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Yay! It’s Glitchtale Anniversary! Congrats to Cami and for the Glitchtale crew! You gaiz made this far! 

Anyways, I wanted to put up a short comic more like a meme? I hope I could decrease the amount of fan tears in the fandom! Stay kind and determined! :3

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Draw markiplier in his lost-in-the-desert-suit plus confusion lol :D??

“Man, that was nuts! That guy was out of his mind!”

Caught in Between

Pairing: Darkiplier x Reader X Antisepticeye

Warnings: Language

Request: Hi! I was wondering would it be ok to request something where Dark and Wilford(or Anti your choice ☺️) are fighting over the reader

Notes: This was pretty fun to write haha. I just got off of work, sorry if it’s a little blah. I still hope you all like it though. 

Requests are open! :)

“What the fuck do you want? I have Y/n’s attention! Me!”

“Y/N was resting, you have no right to ruin her sleep.”

You sigh, putting your forehead in your hands as you listened to Anti and Dark argue with each other again. This has been going on since this morning, it started out as normal as it get’s in this place and then the two Ego’s were both doing all these little tasks just for your attention. 

Dark made you breakfast. 

“Wow..th-this is amazing.” You said, mouth agape at the delicious looking breakfast witting before you on a plate. You didn’t understand where this has suddenly come from but you weren’t going to turn down some food. 

“Thank you, Dark.”

“Anything for you, Y/N.”

That wasn’t anything suspicious, because Dar always says little things like that - besides… you were busy eating to really think about it. 

Anti laid in your lap, cuddling into your stomach whining that you do something with him. 

A small grunt left your lips at the sudden added weight on your lap. Looking down from your book, you see a grinning Anti staring up at you, making you give him a questioning gaze. 

“What do you want?” 

“Oh nothing just…you.”

You roll your eyes at his flirting then go back to reading your book, trying to fight off the smile that wanted to break out on your face. Anti didn’t like that your attention wasn’t on him a whine left his throat and he wraps his arms around your waist, burying his face in your stomach. 

“Pay attention to me!’

As if moving on autopilot, you shift so that you can hold your book in one hand, while you now free hand moved itself through his hair.  It was something you found that helps calm him down, and there’s also the fact that he really liked it. 

You smile, unknowing of the small smile Anti held on his face too. 

Dark actually cuddled with you when you took your nap. 

While being here you somehow gotten in the habit of taking naps. No complaining from you you loved to sleep, but this particular nap was not spent alone. It’s rare, whenever Dark feels in the mood for any physical contact that is normal and not… lust filled.  

So when you were allowed to cuddle up into Dark’s side, it was a little surprising and suspicious. But you didn’t want to dwell on that, because this is such a rare occurrence, you wanted to cherish it. So you closed your eyes, snuggling closer to him, feeling his arm hold you tighter and breathing in his scent. 

It was a nap you didn’t want to wake up from. And unknowing to you Dark didn’t want you to wake up for a few hours, liking holding you in his arms like a normal being - something he isn’t. 

Then Anti woke you up, pulling you away from Dark for some junk food and video games. Which leads to where you are now, both men arguing, because Dark did not like the action Anti did. 

while at first you were a little annoyed that he woke you up, the idea of having a fun rest of the night with junk food and games did sound nice. But then again, Anti did ruin a rare moment. 

You heave a heavy sigh looking up at the two beings, eyes widening when you sw the familiar black void that only Dark can control. You stand up, moving between the which could be a bad idea, you didn’t know just yet, and held out a hand on either chest. 

“Will you two just stop?” You look at Anti, “You, Grean Bean, when I’m napping - don’t wake me up.” then you look over at Dark, seeing his calm visage start to crumble to the temper he tries to hide. “And you Edgelord -” This earned you a glare. “- just..chill.”

You keep your eyes locked with his, the glaire slowly disappearing before he takes a deep breath. Dark stood up straight, fixing his already neat suit. Rolling his neck, he said, 

“My apologies, Y/N.”

“…Yeah, me too.”

You let out a breath, then stood up to your full height, which wasn’t much to them. “Apologies accepted. Noe, mind telling me what today was all about?”

No one said a thing.

“Look, I don’t really understand this.” You pointed between the three of you. “But fighting for my attention, is not how you get it. I give it to you on my owns terms.” you pause, thinking up a perfect tense breaker. “Like right now, I really do want to kick Anti’s ass on Mario Kart.”

Dark smirked. “That does sound entertaining.”

“I’d like to see you fucking try! Bring it on, Y/N!”

Feelings of your own

Requested: Yes. “A Dark x read soulmate au. The one where first words are written on your wrist, and Dark has nothing, bc the reader is mute and she has something harsh about not being able to talk on her wrist bc he’s upset she won’t reply.”

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing:  Darkiplier x reader

A/n: I know. The ending is totally shit. I couldn’t really figure out how to end it… I hope I did this request some justice. It was a great request!

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               Dark sat in his bedroom. This was, once again, a night of sorrow for him. In a word full of love, he was alone. Everyone he knew had found their soulmate. Hell, even Wilford found his when she escaped from an asylum! Her first words to him where engraved on his wrist, just like everyone else in this world.

               Except for Dark.

               Dark’s wrist was clean of any permanent ink. Did he not have a soulmate? There was no one that he could love and cherish like everyone else? He was a demon, something without emotions, feared by everyone! So why did he feel so alone? He was a murderer. A creature of nightmares. Why did he want love so badly then?

               His apartment only seemed to get bigger and colder the longer he stayed in it. He began to dread the place he once called home. It was dark and gloomy. Before, that was what he preferred but now it just made him feel worse.

               Dark sighed as he stood from his bed. He couldn’t stand being here any longer. It was time for him to go outside and have some social interaction, despite the fact that he hated all living beings. A cloud of black smoke surrounded him for a moment, changing his previously lazy attire to his usual suit. Once he felt confident in his appearance, he grabbed the keys to his front door and left his luxurious apartment. He stood outside his door, trying to decide if he wanted to teleport to a local café or walk.

               “I suppose I should get some exercise.” He muttered to himself before walking down the hallway and to the elevator. He pressed a button and waited as the elevator descended to the lobby before walking out the doors and onto the sidewalk. Cars rushed by beside him as he waltzed down the street with his hands in his pockets.

               “Dark!” A voice boomed behind him, attempting to get his attention. “Dark, wait up!” Dark tossed a look over his shoulder to see Wilford running his way. An exasperated sigh left his lips.

               “What do you want?” Dark growled when Wolford slapped his hand onto Darks shoulder as if he were his friend.

               “So, I overheard that little angel talking to someone! Guess what he said.” Dark could only assume that he meant Lightiplier. He couldn’t really care less about what Wilford had to say but he knew he would tell him anyway.

               “Cut to the chase, Wilford.” Dark kept walking as Wilford trailed slightly behind.

               “Ooh! You’re going to hate him!” Wilford nearly squealed at the thought of Dark’s rage. “So remember how you both had an argument when he suddenly appeared in your place? Well, turns out, he slipped something I your coffee! Have you been feeling any… Emotions lately?” Dark stopped in his tracks at this before dragging Wilford into a space between the building and forcing him against a wall.

               “What did he do?” Dark growled, his breath fanning over Wilford’s face.

               “He said it was supposed to give you emotions so you would understand the humans.  Like a punishment for all the bad deeds you’d done.” Wilford gave a sinister smile to Dark before pushing him away.

               “I don’t have time for this.” Dark scoffed and began walking away. Luckily Wilford let him leave peacefully, feeling satisfied with the mischief he caused.

               Dark grumbled to himself and continued his way to the café. A horn blazed at a nearby cross walk and caused Dark to look up. That’s when he saw you.

               You walked in front of your car with both offensive fingers blazing and directed toward the driver. While the driver shouted some very colorful words at you, you said nothing. You probably wouldn’t, even if you could.

               You had been a mute all your life. Some weird speech disorder had disabled you in this way. It could be an inconvenience at times but, for the most part, you were able to manage it.

               Once you crossed the street safely, no thanks to that asshole, you walked straight into your favorite café. You took your usual spot by the counter and grabbed a menu. You flipped through the three pages, looking for anything that caught your eye.

               “Hey, (Y/n)!” You looked up to see one of the waiters. You had been coming here for a while so most of the employees new you well and often talked to you when they had time off, even if you didn’t verbally reply. The manager saved a notepad for you to write in whenever you came here. They were like a little family that you had. “What’re you craving today?”  You pointed to the order you wanted and the waiter scribbled it down. “I’ll be right back with that, hun’.”

               You pulled out your phone, getting a small glimpse of the ink on your wrist. What? Too proud to say thank you? Your soulmate sounded like a real jerk. You couldn’t wait to meet him.

               Dark walked into the café and began walking to his usual spot only to stop when he saw the same woman from the street sitting in his spot. He already had to deal with Wilford today and he didn’t want to have to deal with anything else. That spot was what he had been looking forward to all day. It was right next to the window, so he could watch the people outside, and by the counter so that he would get the check faster. There were plenty of other spots but Dark wanted that spot specifically. He knew he was being childish but he couldn’t care less. His day had been shit. He didn’t bother to say anything, though. Instead he took the seat next to you and ignored your side glance.

               “Here’s your food, sweetheart.” You smiled gratefully at your waiter as she dropped the plate in front of you and refilled your coffee. Dark gave you a glare.

               “What? Too proud to say thank you?” Dark growled at you. You cocked an eyebrow at him before your eyes widened in realization.

               “She’s mute, genius.” Your water said as she walked by. You nodded to her in thanks and Dark’s cheeks grew red. He felt idiotic. How could he not realize that? These damned emotions were beginning to get in his way of judgement. He should have practically smelled the disability on you. It was part of being his demonic self, he instantly found weaknesses.

               “I apologize for my rude behavior.” You waved your hand in dismissal. People often became frustrated when they couldn’t understand you. “Why didn’t you just use sign language?”

               Most people don’t know it. You quickly signed. Dark gave you a slight smile and it only grew bigger when you showed him your wrist.

               “Well, I’ll gladly be your interpreter. If you’ll let me.” You, of course, eagerly accepted and ever since then you both had been inseparable.

               Dark had revenge on Light with many pranks that you helped with but what he didn’t know was that Light hadn’t given him anything. He knew Wilford would be listening to him and he knew he would tell Dark anything he heard, so he set up a fake conversation. Dark’s feelings had always been his own, even if he only began feeling them recently.

               You and Dark had a happy life together. He even found a way to give you immortality! He truly was your soulmate.


why i mostly hate shipping/septiplier rant

this thought has been lurking around in the back of my mind on some things. it’s not like i’m trying to forget about it, but i just want to put something in for a once. also, don’t mistake the title ‘why i mostly hate shipping’ as ‘i hate shipping’. shipping is great and fun, but recently since the whole rant about septiplier, a lot of things have been going through my head, so i just want to clear this up.

last year, one of my friends was fangirling in lunch about the ship, which is of course, septiplier. i didn’t know anything else about the ship at the time, until i searched up what it actually was. the ship septiplier is a ship between the youtubers jacksepticeye and markiplier and the fandom was pretty much increasing at the time. and just like any other fangirl/boy, there’s that cliche thing: 'and then she found a new ship’.

septiplier has been my otp ranked first in the list of ships i have in my notes (pls don’t judge my habits) and was pretty much something i would watch on youtube everyday after to school to rewind and relax. it was great. i’d love to thank my best friend for letting me search up and find these two people who put some positivity into other people’s lives as well as mine and theirs.

now the thing was, my best friend who ships septiplier REAL hard, is one of the fangirls that likes to rage over other ships and claim them to be dead, as well making references every time we would talk and text each other. i was like that too before the whole rant, and from the looks of it i probably raged over the ships harder (not that i want this to be exaggerated or showy about this or anything) than her. we were both happy at the time and we had no problems with the ship.

that was until that one night at 12 or 1am when i was going through the septiplier tag on tumblr. (yes that was my night routine 2016 in a nutshell)

when i’m on tumblr, i rarely read the long passage of texts and fanfics, so i just skip them, but then i decided to read one about septiplier, knowing very little that it was going to change the way i looked at septiplier. it was a rant. it was telling the fans to stop writing smut and porn for the ship since it broke mark and jack’s relationship, and that one sentence which freaked me out: 'septiplier could be dead’. i came across more posts like this and i was starting to feel a bit hopeless as i was laying in my bed.

i took some screenshots and showed them to my best friend at school secretly, but it seemed like she just didn’t care. all i remember was that after giving my phone back to me and telling me 'ok’. just that. ok. i felt like i couldn’t trust her with this kind of news anymore, and she was the only friend in our group who only knows and ships septiplier. i bummed me and pissed me off. i kept on reading more posts for a few weeks and that’s when things started to crumble.

i began to ask questions to myself: what will happen to the ship? why isn’t it happening this year again? have mark and jack seen this post? i began t have doubts. doubts that fogged my persepective of septiplier and the way i thought of it. i changed the way i shipped people. it was ok. i was starting to forget about the ship, but there was one thing…

Jacksepticeye’s Q&A livestream.

i watched a bit of the stream throughout and had the usual reactions, freaking out, smiling and listening attentively with a stoic expression on my face. a few days later i went on the septiplier tag again and found a post with a gif of jack from the livestream with a caption saying 'I think everybody involved already knows at this point.’ I shrugged as clicked on the clip to watch, little did i know that this clip was going to haunt me for the rest of my life when i think about septiplier. he explained how the ship came from great and cute, to obnoxious and over-the-top. he and mark legitimately told the mature-writer/artist fans to stop writing and drawing smut/and porn, but nope. they were ignorant of their advice and did it anyway.

Jack’s analogy: 'Everybody was having a great time in the swimming pool, and then someone just had to take a big ol’ shit. Jus a big old shit that nobody wanted, so everybody left.’

The most heartbreaking and saddest thing that I have to mask over is that he even claimed that Septiplier is dead. Also saying that we have to grow up, and we can still ship it. I became so frustrated and confused. How can we still ship Septiplier if the fans who ship it hear from the person in real life say that it’s dead?! I don’t get how we can handle this after him saying it’s officially dead. I agreed at this point to the least, but hearing that broke me in two. I mean:

What happened?

Where did the 2015-2016 Septiplier go?

Here is some news I’ve been seeing on Tumblr and other social media for the past few months:
- Septiplier is dead
- Jack and Mark’s friendship is ruined
- Rants
- The balance between the hate and respect for Amy and Signe
- More rants
- Other ships 'taking over’
- 'Don’t take Tythan/Jelix too far like Septiplier’
- A few hate posts for other ships
- fanfics fluff or smut/fanfic ideas
- art
- the cartoonjunkie incident

i just want to put a message out here.

please be a true shipper and fangirl/boy by respecting other ships. we all have out fantasies and expectations which are addicting to write about, but we must learn to control them. for those of you who rage, please DON’T take anything else too far. it’s also tempting, but again we must learn how to control ourselves. show respect. show respect for ships like septiishu, amyplier, crankiplier and jelix/septicpie. DON’T EVEN THINK about posting any smutty fanfic or art, because youtubers are a part of us too. we don’t want to feel uncomfortable by seeing someone draw us and someone fucking each other; so it’s never okay.

i hope this rant has convinced some of you out there reading this, and if you didn’t really like reading this, i don’t give any fucks about your opinion of this right now. i just want to thank you for reading another boring, weak rant. :)


feel free to comment down your opinions if you’re still reading this :P i’m just a 13 year old girl posting her third post on tumblr lol

ID #92006

Name: Angel
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hi everyone! My name’s Angel and I’ve always wanted a pen pal so here’s some things about me :3
To start off I am an African-American female who’s a huge nerd and animal lover
I’m Bisexual 

I love watching tv and anime, reading and sleeping XD
I’m also in some fandoms like Pretty little liars, 13 reasons why,criminal minds, Sherlock,Harry Potter,Hamilton and I’m getting into some more

I love watching YouTube and the YouTubers that I watch are jacksepticeye, markiplier, Liza Koshy, Rosanna Pansino,sWooZie and many more 

I listen to all kinds of music from rap to dupstep to pop

I have social anxiety so it’s kinda hard for me to make friends so I though making a pen pal would be good for me

And that’s all! I hope that I can make some awesome friends :)

Anyone aged around 14-17
No one who is against LGBT
No racists
No homophobic
I can talk with email or Tumblr


Now it’s my turn to contribute something to the @markiplier fandom. This is actually the first time that I’ve attempted drawing Dark or Mark or really anything like him lmao. I’m marginally proud of him but I feel like I made him into a Disney character.

So anyways, hope that Mark at least sees this. I think it’s really cool how he interacts with his fans on social media. And truth be told, he’s just a really great, kind of inspiring guy.

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Hey so like I saw that apparently you've been getting shit on by the Markiplier fandom and I just want to say I'm sorry people are being garbage to you. Screw them, you're wonderful, and I hope things look up for you. You deserve better. Mark supports you and I do too. Anyone who doesn't can just... well, unfollow you. Harassment isn't necessary and you're not hurting anyone. Idk I'm sorry this is happening to you, I hope you see a video of a cute animal and maybe it'll help a little bit.

I did watch Marks ‘Woof’ video today and it made me feel SO much better. Thank you anon.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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I really hope when we get more Host that he's still like the author, bat and all, just a bit more reserved. I wanna see him narrating something as he's still making the fart jokes. (Or he's a complete ass cause I wanna see the fandom lose its collective mind)

yessss, thats also how I imagine him so this would be rlly cool (that other idea would be chill as well like smash the idea that hes a pure cinnamon roll @markiplier do it u fucking coward)


so the markiplier fandom has been going crazy and i love it (herb lore and all) but i had an idea with if the fandom went out of hand into creepy and nightmares. So i got an idea to draw sonic markiplier (or fast exe or sunky or whatever were calling sonic mark) as actual something creepy and i created this……Hope you guys like it! <3 (Love yea markiplier!)


Hello everybody! So this is the big project I told you guys I was working on! I call it “The Evolution of Markiplier’s hair!” I’m sorry for the late update as I actually got a puppy! Some Chica or Gizmo art may come out of that though! So, since I have some more responsibilities with the puppy posts are going to be more sporadic and spontaneous, I hope you understand! Anyway, I really worked hard on this so I hope you like it! @markiplier

Almost 2,000 notes.
Here’s what I want. If this post gets over 4,000 notes and a reblog from Mark himself. I will make a 100 chibi collage of him. Cross my heart and hope to die.

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Hey Host.. I really think are a good person.. I may not sound like it but i'm female.. Heh hope you see this Host.. Im just nervous heh sorry

“‘Hello dear,’ the Host responds, smiling lightly. ‘Thank you for thinking so. And I don’t really think you sound like any particular gender necessarily. I can understand why you might be nervous, but you really don’t have to be. I’m always here to talk and I love a good conversation. It’s very nice to meet you.’“


A very happy 25th birthday to my favourite youtuber and one of my biggest role models: Mark Fischbach (markiplier)


Project #Spookyplier

 We reunited again on Monodes’ streams and came up with another project. This time, since Halloween is coming, we wanted to do something “spoopy”.

We decided to draw Markiplier along with our Darkipliers or Mark’s DarkiplierIt was something really fun to do and, honestly, a lot more people joined this time.

Sadly, this time we can’t do a “posting spree” since if we do, the tag fills up with a lot of stuff and then people get confused. We have a same comment thing so Mark can know about it.

Mark, if you’re reading this, please check the #spookyplier tag, so it will be easier for you to check out the amazing and talented pieces of art that so many lovely people in the fandom did for you!


The Mark Tag Team


Hey Mark! So, I really hope that you and the others like this fan art! I felt inspired by American Horror Story Freakshow so I decided to make you and Dark as siamese twins! Hope you like it and have a really spooky halloween :D

Also, thanks to @monodes for the project livestreams and the project itself :D