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Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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Do you have any inspiration when doing builds?

It depends on the build. If it’s something in a similar style to my other builds then I just use my previous builds as inspiration. If it’s something new where I’m trying to replicate a real life style (ex. Tudor, Victorian) then I may do a bit of googling. 

We’re going to use this Tudor home I built as an example. So, I wanted to move Sage’s household to Windenburg and as we know, the style of homes in Widenburg is Tudor. I had never built a Tudor home before so I did a bit of googling for inspiration. 

It took me a while but I found this home and decided to use it as inspiration. What I liked about it was the location of the front door, the landscaping and the diagonal walls that made it look like the house was closing in. So I took those components and created my build. You can’t tell that it was the house I used for inspiration and that’s how I like it. ^_^

psa for fic writers! please refrain from posting about ‘monetary compensation’ on AO3 (commission info, pateron, ko-fi, etc) because they will suspend your account. it’s part of their community guidelines that they remain nonprofit, some franchises would destroy them for letting writers monetize, i think it’s a deeply legal issue it can’t be helped. you can, however, use approved language that AO3 offers such as ‘visit my blog/twitter/tumblr for more info about my writing’. psa for readers, when fic writers use that language it usually means. “psst, i’m open for commission.” you can help them by reblogging/retweeting/supporting their patreon or ko-fi.

while it’s fine to mention if the work was commissioned by someone, but do not advertise directly on their platform;


Basically! I just want to make a big family portrait! And frame it and stuff! For any and all who wish to participate! [THAT MEANS YOU LOVELY OCS! <3]

You can do it two ways;;

Draw your character [full body + colored preferred If not that’s 100% a-ok!] and save it with opacity [so no background] and tag me in the post so I can add it to a finished copy


Draw your character [full body + colored preferred If not that’s 100% a-ok!] and just add onto this one! Whichever is easier! <3 [I’d recommend those doing it that way to ‘download full image or open full image in a new tab’ type of thing to keep size consistent]

Then on the 30/31st of August I’ll collect them all and put them together into a big picture for everyone and frame it [digitally and maybe irl too for my house]

But yeah! I love and adore the time I have spent here, and the amount of love that I see when I come back, and I wish to share that with all of you. Because you’re all amazing. You’re some of the most important memories that I have. And I would love to see all of us together!

Thank you again, and I hope at the least this little thing or the idea of it can bring a smile to you. Have a wonderful day! A wonderful night! You are cherished by this noodle!


Edit: since I was asked ‘Who can participate’ here’s the answer!


And if there are enough people who do not have ‘artistic’ ability/feel they ‘can’ only write [which you can do it! I believe in you!!!] i would be willing to offer at the end of collecting to add your characters into it too!*

*As long as you submit to this blog full references and color pallets -  either found on google or prior commissions for your character. while written explanations help, I would rely more on visual parts you have gathered for me.

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Have you ever had to deal with the loss of a loved one? If so, how did you handle it? Because I can't seem to deal with it at all.

Yes. I didn’t handle it. I still don’t handle it. You don’t really handle it, honestly. I’ve said it before, but I consider grief one of the hardest emotions that we can experience. It’s never ending and can be all-consuming.

However, though it never goes away, it does lighten a bit. Eventually, not everything that reminds you of that person will make you cry. I read this one comment on reddit that really stuck with me, so I’m gonna share it under the cut. I’m sorry for your loss :(

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How do you do your art like what tablet do you use or programs? I'm so new at this but I want to draw for fun

Hi there, anon! I currently do art on Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) and pay for this every month! Because I use it quite a lot, I believe it’s a worthwile purchase - but there are also other programs such as FireAlpaca and Clip Studio Paint at cheaper (or free)? I started out with SAI as an ‘introductory’ thing to digital art - I feel like SAI is a bit less ‘daunting’ than Photoshop, or at least just for me, because of it’s interface, you kind of get used to things like layers and opacity and brush settings etc. 

As for tablet, I use a wacom bamboo tablet! It’s fairly cheap and it does the job right and I’ve had it for about a year and a half! I recommend getting a ‘travel size’ tablet, one that’s fairly small because it’s easier to carry around and use! 

It’s awesome that you are drawing for fun! That’s what it should be! I wish you all the best of luck getting started, and creating amazing things! I’m here if you have any more questions, ye?

Love Yourself

You need a breather.

Take a break.

Breath in deeply.

Inhale, exhale.

Close your eyes, meditate.

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s okay to fall behind.

You can do this.

Ask for help when you need it.

Don’t bash yourself over your mistakes.

Let them go.

You’re human, a limitless soul.

Humans make mistakes.

Don’t strive to be perfect.

We weren’t born that way.

Accept that you aren’t perfect.

Accept that your heart and lungs are sick.

Because they can’t stop your life.

They won’t stop your life.

Your smile is bright.

It makes children grin.

Makes them laugh.

It melts other’s hardened hearts.

Makes them trust and love again.

You’re and adult, but still a teen.

You’re transitioning.

You don’t know every answer yet.

So ask for help.

You aren’t weak.

It takes courage to ask for help.

In fact in that moment.

You’re the bravest you could be.

Think positive.

You’re full of talents.

Let others handle the money and numbers.



Do it again.

Head up.

Eyes forward.

Keep your consciousness clear.

And if you fall, you’re not alone.

Because everyone else is there with you.

And to all of you reading this.

You’re not alone.

Some may seem like their lives are together.

And if that’s so, remember this:

An easy life is an uneventful life.

We’re made to struggle, to learn, to fall.

So when we stand back up,

We’ll feel even better!

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Ahh sorry if this sounds bad but how is it possible to be agender and have a gender at the same time? From what I've learned agender means no gender. Sorry if I sound rude, I'm really just trying to learn! ;u; Thank you!

That’s not rude at all! Never be afraid to ask questions!

I find the most common reason is that someone is genderfluid or bigender or demigender or something similar, and one of their genders happens to be agender. So sometimes they don’t have a gender, or a certain part of them consistently doesn’t have a gender.

There are also quite a few definitions of agender! One of which is “a gender that is neither male or female, but neutral”. It has quite a bit of overlap with the neutrois gender, as well.

You can read up on more about it by clicking here!

this fuckin tag

look omg YALL i was not gonna do this because i hate spamming everyone with tag memes so i resisted but then guess what!!! got tagged by @gayforgayle @endlessraj @hartfeld @violetflipflops @choices-aesthetic @zenobia-is-hot @daddyzigtrash @smartlillian @ohmymaxwell @chris-powell @zaddysloan AND @michellenguyens so here we are because peer pressure is effective my friends

Rules: Answer the questions & tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better.

  • Name: sarah
  • Nickname: there is no nickname for sarah
  • Zodiac sign: sagittarius but like what does that even mean? idk shit about astrology so if anyone does can u tell me about it,, like what signs do we drag what signs are cool idEk
  • Hogwarts House: mothafuckin RAVENCLAW a bich been sorted twice to check and also i got a ravenclaw sweatshirt at harry potter world its v cozy
  • Height: 5′9
  • Sexual orientation: a boring straighty :(
Ethnicity: white bread altho not to be A White™ but i’m half scandinavian i literally had to go to the scandinavian festival in traditional attire in my youth and i know some swedish/norwegian 
Favourite fruit: the fuck kinda question is this, idk like peaches or some shit????
  • Favourite season: summer
  • Favourite book series: yike this is so broad oh dear,,, uh percy jackson of COURse the one love of my life, hunger games, obvs harry potter, THE PRINCESS DIARIES ive read them all like 15 times no lie
  • Favourite fictional characters: this question is stupid wtf does this even mean!!!!! pass
  • Favourite flower: bleeding hearts have y'all seen them??? get ur ass to google but remember to specify flower or u might get……. actual bleeding hearts lmao
  • Favourite scents: idk uhh baking bread i guess,, lilacs r nice
  • Favourite color: RED bitch!!!!!! also forest green and gold
  • Favourite animal: my dog and my cats (also flamingos and manatees)
  • Favourite band: look i gotta be real, i have terrible taste in music and i ACCEPT this about myself i aint mad!!!!!! my fave band is still one direction lmao #rip also i like john mayer and kesha
  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: fun fact im allergic to caffeine (in affective doses so i still got that yung chocolate life)
  • Average hours of sleep: i have an app that tracks mine and it says 6 :(
  • Numbers of blankets: one thousand
  • Dream trip: i really wanna go to australia someday, i feel that i am destined to meet my husband there but also its got SO many horrifying bugs
  • Last thing I googled: “bleedinf heart flower” i cant type and i wanted to remember how pretty they are. sorry this answer sux lmao
  • How many blogs I follow: 94, im a discerning heaux
  • Numbers of followers: 430 and i am in love with ALL OF THEM
  • What I usually post about: this is a Choices Only blog so like maxwell beaumont and #murderking and how much i hate drake/jake
Do I get asks regularly: honestly yea??? which is v new and exciting for me!! sorry if i don’t answer them right away its because i must gather my thoughts

im not tagging SHit for this because you all have done it by now and im tired, its nighttime and i need to do my laundry

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why do you dislike adoribull?

Just the dialogue between the two is… not something I like, I personally feel uncomfortable with the way Bull talks to Dorian, and Dorian appears to be… not happy with it either. Bull is very sexual even though Dorian is clearly not comfortable talking that way in public.

And I think that considering this picks up right after an incredibly emotional encounter with his father… Dorian’s not in a stable place (it’s different with the inquisitor, who emotionally supports and cares for him from day one) and I don’t think Bull is the right person for him at that really vulnerable point.

I’m not gonna go batshit and start throwing the abuse bomb round like I know other people did, but I don’t think it’s a healthy relationship and I don’t think it’s good for Dorian and quite simply I don’t like it.

Not that I’m telling other people how to run their lives, we’re all different, I just personally hate the ship with a burning passion and actively try to avoid it.

Good luck to any of my followers getting their GCSE results tomorrow. I was in your position last year and know what you’re going through. Whatever happens I am so so proud of you. Sending you lots of virtual hugs and hope you get everything you need. You’re awesome x

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hello!! i wanted to pop in and say that i love your blog so much!! thank you for existing and being a high quality blog hehe. i was wondering if you could recommend any other blogs similar to yours or more multifandom blogs? thank you in advance, and i hope you're having a lovely day! :)

Thank you so so much, this is so lovely ur so sweet ilu!! ♡

I’m probably very likely forgetting alot of wonderful blogs but to recommend u some that are similar to mine /and great n diverse w the content/ @lovecherrymagic ; @shnee ; @tznyu ; @araseok ; @kystal ; @kim1ip ; @ravisgirl ; @13x ; @1ricepot  ♡

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I struggle with the coloring arden so i just wanted to ask how many adjustments are you using for your psd? In general? I don't want to use too much.

hmm it depends! looking at my last several psds, i generally use the following “formula”:

color balance, curves, selective color, gradient maps, levels, vibrance + extra additions based on the gif (such as saturation or channel mixer) = anywhere from 10-12 layers for each set 

however, for difficult colorings, like this home party one, i used 20 layers (!!) to get rid of all the blues… it helps if you have a certain image in your mind of how you want the final product to look. personally, i rely on the feelings or mood i want to convey? like for my last yoongi set

  • wanted to create a late night mood but the back lighting was very harsh > increase the levels to remove the light’s glare
  • highlight and add some color to his puffy face to make it seem like he just woke up > increase vibrance and decrease selective color in reds
  • the air is usually more blue (?) during nighttime > add blues/cyans in color balance to even out the warmth on his skin and cool the air around him

so in the end, don’t be afraid to experiment! the trick is what you’re doing with those layers rather than the amount you have ;u; good luck!  

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I have a question that I hope is ok. I have had a suspicion that I might have some form of autism for quite a while now and when you reblog posts that say something along the line of just autism things like the one you just did I have to do a double take because I do all of those things + have them happen to me and am shocked when I see I'm not the only one who does these things especially the really abstract. I don't ever bring it up though in fear that people get upset that I'm "faking"

Oh man, mystery person, that’s pretty heavy!! I know the feeling, it took me a LONG time of self-examination to work out whether I might have autism, and I actually did have to deal with a less-than-optimal response when I tried to talk to someone about it. My doctor outright said ‘but you seem too smart for that’, like.. what the fuck?? So seriously, you need to be prepared to be PERSISTANT. Don’t lose confidence in your decision! Make sure you get to see an actual diagnosis, don’t let them lock you out of it based on dumb stereotypes. Cos seriously, general practitioners going ‘hey this person probably doesnt have this thing that’s completely out of my division, and I wont even let them talk to that division’.. thats just.. GOD I really get frustrated and scared thinking how much more messed up my life would be right now if I’d listened to him and not ever got help for my condition!

So my advice is basically.. even if you don’t want to ‘self-diagnose’, please do ‘self-diagnose’.
You need to be abnormally prepared for this, you need to have a list of all your symptoms, you need to learn the terms and have reference to point to in the event of them denying you the ability to talk to an actual psychologist. And you need to be prepared for them even treating you like you cant be autistic if you were capable of doing this!
You need to hand-hold your general practitioner through explaining what autism even is, and do whatever the fuck you can so you can get transferred over to someone who actually knows who they’re talking about.
Oh and common ‘self-diagnosis’ type stuff can also help a lot in the meantime, because doing research on the subject can lead you to finding new coping methods, finding other people to ask about the subject, and just generally tiding you over until you’re able to get a professional diagnosis and (hopefully) access to things like therapy and local autism community groups.
Also, just, in some countries medical care is way less accessable, so I know not eveyrone is even able to get a professional diagnosis at all.

Oh, and an important thing is that autism is a spectrum and there are many different symptoms you can have. it can even be hard to discover your own symptoms, you might find that they manifest in a weird way because you’ve been subconciously trying to hide them or using some form of unhealthy coping method for years. Going undiagnosed into your adult years is really like.. one of the primary causes for autism being REALLY disabling! Dear god my stage of treatment right now is just learning to untangle a bunch of bullshit I’ve done to myself over the years, and re-learn basic life skills and self confidence. I think if i’d been born into an environment with people who actually would have recognised it and cared about getting me help as a kid, i could have grown up without most of my anxiety issues!
Another important fact is that adult autism is often co-morbid with anxiety issues, due to the circumstances of being left completely alone to deal with this thing for your entire life with no support. There’s also just a lot of ways certain anxiety disorders (as well as ADHD) can have overlapping symptoms with autism spectrum disorders. A lot of the ‘that feel when’ meme stuff can be relateable to all three of these otherwise quite different disorders. So I’d reccommend looking up info on ADHD, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and related conditions too, and maybe seeing which disorder seems most similar to what you’re experiencing. And don’t be scared if it seems like you might have multiple of them! In real life being ‘all the tokens at once’ is VERY MUCH not ‘unrealistic’, man I really hate those people who’re like ‘hwaaa someone who’s black AND gay AND in a wheelchair? political correctness gone maaaad!’ Seriously, its very VERY possible to have more than one mental illness, especially ones that might have a knock-on effect causing another one. Going undiagnosed and untreated for ANYTHING can lead to developing anxiety and depression, but going undiagnosed for a social disability makes it especially likely to get specifically social anxiety.
oh, and randomly for an example I happen to also have prosopagnosia, which means I can’t tell the difference between people’s faces. I literally cannot recognise my best friend if she changes her hairstyle or glasses. This is kinda Double Hell combined with autism, cos its already a challenge for me to judge people’s emotions, lol!

Oh man I’m kinda going offtopic and just rambling every damn fact I know, but I’m just hoping maybe something will be helpful??
I really am not an expert on autism, I dont even know any good informative blogs to link you to. I’m just a regular person who happens to have the condition, and I don’t know how to give good advice when i’m still quite often suffering from denial and self hate myself…
But I dunno, I just hope it could help to hear my personal experience, and know that you’re not alone.
Though now I’m worrying maybe this post is a little intimidating so it might make you feel worse?? Seriously, this is just a worst case scenario thing, hopefully your doctor won’t be as casually gatekeepy as mine was. And I mean, he seemed like a good man who wasnt exactly rude about it and wasnt doing it on purpose. If anything that worries me more, tho, cos he was just politely saying ‘haha no you’re wrong’ to a patient, about a subject he wasnt remotely qualified in, and wouldnt have ever considered reccommending me to a professional if i hadnt kept nagging him about it and come back with a bunch of research and stuff. It felt SO damn cathartic to get that ‘YES, AUTISM’ in the end! Shame I couldnt show it to him and I probably would have had my entire healthcare cut forever if I boasted XD
Also, I was lucky that I had my charity support worker to help me through the stress of the assessment interviews. I hope you have at least one person who’d be able to be there for you and believe you, in times like these. Or, even if you’re like me and you dont’ have any family and stuff, I hope you end up meeting a surprisingly awesome governent worker lady who wears a cool hat and helps you out. Seriously, Amber, you’re a godsend!

So umm.. yeah.. i am REALLY sleep deprived and I am not good at words but i hope some of this helped?? I hope you’re okay, anon!
And honestly, reading ‘lol relateable jokes’ type posts on people’s blogs was how I first started suspecting I was autistic, too. I’d grown up buried in so many stereotypes of mentally ill people, I never thought I was one of them until I actually got to read blogs from their perspective. Joke posts obviously aren’t a substitute for a diagnosis, but I think they kinda serve a valuable role in the self acceptance process, yknow? Thank you, joke posts!

Depression is:

Depression is waking up at 8am but not getting out bed until 6pm
Depression is over eating and/or not eating for a few days
Depression is laughing your head off at 3pm and praying for death at 12am
Depression is not talking to anyone for days on end
Depression is not showering for a week
Depression is losing interest in things you used to care so dearly about
Depression is always having the word “suicide” in your head even when you’re at your happiest

And depression is trying so very hard to just be okay

Depression is holding on. Depression is thinking of something that can just get you through one minute and then thinking of something to get you through the next and the next.

Please don’t give up. We can do this together.

Voltron Terminology: Season Three

A list of places, objects, phrases, and new characters introduced in Season Three. All spelling is from the subtitles. Might be missing one or two. Good luck, content creators!


Puigsaved by Lance and Hunk in s3ep1, attacked again later by the Galra General Ladies. Call themselves the Puigians.
Ulippa System – Throk is transferred out here. The planet/system has ice worms.
Va’Kar quadrant – the Paladins set a course to this place during their search for Lotor and the comet.
Planet Kythra – a tribal desert people, featuring the same large feathered ears as the aliens who rescued Matt. Pronounced “keeth-ra”.
Tando people – live in the Valurian quadrant, and wear flappy loose pants.
Paglium quadrant – the yellow and blue lions were spotted here between season two and three.
Planet Thayserix – planet made of dense gases with unusual magnetic poles that cancel the sensors. Atmosphere has areas full of Red Syntian Nitrate, which is a highly combustible gas that goes BOOM when you shoot through it with “amplified emissions of light.” (In summary: lasers bad. Ice guns okay.)
Daibazaal - original home of the Galra. The comet that Voltron was made from crashed here.
Rygnirath - home of the original Yellow Paladin, Gyrgan
the Dalterion Belt - home of the original Green Paladin, Trigel
Nalquod - home of the original Blue Paladin, Blaytz

Terms and Objects

Red Syntian Nitrate – a highly combustible gas found in parts of Thayserix’s atmosphere. See above.
Skort pantaloons – flappy loose pants traditionally worn by the Tando people.
Bogwaggle-cape – can be trained to sing theme songs. Coran had one back in the day.
Nanothermite titanium-boron – the bomb that broke Matt out of galra prison
Tel-Galax exploration shuttle – one of King Alfor’s deep space vessels. The team come upon it half-suspended between realities. Note: This ship in particular is Commodore Trayling’s ship.
Non-cogs – a term used by trans-reality Alteans that refers to people controlled by the hokril.
Hokril – a device that plugs directly into one’s brain via the back of the skull. This device saps the fighting force from a person – from “enemies”. Used by the trans-reality Alteans to bring “peace”.
Klygarg – a computer or database of some sort. Transmissions can be logged on this device, which needs a password to activate.

Note: the comet that Voltron was made from, as well as Lotor’s new battle-ship, is never specified by name. The ship (and Voltron) are said to be made from the “ore” produced by the comet – but the comet itself currently has no specified name.


By King Groggery the Infirm! – used by Coran as an exclamation. Fun fact: King Groggery the Infirm is also on the Altean currency that Coran tries to bribe the mall-directory!Unilu with in Space Mall (Season 2.7).
By the ancients – another one of Coran’s exclamations.
Hold your gazurgas, everyone! – thank you, Coran.
And I’m the Phoblan of Gargalax – Shiro’s taller captor uses this as a sarcastic statement of disbelief, similar to “sure, and I’m the King of France.”
By willow! – Gyrgan exclaims this at least twice.


Guns of Gamara – really, Sven?


Lotor’s Generals
Ezor – awesome. ‘ribbon-hair’ Galra
Narti – blind with a kitty. Also has tail.
Zethrid – big fluffy ears. Always down to fight.
Acxa – the Galra Keith met in the weblum. Note: the subtitles spell her name differently almost every time.

Original Paladins
Zarkon, from planet Daibazaal – original Black Paladin
King Alfor, from planet Altea – original Red Paladin
Gyrgan, from Rygnirath – original Yellow Paladin
Trigel, from the Dalterion Belt – original Green Paladin
Blaytz, from Nalquod – original Blue Paladin

Commander Throk – attempts to undermine Lotor
Commander Trayling - was in charge of the exploration shuttle the Paladins discover.
Sven – ……….
General Hira – the pink-haired Altean met in the trans-reality. Refers to Allura as ‘Empress.’
Her companion with the spectacles is never named.
Moxilous – a “non-cog” controlled by the Alteans in the trans-reality
Vakala – tiny alien on the ice planet fake!Shiro/Kuron lands on. Their companion, the larger alien, is not named.
Subject Y0XT39 – approved for use in Operation Kuron.
Note: Shiro’s fugitive number is 117-9875. (Season 1.10)
General Raht – assigned by Haggar to keep an eye on Prince Lotor.
Honerva – Haggar’s original name
Kova – Honerva’s cat. Same species as the cat that Narti uses to see through – possibly the same cat? Maybe season 4 will tell us.

Go forth and create!