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Hello everyone! Helios here speaking: I’ve received messages asking what the status of your shipping is currently – as there’s only one person handling the shipping atm (the same person has also handled printing), I hope you can understand that they may take some time. 

I hope this clears things up! We’ll keep you posted as soon as we can!

- Helios


When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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RFA + MC Family AU Quick Look!

!!! DO NOT REPOST THIS ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE. These are only AUs and I don’t really feel like it should be circulated around. Please leave them here on tumblr or IG so only those who are interested can go see them ;;v;; Thank you!

Since so many people refuse to read my descriptions in IG, we’re going visual! This took me like 30 mins I hope it helps me explain stuff hhhaksjfsfd

For some reason, many people think that the kids in Taemin Han’s AU should be the same as the kids in my RFA Family sets. Which can’t happen because those kids from before can only exist in their own routes.

Some think that the new kids in Taemin’s AU are all MC’s kids. Which can’t happen because, as I said before and as drawn in previous Jumin Doge comics, MC married Jumin in this AU so the other RFA members found someone else as their partners (saddd right).

I hope this clears things up :D Next time, I’m just going to link people to this in case they ignore the captions again && start complaining • v •;;; come on give me a break – i use my spare time to make all these fan content for u all – and for freeeeee skdjhf let me live

alright, i guess my time has come

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am mexican. 

Lately, there has been some drama in the SW/RO fandom concerning diego’s heritage/skin tone and whatever, all initiated by tumblr user @hijadepavlov and some post of hers that i cannot link for some reason (?) that states diego luna is white. 

Before i start with my argument, i wanna thank all the people who refrained from commeting because they weren’t mexican/latinx or something like that. you did the correct thing. 

(please, take in mind that im talking exclusively about mexico. i have no idea what the situation is in other countries) 

the things @hijadepavlov addresses in her post are, unfortunately, accurate. Diego does represent a tiny, privileged portion of the population here in this country. he most likely did benefit from his skin color to break into the film industry and it is not fair that people with darker skin cannot obtain the same opportunities, and yes we should be critical of it. 

Now, with that being said, i want to point out this: being lightskinned does not make Diego any less mexican. he was born and raised in this beautiful country, in a middle class family– which means that he had the same experiences as the other 60% of the population. he knows the national anthem, he knows who benito juarez is, he knows that polanco is very nice while iztapalapa isn’t. he is mexican. 

This is even more important considering that the U.S just chose a president that literally fucking targets us, MEXICANS (not argentinians, not colombians, not anyone else) as drug dealers, rapists and criminals – and no, this isn’t just about pride and the fact that someone insulted us. Mexico’s economy heavily relies on the US and to have a president that is publicly against us HAS HAD A HEAVY IMPACT ON MEXICO’S ECONOMY. THIS COUNTRY MAY ENTER RECESSION THIS YEAR. PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS. PEOPLE WILL SUFFER. THIS IS SERIOUS. 

So to have Diego Luna, a man whose nationality and accent has been degraded and stepped on, play the role of a hero in a Star Wars movie is fucking huge. It tells people “Hey, that stupid cheeto we chose for president was wrong about mexicans! they can be nice and talented!” and it, quite literally, gives us hope that maybe this year won’t be so bad, after all. 

People here in mexico love him (hell, i saw one of my classmates describe him as God Himself) and we are incredibly proud of him. we look at the movie and feel represented. we feel delighted at the thought of a paisano making it big out there. Mexico is proud to have Diego Luna.

And because i feel like i did this a little too mexico-centric (i have never in my life used such a combination of words lmao) i want to tell this to everyone out there: it’s okay to love diego luna even if his skin color doesn’t match yours. it’s okay to relate to him even if your nationality doesn’t match.it’s okay to feel represented by him. mexico is in a hard position right now, and to have you guys support an actor from here is literally a blessing. it makes me so happy to see so many different people (whether they’re other latinos,  black people, white people or asian people) to love so dearly a person from here it’s really… undescribable. thank you so much. 

Now @hijadepavlov it’s okay you want to call out colorism in the film industry, however it is definitely not your place to state whether someone is or not mexican or latinx enough. 

thank you very much, hope yall have a good day.

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could you explain that post about how blues curse wasn't real? i don't get how cause gansey obviously died after kissing her but decided that dying by kissing her on his own terms was better, so he could sacrifice himself for his friends? idk sorry if its dumb but I'm genuinely curious how that works out? thank you!!!!

hi!! sorry for the delay on this! it’s not dumb at all - i hope i can explain better! (disclaimer that this is just my interpretation - i’m not the op of the post you’re referring to, so i can’t know exactly what they meant!)

basically, like the op says, there’s nothing inherently deadly about blue or her kiss. like, physiologically, her kiss is harmless - her lips aren’t poisoned. to call it a curse, even, is sort of misleading - it’s not some spell cast on her. 

it’s not really a curse as much as a prophecy.

the psychics aren’t wrong when they say blue’s true love will die when she kisses him. that’s exactly what happens. but blue doesn’t kill him. gansey dies because he wants to - because he’s the sacrifice for the ley line. the kiss was symbolic of that choice, an action marking the moment he gives himself up, but there was nothing inherent in blue’s kiss itself that caused him to die. 

it boils down to the details. (i think blue even speculates about it at some point in trb?) it’s the difference between “if i kiss my true love, he’ll die” and “when i kiss my true love, he’ll die” - if her kiss is the cause or just the predictor

i’d argue that it’s just the predictor - that was my interpretation when i read it, and i think that’s what the op is saying too - but maggie (in her opinion that blue and gansey still can’t kiss after the end of trk) clearly intended it to be the cause. so it’s up to you to pick whichever interpretation you like!

the reason that blue thinks her kiss could be the cause is because she had never kissed anyone before that. for her first and only kiss to be a kiss of death is something the psychics sense. (probably, i’d guess that it’s even easier for them to see this moment because it’s so monumental for the magic/the ley line as well as for blue’s life.) they look to the future and see the moment: she kisses gansey, and gansey dies. so, they tell blue that her true love will die when she kisses him. so, blue doesn’t kiss anyone. in never kissing anyone, blue makes her deadly kiss with gansey her Only Kiss, making the moment even more significant than it already is and providing no proof that her kiss is otherwise harmless. so the psychics can only see this one deadly kiss, so she never kisses anyone. see? it’s circular! in a way, blue creates the curse herself!

re: this post

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Finally ask box is open again!! ^^ Can I request Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Takao, & Kagami first kiss with their shy s/o? Bonus if they start making out :P Thanks! Your blog is amazing btw ;))

Hanamiya: “Hey! Stop running for fuck’s sake! ___!” he yells after you as you continue trying to put some distance between the two of you. He knows it looked bad, but it isn’t his fault that girl had straddled him! And you just had to walk in in that moment and you just had to not see him push her off. Fucking typical. Now he’s running after you, trying to clear thing up. He picks up his speed, catching up with you and grabbing your arm. “Let go!” you yelp at him, trying to break free and hoping he won’t see the tears in your eyes. And then it happened. He kisses you, hard, trying to get his point across in time. Somehow you understand, but the frustration doesn’t cease. So you kiss him even harder.

Imayoshi: These last couple of weeks you have been spending your lunch break with Imayoshi in the classroom. As today was no exception, there you were, sitting and joking around. He really likes this side of you because he knows he was one of the rare people who got to see it. As he thinks about topics he wants to mention to you next, he scribbles a small drawing that, even though it was small in proportion, perfectly displayed his artistic skills. Or more like the lack of thereof. When you see his drawing, you begin to laugh uncontrollably. “…..Hey.” he says in mock anger, grabbing your chin and kissing you. Now you were the one shocked and he just sits there with his usual smirk. After all, he always has to have the last laugh.

Takao: “…..” Takao peers at you from the other side of the room, hoping his stare would make you notice him. “…..hhnnggh…..” he makes a little noise in the back of his throat, staring even more intently. You still don’t notice him! How tragic! You type away on your laptop, not batting an eyelash at his childish behaviour. “Nee, ___-chan? When are you going to be done?” now he’s sitting next to you, having given up on catching your attention with noises alone. “Soon” you say in a distant tone, trying to focus. He looks at your face for a moment, mulling over an idea. He goes for it. Now he’s smiling like an idiot, looking at your shocked face. “There we go! Now you’re paying attention!” 

Kagami: Having trouble with English?…well so is he, sorry. He tries, but his accent just makes it hard for you to understand what he’s teaching you. As you giggle for the umpteenth time that evening, Kagami blushes the same way he did the first time. “ T-take this seriously…” he stammers, regaining his composure. As you fail to do the same, he does something neither of you expect: he kisses you. As he pulls back, face as red as his hair, he says “…at least you stopped laughing”. You had to admit it though, instinctual or not, that boy’s got game.

It breaks my heart every time I see people falling for queerbaiting. I’m okay by now, I’ve learned how to appreciate ships without getting my hopes too high. I don’t trust unless I get clear signs. I refuse to play the games anymore. But I see a lot of people, especially kids, who are convinced they’re gonna get representation from some things that I just…can’t see happening, and I’m scared for them.

I know, guys. I know how easy it is to get caught up. A lot of you are lonely and vulnerable and you just want so desperately to see yourselves in these characters. To see yourselves anywhere.
A lot of people in the media are not your friends. They don’t get it, they think we’re hungry enough for representation that we’ll thank them for a few scraps, but not so hungry that they have to feel guilty for keeping the meals from us. They don’t know we’re starving. Or maybe some do and they don’t care.

I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong about these ships. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know for sure. But just be careful, okay? Don’t put everything into this. It’s not all you have. Representation is increasing. It’s not enough, I know. But there are so many people around you who feel or have felt the same. We understand. We’re here. Just…if it all comes crashing down, there’s still hope, guys. You’re worth more than this exploitation. Please remember that.


I also get a lot of questions about activator so hope this clears some things up!

A little note... selectiveness.

*Breathes* Alright, I believe it’s time I explained the reason I chose for this blog to be selective. Now, one of the things that I’ve become incredibly picky over is OCs. Do not get me wrong, I personally have no qualms against roleplaying with OCs. In fact, my Soraka blog is very open for OC threads and I welcome them as well as respect the muns who choose to roleplay non-canon muses. 


As much as I wish to partake in doing a thread with those who wish to do one with me, I simply can’t sometimes, even if your muse is canon. Why? It’s simply because of my chosen muse’s personality. LeBlanc is not the kind of individual one can easily approach, that much is obvious; she is not someone you would find haplessly wandering about with no purpose– No. Every encounter with the Deceiver has a purpose behind it, whether this be for information, deals, or for the individual to meet their unfortunate end. I understand there are possibilities, but are they sensible enough?  This is often why I have to initiate threads, you don’t find LeBlanc. LeBlanc finds you. If one were to find her, it means LeBlanc somehow made a mistake somewhere and that completely alienates away from her cautious and paranoid nature (but that’s for another discussion).

Despite my want to have fun with roleplaying, I have to keep my muse in character and sometimes certain OCs/champions simply drive her away from tha. Compared to someone like Swain or Elise, what do you think is the possibility of a Kog’Maw coming up to LeBlanc with the Deceiver being completely unfazed by his presence and welcoming him into her parlor without question? 

It simply doesn’t work. 

Sure, I have made exceptions for some after careful plotting. One being a traveling bard and another being a headmistress of an academy in Noxus who has magical prowess, two very different ends of the spectrum. But the circumstances LeBlanc has met them under make sense for the character. The headmistress knows of the Black Rose and sent a letter, while the bard is a traveler who performs in taverns and is more likely to encounter LeBlanc who is also an individual of travel. I only desire for things to make sense in the likelihood of encounter. 

So please. Whether you are canon or an OC, please note that I’m willing to discuss a thread if you message me; but I’m also not afraid to say no when there’s simply no way an interaction can occur without breaking character. Thank you.

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I bet a bunch have already asked this but I was wondering where you got your Hinata shouyou sweatshirt?? I was on the hunt to find it but no luck -_-. anyway I love your art so much and your videos inspire me to pick up digital art again!! thank you so much and hope you have a great day!!

I spent hours making a collage of Hinata and then uploaded the collage onto LiveHeroes which in turn made it into a sweater and sent it to me. Here are some things to get clear though:

1.) No, I do not have the Hinata collage anymore haha so yall gon have to make your own.

2.) I dont recommend LiveHeroes at all. The customer service was not very good. They advertise themselves to be a company like Redbubble in which you send them your work and they have it printed on your product and sent to you soon. 

Redbubble still takes like…2 weeks to even ship it to you but LiveHeroes will take MONTHS. And it’s nearly impossible to find any reviews on the company so I’m telling you right now lmao. 

I paid an extra $15 for express shipping (plus the $60-$70 for the actual sweater) and they still didnt ship it to me until I messaged them about it. Its weird, after I messaged them they said they weren’t a factory and everything is done by hand and my order wouldnt ship for another two weeks but then they shipped it 2 days later? Not sure what happened there I feel like if I hadnt sent them anything I’d still be waiting. 

I got lucky and only had to wait about 1.5 months for my sweater to be shipped. I’ve seen people say it takes longer and that they hardly get a response from the company. 

I actually got the sweater idea from another Tumblr user who made a Tobio sweater and even they said “if you plan on making one message me I have some things to say about my ‘experience’” so I’m assuming they were talking about the company. WHO KNOWS. 

If anyone knows of a better company to use for these kinda of sweaters reply to this post with it or something! I really dont wanna use this company again lmao

Somebody Else

“Don’t look now, but Roman just came in with her.” The words were practically screamed over the loud music into your ears. They left you numb to the conversation going on around you, unable to respond. You knew that you were bound to run into him at some point, with the party being held by a mutual friend, but you had been safe for the hour you had been there.

 It had been a few months since you had mutually decided to break up, but after hearing that he was in another relationship not too long after, you had begun to wonder if it was something you had truly wanted. You hadn’t even cleared out the things he left in your apartment with the hope that he would come asking for them. Hoping for another chance to see him again. 

Finally gathering the courage, you looked over at him and his new girlfriend. You didn’t even know her name, with no reason to have to know it.  She was wrapped around his waist in a fashion similar to what you would do in the past. He looked down at her, saying something that you were unable to make out. You were familiar with the look in his eyes, however, a light in them that he used to look at only you with. One that later died out.

Something akin to jealousy flared up within you, and you murmured something hastily about getting a drink to your friend. When you had first heard about his new girlfriend, you couldn’t believe it. You thought it a rebound at first, but after constantly hearing about them, you became bitter about the breakup. With a few mutual friends between the two of you, it was impossible to not hear about them. Coupled with the fact that you were unable to move on to someone new as quickly, thinking about them became a new pastime. You didn’t know whether you wanted him back or were just mad at how quickly he found someone new. After a few years of dating you, how was he able to move on so quickly?

Arriving in the kitchen, you were quick to pour alcohol into your cup. Drinking it as quickly as you could, you poured more into your cup. It burned, but not as much as seeing him treat her the way he used to treat you. Your friend had told you it would be a bad idea to come, like pouring salt into a fresh wound, but you couldn’t help yourself. Just thinking about possibly seeing Roman was enough to get you to the party. If only you had actually thought it through. 

“Woah, slow down,” Dean exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen. You were on your third cup and the effects of it were hitting you very hard. Not paying attention to him, you finished it off and threw the cup at a nearby wall. Dean moved closer to you after witnessing your actions. “Y/N? You okay?” 

“I’m fine,” you snapped a little louder than intended. Moving back from the counter you stood at, you wobbled as your head began to spin. Grabbing the counter, you stabilized yourself before looking at Dean, who stared at you unimpressed.

“Are you acting like this because of-“

“No, this isn’t because of him. I’m over him,” you said with a defensiveness that even had you wondering. After having to answer whether you were okay with hearing about him so many times, it had become your reflex answer.  

“Hey, Dean!” You were thankful for the interruption because you could tell he wanted to ask more. But when you turned around and saw that it was the new girlfriend, you wanted to vomit right there. Dean, knowing who it was, didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. But, by the familiarity in her voice, you figured that they were very friendly with each other. Before all this, he had been the one to set you and Roman up. “Am I interrupting something?” 

You couldn’t even get yourself to be mad at her; she clearly didn’t know who you were. The ex-girlfriend who had at one time contemplated marriage with her current boyfriend. The ex-girlfriend who was jealous but didn’t necessarily want him back. The ex-girlfriend who just didn’t want him to be happy with somebody else. 

A few tears began to stream down your cheeks, and you were quick to remove them. You heard her ask about you, but Dean dismissed it as you just being drunk. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “If only you knew.”

“What is that supposed to mean,” she questioned. At that moment, you looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with Roman who was previously looking at her. You could see the slight panic in his eyes as he realized that you were both within a proximity to each other and he was quick to begin to make his way over. Looking over her shoulder also, the new girlfriend had a look of confusion on her face when she realized who it was you were looking at. “What-?” 

Seeing the situation for what it could potentially unfold into, Dean ushered you to sliding doors that led to the backyard. With no resistance, you couldn’t help but to look over your shoulder one last time when you got outside. Roman had just arrived and it was like she had forgotten about you what had happened once she saw him. Seeing them in person had brought you some clarity, but it was your first time seeing him truly happy without you in his life. It hurt.

Promises to Keep

changkyun x reader

angst x fluff

615 words 

anon nymph wished – 64. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything” Sliiightly angsty with Changkyun, please? :’)

Thank you anonnie for your wish! I could have gone so angsty with this but I do hope that this is the ‘sliiight’ that you asked for ^^ lol! Enjoy!!


#64 If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything.

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Okay so I’d like to clear something up. That thing being the difference between demiromantic and demisexual.

Demiromantics need a strong emotional bond/connection for romantic attraction to occur.

Demisexuals need a strong emotional bond/connection for sexual attraction to occur.

You can be either one of the two or both; some that are both use demisexual as the umbrella term for the two (like bisexual biromantics or homosexual homoromantics)

But please be sure of what word you’re using for specific terms, hope this helps a bit.


You know, I have been looking at a few posts regarding Percival Graves, and some people really didn’t understand the film, so I’m hoping this will help clear things up. (SPOLIERS AHEAD for Fantastical Beasts) 

- There was/is an actual real Percival Graves that was/is a GOOD Auror. He was clearly a powerful and respected Wizard, who always fought to uphold the law. 

- We do not know how or when or why, but Gellert Grindelwald at some point captured the real Percival Graves and used a similar (if not the same) technique we saw Barty Crouch Jr. use with Mad Eye Moody. aka Polyjuice potion. However, for all we know, the man is actually dead (what with him probably being basically starved to death now that Grindelwald has been captured). 

- The producers of the movie have already said that there are no plans to bring Colin Farell back ergo it is relatively safe to assume that’s the last we’ll see of Graves. 

- We never saw the real Percival Graves. Let me repeat that, because some people honest to god believe Grindelwald became Graves at some point in the movie or believe Graves had some sort of relationship with Credence before Grindelwald took over: WE. NEVER. SAW. THE. REAL. PERCIVAL. GRAVES. It was ALWAYS Grindelwald pretending to be Graves. So no, we have NEVER seen the real Graves and Credence actually interact with each other. We don’t know if they did know each other, but the movie NEVER tells us that, so while you can headcanon they did know each other, we DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW THAT. 

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 3

You found it quite difficult to open your eyes.  When you finally do, it took some time for your bleary vision to clear up and you realize you are still in the hospital.  Your head feels strangely heavy, and you feel like someone just shoved cotton down your throat.

You try to sit up.  

The moment you see the bruises on your hands the memories of the previous night rushed back to you in shocking detail, and you suddenly feel as if the world is falling apart.  

“Hey, hey, heeey! Such a thief; stealing kisses in the dark like that.”



Your vision blurs. You can’t breathe.  Nothing you hold on to seemed real.

“I love you, MC.”


The door burst open and a worried Yoosung runs to you, running his hand up and down your back to reassure you. Your sobs were trapped in your throat, and you wanted to make yourself stop, but you can’t.  All your ears could hear was the deafening drumming of your panicked heartbeat.

“Hey MC,” he whispers to you, “Can you hear me, MC?  It’s me, Yoosung…”

Somehow Yoosung’s worried voice managed to pull you from the nightmarish anxiety attack.  You try to slow down, to match your breathing with the slow, steady strokes he’s been doing on your back.  You close your eyes and try your best to breathe slower, slower, until your hands cease to shake and your mind can easily comprehend the sounds you hear around you.

You inhaled deeply, and gave a long, labored sigh.

“Thank you, Yoosung.”

The boy’s eyes lit up like early morning sunshine.  He slumped into the chair right next to your bed in relief, and you can’t help but smile a little.  “Aaaah! You scared me!  I was just talking to the nurse outside and you just shouted…oh what am I saying…are you feeling better, noona?

You nod.  You gave him a small smile, but at this point it felt like a herculean effort.  Yoosung’s eyes widened and a grin started to form in his youthful face, obviously very happy to have made you smile.  “Oh, Saeyoung is very lucky.  Your smile is so precious, noona!”

You stared blankly at Yoosung, trying to comprehend what he just said.  His voice echoed in your head, and you felt a slight blush creep to your cheeks as you suddenly feel embarrassed.  Your muddled mind was struggling for a reply when a familiar voice pulls you from your thoughts.

“Don’t flirt with somebody else’s wife,” a slightly amused Zen pops his head into the door, a fruit basket in one hand.  “Hey, MC. How are you feeling?”

“I’m not flirting with her,” Yoosung explained, half-pouting. “I just told her the truth.”

Zen stepped into the room and placing the fruit basket on a table next to the bed. “Sounds like flirting to me, blondie.” He then turns to you, taking an apple from the basket and dips to a slight bow, offering the fruit to you in the princeliest fashion. “The best fruits for your health, milady.”

“Now you’re flirting, hyung!” Yoosung laughs.

“Everything sounds like flirting to you,” a deeper voice replied from outside the room.  “You’d probably flirt with anything that walks on two legs.”

Zen’s smile immediately changes to an expression of annoyance. “AAAH. Do you hear something, MC? Just don’t mind the—ACHOO!”

He turns around in horror and sees Jumin standing in the doorway, a smug grin on his face holding Elizabeth 3rd in the crook of his arm.  Zen backs away to the farthest corner of the room; apple completely forgotten and resting on your lap.

“What the actual hell, Jumin!  Why did you bring that ball of death here?!” Zen eyes the cat in fear, his nose reddened and eyes watery.

“I didn’t bring Elizabeth 3rd for you,” Jumin quipped. “Besides, you’re in a hospital.  At least I was considerate enough to make sure you will get treated as soon as possible.”

“Why you–!”

“But, Jumin-hyung, how did you get the cat in here?” Yoosung interrupted, confused.  “As far as I know pets are not allowed in hospitals.”

“They are, in this facility,” a soft, familiar female voice joined in, and Jaehee ushers Jumin inside the room and closes the door behind her.  “The presence of animals relieve anxiety and accelerate the healing process…and you are all being noisy!  This is a hospital!”

“Sorry,” Zen said, in between sniffles.  “It would have stayed peaceful if only he didn’t bring the damn cat.

“Like I said, I did not bring Elizabeth 3rd for you,” Jumin repeated.

All four of them kept bickering inside the hospital room, and you watch them in amusement. Elizabeth 3rd got bored and wiggled free from Jumin’s grasp, landed on your bed and went to sit on your lap, her paws kneading on the fluffy blanket before finally curling up.  You idly stroke Elizabeth’s head and you giggle and smile at their antics.  You feel your heart being filled, filled to the brim, of happiness and friendship.

“Thank you,” you voiced out.

Everybody stopped.  It was suddenly quiet, then they all turned to look at you.

Surprised, and kind of embarrassed, you let out a small giggle.  “Thank you,” you repeated yourself, thinking that they might have missed what you said in the middle of their bickering.  “I am so…happy that all of you are here.”

Ah.  Your voice broke.  You can’t bear to look at their faces anymore, so you look down at Elizabeth, idly stroking her fur while your eyes begin to water.

Jaehee was at your side the moment the first tear rolled down your cheeks.  She grabbed the tissue box that Zen had stolen from your bedside table and wiped your tears, while stroking your back.  Everyone was quiet.

“We will find him,” Zen finally broke the silence, his words not a statement, but a promise.

“He is family,” Jumin seconded.

“My best friend,” Yoosung added. “Although he always pulls a prank on me!  I still have to get back at him!”

There was a moment of silence.

“Oh, am I supposed to say something good about Saeyoung here?” Jaehee smiled at you, and you can’t help but giggle with her as you wipe your own tears with the back of your hand. “I am sure he’s all right,” she assured. “He’s got a good woman worrying for him…it will be fine, you’ll see!”

You nodded.  You really hope so.  You desperately hope so.


A/N: I just needed some happy thoughts (aka Zen and Jumin bickering lol).  This fic is apparently going to go on for a long time…hopefully work does not drain me of my creative juices before I get done with this >_<;;

Part 2 is here!

Part 4 is up!

Apparently Jacksepticeye liked my post about me not really enjoying seeing him in the last guardian tag (imo it’s a reasonable thing to complain about I mean you don’t search legend of zelda hoping to see game grumps) and instead of getting antsy about it he just went about his day instead of sending fans to attack me like some YouTubers would, so good on him

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Hello! Your askbox still says that you are over, but your recent activity suggests otherwise. Also, once you've documented more 2017 memes, will you create a 2017 index?

Hello! Thank you for your message!

Some of the pages on our site have not been updated yet, but they’ll be fixed up in the not too distant future. We will be creating a new “Memes Documented” page. However, the “Index” page will remain the same as it is not year-specific–the index is to alphabetically (rather than chronologically) keep track of tags and pages on the blog.

Hope this clears things up!


Harrison hardly had enough time to shove you to the sidelines before your Earth-2 counterpart walked up… It was clear you - your other you - had some sort of witty relationship with Harry because she briefly bantered with him and then, suddenly threw an arm around his neck and kissed him flat on the mouth. You’d never really been jealous of yourself before but your doppelgänger seemed to be everything you weren’t - everything you had ever hoped to be - and ugh… It didn’t help that you’d developed a little crush on Harrison Wells. If that wasn’t the most annoying thing you’d ever experienced in your life, you weren’t sure what was. Eventually your counterpart walked off and Harrison called you back over.

“I don’t think you saw yourself so-”

“I’m amazing!” You exclaimed, placing your hands on your cheeks as you watched yourself walk away. “Just look at me! My fashion sense is on point! Did you see that hat?!”

“Yeah…” Harrison shrugged… “I suppose you’re-”

“Oh, and-wow! I kissed you!” Your gaze snapped to him. “Why did I kiss you? Do we have some type of romantic-tension-thing going on or something?”

“Or something…” He answered. You watched him with a light smirk, knowing if you stared long enough he’d eventually supply you with an answer… And right on queue, he finally rolled his eyes and said, “We dated. Drop it…”

“Am I a good kisser? Did you ever get to second base?“ You asked, trying to mask a playful giggle. “What about third? How far did we get?”

His eyes narrowed. “I can’t think of a good way to answer those.”

“Harry, you dog!” You lightly punched his arm, “I don’t blame you, man… I look great in that hat.”

“I’ll buy you that exact one if you stop asking questions about my relationship with your doppelgänger - who is not you - and get back to the mission.”

“Okay, but…” You pouted. “I wish I was this cool on Earth-1.”

“For the record, I like your Earth-1 counterpart much better.”

“I’m loving your sweet talk.” You teased before bumping him with your hip and winking. “I bet you know just what I like to hear. We dated, after all.”

“Stop…” He growled as he began to walk away.

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Ever since an old friend of mine gave me a bad past experience with witchcraft the idea of spellcasting and being a witch is quite terrifying to me. I was hoping that you could clear things up and explain how it works and how to be safe with it. ;v;

sure, but witchcraft is a very broad and often vague thing. without knowing specifically your expiriance i don’t know what to assure you about. 

but know this: witchcraft is a very malleable thing, as versatile as literature, fashion or music. one person’s craft can be entirely different from someone else’s. in fact, two different witches may find their practices has exactly nothing in common, no overlap, except that they both call themselves witches. 

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