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We all know that we make mistakes and learn from them, only know success if we have experienced failure and all that, but how can we actually proactively learn from our errors? As exam time nears, there is no better time to fix up all those slips than now, so here are some ways I like to learn from my errors:

1.      Blooper books

  • Basically a notebook you use to record your mistakes so that when you have some time, you can flip through and see what you shouldn’t do ever again! (I bought a pack of five Muji books for about $5 - yay bargains - perfect for me to have one for each subject).
  • You can lay it out however you like, but my ones are ordered according to the test that my mistake appeared in, so as soon as I get a test/sac/worksheet back, I go ahead and fill it in.
  • You can either write the whole question with the correct solution in, or a self-reminder not to do a certain thing. In my languages ones, I also put in some vocab or some grammar that I tend to forget.

2.      Vocab cards

  • A specific place where you can record the vocabulary you always forget and carry around with you anywhere to revise them.
  • Whilst some people like using flashcard apps, I prefer having physical cards, especially these vocab cards I got in a pack of 4 from Daiso, since if I’ve got them in my pocket I’m more likely to pick them up, but I might get distracted by other things on my phone.

3.      Exam sheets

  • During exam time, we’ll all be doing countless numbers of practice exams, so if your blooper books get too full, I like having separate sheets of reminders/mistakes I made in that exam.
  • It can be a loose leaf of paper stapled to the front cover of the exam, or if you don’t like having loose leaves flying around, you can have a separate book just for practice exams.
  • If you want a more specific version, last year my bio teacher made these exam sheets that include the score of each section and the topic each question goes under, so that you can see more clearly where you can see which topics you need more work on!

I hope that helped you all! Feel free to add any of your own suggestions!

Kate xx

Animate a Grump is a non-profit community project - inspired by Project Drakkhen - which aims to work with multiple animators from the GG Community to animate a full episode of Game Grumps from the Dan Era.

We hope to work together with the lovelies to help pick an episode and eventually to help animate the project ! This project will eventually be uploaded to a channel specifically created for this project !

* How does this project work?

This project will follow a few steps - the first being to open suggestions from the lovelies on which episode they think deserves to be fully animated. We will watch every suggestion and run a poll with the episodes we feel have the most potential and it will be up to you to vote on which you feel should win !

Once the episode has been chosen we will break it down into parts, and will open applications to animators from the community.

More info about later steps will be posted once the ones above have been fullfilled, but rest assured we will keep the community posted !

* How do I suggest an episode to you guys?

It’s easy ! Once you’ve decided on an episode you like, send it to us at ReanimateAGrump@gmail.com with your name / username that we can use in the credit segment at the end of the video ! You have until November 13th to send us an episode, after which we will not be accepting anymore suggestions.

* I’m not sure about something, where can I contact you?

You can contact us here on Tumblr, by mail or you can also contact the project organizers on twitter @Ludolik - @Ballbots 

His Number One Rule

Words: 1048
Tony Stark x Reader
  “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us” AU
[Prompt credit goes to @dailyau & @barbelzoa]
*Not my Gif*

The first thing you smelled that morning was cinnamon. You tried to open your eyes, but wherever you were, it was bright. You immediately squeezed your eyes shut again and relied on your other senses. You were laying down that much was obvious. One hand was tucked under your head with something silky between them; probably a pillow. Your other hand brushed over something soft. Definitely a blanket. Using your skills of deduction, you were crashing on someone’s couch. The real question was whose? You tried to think back to the previous night.

You remembered getting drunk the night before. Really drunk. You single handedly crushed Thor’s team in a round of flip cup. A team which included Clint, Natasha and Sam Wilson, mind you. After that you and Tony had insisted on several rounds of Never Have I Ever. During which the two of you became extremely intoxicated. You were vaguely aware that the other Avengers had started going home or retiring to their rooms around three in the morning. Everything else was completely void from your memory banks.

The scent of cinnamon was still wafting towards your nose so you decided to try opening your eyes again. Using the hand that wasn’t tucked under your head you shielded your eyes, hoping it would help them adjust to the light. It seemed to work. Light wasn’t pouring into your retinas at such an alarming rate anymore. You looked around assessing your surroundings. Apparently you hadn’t made it very far. You were looking around the living room of Tony Stark’s stylish pad.

Oh no! You thought to yourself. Tony Stark had two rules at his parties, always. No one was allowed to stay the night and there were no other rules. The luminescence of your surroundings made it clear the current time was well past night. The sun was shining high over the city, its rays stretching right across Tony’s gigantic windows. He had twice as much to drink last night as I did. You assured yourself. Maybe he was still asleep. Maybe you could sneak out before he even noticed you were there.

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inktober day 24 - mob + garden 


oh I´m in pieces, it´s tearing me up.


Black and blue.
Endlessly useless.
Indecisive. Weak.
That is what I am.


In London, you can keep secrets. You can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want. But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still… it’s the best place in the world.

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Piper and Leo Appreciation Week

  → day 1 -  why i love them


HQ!!AU┌  - editing progress & final result ~

Because we are wellven trash we thought it was time to create this network, so we all could die of feelings and wasted potential together.


  • you don’t have to follow us (trash 1 and trash 2) if you don’t want to, but it would be nice
  • reblog this post (likes count for bookmarking blah blah)
  • deadline is 15th of nov.

what we are looking for:

  • people that love wells and raven
  • active, organized and nice blogs
  • cool people
  • 10 members (maybe less, maybe more??)


  • new friends
  • new followers
  • (our eternal love and friendship)
  • you can share your love for wellven and we will understand you

if accepted:

  • you’ll be mentioned in a post with all the other members
  • (you don’t have to follow the rest of the members if you don’t want)
  • you’ll be invited to join the network chat
  • we’ll contact you through your askbox (!!!!!!) so it must be open
  • you don’t have to put the link to our network but it would be nice if you did

extra info:

  • members will be announced on 20th of nov.
  • this post must reach at least 10 notes or we will pretend this never happened
  • #wellvennet will be our tag (where you can post everything you want and we all will see it) (!!)