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You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.


“Perhaps I could take you out for a walk in the moonlight snow?”

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  • jesper: oh shit OH SHIT look at that would you LOOK at that THOUGH holy fucking SHIT THAT'S THE FACE. IT IS THE FACE. the scheming face, ooooh boy, oooooh boy he's doing it. he's ACTUALLY doing it. would you!! look!! at !! his !! wonderful handsome scheming face!!! FUCK!!!! everyone is screwed!!! ohhhhh shittttt damn boy waddup he is SCHEMING.
Nothing Wrong

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: Over 1400

Warnings: Just fluffy, a little angsty.

Notes: This was a request from @wayward-mirage and I loved writing it! Thanks for the ask, honey <3 I hope you like it xox

Ask: Ok! So my Mick request - he got away from the BMoL and is staying at the bunker. Reader goes on a first date with someone she met and it goes horrible and she comes home sad thinking it’s her and he’s up and they talk and he tells her there’s nothing wrong with her and it ends in him confessing feelings and fluff? Thanks !

Slumping down into your chair around the map table, you leaned across and passed Sam and Dean their beers.

“That was a hell of a case, huh?” Sam mused with a raised brow.

“You could say that,” you smirked, a hint of sarcasm in your voice. “Claire became a werewolf, almost died. No big deal.”

Sam laughed in response and Dean rolled his eyes.

“We should probably check in with Frodo,” he reminded you both, making you frown.

“I wish you wouldn’t call him that,” you scolded, a smirk pulling at the corners of Dean’s lips.


“Because,” You felt yourself blushing. “He’s a good guy who’s helped us out a lot.”

Dean snorted a laugh and shook his head, swigging more of his beer. A key in the lock made you all pause, placing your beers on the table as you all grabbed your guns. The door fell open and Mick stumbled in, sweating and scared as he descended the stairs. Your eyes were huge as you stood, leaving your gun on the table as you approached him.

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playlist for "just realized I'm a lesbian"

can i say tegan&sara’s whole discography?

let’s split this into the “holy shit i’m gay playlist” and they “holy shit girls are great playlist” yeah?

holy shit i’m gay
1. kt tunstall - heal over
2. indigo girls - closer to fine
3. adam lambert - aftermath
4. nana grizol - photos from when we were young
5. rent - la vie boheme

holy shit girls are great
1. mary lambert - she keeps me warm
2. broken social scene - anthems for a seventeen year old girl
3. be steadwell - witch/sometimes/greens
4. anthony green - she loves me so
5. tame impale (ft HAIM) - cause i’m a man
6. Oh Pep! - Tea, Milk & Honey

i hope yr ok, nonny! its been a long time since i realized i was queer, but i remember it being very very scary before it became very very great

Senses (Kylo x Reader)

Nothing. I just wrote this for a friend who has been kinda struggling with some stuffs so I hope this will help. I love you honey, everything will be ok. <3


The light was fading. She barely felt it anymore. She felt so alone, and just sad. She had no desire for doing the things she loved or even the people she loved.

And so many people love her. She had impacted so many lives. A number so great that she will never, ever, know.

But one man in particular stood out against the rest. Like the dark crimson color of blood against the colorless snow.

His hair was long, and stark black. A high contrast to his long, pale face, spotted with freckles; like constellations in the galaxy in which they lived in. His dark eyes held so much anger and sadness. But if you looked long enough, you could see the softness of them. She could make his eyes soften with just a glance in his direction. And she had no idea.

His heart pounded out of his chest the very first time he saw her, his pores dripping sweat, butterflies in his stomach. He never believed that he would never be worthy to be in the presence of a woman with her beauty.

The first time he heard her laugh, he didn’t believe that it was real. The sounds radiating from her, it was like a song. A song of happiness that his mother would sing to him when he was just a child. A song of hope, and happiness. A song of family, and love.

Love was something he desperately craved. Maybe he wouldn’t admit to himself, but he was alone. He was cold and lost. He desperately wanted to feel someone’s love. He wanted to give someone his love, anyone. He needed to feel their lips under his, feel their breath in his skin. Anything. Just a touch.

The first word she ever spoke to him; hello.

Hello? Her voice was confident, it did not shake like his body was when he was with her. One could one word be so welcoming? They both could say anything after that. Their words could form into stories, songs, or fights. They could be words of pure hatred and disgust towards each other. But no, he spoke gently to her. He gave her his name. He remembered the small smirk when she gave him hers.

His ears felt overwhelmed when she told him her name. A name. That’s all it was. How could one word be so impactiful? Because it’s in a name, where you get an impression, it’s something of theirs that the other person will use more than them. A name is a truly beautiful sound.

And what was his impression of her?

Kind. She held no trace of anger or disgust with her. Just curiosity and an open mind.
Wise. He could see it in her eyes. They alone could tell him tales of the past. He got lost in them. But he never wanted to be found again, because, It was her that found him.

He felt as if the hole, stabbed into his heart and mind, was suddenly bandaged with her small touch. She just walked past him. Their shoulders met, or well, they almost did. He towered over her. He shuddered. He desperately wanted to feel her again.

They talked more and more. They both fell in love more and more. Each second together was their time spent well.

Their first kiss. Her lips against his. He felt tears, he had in his arms a woman that could easily be mistaken for an angel. They fit so well together. His hands against her skin, her smooth, ageless skin, anchored him to the present.

The first time they made love. Never would the both of them forget the night. Little to no words were spoken as he rocked into her. She held onto him, clinging as if he were her lifeline. He clung to her as if she was insanity.
And, I suppose they were. He was her lifelike. She was his sanity.
Her cries out against him, quickened his actions, desperate to hear more. To make her feel loved was all he wanted. His mind was focused on her. Nothing else, not him. Nothing.

He would always remember their first fight. Their insecurities were like a red flashing light; out there in the open, noticeable. Hard to not look at. Both of then thought they were superior, that they knew all, that they see right, when in reality, neither were wrong or right.

He holds her close to him every night. He needed to have her feel protected. Nothing would happen to her. No monster would claw at her. No human would abuse her emotions.

But could he protect her from herself? No.

The false thoughts of worthlessness and hate flooded her mind with no intention of drying up. The thoughts stayed and she couldn’t handle it anymore.

She screamed at him. She cried at him. He took it all, he wanted to know why someone as beautiful as her would think and dwell in repulsive thoughts such as those. They were all false.

She deserves all of the happiness in the entire galaxy. She deserved everything and more.

He could not give it to her. He tried though, everyday.

He left when she finished her screaming. He left her in the room to go on a walk.

How could she think those things? How could she feel so low about herself?

Was he angry at her? He would rather be cast away from her side never to see her again if it was for her safety. He could never be mad at her.

He could be mad at himself. How selfish of him to not see what was going on with her.

He comes back to her the next morning. He pulls her her protesting frame into his large, protective one. He rocked her, as he felt her pounding fists on his body.

They say nothing to each other. He holds her, feeling her trembling form and salty tears on him.

But she was with him. And he was with her. And they loved each other.


if there’s anybody that could rival jisun’s level of competitiveness when it comes to everything and anything gaming - it’d be that of his neighbour, junwhi. whether it be the two teaming up to verbally insult over what was meant to be a relaxed game of mario kart, or a tenseness that settled between them as they battled against one another in a rather edgy game of league, he couldn’t deny that the other was a fun companion to have around. and, sometimes, to provoke.

 throwing off his headset in a fit of rage his knuckles have yet to slack - gripped around his latest edition to his collection, a pretty little razer naga - which did nothing but curse him as he went down a few ranks on overwatch. a defeated sigh leaves overturned lips as a result of his piss poor play, but it takes him all but two seconds to overcome this loss, quick to pull on a semi-clean pair of joggers before he’s heading down the stairs, over to the pretty identical shared house before keying in the code he knows to be correct. ( because if he knows there to be anything to remedy the downfall of a poor match, it’s easily beating someone else at another game they’re equally as interested in. ) after that it’s easy: relying on memory and experience at this point. up the stairs, to the right. similar in his approach to most things in life, sun’s entrance to junwhi’s room is anything but subtle, leaning against the doorframe as he shoots him a knowing grin.

 wanna get your ass kicked in overwatch ? ’

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I'm going to have a mental breakdown. I wish I fit Korean standards...-fancyanon

nononon *hugs* I’m sorry honey I hope you’re ok I’m here for you :(( try not to mind standards

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bts' reaction to their lover failing their exams please? ^^

Thank you for your request and im so sorry people for being so inactive >.< i have been crazy busy lately! but i hope you enjoy it!

JUNGKOOK: “You failed? Was it math?? i bet it was math! Math is our worst enemy after all…….”

JIMIN: “Aww im sorry babe! Lets go get some ice cream to cheer up and then go back to the apartment for something more…..Hot ;)”

SUGA: “I told you to study but noooo you just had to cuddle and sleep with me all night”

You: “Suga…….That was you who had to cuddle and sleep all night..”

Suga: “I have no idea what your talking about.”

RAP MONSTER: “YOU FAILED?!?! Alright get out your books and papers! we are going to study until your brain bursts!”

JHOPE: “Don’t worry! It will be ok!!! Because im your hope!”

JIN: “Its alright honey, Im sure you tried your best and the teacher is just ugly and stupid…Want me to make you a special dinner for tonight?

V: “Ohhhh that really sucks babe! How about we go on a date, get something to eat, Play games and have fun to help you get your mind off of it!”

~ ADMIN Abbie

I hope you guys liked that <3

And here finally is my first MikaYuuNoa, and also the first time I try Mika… I think I almost left him bald because I quited a lot of his hair…? x’D I don’t know!

Anyway, this was a request made by @no-signs-no-lights. Honey, I hope you like it. Ok, so this is the last Owari no Seraph picture for a few times, since I owe a Pokéshipping drawings too! So, Pokémon, Pokéshipping pregnancy stage, here I go~!


  1. Handrawing sketch
  2. Anime References
  3. Easy Paint Tool SAI
  4. Photoshop CS5
I Enjoyed It Though

Thanks to all of the adorable people that liked, reblogged and made such lovely comments on see-me-after-class😘😘

This fic is in response to a prompt (shown at the end) from the awesome @i-dream-of-emus, thanks honey - I hope this is ok?

Big thanks to my adorable beta @redprairielily.

This is a little bit smutty/crass for anybody that doesn’t like that sort of thing.  Anyway please let me know what you think?

I Enjoyed It Though

As she almost skipped around to Chops house Izzy felt like a million quid.  She was so pleased with the results of her trip to the beautician’s for de-pubing that she had rushed straight home to try on her new underwear.

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Fic Submission: The answer is 58

Written by: stydiaandthejeep

Prompt: Could you do a nerd!Lydia au where she has to tutor Stiles because he’s falling behind in class and at first she thinks he’s dumb, but slowly falls in love with how incredibly brilliant he is.

Author’s Note:  So, I know this is kind of long, I apologize. I started writing this like 2 weeks ago and kept adding and adding and finally I finished it tonight. I hope whoever asked for this will be pleased with the finished result. I thought nerd Lydia would be so cute.

As always, thanks so much for beta-ing, honey. I hope it’s ok. Have a nice night.

From stydia-xo: No problem sweetie, I love doing it :) & I LOVED this so much, amazing job.
Everyone read and enjoy this new story! 

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