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Masterlist *UPDATED 10/21/17*

Since I have posted more texts I decided that it would be a good idea for me to make a masterlist to make things easier to find! Please tell me if any links aren’t working or if anything is wrong! It’s also important to note that I do not see the word fat (at least the way I use it which is to describe myself) as an insult and I do not mean it as an insult, I just thought it was important to note that :) Anyway hope you enjoy!

NCT 127


Everyday Boyfriend Texts with a Chubby!Reader p.1 p.2 p.3

Mirrored Beauty // Johnny Seo smut in which he makes a chubby reader feel beautiful in front of the mirror.

Johnny x Chubby!Reader // Super soft texts // p.1 p.2

Johnny x Chubby!Reader // You get made fun of for your weight at school and he comforts you // here :) 

Johnny x Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // They are drunk and they both confess in the groupchat // p.1 // p.2 // p.3

Body Worship with Johnny x Chubby!Reader // here :)


Best Friend!Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // He’s always busy and canceling on you so you send him pictures of lingerie and ask him which ones he likes the best // here :)

Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // He tells you that you were his inspiration for “Baby Don’t Like It” and “Whiplash” // here :)

Johnny x Taeyong x Chubby!Reader // They are drunk and they both confess in the groupchat // p.1 // p.2 // p.3


Best Friend!Yuta x Chubby!Reader // He has a crush on you // p.1 p.2 p.3


Boyfriend!Ten // here :)


Don’t Be Shy, Kitten // This fic is cringey read at your own risk but it’s a fluffy fic in which you tell him about your kitten kink. I promise that nothing sexy happens // here :)

Overwhelmed // This fic is another cringey one but it’s about Jaehyun coming home and Kitten (you) accidentally make him horny its a lil naughty but no sex actually happens I swear // here :)

Daddy!Jaehyun x Kitten!Reader // He’s needy for cuddles // here :)

Jaehyun Headcanons // here :)


Best Friend!Mark x Chubby!Reader // You’re insecure about your weight // here :)

Mark x Chubby!Reader // You’re planning a surprise party for him but Donghyuck tells him // here :)


Best Friend!Donghyuck x Chubby!Reader // You’re insecure about your weight // here :) 



Seokjin x Chubby!Reader // You haven’t eaten a lot in a week and he’s worried // here :)

Best friend!Seokjin x Chubby!Reader // You think he could never like you because you’re chubby and he cares a lot about appearances, but he’s totally into you // here :)


Yoongi // scolding plus size!reader for being mean to herself and best friend!Hobi // exposing Yoongi’s feelings for you // here :)

Crushing!Yoongi and Plus size!Reader // He asks you to take a nap with him but you sorta reject him // here :)

Best friend!Hobi and Crush!Yoongi // Hobi pushes you to confess your feelings but Yoongi beats you and confesses first // here :)

Crush!Yoongi and plus size!Reader // Yoongi asking you to come to the studio and getting soft when you are hesitant due to your weight // here :)


Important // A chubby reader fic in which you both like each other but you won’t tell him because you don’t want to be a burden. (this is very fluffy and v cute in my humble opinion but I wrote it so *shrug* // here :)

Boyfriend!Namjoon x Chubby!Reader // Chubby!Reader and Namjoon texts // here :)


Drunk Best Friend!Hoseok x Chubby!Reader // He accidentally confesses and the morning after // here :)


Jimin x Chubby!Reader // Everyday Boyfriend texts // p.1 p.2



Jongup x Chubby!Reader // He has a crush on you and Zelo/Junhong rats him out // here :) 

Jay Park:

Daddy!Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // He Says Something Mean About Your Weight // p.1 p.2 p.3 p.4

Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // He misses you // here :)

Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // You’re worried that your weight bothers him and he comforts you // here :)

Jay Park x Chubby!Reader. // You accidentally send him a sexy picture and you aren’t dating // here :)

Daddy!Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // You won.t come over due to a day of insecurity and he comforts you // here :)

Jay Park x Chubby!Reader // He asks you to go to the beach with him but you aren’t comfortable // here :)

Daddy!Jay Park x Reader // He takes care of you when you’re in little space // here :)

Wu Yifan:

Daddy!Wu Yifan x Fat!Reader // You get body-shamed during class // here :)

Fuck Buddy!Wu Yifan x Fat!Reader // You break it off because you’re scared // here :)

Fuck Buddy!Wu Yifan // Your boyfriend fat shames you // here :)



Jaebum x Chubby!Reader feat. Matchmaker!BamBam // BamBam sets you up with Jaebum // p.1 p.2 p.3


Jinyoung x Chubby!Reader // He’s in love with you but he thinks that you’re in love with Jaebum // here :)


Best Friend!Bambam x Chubby!Reader // You send him all of your sexy selfies // p.1 p.2 


none yet :(



Seungcheol x Chubby!Reader // You surprise him for his birthday // here :)


Jeonghan x Chubby!Reader // You feel insecure about your weight and like you don’t deserve him so you try to break up with him // here :)


Jun in Bed // here :)


The8 x Chubby!Reader // Your friend sends him a snapchat of you dancing to one of Seventeen’s songs // here :)



Minho x Chubby!Reader // He has a photoshoot with a model and they look close // here :)


none yet :(



Boyfriend!Donghyuk x Reader // You can’t sleep // here :)

Boyfriend!Donghyuk x Reader // He’s jealous feat. Yoonhyung being a lil shit // here :)

Boyfriend!Donghyuk x Reader // He asks to get cats // here :)

Donghyuk x Chubby!Reader // Everyday texts // here :)


Boyfriend!Hanbin x Reader // Everyday Boyfriend texts // here :)


Best friend!Bobby x Chubby!reader // He has a crush on you // p.1 p.2 

Best friend!Bobby x Chubby!Reader // You accidentally send him a sexy picture and he sends one back // here :)


Junhoe x Reader // You leave after a fight causing him to worry about you // here :) 


Yunhyeong x Chubby!Reader // He comforts you when you’re sad // here :)

Monsta X:


Pretty Chubby // A short drabble thing where you ask Wonho if he thinks your weight makes you ugly // here :)

Drunk!Wonho x Chubby!Reader // You need help picking out swimsuits for a trip so you ask his opinion but he’s drunk // here :)

The Line Between Right and Wrong // A vampire!Wonho fic that shows my voyeurism kink extremely bad. He watches you masturbate through your window and he likes it. A lot. Chubby reader too // here :) 

Friends to Lovers!Wonho x Chubby!Reader // here :)

Daddy!Wonho x Chubby!Reader // here :)

Bodyguard!Wonho x Chubby!Reader // here :)

Advice from a uni student

I’ve never really tried to give studying tips before but since so many are starting school, I thought I’d give my two cents as a hopeful second year uni student. Some are probably pretty obvious, but don’t take it for granted, think about it seriously instead.

1. Give it your all. Don’t half ass it because when you get a bad grade you’re going to be regretting watching cat videos for the whole semester. Even if you hate the subject, you need to get a good grade to pass.

2. Ideally, do your readings every week. If you can’t manage, or it’s a long boring chapter, try to at least find a video which explains the subject, and take notes again from the video (make sure said source is reputable, always).

3. When classes are over and it’s time to do readings or homework, if you’re feeling tired don’t force yourself! Unless it’s the week before exams, or a day before the deadline, just take a brief nap and get back to work. If you’re too tired you won’t do your work/ half ass it.

(Try not to leave homework/ assignments for last minute, it’s going to stress you out. A LOT)

4. Compile your bibliography as you’re writing your assignment!!!! Learn how to do footnotes properly, it will save you so much time later + grades are assigned to the bibliography too.

5. Take notes in class, and go to class even if attendance isn’t required. And actually refer to said notes before the exam because they will really help you. ( don’t 100% depend on them, unless you have good notes and you really just want to pass)

6. I’m sure we all have those days when we just can’t bring ourselves to study. Especially two days before an exam. It happens to the best of us. A method that works for me is to try to meditate, or some light exercise. Looking at studyblr pictures doesn’t mean studying.

7. Try to take classes at times when you are less likely to be productive, so that you leave the time when you’re most productive to when you have to study or work on an assignment. (This kind of advice really depends on the kind of person you are. If you are prone to skipping class if you do this, just skip this advice)

8. Lastly, keep some fruit bars or easy to eat food with you constantly. You’re gonna get random food cravings and they won’t let you study. So prepare for that event.

I’m sure there’s plenty more things that I haven’t included, but many other studyblrs have done these advice posts so I’m sure you’ll find what you need. I apologize for not including advice for working students, but since I am not one I can’t give you advice. This has all been advice based on my experience this past year in uni.

If you like these posts or want more tips just let me know ^.^

anonymous asked:

Now I am intrigued by your marketing theory!! That's what I get for reading tags haha.

haha I mean, it’s not fully fleshed out because I have to actually sit down and work some things out and cross reference them against the notes I took from an arts marketing course a few years back.  And it’s also not super revolutionary by any means.  Basically the gist of it is, his team is seemingly following a specific textbook set out plan.  Timeline-wise, this would be a 6 week promotional lead up.  Right now, this is pointing to the single dropping on the 21st (6 weeks before that he was papped with Freddie).  You start slow with the pappings…then it grows a little more.  think of how he was basically the face of the charity single.  That obviously wouldn’t have initially been the plan and knowing how Louis is with charity he totally would have been involved regardless i’m sure, but they definitely did use it to their advantage publicity-wise. Then we get word that the magazine article was moved which also lends itself to the idea that there’s a specific timeline in place.  

Now here’s the thing that’s exciting about it that i’m trying hard not to get my hopes up too high about.  usually with these plans, there’s a biiiiig push 1-2 weeks prior.  VERY big things happen during that time period.  And.  Well.  I’m not gonna say it.  

ANYWAY.  again, there are some things I want to double check and cross reference against my notes which tbh probably won’t happen for at LEAST 2 weeks since I’m working an insane amount this week and then will be on vacation next week lying on a beach (DEAR  GOD NEXT WEEK HURRY UP).  Plus I’m still waiting to see how these next couple weeks pan out. it’s been a while since i’ve taken the course (hence the desire to read over my notes again) and can’t remember specifics, but off the top of my head i’d imagine riding out the wave of press from the article and then a slow but steady increase in social media interactions and fan service in general- small things to keep the buzz going.  

There are other things feeding into it to that again, I haven’t quite fleshed out and need to take a closer look.  but it just makes me giggle because it’s seriously like they’re using an arts marketing text book of sorts and following a list, checking certain things off as they go.  

The Avengers Headcanons (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I totally thought this was going to take me so much longer to write. 

Again I want to say that this contains talks of PTSD and anxiety attacks. If this in any way causes you distress then please stop reading and go get help.

With that being said I do hope you like the second part of my headcanons. <3

Fluff & Angst


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Bucky Barnes Headcanons~

  • He’s not very vocal about his feelings towards you, but he does like to show it physically more than anything
  • Bucky likes to put on a tough guy act whenever in front of everyone, he knows he doesn’t have to do it but he does it to protect you
  • Everyone thinks he lost all of his charm or at least it’s buried deep down in him, you know for a fact he only likes to show you his soft/charming side
  • Bucky suffers from a lot of mental illnesses, from PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. He always feels ashamed of it but everyday you make him stand in front of the mirror and point out everything he likes about himself (and on days where he can’t think of anything, you tell him the things that he should love about himself, and if he feels self-conscious about how much you love him, you then tell him what you love about him)
  • The relationship you guys have can and will be very rocky
  • Everyone was very wary about you and him pursing into the relationship
  • You stood up for him and showed that he is capable of loving another human being, even after everything
  • But Steve was beyond ecstatic hearing about you and Buck in a relationship (but he did keep his eye out on the both of you, to make sure neither of you hurt each other)
  • Bucky has night terrors, they can become very violent to the point where he’ll wake up and think he’s back in the war or if it’s about his Hydra days, he’ll wake up back in the mindset of the Winter Soldier
  • As sad it is to say he’s hurt you before from waking up during his night terrors
  • And every time that has happened he would then go hide from you
  • The first time it happened he hide from you for a week, but as time went by you helped him lessen the nightmares with therapy and encouraging words. And when it ever happened again his hiding would lessen to the point where he finally did stop hiding and would talk to you about what happened
  • As though the relationship is rocky, it’s one of the most loving ones ever
  • Bucky would sometimes get in his moods of wanting to shower you in affection (it weirds everyone but Steve out)
  • When hidden away from everyone, both you and Bucky are the biggest cuddle bugs
  • You like to have his metal arm draped over you because he’s a literal walking space heater and his arm is always cool
  • But during the cooler seasons, if he so much touches you with his arm you will literally jump like a frightened kitten
  • You’re the one to kill the bugs
  • The first time he ever said “I love you” you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, you had thought he was having another nightmare so you were ready to console him if he woke up to a startle. But to your surprise he had said “I love you… Y/N” then some other weird noises came from his mouth (he says it doesn’t count because he wasn’t awake, but oh you so totally count it)

~Sam Wilson Headcanons~

  • He too is a huge fucking nerd
  • Whenever it’s movie night at the tower he just has to watch Star Trek (much to Thor’s displeasure)
  • At your shared bedroom, Sam has a secret selection of “SSSM’s” aka “Sam’s Special Secret Movies”
  • They’re disney movies
  • His favorite is Lady & The Tramp
  • Sam wanted to try to famous spaghetti scene when you were making your special spaghetti (you couldn’t deny the look he was giving you)
  • It was a total mess, but he wanted to nail it so he wanted to have spaghetti for dinner for a whole week
  • When you guys got it he had jumped up and knocked over all of the spaghetti onto you (you guys didn’t have spaghetti for a whole month after that)
  • Sam also suffers from PTSD during the time he served in the military
  • So whenever he has an attack from remembering something he always goes to your guy’s bathroom and lays in the tub (he finds that all of the muted colors calming)
  • Also during that time you had learned that Sam is able to relax fully from aromatherapy, so whenever he’s in the tub trying to calm himself down you go in there and light up a mixture of lavender candles and rosemary scent melts. When you’re done lighting up everything you like to sit next to the tub and rub his knuckles
  • Your voice is also very calming to him during his PTSD induced anxiety attacks, so while rubbing his knuckles you tell him memories of things you guys have done together. Sometimes you even just list things you had found on the internet that you know he’d find funny
  • You know when he is finally calmed down, he would lift your hand closer towards him to signal that you should get in the tub too
  • It’s always quiet for a while before Sam talks to you. It’s usually about what had sent him into the attack and about Riley
  • Every time he just says that it was his fault that Riley died and every time he says that you spend the next few hours telling him everything that Riley would want him to do, to not blame himself and that he’s in a better place now. That place either being heaven or with the stars, that his memory of Riley shouldn’t be tainted by sad memories
  • Sam likes to take you out flying
  • And after each flying session Sam has some strange hand shaped bruises on his arms/shoulders (strange right? they look distinctly like yours)
  • He hogs all of the blankets (he does it on purpose so you have to cuddle him)
  • Sam also likes to cook for you! (of course the spaghetti was a different story) But he demands to be the one to cook for you always

~Wanda Maximoff Headcanons~

  • People like to think that she’s super shy and not as courageous like her twin
  • But let it be known that she is one of the biggest flirts when it comes to you
  • Before you guys started dating Pietro would always flirt with you, to the point where everyone would want to physically vomit in their mouths
  • Wanda of course got super tired of his flirting with you and yelled at in him Slovakian (it was in front of everyone, he had just made a joke about you running through his mind all day)
  • Everyone was stunned silent, especially Pietro. He had turned just as red as his sister’s powers. Later on that day when everyone was relaxing in the common room Pietro had picked you up and plopped you on Wanda
  • Everyone of course knew of her affections towards you
  • Tony was the one to suggest (yell) for Wanda to make out already
  • You guys did
  • In front of everyone
  • Like her superhero alias ‘Scarlet Witch’, Wanda practices witchcraft
  • She likes to take you out to get her supplies (your favorite thing to do is help her pick out the perfect crystals for her charms/spells)
  • You both like to dress up as witches for Halloween every year
  • Everyone thinks it’s super cute
  • Wanda sometimes has nightmares too from her days in Hydra, she’s not violent but she’s very unnerved when woken up from the terrors
  • You spend hours reassuring her that they will never and you mean never will get ahold of her again
  • After nightmares and when you’re done reassuring her, Wanda always takes your hand and places it over her heart, she tells you, “As long as this it beating, I will always love you.” (it’s her way of thanking you for being there)
  • And then you’re the one crying
  • Wanda is total little spoon (but sometimes she’ll give in and be the big spoon)
  • Neither of you can kill bugs (she’s all this power but she just cannot bring herself into killing a bug)
  • It ends with both of you shouting for help
  • Nat is always the one to help, the guys are huge babies
  • Like her brother, Wanda loves to tease you, it’s easy to tease you for all she has to do is take whatever is in your hands at the moment and float it above your head
  • Dating one of The Avengers, let alone knowing all of them is super dangerous, so whenever something bad happens that could/have harmed you, Wanda would project happy memories of her and you (including everyone else depending on the situation) into your mind so you wouldn’t freak out

~Pietro Maximoff Headcanons~

  • He takes pride in being a huge flirt
  • Before dating Pietro always did what he did best, flirt with you
  • And if you didn’t give him the time of day (which secretly made him even more madly in love with you) he’d run off to flirt with anyone else in the tower
  • When he had asked you out you thought you were being Punk’d
  • You actually turned around expecting Ashton Kutcher to laugh in your face
  • You turned him down the first time (still thinking he had asked you out on a joke)
  • You then finally said yes after the 20th time of him asking you out (you figured he was being serious after the 6th-7th time he asked you out, but you wanted to see how far he’d go for you)
  • Pietro was beyond nervous for your guy’s first date (he’d never admit it to you though)
  • He asked for pointers from Clint
  • You asked for pointers from Wanda
  • Pietro sometimes flirts with other people while out and about with you (you think it’s a default system in him)
  • It always hurt you though when he does flirt with someone else, you know he thinks of himself highly but you don’t think he understands how much of a blow that is to your self-esteem when he does that
  • One time when he did that was with some particular beautiful grocery clerk and you had left him to go back to the tower
  • Everyone wanted to kill him
  • Now Steve didn’t really approve of what he did to you so he decided to give Pietro some special ‘training’. Everyone watched from the viewing platform, you of course had a front row seat
  • Each time Steve had landed a hit on Pietro, he would turn his body to point at you and then demand Pietro to say something he loves about you and/or apologize (he didn’t hurt he too badly, just was able to leave a few bruises around his body)
  • After about an hour of the special training you had called for everyone to leave, Pietro that day learned that you’re not a force to be reckoned with (you were already startling beautiful and dangerous, he was glad it was Steve giving him the lessons on how to respect you)
  • Pietro only flirts with you now (still disgusts everyone but they’re glad it’s only for you)
  • Whenever you’re sad Pietro likes to ask you for a special place you’d wish to go to, he’d then proceed to take you there
  • He loves to compliment you in Slovakian (you can tell he’s complimenting you from the loving look he gives you)
  • You then punch him because that’s the only way you can respond when he’s looking at you like that (damn him)
  • He doesn’t like to talk about his days with Hydra but you can tell when he’s upset about them (he always tenses up when someone mentions them) You like to give him massages to help ease the tension from it
  • Pietro thinks you’re too good for him

~Scott Lang Headcanons~

  • You met him when his was hiding from the cops in your backyard
  • He was more terrified of seeing you standing there than you were finding him crouching in your bushes
  • You almost peed yourself from laughing
  • You invited him in for tea (he thought you were the strangest yet most attractive person ever) You had found out why he was hiding from the cops (he might have stole some money to give back to his neighbors- they were scammed from some weird salesman)
  • He asked you out that same night
  • You had found out he was Ant-Man through your friend Sam Wilson (SUCH A TWIST WOW)
  • Scott got the shit beat outta him when you found out what he did to Sam
  • He didn’t mind, he liked the fire in your eyes when you punched him
  • Scott introduced you to Cassie after dating for just two weeks
  • “He really likes you Y/N!” is what Cassie said (you wanted cry from how cute she was)
  • He loves to take you on playdates with Cassie
  • Sometimes during the playdates Cassie will insist on doing both of your guy’s makeup
  • Her favorite to do on Scott consists of bright blue eyeshadow, pink blush, and orange lipstick
  • He tries to kiss you every time he has the orange lipstick on
  • When Scott wants to tease you he’d call the ants to hide certain things of yours
  • During the fight with Darren Cross, ANT-hony had died, so you, Scott, and Cassie held a funeral for him (it was actually super sad, both you and Scott cried, Cassie had to hold the tissues)
  • When doing chores about the house, you would ask Scott to get into his Ant-Man suit so he could easily lift up furniture
  • He says he doesn’t have to use the suit to lift up the furniture… but both of you know that he does (where do you even get this furniture from)
  • Scott likes to make this one joke about how he ‘burgled’ your heart, when in reality it was you who stole his


WOWZERS! This honestly took me a long time to do, like all together. But I’m glad I was able to do this!

Thank you anon babe for the request! I saved Scott last just for you <3




HEY GUYS. ITS THAT TIME AGAIN. im desperately hurting for money for bill this coming month. Im trying to at least raise 400 to get by this month, so if anyones interested do email me!


Things I will draw: fanart, ocs, tasteful nudity

Things i will NOT draw: furries, mecha, explicit content, backgrounds, animals

These sketches will be greyscale only, no color ;m; sorry!!

Simple shade sketch: $15

Simple shade sketch couple: $25

Shaded sketch : $35

Shaded sketch couple: $55

NOTE: there will be a 2 dollar fee added to cover paypal fee. Hope thats okay! TmT


Send me an email at hpham1011@gmail.com!

‘sketch commission’ as subject title.

Info: name, tumblr/twitter/deviantart links

Details: Any specfic expressions or pose, and if ocs, references please ;v; I dont mind hearing backstories too (completely optional!)

Payment: Paypal only! (payment beforehand) Ill send a invoice~ 


Thank you SO much for taking a look, if youre not interested in a commission, a reblog would help me greatly! ;v; 

Putting Up A Fight Part 2

[Part 1 is here]

Original Request:  when you have time, could you write either a Henry or Patrick imagine where the reader is Ben’s older sister and instead of being afraid, she tells them off and basically is a badass sister and gets Ben away from them?
However for part 2, it follows along them now targeting the sister. I literally could not figure out any other way situation part 2, so I hope it’s okay!

Note/Warning: There will be a part where it will sound like things are going to get bad, but it will not, at least not in how it may seem like it might go. I want to add the warning because some of you have read my other stuff, and it will not actually be going in that direction.
Otherwise, just bad language and some violence. Slightly sexual situation, but it corrects itself.

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Leave You - Andre Burakovsky #4.2

about/request: could you possibly do a part 2 to the andre one with the kid?? that one was so adorable, and if you do choose to write a part 2, it could be maybe 1-2 years down the track and it’s even more family oriented???

warnings: none

authors note: this is the fluffiest thing i’ve ever written wow. i hope you enjoy it, i did end up making it a little bit down the line!!

word count: 1461

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The Part We Play - [Eggsy Unwin x Reader]

[HI!!!!!! This is SO fucking long and it barely even covers this prompt WHICH IS AMAZING. And thats why I’m going so crazy lol. Soooo. I hope you like it?? Been working on it hard, and I have some goooood fun plans for it so I hope you enjoy so I can actually get to the juicy stuff… :) So obviously I mean this is going to be at least 2 more parts XD So hope you like it ;.; 

Note: SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION!!! —- *This is set over a year AFTER the events of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. With that in mind it is a FIX IT. So Tilde is not in the picture, Harry is back and Merlin AND ROXY ARE ALIVE FIGHT ME!!!!!*

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader - OC’s, references to Harry/Merlin/Rox, etc/eventual entry of characters. 

Words: 4.2k … I told you… hella long XD 

Warnings: cursing, I can’t really think of what else but if something bothers you lmk and I will update this section!

Read on Ao3!]

All you ever wanted was to have a normal life and a normal family… Just to be able to go to school like the other kids. To have friends, play a sport or maybe even try your hand at theatre. But you learned pretty quick that having anything resembling ‘normal’ wasn’t going to happen.

Not with a life like yours… not with a family like yours.

Although what you had wasn’t really a family so much as it was your father and his goons— but it was all the same: you were stuck. Stuck somewhere you never wanted to be, in a life you didn’t choose and saying you were miserable didn’t begin to cover it.

You were miserable and then some, but you’d gotten a bit better at hiding it over the years. Wasn’t hard considering you’d spent your entire life being homeschooled, hardly ever seeing dad or well, anyone. You also never had a real job because he had plenty of money and friends were hard to come by. Dating? Yeah, that was completely out of the question… but you made due, you always made due.

You did so because it’s what mom would have wanted. You couldn’t always see that though and for awhile there you fought it, and boy did you fight it hard. Tried your best to rebel, to have a life outside of this shit your father called living, and it wasn’t until he drug you back kicking and screaming that you decided it just wasn’t worth it.

But just because you accepted it didn’t mean you understood it… and really you didn’t.

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“Let’s think positive!”

I got to the end of P2:IS and I cried. I cried big fat tears of rage. At least it ends on a hopeful note.

… Which promptly gets thrown out the window in EP. hahaahahhaa nobody in this game can catch a break

as a leoji shipper

- “so does anyone want to talk about how gh?? took a bullet for leo??? in his fs??? please talk to me about it lol” 
- “they’re canon fite me gh looked up from his jianbing to talk to him” 
- “you like them too? at least…you know who they are? awesome. we’re best friends now.” 
- crying because of the lack of fic 
- google translating leoji fic in other languages and debating whether or not to muddle through it 
- being eternally grateful for those dozen or so authors who are 1) extremely talented and 2) leoji-oriented  
- “im gonna read this 100k victuuri for the sake of these 2 leoji sentences” 
- “implied leoji” how…dare u… get my hopes up…
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- *speaking to an empty room* “they’re so…soft…and cute…” 
- “i haven’t written in the last two years, but i’ll start a goddam multichap for these two. probably won’t finish it though

That Bloody Niffler (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Newt Scamander X reader

A/N: Hey! How’s everyone going! Since my last piece of writing got a bigger turn out than I expected, I decided to re-write a piece that I wrote when I first made this account but soon deleted since it didn’t get much of a reaction. WHICH! I won’t do this time as I actually like this one, even though I should have written my essay that’s due in 2 days instead… oh well at least I’ve kinda started that. Anyways I hope you like this one and I hope this gets as good of a turn out as my last one :)

note: REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I DON’T DO SMUT!!!                                                   IF YOU’RE NOT SURE OF A CELEB / FANDOM JUST ASK ;)

Summary: After making a furry friend, Y/N seems to find a love interest who loves magical creatures as much as they do, all due to this curious yet naughty little creature…

You waited anticipated at the end of your bed waiting for your recently found friend. It was a very unusual companion but it wasn’t your fault this little creature had found it’s way into Y/H/N dormitory and had taken a liking to you. Sneaking into your bed and sleeping with you, often bringing unwanted gifts of jewelry or small shiny objects. Most of these items you recognized from your dorm room or  from classmates in other houses of which you returned apologetically to their owners.

The creatures visits becoming more often, making you look forward to it’s visits but occasionally it would disappear for what would be a couple of days or weeks even. You didn’t mind when these disappearances would happen, you had some rest of returning stolen items and could catch up on more homework or studying.

Hearing the familiar creak of the door open you look up abruptly from the book you were reading. Only to find a boy with scruffy brown hair and freckles sprinkled all over his face, to fall through the door, trying to grab an unknown object. He stands up flustered, obviously capturing the still unknown object. Only to see him holding your black glossy haired friend by its foot, making you gasp.

“Accio!” You say, only wanting to help your friend get away from this boy. The Niffler automatically flies straight towards you, landing in your lap it snuggles into the safe warmth of your body.

“He’s taken quite a fancy to you.” The boy stutters nervously, nodding his head towards the creature.

“Yeah, it seems he has.” You reply with the same nervousness, looking down at the Niffler who seems to be glaring at the boy. Making you laugh slightly.

“He’s a fascinating creature isn’t he.” The boy says obviously trying to continue the conversation.

“Nifflers are quite fascinating creatures aren’t they.” You say picking the Niffler up and holding him upside down and tickling him so all his gifts fall out of his pouch. “Although very mischievous little things.” You laugh looking at a prefects badge he’s stolen.

“You know what type of creature he is?” He says in surprise.

“Yes but nobody seems to appreciate my love for these creatures though.”

The boy gives you a small smile at your comment.

“Is he yours?” You ask, looking up at the boy who is actually quite cute now that you look at him properly.

“Ah… yes. Yes he is. I’m not supposed to have him or the many other creatures in my dorm but I keep him anyway.” He rambles nervously.

“Wait, you’re Newt Scamander? The one who has all these magical creatures in his dorm but keeps them in a suitcase?”

“Yes, did one of my dorm-mates tell you?” He says shyly brushing his hair out of his face and blushing wildly.

“No all the Professors said I should be friends with you. Nobody seems to like me because they tend to think I’m annoying, rather strange and talk too much when I’m excited.”

“You must be Y/N then.” The boy says after avoiding eye contact for quite some time.

“Did you look at my trunk?” You say giggling slightly.

“Let’s just say I’ve heard of you shall we?”

“Do you want him back now that he’s asleep and won’t cause any more trouble for the night?” You say picking the sleeping Niffler up and holding it out to Newt, cradling the Niffler in your hands.

“Ah yes. Thank you though.” He says taking him off you. “Do you want me to return his doings? It might be a little less awkward as people know I have a Niffler.”

“That would be nice for a change, thanks.” You say pushing the jewelry off your bed and into a bag.

“You know, you’re a lot prettier than I thought you would be.” Newt says, obviously not saying things like that a lot as he turns bright red immediately. 

“Thank you.” You stammer not quite knowing how to reply and turning as red as Newt.

“Well I better take this one back before he wakes up and causes more trouble.” He says breaking the awkward but somehow comfortable silence, placing the Niffler from cradling it in his arms to resting it on his shoulder.

As he turns to leave, you somehow get a lot of courage and quickly getting up off the bed and kissing him just before you shut the door behind him. You wait there until you hear him walk back down the stairwell, where you sigh in relief and walk back to your bed. Falling on it only to hear the sound of metal hitting the ground. You peer over the bed in confusion, to find it’s only a piece of jewelry. You grab the small ring that you don’t recognize. This ring giving you an excuse to talk to Newt again and maybe spark more to your relationship. Although you didn’t want to after your recent actions, you would have to otherwise you would never find the owner to this ring.

That bloody Niffler.

Little Romantic

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#70 - “Just kiss me you idiot.”
#82 - “Someone keeps leaving love notes in my locker and I’m not sure if I should find it cute or creepy…”


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Till We Meet Again (Drake x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC (Mika Kelemen)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1872

Summary: Amidst all the training and preparing for the engagement tour, Mika gets a surprise visitor.

Note: Sorry for the fic spamming today, but I missed that burnt marshmallow Drake in the first chapter of Book 2. So I fixed it wrote this. :)

Learning the quickstep is not nearly as fun as she might have hoped, but it’s at least a step up from learning about types of forks and describing wine.

“If I just drink all the wine, no one else can have any, and I can make up whatever description of it I want,” Mika mutters under her breath as Bertrand pours her an infinitesimal amount of Merlot and she takes a sip.

Bertrand raises an expectant eyebrow at her and Mika sighs as she rattles off the description of the Merlot he’s expecting.

“Very good, Mika,” he praises her.

They move into the dining room, and Mika groans as she notices the forks that Maxwell is laying out. Maxwell runs her through yet another review of the dreaded cutlery, failing to hide his laughter as she inserts comments of “this one is best for stabbing snooty blonde women” and “this fork is designed for gouging out one’s eye”.

She half expects Bertrand to throw the forks at her by the time they’re through, but he simply sighs and says, “Your unnecessary sarcastic comments aside, you did very well.”

“Thanks, Bertrand.” She feels a little guilty knowing all of this training is to benefit her, and necessary for her to flow seamlessly into the engagement tour, but she’d rather be doing just about anything else.

Maxwell leads her into the ballroom, and they practice the damn quickstep yet again. She doesn’t know why she can’t get it down, and is about ready to scream in frustration, when Bertrand huffs and decides to call it a night.

“We’ll resume this tomorrow,” he says. “There are only a few days left before we travel to Fydelia, and you must have this down by then.”

Maxwell looks relieved when they stop, probably because Mika keeps stepping on his feet. “Sorry, Maxwell,” she apologizes.

“No worries, Mika. I’ve had plenty of bad dance partners,” he says cheerfully.

She gives him a look, raising her eyebrows.

“Not that you’re bad,” Maxwell says hastily. “You’re just…well…”

“I’m bad,” she admits, laughing as she drops into a chair.

“You’re really good at the Cordonian waltz,” he reassures her.

Mika snorts out a laugh. “So, as long as I can just dirty dance my way through this tour, I’ll be fine.”

Maxwell grins. “You’re pretty good at describing wine too. Speaking of…” He inclines his head towards her.

“There are several partial bottles of wine in the kitchen. Be a shame to let them go to waste.”

Mika smirks. “Isn’t that what corks are for?”

“Yes. But it’s more fun to drink it, wouldn’t you say?”

“No arguments here. Let’s do it.”

They snag the wine and sink down on the wood floor in the ballroom, trading bottles back and forth.

“This one actually tastes like the world’s cheapest booze, all mixed into one. It’s like jungle juice,” Mika says, grimacing and looking at the label.

“Hey! That’s expensive!” Maxwell protests, grabbing it from her hand and taking a swig. “But you’re not wrong. What’s jungle juice?”

Mika explains jungle juice to Maxwell as she finishes a bottle of Chardonnay.

“This one tastes like the tears of a duchess, discovering that her $4000 designer dress is actually a fake,” Mika declares.

“You’re funny when you drink,” Maxwell laughs, grabbing another bottle of wine.

“I-” she says, pointing her empty bottle at him, “-am always funny.”

“I won’t argue with that.”

When their last bottle is gone, Mika frowns. “Sad.”

Maxwell is completely sprawled out on the floor, one arm over his eyes. Mika pokes him with her foot and he grumbles.

“You can’t possibly be drunk,” she announces, rising to her feet and staring down at him. She’s not drunk, but she’s pleasantly buzzed and wants to crawl into bed.

“I’m not. Just tired. And my feet hurt,” he says, grinning at her as he moves his arm.

“Ha. Come on, Sleeping Beauty. Bed time.”

She tugs at his hand until he stands and they head upstairs, giggling. They stop at her door and Maxwell makes a show of bowing and kissing the back of her hand.

“My lady,” he says.

Mika laughs, curtsying. “M'lord.”

He heads down the hall, and Mika steps into her room, shutting the door. She looks towards her window and notices a silhouette, and lets out a scream.

“Anyone ever tell you you have a really good set of lungs, Kelemen?” the silhouette says.

“Drake?” She flicks the bedside lamp on. “I cannot possibly have drank that much,” she mutters, rubbing her forehead.

When she looks up again, Drake is indeed still there. She’s so stunned and relieved and confused by the sight of him standing in her room at House Beaumont that she forgets for a minute that she’s mad at him for not even attempting to contact her after the Coronation. When she does remember, she scowls, and hurls one of her shoes in his direction.

Drake steps to the side quickly. “Did you just…throw a shoe at me?”

“Yes,” she says, lifting her chin at him stubbornly.

He rushes up to her and snatches the other shoe out of her hand before it follows the first one. They stand there for a minute before Drake says, “Are you drunk?”

“Absolutely not. Buzzed? Yes. Drunk? No.”

“How did you get in?” she finally asks.

“Back door was unlocked,” he answers.

“That’s not creepy at all,” Mika mumbles, then plops into one of the chairs in her room.

“I wasn’t really in the mood for dealing with Maxwell and Bertrand,” Drake explains, pulling the other chair over and sitting facing her.

“Hmph,” she huffs.

“I’m mad at you, you know,” she says, annoyed when tears spring to her eyes.

“I know,” Drake answers in a low voice. He reaches out, taking one of her hands in his.

“You didn’t even try to get ahold of me,” Mika says, staring down at their joined hands.

“I couldn’t. There are people watching for anyone trying to get in contact with you.”

“You still could have tried,” she whispers, her tears dripping on to the back of his hand.

Drake sighs quietly, tilting her chin up.

“I wanted to,” he murmurs. “I thought about it.”

“You just…you left. You kissed me and they dragged me out and then…”

“I’m sorry, Mika. More than you can know,” he says, squeezing her hand.

As mad at him as she is, she’s missed him. She bites her lip and then stands, looking down at him for a second.

“I missed you,” she confesses.  

“I missed you too,” he murmurs, sucking in a breath when she straddles him in the chair and wraps her arms around his neck.

He hesitates for just a second before he brings his arms around her back, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“You okay?” he asks, his chest rumbling underneath her.

“That’s a loaded question,” she answers, leaning back and resting her hands against the solid warmth of his shoulders. “I think I’m okay. It’s been a weird week,” she laughs.

“Tell me about it,” Drake mumbles, running his hands up and down her back.

“Where have you been?” Mika asks.

Drake sighs. “Helping Liam. There’s a lot more to this than someone just taking those pictures of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks, frowning.

“It’s…complicated. You’d be better off asking Liam.”

“Ha!” Mika snorts. “I’m sure Madeleine will be more than happy to let me have alone time with her fiancé.”

“If I know Liam, he’ll find a way to make it happen,” Drake says, moving his hands down to rest on her hips.

“Hmm.” She winces, her knees protesting the cramped position they’ve been in, so she scoots back and stands.

“Are you…leaving again?” she asks.

“I need to be gone before Maxwell and Bertrand wake up. But I can leave now…if you want me to,” Drake answers slowly, standing.

“No!” she bursts out, reaching out for his hand instinctively.

Drake smiles at her reaction, wrapping his arms around her tightly. She stands on her toes so she can press her lips to his neck.

“Kelemen…” he says warningly.

“Sorry,” she murmurs. “I just…” she trails off, swallowing hard, then yawns involuntarily.

Drake laughs lightly, squeezing his arms around her. “You should get some sleep.”

“Stay with me?”

“I shouldn’t…” he says, but he’s clearly torn.

“Please?” she pleads. “I just want to fall asleep with you next to me.”

Drake groans. “Dammit. You’re not making this easy.”

Mika shrugs. “When have I ever made things easy?”

Drake chuckles. “Never.” He sighs in resignation. “Okay.”

She tugs her shirt over her head and kicks her pants off, and she has to admit she takes pleasure in the way Drake groans and stares at her. “That’s not very nice,” he grumbles.

“Sorry,” she says again, clearly not. She fidgets with a button on his familiar blue button down.

“Can I wear this?”

“Jesus, Mika,” he mutters.

“I’m really not trying to make this more difficult,” Mika murmurs. “It just…it smells like you.”

“I smell like me, and I’ll be sleeping right next to you,” he points out, but he’s already started pulling the shirt off.

“Yeah, but you have to leave in the morning.” She means it to sound light and teasing, but her throat catches as Drake slides her arms into his shirt.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I’d stay if I could.”

He buttons his shirt up for her, the action making her tear up as his fingers brush over the soft material. She unhooks and squirms out of her bra, then presses the fabric of his shirt up to her nose, inhaling the familiar warm scent of him.

Drake strips down to his boxer-briefs, and she can’t help but stare, her eyes wandering across the muscles of his chest, the dark hair trailing down from his stomach and into his waistband, the lines of his hips.

“You’re staring,” she hears him say, and looks up to find his cheeks flushed.

“Guilty,” she murmurs, flicking the bedside lamp off.

Drake takes her hand and leads her to the bed, laying on his back and wrapping an arm around her waist, his other hand tangling in her hair. Mika props herself up on his chest, tracing her fingers over the bridge of his nose and across the soft fullness of his lips, then leans down and presses her mouth to his, sighing as he tangles his tongue with hers and groans.

He pulls her back reluctantly, cupping her cheek in his hand. She smiles at him, then scoots down and nuzzles into his chest, running her fingers through the fine dark hair.

Drake is gone when she wakes up, a hastily scrawled note on her nightstand. She rolls over and grabs it, pushing herself up to rest against the headboard.

Didn’t want to wake you. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. Keep the shirt. I’ll get it when I see you next.

          - Drake

Mika smiles as she gets dressed, bounding down the stairs to find Bertrand and Maxwell in the dining room.

“Okay,” she says, clapping her hands together. “Who’s ready for the quickstep?”

Cheryl Blossom: Angel on fire

Request: Cheryl x reader: 1. I’m not weird, you’re just basic. 2. This is where you impress me, right? 3. Take notes, sweetheart. 4. I had a dream about you. 5. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. 6. You dont get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!

Notes: No more naughty Cheryl. At least for now. My lil redheaded cinnamon roll. Honestly, between Cheryl and Jughead, I don’t know who I love more. Yes, I kinda did use Stef and Lena from The Fosters. I couldn’t think of anyone else so yeah. I hope you guys like it!

Warning: The reader is going to be the sassy one, instead of Cheryl. Let Cherry bomb get a taste of her own medicine. Oooh and this is sort of going to take place after Cheryl found out about what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. Mentions of suicide.

*Flashback starts*

Reader’s POV

I roamed the halls of Riverdale high, literally trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do. I was busy trying to find the right track to listen to, when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see who it was. It was Cheryl Blossom, the ‘HBIC’. At least, that’s what she thought. You see, Cheryl thinks she has control over every person in this school. Boy was she in for a rude awakening. “Watch out next time,Cheryl. You don’t want to mess up expensive shoes, do you?” She scoffed “I’m surprised you even know what expensive actually means.” A bitter laugh escaped my lips. “Oh come on, darling. Did you forget that I live in the big white house next door to you? My moms are the living definition of expensive. You’re not the only rich bitch in Riverdale.” “Sure doesn’t look like it. What are you even wearing, anyway? Looks like you got that shirt from Old Navy.” “Oh yeah like every rich person likes Dolce & Cobana. In case you didn’t know there’s a store called Urban Outfitters. Unlike you, I actually have style.” “Yeah, your weird personality and clothing style really shows how rich you are.” “Hey, I’m not weird, you’re just basic. Walking around, like you’re the fucking queen. News flash, Cheryl, it’s 2017. This whole ‘Regina George’ attitude is irrelevant.” The anger was evident on her face. “I have not got time to deal with your..shenanigans. I have better things to do, than deal with you.” She said in disgust. “Suit yourself then. Bye, bye Cheryl. See ya round, honey.” She stormed away, leaving me in peace. Eventually, I was going to see her sooner, rather than later. Our parents had these joint dinners, where they talk about their success, and try to top each other. I was always forced to hang out with Cheryl. It’d just be an awkward silence between us. Since we weren’t really friends in school, or anywhere for that matter. I’d actually like to be her friend. But, she doesn’t like me very much. But, today it’s going to be different. I’m breaking down that wall, and going to at least try to get to know her. The real her. “Y/N, darling you really need to get dressed for dinner with The Blossoms. And for God’s sake don’t wear something you’d usually wear. Wear something pretty, please?” “Yes, mother of course.” I fake smiled. She nodded and I ran up to my room. I rummaged through my closet, and tried to find something preppy. I don’t own any dresses, so nude off the shoulder crop top and high waisted pants it is. I styled my hair in a simple ponytail, and did my makeup. When I decided I looked decent enough. I walked downstairs where my mom was waiting for me. “Where’s momma? She’s not coming?” “I’m right here, sweetie. Are you guys ready?” We both nodded and left. My parents were the most extra people you could ever meet. Instead of walking, we drove literally right next door. Once we got to the front door, we were greeted by The Blossoms. “Lena, Stefanie, how’re you guys doing?” Mrs. Blossom asked, as she hugged my mom. They talked, while Cheryl and I were to left ‘chat’.  We were both used to this, so we knew what to do. I followed Cheryl to her bedroom. “You know the rules, no talking, no staring, no nothing.” “Well, sorry to disappoint, But, I’m actually going to do what I came here for. Talk.” “Oh no, you don’t.” “Come on, Cheryl. I actually want to get to know you. The real you, not this whole ‘tough bitch’ front you put on. I promise, I’m not as bitchy as I seem.” I smiled in a hopeful manner. “Fine. But if you tell anyone about what happened in this room, I will murder you.” “Yeah yeah, whatever. Let’s start over, yeah? I’ll go first, hi I’m Y/N Valette. What’s your name?” “Cheryl Blossom. Nice to meet you Y/N.” “See, there ya go. It wasn’t that hard to be nice. Was it?” She chuckled. “No. Hey do you want to get out of here? Go to Pop’s maybe?” I was kind of surprised, but I said yes. “Sure, why not. We were going to be stuck here anyway.” So we headed to Pop’s chocklit shoppe. We caught a booth in the back, because all the ones upfront were taken. “This is where you impress me, right?” I asked jokingly. “Ah right. Excuse me, can I please get two large vanilla milkshakes?” She asked the pretty waitress. The waitress nodded and went to get our order. “I was joking, but thank you.” I smiled. “Yeah no problem.” The waitress came back with our milkshakes, but messed up our order. One chocolate, one vanilla. “Excuse me, but this is not vanilla. I simply asked for, not one, but TWO vanilla milkshakes. Does this look like vanilla to you?” She snapped. Poor girl, Cheryl scared her shitless. “Cheryl! No!” I looked at the waitress :Excuse my friend, I’m sorry. We ordered two vanilla milkshakes. Can you exchange this one for vanilla, please?”  The girl nearly ran off, because she was so afraid. “Take notes, sweetheart. Scaring people is not the way to go.” I said to Cheryl. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “I’m not the one you should apologize to.” I said sternly, while pointing towards the brunette haired girl. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Cheryl said sincerely, while looking up at the waitress. She only nodded and walked away. “Um, I hope I don’t make this awkward, but I had a dream about you.” I smiled at the blushing girl. “Were you pouring pig blood on me, while I stood on stage at prom?” “Jesus, Y/N no. We were on a date. And I was happy.” “Kind of like now, huh?” Her cheeks were probably the same color as the lipstick she wore. “Y-you think this is a date?” She stuttered out. “I would like it to be. If that’s okay with you?” I replied shyly. “Oh of course! I mean uh yeah totally.” I laughed at her failed attempt to hide how excited she was. From that moment on, I realized how much I was going to be in love with the infamous redhead.

*Flashback ends*

(Present time)

After everyone found out what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. everything kind of went downhill for Cheryl. I mean her father killed himself, and burned down her house. If her mother didn’t like her before, then she definitely doesn’t like her now. Cheryl was in my bedroom, while I went to get food for us. It broke my heart to see her so depressed. I lost my shit when Archie told me she tried to commit suicide.. Ever since then she’s been staying with me. She told me she never wanted to step foot in that house again. And I understand why. “Y/N?” she said. “Yeah babe?” “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. I don’t have my brother anymore. I don’t even know where Grandma Blossom is. My mother thinks I’m a disgrace. My father is a murderer. What about me is so special, that makes you want to stay?” “Cheryl, what’s so special about you is how passionate you are about certain things. And how you’re so confident, and because I’ve known you since we were kids. I’m your friend and you’re girlfriend. And the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, I made a promise to you that I would always be here when you needed me the most. If you really thought that whatever is going on is going to make me stay away from you, then baby you thought wrong. I love you with everything I have and always will. What type of girlfriend would I be if I just gave up on you in your darkest times? A very bad one. I’m not going anywhere, you’re literally stuck with me for like ever.” I chuckled. For the first time in weeks, I’ve seen her smile. Which was the best thing I’ve ever did. There was knock on my door. “Come in.” My mom entered with Mrs. Blossom. “Really, mom?” I scolded my mom for letting her in. Penelope ignored me and marched right over to Cheryl. “We’re going home. Get all of your things, you’re never coming back here.” I was fuming by now.”What? No, you don’t get to touch her, not after what you did!” I yelled, standing in front of Cheryl. Penelope stepped closer to me and said “Who are you to tell me, what I can and can’t do with my daughter?” “Do you know what my moms do for a living? Lena is a fucking lawyer.  And Stef is a fucking cop. Do you really want to go there?” She contemplated for a minute. “Fine. But when things go South, don’t come running to me, Cheryl.” “Oh, you can fucking bet, this will be the last time you ever see me.” Penelope stormed out, while I turned to Cheryl. I smiled and pecked her lips. “You’re free of the Blossom curse, how does it feel?” I asked laughing. “Great, because I’ve got you.” She smiled.

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Dizzy Vision (demo)
Dizzy Vision (demo)

I swear this isn’t follower bait - I wanted to draw a Sucy that actually looked like Sucy so I ditched the Mr. Bungle shirt and the drool fetish. I wish I had the willpower to be one of those artists where, if I wanted to, I could draw like a DOZEN Sucy pinup doodles and that would be really satisfying but I’m already tired of drawing by the time I get her bust down.

On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED note (which means you can stop caring now), today’s track is a demo version of TRACK 2 from the FISHFACE album coming TOMORROW. I produced it with my good friend Dr. Kwack who has contributed to my music in previous times. This is our project where we just put down our dumbest fucking ideas and make some sense out of them. Funny, noisy, terrible, sarcastic, it is all of those things. I hope you’re at least 25% as excited as I am about it.

Yes, I’m plugging my own project in a post that will get people’s attention because of LWA, yes it’s shameless, yes I am scum, yes it’s pretentious.

Ong Seongwoo - With You [Part 2]

Genre: Fluff/Rated (at least the last bit is)

Parts: [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3] 

Note: Thanks for showing so much love to the first part of this story! I’m so glad so many people liked it. It took me a little longer to get this part completed than I originally thought it would, but I hope that people will enjoy this one too. Things start to get a little steamy (hehe). The next part will be the last one! 

“Seongwoo, that restaurant was amazing! It served some of the best food I’ve ever had. It’s so close too, I’m surprised I didn’t know it existed,” you exclaimed as you entered your apartment, your best friend in tow. Every other Wednesday night was movie night for you and Seongwoo. Barring that he didn’t have a date, which he usually didn’t plan on these particular Wednesdays, thank goodness, the two of you would go out, grab dinner at a place on your long list of restaurants to visit or that one of you stumbled upon, then it was back to your place for popcorn and a movie. It had all started during your first year of college when Seongwoo had suggested a movie night and now it had become a part of your routine. “Thanks for taking me there. So, did you remember to bring the movie?”

“Wow, you have so much faith in me. Did you really think I’d forget?” he asked, acting a bit miffed that you would even suggest such a thing. “Of course I remembered to get the movie,” he replied with a grin, holding up a bag with the name of the nearby electronic store on it.

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Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: Teen?

Characters: Jim Kirk, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Uhura, Spock,

Summary: The long awaited birth of yours and Jim’s first born happens. And it isn’t what you anticipated.

Warnings: child birth, cursing, unedited 

Tags: I don’t even know if anyone wants to read these still, but if you do, remind me and I will tag you in the next ones.

Author’s note: Sooo, sorry this took so long. Life is chaotic. There is still more to come for this. There will be cute moments with Jim being a parent and all that jazz. I hope you love it. This is unedited, just to warn you.\

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Your due date was at least 2 and ½ weeks away and you were getting so excited. Your heart felt so full. You had a little family. You, Jim, and your little Peanut. That didn’t mean that the pregnancy wasn’t taking a toll on you. You were constantly tired, your ankles were swollen, so were your hands. It was so bad that your wedding band was stringed on a metal chain that hung around your neck. You also didn’t really walk anymore, you waddled around like a penguin. The sight always made Jim flash this bright smile, which only made you want to shake him.  

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Carry me pt. 5 (Saeran x MC)

Carry me (Saeran x MC) ~~ 

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you (might change to someone else :’))
Rating : M
Mentions of abuse (nothing graphic!)
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. IN this part MC gets to know the leader - V. 

Author’s Notes: Omg I have been neglecting my fics for waay to long! I am very sorry you all had to wait for so long. I hope some of you still stayed to read this ;__; ha…ha… But yes, um…so this series might take an unexpected course towards a different pairing~~ I am not sure. Let us be hopeful that Saeran saves our princess, ok? hehe~~ Hope you like it! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

They sat on the couch, his hand gently holding hers, he wore a beautiful gentle smile on his face and studied her expression.

He could hear her erratic breathing and how she tried to calm herself, she did not understand what he meant when he claimed that it was her who choose him. So without thinking it through, she looked at him with a determined look,  squeezed his hand and with as much strength as she could muster, she spoke up in a confident and slightly loud manner:

“What do you mean with I choose you?”  She could feel the glint forming in her eyes, she knew…or at least thought, that she must have looked quite intimidating to him.

At first he squeezed her hand back and then he looked down she couldn’t really see his reaction, then his shoulders started to tremble and she was starting to worry that he might feel ill or that she might have frightened him so much that he started to shake. But what surprised her next was, that he started to laugh. He released his hand from her and started to laugh so heartily, he then held his stomach and she saw tears forming in his eyes. After he was finally finished laughing he coughed slightly and smiled at her. He wore a mischievous smirk on his face and if she had to admit, she would have to say that she was entranced by him. 

“My dear, you must understand that to us normal mortals you look like a goddess, your appearance is so lovely that words of such beauty were probably only ever described in great books and after seeing you trying so hard to look menacing and I am sad to inform you, you did not achieve your goal of scaring me – you were actually quiet adorable. ”

 As he finished he carefully stretched his hand to her cheek and caressed it slowly, he admired her beautiful face. He finally felt her beneath his touch, her gorgeous eyes that shone like the stars, her plump lips that were slightly opened and those flushed red cheeks. He was entranced by her beauty but what truly got him, was the innocence and the child like naivete  that was oozing from her, but he knew better, he saw a strong spirit deep in her, a strong wish to live to prosper, to finally let her wings spread. He inched close to her and swept her hair on one side over her other shoulder so that he could admire her lovely bare neck.  With her neck exposed like that she tried desperately to hide all the marks with her small hands and she seemed to wear an expression of urgency and shame. Gently he took hold of her hands and kissed the top of her hands and gave her a small smile, soon she relaxed them and let him proceed.

A tingling sensation went through her body ash she felt his lips on her hand, she didn’t know what it was, but it was as if her body was yearning for his touches, as if it knew him. She  soon felt heat spread all through her body and then she felt her cheeks flush. Embarrassed she avoided eye contact and looked at her lap, she found everything else to be far more interesting at that moment.

A small chuckle was heard and as she was admiring her lap, she saw him shift his position on the couch and soon she felt his finger under her chin, with care he made her look up.

“Don’t fear me.” He huskily said.

He came even closer, so close that he gently pushed her down and suddenly … she found herself below him. He was looming above her and for the first time since she was captive and in such a position she felt safe, maybe it was his eyes that gave her the feeling that she could … no SHOULD trust this man. A smirk appeared on his face and she felt like he could read her mind since he came closer to her and she was sure he was going to kiss her, but he went towards her ear and whispered;

“I won’t hurt you.”

He said in such a way that she felt and knew, that he must have been smirking as he said it.

She felt something rising in her and maybe it was his voice, maybe the gaze with which he admire her, but she had to with the utmost strength she had hold back a moan. 

But she was stronger than this, she would not let this man, no matter how handsome and charming he may be make her fall for him and only through controlling her urges. No, he would not. So she looked at him and glared at him, but she could keep that glare only for a few moments, since he came closer to her face and was now nose to nose to her face. His smile and that glint in his eyes, reminded her of the Cheshire cat. She could smell him and he smelled fresh and calming. Then without a warning he gave her nose a small peck and sat back like nothing ever happened.

Flabbergasted she sat back up and stared at him.

“Cat got your tongue?” He asked in a playful way.
She didn’t know why, but she felt alive… there in that moment she felt normal? She lightly pushed his shoulder and giggled.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a real weirdo?” 

Slightly tilting her head it was her turn to admire him now and though he pretended to be confident, she was weak to her beauty and her smiles. But before it could affect him in any way she asked him;

“I don’t recall ever meeting or seeing you? I may be young in this body and it may have not been long since I have stood on this ground and since I breathed the same air that you breathe. But I would have remembered your face since it is a face one could never forget.”

She didn’t let him answer she just stood up and walked towards the door that led to the gardens, as she was just about to go out she turned to him.

“Let us go in the gardens, since its a lovely night, my sisters shine brightly and mother moon is beautiful as always.” He complied to her wishes and followed her, but not before he took a blanket on which they could sit on. So they sat down and both admire the stars.The silence was soothing to them both he felt her hand on his and smiled to no one but himself. 

“When I was younger, no one was there to love me, many things happened and I believed it was best to try and capture the beauty of the world before it fades and dies. I longed for a family and with the rfa I finally had one and when you have a family it is your duty as the leader to protect it. Even if it means sacrificing something for the greater good. After a while I saw all the problems my family was facing, all of the things they could not handle on their own. I wished and wished and wished, for someone that would be next to me and help them, help me face the world and make them clean.”

He turned to her; her the one he wished for … for such a long time. She was radiant, no matter what they did to her, she did not break, she accepted them with such love it could be maddening. The members were probably testing her, how much pressure could they put onto her until she would break and leave them? But he believed that under pressure she would turn into a radiant diamond. But he … as he stared into her eyes, he had doubts about it all. He was fighting strong against the lust and craving that was building inside of him. He was afraid of the man he would become if he would let it take them over him and just take her, here and now. Would she still look at him with those big innocent eyes, would she still try and understand him? Would she still so desperately try to save them all?

Then the words of the wizard echoed in his mind; “Very well, for entertainment purposes, I will give you the brightest star of them all, but once she is human, she will be hard to resist for her beauty will be out of this world, her smell will intoxicate you.  It is her curse that she must carry with her – that is the downside of her becoming human. Once you let your dark urges take over you, it will be hard to go back to what you were before, she is like a drug. Under such circumstances it will be hard for anyone to truly ever love her.”

He cursed himself for agreeing to this deal, but he wanted someone like her all along. He knew he would have to fight hard with himself not to mindlessly have her, but .. try to heal her. Try to fix what his family did to her … well what he did. A single tear rolled down his cheek and as he wanted to wipe it off, he was enveloped in a sudden tight hug, which made him lay down. It was her, the silly girl probably thought he cried for his rfa members, when it was for her he cried for. 

With her tiny, trembling voice she spoke up;

“I will try my hardest to help you, to help them. I will do what I can in this body, I may not be strong, but I … I will carry this burden with you all!”
He wanted to believe in this little wonder, but he knew that he could not save them all without some help, he knew it was time to stop pretending that everything was alright. He wrapped his arm around her small frame and breathed her in.

“You don’t need to do anything, just … stay with me, for now at least. I did choose you and you choose me. You ran head first onto my chest that day, you probably don’t remember since it was your first proper day on earth. Then you fell down and laughed, you were so excited to walk you started to run, then you looked up at me and the first thing you said to me, do you recall what it was?”

All of a sudden, it was as though a strong force pushed all the images into her brain and she saw it all, all the first experiences she had- talking, eating, playing in the park, laughing with the wizard and then meeting him, when suddenly the wizard disappeared. As she was on the ground bare feet in her simple summer dress, with her hair all over the place and she looked up at the man she hit, she said to him while wearing a big smile on her face….

Those words were.

“Carry me.”