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Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
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  • The good are never easy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • The easy never good: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Love it never happens like you think it really should: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
It might take me some time. But I’m going to move forward. I’m going to overcome. I’m going to educate myself. I’m going to grow stronger. I’m not going to live my life in fear.
—  Affirmation of the day.
I’m so sorry I loved you for so long. I’m so sorry I kept trying to hold onto you when it was obvious you didn’t want me in your life anymore. All you wanted was to be set free and I think I have finally learned to let you go. Not because I want to, but because you’re happy with out me. And all I ever wanted was to make you happy.
—  I’m sorry it took me so long

I didn’t make it through without a few cuts and bruises, but I made it through. That’s what counts.

Back To School Infographic Collection

I decided to make a collection of infographics that are related to school & making your school life easier, I hope it helps!

How to get enough sleep

Coping with stress

An overview of mental illness

Psychological Life Hacks

For your crush <3

School grades don’t define your intelligence

We need to talk about mental health.

How to improve your memory

Foods for brain power

The effects of caffeine


Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless

Best Friend!Wonwoo

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- You probably met through a mutual friend because, let’s face it, Wonwoo would be too shy to approach you

- He was extremely shy at first and a little awkward, but super fluffy and adorable so that’s okay

- As he got more comfortable with you, he’d send you jokes throughout the day

- And pictures of stuff that reminded him of you (”Look, this phone case reminded me of you!” or “Look, I was googling pictures of tigers (don’t ask why) and this baby one is you when you’re mad!”)

- His feet are always cold and that means he’s always placing them on you sorry

- You guys are on the same wavelength and even finish each other’s sentences, which really annoys Woozi

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omg it’s 11:55! (O ///w///O) i barely made it in time!!! (7^   O ^)7 this is a gift for my very beloved @no-hux-given for their birthday!!! high school AU Hux and Kylo, skipping class and eating cupcakes behind the gym! (where they totally make out after <3)

this piece references back to the past!!! waaayyyy back to the past! to my very first Tumblr post in fact! high school AU Hux and Kylo were the first thing i ever drew here, which was for them!!! (-^ ___^-) <3 dood… for real… where would i be now if you hadn’t been so kind to me? would i even still be on Tumblr?! would i be the Pidgy i am today!?!? i can never know!!! but thank you! thank you so much for helping me to walk through this door (-^   o ^-) it’s changed my life in so many ways <3 All my love and a thousand hugs! i hope your year to come brings many positive changes and takes you in wonderful directions! you deserve it! *HUGS* <3 <3 <3

you fucked me up. you were my first love. i thought we would be together forever but you ruined me. sometimes i contemplate killing myself just so i can haunt you and make your life a living hell. i hope you feel bad for what you did to me for the rest of your pathetic life.


Tsukishima Kei | Middle Blocker | Happy Birthday to my ♥ sweet Sarah!! ♥  σ(≧ε≦o)

BTS Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

STILL haven’t watched this show so sorry if I don’t really have the situations right! ^.^

Jin: Prince Charming; cracking jokes so bad that you can’t help but laugh. He charms you with not only that solid sense of humour but his caring nature, culinary talent and good looks. His touches are always gentlemanly and appropriate, as is his overall behaviour. And that’s what earns him the title “Prince Charming.”

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Suga: Mostly silent so it might seem like he’s uninterested in you. But he’s really just awkward about the entire situation, unsure of what to say or how to act. As time goes on, he gets to know you better and lets you see his gummy smiles, silly side and listen to his deep thoughts.

As he starts to admire and respect you, he starts to look at you in a different way and even the audience picks up on it … You began as a couple no one cared about but ended up being the most popular ship.

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J-Hope: This mood maker makes it feel as if you’ve known him your whole life, not holding back on the skinship and flirtation. Behind camera though, he asks if you’re comfortable with this. If you are how could u not be? I would sell my soul to hold his hand then he’ll up the cheesy flirting even more.

You get to see the different sides to him; his pure heart, his sad moments and that sinful tongue of his. The episodes feature lots of screaming and off pitch singing but this draws in young couples, making them adore you and Hobi together for how relatable these dorky moments were.

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Rap Monster: Tries acting cool and sexy but that just makes your interactions awkward to watch. Eventually his clumsy nature shines through and as he watches you laugh, he realises that he shouldn’t try to keep up the “Rap Monster” front, not around his “spouse.” He starts to act like “Namjoon” instead, telling you his deepest thoughts.

He worries he’s boring you but hearing him say all those intelligent things is actually the sexiest thing and not only you but the viewers fall for him too. Lots of mothers now start to wish he was their son-in-law, and even their daughters wish so too.

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Jimin: The embodiment of that “Hello Sir” and “Your daughter calls me daddy too” meme. Can be so fluffy and soft but then greasy and flirty. Not only does he charm you but also all the mothers watching. There’s a surge of mothers “chaperoning” their daughters at BTS concerts, only to scream his name louder than them. What’s even more evil about Jimin is that he knows his power and the effect he has on everyone. He gets nicknamed an “Angelic Demon” thanks to you.

And everyone agrees.

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V: Right before meeting you, he rings Jin: “Hyung, what should a good husband do?” And employs the advice at first, until the puns were too painful for him to say anymore; “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ll stop that.”

Once he starts to just act like himself, he finds that you don’t think he’s a “weird alien” and enjoy his company for who he is, not as BTS member “V.” Even hearing you say “Taehyung” makes him shudder. The way he starts to grow meek and shy shows how he’s developing feelings for you. Your ship is particularly popular among little kids, surprisingly, who love watching you both laugh and joke and share cute looks.

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Jungkook: Didn’t talk much and was just overall very awkward, mostly bc he was such a huge fan and looking at your face in person was asdfhlaie,agn!!1! Watching him struggle on tv was too much for the boys so they showed up to surprise him one episode, revealing his crush and being flirty with you; which forces him to open up since you now know and bc “Hyung, stop touching Y/N!”

The cuteness is popular among the older viewers, with lots of grannies writing into the show to compliment the “sweet, young couple!”

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Life doesn’t happen while you make your biggest choices. It happens in between moments. – What matters most, is how you transition from one decision to the next one. Because a decision alone, is just that, and nothing more. But the transitions are what makes everything chaotic or exciting or structured.
Transitions are what hold everything together and make it this one big thing: life.
—  Thoughts #169

 Seven years ago, he was Nebula, the princess locked in a tower, from those who wish to harm her. Waiting for one night, a lunar eclipse will rise into the sky, granting her freedom.                                                                                  She only had a servant to join her. The maid said when she was first given to her, “H-hello I’m y-your slave s-sir. Uh I mean mam.”

“… Keep calling me sir.” 

 Years later, she had realized she was blossoming feelings towards this maid. The servant kept addressing her as sir and… it felt… right? 

 The slave missed her family. Nebula knew this for years. Finally she let the servant go. She reluctantly moved on.

Now she was alone. 

 One night, the eclipse finally came. By then, she was tired of being the defenseless princess. 

She tore her dress.

She shredded the sleeves. 

She ripped the skirt, and tied it around her face like a bandanna. 

She threw her crown away. 

She was no longer she. She was he. He left the tower and went off.

He is Calligraphy.

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