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Must Be The Season Of The Witch (part 1)

Summary: All you wanted to do was scare your friends on Friday the 13th. You didn’t know that you’d actually wake the dead.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just be prepared

A/N: o k a y so this is kinda based off of AHS season 3, the whole bringing Kyle back and all that jazz but it won’t be the same storyline entirely, so I guess this will be kinda fucked up lmao. I hope you guys like thissss, I wanted to try something a little different.

This is an AU btw, like ya boi doesn’t have the metal arm and such. He’s just a normal dead boi.

“Is this even legal?” Sam questioned as you walked through the dark cemetery.

You roll your eyes. “Stop asking dumb questions, of course it’s legal… at least that’s what I keep telling myself to make me feel better.”

Sam gives you a pointed look but you ignore it, continuing further into the graveyard, making sure not to step on any graves.

“If I had known we’d be doing so much walking, I wouldn’t have agreed to come.” Clint whined as he watched his footing.

“Aw lighten up you old sap.” Wanda teased. “We’re just out here for shits and giggles. You’ll be back in your precious frat in no time.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to do something fun and spooky on Friday the 13th. We usually stay home and binge watch scary movies but this year I thought I’d switch it up.” you shrug.

“There is absolutely nothing fun about being in a cemetery, where dead people are, on Friday the 13th, Y/N.” Sam scoffed.

“Listen,” you turn to your friend. “Don’t make me throw you into an open grave, just enjoy the night before we die.”

Sam’s eyes widen. “WHAT?!”


You continue walking until you get to an open spot and you smile. “Here.” you plop down on the grass and watch as your friends follow your movements.

“So what exactly are we doing?” Clint questioned as they all arranged to sit in a circle.

“Yeah, you didn’t tell us what we’d be doing. All you said was we were gonna be doing some crazy shit.” Wanda adds.

You smirk. “We, my friends, are going to be awakening the dead.”

Just as you say that, a loud crushing thunder comes from the sky and Sam gives you a look.

“And I’m out of here. Have fun getting fucked up.” he stands up to leave and you shrug.

“Okay, just don’t call for help when the zombies dig their way out of their graves and corner you to eat your brain.” you say nonchalantly.

Sam immediately sits back down. “That’s not funny, you know zombies are real.” he huffed.

Clint and Wanda stifle a laugh while you pull some papers out of your bag. “Anyways, let’s get started.”

You lay the papers down in front of you and pull out the candles, lighting them before passing them around. Once that was done, you look at the papers and clear your throat.

“So before anything, we have to join hands.” you hold your hands out for Clint and Sam who gently grabs your hand before linking up with Wanda. “And don’t let go.”

Everyone nods.

“Okay, now we can begin.” you look down at your papers and began reading the spell that was on it. As you were doing so, thunder boomed from the sky above but you kept going, your voice never faltering once.

The sky then lit up with lightning, startling a very superstitious Sam yet he kept his hand interlocked with yours and Wanda’s, not wanting to know what would happen if he let go. As you were finishing up the spell, you look up at the sky and shout the last words.

“Awake! Awake!”

Overwhelmed with the shouting you were doing while saying the spell, you breathed heavily as the four of you waited for something to happen. The skies cleared so that you could now see the bright moonlight and the thunder and lightning had gone away as if it never happened.

You look around at your friends who waited in anticipation yet nothing happened. After a few minutes, you all let go of each other and Sam scoffed.

“That was lame.”

“It really was.” Clint agreed. “What a bust.”

“Where’d you get that spell anyways?” Wanda asked, blowing out her candle and the rest of you do the same.

“…reddit.” the three gave you a blank stare. “What? Where else was I gonna get a spell like that?”

“Uh, from some witchcraft book or some legit website?” Clint responds and you roll your eyes.

“Yeah!” Sam exclaimed. “I was really looking forward to seeing some dead person come alive.”

“You were just complaining about how you didn’t want to be here, Sam.” you point out and Sam sticks his tongue out at you, prompting you to do the same. “Besides, I just wanted to scare you guys and mission accomplished… well, mission accomplished for Sam.”

Your friend flashes you his middle finger and you smile, blowing him a kiss.

“Alright, enough of this dumb shit. Let’s pack up and leave. I hate cemeteries.” Clint sighed as he gathered the candles.

You put away the papers you had printed out and took the candles from Clint, shoving them in your bag as you all stood up.

“Well, this was fun.” you say, dusting your pants off. “Maybe we should-”

Loud thunder and a flash of lightning filled the sky once more and your friends screamed bloody murder. You flinch and shake your head.

“Jesus, will you calm down? It was just a little…” you trail off when you see that your friend’s eyes weren’t on you, but behind you.

Slowly, you turn around. An audible gulp could be heard from you and you silently pray that someone who worked for the cemetery was behind you. Yet when you turned around fully, you caught sight of a disheveled young man. He couldn’t be much older than you.

His dark chocolate brown hair was a mess, probably terribly knotted. His skin was pale and he had a look of… death plastered all over his face. You noticed that he had a large scar running horizontal across his neck but when you tried getting a better look, he backed away slightly. The mans clothes were torn and dirty and he looked at you, so confused. For a minute you thought he got lost or maybe someone was chasing him but when you looked behind him, you saw a dug up grave and gasped.

The spell. It worked.

You woke the dead.

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