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hl with kitties!! (or all the boys) that's always a good idea!

idk what exactly these creatures are. but h&l love them.

Omega Royalty Headcanons

-Royal Omegas are almost always placed in arranged marriages. Their mate will be chosen by their parents and the two won’t be allowed to meet each other until the wedding day

-Two weeks before the wedding the Omega and their family will travel to the kingdom that the Omega’s future mate lives in and they stay at the castle to help prepare for the ceremony

-During the two weeks the Alpha and Omega will both be assigned a Beta to keep an eye on them at all times to prevent any premature meetings

-The Alpha quickly becoming annoyed because they can smell the Omega’s scent throughout the entire castle but they aren’t allowed to track the Omega down no matter how badly their instincts want them too, and their Beta friend just laughs and enjoys the Alpha’s suffering

-A royal Omega being a bit on the scrawny side and being constantly criticized by family and other people because they don’t look at all strong enough to carry large and healthy Alpha pups, so no one will want to be arranged to them

-Male royal Omegas being forced to dress femininly and wear makeup even if they don’t particularly want to, because they need to look as delicate as possible at all times. Both male and female Omegas are forced to wear tight corsets and to keep their hair long so it can be pinned up uncomfortably but elegantly

-A royal Omega receiving only a very basic education because their parents don’t want to waste resources just for someone who will spend their life bearing heirs to another kingdom’s throne

-The Omega being married off to an Alpha who encourages them to pursue a higher education because they disagree with the older generations views on a royal Omega’s role in life

-Royal Omegas being respected by the public but often to their parents they act as nothing more than a bargaining chip to merge stronger kingdoms to their own through marriage

-A royal Omega being mated to an Alpha who allows them to cut their hair short for the first time and the Omega being ecstatic over the first taste of freedom they’ve ever had

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What do you think Ford looks like when he thinks no ones watching?

his usual self but with 150% the internal monologues (which, with no one to interrupt his train of thought, just keep running) and heroic poses (within reason). occasionally enhances his actions with drama or flourish for no actual reason and while it should look ridiculous it’s just kind of impressive, actually. maybe a bit of murmured narration or spoken mental notes that he usually tones down when in company

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Could you maybe do a kuroken one where Kenma is a 3rd year and is missing Kuroo a lot. And they're skyping and kuroo notices kenma is really sick? The rest is up to you :) Thanks ^.^

i went with gender neutral pronouns for kenma here because that’s what the last anon asker used for kenma and i kind of like the idea of a gender fluid kitten!  hope that’s okay with you!

also, sorry this took so very long!!!  thank you for this ask, i really enjoyed filling it even though it took a while!  hope you like the result!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below the cut

“So, do you miss me yet?”  Kuroo started all of their Skype calls in the same joking way, but today it wasn’t funny, because the answer was not no or yes, it was “absolutely, more than anything.”  The question itself my Kenma’s stomach ache.  All they wanted was for their best friend and boyfriend to come back home.  But they couldn’t just say that, so instead they shrugged, face impassive, as usual.

On the other end of the line, as typical as this exchange was, Kuroo was worried.  It was hard to tell through the screens and distance that separated them, but their face seemed somehow strained and maybe paler than normal, and Kuroo wondered if it was possible for Kenma to miss him as much as he missed Kenma.  He wanted to brush off the thought, but the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if it was true.

“Hey,” Kuroo said tentatively.  “I’m not that far away.  A 50 minute drive, more or less.  If you need me to come home for a night or a weekend, I’ll be there.”  He says needs because Kuroo himself is feeling a need to see Kenma right now, but he won’t go see him of his own accord.  He promised himself he wouldn’t at the beginning of the school year, two and a half months ago now, because he knew that if he allowed himself free reign, he would never spend any time at school.

Of course, Kenma knew all of this, and they knew how much Kuroo wanted to feel at home at college, and they also knew that Kuroo would be by their side in a second if Kenma so much as hinted that they were lonely.  Which, apparently, they had already done, so they needed to try extra hard to convince Kuroo that they were fine.

The problem is, Kenma has never been good at trying hard, and, in all honesty, they weren’t fine.

Kenma was starting to suspect that their stomachache was caused by something other than just sadness over missing Kuroo.  They suspected that they had a fever, considering the way their body was shivering uncontrollably, and the nausea, which came in intense waves, was getting worse by the minute.  Kenma could barely keep their lunch where it belonged, let alone hold a coherent conversation.

Kuroo waved a hand in front of the camera to get Kenma’s attention.  “Kenma, hey, what’s on?  You keep zoning out.”

“Nothing,” Kenma tried to say, but they were caught off by a queasy hiccup and couldn’t resist making a small moan.  Kuroo was immediately on high alert, posture straightening even as he squinted at the screen.

“Kenma.  Are you… sick?”  Always perceptive, Kuroo hit the nail on the head immediately.

“I’m - hic! - fine,” Kenma mumbled, but they knew it was a lost cause even before they spoke.  Kuroo stood and stepped back from the camera on his computer so that Kenma couldn’t even see his face.

“Hey, Kenma, I’m on my way over, just hang in there, okay?”

“Kuro, you don’t need-“  But Kuroo had already closed his computer and the call ended abruptly.  Kenma sighed, but, in contrast to the nausea, something happy in their stomach fluttered happily at the thought of seeing Kuroo.

By the time Kuroo arrived 40 minutes later, Kenma was in such an awful state that they couldn’t even get up to answer the door.  Curled up in a ball on his bed, when Kuroo knocked, Kenma just sent him a text telling him the door was unlocked and he should just let himself in.

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Sick Omega Headcanons

-Sick Omegas like to wear multiple layers of their Alpha’s clothes, it helps keep them warm while also soothing them by being full of the Alpha’s scent

-Alphas don’t let their Omegas do very much when they are sick, any chores or errands they will do themselves to ensure that their Omega is able to rest and recover

-A sick Omega being really crabby and constantly criticising the way their Alpha is doing things until eventually the Alpha runs out of patience and just scoops them up, puts them in their nest and then curls up behind them and tells them to go to sleep, holding them close while running their fingers through the Omega’s hair and crooning softly until they finally relax

-A sick Omega being too tired to shower so their Alpha fills the tub with hot water and bubbles and insists they take a bath together so the Omega won’t fall asleep and drown, the Omega agrees because they know the bath will include hair washing, shoulder massages, little neck kisses and praises because their Alpha is always very doting when they get sick

-Naturally Alphas always feel bad when their Omega is sick but secretly they kind of enjoy it because they adore having their mate so dependent on them

-An Alpha who is a terrible cook trying to make food for their sick Omega but something burns and the smoke detector is going off and their sleepy Omega wanders in, looks at the remainder of the burnt goop and very “kindly” points out that the food will just make them sicker before grabbing a banana and going back to bed…the whole time mentally swooning about how sweet their Alpha is for trying

-An Alpha constantly running blankets, hoodies, and socks through the dryer to ensure that their sick Omega is kept as warm as possible

-Omegas demand a lot of cuddling and naps, but even more so when they are sick, if they want to cuddle they will force themselves out of bed to find their Alpha, silently drag them away from whatever they are doing, pull them down into the nest and just collapse on top of them to keep them from getting up again, the Alphas never mind though

-Sick Omegas become very restless if they aren’t allowed to be up and doing things so their Alphas will keep giving them little gifts to keep them busy and relaxed like movies, books and puzzles

-Lazy movie days with a lot of hot drinks and long naps and the Omega repeatedly saying “we are NOT making out right now you idiot, you’ll get sick too”

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I've been looking at so much JeffMads art that I had a dream I was Madison last night and ANOTHER Madison in a different art style came and tried to drag me away so I got up and ran into a room WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER ARTSTYLES OF JEFF AND MADISON. I went under the bed and a Madison went out the other side and the evil Madison pinned that one down and stARTED GRATING IT DOWN WITH CHEESE GRATERS AND IT WAS TERRIFYING. And I just had to tell someone about it.


When madison grated madison in your dream

Does it grate out tiny-er ant sized madisons?

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can you write about what it would be like if you were a trainee at pledis and had a sibling kind of relationship with vernon where he looked out for you and hung out with you

wasn’t sure if you wanted this in drabble form or not so i just went w the latter

Originally posted by sneezes

word count: 527

  • so from day one as a trainee @ pledis, you were kind of ostracized by the other trainees
  • you expected idol life to be difficult, but crying in the corner after practice every day wasn’t a part of your expectations
  • regardless, you at least had the groups at pledis to look up to
  • after school weren’t around very often, but they were always respectful
  • nu’est and pristin were also really kind, as they always were to trainees
  • however, you mainly looked up to seventeen, as they were currently the most popular group at the company
  • rather than sit in the corner one day, you decided to get up and try harder for your own good for once
  • you and the other trainees were currently learning seventeen’s boom boom, but you had a difficult time transitioning after the first chorus
  • so you got up and tried
  • again
  • again
  • and again
  • in fact, you worked so hard to the point of near exhaustion
  • little did you know that one of the seventeen members had dropped by pledis, and heard his song played in the practice room
  • he wasn’t intentionally meaning to peek his head through but after seeing that you were practicing his part, more importantly, struggling
  • so when he watched you nearly collapse to the floor, vernon quickly ran in, water bottle in hand
  • you’d blacked out a little bit, but after some water, you felt extremely embarrassed
  • not only had vernon, your superior (practically) been watching you, but he watched you practicing HIS part
  • “sorry..” you mumbled, sipping on the cold water bottle, not wanting to look him in the eyes
  • a hand ruffled your hair, and you heard him chuckle. 
  • “what are you apologizing for? you were doing great up until you passed out”
  • so then you had to go through the awkwardness of explaining your situation about how the other trainees kind of treated you like crap, and how you just wanted to be better so you practiced
  • picking you up off the ground, vernon started the music once again
  • “come on. i’ll help you out”
  • from that day, vernon practically took you under his wing going as far as to even introduce you to the other seventeen members
  • he almost felt like an older brother to you, and he’d even occasionally bring you lunch when he could
  • your relationship with the other trainees improved as well, but it didn’t seem like it was because of vernon, but because of your own spike in confidence
  • you’d hang out with vernon and the other members of seventeen occasionally, but as promotions held them up, and as your training became more rigorous, the time frame seemed to decrease more and more
  • this continued on for months, until your position in your new group was decided: you would be the main rapper, all while also being a lead dancer
  • vernon was one of the first few to figure it out, so he bought you your first bandana to celebrate
  • even past the day of your debut did the two of you continue to support each other, having a strong bond with each other that never seemed to break

-admin steph

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Matchup maybe? I'm a 5'6 female with long dark brown hair and green eyes. My hobby is dancing and I also enjoy baking from time to time. I absolutely love puns but the occasional snark humor gets a good laugh out of me too. I'm kind of a pessimist and don't have that high an opinion of myself.

Matchup? Yes! After some thought I’m thinking that….

Potential Match could be: Caesar Zeppeli!

Originally posted by diannasoriel

- Caesar is known to be quite the womanizer at times, but with you it’s different. Drawn in by your beautiful dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, believe me you would grab his attention! 

- But it’s not just your physical beauty that would cause him to fall for you, but Caesar would also find your snark humor and puns quite entertaining. After all he’s dated quite a few women, but none have been able to make him laugh like you can. With you he’s never bored

- Plus Caesar is pretty confident in himself, and so his smooth confidence would naturally begin to rub off on you the longer the two of you are together. Caesar always quick to reassure you of your beauty and talents, turning your negative outlook into a bright one with time

Thanks for requesting!

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Perfect  [ T.H ]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Hii! Can I request something with Tom Holland? The reader is a plus size girl and they like each other, way more than friends do, but every time Tom’s tries to tell her, she changes the subject bc he’s Tom Holland and she’s afraid that he’s kidding bc she thinks it’s impossible for someone be in love with her. In the end lots of kisses and fluff?

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1226

A/N: I. Am. So. Sorry. This. Took. So. Long. Also, I really hope this is alright for the anon who wrote this! I feel as if it did come out slightly different in the end and that my writing for this also just wasn’t great. 

Tom held your hand softly as the two of you walked through the overgrown grass of the park beside his home. The silence between you was eating at him alive and all he wanted was to speak his mind about how he felt towards you.

The two of you were already practically dating and the feelings that you felt towards each other were painfully obvious but you shied away every time Tom tried to talk about whatever it was that had been brewing between you. There was always an excuse for you to get away from the conversation.

You didn’t want to hear it from him. In fact, you were afraid of hearing it from him. You weren’t like the other girls he hangs around - at least that’s what you thought. To you, they were more beautiful. They were just more. The only thing that differentiates you from them was that they were all much skinnier. You were pretty adamant on the fact that Tom doesn’t feel anything that he says he feels for you and you were also pretty damn sure you were the butt of some sick joke he may have been playing.

But that was nowhere near true. Sure, you may be bigger than other girls but by no means did that mean you weren’t beautiful. You are beautiful. You are so much more than beautiful and just because you weren’t as thin as the other girls you see in magazines or on TV doesn’t mean that they’re any better any more beautiful than you are.

“I need to talk to you about something. You can’t-you can’t try and change the topic this time,” Tom sighs, readjusting his grip on your hand. He was honestly growing tired of you dodging the conversation that you know you need to have. “Just hear me out, yeah?”

You sigh, your eyes dropping to the grass. It was almost softer than your pillow underneath your feet, the grass tickling the exposed skin of your ankles. You were pretty much in love with Tom, there was no question about that. It was known to you that you would have to tell him, whether or not he really does like you back the same way and the thought ate away at your insides every single time you had managed to get away from this very discussion.

“What are we?” Tom sighs, “I mean, we’re basically dating right? I just - I really like you Y/N. I - I’m even in love with you and here you are, avoiding any sort of finalisation between us. I know that you feel what I feel. And I want, no, I need more than anything for you to be mine and for me to be yours. I need to hear something from you. I need your confirmation before we become something new. I need to know that you want this just as bad as I do.”

Tom’s eyes held a sincerity that went unnoticed by you. And if only you had glanced up to meet his gaze for a mere second, every single doubt you had may have just washed away. But, as he spoke you had dared not made direct eye contact with him incase it brought your nightmares to life. It would have been too painful for you to have seen anything in his brown eyes that contradicted the words that he had said.

“Say something. Please.” Tom almost whimpers. His eyebrows are furrowed as you don’t lift your head, hiding the tears that forcefully well up in your eyes from his view. You didn’t want him to see you crying.

There was an ache in your chest. No way could he mean that, right?

“Are you - are you lying, Tom? Be honest with me, please. I just–”

 “Why would I lie? How could you even think that, Y/N?” Tom was taken aback by your accusation. He was completely flabbergasted. He didn’t understand why you thought he was lying because it just didn’t make sense. His breath caught in his throat as you muttered your next words.

“I’m not good enough for you, Tom. All the other girls, they’re all so-”

“Don’t say that. Don’t even say it.”

“Why, Tom? It’s true. You could be with someone so much better for you than me. Someone more beautiful, someone just as perfect as you are. Why wouldn’t this be a joke?” You reply. Tears were slowly making their journey down your cheeks by now. The idea of hiding them completely slipped you as you moved your gaze to meet his own.

“It’s not true. None of it. How could you even say that? How could you even think that I would want to be with anyone else just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you? Dammit, how could you even say that–that you aren’t as beautiful as any other girl?”

Tom was flustered, his cheeks painted pink as a berry. Ragged breaths left him as he awaited your answer, his heart beating at a mile’s worth per second. He just didn’t understand.

“I-I’m not like the other girls you hang out with Tom. I’m bigger, I’m just not as well, as beautiful as you deserve. I can’t give you what they can. The press already make their comments about how I’m not what the other girls are.” You stop for a minute, your words floating through the air that’s thick with tension and unspoken emotions.

“You’re so perfect, Tom,” You carry on, “I’m not.”

“So what if your not thin? You’re still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my damn life. And yes, I do spend time with beautiful people but none of them can compare to you. None of them. You shine, you make me-you make me feel so damn different. You don’t need to give me anything except for your love. And for fuck’s sake, anyone who says or thinks otherwise can deal with me.” Tom’s eyes welled with tears, the both of you standing facing one another. Tom’s hands grip each of your shoulders, his eyes piercing into your own.

You could see in his eyes, that he meant everything he had told you. He did love you. And it hurt him so much that you didn’t see what he saw. It hurt that you thought you weren’t good enough, that you weren’t as beautiful. Tom’s heart ached and all he wanted to do was treat you to everything this world and any other could offer. He wanted you to have it all, he wanted you to feel like the princess you are to him.

You’re perfect.” Tom rests his forehead on yours as he whispers, “You’re so fucking perfect and you have no idea what you do to me.

“Tom,” You mutter, the feeling of his breath on your face sent shivers down your spine. His eyelids flutter, his eyes sparkling under the angle of light coming from the sun. Every doubt you had about yourself disappeared as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you as close to him as possible. “I love you.”

“God, I love you.” His lips meet your own for a brief second, your lips tingling from the lack of warmth that you had felt. Your arms wrapped around his neck and your fingers tangled themselves in his hair as he leaned down to place his lips on yours once more. “I love you so much.”