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There is something so deeply rooted in me that terrifies me. It’s my ability to love and hold on and to find even the smallest ray of light in a very dark place, but also my terrifying ability to shut down all interactions and become so focused on myself, my growth, my happiness. It's become both a blessing and a curse. It has allowed me to love so hard on so many people who didn’t know what love was, it has kept me going on even the worst of days. But oh man how it destroys me when I love the wrong people or when I fight for people who are not yet ready to be fought for. So here I am once again after being shut off for so long, not even close to loving you, but wanting the opportunity to try to, but you’re not ready. So in an effort to not completely shut off my humanity I’ve begun diving into other people in preparation for the knowledge that I will never get to know you how I would like to. But I’m watching them start to hold onto me and I’m elsewhere. How do I warn them? How do I tell them I’m somewhere between holding on so tight to becoming who I am meant to be with no distractions and trying to find a way to let my fingertips graze and grasp all that she is without suffocating her in the process?

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Your Chlonette one-shot was amazing! How do manage to write action so well? I want to diversify the topics of the things I write, and action is one of the major topics I'm struggling with.

thank you!!! it was super fun to write, i’m a sucker for spy/assassin au’s! and let’s see, advice on writing action….

1) don’t go into explicit detail about the entire fight.

you’re not a hollywood stunt choreographer. it’s not necessary to tell us every single thing that happens in a fight. i’ve read fanfictions where fight scenes go on for literally thousands of words and you run the risk of boring your reader when things drag out that long. make sure you’re setting the scene. give us a description of where the fight is. give us smells, give us sights. describe weapons and bodies and how they move/throw punches. set that up early on so we have an idea of how this scene looks. 

and after that? pull back a little. let the reader fill in the blanks about how the fight is going down blow-by-blow. use that time to give a sense of the character’s emotions. what the character is thinking. maybe they’re strategizing in their head. maybe they’re worrying about another character. use your imagination and make it interesting!

2) shake it up!

make all of your scenes different! if you’re writing about a warrior who always fights with a sword, maybe have her lose her sword for one fight scene and make her fight hand to hand. hell, maybe have her struggle with hand to hand and give us a fight scene where she actually struggles. heck, make your characters have to fight in a dark room where they can’t see. how does their fighting style change? how does that affect their skill and their awareness? if you make every fight sound/look the same, it gets boring after a while so don’t be afraid to get creative!

3) use your fight scenes to tell the reader something

your fights should always serve a narrative purpose. throwing in needless, random fights work when you’re michael bay, not so much when you’re a fiction writer. if you’re putting in a fight scene, make it so that your characters get something important during that fight that’ll advance the plot. make them learn something about themselves (a new power! a new skill!) during that fight. make them grapple with a weakness or insecurity that they have that’ll advance their character development or be brought back as a plot device later. the only times where you should really zoom in up close on fight scenes is when they’re doing something important. because then when your reader sees you getting into a fight scene, they’ll think “oooo, something important is gonna happen!”

this is also a really great time to get into emotions and motivations in your fight! again, blow-by-blow action scenes get old very quick. does your character feel angry? humiliated? hurt? traumatized? what are the stakes? why is this fight important? why is this character fighting harder? why are they hesitating? fights are emotional and dramatic! add some texture in there to make the scenes come to life. 

4) use your language to add perspective to your scenes

sometimes when you’re in a hand-to-hand fight with someone, it’s good to really zoom in. a character might feel another character’s breath on their face. might smell their sweat and blood. might be feeling hot and claustrophobic. sometimes (like in war scenes for example) it might be good to pan out and step away and give a snapshot of bodies, of screaming, of gunshots, or swords clashing, etc and not necessarily go into in depth detail about every single mini-fight going on in that mix. think to yourself “do i want them to focus on this one fight, or do i want them to focus on this battle as a whole” and try to emulate that. 

another cool thing to do is play around with sentence structure. so if you want a fight scene to go really quickly, use short/choppy sentences to make it seem fast and punchy. if you want a fight scene to seem sluggish and like it’s going on forever, use longer, run-on sentences to show fatigue or exhaustion. just a cool device to make your scenes more engaging!

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so i'm working on the prompt thing and it's like half done, but i'm having a little (a lot) of trouble with the characterization, especially with Padme (I haven't had the occasion to watch any of the movies in a long time and she seems very much like a cardboard cutout to me when i try to write her), is there any way you would help out a fellow writer by sharing some headcanons? just like, basic padme headcanons, bc i have like...zero to work off of right now and it would be v helpful

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that you’re writing the thing! I can’t even tell you. (No pressure, though. Lord knows I’ve been talking about my unfinished fic for like two years, so take as long as you want/need.)

Concerning Padme, @flaminganakin just put up a really great analysis of her character here, so I recommend checking that out.

And here’s a few random headcanons of mine:

  • Padme is quite close with her sister Sola, but her relationship with her parents is more distant and frequently strained. They love each other, but they don’t really understand each other. (This post has a lot more detail on that headcanon.)
  • She really loves Naboo tradition, and is a bit of a geek about it - she studies old customs and reads classical texts and is actually fluent in the traditional language of flowers (something which is about as well-known among modern Naboo as Victorian flower language is for us today).
  • She’s both an idealist and a cynic, both practical and fanciful. (And this is part of why she’s so consistently underestimated by her opponents, who tend to see only one side of her and then get blindsided by the other. “Queen Amidala is young and naive. You will find controlling her will not be difficult.” Yeah, that one worked out.)
  • Padme actually has quite a lot in common with Anakin. They’re both very passionate, idealistic people with a tendency to prioritize other people - sometimes over ideals, and certainly over themselves. They’re both nerdy romantics. They both have a complex relationship with authority (something that will probably play into a graffiti AU). Anakin’s authority issues are pretty obvious, but I think a lot of people overlook Padme’s because most of what she says is insistence on democracy and the rule of law. But Padme in action has a very definite tendency to follow the old adage: if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. In TPM when she sees the galactic authority of the Senate won’t help her, she decides to go back and retake Naboo herself - a tactic which, it’s worth noting, was at best unsanctioned by the Republic, and arguably illegal (certainly illegal if she’d lost and the Trade Federation had been able to call the shots). In AOTC Padme is the one who decides to go rescue Obi-Wan, again outside the auspices of any official Republic sanction - and that rescue attempt does ultimately precipitate a diplomatic incident. So yes, Padme has a certain anti-authority streak, and it’s sometimes in conflict with her political goals in some really interesting ways.
  • She also has a definite reckless streak, frequently related to her complicated relationship with the concept of authority.
  • She loves fashion and the arts, and has a pretty broad appreciation for different types of art. (Something which may also play into a graffiti AU.)
  • She’s extremely protective of the people and things she loves, and pretty resistant to believing anything negative about them.

Part of why I’m so psyched for this AU is that, while the initial idea of Padme and Anakin meeting again while tagging the same building was mostly crack, there’s enough in their characters that I can actually imagine it happening.

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hi i just started a svt side blog @mingyzu , can you recommend me some blogs? thank you!

SURE THING! i’d also check people’s blogrolls because it’s really easy to find blogs to follow from there! here’s mine!

but some ppl off the top of my head that you should def follow: 

@wonnhao @hanwooz @bokdeongeori @seugcheol @dokyuml @jeonheart @adorehan @minghaos @cheolshu @17dad @performanceunit @minygu @boovely @pledisboys @vitaminniedk @cafewoozi @cinnamingyu @backpackchan @brr-chuck @wonuflake @minghaon @dearhoshi @hoshistan @shua @woozifi @amemericans @jeongahn @jungahns @minghaeo @minghaou @wooziology @jeonghhan @zeungkwan @angelyoons @pabospoiler @jin-wootwoot @cheonsavage @cutescheol !!!!

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Do you know any Arabic dictionaries that give you the definition of the word?

Hello, dear <3

Sure! If you’re looking for an online dictionary, I recommend Al Maany website, not only does it have an Arabic-Arabic dictionary, but it also has Arabic-English, Arabic- French, Arabic- Persian, and other languages as well. It gives different translations for different contexts.

If you’re looking for traditional dictionaries, there are a lot but I’ll recommend the most famous three :

1- المعجم الوجيز  ( Al-Moojam al-wajeez)

2-  معجم لسان العرب (Mo’jam lisaan al arab)

3-  القاموس المحيط  (Al-Qamoos al-Muheet)

Using these dictionaries requires a good grasp of roots, because the words there are arranged in chapters according to the roots, usually the root has three letters for example if you’re looking for the word أزهار the root is زهر so you should open the chapter of ز and take into consideration the هـ and the ر. This is the case of the first two dictionaries.

The third dictionary is the opposite, is you want the word أزهار and the root is زهر, you should look into the chapter of the last letter : ر and take into consideration the ز and هـ.

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hey!! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to improve on figure drawing (besides practicing)? i saw your recent sketches and they look bomb. thanks!!

ahhsuuhhhhu uhhh idk these are more personal things and not really hard rules..

 make sure to keep it loose? I like to exaggerate the curves, but only to a certain extent. Have a line of action and a clear center of gravity. Figure out a method you find most comfortable (skeleton first, geometric shapes, line of action first, contour lines, etc) and look up other artist’s methods for inspiration

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oh god your icon and header are so so pretty. how do you doodle on them?

thank you !!! :”)
i use photoshop to doodle & there’s two ways to go about it which is either:

  • 1. doodling yourself 
    • self explanatory, but doodle whatever you want onto your image! creativity is endless 
    • for me personally i like to play around with the thickness from around 3px to 6px & i use the “hard round” brush  
  • 2. downloading “doodle packs” 
    • which a bunch can be found here 
    • all these packs contain doodles that other people have drawn!
      all you do is open them in photoshop, browse through the doodles and drag&drop the layer that the doodle is on, onto your image :’)

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Hi! I’m the anon who had the interview last week. I didn't get the job :( I feel weird for ranting about this to internet strangers, but most of my friends know the both of us and I don't want to put them in an awkward position you know? And I really need to vent right now, I'm soo angry. Sorry in advance for the negativity :( Late this afternoon I get an email from the recruiter that they’re still awaiting a decision, and that “hopefully we’ll know by tomorrow, otherwise early next week”. (1/3)

It’s just that my friend has already told me he got an offer and accepted before lunch today and will be signing the contract early tomorrow morning. So they already knew for hours when they contacted me. They’re just stringing me along for whatever reason? Treating me like some sort of naive child (I’m closer to 30 than 20, btw. I’ve got 6+ years experience) They KNOW we know each other, why can’t they just be straightforward? *table flip* (2/3)

He asked for a way higher salary than than me (almost 20% more), yet they still preferred him. We’re the same age, have the exact same education and similar experiences (i guess that’s why we were the last 2 candidates). I started working while we were still in college, so I actually have More experience than him… Both he and I know I’m better than him at most of the things they ask for. So it’s all personal, and that feels so shitty. I’ll get over it, but right now I feel horrible. (3/3)

Hi !! It’s okay, you can vent to me, sometimes telling strangers is the best thing haha. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the job, and from what you just told me…I mean, I don’t want to make assumptions, but maybe your friend got the position because he’s a man…? I hate to be sexist, but you see it all the time in the work place, right? If you were asking for a lower salary AND had more experience than him/better at certain things then there shouldn’t have been a problem…I don’t know, maybe I’m looking into too much and I don’t really know how things like that work, but the fact he was male really stood out to me… It also sucks because you guys are friends, so it can make you guys feel awkward and anybody you share friends with too :( I’m so sorry for you. 

Also, I have no explanation for why the company is stringing you along, that’s just ??? If they already know who got the job then why are they making it seem like they are still deliberating. …Very strange. And also, if your friend hadn’t told you he got the job, you would still be thinking there was a chance and that they were still making their decision. It just seems very harsh in my opinion. Once again, I’m so sorry, but like you said, you’ll get over it. Life tries to test us, but I’m a strong believer in things happen for a reason !! It may not seem like it now, but hopefully soon enough things will turn around. Don’t feel bad for ranting to me. Sometimes it’s just good to let it out and scream haha ! I hope you have a better day today !! Best Wishes !!! 

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What do you say is your weakness in job interviews? I know my weaknesses are all related to memory and executive functioning but all jobs want you to be organized...

Hi Anon!

One time I joked, “my ankles” while I tried to find time to think of an actual weakness. I got the job.

On a serious note, try and think of why they have asked you this question. Most of the time, they are hoping for you to give them a reason to not hire you, so your best defence against this is to twist this question around into just another reason you’d be great for the role!

For instance, your memory skills - you can say something like “I have had problems with my memory, but I manage it by ______”, or “sometimes I forget ______, but I’m never afraid to ask for a reminder, and being told twice means I can do a much more thorough job!” Try to think of the skills you’ve gained while working on or managing your “weakness”.

If you personally consider your dyspraxia to be a disability, you might be playing a slightly different ball game.

If you decide that mentioning your dyspraxia might wound your chances, don’t be afraid to pick a different weakness that’s unrelated to the dyspraxia. You don’t have to “admit” to having a disability unless you want to, and employers are not allowed to try and force you into disclosing that information. Keep in mind though, that discrimination laws only apply after you have informed them about your disability, which you can do at any point before or after you’re hired.

(On the other hand, if they have asked you if you have any requirements for the interview and you feel that your dyspraxia is disabling to you and that you’re willing to disclose this, you may be able to request to have the questions in advance, so you have time to prepare!)

I actually have an interview myself on Friday, so I know the struggle! Best of luck to you! - Tea

A bunch of you are probs gonna get upset (or grossed out from the positivity) at me saying this, but I’ve been keeping it internal for a long time and really need to get it off my chest.

I know you might not believe me, I know it’s ridiculous for me to try and say it, but…. lots of people love you.

I know some of you might acknowledge that, and some might be afraid “what if no one likes me”– But trust me.. if someone is willing to interact with you for months, years– even if it’s just one person… you’re not unwanted.

You’re a lot more amazing than you think you are. Worrying about who you are as a person is actually proof that you’re trying.

I know my positivity is kind of gross, but… I had to get it off my chest, y'know? I don’t want my friends to feel worthless when they’re actually the most important people in my life right now.

I don’t know where I’d be without you guys, honestly.

And I try my best everyday– because I look forward to talking to you guys and spending time with you guys every day.

You guys are so important to me.


• Gay. The gayest to ever be gay in this gay world
• women of color !!
• Hayley’s voice is a goddamn angel call
• stretch marks !!!!
• fuckin aesthetic
• makes you wana cry and dance all at once
• bath water looks like tasty strawberry milk
• relatable as fuck


Important messages from “Yuri!!! on Ice” to an athlete

1. You don’t have an expiration date. Yuuri is a “late bloomer”, you can be that too.

2. To succeed in your sport, you don’t have to be born with talent - hard work and dedication will bring you far.

3. Rivalry doesn’t exclude the possibility of a friendship.

Originally posted by rirens

4. What works for others might not work for you. You’re an individual and there’s not one correct answer to what will help you improve your athletic performance. Celestino wasn’t the right coach for Yuuri, ballet didn’t work for Otabek.

5. Some days - maybe weeks or months, even - you won’t perform the way you want to and know you can. That’s okay. You’ll figure it out. Everyone falls into a slump sometimes.

6. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy your sport. It’s supposed to be fun, even though it might seem to be all work and no fun.

7. You don’t have to fight alone . Don’t be afraid to ask for help - it might help you to develop your skills and help you out of a rough patch