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Since I’ve been reading some angst here and there, I felt the need to draw some cute(?) charinina flying in the sky lol Enjoy~

Inspired by super duper cheesy romantic playlists on youtube, heh

@adversed for you, girl~ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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can you post more about harry's band? Their instagrams and twitters?

Alex Salibian (@alexsalibian): guitarist/keys;  

worked on the album with Harry in Jamaica, “Salibian is part of Bhasker’s production crew. He provided guitar, piano and backing vocals for Young the Giant’s 2016 album Home of the Strange, and (along with Bhasker) co-produced the record. He has also lent a production/engineering and musical hand on songs by Cam, Mikky Ekko and Elle King and is credited as a co-writer and co-producer on Styles’ Sign of the Times.”

Mitch Rowland (@mitchellkrowland): guitarist; 

worked on the album with Harry in Jamaica, used to be in a band with Ryan the other producer on Harry’s album called Total Navajo 

Adam Prendergast (@adamprednergast_/@adamtrouble): bassist;

Harry probably met him through Lou because he is the father of lux’s best friend. Played bass for coldplay and the Big Pink. 

Sarah Jones (@pillowpersonpp/@sarahsausages): drummer; 

Was previously the drummer for Hot Chip and other bands but went solo under the name of Pillow Person a while back. 

Clare Uchima (@clareuchima/@clareuchima): pianist; 

Also previously played piano for bands like Kate Tempest and Ghostpoet but put out solo music as well. 

Things I learned in my first year of college

This is more for my reference than anything else, but if you find this info helpful then cool. The ones with *** are the one I found most important or didn’t find on the internet when I was looking for tips. 

  • ***Your feet will hurt from walking around so much. Don’t bother getting new shoes to cope because by the time you break those in you’ll be used to walking around. Save that money for food. 
  • ***Go to career fair. You’ll probably not get the internship or job your first year, but at least you’ll know how to dress yourself, research companies, and present yourself. 
  • Go to club meeting where a company rep is present. Company reps have insane memory. They’ll remember you. Especially if you go see them every time. Helpful for when you’re applying.
  • Get a foam mattress topper
  • Don’t have a crush. You’ll waste so much time thinking about it it’s not even funny. 
  • Make friends. Make connections. Have fun. Get lit (safely).
  • Always plan your safe ride home or you’ll spend $56.50 on an uber at 3 am. 
  • Use the free bus rides you get with your tuition. 
  • Always ask for student discounts. 
  • ***Don’t just do academics. Having a 4.0 is cool and all, but no company or grad school wants you if that’s the ONLY thing you did. 
  • ***Be busy. When you’re busy, you manage your time better and be more productive instead of procrastinating because “oh that test is in like a week and I have nothing to do besides that so I’ll do it later.” 
  • ***Know your limits. You can’t handle being actively involved in 5 clubs and school. You’ll kill yourself in the process. Limit yourself to 3 clubs because it only gets harder from here.
  • Join clubs. Find something besides just academics that peaks your interests. It’ll make you a better student and expand your views. 
    • Join one fun club like a sorority and one serious club like business council. 
  • Work out. You’ll gain weight if you don’t. Set a routine in the summer so you can follow during the year when things get busy. 
  • Be safe. Let’s be real, it’s college and there’s drugs and alcohol everywhere. If you choose to do it, be safe about it. Here’s some safety tips. 
    • Always use a condom. Get them free from your university health center. 
    • If you’re gonna drink for the first time, do it at home or somewhere that you are comfortable and know 
    • If you’re gonna do drugs, again do it at home or a safe environment 
    • Don’t ever leave your open drink unattended. Get a new one if you do. 
    • You know when someone is sleazy or creepy. Stay away. If they’re persistent, give a fake name or number, get some random girls to let you (Oh jessica we’re leaving lets go), or straight up get away 
    • Never go somewhere alone at night. Even if you have pepper spray. 
  • Visit your family at least twice a semester if you can. They miss you and do a lot for you. Go visit them. I visited mine once a month because empty nest syndrome is real. 
  • Don’t study where your friends are. You’ll get distracted because when it’s 3 am and your getting sick of studying, procrastinating with friends seems super fun. 
  • ***Study with a group. Sounds counter intuitive considering my last tip, but for things like ochem, engineering classes, business projects, or whatever, the classes are designed that if you don’t work in groups you will fail. Find a group of people/friends that are actually productive for studying and stick with it. Form a study squad. Join with other squads from time to time. 
  • Don’t eat out a lot. You’ll get fat and broke.
  • Drink lots of water. Refillable water bottles ftw. 
  • Get off your phone in class. No you can’t pay attention and listen at the same time. 
  • Email your professors. Go to extra review sessions. When you’re .04 off from getting an A this will help you. 
  • ***ONLY go to TA sessions if they grade the work and/or actually help you learn. Some TA’s are garbage because they’re required to do it for grad school. But they grade your stuff and if you’re one the few people who’s name they know, that’ll definitely help you. If you learn nothing from them and they don’t grade your stuff, don’t waste your time. 
  • Sleep. That all nighter is worse for you than not knowing anything. Cram the best you can and at least get 3 hours. 
  • Save your notes. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, if your friend needs it, or sell it. 
  • ***Use a notebook. Don’t write notes on loose leaf paper. You’ll lose track of it. If you take notes on a laptop, use onenote or something idk I have math and science notes, I can’t take that on a laptop. 
  • If you’re business or something along the line of that, look nice to class. Everyone else is too. Don’t have a professor notice you for your scrubbiness. Comb your hair, throw on some mascara, and wear whatever makes you feel good to class. 
  • ***If you’re stem or something like that, don’t worry to much about looking nice. Unlike business, the professor is probably dressed scrubbier than you. If you look nice, cool, you’ll get noticed for not being scrubby like everyone else. 
  • ***Have desk space. You’re gonna have your laptop, a million papers, and studying utensils out. Have the space for it so you don’t go crazy trying to look for stuff. 
  • ***Have a planner. The most important one. Whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever, have one. You have a lot of stuff to do, and you can’t remember it all. Buy one, print one, use google calender, doesn’t matter just have it.

This might not work for everyone, because some of you are these highly motivated studious students that has their life together, which is awesome please teach me your ways, but if you’re a mess like me, these are some tips I wish I found on a studyblr or college tips. 

  • BTS play table bowling for pocket money
  • Jungkook who is usually good at bowling is so terrible at “table” bowling, he got -25$. Jhope got 3$. Rapmon 23$. Suga 9$.Jin 7$. Jimin got 4$. V 17$. Rapmon so far is the luckiest in Hawaii but Jungkook the lucky guy seems to be cursed in that land lol.
  • Jungkook will challenge again, giving up his basic meal for tomorrow yet he ended up getting the same minus 25$ again. Then Jimin tries and wagers all his 4$, he will end up with 0 if he fails and gets 10$ if he succeeds then he proposes if he gets more than 10$ for them to provide JK with a basic meal (but JK will refuse) and then Jimin hits the highest score 30$. Jhope will put his 3$ on the line and end up with none. End of story “never gamble” as JK said, “You will end up like me”.
  • BTS went hiking, Namjin dances to Spine breaker,  they take a pic all together, Jikook takes a selfie together and they admire the waterfall.
  • Jin is still saying Aloha to every stranger on the way.
  • BTS get the mission to each order his own food: The word that saved them “To go” = takeout. Rapmon will have no problem, Suga is as cool as always, Jimin ever repeated the order numerous time before going in and being so cute even the waitresses will smile, he will ask for the most famous drink and the old lady will say “Pepsi” to which they will both laugh". 
  • Jhope said that when he orders room service in hotels when they are touring, he can’t communicate so he just says “ok, ok” and eats whatever they get him. It’s a hit or miss. 
  • After ordering BTS get to have lunch: Everyone is using forks, but Jin is using the chopsticks he carries around everywhere. Jimin gets to have a bite of JK’s burger. They all share their food and have small-talk as they eat. 
  • BTS get to use their pocket money in a supermarket, JK and JH are left in the car. Jimin will get to buy instant noodles for the broke members and V will get them and apple and an orange each. 
  • BTS head to Maune Kea to see the stars of the big island: Jin even got to speak to a family (he totally forgot he came with BTS for a second). They really love the scenery so they take loads of photos of each other. They jokingly decide to come back there when they turn 50, but more importantly they each set group as staying healthy and making it to the top 100. Jhope wants to release his mixtape, Jungkook to master English (It’s his lifetime goal), Suga didn’t get to participate in the last album because of his mixtape so this year he is more determined. Jimin wants to sing well (even if Jungkook told him"you sing pretty well" and Jin added “his singing is perfect” then all the members approved, they all encourage him to make songs and covers too). Suga still wants to form a unit with Jimin. Jin promised to make an acoustic version of awake. They keep talking while appreciating the sunset. 
  • It’s night, BTS appreciate the stars, hold hands and make wishes: “please let us make it a big hit” “ARMY please always be happy” “I want to be a genius” (JK please). We also discover that Rapmon’s child dream was to be an astronomer like Galileo Galilei (for a year). At the end, BTS will get together and eat their dinner.
  • Arriving at the hotel, Jungkook gets to sleep on the couch (he is really unlucky in Hawaii), Jimin and Yoongi get to share the same bed and so did Rapmon and V, as for the rest they got to sleep on individual beds.

Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

if you caught him red handed eating cake, he’’ll probably just squint at you and keep eating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ aaaa also little birthday doodle for myself// toots confetti 


Commissions I finished during ACen~!! Lost of FE but I also drew Dangan Ronpa/Ace Attorney/Zero Escape/OCs as well!
The first one was a sample I drew. The Jokamu one was for @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth, and the second to last pics are from weebueno (the customer) who asked me to draw in his limited edition Valentia Artbook which was so cool!!

Thank you very much to those who commissioned me during ACen, and to those who dropped by at Kai’s&her sister’s&my table!! It was amazing thanks to you guys! (+I missed my neighbors from ACen2016 Artist Alley and hope to see you next year!;w;)

It was great to spend time with Kai, her sis and my roomie~ Now to relax and enjoy my vacation before getting back to commissions and traveling…(˘ω˘)♥

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may i ask how your drawings look watercolor like ?? is it a special brush you are using ? love your art btw !! keep it up ^o^

i mainly used this brush for the coloring

i got most of my brushes from devianart!! n just did go randmon with the settings  really ´ V `;;

  • for the water color effect just add a new layer above your base (clipping + FRINGE!!!) and there you go  = W =
  • for some nice effects you can also add an overlay layer (or some textures) 

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Hi yes So your art is just really attentive and the way you capture likeness and detail is basically right on. If you could share any tips on how you go about studying features and laying down facial structure I would be really really happy.

Thank you!! Here’s a quick rundown haha ;;

These are the standard proportions of a human head:

When you start tweaking them you get different looking faces!

You can also take the same proportions and change the shapes of the features and get a new face as well! Amazing!

So if you want to draw your favorite characters what you can do is figure out their “facial blueprints” and reference them. Let’s draw that smarmy bastard Hannibal Lecter. Use as many lines as you need to gauge the spacial relations between each feature. 

What shapes make this face uniquely Hannibal’s?

Let’s apply it all together now.

It takes practice of course but it’s a good way to study the character’s face! I hope that was somewhat helpful lol Q__Q

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what's going on with anti and chase...? why does everyone want to protect chase all of sudden? sorry i'm lost

no dont worry about it! a lot did happen in like a couple days that it’s kinda overwhelming haha. im kinda bad at short summaries, but here goes:

jack started to play bio inc redemption, right after having anti show up in his “epidemic” video. because of this and bio inc predominantly being jack killing his patients in the game, people were theorizing that anti might appear sometime soon in the series (and jack kinda confirmed this, along with starting to reblog anti posts/fanart without comment again).

second episode of bio inc comes out, and besides schneeplestein being mentioned, Jack ALSO randomly names his second victim in the video, “Chase Brody”. Everyone then started to ask if this could possibly be the full name of Chase from Bro Average (who we already know and love). and again, jack confirms this WITHOUT COMMENT. people then start posting more about chase, including this post which jack liked as well.

considering that the “chase brody” patient in the episode was killed, and jack later hinting at anti’s involvement with schneeple in the 4th bio inc video (which schneeple was personally in himself), people were a bit wary of chase’s fate in all of this. someone ends up making a post saying that “ if Jack brings back Chase and kills him off or smth i WILL smack a bitch “, which Jack then LIKED.

this sends everyone into a frenzy, wanting to protect the poor dude (just let him see his kids ;-;) and then hours later a jacksepticeye easter egg is released for bio inc, as well as jack dropping SEVERAL MAJOR ANTI HINTS ON A SINGLE DAY(”damaged, glitched, and an “age of ultron” video) raising major Anti alarms (and thus protect chase alarms) throughout the community. along with reblogging more anti and schneeple stuff without comment, jack has reblogged and liked a couple posts about Chase Brody too (some silly, some really nice, and others…worrying).

so yea, at this point it’s been about a week and a half since the last bio inc video. and from all the hints it’s presumed that it will most likely involve anti, schneeple, and chase in some mysterious way. so for whether or not chase is gonna be ok, we’ll have to wait and see….

edit: jack reblogged a chase brody fanart with “a fallen hero!”  

gosh darnit  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.

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Hey, do you have any tips when it comes to coloring? How do you usually color your art?

excellent question friend! lol im by NO means an expert and basically just am constantly fiddling with my process and what i like best, but heres how i currently approach coloring! 

hey! ya gotta start somewhere lol. i lined a sketch that i did from this sketch dump

yep, thats right, IM A FILTHY COLOR PICKER LMAO i just grab directly from screenshots (at least for hair, gems, skin, etc)! thats my favorite screenshot to use for that btw… look at her big honey yellow eyes, absolutely beautiful. so here i just carefully make a color line inside the black line and then use the fill tool. 

for her stripes i usually just do a clipping group over her skin. i also use clipping for all of my shading on each layer (one for skin, one for clothes, hair, etc)

depending on the character/colors im using and the overall look im going for, i like to use pretty saturated colors slightly off their canon colors. for jasper i usually use pinks and reds for shading. i try to be bold with shadow placement (which i know can be a little scary!), and i use the “shade” mode on these layers

now i lower the opacity however much is needed and soften some of the edges with a smoothing tool. i feel like it usually looks better with some hard edges and some soft edges to contrast each other

pretty self explanatory heh, i use various color overlays to get my colors to mesh together better

highlights!!! i love highlights! placement can be hard, but they make her look so shiny and delightful and also help with contrasting the shadows. i usually just fiddle with placement until i’m happy tbh lol

annnnd then the final touches! usually i make a new layer above my black lines and make little adjustments based on what i feel needs it? like here i added more blush haha im gay , made her eyelids lower, added more gold/yellow to her irises, and adjusted some colored lines on her gem. 

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! thats how i color anyway! i hope this is helpful to some of you guys, and again like im by NO MEANS an expert at all lmfao im constantly changing the way i do things when i learn new things and so should all of you! dont be afraid to be flexible and change your habits and styles and coloring - thats the only way to find what’s most fun and comfortable for YOU to do! 💖


really quick little step-by-step thing - i hope its helpful lol. for comics, i usually just dont color + clean, because it takes far too much time and effort

i use paint tool sai! if you have any further questions, send an ask or dm me and i’ll answer directly.

Things I want to see in an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie:
  • Force Ghost Qui-Gon Jinn
  • lOTS of fLASHbacks
  • Satine references and/or flashbacks!
  • Young Luke being innocent af and reminding Ben of Anakin
  • Obi-Wan sort-of-accidentally using Anakin’s lightsaber along with his own in Jar’kai when fighting a bounty hunter or someone, and then being fucking horrified right after when he realizes what he did. (an excuse for me to see Ewan McGregor using two lightsabers)
  • Obi-Wan acknowledging and struggling to deal with the shit show that is his life (honestly they don’t address this enough in canon)
  • Flashbacks to Obi-Wan’s time as a padawan because there’s barely anything about that in canon
  • Flashbacks to Anakin’s time as a padawan between Episodes I and II
  • Clone Wars flashbacks (bonus points if it relates directly to the 2008 and/or the 2003 cartoon)
  • Obi-Wan crying and having flashbacks and/or nightmares and stuff.  A lot.
  • Obi-Wan better not leave Tatooine, or so help me…
  • Obi-Wan talking to Bail Organa over comm about Luke, and Bail talking about Leia.  Also Bail Organa talking about forming the Rebellion at some point in the future.
  • Obi-Wan talking to Yoda through the Force
  • Obi-Wan learning how to become a Force Ghost after death and becoming much more of a Jedi than before.  Because the Obi-Wan we see in Twin Suns and A New Hope is markedly different from the one we see in Revenge of the Sith, and it has to be because of his exile.
  • OBI-WAN FINDING OUT THAT DARTH VADER SURVIVED MUSTAFAR (this can be done in a flashback or something I guess)
  • Owen Lars being sort-of-an-asshole but Beru Lars being kind to Obi-Wan, even when he asks them to let him train Luke.  (They obviously say no).