay?”

You pulled a sad smile and nodded, “Just tired” The lied passed straight through yor teeth so effortlessly you wondered why you explode on him.

The rest of the day had been filled with silence, besides Bucky’s attempts at starting a conversation. He tried to understand that you were tired, but his frustration was obvious.

we haven’t spoke since you went away

the comfortable silence is so overrated

why won’t you ever say what you want to say?

“Doll, you gotta talk to me. I haven’t had anything to do since you left.” He whined and pouted his bottom lip at you. It was so cute you almost forgave his sins right there.

You scoffed and mumbled under your breath, “But you had someone to do.” You dipped a tea bag into some boiled water and tried to avert your attention.

Bucky furrowed his thick eyebrows, “What was that, love?”

You set the mug aside to sit and rolled your eyes in annoyance. “Nothing, James.” That had caught him off guard, you never called him James.

Why won’t you ever say what you want to say?” He groaned and leaned against the white countertop.

Something in his tone had ticked a nerve, and that’s the exactly moment things went from bad, to hell.

“You wanna know what I have to say?” You snapped, turning around and facing him, anger etched into your features. He gave you a look that urged you to continue, so you did.

“What did you really do while I was gone, hm?”

His stomach dropped for a split second before he regained himself and tried to reason that you had no idea. “Whaddya mean, doll?”

“Oh shut the fuck up James.” The anger and betrayal leaked through your voice and he knew everything was going to change.

“Excuse me?” He tried, feigning confusion to her outburst.

“So who is she, Buck?” You glared into his blue eyes and saw fear flash through them. “An agent? A civilian? Some random whore?” You spat and began to walk away.

“The hell are you talking about, (Y/N)”

“Jesus Christ James! Just stop lying already. I fucking know you’ve been sleeping with someone else.”

The pain that pulsed through your heart showed in your eyes, because Bucky took a step back and felt a knot form in his throat.

“I came home two days ago, and saw you and the skank outside of our door.” You whispered and ran a shaky hand through your hair.

His blue eyes got glassy and he was at a loss for words. For the first time, James Barnes didn’t know what to say to woman. “Doll-”

“STOP CALLING ME THAT DAMNIT!” You screamed slamming your palms on the counter.

“THEN WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?” He yelled back, fat tears starting to roll down his scruffy cheeks.

“NOTHING! IT MAKES IT WAY EASIER TO HATE YOU THAT WAY.” You screamed and blinked rapidly to push the oncoming tears back

“Oh so you’re gonna hate me now? After one lousy mistake?”

He was trying to play the victim. To flip the whole situation like it was your fault he cheated. “Oh stop being such a fucking prick. I know it was more than once.” You turned around and placed your palms on the counter that was previously behind you. “All the nights out. The early morning disappearances. It all makes sense now.” You gritted out through your teeth as the tear spilled over your clenched eyelids.

“Well it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t such a shit girlfriend. You were never good enough!” He seemed to realize the venomous words that slipped off his tongue and immediately wished he could take them back.

It happened so fast he barely had time to react. The mug filled with hot tea flew passed his head and shattered against the wall as glass flew to every inch of the room. “Maybe everyone was right,” You spoke fiercely before shrinking to a whisper. “I’m not good enough. But at least i’m not a monster like you.”

He had never felt pain like he had in that moment. His stomach knotted so tightly he feared he was going to puke all over. His temples pounded to the beat of his heart and his world spun around him. How had he done this to you, he wondered. To the one person who had ever accepted him after everything he did, and forgave every thing he had done in the past. How had he tainted the one pure thing left in his life? How had he taken every inch of your big heart only to vandalize it with infidelity and hateful words? He hated himself, he hated what he did to you. And he would never forgive himself.

As you rolled your packed luggage to the door, tears soaking your pink cheeks, you paused. Bucky sat crumpled to his knees, his head buried in his hand and he cried roughly. Your heart lurched at the defeated sight, and had it not been for the cab already waiting downstairs, you would have stayed. His crystal blue eyes traced your features, trying to memorize every detail before you walked out of his life forever.

“I hope she was worth it, James.” You whispered before walking out the cheaply painted door, wishing never to see his face again.

Your last words haunted his sleep for years. He had never regretted anything so deeply and sincerely.

On what would have been your 6th anniversary, had he not ruined everything, he picked up his phone and typed in the number that was forever chiseled into his brain. Pressing send, he let out a shaky breath and waited.

“I’m sorry.”

He waited and waited for the familiar ding of his phone. But it never came. He would have to wait until death to be relieved from the weight on his shoulders. And he did.

Maybe one day you’ll call me
and tell me that you’re sorry, too.
But you, you never do.

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Will You Fake Date Me? (Jimin Fluffy Imagine)
  • Y/N sits on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn. Her eyes are glued to the screen where a scary movie plays. Y/N's eyes widen in anticipation, her mouth ajar. She lifts a handful of popcorn to her mouth when-
  • JIMIN: Y/N!
  • Jimin barges through her front door. His small figure is illuminated by the moon of the dark night.
  • Y/N: AHHHHH!
  • By pure reflex, and not a hint of maliciousness, Y/N flings the tin bowl of popcorn at Jimin, showering her living room in kernels and nailing Jimin in the head.
  • JIMIN: OW! Y/N! What the hell?
  • Jimin massages the blow to his head.
  • Y/N: Jimin, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
  • JIMIN: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • After hearing this, Y/N proceeds to smack Jimin upside the head.
  • JIMIN: OW!?
  • Y/N: That was for scaring me. How did you even get in here?
  • Jimin plops himself down on the couch with a sour expression and his hands rubbing the spot on his head that had received yet another blow.
  • JIMIN: The door was unlocked. You know for someone who watches a bunch of thriller movies, you really don't take all the necessary precautions.
  • Y/N sits beside him and pauses the movie.
  • Y/N: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on a date with 'Super hot as fuck' Irene.
  • Y/N tries to pull off her best imitation of Jimin when she says, "Super hot as fuck" but her voice comes out a lot deeper than his.
  • JIMIN: Why don't we just call her 'Super hot bitch' 'cuz it turns she only asked me to come out to make Taehyung jealous.
  • Y/N: Seriously?
  • JIMIN: Yes seriously. I just can't believe I thought she actually wanted to go out with me. You know to actually date me.
  • Y/N pauses. She doesn't really know what to say in this situation. She's used to always being the one sulking and Jimin cheering her up.
  • JIMIN: Okay you can stop with the pity stares. I'll live.
  • Y/N: You came to the right place Jimin. My shoulders aren't as sturdy as Jin's but they are here for your tears.
  • Jimin bursts out laughing. Y/N flings kernels of popcorn on the couch at him.
  • JIMIN: That was terrible. Thank you.
  • Jimin sighs.
  • JIMIN: As much as I'd like to stop holding back my tears, I came here on strict business.
  • Y/N raises her eyebrow.
  • Y/N: I'm all ears Agent Chim.
  • JIMIN: I want you to fake date me.
  • Y/N pauses.
  • Y/N: If this were a movie, this would be the perfect moment for a spit take.
  • JIMIN: Y/N, I'm serious.
  • Y/N: You're joking.
  • JIMIN: I just said 'I'm serious'
  • Y/N: That's insane. Friends don't just fake date each other.
  • JIMIN: How would we know? To us it wouldn't be fake dating.
  • Y/N: Jimin, shut up. No way, I am not fake dating you.
  • JIMIN: Please, Y/N, I need your help.
  • Jimin grabs Y/N's hand in his. He tilts his head and pouts his lips. Y/N shakes her head at him.
  • Y/N: Why? Why would we even need to do this?
  • JIMIN: I want Irene to want me. I want her to see what she could have had. What we could have been.
  • Y/N frowns and pulls her fingers away from Jimin's
  • Y/N: Why do you like her so much?
  • JIMIN: What do you mean?
  • Y/N: What's so great about her? I mean yeah she's pretty and all but so are lots of girls. What's so different about her?
  • Jimin pauses. You can tell he's thinking pretty hard about this. He slumps back on the couch and stares into his lap.
  • JIMIN: Honestly I have no idea.
  • Y/N: See? You want to do all this for a girl you don't even really like.
  • JIMIN: I do like her. I just don't know what I like about her.
  • Y/N huffs and the two sit awkwardly in silence on the couch for a moment. A few times Jimin starts his sentence to name something he likes about Irene but then falls back into thought. Eventually Y/N breaks the silence and says.
  • Y/N: You know, if you had just asked me to go on a date with you, I would have said yes.
  • JIMIN: You mean like a real date?
  • Y/N: Yeah, a real date. I kinda get how you felt earlier about Irene using you to get to Taehyung now. And its not your fault. I should of told you earlier Jimin. I like you.
  • Jimin's eyes are wide. He stares at Y/N who is looking down into her lap awaiting for his response. Eventually she breaks the silence again.
  • Y/N: You're my best friend Jimin and I would do anything to help you but fake dating you would be so much harder for me than you think because that's probably the closest we would ever get to becoming more than friends.
  • Y/N gets up off the couch and slowly makes her way to the landing of the stairs.
  • Y/N: It's late. I'm going to bed. You can let yourself out. Goodnight Jimin.
  • Y/N reaches the first step of the stairs when Jimin calls-
  • JIMIN: Wait!
  • Y/N stops at the step and turns around to face Jimin.
  • JIMIN: When you asked me what I liked about Irene, I couldn't think of anything. But when you said what you said right now, I asked myself what I liked about you, and there were so so many reasons Y/N. I like everything about you. Even the annoying things aren't that annoying. Y/N, I think I like you too.
  • A/N:
  • Hello! This is my first time writing an imagine in screenplay format. I tried to incorporate both into one and this is what we got. I really hope you guys liked this because this was a lot of fun to write. Also to the Anon who requested this, I'm sure this wasn't what you imagined but I hope you liked it all the same. Thanks for all the support guys! Thanks @limseoyeon
  • ~Armygirl

anonymous asked:

What if Kara gets infected with something that's like a truth serum and everyone thinks it'll be fine and funny but Kara's actually really sad and depressed

ive combined this with this anon prompt i also got: “I have emotions about Kara and Astra’s death. When Alex starts apologising she takes it so well and I know it’s probably because it’s her sister and she can’t lose her sister but I feel like Kara would be someone who bottles their emotions up. Can we have a fic where she can’t take it anymore at the alien bar with the superfriends? (Lena included)”

“What happened??” Alex demands as she and Maggie enter the medical bay. Kara lies in a yellow sun bed, and J’onn, James, Winn, and Lena keep vigil by her bedside.

“Cadmus,” J’onn says bluntly. “They injected her with some sort of truth-telling serum in an effort to reveal classified DEO information, but we got her out before she could do any real damage.” Alex gives a shaky sigh of relief, taking her sister’s hand in her own.

“So she’ll be okay?”

“We’ll wake her up shortly, and do further testing. She should be fine, Alex.”

They sit around her bed, patiently waiting for her to wake. The silence is broken by whirring machines, and small giggles coming from Winn.

Lena is the first to break.

“Would you stop laughing, Winslow Schott?! This is a serious matter!”

“I’m sorry,” Winn replies, “it’s just… truth telling serum is my favourite trope. I bet we can ask her things she’d never usually answer.”

“Wouldn’t that be betraying her trust?” Maggie asks.

“It’ll be finally finding out what happened to the mysterious disappearing birthday cake she was entrusted with two years ago.”

“We know what happened to that,” Alex says, rolling her eyes. “She ate it.”

“Well you know what, it would be nice to have a verbal confirmation,” Winn grumbles. He smiles, a mischievous gleam in his eye. “It’ll mean finally finding out what happened to the garage roof when you were younger, Alex.”

Alex narrows her eyes, clearly weighing up her options.

“Fine,” she relents, “but nothing too hectic.”

Kara blinks awake slowly, groaning in pain as she sits up.

“What happened?” she asks her friends and family.

“Cadmus,” Lena tells her gently. “But you’re okay now.”

“Hey, Kara,” Winn grins, “what happened to James’ birthday cake that disappeared?”

“I gave it to a homeless man,” Kara says matter-of-factly. Her friends smile at her kindness. “… also I ate half of it.”

“i KNEW IT!”

“Hey, Kara,” James says, “who’s your best friend, me or Lena?”

“Cat Grant,” Kara answers.

“What?” everyone says at the same time. Lena looks like she’s about to cry.

“Well, Cat’s my best friend. You’re all my family.”

“Gayyyyyyy,” Maggie calls out. “my turn.”

“Actually, it’s bi,” Kara says. “But please, continue.” she’s seemingly impervious to the gaping looks on her friends’ faces. Lena doesn’t look like she wants to cry anymore.

“Okay, Little Danvers. How much did you really see when you walked in on us two nights ago?” Maggie asks, eyebrow raised. Alex turns bright red, and Winn looks like he’s about to pass out.

“Enough to know that my sister’s a bottom.”

“Okay, Sawyer,” J’onn sighs. “No more questions for you.”

“My turn,” Lena says. “Why did it take you so long to tell me you’re Supergirl?”

“I liked having someone in my life who loved me for Kara without Supergirl being a part of the equation.” The room is silent. Maggie is the only one able to find her voice.

“Little Danvers, everyone here loves you for Kara,” she says. Kara shakes her head, still so matter-of-fact.

“J’onn sees me as an asset. James sees me as Clark’s little cousin. Winn sees me as some sort of action figure for his collection. And Alex… I’m the burden who ruined her life.”

“She doesn’t mean it,” Maggie says automatically.

“No, this is… this is what she thinks, deep down. This is what she feels,” Alex says with tears in her eyes. “You were never a burden, and you most definitely did not ruin my life.” Kara turns to her, and cocks her head.

“I ruined yours, and you ruined mine.”


“You took my aunt away from me,” Kara whispers. “She was all I had left. She was… you made me lose my mother all over again. You did that. You murdered her.” Silent tears run down both Danvers’ cheeks, as their friends stand awkwardly behind them.

“I hate myself for it,” Alex says, a small sob escaping.

“Sometimes I think I hate you for it, too.”

“That’s enough!” J’onn roars. “This was a bad idea. Maggie, take Alex to the training room. Olsen and Schott, get back to work.”

“We need to-“

“You don’t need to do anything. You’re all forgetting that these are Kara’s deepest thoughts and fears. And that she loves you all more fiercely than another being has loved their family.”

The team breaks up, only Lena staying behind. J’onn turns to Kara.

“I’m sorry, Kara,” he murmurs. “you’re so much more than an asset. You’re… you’re a daughter.”

“You’re the strongest person I know,” she tells him with a friendly, aloof smile, and he sighs softly before he leaves. It may not have been the best method of hashing things out, but he’s glad that they’ve aired their problems. It means they can start moving forward. It means Kara can start healing.


(le prompt) (soulmate au)


words: 1k

for @fuckthewaveringwood and @glitterytrashhh who wanted me to write it (thank you) :D

itd been years since i defeated the humdrum, since i left watford, and since i moved in with penny. most importantly, itd been years since id had to deal with baz. 

i was finally about to turn 21, and i cant wait to see who’s body i wake up in. the whole idea of switching bodies with my soulmate still freaks me out, but i cant help but pray i end up in my boyfriends flat (i did a lot of figuring out after watford). even if it means an awkward encounter with his mysterious, barely-there flatmate. 

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Bam, here's a Rylex prompt for ya: Ryland and Alex are making out but mostly cuddling and peeps walk in??? on ???? Them?? That's kinda my kOnkie DonKie

here you go, fluffy rylex for the soul my friend !!

ryland, in my headcanon, is demisexual, hence the physical affection thing, but i had a lot of fun writing this so i hope you enjoy!!

also,, kOnkie DonKie???? same


They’d taken affection one step at a time.

Alex learned early on that Ryland hated physical contact. Hand touches, pats on the head, brushing legs, he hated it all. He’d flinch and move away, or avoid the contact altogether. Alex respected it, of course, but he couldn’t seem to figure out why.

Ryland had a heart of gold. Alex knew that. There must’ve been some reason he didn’t like touching people. Alex suspected it had something to do with detaching himself from society and his general distrust of people. 

Alex had done his best, and succeeded, in getting Ryland to open up a bit more. After much prodding and slow steps, Ryland was learning how to approach others. His temper didn’t even flare up much anymore. Ryland never, ever got so angry he’d hurt someone, but he had a sharp tongue and Alex knew how hard Ryland was working to try and stay calm.

Ryland considered himself an unlovable jerk, but Alex knew that wasn’t the case at all.

And now, so did their friends.

Sam, Kamal, and Ash still made regular appearances at the apartment. Alex was delighted to discover that they, too, had developed affection for Ryland, looking past his tough demeanor to find a kind soul Alex had known all along.

Ryland was happier, too. Slowly, he began to allow Alex to throw his arm around him during a game tournament. He let Sam high-five him after a good match. He allowed Ash to hug him quickly before they’d leave.

The first time they kissed, Alex had been on cloud nine. It hadn’t even occurred to him in the moment that this was a huge step for Ryland. He didn’t push Alex away, but he shied away when Alex tried to kiss him again.

Baby steps, Alex reminded himself. He didn’t mind. If it made Ryland comfortable, he was willing to wait. 

He nearly shrieked when Ryland walked out the next morning and gave Alex a small peck on the forehead. It was such a simple gesture, but Alex floated around for the rest of the day.

Things progressed. They started cuddling during movies. Ryland held his hand when they went to the store. Alex was allowed to play with Ryland’s hair while he played a video game.

Despite this, Ryland shied away from anyone that wasn’t Alex. He was okay with Sam and Ash on a few small things, and even Kamal, but still didn’t care for touching others, or even interacting. It was okay, though. He was trying his best.

One particular evening, Alex was snuggled against Ryland, practically in his lap, and Ryland was trying to defeat a video game boss. Alex blinked sleepily as Ryland succeeded, barely registering the dancing character.

“You did it, boo,” he said, turning to look up at Ryland. Ryland yawned, casting the controller aside as he slumped into the couch.

“Yeah. About fuckin’ time.”

Alex inched forward a little, testing the waters. “You’re super warm, baby bear. Is it too hot in here?”

Ryland stretched, moving his arm to place around Alex and gave a half-smile. “Nah. I’m good.”

Alex was unprepared for Ryland to turn and press a soft kiss to his mouth. It was quick, hardly even a peck, but Alex’s entire face heated up and he could feel himself beaming.

Ryland caught his expression and rolled his eyes, trying to hide his own blush. “Jeez, dude. No need to get all excited.”

Alex wriggled closer, his heart beating a mile a minute. “But Ry,” he whined, “your kisses are so warm.”

Ryland’s blush deepened, and Alex hesitated, allowing Ryland to move away if he needed to, but Ryland didn’t as Alex went for the strike.

The second kiss was longer, but just as soft. Alex slid his mouth over Ryland’s, feeling Ryland’s accelerated pulse under his hands as he smiled. Ryland’s mouth moved slowly, but calmly. He seemed okay.

Alex leaned back to catch his breath, and Ryland stared at him with affection written all over his face. It was a soft side Alex didn’t see often.

Alex smiled, leaning his forehead against Ryland’s. “You’re so cute.”

“Stop,” Ryland grumbled, and it was his turn to lean forward and catch Alex’s mouth. They didn’t land exactly center, and Alex giggled at the feeling of Ryland’s mouth on the corner of his own.

Alex hummed against him, reaching a hand up to play with the hair Ryland had released from his ponytail. He threaded his fingers through it, reflexively tugging on the ends when Ryland pressed a tentative kiss to his jaw.

Ryland leaned back, and Alex released the hair, afraid he’d pushed Ryland’s limit, but Ryland just looked flushed. “What was with that noise?”

“What noise?” Alex asked, his words stuttering.

A glint came to Ryland’s eye, and Alex found himself swaying a little. Has Ryland always been this damn hot?

Before Ryland could tease him, Alex decided to play dirty, leaning forward to kiss Ryland’s collarbone. Ryland froze under him, but didn’t move away, so Alex took this as a good sign and kissed up his neck. Ryland squeaked.

“Alex, you–”

The front door crashed open, and the two men yelped as they jumped apart, both turning bright red.

“We’re here for movie night!” Kamal yelled, hopping over to the microwave, blissfully unaware of Ryland and Alex’s mortification. “Hope you guys picked out the movie!”

Sam and Ash soon followed, and Ryland hastily adjusted his shirt and Alex smoothed his hair as Sam rummaged in the fridge and Ash joined them in the living room.

“Are you two okay?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked from one flushed face to the other. Ryland crossed him arms, huffing.

“We’re fine.”

Alex nodded frantically, and he knew Ash didn’t buy it, but mercifully let it go as Kamal joined them with a huge bowl of popcorn. “All right! I’ve got the first Lord of the Rings here if you dumbasses don’t have a movie ready.”

“You’re just picking on me because I haven’t seen it,” Ryland retorted as Kamal opened the DVD player.

As the movie began, Alex dug his fingers under the blankets to find Ryland’s. Wordlessly, he tangled their hands together, giving Ryland’s a soft squeeze.

Ryland didn’t say anything, but Alex felt his heart leap at the gentle squeeze he got in return.

Lean fingers ran over a taunt face, feeding magic and feeling out what more healing magic her body needed. The black polish shone in the dark, further emphasizing the metallic hues of his rings, attracting attention as they danced, smoothing a ridge in her nose and vein, once dark now slightly more faded. Only a couple more weeks and Dot would finally be able to bear to watch her reflection in the mirror.

Magnus was sure she didn’t know he knew. She had no idea he’d noticed how she flinched every time she accidentally stumbled on anything that showed her reflection, even the polished oak of the end table she’d bumped into the previous night.

Her hands had trembled, fingers slowly risen to run their lengths over her face, a brief look of horror and pain spreading over her features before she’d slipped the mask back on and had continued on her way. Magnus was sure that if he’d been in the room, she wouldn’t have even let that much through.

Dorothea Rollins had loyalty in her bones and wore her pride like an armour. It was a pride innate in every warlock. Their lives depended on it, not just because only they could determine their own worth—their world made certain to tell them as often as it could, that it didn’t think they were worth that much—but because it was that and sheer stubbornness that got them through dark times, the pride that they showed the world to prevent it from seeing the chink in their armour and catching a whiff that they were just about to shatter into tiny little fragments. All that time with Valentine had wreaked havoc on her. And only her pride was keeping her standing at the moment.

He had no intention of stripping her of it.

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Mission Accomplished (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Request: Hello beautiful!! I love your blog so much!! Can I please have a Steve Rogers imagine where the reader really really likes him and asks the avengers for advice but he overhears. And the reader always gets really shy and clumsy when he’s around. Ends in a really cute way with fluff? It would mean a lot take all the time you need 😊💖

Requested By: @neverlands-music-girl

Word Count: 4,051

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Hello, lovely followers! I am finally back and actually wrote something! I am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in such a long time. I have been so busy with college and I just now had time to sit down and write. Also I am sorry if this kind of sucks but I hope you all enjoy! And to @neverlands-music-girl who requested this, thank you very much for the request and I am glad that you love my blog! Well, I hope you all enjoy and hopefully I will be able to write more often!

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Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

“(Y/N), you need to just tell him,” Nat insisted as she gripped your shoulders. Immediately shaking your head ‘no,’ a sigh escaped her lips as she glared at you. “Why not?”

“Well, for one, he’s him and I’m me,” You said with a chuckle. Earning a disapproving look from Nat, you sighed as you collapsed onto your bed. 

“Oh, please,” She scoffed as she rolled her eyes. Sitting down next to you, she pulled you up into a sitting position.

“Well, it’s true,” You said with a shrug. “I mean, just look at him. He’s tall, kind, super strong, and not to mention extremely handsome. How would he ever like me?”

“Steve already does like you,” She insisted once more, trying to convince you that her words are true. “Just talk to him.”

“Ha, yeah right. When did that ever work out for me?” You quipped back as you remembered every time you tried to talk to him. Without fail you would either say something extremely stupid, knock something over, or fall flat on your face. Glancing at your watch, you sighed as you stood up from the bed. “Well, I got to go. Sam’s training me in a few. See ya, Nat.”

With a quick goodbye to you, she left your room to let you get ready. Pulling on your workout clothes, you grab your water bottle as you head down to the gym. Turning down the hallway, you about stop dead in your tracks when you see who is at the end of the hallway. Gulping, you could feel your anxiety spike as you recognized the tall figure with that absolutely gorgeous smile.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” Steve’s voice called out from down the hall as he waved at you. Flashing you his dazzling smile, he quickly jogged towards you since you had become cemented to the floor. “Sam ended up having to go on a impromptu mission today, so I’ll be training you. Are you ready?”

Growing increasingly flustered at how close he is, you nod silently, not trusting your own voice. Of course he just had to train you today. With a quick glance at your outfit, you chastise yourself for not putting on your cute workout clothes. Leading you into the training room, Steve made small chat with you as you started to stretch and warm up.

“So how are you? I feel like I haven’t seen you in so long,” Steve chatted as he stretched his arm behind his back, causing his shirt to slightly lift up. As your eyes darted down to his exposed abs, you gulped once again as you too stretched. 

“I-I’m g-good,” You stuttered, waves of embarrassment flooding over you. Diverting your eyes to literally anywhere else in the room, you tried to ignore just how overwhelming Steve’s presence was. As if I could ever ignore him, you thought to yourself with a chuckle as your eyes eventually settled on him. From the moment you met him, your heart was already his without him knowing it. All it took was one smile about a year ago and you were his. 

It was your very first day at the Avengers compound and you were extremely nervous. When S.H.I.E.L.D. was still up and running, you were one of the greatest agents that they had. You were always on time for work and always got the mission done, no matter what. When S.H.I.E.L.D. went under and all of the H.Y.D.R.A. agents were exposed, you quickly had to go undercover in fear of being found and killed. A couple of years later and you were quietly doing vigilante work as you tried to stop every last H.Y.D.R.A. agent out there. Well whenever your path crossed with the Avengers, you quickly foiled their missions in order to stop  H.Y.D.R.A. yourself to get your revenge. When Nat and Clint finally figured out who was constantly messing with the team, they immediately offered you a position with the Avengers, glad that you were still alive and glad that they had found another old friend. 

Of course though, for the first time in your career, you were late for work. Late for your first day. As you tried to push back your own nerves as you ran into the compound, you characteristically tripped and fell onto the floor. Before you could even pick yourself up, a hand was stretched out for you to take. When you took it, your eyes trailed up the very muscular arm to find that it was attached to the one and only Steve Rogers.

“Are you okay?” Steve had asked with an eye-crinkling smile as he pulled you up. As you nodded your head in embarrassment, Steve quickly picked up your belongings and handed them back to you. “I’m Steve, and you are?”

“(Y/N),” You answered as you felt your knees wobble underneath his gaze. 

“Nice to meet you, (Y/N),” Steve said with a smile that captured your heart within a nanosecond. “Welcome to the team.”

“Uh, (Y/N)? You there?” Steve’s voice rang out as he pulled you from your memory. 

“Wha-?” You called out in shock as you lost your footing on the moving treadmill. Arms flailing as the treadmill shot you off, you landed with a thud on the hard concrete floor.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked just like before as he stretched out his hand. As you grabbed his hand to allow him to pull you up, you couldn’t help but notice that your hand fit perfectly in his. 

“Uh, y-yeah. I’m just, um, I’m gonna go now,” You stuttered as you felt the heat of embarrassment crash over you. Quickly spinning around from Steve, you ran into the punching bag. Stumbling once more, now even more embarrassed, you sped towards the doors as you tried to slow down your racing heart. You were absolutely positive that you had never felt a spark before when he grabbed your hand. But why did you feel one now?

A couple of weeks after the treadmill incident, you found yourself obsessing over the spark that you felt when he touched your hand. Every time your mind came back to it, you tried to convince yourself that it was just static electricity, or some other weird thing. You would not let yourself believe that that spark actually meant something in fear of getting your heart broken.

When your mind went back to Steve and the spark, you could feel the frustration building up inside of you. Why did you have to like Steve?! Or better yet, love him? Why did your heart like to torture you so by thinking about what it would be like with Steve even though it knew you could never have him?

Wiping away the tears that came from the anger you had for yourself, you felt a rush of bravery wash over you as your feet took you to where all of the Avengers were. You were going to get advice on how to admit your feelings to Steve. You were going to form a plan just like any other mission and you were going to do what you do best: complete the mission no matter what it takes. No matter if your heart breaks in the process.

“Ah, there’s my favorite little agent!” Tony called out as he saw you walk into the living room. A small smile formed on your lips as you greeted all of the Avengers. 

“Okay, I need your guys’ help,” You said with a shaky breath as your eyes traveled over each and every one of them.

“How should we ever be of service, Lady (Y/N)?” Thor’s deep voice resonated as each of the Avengers turned towards you to give you their undivided attention.

“Okay,” You said as you took a deep breath in. “I’m in love with Steve and I need to finally admit my feelings for him or else I’m going to go crazy. So, how do I do that?”

The shocked look on the Avengers made you furrow your eyebrows. You didn’t understand why they were confused, considering that they all knew of your affections for the Captain. 

“I think you just did,” Clint broke through the silence as he pointed a finger at something behind you. Freezing in your spot, you felt your blood run cold. 

“We’ll, uh, give you two a moment,” Bruce said with a small smile as he ushered everyone out.

“But I want to watch!” Tony whined to which he received a quick smack from Nat. Throwing a wink over her shoulder, she mouthed ‘good luck.’

Mustering up all of the courage that you could, you forced yourself to turn around and face Steve. There he stood, a shocked look sprawled across his features as his baby blue eyes bore into yours. 

“You-you love me?” Steve stammered as you bit your lip, nodding. “For how long?”

“Basically since I’ve met you,” You said in a small voice.

“But-wha-how?” He stumbled over his words, making you laugh lightly.

“Finally I’m not the one stumbling over my words,” You said with a small chuckle even though you were absolutely terrified. “And it’s pretty simple, really. You are absolutely wonderful and everything I could ever want and more.”

Silence followed your words. Even though you haven’t directly said those three words to his face, those last couple of words held all the truth about your feelings towards the man you had given your heart to.

Blinking away the shock that your words held, Steve took a step towards you, making you draw a quick intake of breath. Grabbing your hand in his, Steve pulled you close to him as he took in a deep breath.

“You’re everything I could ever want and more too, (Y/N). I have loved you for so long now, that I didn’t think it was ever possible that you would ever return my feelings,” Steve said in a whisper as he tilted your chin up towards him. You saw his eyes dart down to your lips and then back up to your eyes, silently asking for your permission to do the very thing that his heart has ached to do for a whole year now.

With a slight nod of your head, Steve gently brushed his lips against yours, still hesitant at what you would do. You felt your breath catch in your throat as his lips brushed over yours once more and as his sweet breath fanned over your face as you waited in anticipation. When his lips finally settled onto yours, you couldn’t help but let your smile break out onto your face as your fingers weaved into his blonde hair. Steve’s hands found the small of your back as he too smiled into the kiss, pulling you even closer to him.

When the two of you finally pull back, you can’t help but just stand there with your eyes closed as you try to process just what had happened. When you finally open your eyes, you smiled as you saw Steve in exactly the same position you were in only a few seconds ago.

“YES, GO LADY (Y/N) AND THE CAPTAIN OF AMERICA!” Thor’s booming voice called from around the corner, causing both of your eyes to dart over to see all of the Avengers peering around the corner. As embarrassment flooded through your body and as Steve’s face reddened, you quickly turned to Steve to hide your face in his large chest. Wrapping his arms around you, Steve looked down at you with a blissful smile gracing his face.

“Does this mean you two can finally be together now?” Sam said as he smiled at the two of you. 

“Does it?” You asked as you looked into Steve’s eyes. 

His smile grew even wider as he placed a kiss onto your forehead. “Absolutely.”

Feeling your own smile grace your lips, you wrapped your arm around his neck as you pulled him into another breathtaking kiss. “Mission accomplished.”

the 100 ways to say 'i love you' teen wolf edition
  • 1. "A key to your house, already?"
  • 2. "I am the one keeping you alive, okay?"
  • 3. "If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind."
  • 4. "She is my best friend."
  • 5. "Not all monsters do monstrous things."
  • 6. "You electrified the windows?"
  • 7. "You are the hottest girl."
  • 8. "I would never leave without you."
  • 9. "Dance with me, dumbass."
  • 10. "You can do it."
  • 11. "Am I going to regret this?"
  • 12. "When I kissed you, you held your breath."
  • 13. "You remembered my name."
  • 14. "You are the hot girl."
  • 15. "You were just trying to kiss me."
  • 16. "After everything we've been through, I believe you."
  • 17. "Because I trust you."
  • 18. "I need you."
  • 19. "I knew you liked me."
  • 20. "You are coming back, right?"
  • 21. "I'd like to help you figure it out."
  • 22. "I think you look beautiful."
  • 23. "What do you want me to do?"
  • 24. "You are showing me plenty right now."
  • 25. "It's progress."
  • 26. "I heard you almost got killed."
  • 27. "Why is your heart beating so fast?"
  • 28. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 29. "Did you find her?"
  • 30. "I don't want you to sleep in the chair."
  • 31. "It didn't matter to me."
  • 32. "I don't want you to be normal, I want you to be alive."
  • 33. "Wait here."
  • 34. "You did not just say that."
  • 35. "Do the right-side brakes on your dad's SUV squeak a little bit?"
  • 36. "She stays."
  • 37. "Stay behind me and stay quiet."
  • 38. "Just tell me how to fix this, alright?"
  • 39. "I will come with you."
  • 40. "Is she okay?"
  • 41. "Just focus on the sound of my voice, alright?"
  • 42. "If you got something else in mind, I am okay with that too."
  • 43. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 44. "Part of you is doing something."
  • 45. "Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit."
  • 46. "You're not nervous, are you?"
  • 47. "There's no such thing as fate."
  • 48. "I think you mean..."
  • 49. "Be the Alpha."
  • 50. "Are we still milking that?"
  • 51. "What did you tell her?"
  • 52. "Why do you want to know?"
  • 53. "You wanna play Catwoman, I'll be your Batman."
  • 54. "Can you get me out of here before I drown?"
  • 55. "I won't judge, I promise."
  • 56. "They tip toe."
  • 57. "You know, I put those pants on you."
  • 58. "He can't be dead."
  • 59. "So is that hypothetical situation we talked about getting any less hypothetical?"
  • 60. "Close your eyes."
  • 61. "You want to leave so we can figure it out?"
  • 62. "I'll be your Yoda."
  • 63. "What's this look on your face?"
  • 64. "You're the one who always figures it out."
  • 65. "Can't you trust me just this once?"
  • 66. "You're getting an idea, aren't you?"
  • 67. "What were you thinking going after them?"
  • 68. "I can see it on your face."
  • 69. "I am frustrated."
  • 70. "That's because it doesn't hurt."
  • 71. "Don't be such a sour wolf."
  • 72. "We need help."
  • 73. "I can take care of myself."
  • 74. "Do you still?"
  • 75. "I figured you shouldn't be alone."
  • 76. "I couldn't let that be the last memory you had of her."
  • 77. "Why'd you help me?"
  • 78. "She still is."
  • 79. "Not all of us are."
  • 80. "I wanna paint your body."
  • 81. "I think you could definitely take him."
  • 82. "So what are you gonna do?"
  • 83. "I did ask her out once."
  • 84. "If anything happens, find me."
  • 85. "I am not watching The Notebook again."
  • 86. "We are not leaving without her."
  • 87. "What am I, a nun?"
  • 88. "I am just looking at your eyes."
  • 89. "I really hope you are."
  • 90. "I love your smile."
  • 91. "I only had one friend and she's dead too."
  • 92. "Look at me."
  • 93. "Good thing I had my period last week then."
  • 94. "I hate you."
  • 95. "Who are you?"
  • 96. "I am not leaving, okay?"
  • 97. "You are my brother."
  • 98. "I am here to save my best friend."
  • 99. "Why did you do that?"
  • and...
  • 100. "Because I love you."

thehundredbellarke  asked:

hey!! congrats on 1.5k followers that's AWESOME and we loved caramelkru but mellamymake is so cute too! <3 can we request a fic? with the prompt "we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf" or "okay i get that there are no seats left in this cafe but like i am trying to read here no you cannot have this chair my feet are using it thank you very much please get out of my face now” au please? Thanks for doing this :)

ahhh thanks you guys! ty for all the love <3 it’s def very much reciprocated!


[also on ao3]

“You’re late,” Raven announces when Bellamy walks in, barely looking up from where she’s shaking M&M’s into a bowl with a distinct air of mild vengeance. “The last time we did movie night, you gave me all kinds of shit for being, like, two minutes late. And now, you’re late. So, A+ for hypocrisy, I guess, assho—”

“Shut up,” Bellamy says automatically, ducking into the kitchen with a furtive glance down the hallway. A chorus of muffled laughter drifts in from the living room, a small whoop from Jasper ringing clear above the noise. “Is Clarke here?”

Raven tears her gaze away from her snacks to raise a brow at him. “Of course Clarke is here. Why the hell wouldn’t Clarke be here? Why would you come all the way in here just to—” Her eyes widen, and she drops the bag of M&M’s onto the counter, turning to face him. “What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing,” he says defensively, crossing his arms in front of him. “Nothing’s up. Why would you think something’s up?”

Raven’s sharp gaze narrows. “Because you walked in here to find out if Clarke was here instead of just going in there and, I don’t know, using your eyeballs?” She cocks her head, face scrunching in suspicion. “Also, I didn’t ask what was up. I asked what did you do.”

For a brief moment, Bellamy pauses to think about what it would be like to attempt lying to Raven, just to get out of this awkward situation.

It takes him approximately two point four seconds to arrive at the conclusion that it would most likely be far less awkward if he chose not to attempt it at all.

He takes a deep breath, glancing warily over his shoulder. “Okay, fine. If you must know — last night, Clarke and I were hanging out—”

Big shocker,” Raven deadpans, one brow arched. “Continue.”

“And we were— well, we had a few drinks—”

Raven snorts. “Even bigger shocker. And?”

“And then,” he says, his voice strained. “And then we… kissed.”


Raven frowns. “And … ?”

He reels back a step, unsure how to react to her total lack of surprise. “And… that’s it. We got a little too drunk, and we— we kissed. By accident.”

Raven rolls her eyes. “God. You two are literally the most boring couple that aren’t actually a couple to have ever existed in the history of forever.”

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fandom-queen-of-the-world-deact  asked:

Greetings! may i request (if it hasn't been done before) a situation in which the reader has a panic attack when here father comes into 221b as a client? something angsty? if not that's okay! love your blog :3

Originally posted by sissidead

Reader x Sherlock; Reader x John

“You have another client!” Mrs. Hudson’s voice echoed through 221B.

Sherlock and John sat in their chairs while you went into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. It had been a long day of seeing people come and go in the hopes that Sherlock would pick their case to solve. You figured that John and Sherlock could handle one case by themselves while you took a short break.

You grabbed the teapot off of the stove and a cup from the cabinet. The door to the apartment opened and closed, and you heard heavy footprints walk across the floor to the client chair.

“Thank you for seeing me.”

The cup in your hand fell to the floor and you set the teapot down on the stove before shrinking down to the ground.

“Y/N!” You heard John call out, and in an instant he was at your side. He gently cupped your face and tilted your head up. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“It’s him.” You whispered.

“What do you mean it’s him?” John asked, scanning your face.

“It’s him.” You repeated once more. “It’s my dad.”

“But he has an american accent.” John murmured.

“I used to live in the States before services took me away and sent me to my aunt here.” You wrapped your arms around your knees and took deep breaths. “I was five.”

“That’s the man that abused you?” John asked softly.

You nodded, trying to catch your breath. No matter how hard you breathed, you couldn’t seem to get enough oxygen into your lungs.

“Sherlock!” John called out. “Sherlock!”

“We have a client, John.” Sherlock said, exasperated. “What could you possibly need right now?”

You saw Sherlock kneel down by your side. “Y/N? What’s going on?”

When you didn’t answer, he looked at John.

“She’s having a panic attack.” John told Sherlock. “That man in there is her dad.”

Sherlock gently gripped your forearms. “Y/N, look at me.”

“I’ll go get rid of him.” John quickly dismissed himself and went to go deal with your father.

“Your father. What happened?” Sherlock asked you.

“I was taken from him when I was five.” You repeated.

“Yes, but why. I need you to think, Y/N.” Sherlock persisted.

“I was taken from him when I was five,” was all you could manage to say.

You faintly heard the door open and close, and seconds later John was back in the kitchen crouched down next to you.

“How is she?” John asked Sherlock.

“She won’t tell me anything.” Sherlock let out a sigh.

You took deep, uneven breaths as you began to feel your body tremble. “He’s going to get me. He’s going to get me.”

“Your dad is gone.” John gently told you. “He can’t get me.”

You shook your head back and forth as tears began to fall. “He’s going to get me. I was taken from him when I was five and now he’s going to get me.”

Sherlock and John sat on either side of you and wrapped their arms around your shaking body.

“It’s okay, love, you’re going to be alright.” John whispered softly.

“No can can hurt you anymore.” Sherlock told you.

The two of them sat with you for twenty minutes, until you calmed down ever so slightly. Sherlock brewed you tea while John made you a sandwich. When you were done eating and drinking, the three of you sat in silence, refusing to accept any more cases for the rest of the day.

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Door Knobs

(A/N): Here it is after so long I finally put something new out. I hope you guys like it! Also this was a bunch of requests put together so I won’t actually put them all up here.

warnings: none that I am aware of, pregnancy, brief mention of possible miscarriage, knowing me probably language at some point but I don’t think I actually put any in there.

Originally posted by marvel-madness-is-my-life

“(Y/N)! This is the fourth door handle this week. Eventually Tony is going to question why we keep buying so many new ones!” Nat whisper yells at you from the floor as she replaces yet another door handle for you. “Or at least learn how to replace them yourselves!”

“Please Tony is so oblivious he didn’t even notice that I moved in for two weeks. And eventually I will tell Steve and he will probably fix them for me. I’m too lazy to actually learn how to do this. Besides in a few months Tony will probably have a robot who can do this for me.” You reply from your perch on the side of the bathtub”

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(W)rapped Around Her Finger (pt 2)

Originally posted by minshoseok

A/N: I had such a hard time writing this, and I rewrote this like multiple times but this was the best I could do and for that i’m sorry. I had such a hard time making J-hope look like a douche. He’s such a cutie! Hopefully you all like this little series. I had fun writing~

Thank you for requesting and I would love to write more for people! Send in your requests~ I just don’t write smut hehe.

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Part 1

pairing: j-hope x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

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