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Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Word count - 4410

Summary - You finally convince Lin to take a break and go out for a night. It starts out well, but when someone tries to flirt with you at the bar, Lin snaps.

Warnings - smut, badly translated Spanish, dirty talk

Tags - @serkewen12 @small-stars @futureauthor45 @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @butlinislin @darling-danger @invisiblerambler @daveedish @getupoffathathang @hamilton-gaygod @iluvnialljameshoran

You stood in the doorway to Lin’s study and watched him scribble away in one of his many notebooks, headphones around his neck. He’d been doing this more often since he’d gotten deeply involved in his latest project, and while you admired his work ethic and dedication to his craft, you wished he’d take a break every once in a while. And you didn’t mean a short break to have a meal with you. You meant an actual night off, the two of you going out and enjoying each other. Dinner and a movie. A concert. The museum. Anything as long as you got to be together. You loved him and missed spending time with him. Maybe tonight you could convince him to put down the notebook and go out, to let off a little steam. It wouldn’t hurt to try, you decided.

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Pretty in Pink (M)

🎃 word count: 1.2k

🎃 genre: mild smut (mostly suggestive) ; domestic au

🎃 pairing: reader/jeonghan

🎃 warning(s)/kink(s): lingerie, spanking, suggestive scenes

🎃 summary: as a good girlfriend, you felt the need to ease the stress of your hardworking boyfriend by wearing what he loved to see you in most: lace.

🎃 requested by: trysexual22 - “Hey I wanna request some Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN with long hair, who has a kink for seeing his girl in lace/lingerie with spanking? Like he ties his hair up when shits about to get serious ??? Oooh that would be hot af ”

🎃 music: don’t stop - blackbear 

🎃 masterlist + kinktober 2017

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Him IX

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Pairing: Shawn x Y/N

A/N: So thank you to the wonderful @that-one-mendes-boy for editing this ilysfm and YOU’RE A LIFE SAVER.

So this contains so much angst and its a bit short but i hope you enjoy this nonetheless

Shawn’s P.O.V 

 My hands started shaking and I felt like I couldn’t breathe; I had to make the decision. I kissed Derek’s forehead, putting the pen down. 

“Could I have a moment with-" 

"Of course, Mr. Mendes,” he said, leaving the room and leaving me alone with Derek. 

“Hey little guy,” I smiled through my tears. 

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June’s Featured Game: Living Playground: The Witch’s Puppets

GENRE: Supernatural, Puzzle
WARNINGS:   Both implied and shown violence to the children, Emotional abuse, Blood
SUMMARY: With what starts as a simple day at the park, siblings Tony, Pablo, and Octavio are once again caught up in a series of strange circumstances such as strange pocket dimensions, coordinated monsters, and more geese than anyone could ever want to see in their lives. Stranded with them are Haze and Seal, two witches who seem to be connected with whatever nonsense is going down. As witches tend to be.In the simplest of terms, this game is about friendship and relating to others, both the good and the bad. With an unfortunate focus on the bad. It will be mostly straightforward with only one ending. 

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Hooray!  Fall is finally here, you guys!  And with this wonderful season, and the month of September, comes new fun adventures and challenges!

For many of you, it’s back to school time.  By now, you’re settled back into the routine of the school year and you might be getting overwhelmed.  Whether you’re dealing with the stress of good grades, extracurricular activities, loneliness, or even bullying, I know you can use this hug.  Even if you’re not in school, stress piles on starting right about now for the holiday season and the impending end of the year, as well as for things that I couldn’t even begin to pretend I know about, so I know you deserve a hug.  I wish I could actually come right to you guys and pull you in for a great big bear-hug, but I don’t believe that’s possible (…yet).

So, for now, please accept these few words of encouragement. I know you’re trying your best, and I know that you’re doing your best, but no matter what kind of stressful situation you’re in right now, it does get better.  Please keep your mental health in check, and please take time every day for yourself.  You deserve at least a 15 minute break to breathe every day, and you deserve to feel happy.  While you can’t hibernate away the rest of this year like a bear, you can take a few minutes for yourself.

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anonymous asked:

I...had a really bad day... so umm, if it is not too much to ask, could you please post some happy Rottweiler puppy photos please? Your posts always make my day! Thank you!!!

No problem at all! I hope your day gets at least a little bit better by seeing these adorable pups and puts a smile on your face :)

daylightcasey  asked:

Hii!! Can you please do one where your dating Josh and your on tour with him, Tyler, and Jenna. But you start to get really sick, and I don't know, like before and after the show he takes care of you?? :)

A/N: I’m so sorry that it took me longer than promised to get this up, but I hope you enjoy it. Thank you again, for your request! xx (hey, it’s the longest I’ve ever done haha)



Words: 2744

Warnings: None


Heat. That’s the first thing you noticed as you woke up in your bunk on the tour bus. Your sleep shirt clung to your body, completely soaked probably from your sweat because that was the second thing you noticed. It seemed like you ran a marathon from the way your body was heated up. Next thing you noticed was your stuffed nose and aching throat, as well as your burning eyes. Great, you thought to yourself, seems like I’m ill.

After contemplating if you should just stay in your bunk and call for your boyfriend Josh since every move ached like you really did run a marathon. But as soon as you tried to call out his name, you noticed that your voice was nearly gone and that it hurt like a bitch. So you had no other choice than to get up on your own and search for some kind of medicine.

As soon as you crawled out of your bunk, your head became dizzy. You hold yourself up on the wall, waiting for the dizziness to go away. After some seconds passed and your head felt somewhat normal again, besides the throbbing pain since you had to have a headache as well, you made your way to the cabin in the kitchen, hoping that you would find some painkillers and some stuff for your aching throat.

You noticed Josh sitting in the kitchen area, who immediately jumped up from his seat to rush to your side.

„Babe! Is everything alright? Not to sound rude or anything but you look like hell.“

Instead of giving one of your normal fiery comebacks, you just rolled your eyes which hurt as well.

„I guess with your lack of speaking that you’re ill. C’mon lay back in your bunk and I’ll bring you some medication and something to drink, maybe even something to eat if you’re hungry.“ You flash him a somewhat grateful smile, before practically crawling back to your bunk. Every step felt like you just climbed the Mount Everest.

As soon as you were in your bunk again, all cuddled up, you put the blanket away. There was no way you were putting more layers on your body, when it was already burning, making you a sweaty mess. What a great view that must have been for Josh.

Speaking of your lovely boyfriend, he returned after a few more minutes with the stuff he promised to bring you. After forcing the bitter tasting medicine down your throat and giving you some pills for your headache and other stuff, he started to tuck you in. Since you still couldn’t really speak and didn’t want to even try because of the assuming pain you would have, you frantically shook your head.

„What?“ Josh looked confused. You didn’t even bother to reply since you really couldn’t, you stomped the blanket off your legs again.

„C’mon (Y/N)! You need to keep warm, which means the blanket has to be on you, otherwise you’ll get more sick.“ You still shook your head and kept on kicking the blanket off of you, as Josh tried to tug you in.

„(Y/N)!“ He grew more and more frustrated, but you didn’t care as long as you don’t have to suffer under that big blanket. That’s why you did absolutely nothing as Josh huffed and went away, leaving you and your victory over the blanket fight alone.

Some minutes passed as Josh came back again, holding a wet cloth in his hands. „Listen (Y/N), I know you’re feeling like you’ll suffocate under that blanket but it’s important that you stay warm, okay? I want you to get better, not worse, so please.“

You grunted, knowing that he was probably right. So you did nothing as Josh tucked you in, just like a burrito. As soon as he was finished, he placed the wet cloth on your head. You immediately noticed that it was cold, cooling your burning forehead.

„Thanks“, you were able to quietly mutter that one out. Josh smiled down at you, kissing your cheek softly, before asking if he should stay by your side.

You shook your head, mouthing soundcheck because that’s where he needed to be right now. It took you some more minutes until you finally talked him into going, after promising that if something happens or if you need anything, you will immediately call him. With one last kiss on your cheek, since you wouldn’t allow him to kiss your mouth, you didn’t want him to get ill as well, he went to go sound checking.

It took you only a few moments until you’re passed out again.

You didn’t know how long you’ve slept but you started to feel a little bit better. Your body seemed cooled down, your throat stopped aching as much as before as well. However, you still felt like shit.

You heard someone shuffling around in the kitchen. Curious to who was on the bus still it was technically still time for soundcheck, after looking for the time on your phone, you decided to look for yourself. Maybe you could even grab something to eat.

This time you didn’t feel as dizzy as in the morning, making it easier for you to walk the small corridor down to the kitchen/seating area.

You saw Jenna, preparing soup. She probably heard you shuffling around, because she looked up to you, smiling gently. „Hey (Y/N), how are you feeling? I hope you slept well!“

„A little bit better, thanks. What are you doing here? I thought soundcheck was still going on?“ Your voice was hoarse, but at least you could talk again. You sat down on one of the benches, hugging your knees to your chest, because damn it was much colder as in your bunk.

„Josh asked me to stay on the bus, just in case you needed anything or if you started to feel worse. I decided to cook some soup, while you sleep. Want some?“

You gladly accepted, knowing that whatever Jenna cooked, it was heavenly. While you started to eat, you told Jenna that she didn’t have to stay here and miss soundcheck. It made you feel guilty, the both of you always loved watching the guys soundcheck and because of you, Jenna couldn’t see it today.

„C’mon (Y/N)! We literally saw every soundcheck Tyler and Josh did, so it really is no problem that I stayed here with you, I wanted to make sure that nothing happens when you’re alone on the tour bus while we’re at the venue. Besides that, if I didn’t have stayed here, Josh would’ve. He’s really concerned, to be honest, thought about driving you to the hospital, but we were able to convince him that it’s just the flu or something.“ Jenna laughed, you joined lightly. Josh was probably the cutest boy in the entire world and you managed to snatch him before anyone else could.

„Thank you so much, Jenna. I already feel a little bit better, your soup seriously has magic powers!“ You grinned before you sneezed. „Ouch! Okay, I take it back, holy shit that hurt!“ You groaned.

Before Jenna could say anything to your remark, the door to the bus flew open, revealing Josh and Tyler. As soon as Josh laid his eyes on you, he quickly shuffled his way to the bench where you were currently seated. Instead of saying anything, he just pressed one of his palms against your forehead, checking if you still had a high temperature. It seemed like it went down in the last few hours because Josh looked somewhat relieved. But it didn’t last long until it changed into a more scolding one. „You shouldn’t be here, (Y/N). I told you that you needed to stay warm, which practically translates into staying in your bunk.“

„Jooooosh“, you whine, „ You can’t expect me to stay the whole day in my bunk.“

„I just want you to get better, okay? What do you say, we’re gonna cuddle up in your bunk and watch some Disney movies until I have to get ready for the show?“

You knew that Josh only wanted to get you back to your bunk, but you didn’t mind as long as you could get to cuddle and watch your favorite movies. So you nodded, agreeing to his offer. Before you made your way back to the sleeping area, where Josh started to set everything up, you thanked Jenna again for making that delicious soup and for taking care of you.

Josh already picked your favorite ones of all Disney movies that existed, Hercules and Tangled. After settling down beside him, all cuddled up to his side and after Josh made sure you’re warm enough for his liking, he pressed play for the first movie.

You probably fell asleep during the second one, Hercules. Josh tried his best to not wake you up, knowing that sleep was probably the best medicine out there. So he stayed there, all squished up in the little bunk, letting you use him as a pillow. But he didn’t mind, he loves you and he would do anything for you.

Some hours passed, Josh knew that he had to go within the next half hour to get ready for the concert. He noticed that your temperature started to rise again, whether it was an upcoming fever or if it was because of his body temperature and the many blankets. But as you started to shiver, he knew it was the first option.

You woke up, besides feeling like you were buried under an avalanche because of the many blankets around you, you couldn’t help but freeze. Oh no, you thought. Besides having a fever and the flu, you had to have chills as well.

„Hey Babe, how do you feel?“ Josh looks concerned at you, he probably saw you shivering.

„I’m cold“ You croaked, your voice was hoarse due the sleeping and the aching.

„Come here“, Josh opened his arms, letting you cling to his body while he puts his arms around. You immediately noticed the heat radiating off of him.

„I don’t want to make you ill, you have shows to do“, you whispered, snuggling your face into the crook of his neck.

„You won’t make me ill, just because we cuddle. And if I do get ill, I don’t care, as long as I’m there for you.“ Josh said softly, stroking your back. „But I need to get ready soon, I’m sorry, Babe.“

„It’s okay, but I will come to the venue when the concert starts if you don’t mind. I wanna take a nap before, so I’ll be awake enough to watch you“

„No no no. I’d really like you to watch me perform but there’s no way you’re gonna stand backstage for the whole concert. You’re gonna stay here and rest.“

You lifted your head up, looking at your boyfriend’s face. „What? No!“, you exclaimed. How could he think that you wanted to miss his concert?

„Baby! You’re ill, you have a fever, the chills and you’re way too exhausted to stand up on your own feet for more than 5 minutes. Be rational here, you know I love it when you watch me from the sides, but I’d love it more when you’re healthy again. I couldn’t even concentrate on playing if I knew you would be standing there, ill. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.“

Knowing that Josh was right, you grunted. You promised yourself as you started the tour with him, that you wouldn’t miss even one concert. Looks like you’d have to now.

„Okay… But what am I supposed to do the whole time?“

„Sleep, and maybe watch some movies, but just rest okay? And drink much. As soon as the concert’s over, I’m gonna come to you so we can cuddle again, how does that sound?“

You nodded, agreeing to his offer. Josh softly kissed your forehead, before he started to get out of the bunk. Immediately you noticed the loss of his body temperature against you, making you shiver again. He noticed it too, because, after searching for some moments, he gave you one of his big sweaters, helping you to get it on. You thanked him, engulfing his scent that lingered on the jumper.

„No problem, Love. I need to make sure that you’re warm enough, right?“ He chuckled, which you lightly returned. „Now go back to sleep, I love you.“ Josh kissed your forehead again, you returned the ‚I love you‘ before you fell asleep again, probably because of the comfiness of Josh’s sweater.

The ringing of your phone woke you up again. You didn’t know for how long you’ve slept, but the whole tour bus was empty, signaling that it was already time for the concert.
You noticed an incoming FaceTime call from Jenna, which you quickly accepted. To your surprise, she didn’t appear on your phone screen, but your boyfriend did. He already wore his concert outfit, consisting of the white button down and the red jacket. The ski mask was already on his head as well, pushed up so you were able to see his face with the already painted red smudge around his eyes.

„I’m sorry if I woke you up, but I wanted to talk to you quickly before I have to go up.“

„It’s no problem. I’m glad that I get to wish you the best of luck, but I do have one question: Why are you on Jenna’s phone?“ You asked confused.

„Ohhh right. Well, I felt bad that I didn’t let you watch the show, so I asked her if she would stream it for you, trough the FaceTime call, so you don’t miss out.“ Josh grinned, obviously proud of his idea.

„Thank you, you’re absolutely the best! And now, don’t let the fans wait any longer, I love you and you’ll do great, I promise you that.“ You blew him a kiss after he thanked you and returned the ‚I love you‘. The camera moved around, signaling that Josh probably gave Jenna her phone back.

You knew you were right, as soon as you saw her face. „Jenna, thank you for doing this.“ You laughed lightly.

The blonde grinned at you, telling you that it wouldn’t have been right watching the guys perform without you by her side. So that’s exactly what you do, even if meant you staying in your bunk watching everything over the screen of your phone. But nevertheless was it great. Though, you couldn’t help but to slightly feel jealous that you couldn’t be right there, seeing everything through your own eyes. Dang you for getting sick.

As soon as the concert was over, Jenna told you from Josh that he will take a quick shower before he comes back to you so he can keep his promise. You waited, longing for the comfort of your boyfriend’s arms around you, warming you instead of his sweater and the numerous blankets you were tucked in.

„Hey, Babe! I’m baaaack“, Josh dragged the last word out, probably due to the leftover energy from performing in front of a big crowd.

„Maybe I should let you run a few laps, so you can calm a little bit down before you can cuddle with me“ You chuckled, he knew that you were joking, that’s why he didn’t hesitate to climb in the bunk, right next to you. Josh checked your temperature again, pressing his palm against your forehead. He nodded smiling, meaning that your fever probably went down again.

„I love you, so much. And I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass to you today, for not letting you see the concert and everything. I just didn’t want you to get worse because of me, you are way to important for me.“ He pressed a single kiss against your temple, mumbling softly.

You buried your face in the crook of his neck, pressing your whole body against his. „I love you too, and it’s alright, you were right the whole time.“

It was just then, that you noticed how tired you exactly were. You hadn’t noticed before, but watching the whole concert was exhausting. You noticed Josh keep on pressing little kisses against your head, his hands stroking your side. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep again, only hearing the steady beating of your boyfriend’s heart and his breathing.

Di piano e forte 01

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pt. 1 ↠ pt. 2

↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin.

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains themes of depression, domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature things.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy! Check my m.list for status.

“I’ll be home around 6, lock up before you leave, bye!” You shouted loudly, rushing out the door with a bag heavy on your shoulders. Hopping frantically, trying to slip on a shoe yet keep down your dress, like a kid late to school (which you were). You threw the bag in the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition and stomped on the gas. You arrived at the university in the nick of time.

Having grown up taking music lessons here and there, you’d think it would’ve stuck with you. But that wasn’t the case, you hadn’t played since you were a little girl but you still had a deep connection with instrument. You’ve been looking for a teacher and finally found one who didn’t live far from the school. He had one opening left so you called him immediately. A music student at the college was giving lessons and you were far too excited for someone your age but you couldn’t help it. He asked you to meet him at practice room 2B at the school. With a backpack slack on your shoulders you went up the stairs in a hurry. You weren’t late, you were actually a few minutes early. You just wanted to make a good impression, you didn’t actually know much about him, only his name. Min Yoongi. 

You knocked lightly on the door, no response. You knocked again, still no response. Propping yourself up on your tippy toes you peeked through the small glass window on the top of the door. He’s in there. His fingers danced on the keys and there were ear buds in his ears. Slowly you pushed down on the knob and were met with your proposed piano teacher stalling the movement of his fingers. 

“Oh, hi, you’re early.” Steadily he got up from his seat, he held his hand out shook mine. “What was your name again?” His cold fingers grasped yours briefly and you squeezed your fists instinctively.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you so much for taking me so last minute. I left class early just so I wouldn’t be late.” You smiled nervously, he grabbed a chair from the corner of the room and sat it aside the piano. Hesitantly, you sat down your bag and stood awaiting his instructions. 

“That’s thoughtful of you- I’m Yoongi by the way.” He said pulling out the stool, “You can have a seat.” He gestured to the stool, you flattened your skirt against your thighs before you taking a seat. “Have you ever played before, at all?” 

“I played around when I was little, that’s about it. I do play the guitar.” Pressing your hands in your lap you awkwardly nodded your head, agreeing with yourself.

“Well, the first thing I’ll teach you is posture. Sit up straight.” His hand pressed against your lower back to straighten you up. This small fraction of the lesson was making you more excited than it probably should have. For years you dreamed of learning the art of this flawless instrument and here you are. You were finally doing it. You looked to him for approval. “Is this good?”

“You’re a bit stiff, relax, just don’t slouch. As you get better, it’ll be natural.” he laughed breathily, demonstrating by stretching his arms and shoulders. You did the same, shaking off your nerves and taking a deep breath. “Now put your hands on the keys like you would if I wasn’t here, go on.”

“Ok…” Your fingers steadily approached the ivory keys and you looked at his expressionless gaze. It was hard to tell if I was doing it right.

“That’s good.” He praised. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged on your lips. The whole hour was exciting to you. All you did was go over scales, pretty basic stuff you already knew. “You know your scale patterns.” He commented, somewhat taken aback by what you knew. The thirty minute lesson consisted of you going over every scale you knew and some of the ones he showed you. 

“I think we’ve covered enough for today, you did good.” He stood to his feet and you did as well. You maneuvered your legs between the piano stool and his chair before reaching down to grab your bag. 

“Thank you.” You smiled, "Oh! I have something for you.” You reached in your backpack and pulled out a little box.

“What’s this?” He was a bit surprised, he’s never really received a gift from his students, not on the first day at least.

“It’s rice cake, I make it to sell as sets sometimes but I made this one for you, I hope you like strawberry.” When he untied the thin pink string and opened it he smirked to himself, bringing a smile to your face.

“I do, thank you.” When he smiled a weight was somewhat lifted from your shoulders, but at the same time you had the thought that he might think you’re overbearing or too excited. “Well…I’ll see you next week then.” You waved. “Bye.”

When you closed the door he sat on the stool with the little box in hand. He could already tell that teaching you would be more than interesting. In a good way. Most people your age came to him for maybe a month lesson and they’d give up but you didn’t seem like that. You were just as eager as a little girl, it was cute.

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Wanted - Jungkook Scenario (Angst/fluffy/slight smut) - Part 7

Originally posted by icons-bts

PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3 / PART 4 / PART 5 / PART 6

A/N: I hope you enjoooy and send me your thoughts on the story!

Members: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2889

Bright light was lighting up your room, as the morning came, sun came up.
Jungkook slept on the other side of the bed, he layed on his back, one of his arms on his stomach other one next to you. Staying up long with you was no problem. Even thought he was tired, he didn’t wanted to show it.
You didn’t cry whole night. He made you laugh and smile. You forgot about the situation you are in for a while.

Jungkook ran his fingers through his hair as he takes a deep breath.
“Are you tired?” you asked looking at his eyes
“No” he shook his head and smiled
You knew he is lying, you saw it in his eyes.
“I am a bit” you said looking at your pillows
“I’ll leave then-“
“Jungkook, stay” you said and looked up at him.

Two of you stared at each other. Looked at each other for too long to be just friends. Jungkook slowly looks away and nods his head.
As you both lay down, Jungkook turns to the side, turning his back towards you. He didn’t want to cuddle or anything like that, still you have someone in your life and it’s just not right.
“Goodnight.” You said softly
“Goodnight Y/N” Jungkook said back closing his eyes

You turned off the light and turned your back towards him too. So both of you were laying down away from each other.
Jungkook opened his eyes and stares into the dark, same as you. Both of you felt something, some feeling wanting two of just turn around and be close to each other. Some strange energy pulling two of you. But you had to resist. You were so happy that he came, came to calm you down and make you smile.

Opening your eyes, you see Jungkook next to you still sleeping calmly. You take a deep breath and rub your eyes.
Right away you took your phone in your hands and hoped to see a message from Taehyung, but there was none. You felt just a horrible feeling in your chest, but tried to stay calm and just positive at least a little.

You got ready for school and still Jungkook was sleeping and you walked over to him and shaked him a bit. Slowly Jungkook would open his eyes and then close them again.
“Jungkook we need to go” you said quietly

He finally opens his eyes and looks at you, he was dead. He didn’t want to get out of the bed.
“Let’s go friend” you smiled and pulled his hand a bit
He sighs and sits up first.
“Can I use the bathroom?” he asked
“Yeah of course” you nod your head

It took him 10 minutes to get out. All he did is wash his face and fix his hair.
“I’ll drive” you said

In the car two of you sat down and listened to music while driving to school.
“Thank you for… Yesterday” you quickly look at him

Jungkook smiled and leans back.
“No problem Y/N.” he spoke

His favorite song came on and he started to sing along.
“Heeey nicee voice” you smiled
Two of you sang along and you got too much into it so Jungkook laughed hard and covered his ears
“Stop nooooo” he spoke and you slap his arm and two of you smile at each other

You park the car and as expected everyone started to look at two of you getting out of YOUR car.
They were confused or just didn’t believe to see two of you.
Taehyung stood by the front door and saw two of you. He instantly felt such anger and jealously and thought the worst.

He licks his lips and doesn’t take his eyes off two of you. He wanted to punch the shit out of Jungkook, but shout at you, let you know how angry he is.
He clenches his jaw and slides his hands into his sweatpants pockets.

As two of you walked towards him, he noticed how both of your facial expressions change.
You were serious and didn’t know what to do. Yet Jungkook wasn’t afraid to stare at his eyes. So he stared at him.

For a second you didn’t know what to do, should you stop and talk to Taehyung or just walk pass, because he doesn’t deserve to know how you been, even to hear your voice. He’s been such an asshole towards you and you didn’t know why and right now at this moment you don’t really care. Why would you be the first one walking up to him after this situation? Why? You want to see him try, want to see if he will do anything.  
Taehyung feels slight wind across his face, as two of you just walk pass him. He closes his eyes and looks down.

Sitting down in the cafeteria with Rose, all the way across you could see Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung sitting down at the table together. Three of them didn’t speak at all. Jimin kept looking down at his phone and ate, Jungkook was looking around and Taehyung stared through the window.

“Y/N” Rose said and you turn your head towards her
“Are you okay?”
“I don’t know. I walked pass Taehyung today, not even a “hello” or anything.” You said looking down at your food
“Honestly thinking, if you want me or want to be with me, try and show me the effort.” You look at her

You wanted to cry how helpless you felt. You think you are done with him, like just done, you will let him try, you will see if he actually wants things to work out. But deep down you know you just can’t be done with him.
You keep trying, calling, texting, trying to keep everything going.

You keep hoping. Because hope blinds you but it keeps you alive, happy. Nothing will ever happen like you imagine it will. The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.

“I believe you need to be stronger Y/N. I know you can be. I love you okay?” Rose puts her hand on yours and you smiled
“I love you too” you nod your head

Few days ago you used to check your phone all the time, be on it just if Taehyung calls you or send you a message. You didn’t want to check it anymore. Not anymore.

Jungkook, 11:03AM: Can you meet me outside
Y/N, 11:03AM: I’ll be right over

You turn off your phone and take your bag and books, walking out. Jungkook stood by the door.
“Oh fuck me” you put your hand on your chest as you got scared
Jungkook smiled a bit
“What’s up” you stood next to him
“Taehyung didn’t speak to me whole day. Did he send you anything?”
“Why he didn’t? You didn’t do anything to him and nope, nothing”
Jungkook looks around and takes a deep breath
“He thinks something happened between us as we came to school together, I bet you on it.” He spoke as his eyes fall on yours
“I just- I wonder why is he like this all of sudden towards me” you sigh

Jungkook watched your face, just you. How tired you looked, helpless, sad, unhappy.
He felt such pain because he wants to tell you but he can’t. Even though in back of his mind he knows he’s making everything worse for two of you just by not telling you, keeping this a secret.

“But enough about me… What about you? Find any girls?” you smiled and elbow his arm as he smiles widely
“Well meeting up with a girl tonight” he looks at you
“Oh nice” you nod your head
“Jealous much?” he teased
“W-wha- Jungkook” you laugh and slap his arm, you were just at loss of the words
“I know you are” he winks and bell goes off
“To class Y/N” he added and pushed you a bit

“I am glad you called again” she smiled as she kissed Jungkook’s lips
“I had to baby, I missed you” he smiled and took off her shirt, throwing it on the floor

She licks her lips, closing her eyes as Jungkooks’ lips meet her neck.
He pushes her on the bed and she bit her lip. Jungkook took off his shirt and climbed on top of her.
He attacks her neck and lips, as his hand unbuttons her jeans. He moves away and takes them off with a little help of hers. She couldn’t help but moan a bit how she wanted him so bad.

She pushes him, and Jungkook lays on his back, watching her up and down. Her face gets closer to his and she kisses him passionately. His hands slide down her smooth back and unclipping her bra and pulling it off. He massages them as she kisses his lips.
Soft lips of hers kiss down his chest, abs until she unbuttons his pants, quickly pulling them off. Both of them smiled and she slide down his boxers and revealing the fullness he was packing.
She licked her lips before taking a long swipe up the underside all the way to the tip where she enclosed your mouth around him.
Jungkook closed his eyes and let out a moan.
She was fitting him as much as she could into your mouth before pulling back up. She knew Jungkook liked that.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, bucking his hips up just as she deep throated him.

Within a second he flipped her over and kissed her thighs slowly, teasing her as she was waiting, moaning. He felt her heavy breathing. He smirks and takes off her panties slowly, his face was between her legs, as he kisses his way down her thighs.
First of he starts with teasing kisses and licks, which made her moan loudly, not just wanting his tongue but more.
Seconds later her started to suck and lick more and more, holding her hips up so he can push his face farther into her.
Loud moans escaped her lips
“Jungkook…” she moaned and slid her hand down and tugged on his hair.

“You taste so fucking good baby”  he spoke

He pushes his finger into her and his mouth moves up to her clit as he blows onto it before sucking it causing her to shudder and moan loudly. He goes faster and faster causing her moans to get louder.

Quickly he moves up and presses his lips against hers, sliding himself into her, she moans against his mouth. He liked hearing her.
Staring slowly then he would pound into her faster and faster.
“Ah fuck” Jungkook groans

Moans mixing together as the pleasure becomes almost too much to handle so Jungkook started to go faster and faster as he felt her and himself being close.
“You’re so fucking tight” he moans

As both of them came, he pulls it out and spreads his cum over her stomach, as he collapses next to her. Both of them were breathing heavy.
“Fuck” she said

“Jungkook” she spoke after few minutes of silence
“Yes?” he said still staring up at the ceiling
“What are we?” she turns her head towards him
“Nothing.” He said and looked at her
“We fucked over 4 times. This is at least being friends with benefits” she got all serious
Jungkook looks away and sighs
“I don’t know”
“I hate but love when you are this cold, like fuck that turns me on even more” she laughs
“We’ll see each other at the club?” she added
“Of course” he smiled

She got dressed up and walked out the bedroom door.  He got up and walked over to the bathroom, taking a shower and was getting ready to go out after a while.

He been at all these parties at someone’s. Now finally going to club, which he loves more.

Walking in with Jimin, there was people, but not many. Jungkook and Jimin found each other a table and sat there.

Not expecting anyone familiar, Rose and you walk in. He swallowed hard he saw you. You were so sexy and the most hottest girl in the club.
Two of you searched for a table and found one across the club. Jungkook licked his lips and smiled looking away, he  was happy to see you.

They stood up after a while of drinking and just THE song hitting them.
“I’LL HOLD YOU DOWN, I’M ON MY WAAAY” they sang together, pointing at the DJ smiling widely.
“Want you here right now” Jungkook sang and looked your way, finding you staring at him, singing along too. Two of you smiled at each other. He winks at you and you did same and licked your lips looking away.

You looked better. Matter of fact you wanted to feel better. Just to forget about stuff that stress you for a minute and go out and have fun.
Jungkook and Jimin walked over to you guys and hugged you both.
“How come you guys are here?” Jimin asked
“We wanted to have fun!” you smiled and raised your shot in the air.

Jungkook smiled and raised his shot in the air too.
Four of you take the shot
“WO” Jimin smiled and jumped a bit.

After some time, Jungkook was sitting down on the mini couch right next to your guys table. He was drunk, so were you.
He didn’t stop smiling how happy he was, happy himself but happy for you to be this way. Dancing, singing just having fun once in a while. There are no tears going down your face, you’re not sad.

You walk over to Jungkook.
“Move a bit” you spoke
“There’s no room” he said and smirked
You nod your head and turn around. But you had to. And you did it. You found your way, sitting on Jungkook’s lap, facing him.
It was so wrong, but right.

Jungkook was about to put his hands on your thighs, but knows it’s not right thing. You took his hands and placed them on your thighs. Two of you stared at each other. Eyes, lips, eyes, lips.
“Jungkook…” you whispered
“Y/N…” he spoke softly as he didn’t break the eye contact

“Guys Taehyung is here” Rose spoke
You got off immediately and Jungkook stood up. Taehyung walked over to you guys.

It was so awkward. Everyone just watched him.
“What’s up dude” Jimin said
“I came here to drink” Taehyung laughed
“Let’s do it!” Rose smiled just to break all this awkwardness

Everyone took their shot. Taehyung looked at you and you at him. He just looked away, not caring.
Your mood was different through the whole night. Since he walked in, all that happiness was gone. You just wanted to drink, drink enough to forget he is here, forget his name.
Taehyung was getting on your nerves, he wasn’t paying attention and not noticing you at all. You felt so angry.

Jungkook watched you time to time just to see your reactions.
“Y/N are you okay?” he walked over to you
“I hate him- I hate him” you repeated
“Calm down please.” He spoke
“WHY IS HE LIKE THIS” you shouted into Jungkook’s face
You put your hands on your head. It was all the alcohol hitting you, hitting you right in the feels.

Rose, Jimin and Taehyung heard you shouting at Jungkook. Taehyung was curious what was going on. He was actually a bit worried. Was Jungkook telling you something, was he hurting your feelings?

“WHY do I always fall for someone like you, like you guys. I ALWAYS get hurt, always!” you start to tear up a bit
“NO JUNGKOOK, I won’t fucking calm down” you look up at him and he looks away then back at you

“Yah what are you doing to her?!” Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s arm and Jungkook looked up and down at him
“The fuck you want?” he moves his arm away from Taehyung’s
You wipe off your tears quickly.
“Why are you upsetting her? What are you doing to her?!” Taehyung shouted in Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook tried to keep calm and not to punch him right here, right now.
“I. Am. Taking. Care of Y/N” he spoke very calmly and slowly
“You taking care of her? She’s crying” Taehyung points at you
“SHE’s CRYING BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU FUCK” Jungkook shouted as loud as he could

He was done, full of bullshit and everything, he had to spill out everything now. He can’t hold it in anymore.

“I was there for her, to make her happy when you CHEATED ON HER” Jungkook shouted

Taehyung face went shook and your jaw dropped a bit and you kept looking at him.
Taehyung didn’t know what to say. He was speechless. Jungkook looked at you and you were already in tears.

“Y/N-“ he said
“You knew? You knew all this time?” you looked at Jungkook
“I was protecting you” he tried to grab your arm
“No” you said and pushed him away from you

Walking pass Taehyung. You stop and slap him across his face.

“You know what is the worst thing about you cheating on me?”
“I trusted you this whole time.” You said to his face and took your walking away

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Obi-wan dies/serious coma after the Naboo mission instead of Qui-gon. Later, Qui-gon is in Obi-wan's room and finds a holo addressed to him. He discovers that Obi had a vision about the mission/his death and wanted to leave a goodbye message just in case. For extra angst, Obi mentions his realization that he must care for Qui more than Qui does for him (the claiming Anakin scene) and apologizes for not being the padawan that Qui-gon wants and thanks him for training him anyway. Bonus Qui/Obi

For Qui-Gon.

That was what had been written on the data chip in Obi-Wan’s elegant script and while Qui-Gon hadn’t meant to invade Obi-Wan’s privacy, it was for him.

That’s how he justified it when he was carefully cleaning Obi-Wan’s room.

Obi-Wan’s room.

Still Obi-Wan’s.

Not Anakin’s.

Not yet.

Not as long as his padawan hovered between life and death in a coma in the Halls of the Jedi.

Savior of Naboo as they were and one of them were still…

Sweet pale faced Obi-Wan, utterly still on the medical bed, hooked up to Iv’s and drips and monitors and just…

Qui-Gon swallowed hard.

In a coma after killing Maul, the Sith doing as much damage to the young padawan as the padawan had done to the Sith.

Only Qui-Gon’s quick actions had kept Obi-Wan from following the Sith down into the melting pit and even then it had been touch and go until Qui-Gon had gotten the other to medics. Obi-Wan’s damaged body had gone into a bacta tank, floating gently as the bacta healed his broken body… but not his mind.

His mind was locked still deep inside.

Even when Qui-Gon had brought him home to the temple in the Jedi cruiser the Council had arrived with, he was locked inside his own mind and was brought to the Halls while Anakin went to the creche in the meantime.

He still instructed the boy, he just…

He couldn’t justify cutting the braid when Obi-Wan still slept.

Couldn’t bring himself to sever his bond to Obi-Wan when it allowed him to monitor the others well being.

So far the Council allowed it, especially after the Healers meant that the bond was most likely one of the reasons Obi-Wan was still alive and that severing it now would have dramatic consequences.

So he still had it.

Could feel Obi-Wan faintly on the other side.

A slumbering, drowsy being with no conscious thought to speak off as his mind slept. It was a bitter relief when what he really thought he’d be doing after this mission was to ask a knight who was no longer beholden to him on a date, not a padawan in a coma.

And now he had this.

This chip with his name on it.

In Obi-Wan’s handwriting.

He feared what he would see.

And yet he put it into his pad to find the single file that also said his name.

It caused a shiver to enter his frame, had Obi-Wan…

Only one way to know.

He activated the file and instantly it turned to his still living, breathing, awake padawan, a faint two day stubble on his face and a bit red eyed. It made Qui-Gon’s heart ache to see.

“So…I guess the best way to start is that I know…I think I know at least. I’m going to die…or well…something like that?” Obi-Wan ran his hand over his short spikes, sighing. “…I had a vision. Its kind of hard to tell but it looks like Naboo and the being you encountered on Tatooine I would guess.” He swallowed heavily.

“Oh Obi-Wan, you should told me.” Qui-Gon whispered, watching the way Obi-Wan made himself smaller on screen.

“I’m not scared of dying master. Its either you or me and…well you have new padawan now.” Obi-Wan wrapped his arms around himself, looking away from the camera. “…I guess our time together meant more to me then to you but I…I always tried to be the best padawan I could.” He whispered and Qui-Gon felt something choke together in his chest at the heart broken expression on the others face.

“I’m…I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough though. I…” The redhead bowed his head and Qui-Gon itched to reach out and brush his hand over the others cheek, to pull him close and just…

“I hope Anakin will be a better padawan to you then I was…a-and that you’re at least a little bit proud of me?” A meek smile, teary eyes and oh Qui-Gon felt like bantha’s were stomping on his heart.

“…Goodbye Master.”

It went dark.

The clip was over.

Qui-Gon stared at the display.

“…I was going to ask you out became a knight.” He choked out, suddenly feeling like the worst osik bastard in the galaxy. “I was…I didn’t mean to…Oh Obi-Wan I didn’t mean to make you think you were less.” He dropped the pad and covered his face with his hands. “My poor Obi-Wan.”

@goshua requested some more trans!tony

so i was originally go with some tonyrhodey but then i changed my mind for more irondad so here we are

also this is kind of short but i wasn’t feeling Great about it so jsdlfkjd

Happy drove him to the Avengers compound in silence as always, but the difference this time was that Peter wasn’t pressing that silence. He watched out the window as the world flew by, tapping his fingers on his legs and worrying about how this trip was going to go.

The last two times he’d spent a weekend at the compound, it was really fun. But the last two times he went, he had been in a good mood, excited for a weekend at the Avengers compound, a weekend hanging out with Tony. The last two times, they had talked about science and the Avengers and watched movies with Rhodey. Tony had answered his abundant questions and seemed to genuinely enjoy talking about his suit and his classes with him.

This time, all Peter wanted to do was curl up in his bed.

When they got there, he grabbed his bag out of the trunk silently, walking toward the side door closest to the living area of the Avengers compound. He still had his earphones in, grounding him in the moment away from the sounds of the people who bustled around the compound all the time. As he walked into the open space of the building, a flash of wings burying him under rubble appeared out of the corner of his eye and he felt his breath catch.

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What A Weird Relationship (1/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

Words: 2021
Pairing: eventually there’s Peter Parker x Reader but rn it’s mainly a brother figure Tony Stark x Reader (more Peter Parker x Reader in later parts :) )
Requested: nah man but you know I decided to write a mini series to celebrate 1,000 followers
Authors Note: (I tried to write five parts using gender neutral and it got really confusing in the later parts and i apologize but fem. pronouns worked much better than anything else..sorry) this part is kinda the introductory part to the series but I still found the Bro!Tony x Reader bonding was cute and I really like the story line so yay! Celebration! 1000 followers! Also, this series will be posted every other day at 9:30 PM EST until it ends on saturday (does that make sense? OH WELL)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six


“He’s on his way, I’m so sorry.” You told your teacher. “He said he had a very important meeting and he apologizes for being late…” You sighed. You hated having to be alone with a teacher, it was always so awkward.

“Oh, it’s completely fine. You are my last conference for today so it’s not that bad, I’m sure we won’t say too many bad things about you.” Your teacher winked at you, and you forced a little laugh out. “Just your father coming?”

“Uh, something like that.” You said, a bit quieter than before.

After making small talk with your teacher for at least five minutes, your legal guardian walked in.

“Hey, Tony.” You turned around to see Tony Stark walk in.

Tony pointed at you with a smile as he walked over to the table. “I hope you apologized for me!” He said with a laugh, before messing up your hair before sitting down.

“Multiple times.” You said back.

Your teacher looked back and forth between you and Tony. “It’s great to meet you.” She said, shaking Tony’s hand.

“You as well. So, what do we have to discuss about the trouble maker here?” Tony asked. “What’d she do know? Break another window? Punch someone? Oh, please don’t tell me she killed someone, we only do that on Tuesdays.”

Your teacher laughed, hoping he was joking. You, however, slapped Tony’s arm. “I’ve never even killed someone! Speak for yourself!” You yelled.

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try again {part vi}



word count: 1,033

A/N: Ahhh last part!! I hope you guys liked this series

“Baby, just breathe.” Shawn encouraged. My face scrunched up in pain every five minutes or so because of contractions. We had finally made it to the hospital and Shawn looked relieved. I wouldn’t let him drive to the hospital until my contractions were ten minutes apart. By the time I changed into the hospital gown with Shawn’s help, the IV was stuck into my hand, and I got comfortable in the stiff hospital bed, my contractions were already just five minutes apart. Shawn had finally calmed down enough to attempt to soothe me, and for that, I was thankful.

My fingers were laced between Shawn’s and I only squeezed when I felt a tight cramping in my stomach. Shawn repeatedly asked me if I was alright, to which I replied with, “No, but he’s worth the pain.” He, referring to our baby, was most certainly worth the pain. This was what I had wanted for so long. Having a baby is what I had longed for. I wasn’t going to complain during labor because a baby was what Shawn and I wanted and this was part of having a baby.

“What do you think he will look like?” I asked Shawn, trying to take my mind off the pain. Shawn traced my hand with his thumb while thinking for long while about it.

“I think he’ll look like me, but with your cute nose and your eyes.” Shawn finally spoke. I smiled at his words and thought about what Shawn said. I imagined what he thought he would look like and felt my heart gushing over in adoration already.

“Well, I hope he looks exactly like you.” I told Shawn. He disagreed.

“Nope, he has to look at least a little bit like his momma.” Shawn said. Seconds later, another contraction caused my lower abdomen to cramp with pain. I squeezed hard on Shawn’s hand. To pass the time, I asked Shawn to bring my makeup to me. I knew Shawn would be making pictures later so I wanted to look slightly presentable.

I patted foundation on and put a few coats of mascara on while Shawn sat in the chair beside me, shaking his head and laughing. I shot my eyes over at him.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re in labor and putting makeup on. I can’t believe you’re doing this.” He chuckled.

“Well, I’m sorry that I don’t want our son’s first glimpses of his mother to be horrifying.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re beautiful, especially right now.” Shawn cooed. He held my hand again and kissed my fingers and knuckles softly. I knew what he had just said was a lie, but he was trying to make sure I was in the best mood possible today. I knew my face was probably swollen from all the pain medications I was being given at the moment. The fact that Shawn would think I’m beautiful right now made me love him even more. I handed him my makeup bag and he walked across the room to put it away.

“Ma'am, we need to do a c-section, it appears you won’t be able to naturally birth the baby.” A nurse said while bursting through the door.

“A c-section? Why?” Shawn quickly replied.

“Your baby is breech and it’d be safer to deliver him via c-section.” The doctor who finally entered the room spoke. I looked at all the nurses and the doctor in front of me, then to Shawn. I must have looked nervous because everyone in the room tried to calm me. “But we need you to stay relaxed. The more stressed you are, the more stressed the baby will be. Okay?”

I waited for Shawn to return after leaving with a nurse. Since I was no longer doing a natural birth, he would have to put on scrubs just like everyone else. When Shawn came back into the room, he walked over to me. He held my left hand in his hand while he stood above me. He whispered encouraging words to me and kissed my forehead occasionally. The surgery was beginning and I looked up at Shawn to take my mind off of things.

Soon after our baby was born weighing a healthy seven pounds and three ounces, I found myself struggling to stay awake. Shawn was also tired, as we had been up since two this morning timing my contractions. The nurses took our baby boy to the nursery after seeing how exhausted we both were, despite Shawn begging for him to stay. As much as I wanted him to stay, we both needed rest.

I awoke hours later to a soft cry and then Shawn’s voice trying to calm the cry, telling me our baby was in the room. I opened my eyes to see Shawn holding our child close to his chest, rocking him back and forth.

“We can’t wake up mommy. She’s tired.” Shawn spoke lowly. I pretended to still be asleep just so I could listen to Shawn talking to our little boy. “Shh, don’t cry. It’s okay, little guy. It’s okay.” Shawn said in response to another almost silent cry. I opened my eyes finally and turned towards Shawn. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake me up.”

“It’s okay, Shawn.” I assured. I was happy that Shawn’s voice had woken me up. I already loved seeing him spend time with our son.

“I asked the nurses to bring him in here. I mean, what if they get him mixed up with another baby?” Shawn sounded genuinely concerned and it was amusing.

“Oh, yes. I’m sure the only baby in the nursery that looks just like Shawn Mendes will get sent home with another family. I can see the news headlines now.” I said, laughing, but stopping as soon as I realized how much it hurt.

“Are you okay, love?” Shawn asked. I nodded, trying to let the pain disappear before speaking again.

Shawn and I sat in the hospital room for the rest of the night, taking turns holding him. Miraculously, he didn’t wake up even with all the movement. Shawn and I admired him while he slept so peacefully.

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Request: Bones x reader. I’m kinda drowning in depression and anxiety at the moment and would really appreciate a fluffy fic if possible? Feel free to ignore this 🖖🏻

A/N: I meant to have this for you very quickly, but life got in the way. I hope things are at least a little better, and if they aren’t I hope this’ll make you at least the teensiest bit happier 

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Mingyu (bottom) X Male Reader requested by anon! Hope you like it! There was a point where I was going to end it but decided to write a little more so. :) Hope it’s what you wanted! 


They did this because they love him. And he really needed to get laid.

It was mainly Coups’ idea, however the rest of the hiphop team quickly jumped on board with getting Mingyu wasted and helping him loosen up for his big night, basically feeding him shots. The last one had a little extra kick.

The reason behind the now drunk leaders plan was pretty straight foreword; anytime Mingyu would hang out with you he would end up coming home and gush waterfalls to him about how good of a time he had. His mood would skyrocket, and although it was cute to see his crush flourish and develop, Coups couldn’t help but think what better way to tease Mingyu is there than to get him to ‘confess’. Or something.

While everyone was too busy with FIFA to notice, Sungcheol discreetly nodded his head up at you to get into Mingyu’s room and let this whole thing unravel. You went and shut the door softly behind you and sat on the bottom bunk across from Mingyu’s to wait. Outside, Mingyu had noticed a spike in his body heat and when Cheol noticed him shrug off his hoodie, his smirk widened. “Feeling hot, Mingyu?”

He smiled widely and nodded. “I think i’m just a lil’ too drunk. I’m hot all over.” Sungcheol peeked into his lap.

“I see that.” His addition was working now. As bad as forcing Mingyu to get horny sounds, it’s completely harmless. The powder he had bought was all natural and the reviews he read about the drug told that it’s effects were impressive to say the least. Mingyu was getting hard quick and his eyes were unfocused, so Sungcheol decided to help him along. He waved off the fact that it was is turn to Vernon and once their game started, he slid his and onto Mingyu’s thigh and squeezed it firmly. He managed to hear a tiny inhale from him before looking up and observing his deepening blush. “I think you might need to go lie down for a while…don’t you feel a little weird?” He manipulates as his hands slides up slowly, Mingyu looking down at the motion with wide eyes. It’s true, he did feel weird but that wasn’t the proper word to describe it. He felt a tingling sensation in his stomach and it was bothersome, in the way where he needed to find some way to satiate the feeling. When Cheol’s hand reached the front of his pants, his fingers pressed into his crotch and rubbed over his growing shaft, shocking Mingyu pleasurably but alarming the hell out of him since Vernon and Wonwoo were sitting just a foot or so infront of them.

“Sungcheol…” He whispered quietly, his eyes pleading for answers, or, help.

“Go to your room, okay?” Mingyu just nodded, slowly getting up off the couch.

“Uhh, i’m feeling a little sick, I think i’m going to try and rest up a little bit.” He let the room know before walking down the hall and entering his room. He had already closed the door behind him when he looked up to see you sitting there, hands patiently in your lap. You offered a small smile to him to which he returned nervously. It wasn’t until you subconsciously checked him out that you noticed the bulge in his pants. It made you excited that Sungcheol’s ridiculous sounding plan was actually proving to be somewhat successful. “W-what are you doing here?” He asked, carefully stepping over to his bed. The heat overtaking his body remaining despite the rooms cool temperature.

“I was a little tired so just wanted to take a break from the crowd.” You explained, playing with your fingers as you watched him sit down in the middle of the soft mattress. “What about you?”

“Ahh well, I was feeling a bit hot so I thought I was coming down with a fever but…honestly, i’m just..dizzy now?” He says unsure, confused by his own bodies odd actions. You got up in mock concern and walked over to him, he just watched you with half lidded eyes.

“You should lay down, i’m worried you’ll throw up.” You said softly, putting your hands on his shoulders and pushing him down onto the bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he smirked without realizing, the tingling feeling spreading to his limbs now making them seem slightly heavier. He blinks slowly and focuses his sight on you. “How do you feel?” You asked coyly, like you had no idea what was really going on. One of his hands creep towards his hips and slide over the front of his jeans, nonchalantly rubbing his much too obvious boner.

“I feel fucking great…I don’t, I don’t know why but, I feel…” You cut off his thoughtless stuttering by grabbing his wrist and restraining it on the blanket beside him, cutting off the contact he probably really needed. He hummed and giggled a little bit, his lips parting to allow his tongue to swipe over them. It was the most intense form of eye candy to see this boy unravel right under you. But you decided to keep up the act a little bit longer, at least until he was desperate. “What’s wrong with you?” You asked, looming yourself over him a little more. Your other hand discreetly slips over his other wrist to hold it against the bed.

He busts out in another smile, letting out the kind of moan you do when you stretch as he lifted his hips in hopes that he’d rub himself on the front of his pants and get relief, he thought it would work since they were pretty tight but all it did was make you lust for him that much more. Seeing him get there. And surprisingly your mouth starts watering in hunger to taste him. Any part of him. “I don’t knoooow, can’t you just, ugh. Just read my mind. God you’re so cute. I’m so happy you’re in this room with me..” You feel resistance in his arms, if he could use them he’d probably reach out for you, but you were handed this opportunity and you wanted to use it to it’s full extent. His hands ball into fists. “Whyyy are you holding me down? Are you afraid i’ll do something to you?” Mingyu said playfully, although his words were exciting. “I probably would. I’d love to do things to you. I always think about it you know?” He squirms under your hold and you can’t believe how vocal he’s being. You really didn’t expect it. “C'mon, let me go..I could be on my knees right now…do you know what i’d be doing?” The truthful dirty talk is making your half hard cock twitch, starting to make you impatient.

“I don’t care what you’d be doing. What do you want from me?” You said sternly, hoping to assert some kind of dominance. Another thing you couldn’t believe is how quickly he submit. He got quite quiet and bent his legs up a little bit, turning in his knees in sexual frustration. His eyes glistened.

“I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me?” He looked up at you in mock innocence as you repositioned yourself, putting a knee between his thighs and leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“You sure?”

“I’m positive..” He tips his head back to allow you closer in. “I need you to take care of me.” At his hot admission, you start kissing at the side of his neck and you feel goose bumps form under your lips. His head digs farther back into the pillow and hums at the little contact he’s receiving, which makes you wonder what he would sound like if you gave him anything more. You couldn’t hold back, not when he was in this state, so you replaced your hand to the front of his jeans, rubbing between his legs firmly. He let out an embarrassingly loud moan, not that he had a choice anyway, blushing at his volume and slipping his heavy lids shut. You kissed his neck with more vigor since you’ve been wanting to for so long and fit your other knee between his legs, pushing them apart so they’d fall over your thighs comfortably. Out of your peripheral vision you see his hand slide down the bed and feel his hands slip up your knee and onto your thigh, rubbing and squeezing it tightly. He was continuously rocking against your palm moaning out meaningless curses all the while until he turned his face towards yours that was buried in his neck. “Please..” He trailed off in your ear and it perked you up, looking into his glassy eyes now.

“You’re being so impatient, I wanted to take my time with you…” You spill to him, his answer hugging your core.

“We can take it slow next time, it just, it just hurts, I can’t wait-AHH..” You cut him off by grabbing at his erection and his yelp was due to anything BUT pain. Next time? His hand quickly slid to your crotch and tugged at your belt. “C'mon..” You ignore him somewhat and lean in to capture his lips in a searing kiss, initiating an immediate response as his lips knead over yours eagerly. And whatever was half innocent about it was washed away when he slipped his tongue into your mouth and swiped it over yours. He hummed out consistently at the taste of you and honestly, you did too, the tones of your sensual moans dancing together fluently. It took you a few moments to center yourself in and realize that you had been grinding down against him as you two made out just as he pulled away briefly to whine. “Please ______, m-more-” You cut him off by pressing your lips against Mingyu’s again, hard, tilting your head to deepen the abrupt kiss. You pulled his bottom lip into your mouth and bit it, tugging at it and pushing the wrist you were restraining higher, just about next to his head. He moaned beautifully again and arches his back under you. “Please-” He managed to breathe out and you pulled away, smirking down at the blushing mess.

“You want it?” You spoke lowly, and Mingyu nodded, his expression needy as hell. “Take your pants off.” You demanded, letting his wrist go to place both hands beside his shoulder and watch him.

“I-I can’t..” He trailed off, embarrassed. His arms felt like brick.

“Well you’re going to have to if you want that tight ass fucked, won’t you?” You tease beside his cheek, laying a soft kiss upon it afterwards. Mingyu whines as his arms lower down to his hips slowly. He doesn’t even bother with his button and zipper, he just slips his jeans off and maneuvers out of them. You look down to eat Mingyu’s hard length up with your eyes, loving how it looks confined and bulging. “I bet you want me to touch you, huh?” Mingyu nods weakly about to tug off his briefs when you grabbed the underside of his knees and hiked his thighs up against his stomach to spread him unexpectedly. Mingyu moaned at the quick action and his cheeks burned because of how exposed he was, his hands falling beside him. You could handle him like a ragdoll and you loved it, and you were the one to pull his underwear off, but only to the the start of his thighs…it looked so hot like that. When you tried to resist slapping his bare ass you failed absolutely, letting your hand come down hard on it before squeezing. He mewled like crazy and turned his head to the side, bringing a wrist up to cover his mouth. He was panting lightly against it and those breaths were really uneven. Mingyu must have loved it. You bent down and kissed over the redness you created as an apology for being a little bit hasty and wondered…nah, you’ll just do it. You let your tongue drag up the expanse before looking up at his face, full of bliss, and licking close to his hole. He back arched up and his hands turned to fists again. For some reason the lack of lube didn’t pop up into his head as a problem so he didn’t expect what happened when he really should have. His clouded mind didn’t let him do a lot of thinking, he was past the point of giving a fuck about anything, clearly. His begging told so.

“_____ , s-stop teasing, p-” You let some of your spit drop over his entrance before cutting Mingyu off.

“Keep quiet babe, your pleading is cute and all but I want you to save your voice for later. I haven’t even started with you yet.” You said as you pushed a finger into him and watched his jaw drop open in a silent gasp. You started thrusting it in and out immediately and almost moaned instead of thinking of how good his hole looked taking it. Mingyu pushed his head back into the pillow, a thin sheen of sweat starting to grace his neck. “Think you can take another one…? Since you’ve been so damn eager?” Your question ending with a bite.

“Yeah.” He whines out as you’re already dropping more saliva to spread around. You pull out your finger and rub two against his hole bluntly to get the dry one coated before slowly pushing them back in. You’re careful, but Mingyu is trying to push his hips back and fuck himself onto your digits, the stretch obviously not paining him in a negative way. So you give in, because he wanted it after all, and shove them in fully. “Ahhh ffffuck, fuck yeah..” He bites his lip and smiles to himself, in his own little 18+ world with you in it.

roonilbloodywazlib  asked:

What do you think of ''I work in this huge book store, and you come everyday to read this really thick book, but never buy it because it's too expensive, hey you can use my discount card/ or let me steal it for you, did I mention you're too damn hot? Percabeth or tratie au?

“Do you want to use my discount card to buy that?”

Percy jumped about a mile, abruptly slamming the book shut and fumbling it between his hands. He managed to catch it, tucking it under one arm and staring at the girl who’d spoken. “What - uh, I mean - sorry?”

She was leaning against the edge of the bookcase, arms folded over her chest and one eyebrow raised. She nodded towards the book. “Do you want to use my discount to buy it?”

His eyes skated over her, taking in the grey slacks and the name badge pinned to her white shirt. He squinted and tried to make out the name. “Ah - thanks, but I - I couldn’t, really.”

Her grey eyes narrowed. “You come in here all the time, and you always grab that book. I can tell that you’re working your way through it. You might as well buy it so you can at least read it in the comfort of your own home.”

His eyes widened. He was really hoping she hadn’t noticed the frequency of his visits, or the way he lurked in the aisle. “No, I mean I…” He rubbed the back of his neck. Well, this was already ridiculously embarrassing, he figured it couldn’t get much worse. “I can’t afford it.”

“So use my discount,” the girl insisted. And then, for good measure, added, “Duh.”

“No, I mean, I still wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

The girl blinked. For a moment she was absolutely still, and then she uncrossed her arms and held them out towards Percy. “Give it here.”

He panicked. She was going to take the book from him and kick him out. Goodbye book, goodbye beautiful but terrifying girl, goodbye dignity, Percy was about to be banned from a bookstore.

Figuring he had no other option, Percy handed the book over. The girl took it and spun on her heel, marching towards the register.

Percy followed with downcast eyes. “Sorry,” he said quietly, “I’ll just -”

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked, voice almost a snap, and Percy stopped dead in his tracks.

She’d gone behind the register and was still holding the book in her hands, and Percy’s panic intensified. He hadn’t been doing anything illegal, she couldn’t actually get him in any sort of real trouble, could she?

But then, as he watched, she scanned the book, typed something into the register, and then pulled her purse out from underneath the counter.

“What?” Percy asked, absolutely dumbfounded.

She continued on as if he hadn’t spoken, scanning her employee ID and then her credit card. She put the book in a bag and then held it out. “There you go.”

“What,” Percy repeated, because none of this made any sense.

“For you,” she said, speaking very slowly. “From me. Take it.”

“But I can’t - that book was expensive, I can’t just take it from you!”

“Yes you can! Either you come and grab this book right now or I’m going to hit you over the head with it,” she snapped, and something about her expression told Percy she wasn’t kidding.

He scurried forward and grabbed the bag, and she smiled. 

“Thank you,” he breathed, completely overwhelmed. “But I don’t understand, why would you -”

She shrugged. “Everyone should have the opportunity to read. If you’ve found a book that you like so much you’re willing to come stand in the store and read a little bit of it every day, the least I can do is make sure you get a chance to read it properly.”

The letters on her name tag finally swam into focus. “Thank you, Annabeth.”

She looked up when he said her name, holding his gaze. Her smile softened to something more intimate, and Percy felt a blush warm his cheek. 

She hesitated, and then said, “You’re welcome…”

“Percy,” he supplied.

“Percy,” she repeated. “I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll stop coming into the store, though.”

His shy smile turned into a full grin. “Oh, I’ll still be in every day.”

Annabeth ducked her head, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. When she looked up at Percy through her eyelashes, his heart flipped. “I look forward to it.”

Late Nights

pairing: wen junhui x reader
word count: 1.5k+
genre: ceo!au; fluff(?)
a/n: ahhh, i promise i write more than jun, my cousin likes to give me ideas for him because he’s her bias. my next one won’t be jun, promise!! please request anything!

Good impressions were everything in business, and you were told something very similar to this every day as the assistant of a CEO. His name was Wen Junhui, and his company was internationally known. The business had its flaws, but it was all down to him to make sure things were running smoothly. Usually this means late nights for him, and well… You couldn’t just leave your boss stranded, right?  Without complaints, you would stay behind with him, helping him achieve his goals for the night, maybe even going into early hours of the morning.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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Through The Door

Fili X Mixed!Fem!Reader

Characters: Fili, Kili, Thorin, Gandalf, Bilbo, Dwalin, Balin, Oin, Bombur, Bofur

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: the reader is from our world and she notices a strange looking door. She goes through it and it takes her to Middle Earth. The door closes behind her and disappears. She then meets the company, and has no choice but to travel along the company

Requested: Yes! By the lovely @17baldwinn! Thank you so much honey!

Warning(s): some cursing

Word count: 1,891

A/N: I’m so incredibly sorry for not updating! I checked and I didn’t update for almost 2 months! I feel really bad so I’m gonna try my best to update more, but no promises! My school year isn’t very long anymore and I still have loads to do. Enjoy reading, my loves! Also, I made the reader for this mixed because I feel there’s quite a lack of POC in the fandom and as a mixed girl myself, I like to see more of it and so be a part of the change! AND it’s gonna be multiple parts!!

[Part 2]

Originally posted by chuckxavier

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