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Draco + Harry

“I have a thousand things to say, and a thousand reasons not to.”

This is what I told myself when Harry had asked me why I didn’t tell Bellatrix I knew it was him back in the Malfoy Manor. A few months has gone by since the Battle of Hogwarts, and everyday I still think about my shame. The disappointment I felt in myself when I was standing there in the Room of Requirement with the awareness of Blaise and Goyle hovering above my fear. I should of told you, Harry. I should of told you why. I should of told you that it was because I was in love with you. I didn’t acknowledge it much before. All my arrogance was focused on was being better - defeating the power within you that I wish I’d carried. Honestly all that power that I carried within myself - the hatred, the cruelty, the righteousness - it was all just a simple mechanism for myself. To hide my feelings for you. All those times I was almost alone with you, I had a chance. I had a chance to come clean. But there it was again - the judgement of my father, the fact that I seemed so worthy to him - stopped me from doing anything. That moment when we were together on your broomstick in the Room of Requirement while it was blazing itself to ash, I felt so safe. Even with everything that was being destroyed beneath us, it was the first time in a long time where I felt safe. Where I felt as though I didn’t need my father, my family or even myself. All I needed was my arms around your waist while you flew me to safety. My eyes were on the fire, but my mind was going to your Harry. That I was with you. I hope someday we can meet again with our families and children and I could finally tell you how much you meant to me. How much I wanted you but never felt worthy enough to have.

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there is a lot of making of eyes, which is confusing and strange

“is - actually, no im just going to roll for it” -kai, on if their character’s bag was in reach

mimsy said rations were battle worthy, not travel worthy, that was a struggle

“cerulean feels impulsive, you’ll have to convince him not to wander off into the woods” -Sunny (#same)

faerie dragon got to break tie and pick if they followed the path or not; it picked path

“i hope you know how bad i am at distances, so these numbers are real fake, but they’re real once I say them bc thats how dms work” -Mimsy

“in 3rd edition, this was a thing, but we’re not playing 3e” “thank god”

“there’s a battle going on, but he’s just going to cuddle” - Kai, about the faerie dragon

“so many grappled dragons” - kai

re: red “you have a dragon in your party now apparently; he lives here now” which is still better than my other party, where they got a wolf out of me -Mimsy

“Can I mildly collapse” -dee

Red faerie dragon is named Timothy; thank u cerulean 

They send the hafling in a (falling apart) bucket down the well instead of asking the dragon to fly down?

Timmy steals gold from Rowan; Wavecrasher gives Timmy a gold - a smol hoard for a smol boy

“You should not be saying bless when you roll a crit” -Kai, when Rowan took 23 damage

Mimsy, when no one did anything in response to saving a unicorn: “Y’all just met a unicorn and seem really unimpressed, what the heck”

“No dragons were harmed in the making of this session”