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Advice from a uni student

I’ve never really tried to give studying tips before but since so many are starting school, I thought I’d give my two cents as a hopeful second year uni student. Some are probably pretty obvious, but don’t take it for granted, think about it seriously instead.

1. Give it your all. Don’t half ass it because when you get a bad grade you’re going to be regretting watching cat videos for the whole semester. Even if you hate the subject, you need to get a good grade to pass.

2. Ideally, do your readings every week. If you can’t manage, or it’s a long boring chapter, try to at least find a video which explains the subject, and take notes again from the video (make sure said source is reputable, always).

3. When classes are over and it’s time to do readings or homework, if you’re feeling tired don’t force yourself! Unless it’s the week before exams, or a day before the deadline, just take a brief nap and get back to work. If you’re too tired you won’t do your work/ half ass it.

(Try not to leave homework/ assignments for last minute, it’s going to stress you out. A LOT)

4. Compile your bibliography as you’re writing your assignment!!!! Learn how to do footnotes properly, it will save you so much time later + grades are assigned to the bibliography too.

5. Take notes in class, and go to class even if attendance isn’t required. And actually refer to said notes before the exam because they will really help you. ( don’t 100% depend on them, unless you have good notes and you really just want to pass)

6. I’m sure we all have those days when we just can’t bring ourselves to study. Especially two days before an exam. It happens to the best of us. A method that works for me is to try to meditate, or some light exercise. Looking at studyblr pictures doesn’t mean studying.

7. Try to take classes at times when you are less likely to be productive, so that you leave the time when you’re most productive to when you have to study or work on an assignment. (This kind of advice really depends on the kind of person you are. If you are prone to skipping class if you do this, just skip this advice)

8. Lastly, keep some fruit bars or easy to eat food with you constantly. You’re gonna get random food cravings and they won’t let you study. So prepare for that event.

I’m sure there’s plenty more things that I haven’t included, but many other studyblrs have done these advice posts so I’m sure you’ll find what you need. I apologize for not including advice for working students, but since I am not one I can’t give you advice. This has all been advice based on my experience this past year in uni.

If you like these posts or want more tips just let me know ^.^


April 17, 2017

It's morning for me so good morning! The first day of holiday break! I’m actually very happy, and I don’t want it to be over :( also, here is part of my spread for the week, since this week will just be a chill week, I don’t need to do as many things, so I have more space. 

I have a test this Saturday to see if I can get into the Sophmore math classes, or at least advanced math placement. I’ve been reviewing the past 2 months, so I hope I do good! 

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The Avengers Headcanons (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I totally thought this was going to take me so much longer to write. 

Again I want to say that this contains talks of PTSD and anxiety attacks. If this in any way causes you distress then please stop reading and go get help.

With that being said I do hope you like the second part of my headcanons. <3

Fluff & Angst


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Bucky Barnes Headcanons~

  • He’s not very vocal about his feelings towards you, but he does like to show it physically more than anything
  • Bucky likes to put on a tough guy act whenever in front of everyone, he knows he doesn’t have to do it but he does it to protect you
  • Everyone thinks he lost all of his charm or at least it’s buried deep down in him, you know for a fact he only likes to show you his soft/charming side
  • Bucky suffers from a lot of mental illnesses, from PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. He always feels ashamed of it but everyday you make him stand in front of the mirror and point out everything he likes about himself (and on days where he can’t think of anything, you tell him the things that he should love about himself, and if he feels self-conscious about how much you love him, you then tell him what you love about him)
  • The relationship you guys have can and will be very rocky
  • Everyone was very wary about you and him pursing into the relationship
  • You stood up for him and showed that he is capable of loving another human being, even after everything
  • But Steve was beyond ecstatic hearing about you and Buck in a relationship (but he did keep his eye out on the both of you, to make sure neither of you hurt each other)
  • Bucky has night terrors, they can become very violent to the point where he’ll wake up and think he’s back in the war or if it’s about his Hydra days, he’ll wake up back in the mindset of the Winter Soldier
  • As sad it is to say he’s hurt you before from waking up during his night terrors
  • And every time that has happened he would then go hide from you
  • The first time it happened he hide from you for a week, but as time went by you helped him lessen the nightmares with therapy and encouraging words. And when it ever happened again his hiding would lessen to the point where he finally did stop hiding and would talk to you about what happened
  • As though the relationship is rocky, it’s one of the most loving ones ever
  • Bucky would sometimes get in his moods of wanting to shower you in affection (it weirds everyone but Steve out)
  • When hidden away from everyone, both you and Bucky are the biggest cuddle bugs
  • You like to have his metal arm draped over you because he’s a literal walking space heater and his arm is always cool
  • But during the cooler seasons, if he so much touches you with his arm you will literally jump like a frightened kitten
  • You’re the one to kill the bugs
  • The first time he ever said “I love you” you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, you had thought he was having another nightmare so you were ready to console him if he woke up to a startle. But to your surprise he had said “I love you… Y/N” then some other weird noises came from his mouth (he says it doesn’t count because he wasn’t awake, but oh you so totally count it)

~Sam Wilson Headcanons~

  • He too is a huge fucking nerd
  • Whenever it’s movie night at the tower he just has to watch Star Trek (much to Thor’s displeasure)
  • At your shared bedroom, Sam has a secret selection of “SSSM’s” aka “Sam’s Special Secret Movies”
  • They’re disney movies
  • His favorite is Lady & The Tramp
  • Sam wanted to try to famous spaghetti scene when you were making your special spaghetti (you couldn’t deny the look he was giving you)
  • It was a total mess, but he wanted to nail it so he wanted to have spaghetti for dinner for a whole week
  • When you guys got it he had jumped up and knocked over all of the spaghetti onto you (you guys didn’t have spaghetti for a whole month after that)
  • Sam also suffers from PTSD during the time he served in the military
  • So whenever he has an attack from remembering something he always goes to your guy’s bathroom and lays in the tub (he finds that all of the muted colors calming)
  • Also during that time you had learned that Sam is able to relax fully from aromatherapy, so whenever he’s in the tub trying to calm himself down you go in there and light up a mixture of lavender candles and rosemary scent melts. When you’re done lighting up everything you like to sit next to the tub and rub his knuckles
  • Your voice is also very calming to him during his PTSD induced anxiety attacks, so while rubbing his knuckles you tell him memories of things you guys have done together. Sometimes you even just list things you had found on the internet that you know he’d find funny
  • You know when he is finally calmed down, he would lift your hand closer towards him to signal that you should get in the tub too
  • It’s always quiet for a while before Sam talks to you. It’s usually about what had sent him into the attack and about Riley
  • Every time he just says that it was his fault that Riley died and every time he says that you spend the next few hours telling him everything that Riley would want him to do, to not blame himself and that he’s in a better place now. That place either being heaven or with the stars, that his memory of Riley shouldn’t be tainted by sad memories
  • Sam likes to take you out flying
  • And after each flying session Sam has some strange hand shaped bruises on his arms/shoulders (strange right? they look distinctly like yours)
  • He hogs all of the blankets (he does it on purpose so you have to cuddle him)
  • Sam also likes to cook for you! (of course the spaghetti was a different story) But he demands to be the one to cook for you always

~Wanda Maximoff Headcanons~

  • People like to think that she’s super shy and not as courageous like her twin
  • But let it be known that she is one of the biggest flirts when it comes to you
  • Before you guys started dating Pietro would always flirt with you, to the point where everyone would want to physically vomit in their mouths
  • Wanda of course got super tired of his flirting with you and yelled at in him Slovakian (it was in front of everyone, he had just made a joke about you running through his mind all day)
  • Everyone was stunned silent, especially Pietro. He had turned just as red as his sister’s powers. Later on that day when everyone was relaxing in the common room Pietro had picked you up and plopped you on Wanda
  • Everyone of course knew of her affections towards you
  • Tony was the one to suggest (yell) for Wanda to make out already
  • You guys did
  • In front of everyone
  • Like her superhero alias ‘Scarlet Witch’, Wanda practices witchcraft
  • She likes to take you out to get her supplies (your favorite thing to do is help her pick out the perfect crystals for her charms/spells)
  • You both like to dress up as witches for Halloween every year
  • Everyone thinks it’s super cute
  • Wanda sometimes has nightmares too from her days in Hydra, she’s not violent but she’s very unnerved when woken up from the terrors
  • You spend hours reassuring her that they will never and you mean never will get ahold of her again
  • After nightmares and when you’re done reassuring her, Wanda always takes your hand and places it over her heart, she tells you, “As long as this it beating, I will always love you.” (it’s her way of thanking you for being there)
  • And then you’re the one crying
  • Wanda is total little spoon (but sometimes she’ll give in and be the big spoon)
  • Neither of you can kill bugs (she’s all this power but she just cannot bring herself into killing a bug)
  • It ends with both of you shouting for help
  • Nat is always the one to help, the guys are huge babies
  • Like her brother, Wanda loves to tease you, it’s easy to tease you for all she has to do is take whatever is in your hands at the moment and float it above your head
  • Dating one of The Avengers, let alone knowing all of them is super dangerous, so whenever something bad happens that could/have harmed you, Wanda would project happy memories of her and you (including everyone else depending on the situation) into your mind so you wouldn’t freak out

~Pietro Maximoff Headcanons~

  • He takes pride in being a huge flirt
  • Before dating Pietro always did what he did best, flirt with you
  • And if you didn’t give him the time of day (which secretly made him even more madly in love with you) he’d run off to flirt with anyone else in the tower
  • When he had asked you out you thought you were being Punk’d
  • You actually turned around expecting Ashton Kutcher to laugh in your face
  • You turned him down the first time (still thinking he had asked you out on a joke)
  • You then finally said yes after the 20th time of him asking you out (you figured he was being serious after the 6th-7th time he asked you out, but you wanted to see how far he’d go for you)
  • Pietro was beyond nervous for your guy’s first date (he’d never admit it to you though)
  • He asked for pointers from Clint
  • You asked for pointers from Wanda
  • Pietro sometimes flirts with other people while out and about with you (you think it’s a default system in him)
  • It always hurt you though when he does flirt with someone else, you know he thinks of himself highly but you don’t think he understands how much of a blow that is to your self-esteem when he does that
  • One time when he did that was with some particular beautiful grocery clerk and you had left him to go back to the tower
  • Everyone wanted to kill him
  • Now Steve didn’t really approve of what he did to you so he decided to give Pietro some special ‘training’. Everyone watched from the viewing platform, you of course had a front row seat
  • Each time Steve had landed a hit on Pietro, he would turn his body to point at you and then demand Pietro to say something he loves about you and/or apologize (he didn’t hurt he too badly, just was able to leave a few bruises around his body)
  • After about an hour of the special training you had called for everyone to leave, Pietro that day learned that you’re not a force to be reckoned with (you were already startling beautiful and dangerous, he was glad it was Steve giving him the lessons on how to respect you)
  • Pietro only flirts with you now (still disgusts everyone but they’re glad it’s only for you)
  • Whenever you’re sad Pietro likes to ask you for a special place you’d wish to go to, he’d then proceed to take you there
  • He loves to compliment you in Slovakian (you can tell he’s complimenting you from the loving look he gives you)
  • You then punch him because that’s the only way you can respond when he’s looking at you like that (damn him)
  • He doesn’t like to talk about his days with Hydra but you can tell when he’s upset about them (he always tenses up when someone mentions them) You like to give him massages to help ease the tension from it
  • Pietro thinks you’re too good for him

~Scott Lang Headcanons~

  • You met him when his was hiding from the cops in your backyard
  • He was more terrified of seeing you standing there than you were finding him crouching in your bushes
  • You almost peed yourself from laughing
  • You invited him in for tea (he thought you were the strangest yet most attractive person ever) You had found out why he was hiding from the cops (he might have stole some money to give back to his neighbors- they were scammed from some weird salesman)
  • He asked you out that same night
  • You had found out he was Ant-Man through your friend Sam Wilson (SUCH A TWIST WOW)
  • Scott got the shit beat outta him when you found out what he did to Sam
  • He didn’t mind, he liked the fire in your eyes when you punched him
  • Scott introduced you to Cassie after dating for just two weeks
  • “He really likes you Y/N!” is what Cassie said (you wanted cry from how cute she was)
  • He loves to take you on playdates with Cassie
  • Sometimes during the playdates Cassie will insist on doing both of your guy’s makeup
  • Her favorite to do on Scott consists of bright blue eyeshadow, pink blush, and orange lipstick
  • He tries to kiss you every time he has the orange lipstick on
  • When Scott wants to tease you he’d call the ants to hide certain things of yours
  • During the fight with Darren Cross, ANT-hony had died, so you, Scott, and Cassie held a funeral for him (it was actually super sad, both you and Scott cried, Cassie had to hold the tissues)
  • When doing chores about the house, you would ask Scott to get into his Ant-Man suit so he could easily lift up furniture
  • He says he doesn’t have to use the suit to lift up the furniture… but both of you know that he does (where do you even get this furniture from)
  • Scott likes to make this one joke about how he ‘burgled’ your heart, when in reality it was you who stole his


WOWZERS! This honestly took me a long time to do, like all together. But I’m glad I was able to do this!

Thank you anon babe for the request! I saved Scott last just for you <3


Little Romantic

Requested by: @eshia16

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#70 - “Just kiss me you idiot.”
#82 - “Someone keeps leaving love notes in my locker and I’m not sure if I should find it cute or creepy…”


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as a leoji shipper

- “so does anyone want to talk about how gh?? took a bullet for leo??? in his fs??? please talk to me about it lol” 
- “they’re canon fite me gh looked up from his jianbing to talk to him” 
- “you like them too? at least…you know who they are? awesome. we’re best friends now.” 
- crying because of the lack of fic 
- google translating leoji fic in other languages and debating whether or not to muddle through it 
- being eternally grateful for those dozen or so authors who are 1) extremely talented and 2) leoji-oriented  
- “im gonna read this 100k victuuri for the sake of these 2 leoji sentences” 
- “implied leoji” how…dare u… get my hopes up…
- “your blog has two posts but they’re about leoji, so i’ll follow you” 
- “listen i expect to be drowned during leoji week given how many notes the prompts post has” 
- “wait half of those notes were me nvm” 
- *speaking to an empty room* “they’re so…soft…and cute…” 
- “i haven’t written in the last two years, but i’ll start a goddam multichap for these two. probably won’t finish it though

Cheryl Blossom: Angel on fire

Request: Cheryl x reader: 1. I’m not weird, you’re just basic. 2. This is where you impress me, right? 3. Take notes, sweetheart. 4. I had a dream about you. 5. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. 6. You dont get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!

Notes: No more naughty Cheryl. At least for now. My lil redheaded cinnamon roll. Honestly, between Cheryl and Jughead, I don’t know who I love more. Yes, I kinda did use Stef and Lena from The Fosters. I couldn’t think of anyone else so yeah. I hope you guys like it!

Warning: The reader is going to be the sassy one, instead of Cheryl. Let Cherry bomb get a taste of her own medicine. Oooh and this is sort of going to take place after Cheryl found out about what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. Mentions of suicide.

*Flashback starts*

Reader’s POV

I roamed the halls of Riverdale high, literally trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do. I was busy trying to find the right track to listen to, when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see who it was. It was Cheryl Blossom, the ‘HBIC’. At least, that’s what she thought. You see, Cheryl thinks she has control over every person in this school. Boy was she in for a rude awakening. “Watch out next time,Cheryl. You don’t want to mess up expensive shoes, do you?” She scoffed “I’m surprised you even know what expensive actually means.” A bitter laugh escaped my lips. “Oh come on, darling. Did you forget that I live in the big white house next door to you? My moms are the living definition of expensive. You’re not the only rich bitch in Riverdale.” “Sure doesn’t look like it. What are you even wearing, anyway? Looks like you got that shirt from Old Navy.” “Oh yeah like every rich person likes Dolce & Cobana. In case you didn’t know there’s a store called Urban Outfitters. Unlike you, I actually have style.” “Yeah, your weird personality and clothing style really shows how rich you are.” “Hey, I’m not weird, you’re just basic. Walking around, like you’re the fucking queen. News flash, Cheryl, it’s 2017. This whole ‘Regina George’ attitude is irrelevant.” The anger was evident on her face. “I have not got time to deal with your..shenanigans. I have better things to do, than deal with you.” She said in disgust. “Suit yourself then. Bye, bye Cheryl. See ya round, honey.” She stormed away, leaving me in peace. Eventually, I was going to see her sooner, rather than later. Our parents had these joint dinners, where they talk about their success, and try to top each other. I was always forced to hang out with Cheryl. It’d just be an awkward silence between us. Since we weren’t really friends in school, or anywhere for that matter. I’d actually like to be her friend. But, she doesn’t like me very much. But, today it’s going to be different. I’m breaking down that wall, and going to at least try to get to know her. The real her. “Y/N, darling you really need to get dressed for dinner with The Blossoms. And for God’s sake don’t wear something you’d usually wear. Wear something pretty, please?” “Yes, mother of course.” I fake smiled. She nodded and I ran up to my room. I rummaged through my closet, and tried to find something preppy. I don’t own any dresses, so nude off the shoulder crop top and high waisted pants it is. I styled my hair in a simple ponytail, and did my makeup. When I decided I looked decent enough. I walked downstairs where my mom was waiting for me. “Where’s momma? She’s not coming?” “I’m right here, sweetie. Are you guys ready?” We both nodded and left. My parents were the most extra people you could ever meet. Instead of walking, we drove literally right next door. Once we got to the front door, we were greeted by The Blossoms. “Lena, Stefanie, how’re you guys doing?” Mrs. Blossom asked, as she hugged my mom. They talked, while Cheryl and I were to left ‘chat’.  We were both used to this, so we knew what to do. I followed Cheryl to her bedroom. “You know the rules, no talking, no staring, no nothing.” “Well, sorry to disappoint, But, I’m actually going to do what I came here for. Talk.” “Oh no, you don’t.” “Come on, Cheryl. I actually want to get to know you. The real you, not this whole ‘tough bitch’ front you put on. I promise, I’m not as bitchy as I seem.” I smiled in a hopeful manner. “Fine. But if you tell anyone about what happened in this room, I will murder you.” “Yeah yeah, whatever. Let’s start over, yeah? I’ll go first, hi I’m Y/N Valette. What’s your name?” “Cheryl Blossom. Nice to meet you Y/N.” “See, there ya go. It wasn’t that hard to be nice. Was it?” She chuckled. “No. Hey do you want to get out of here? Go to Pop’s maybe?” I was kind of surprised, but I said yes. “Sure, why not. We were going to be stuck here anyway.” So we headed to Pop’s chocklit shoppe. We caught a booth in the back, because all the ones upfront were taken. “This is where you impress me, right?” I asked jokingly. “Ah right. Excuse me, can I please get two large vanilla milkshakes?” She asked the pretty waitress. The waitress nodded and went to get our order. “I was joking, but thank you.” I smiled. “Yeah no problem.” The waitress came back with our milkshakes, but messed up our order. One chocolate, one vanilla. “Excuse me, but this is not vanilla. I simply asked for, not one, but TWO vanilla milkshakes. Does this look like vanilla to you?” She snapped. Poor girl, Cheryl scared her shitless. “Cheryl! No!” I looked at the waitress :Excuse my friend, I’m sorry. We ordered two vanilla milkshakes. Can you exchange this one for vanilla, please?”  The girl nearly ran off, because she was so afraid. “Take notes, sweetheart. Scaring people is not the way to go.” I said to Cheryl. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “I’m not the one you should apologize to.” I said sternly, while pointing towards the brunette haired girl. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Cheryl said sincerely, while looking up at the waitress. She only nodded and walked away. “Um, I hope I don’t make this awkward, but I had a dream about you.” I smiled at the blushing girl. “Were you pouring pig blood on me, while I stood on stage at prom?” “Jesus, Y/N no. We were on a date. And I was happy.” “Kind of like now, huh?” Her cheeks were probably the same color as the lipstick she wore. “Y-you think this is a date?” She stuttered out. “I would like it to be. If that’s okay with you?” I replied shyly. “Oh of course! I mean uh yeah totally.” I laughed at her failed attempt to hide how excited she was. From that moment on, I realized how much I was going to be in love with the infamous redhead.

*Flashback ends*

(Present time)

After everyone found out what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. everything kind of went downhill for Cheryl. I mean her father killed himself, and burned down her house. If her mother didn’t like her before, then she definitely doesn’t like her now. Cheryl was in my bedroom, while I went to get food for us. It broke my heart to see her so depressed. I lost my shit when Archie told me she tried to commit suicide.. Ever since then she’s been staying with me. She told me she never wanted to step foot in that house again. And I understand why. “Y/N?” she said. “Yeah babe?” “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. I don’t have my brother anymore. I don’t even know where Grandma Blossom is. My mother thinks I’m a disgrace. My father is a murderer. What about me is so special, that makes you want to stay?” “Cheryl, what’s so special about you is how passionate you are about certain things. And how you’re so confident, and because I’ve known you since we were kids. I’m your friend and you’re girlfriend. And the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, I made a promise to you that I would always be here when you needed me the most. If you really thought that whatever is going on is going to make me stay away from you, then baby you thought wrong. I love you with everything I have and always will. What type of girlfriend would I be if I just gave up on you in your darkest times? A very bad one. I’m not going anywhere, you’re literally stuck with me for like ever.” I chuckled. For the first time in weeks, I’ve seen her smile. Which was the best thing I’ve ever did. There was knock on my door. “Come in.” My mom entered with Mrs. Blossom. “Really, mom?” I scolded my mom for letting her in. Penelope ignored me and marched right over to Cheryl. “We’re going home. Get all of your things, you’re never coming back here.” I was fuming by now.”What? No, you don’t get to touch her, not after what you did!” I yelled, standing in front of Cheryl. Penelope stepped closer to me and said “Who are you to tell me, what I can and can’t do with my daughter?” “Do you know what my moms do for a living? Lena is a fucking lawyer.  And Stef is a fucking cop. Do you really want to go there?” She contemplated for a minute. “Fine. But when things go South, don’t come running to me, Cheryl.” “Oh, you can fucking bet, this will be the last time you ever see me.” Penelope stormed out, while I turned to Cheryl. I smiled and pecked her lips. “You’re free of the Blossom curse, how does it feel?” I asked laughing. “Great, because I’ve got you.” She smiled.

FIC: Reparations

Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Grog Strongjaw & Scanlan Shorthalt
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: While hunkering down in the mansion on their first night in the Shadowfell, Scanlan and Grog start to repair their friendship.
Also on: AO3
Notes: I’m sure (rather, I hope) that we’ll get lots of these little moments of friendships being repaired between Scanlan and the group, and they’ll be excellent, but I wanted to sneak my own idea in before tomorrow’s episode airs.

Even in the Shadowfell, Grog has to practice.

At least he has a Lionel-free sandpit to practice in. No one to watch him all keen while he sounds out words and spells them out loud and traces their letters out on the parchment. And he found a nice flat shield in the corner to put his parchment on, too, so it doesn’t get sand on it.

Reading’s easier than the writing part. He can kind of guess at the reading, especially if he says it out loud. But even though Percy and Tary put together a special quill for him after he broke a dozen ordinary ones, even though he goes slow and careful to make the shapes, he’s just bad at the writing. Pike says that it’ll get easier with time, and he believes her, but in the middle of practicing, he’s always angry and frustrated that so many things take time.

He’s angry and frustrated about lots of things. He needs to find something to squish. Hopefully tomorrow.

We killed, he’s written so far. He adjusts the quill in his fingers—fingers better-suited to holding swords and hammers and things that are the correct size, that match him—and puts it back to the parchment. The ink comes out of the quill itself, another smart thing that smart people like Percy and Tary can come up with. Easier than dipping it in an ink pot, which probably wouldn’t survive the bag of holding, anyway.

some, he continues. He likes the letter o best. Easy to make. He admires the way it looks on the parchment, like some school-fresh kid wrote it.

“What’s that, Grog?”

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“Let’s think positive!”

I got to the end of P2:IS and I cried. I cried big fat tears of rage. At least it ends on a hopeful note.

… Which promptly gets thrown out the window in EP. hahaahahhaa nobody in this game can catch a break


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Ben Grimm (The Thing) x Reader


Prompt: There isn’t one, but I was having feeeeeeeeeels. Forgive me.

Note: Takes place before the events of Fantastic Four, so he’s not made of rocks yet. Just precious human Jamie Bell. (Yes, this is the reboot. Forgive me.) Will do part 2 if requested ;)

Failing. How could he be failing math? Algebra 2 wasn’t that hard. Well, that was what he thought before Mr. Pym handed him back his latest test. It was an E.

“An E,” he complained to Reed in the garage after school. “Can you believe that? If I get one more freakin’ E, coach’ll take me off the baseball team.”

“That sucks, dude,” Reed sighed. “I could help you out if you want, but I haven’t taken Algebra since last year, so I might be a bit rusty.”

“I dunno,” He sat down on one of the lawn chairs, rubbing some sleep from his eye. “I just…A baseball scholarship is my only hope of ever doing something if this,” he motioned to the matter shuttle they had built. “doesn’t work out.”

“No, I understand,” Reed nodded, studying their machine as he best friend talked. He paused, thinking. “You know, you could always study with one of the student tutors. They do it for volunteer hours, so there isn’t a charge.”

“That’s not a bad idea…”


“I’m Ben Grimm,” Ben signed himself in to the school’s after school tutoring program a few days later. “I’m uh, I’m looking for an Algebra 2 tutor,”

“Algebra 2…” The girl at the school library’s desk scanned the check-in notebook. “You’re with (Y/N) (L/N), over at the back table.”

“Okay, thanks,” Ben said. He grabbed his baseball bag and walked back to the table. There she was, knitting something on a pair of circular needles. “(Y/N) (L/N)?”

“That’s me,” you looked up and took him in. Not too tall, maybe 5’7”, but pretty muscular. The baseball bag was a dead giveaway. Student athlete. Probably failing a math class and needed help before he was cut from the team for low grades. It was a pattern. “And you are?”

“Ben Grimm. I was hoping you could help me out with Algebra 2 homework,”

“You’re in the right place. Take a seat, Ben. I’ll get you taken care of.”


Every day after school and before baseball practice, Ben met up with you in the library for at least an hour, sometimes more. You would go over notes, vocabulary, and go through his homework. You helped him study for tests and make up work he had been missing. In a month, he had flipped his grade from an E to a C+. Better than passing. Passing by a lot.

And though he knew he didn’t really need your lessons anymore, as you had taught him plenty of tips and tricks, he still came in every day.

“(Y/N), I have to show you something,” He said, an excited grin on his face. He sat down at the back table and set his latest test in front of you. On top of the paper, there was an A in bright red pen. You smiled brightly.

“You did it!” You stood up from the table and hugged him tightly. His cheeks burned a bright shade of red. “I’m so proud of you!”

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” He smiled. You pulled away from him and took a second to look at him. “Listen. I uh, have a big baseball game coming up this Saturday, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come?”

“I’d like that,” You smiled softly, nodding in agreement.

“Well in that case,” he reached into his baseball bag and pulled out his jersey from the previous year. ‘Grimm’ was written on the back in big bold white letters. “I brought this for you to wear. It’s kind of a tradition for our girlfriends to wear our old jerseys.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

“I am,”

“How about I try that jersey on for size?” You asked. He nodded, smiling. You turned around and he slid it over your white t-shirt. You buttoned the front, leaving the top three buttons undone.

“While we’re exchanging clothes, I made this for you,” You handed him a knitted orange hat.

“Thanks,” he said, slipping it onto his head.

“I think orange is your color,” You said, sitting down at the table.

“Yeah? I kind of think so too,” Ben nodded, smirking. “But uh, it is a yes, right? To the girlfriend thing?”


[Part one]

Word count: 1.6k

Pairing: Eric x Reader

A/N: So here’s part 2! thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first one. I honestly didn’t expect it to get more than 10 notes so that was a surprise. I really hope you enjoy this one as well! Also I realized my stories can be quite lengthy so I’ve decided to put the “keep reading” cuts just so things don’t clog peoples dashes.

You budge the door open, Eric’s scent tingling your senses as you stumbled into his apartment with a surprised yelp. You hadn’t expected to get the door open, let alone this quickly. Eric was always so reserved, you would have at least thought there would be a chain. Or alarms. Or something.

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anonymous asked:

*Shaking* I'm the last one in line for the meet and greet and I wrote Yoko a note of my love and I just hope they let me give it to her and I don't wanna cry and and and and.... Q_Q *Eyes water up*


2) I’m sorry for being kinda AWOL (I read all your messages prior to this tho!); been running around all day and my bf just got out of the hospital for the second time in the past three days so… I’m kinda stressed rn to say the least

3) I am so happy that you had this wonderful experience!! I’ve been to FF orchestra concert once when it came to my hometown in Detroit. I got dressed up in a red dress and black elbow gloves and shit (my friend who took me was in a tux, no lie), and even though there was no meet and greet, it was THE BEST THING EVER.

So I’m living for your play by plays, lol! Save every ticket stub, every program sleeve, ETC! That’s scrapbook worthy, fam. ❤️

Little update and information post!

The blog has reached 166 followers, wow.
That is incredible guys!
The notes on the posts keep coming in which means it’s being shared and liked which means a lot to me.
So far I get about 2 stories daily which is incredible and it warms my heart to see how many people want to work on this project and help create a voice. So thank you for everything ❤

Aside from that I also want to make sure everyone knows there isn’t a deadline to submitting stories. People can keep submitting stories for at least a few months still, hope this helped!

Lots of love, me 🌹

How to make mind maps!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season :) I’ve received a lot of compliments on my mind maps (thank you so much for that!), so I decided to put together a step by step overview on how I make them. Here is the link to my previous post. *Sorry for the terrible blurring job I did lol 

First, I start with my title (pretty obvious here). Feel free to make it as colorful or as fancy as you’d like, but try and stick with a color scheme. I chose red (I prefer to use just one color throughout in different shades). 

Then, I branch off into ONE section. I’ve seen a lot of people start off by branching off into all their sections first, but I think doing it section by section gives you a lot of room to work with the spacing. Write your heading and notes underneath. I think it all depends on personal preference how you want to write your notes - in short summaries, bullet points, or maybe just a few key words that help bring back your memory on the subject. All up to you :) 

Next, I start working my way around the paper, using my method of going one section at a time. Use lots of diagrams if you’re a visual learner! Even if you can’t draw to save your life *cough me cough* it still helps a lot. Just a tip: when you’re making diagrams, it helps if you draw them on sticky notes, then glue them on to your mind map because it helps them stand out. Also write down vocab words! 

I use a lot of dashed lines to show relevant connecting ideas. And on a side note, if your spacing gets a bit crowded, like mine did a few times, it’s a good idea to separate your sections with cute little zig zags or squiggles :) 

Remember that YOU CAN USE THE BACK!!! If you have an overload of info you want to get down, put some sticky notes on the back of the paper, or maybe like a large diagram. I like to put my mind maps in clear binder sleeves, so writing notes on the back doesn’t hinder my ability to use them at all. 

If you don’t write anything on the back, it’s a good idea to put 2 mind maps in a single binder sleeve just to save resources… and plus it looks really cool in a binder haha. Here’s an example: 

I hope this helped at least a few of you out! Remember that not all mind maps look the same, and you’re completely free to use whatever method works for you. Whether your handwriting is neat or messy, whether you’re a good or bad artist, this is just to help you study. If mind maps don’t help you out at all, please don’t waste time making them because this is for your benefit! Good luck to everyone in 2016, make it your year :) 

sleep with me
My tongue will tell the anger of my heartOr else my heart, concealing it, will break,And, rather than it shall, I will be freeEven to the uttermost, as I please, in words.

calum hood smut

“why are you so moody?”

“i’m not moody, god calum!”

he rolled his eyes at me

“well fine, don’t tell me. just stay grumpy the rest of the day, see if i care” calum made his way over to the front door and was about to walk out.

“stop it, cal” i took off my sandal and threw it in his direction. with my terrible aim, it missed and bounced off the door.

“what the fuck”

i dropped my head in shame, letting my hair fall in front of my face. i spun around and stormed up the stairs

“what on earth do you want?”

“give me some damn attention from time to time”

“you think i don’t give you any attention? you are fucking dumb aren’t you”

“i don’t mean like that calum” my voice getting weaker and weaker, as i stood in the middle of the staircase.

“hmm, then what is it that you mean? whatever could you mean that i don’t give you any attention?” he made his was to the bottom of the stairs and slowly rested his foot on the first step, his hand on the handrail. “i bought you that expensive bracelet and matching necklace for your birthday. i took you on that nice vacation at that 5 star hotel. i take you out on nice fancy dinners. i get you front row tickets to see all those stupid bands you love.” he was now standing on the step below me. “so don’t you fucking dare say i don’t give you any attention”

my bottom lip trembled, “i don’t mean like that”

“then, do you care to tell me?”

“i don’t know..nevermind” i tried turning around and going back upstairs.

calum roughly grasped my wrist making me flinch back “tell me. now”

“we’re never intimate anymore. we haven’t had sex in weeks. you haven’t touched me in weeks”

his hold on my wrist stayed firm. his eyes never left mine. “is that why you’re so pissed?”

“yes. now let go of me so i can leave” i tried shaking my arm free but his strength was overpowering.

“you’re staying" 

"no. i can’t.”

“yes you can”

“but i don’t want to. i’m sick of having to hide all these feelings just to make you happy”

his hand immediately let go of my wrist. he blinked a few times and set his glance on my feet. i was too scared to move, to see what he would do to me.

“if i sleep with you, will you stay?”

i shook my head

“let me try” he sounded broken. and it hurt like hell hearing him like that. “please. i need you”

i turned around and made my way to our room. first, i lifted my shirt over my head and placed it on the end of the bed. next i pulled my jeans down and laid them beside my shirt. calum calmly walked in behind me. his large, warm hands found their way to my waist and he pulled me back into his chest. he rested his chin on my shoulder and took a deep breath.

“i know i don’t say it enough, but i love you” his hands were like feathers and swept down to my hips were my panties hung low. his thumbs hooked around the elastic waist and pulled them down my legs. his lips followed and kissed the soft skin down my legs, tickling my nerves.

i stepped out and he stood back up. my back was still facing him. “i love you too cal" 

his hands were now lightly resting on my shoulders and he pulled the straps of my bra down. he unclasped it and the light material fell to the ground.

calum kissed my shoulder blades and brought his hands around to cup my boobs. he massaged them solicitously.

"get on the bed for me sweetheart”

i laid right down in the middle, propped my head up on the pillows and crossed my legs. calum started undressing himself and i watched intently. his perfectly toned body glowed in the dark, unlit room.

my eyes were glued to his crotch as he pulled his boxers down. i hadn’t seen him this excited in months. he looked up at me, “are you okay there babe?” chuckling slightly

i bit my lip “hurry up, i’ve been waiting a long time for this" 

he climbed his way on the bed and was hovering over my small body. calum kissed my forehead sweetly and kissed along my cheeks until he finally met my lips. he kissed me with the most amount of passion he could muster. 

my legs were shut closed and his knees were on either side. as he kissed me, he opened up my legs, softly pulling them apart. a finger dragged up my slit feeling my wetness.

"you’re so wet” he spoke against my lips

i smiled with the corner of my mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head into the crook of my neck

he mumbled, “we’re just going to have to skip foreplay tonight baby girl”

“that is completely alright with me babe”

he guided his tip to my entrance and eased himself inch by inch inside of me.

“oh my god, you’re so tight. i guess we haven’t been doing this enough” then his teeth sunk into the skin on my neck, surely breaking the skin.

once he was in completely, he stilled himself

“i love you”

“i know cal, just keep going” i moaned out, trying to get him start thrusting.

he pulled out so that only the tip was left in me and slammed back in. the pace was very rhythmic and calming. the only thing i could focus on was his raspy voice moaning my name over and over again.

it felt so good, having him thrust so deep hitting my spot everytime, “i’m not going to last long”

“me neither” he ran one of his hands through my hair and got his fingers tangled in the knots “dammit” and i laughed.

he pulled his head up and looked at me. his hair was damp and his forehead glistened with a layer of sweat, “you’re so going to get it now”

pulling his length out, he flipped me over with his strong arms and lifted my bum high up into the air. my face was now buried in the pillows. unexpectedly, he thrust back in with extreme force

“oh fuck” i moaned into the pillows

his hands gripped onto my bum and kept shoving himself into me, “i’m so close. i’m going to cum”

“c'mon cal. cum for me babe. cum so hard”

“shittt” he groaned out, unloaded deep inside of me.

there have been so many smuts in the smut tag i hope this gets at least 2 notes or i’ll die of embarrassment. i hate the title of this, i wasn’t completely sure what to call it.


Sammy Imagine: Requested

Can you do a blurb where you are best friends with one of the Nebraska boys or cam and Nash. You like them but your scared to tell them and they end getting a girlfriend and you can do the rest! Thanks!🙈

Sorry for the wait love!! I really have no excuse except I was trying to save this request because I really liked the concept. I had the option of making a mini story out of it by choosing just one guy you requested. Or make an imagine based off this request for each one of these guys. I decided on just picking one. If this imagine gets enough notes I’ll do a part 2.

Thanks for the request darling! Hope you like it 😘

“Goaallllllll!!!!” You throw your hands up in celebration and run around Sam’s room in victory. It was currently right around 3 am and Sam and you were having a FIFA tournament on the Xbox 360.

Only about an hour and a half ago were you at home sleeping, but Sam called and woke you up. As soon as you answered the phone he didn’t even give you a chance to complain about waking you at the ungodly hour of the night.

He said something about not feeling well and Nate wasn’t there and he needed you immediately. Remembering exact words is difficult when you’re still half asleep. Nonetheless, you yanked yourself out of bed and threw a sweatshirt on over your sports bra and spandex and drove straight there.

Turns out Sam wasn’t ill as in a cold or something; he was suffering through some anxiety about the new album he was releasing soon. It put a lot of stress on Nate and Sam, and you did everything you could to help out when you weren’t busy with your own job.

Lately though, things had changed for you. After many sleepless nights together, and long days in the studio, you had developed feelings for Sammy boy. Never would have you pictured it in a hundred years.

The only boy from the whole group you ever even thought was near your type was Swazz, but you didn’t like him or anything. The last you pictured yourself ever liking was definitely Sam. But the world works in strange ways.

Luckily, you could put those feelings aside and continue on living. You were good at that sort of thing thank God. Sam would never go for you in a million years. You weren’t even going to attempt to screw up the best friendship you’ve ever had with anyone in your life ever.

That didn’t stop you from the harmless flirting you and Sam always did to each other. It was just harder now to ignore the extra thump in your chest when Sam came from behind you and tackled you on to his bed.

“You only win because I’m stressed. Remember that Y/N.”

“Oh yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep tonight.”

“You will.”

He sends you a wink and you hide your slight blush by attacking him with a pillow.

“Oh it’s on,” he smirks and a grabs a pillow.

“Come get me babe.” You tease and run out of the room and down the hall. You squeal when you turn and see just how close Sam is to catching you.

He whacks you in the back with the pillow, which forces you to turn around and face him to fight.

The pillow war continues for another solid 20 minutes and it has finally reached their master bathroom with a huge garden tub. Seeing an opportunity, you slowly but steadily make Sam start to back up.

“Ahh!” He yelled as he toppled backwards in to the empty tub. You put your foot on his chest in victory and he laughs his adorable laugh at you and your trickery.

Before you know it, he pulled you down on top of him with your faces inches away.

“Let’s just sleep here tonight, okay?” You question him with a slight grin on your face.

“Fine by me.”

With that the two of you make yourselves comfortable. Sammy was laying with has back on the wall of the tub and his feet dangling over the edge. You lied perpendicular to him with your body draped over his. You smile slightly at the sight and drift off to sleep.

*the next morning*

“I swear you two are weird as shit.” Nate shakes his head with a chuckle as he walks in to the sight of you and Sammy in the bath. “At least you have clothes on I guess.”

You both laugh as you volunteer to go make breakfast.

While you’re waiting to get biscuits out of the oven you check your snapchat and see Nate posted something. Opening his story, you see a photo of Sam and yourself in the bath asleep. He captioned it the same thing he told you two “weird as shit.” You shake your head and continue with breakfast.

Not too long later Sam comes out and surprises you with a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t something completely random for Sam but it still have you butterflies.

“What was that for?” You turn and ask him.

“For always being there. Seriously thank you.”

*2 weeks later*

That was the last kiss or heart to heart you had with Sammy before they started filming their new music video, which you were in by the way.

Things didn’t go as planned though, when you paired up to be Nate’s “girl” in the video and not Sam’s. Instead some bitch with extensions got to be. And you hated it.

Constantly, they were touchy and flirty and never stopped for anyone or anything. It made for a good video but off screen was just getting ridiculous. She was literally feeding him now, and your blood was boiling.

Extensions, as you referred to her, had already work with Sam and Nate before, so she knew exactly what to do to get Sam. They started dating like 3 days in to shooting, and you’ve been dead since .

“You’re really had at hiding jealousy you know that?”

You whip around to find Nate standing there with a smirk on his face, and evil in his eyes.

“What are you up to Maloley?”

“No Y/N, it’s what WE are up to.”

Make him jealous. The most obvious plan in the book was Nate’s grabs scheme. But you were desperate so you went for it.

Timing was perfect because it was time for Nate’s solo to be filmed and that meant you were to dance around him and end the solo with you pushing him up against the hood of his car and kiss him. Sammy and Extensions had to sit and watch the whole thing.

When the camera started rolling you brought out all your dirtiest moves, and Nate played right along. At one point you did a body roll perfectly in-sync with Nate and you knew it had to look hot.

If this didn’t get Sam, he’s officially blind.

Again sorry for the wait babe 💙😘 hope you enjoyed. Sorry for typos it’s 1:30 am.

I need at least 50 notes for a part 2! ❤️❤️thanks guys.

Request are closed.

Missed Kiss Pt. 1

Hello my pretties!  I was inspired by The Flash ep 1x19 and all the feels it gave me, so I decided to channel that energy creatively, thus, this fic was born!  I just really love the idea of snowbarry so much that it makes my heart hurt and or gives me butterflies!  Needless to say, I was hurting quite a bit as I watched ep 19 when it turned out that it was Hannibal kissing her instead of Barry.  It is a shame really.  However, I think that scene served it’s purpose as far as planting the snowbarry seed (or the idea of them as a couple) in Caitlin’s head…at least I hope it did! I just can’t get enough of those two!  They truly are adorkable!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little fanfiction…

Note: I do not own these characters or anything else related to The Flash, Arrow, or DC Comics.

Plot: The almost snowbarry kiss stirred up some feelings Caitlin didn’t know she had, or rather tried to ignore.  Unable to sleep or think straight, what is a girl to, but talk it out with her bestie?!

Characters: Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak

Ships: Snowbarry, Caitlicity (don’t know if that is a thing, but it is now!)


 Part 2- http://hoffkk.tumblr.com/post/123534020911/missed-kiss-pt-2

Part 3- http://hoffkk.tumblr.com/post/123534537216/missed-kiss-pt-3


It was two-thirty in the morning and Caitlin Snow was wide awake.  About two hours ago, she had thrown on her favorite pajamas, a blue and gray STAR Labs t-shirt with matching flannel pants, and crawled into bed intent on falling right asleep.  However, her brain had other ideas as images of Barry and her kissing kept dancing around behind her eyelids.  Stop it, Cait! It wasn’t even real! She kept chanting to herself.  Laying on her back, she pulled her floral, maroon and white comforter closer to her chest and closed her eyes tighter, willing herself to sleep.

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Hey, let’s be fair.

It’s been on my mind for a while, and well I haven’t had much time to type it out. I just want to say that I honestly love Old Xian for every 19 Days update they give us. I don’t ever question the story since I believe it has reasons for the way it is.

I mean, here are some topics that causes common commotion:

1. Zhan Xi hitting Jian Yi.

Sure he does it since its a force of habit, but it doesn’t mean it’s right. And well, I hate to break it to you, but that shit won’t stop until much later.

Ahh, yes. Patience is the key. Especially in 19 Days. We won’t see Zhan control himself from hitting Jian Yi in the next update. That’s obvious. Want to know why? Because Zhan can’t automatically just stop hitting Jian Yi. It’s impossible. It’s almost like an addiction. For example: Smoking. You don’t completely stop smoking within the next day. It takes effort. And when we see Zhan thinking before hitting Jian Yi  as a common occurrence, is when he’s making an effort to stop. Then we fucking celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Because that’s when he’s realizing what he’s really doing to Jian Yi. Hence, a deeper understanding of their relationship. I fucking love that Old Xian just keeps doing what they do because, like I said, it’s for a reason. I may not be right, but at least its realistic.

Plus, when we come back to the future Zhan and Jian Yi, maybe Zhan forgot about the affects of hitting Jian Yi. So, we start with the process of him getting out of habit. all. over. again.

2. Filler Update.

Yes. This update. (181). I can’t even think it’s a filler update. But that’s because I’m hoping Old  Xian will continue chapter 181. Who knows? On a more theory note, maybe Old Xian will have Zhan start arguing with Jian Yi when he jokes around like that. And we could all tell that it scared him. So why wouldn’t he get mad? I mean, Jian Yi was just almost kidnapped the other day, so I kind of find it sensible that Zhan reacted like that. You know what? I dream of Zhan getting so riled at Jian Yi that he pushes him against the wall but doesn’t do anything other than press his forehead against Jian Yi’s. And he’s standing there not letting Jian Yi move because Zhan wants to express how much it really affects him when Jian Yi pulls shit like that. So, they’re like that for a while and Zhan slowly talks and lets Jian Yi know that he really scared him. And at the same time maybe Jian Yi starts crying since it really shows how much Zhan cares. Maybe something ‘fluffy’ will happen. Then the chapter becomes “Story-line”.. Hell if I know; I mean its Old Xian we’re talking about. FuckIReallyWantToTurnItIntoAFanfic

3. Main Gays Becoming Side Gays.(?)

Okay just stop and think for a moment. We’ve had how many chapters that were dedicated to ‘Side Gays’? Don’t worry, I’ve already done the math for you. 106 chapters with Zhan and Jian Yi and 20 chapters with He Tian and Mo Guan Shan. (Depends on how you look at it & excludes art). Now that really says something. I also think people are getting impatient with 19 Days because it isn’t focusing on  Zhan and Jian Yi. And that’s completely understandable. These past updates have been developing a story that isn’t theirs. And of those updates how many chapters since we haven’t seen ‘storyline’ action from Zhan and Jian Yi..? Depends on how you look at it, but I’d say 12. (Chapters 169-181). And that’s.. how many weeks, or should I say days? 84. Eighty four days since we’ve seen plot chapters with Zhan and Jian Yi. Of course we miss them and people would get the feeling that ‘it’s all about Mo Guan Shan and He Tian now”. When really, it isn’t. That’s what time does to us and that’s why I stress that it’s important to be P A C I E N T.

He Tian and Mo Guan Shan started having (even more) fans than they did before when chapter 170 struck. And the ship-art/fanfics exploded within chapters 170-181′s day count. (77 days) FuCK we saw them kissing. Why wouldn’t the tag be populated with TianShan fanarts of the sort? Sure Old Xian put Zhan and Jian Yi aside to highlight or focus on He Tian and Guan Shan’s development. I mean, they’ve only had 20 chapters with just the two of them together in contrast to 106 chapters with Jian Yi and Zhan. Let’s be fair. Just give TianShan a chance to grow, learn, develop, change. Because just 20 chapters won’t cover it all.

Yesterday night I decided that it would be an ingenious idea to start painting while tired and overloaded with chores, but hey, at least something good came out of all that. A scout, Lace Harding.

Also, I hope she isn’t too late for the dwarf appreciation week, I tend to forget that it’s only 7 days per week and not 30 or 365. (On that note, I have a 2-page comic about Shale in progress, but I can’t get all the colors right).

lentranced  asked:

Jasmine, oxlip, aster!!

god i love flower asks ; w ;

Jasmine: What color looks best on you?

Mmmmmmm I actually wouldn’t know since I’m pretty clueless on fashion and color coordination loool. Maybe shades of blue and brown? They’re my favorite color shades and they’re not too flashy like red and other bright colors

Oxlip: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?

Welllll I’ve been in 2 long distance relationships and they ended on a bad note, so nah. It was very challenging to balance my life back then and I was very immature mentally and emotionally, especially to my exes. Woops. But I’ve definitely learned a lot and I hope that they’re doing alright even though it’s been years. Having a s/o would be great, I think I’m gonna end up being a dog lady and adopt at least 3 dogs in the future haha

This is my one-year-old Havanese bby whose name is Kirby. I love him to bits ahhhh

Aster:  Would you rather be cold or hot?

Definitely cold! I think I mentioned this before, but I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate hot weather. Especially right now. Thank god I have so many video games to play and avoid going to the mythical place known as “outside” lolololol

Once again, thank you so much Mel for sending me these <3 <3 <3

Wanna send flowers to my inbox?