hope the sharpening settings are the same

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I love your sims and editing style so much!! It's so sharp and smooth and so pretty, how do you do it?? All my edits come out really pixelated and I only have the free photoshop cs2 and gimp...

thank yo nonny

i use only one editing programm - ps cc2015. also i have topaz labz - for sim’s sharpening and background’s colorizing(?? or what is it)  - topaz lens effect… could i show it?

im sorry about my english i am not an english-speaker.
and my ps on russian. let me translate some words for u !

so i have my own way to cut my sim. it is matter of taste i think. here we go - not at all oldest screenshot from cas. i already cut her.

next i pick layer 1 and then on the top bar filters > topaz labs > topaz lens effects. idk what about cs2 but for cc2015 it works ok! you can also use sharpen from default filters in your ps i guess cuz they work same !!

and i set it whatever i like! now she looks a little bit more sharpen.

also i gonna change background with topaz lens effects. i choose camera - toy and here u can choose whatever u want - so many presets - and i set it like this:

next pick filters > blur gallery > iris blur. i use it cuz it looks more pretty and lovely!


hope it is helpful for someone! have a nice day  ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶


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hi mish! do you use the magic wand tool or the quick selection tool? i want to make a header and it takes SO long to select the desired part of the image, and it's not even accurate. do you mind showing how you make a header, if it's not too much trouble?

Hello!! I don’t use the magic wand tool but I do use the quick selection tool sometimes!! Though if it’s for making renders, I don’t recommend using the quick selection tool if you want everything neat. I can definitely do a tutorial on how to make a header! I wanted a new one anyway lol so this works for me too!!! We’ll be making this new one:

Here we go!

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Hello! I was wondering if you could explain how you coloured the last gifset of ATLA (esp. Katara first gif). The colours on your ATLA are always so beautiful even if the show is a bit yellowish, so I was wondering how you were achieving it? And also, what sharpen do you use? Every time I make an atla gifset the sharpen always comes off too harsh, I can't find any good one :(

Hi! Thank you so much, I’m so happy you like my ATLA gifs :) Here’s a small tutorial on how I colour them.

From this:

To this:

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Team Bonding

Anonymous Requested: 1 and 21 with Steve!

1. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

21. “You’re my best friend, of course I’m gonna do something dumb with you.”

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

It was a regular Friday afternoon for team; we had Clint tweaking his arrows, Natasha sharpening her knives, Vision and Bruce were reading a book, Tony was in his lab, Thor and the twins watching tv, and Bucky was helping me and Steve make a fruit salad.  

“Team bonding time!” Tony declared as he threw out his arms as he entered the living room. We all looked up at him confused. “What the hell do you think we’re doing?” Clint asked waving his hand around the room at us. “Being in the same room isn’t exactly bonding is it?” Tony countered back at him.

“Ok, then what do you think we should bond over?” Natasha asked, setting down her knife sharpening kit, interested in where this was going. “I don’t know, I was kind of hoping one of you guys had an idea,” Tony admitted as he sat on one of the loveseats. “How about we do this thing I saw on tv once, they were having a paintball fight and everyone was on teams. One team would shout out Marco and the other team has to answer back Polo,” Steve suggested as he ate a piece of Pineapple.

We all stared at him like he was crazy. “Are you joking?” Bruce asked taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” I said smiling. “That actually sounds like fun. I’m in,” Wand joins in. “If she’s in, I’m in.” Pietro says pointing over at his sister. “I’m going to kick all your asses,” Clint says getting cocky. “If his in. I’m in,” Natasha said. “Ok well let’s go,” Tony says as we all get up and start to leave.

Tony pulled a couple of strings and was able to let us rent out the entire paintball arena so it was just only team playing. After the employees went over the rules and guidelines for us, we split up into two teams. One team being Tony, Natasha, Pierto, Thor, and Vision.  And the other team being Steve, me, Bucky, Clint, and Wanda. Bruce decided to sit out and to make sure none of us cheated.

We put on the safety gear and grabbed our paintball guns as we went into the arena. “To make this fair, no one uses their powers. Pietro we’re looking at you,” Bruce says into the microphone. Pietro flung his arms upset, making it clear that he was going to use his speed to cheat. “Last man standing wins. You have 15 seconds to split up and the game will start.” Bruce announces as a countdown began.

We scattered running away from each other in different directions.  I ran as fast as I could and hid with Steve behind one of the walls they had in the maze. The alarm went off, telling us that the game begun. “Marco,” I heard Natasha call out, sounding like there was a lot of distance between me and her.

“Polo,” I call out along with the rest of your team. I heard someone shot their gun and hitting something. “Vision! You’re supposed to shot back or run for cover!” Tony scolded him, earning a snicker from me.  I peaked out from the wall I was hiding behind to see Pietro walking by. I quickly aim my gun and shot him in his back.

Feeling that he got shot, he turned around and saw it was me. “Ops,” I said shrugging with an innocent smile. He glared at me as he walked out the arena. “No, camping. And you cannot stand on the walls or tall rocks Clint,” Bruce said over the microphone.

Clint jumped down next to me. “What are you doing?!” I whispered at him startled. A gun went off and hit wall next to us causing it to make a loud splat sound. “Sacrifice yourself!” I yelled as I pushed Clint as Steve and I took off running in different directions. “What about our team?!” Clint yelled at us as he got shot.

After about 13 minutes, all that was left was Tony, Steve, Bucky, and me. “Marco,” Steve yelled as him and Bucky were closing up on him. “Polo,” Tony answered back. I walk quietly around the corner and see Tony. I hold up gun and get ready to shoot. Just as I pulled the trigger Tony drops to the ground causing me to shoot Steve and Steve to shoot me as well. “Seriously!” I yelled as I look down and see Steve’s yellow paint on my chest.

“Sorry (Y/N),” Steve said as him and I walked out of the arena. “Don’t worry about it. That was honestly the most fun I’ve had in so long,” I say smiling as I playfully shove him. “Did you just push me?” he asked laughing. “So what if I did, what are you going to do about it?” I say sticking my tongue out at him. “Oh you asked for it,” Steve said as he put his paintball gun up and shot at me as I shrieked. “This is dumb! You have more ammo than me,” I said as I shot at him a couple times before my gun ran out of ammo.

“This was dumb? Then why’d say yes?” he asked as he put down his gun after it got jammed. “You meatball, you’re my best friend, of course I’m gonna do something dumb with you.”


Based on this request:  Hi I was wondering if I could have an imagine! If you could make it like I have to save him somehow and that’s how we meet? Thanks you love

Word count: 1561

Thank you for sending in this request! It was fun to write! I hope you all like it (: - Kris

I didn’t think anything of the screams in the distance. In fact, I could have easily ignored them. It’s amazing how things can change a person. A year ago, if I heard that same scream, my heart would race faster and I would probably run to help the person in need of help. Now, however, I stay where I am; I don’t even lift my head.

I was focused on sharpening my knife. I surprisingly did fine in the apocalypse. Food could be scarce, but I made my way around. Hunting became a routine, and traps were often set. When I wasn’t doing either of those tasks, I was making weapons to hunt with, or I would go on small runs. Soon enough, the rabbit and squirrel population would go down and I would make my way to another area.

I continued to hear more screams, and I finally lifted my head. The idiot who was yelling would need to shut up or they would attract walkers. They would come stampeding through here and ruin my small camp.

I jumped up and starting making my way towards the screams. If I’m lucky, a person is just being attacked by a walker. That way, I can take both of them out and secure my spot in the area.

I must have walked a few miles before I finally reached my destination. There was a group standing around two people who were tied up. One was a girl who was the one screaming. A man behind her was sliding a knife across her skin. I winced at the sight.

The other person was a man who had longer, dark hair. His tan muscles bulged and he looked like he was fine. However, another man stood behind him and hit his head with the back of his hand.

I lifted my homemade bow and arrow. It wasn’t the best; I was lucky if I caught anything with it. However, I knew it would hit something. I aimed it at the man closest to me. I planned to hit his head, but the arrow planted itself into his back. He went down with a thud. He continued to kick and yell in pain while the others watched and surrounded him.

“Hey, who’s out there? Whoever you are, you better be hidin’, ‘cause we comin’ for ya!” a man yelled. Without thinking, he starting trampling through the bushes and trees surrounding the area. I assumed he was the leader, because soon enough, everyone else was doing the same thing.

Although, two more men stood next to the two hostages. The woman was still screaming and crying. I could easily take out the two guys with the others distracted.

I started making my way towards them. When I was about ten yards away, I could hear walkers all around. The girl’s noises brought several of them. Instead of searching for the one who injured one of their boys, the men now took on fighting the walkers. The two men who were guarding the hostages looked nervous. They fidgeted more and couldn’t stand still.

I went up behind one and knocked him out easily with my elbow. The other pointed his gun towards me and fired once. Because of how quick he was, his aim was off and thus, the bullet missed me. I took the opportunity to punch the guy in the face. He went down easily, but he quickly stood up.

I punched him again and once he was down, I kicked him a few more times. I untied the girl first. She ran away right away. After untying the man, I was out of breath. However, I knew that staying here would be a mistake.

I grabbed the man’s arm and tugged him away. He reluctantly followed. If he wasn’t going to cooperate, I was going to ditch him. In a world like this, I had to survive. I wasn’t going to let a dirty looking body builder slow me down.

I had to give credit, though. The guy kept up and he didn’t make too much noise. I wasn’t sure where I was heading; all I knew was that I had to stray away from the area where the other group was. I also knew it would be a mistake to show this guy my camp.

After a few more minutes of hard jogging, I slowed down. I turned to the guy and fully stopped. “Mind telling me what the hell that was back there?”

“None of yer damn business, that’s what,” the man replied angrily.

Even though we were both panting and worked out from running, I snapped my attention towards him. “None of my business? You haven’t even thanked me for saving your life, or your girlfriend’s, even though she just ran off. I could’ve left you back there and those men didn’t look friendly. I saved your life and you still act all high and mighty?” I shook my head. “Boys will be boys.”

I had dropped my makeshift bow, but I still had my knife. After the event that just happened, I was on high alert. It would be getting dark soon, so I started heading for my camp. The guy just stood there before sitting down. I couldn’t see what he was doing through the bushes.

The fire was started and crackling. It was noisy and bright during the dark, quiet night. I sat a few feet away while on the watch for walkers. That was one problem with being alone: I was on constant watch and I couldn’t take 'shifts’ like people in groups. I always had to be alert.

As I was trying to bring the fire down again, I heard more than the light in front of me. Twigs were being snapped and hidden birds would switch tree branches. I stepped away from the fire light, trying to hide myself.

What felt like minutes passed, but only seconds later, a figure stepped out of the shadows. Just as I was about to jump and stab it, the person showed their face. It was the man from earlier.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whispered angrily. I stood up fully and grabbed his vest collar. “Did you bring anyway one else?”

“No! Now put that damn knife down, would ya?” he replied. I slowly released my grip and brought my arm down.

“What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m here?” I crossed my arms as I sat down.

“Why do ya have so many twigs around here? If ya wanted to leave the place quickly and quietly, walkers would hear ya, and then ya’d be dead meat,” the man made himself comfortable by sitting across from me.

“First off, this is my camp. You still haven’t answered my question. Secondly, there’s twigs for a reason. And third, I don’t plan on leaving 'quickly and quietly’, as you put it. I’m staying here,” I said.

“I’m here to say thank you and to apologize. As well as maybe ask you a few questions. One question is what those twigs ’re for,” he scratched at his arms.

I watched him carefully. He would make eye contact with me, but it was only briefly. He would play with his fingers or chew on his thumbnail and he talked quietly. I thought he looked like a person someone could trust.

“The twigs are there in case a walker comes by. If I hear a twig snapping, I know to take cover. If there are more than one, they get distracted by the noise. Like I said, I plan on staying here, so I have to be prepared. I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m Y/N,” I would’ve held out my hand, but the fire was between us.

“I’m Daryl. Do you mind if I asked ya a few questions?”

“Go for it,” I started tearing apart leaves.

“How many walkers have you killed?”

“Lost count.”

“How many people have you killed?”

I looked up at Daryl. “Only a few. No more than six or seven, I’m guessing.”

He paused before looking at me again. “Why did you kill them?”

I thought about this question. Why did I kill those people? Because they were in my way? That wouldn’t sound good.

“They would try to hurt or kill me. I wasn’t having any of it. I’m pretty sure I also killed a guy today while trying to save your ass,” I gave a little smirk.

“Thank you, for that, by the way,” a ghost of a smile appeared on Daryl’s face.

“Yeah, whatever. If you tell anyone about this place, I will not hesitate to hurt you, though. Watch for walkers, I’m going to bed,” I said and I stood and stretched. My stomach showed a little and I could feel Daryl’s eyes on it. I instantly covered it up and turned around, climbing the closest tree.

I wanted to trust Daryl. He seemed alright. I knew putting my life in his hands this early on was a mistake though. I do’t trust him that much.

“Hey, how did you find this place, anyway?” I asked from my tree.

“I just came the way you went. Plus, I’m an excellent tracker.”

“Alright, high and mighty. I’ll believe you,” I chuckled. I slept better that night than I had in months.

Template tutorial

As the second part for my followers. The following is a template tutorial. Templates are really easy to use. If you don’t know how to use them, this should help you. I’ll walk you step by step on my process of how I use them. It’s possible there’s an easier way, but this is just the way that I learned how to make them! I’ll provide you with some great blogs for templates. So, here we go! I’ll be using this template HERE from Welovetemplates. It’s the last gif in my upcoming set. 

                                                    Welovetemplates & Pstemplates

                                                    Lets begin!

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