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I might be a bit late for the party but anyways congrats Ethan for 100k subs! You’re super adorable little muffin and I’m really happy I found your channel because your videos make me smile a lot, I really like your personality and I love your interacting with Mark and co. So anyway I drew a smol picture for you, hope you don’t mind my not-so-great skills haha! At least you can probs recognize your hair :D

Thank you for existing❤


Wild & Free: by @whoaeasytiger

“They lose their mother to a smoldering candle, and their father to an all-consuming grief. Sam and Dean grow up with their “uncle” Bobby, fixing cars and motorcycles in his salvage yard, and developing a passion for bikes along the way.So when Sam asks if Dean wants to go on a roadtrip, Dean doesn’t think about it twice. He says yes, packs a bag, fixes it to the back of his motorcycle, and they leave. 

Their bikes carry them across the States, from South Dakota to California, and along the road they meet ephemeral friends and create life-long memories. Their trip takes them away but brings them closer together, the pieces finally all coming together and closing the last gap between their names.”

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iamqueenlucky  asked:

Hey! How are you and your loved ones doing? I was wondering if you could write about the espadas' reaction to catching their s/o smiling fondly at the them when they think they aren't looking. Hope you have a wonderful day! ❤


Starrk: Why are you smiling? Did he do something good? He’s not sure why you’re smiling, but at least you’re happy. 

Halibel: Since you look happy, she can’t help but smile a little bit back. Hopefully,  you can’t see too much of it. 

Ulquiorra: There is no reason for you to be smiling at him. He did nothing to make you happy and you need to stop. 

Nnoitra: It feels weird to have you just smiling at him for no reason, and annoyingly flustering at that. 

Grimmjow: You have to be happy about something, and he gets frustrated when you won’t tell him what it is. 

Szayel: He figures out that you’re smiling at him, and promptly gets extremely flustered. That is far too sappy for him to handle. 

Aaroniero: Smiling for no reason has to be some human thing. It’s kind of weird, but at least you look content. 

so i accidentally compiled a list of Pynch AUs i would love to see and wanted to share with you guys
  • Hogwarts teacher AU:
    care of magical creatures teacher Ronan who lives with his pet raven in a hut at the edge of the forbidden forest and herbolog/divination (i can’t decide) teacher Adam who is well liked but also known to really make you work for that outstanding 
  • Spirited Away AU:
    the lynch brothers enter a magical world and Ronan needs to find a way to save his brothers from the supernatural. Cue pretty mysterious Adam who seems cold and unknowable on the surface but is Ronan’s only real help in his weird world. so instead of a river Adam is a forest that Ronan got lost in when he was a child (+ happy ending where they find each other again in the real world)
  • Inception AU:
    Ronan Lynch is one of the best extractors until one day he is hired to go into the mind of one Adam Parrish. they fall in love and become a team. Adam the brilliant architect to Ronan’s raw imagination 
    (totems: leather bands and tarot cards)

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This is a special gift for a very good friend of mine, @brocksnuckel. I know yesterday wasn’t a very good day for her, and @bananabuslover and I both thought that a little surprise might help make her feel better. The BBS Space AU technically isn’t romantic, but I think, for just this one occasion, it’s alright to make a small exception. So, please take this Vanoo doodle for the space AU as my way of saying that I love you, Caora, and that we’re always here for you, even if you think we’re not. I’m not expecting for this to make your problems go away, but I hope that this will at the very least make you smile just a bit. I hope things get better for you, and if you ever want to talk, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll always have an ear ready to listen, and I may not be able to do much, but I’ll help in whatever way I can to make sure that you’re happy. Please enjoy this drawing that was MADE for YOU, and I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

red lipstick stain // c.h smut

warning: smut - quite a bit tbh

word count: 1.5k

Sure he was going to be pissed at you for getting red lipstick everywhere, but you were certain that what you had planned would make up for it.

At least you hoped.

Grabbing your cheap lipstick you ran downstairs knowing you only had a little while before Calum returned from the studio.

You put it on your lips and start to kiss the mirror before writing a message for Calum,

Come upstairs x

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~Early Morning Confession~ (BTS’ Jungkook Ver.)

[Another early morning confession~ This idea was from a sweet peach named @jimjammed! I hope that everybody enjoys it and it makes somebody’s day just a little brighter~ Love, sunflowerscenarios :3|

Your eyes scanned the most recent of the hundreds of text messages between you and your best friend of many years, Jeon Jungkook. A little smile crept up on your lips as you read his little encouragements. At least a dance better than Rapmonster, according to Jungkook. That has to count for something! I mean, that’s a lot of motivation to keep practicing. Reading Jungkook’s encouragements through this dance boot camp always kept your spirits lifted, no matter how tired you felt from just a little bit of practice. A little giggle escaped your lips as you dropped the phone onto your stomach, lying down on the cold wooden floor of BTS’ dance practice room. You took jagged breaths, extending your hands above your head and trying to rest your already aching muscles. It was only an hour into your dance lesson and you were already breathless. He left you to go get some water bottles from the company canteen so you could catch your breath and have a few moments to rest. You closed your eyes, focusing on your breathing patterns and your heart beat, trying your best to cool down for a few moments.

Sweat was stinging your eyes. Your hair was glued to your neck. Various parts of War of Hormone ringing brightly in your ears. You dance practice clothes were uncomfortably wet and you could feel the tightness of your shoes that Jungkook had tied in a very specific manner for you. Every muscle seemed to protest any of your movements, feeling your pulse in your legs and shoulders. However, succeeding at this thing you really wanted to accomplish with Jungkook’s help made every strained muscle and body ache all worthwhile.

Suddenly, you felt a very cold, condensation covered water bottle land on your heat radiating skin. With a sharp intake of breath, your eyes flung open to see a smirking Jungkook holding the newly bought water bottle against your hot skin. Quickly, you shot up and snagged it from him.

“Jeon Jungkook!” you cried out with a scolding tone laced in your voice. He chuckled a little bit, taking the water bottle back and opening it for you before handing it back to you. You shook your head and the two of you began to drink the water, it feeling like heaven against the back of your dry throat.

“Sorry~ I couldn’t resist,” he hummed as he caught his breath from drinking the water so quickly. The two of you sat in silence for a second, just enjoying each other’s presence. “Hey! That reminds me! It’s break time; we should check your feet, right?” A little groan escaped your lips as you felt him began to tug at your shoelaces.

“I don’t know why you always have me do this. We haven’t found anything yet,” you stated as you worked your shoes off of your feet, though they were stubborn from how tight they were on earlier.

“Sometimes, when people dance, they don’t realize any pain in their feet because they are so involved in the practice. It can be kind of dangerous because by the time they get home and take off their shoes, their feet are ruined. I want to protect your feet by checking them often,” he stated. However, the minute you were down to your socks, blood was already visible. You took your socks off to reveal several large, open blisters. The skin had already been rubbed off, leaving horrible open sores. As the cold air of the practice room hit them, you hissed in pain.

“Oh my god! I didn’t even realize!” you cried out, the blisters really beginning to cause you pain now. Jungkook winced, the sight of them reminding him when he was just learning to dance and how badly his feet would blister before he toughened them up through endless hours of practice.  

“Oh, those are bad! Those are really bad! Don’t worry! I’ll take care of you!” Jungkook said as he sprung up, going to look for the first aid kit. Almost instantly, he was back and sat in front of you. He took some of the anti-bacterial paste from the kit and began to spread it over all of the sore spots. Gently, he took your feet into his large hands. You were struck with how incredibly tenderly Jungkook was rubbing it in, his eyes glancing up at your face periodically to make sure that he wasn’t causing you any more pain. He didn’t seem to mind holding your feet, even though you knew they didn’t currently smell good. “Am I hurting you?” Jungkook’s incredibly expressive voice was filled with tender tones and a persisting concern.

“Not at all,” you whispered, watching as he finished up rubbing in the paste. He rubbed the excess grease from his fingers on his pants before taking your feet back into his hands and rummaging through the kit in search of bandages.  

“Hey, (Y/N)-ah. You’re doing a really good job today. These blisters prove it, you know. War of Hormone doesn’t have easy choreography, but you’re doing really well. I wasn’t kidding when I said Rap Monster was jealous of how well you’re doing. But, I’m really happy that you came to me for lessons. You could have asked Jimin hyung or Hoseok hyung, so it meant a lot to me that you came to me,” he mentioned as he meticulously put band-aids over your sores in a way so they wouldn’t fall off. His words made a bright smile bloom on your lips.

“Of course I came to you! You’re one of the best dancers in the group! Besides, now that you’re an idol, it’s getting harder and harder to find time to be with you. Which, isn’t your fault or anything but it’s nice to be able to just spend some time with just the two of us,” you said to him with a little shrug. He bit his lip and glanced up at you again.

“I’m sorry I’m so busy all the time, (Y/N)-ah. I mean, I knew what I was signing up for when I wanted to join Big Hit, but at the same time…I really miss just being around you all the time. I miss when we could stay up until three or four in the morning playing video games, shooting tapioca bubbles out of straws, and spending all days sneaking into movies with you,” he whispered. Jungkook’s eyes seemed a hundred milky galaxies away. Clearly, you could see shades of powder blue melancholy, sunset pink happiness and royal purple reminiscence painted on his face. However, he looked back at your feet, making sure that he got each and every blister taken care of.

“I miss all those times with you too, Jungkook-oppa. But, there isn’t any reason to be sad about it right? Neither of us are going anywhere. We have plenty of time to make new memories with each other,” you reminded him brightly, nodding your head cutely. He grinned at you, taking a few moments to just look at you. It always flustered you when he did this but another part of you really liked it. In his eyes was an emotion you couldn’t quite place your finger on, but you noticed it rather often throughout the long course of your friendship with him.

“I’m so in love with you,” Jungkook suddenly blurted out, your feet still held in his hands. It suddenly clicked in your head that the weird, dazed yet clear emotion he had in his eyes as he looked at you intermediately throughout your friendship with him:  it was a look of being in love. The both of you remained silent for several moments, the two of you looking at each other with large eyes. Why did Jungkook have to tell me this right now? At this very moment in time with my smelly, gross feet in his hands? Sweat was perched on your upper lip and brow, your hair was matted with sweat, and you knew that your whole body smelled just awful from working so hard. As you opened your mouth to speak, that was when he cut you off once again by continuing. “I have been since the very beginning of our friendship. I mean, I always known that you were so pretty, but that’s not the real reason why I fell for you. I was unable to stop thinking about your smile and the cute scrunch of your nose when you laugh. I kept thinking about how much we could laugh together and how you’re so easy for me to talk to. And whenever I see you, I just feel like my chest is going to split open from my heart beating so fast. I have tried my hardest to keep is a secret, since I was afraid how you were going to react, but seeing you here like this and hearing what you said just now, I couldn’t. You’re so beautiful when you sweat,” Jungkook said lightly. “I’m sorry…”

“Are you sorry because you kept it secret or are you sorry that you love me? Because if you say you’re sorry that you love me, I’m going to keep asking that same question over and over until you get the right answer,” you answered breathlessly, a light smile on your face. Jungkook suddenly perked up, his eyes snapping up to you. Lightly, he scooted closer to you, taking your hands and leaning his face slightly closer to yours.

“Does that mean…that you might like me back?” he asked lightly.

“Of course I like you back. I love you back. How could anybody in the world not love Jeon Jungkook? Especially me. No matter how sad I am, you always make me smile or laugh again, you’re always so fun and sweet. I never wanted to admit this to you, but even with all of our years of friendship, a part of me is always terrified that I was going to say something stupid and embarrass myself in front of you,” you admitted, biting your lip.

“Well…in that case, I’m sorry for keeping it a secret and not telling you sooner,” Jungkook grinned. Suddenly, you felt a gentle kiss on the tip of your nose. The two of you laughed a shy giggle at the sensation before falling quiet once again, just staring at each other. Then, Jungkook closed his eyes and leaned towards you.

With a smile, you closed the gap with an incredibly sweet kiss. In that moment, you felt an incredible surge of golden ripples radiate throughout your body as Jungkook cupped your face in his hands, your lips dancing together with his.

Mission: accomplished ✓

Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 814
Summary: Inspired by the 10th episode of RUN! BTS and this video ((also, there is a wonderful fic by heyhosam what’s based on this vid, too. It’s absolutely perfect and fluffy!! Please read it, it’ll make you happy. I promise~ :3 )).
Author’s Note: Give me all the Jikook, let them destroy me even more ahahahahahahaha Ψ(゚∀゚ )Ψ No, but seriously, what was that video?? W H A T????? IT WAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR SHIPPER HEART OHGOSH

Also, I wrote it for you, sweet @luvarin because you are the most precious baby doll on this freakin’ planet!! ❤❤ I hope that you’ll enjoy it at least a little bit~~~ ^^

“So, what’s your mission today?” Jimin asks with a soft smile when Jeongguk suddenly hugs him from behind in the dorm’s bathroom. “What do you want me to say this time?” Yes, he is smiling and he sounds like he is joking but there is a pang in his chest at the question.

He was so dumb. Every time Jeongguk showered him with attention or affection lately, it was just for some stupid mission’s sake. Jimin was happy, so so happy back then, when the maknae started to massage him out of the blue and wrapped his arms around him when they were playing paintball, even though the embrace turned into shaking him soon. But still, it was with Jeongguk, the younger initiated contact and touched him, and these reasons were enough to make Jimin even more smiley and cheerful for the whole day. Then later he found out that it was only the part of Jeongguk’s plan for his mission.

A few weeks later a similar situation happened when Jeongguk suddenly started complimenting him, successfully making Jimin’s heart race and his face blush. Oh God, he is such a sucker for praises, and when they come from the maknae’s mouth, the sweet words are ten times more pleasurable, sending sparks down his spine and making his skin tingle. But calling Jimin handsome and saying nice things for him was only the part of another mission, Jimin discovered the truth soon. This happened yesterday and now Jeongguk is hugging him, and Jimin is trying to convince himself that it doesn’t mean anything special and he shouldn’t be this happy – because it’s just for the sake of another mission, surely. He shouldn’t enjoy this, Jeongguk’s warmth against his back, his strong arms around his waist, his chin resting on his shoulder… It’s just a mission, a stupid, idiot mission.
He shouldn’t enjoy this, but…
But when did he ever care about shouldn’ts when it came to Jeongguk?

“Mmm,” the younger hums into his hair at the nape, his breath is hot against the sensitive skin and Jimin shudders lightly. “My mission is to hug you and stay like this as long as you want, hyung,” Jeongguk mutters, looking away.

He smiles shyly, Jimin can see their reflection in the mirror on the wall. The older sighs heavily, heart pounding disappointedly in his chest. So it really is just a mission, again.
Jeongguk makes funny faces in the mirror to make his hyung laugh but Jimin just stares forward and can’t even smile. His eyes are tired, so very tired it scares both of them.

“Please tell the staff that I’m not in the mood today,” Jimin hears his own voice, words are falling from his mouth, tasting like sawdust. He sounds so strange and distant – somehow resigned – as he tries to free himself from the younger’s embrace.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk pulls him even closer, his voice is filled with concern and amuse at the same time. “What staff? There are no cameras.”

Jimin looks into the eyes of Jeongguk’s reflection in the mirror.

“Then who gave you the mission?” He asks confusedly, brows knitting together.

“Me,” Jeongguk buries his face in the curve of Jimin’s neck. “I gave the mission to myself.”

“H-huh? But why?” Is this some prank or dream? Or this can be… real?

“I gave a lot of missions to myself,” Jeongguk replies, his voice is muffled but audible. “Lately I felt the need to try out things I was afraid of before. So I decided to make missions and complete them successfully. Mission #1 is cuddling with you. Mission #2 is complimenting you more, because it’s impossible for you to get even more kind and beautiful but I still want to test it. Mission #3 is kissing you, #4 is making you laugh at least 100 times a day, and Mission #5 is… uh, well, it’s a secret for a while,” he finishes sheepishly, his grip tightens around Jimin’s waist, the tips of his ears are visibly red.

Jimin just stays still in the younger’s arms, dumbfounded, eyes wide with disbelief and hope, his heart skips every second beat.

“I gave a life for myself to complete all of my missions,” Jeongguk continues. “There is more than 1000 and every single one is about us – you and me. No staff, no cameras, no audience. Just us.” The maknae rises his head, his cheeks are flushed and there is a cocky smirk on his pink lips. “So, are you in the mood now, hyung?”

“Y-yeah,” Jimin stutters incredulously but when Jeongguk presses a peck on his neck, a dazzling smile spreads across his face.

“Then please let me complete them all,” Jeongguk smiles, and Jimin nods with bright eyes while turning around.

“What about starting with Mission #3?” He whispers against Jeongguk’s lips.

The younger grins widely, and closes the distance between them.

… And then they got together, and SMA happened~ *wink wonk*
So, yeah, it’s short and cheesy and rushed and lame - as always hahaha, but still, THANK YOU for reading it!! o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o

Pericopter to the rescue!

on a more serious note, it’s really sad to hear you’re having a bad time. you always seem to cheer so many people up (including me, i love seen your posts in my dash!), so I wanted to try and cheer you up a little bit. :D so, have this drawing! i hope it at least makes you smile. c: (& i hope i don’t come off as creepy or something. please tell me if i bothered you in some way!)

everything’s going to be ok. <3 stay strong, you have a lot of people that care about you & support you. i hope you have a safe night/day!