hope these do the trick bb

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Hey! I figured you would be the person to go to to ask this, seeing as you have several pieces of pasta to take care of yourself! I've really been thinking about getting a ball python once classes are over this semester, and was wondering if you have any tips on first time caretakers of snakes? Any tip is a good one!

Okay! Well you probably know that ball pythons are picky eaters and no good shredders… Um, if his eye cap gets stuck on his eye, dabbing it with a warm wet washcloth usually does the trick. If you want to sit still with your bb, handle during the day. If you want to supervise your exploring active bb, handle at night. :) Remember ball pythons do the best with aspen bedding and under tank heaters. Heat bulbs tend to dry their cage out. (Especially if you have a cage with a screen top)

Also, ball python heds are very very smooshy and soft. :) just be sure to smoosh gently!

I hope I said something helpful in this rambling and that everything goes well with your new noodle. Happy hissing, friend!!!!

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I have anxiety, mostly environmental. I'm having a HUGE class trip to Massachusetts this may and it's an 8 hour trip on a bus with mixed genders. When I have things like this my stomach kills and I start freaking out. My parents don't think its an anxiety attack but I do and I don't know how to calm myself. I was hoping you had some trick you use to help.

-Don’t forget to breathe.

-Listen to music to get your mind off of things

-Bring something with you that is familiar (like a stuffy or a blanket from home or something like that)

-Bringing things to freshen up with is always a good idea (especially when your on a bus for 8 hours) so like some deodorant or even chapstick can make you feel more comfortable in general

Good luck bb, I believe in you! <3