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Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.

This is the seventh installment in a series of book recommendations, all of which will introduce you to kickass women from mythologies around the world, all of them written by women. All books listed had to pass the following criteria: 

  • Be written by a woman
  • Be fictional
  • Have a woman as (one of) the protagonist(s)
  • Feature Russian or Slavic mythology

This recommendation list comes on the heels of the Asian mythology rec list, because I really wanted to include Russia (which falls under both Asian and Slavic mythology), but I wanted to keep the country as a whole in one post. @kostromas (x) and @lamus-dworski (x) (x) were kind enough to take some time answering my questions.

While I mainly looked for books ft. Russian and Slavic mythologies (I used this Wiki file as a measure to determine the Slavic region), I also include a few books with other origins, such as Norway and various Eastern European countries, because I think - out of all the recommendation posts I have done and plan to do - this is the one they would fit best in. 

Please note as well that there is a lot of overlap among most of these cultures, with different versions of a character appearing in many, so some of the below classifications may be rather arbitrary (I usually go with what’s 1) listed in the summary, then see if 2) the writer specifies a culture, or if 3) readers had helpful input).

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that this post could do with some clarification and additions. To start with, I’d like to address the small number of books listed under Slavic. I don’t mean to say that only the countries listed are Slavic countries. The list is as limited as it is because I found it difficult to locate books that met all the above listed criteria, and an unconscious fifth - that they be written in English. If you take out any one of those criteria, a larger pool of books would open itself up, and I encourage you to consider that as an option.

While I understand that limiting these lists to books written in or translated into English is not ideal, I also don’t think I am the right person to judge which books written in Slavic languages should be included, as I am not Slavic and don’t speak or read Slavic languages. Readers should be aware though, that reading a book featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures, which are not written by someone who identifies as Slavic, may promote a stereotypical or otherwise harmful depiction of those cultures. 

Moreover, those authors who do hail from the relevant region are more likely to be published if they don’t push the envelope too much to be acceptable for a generic Western audience. Therefore, additional reading of books on and / or featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures can aid in understanding the context of these tales. I have listed a couple of books in the honourable mentions with that in mind, and I have decided to add an asterisk (*) to all works written by an author who is confirmed as hailing from the region their work is set in. Typically, I’ve listed one or two books per author, but do check for their other writing.

Finally, I should add that I might have made a mistake in including Russia in this list. This was done because I wanted to keep the country in one post, rather than splitting it between the Asian list and this one. The Asian one was sufficiently long I didn’t want to add it there, but I might have been better off creating a completely separate list for it rather than including it here.

With the above reasons in mind, I have decided to move the Slavic section up, I have added a number of entries throughout, and expanded the resources list at the bottom.



Other regions (not Slavic or Russian)

Undefined / speculative

Historical fiction

Comics & graphic novels

Some collected tales


Honourable mentions

Other lists you can consult

If you have any suggestions for other Slavic and / or Russian women who deserve more attention (and a corresponding book), or which mythology should definitely be in this series, drop me a line!

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Trans headcanons are wonderful,  and trans girl Marco is honestly one of my favourites.  Its also definitely the most well supported by canon that ive seen personally,  which is pretty exciting (Im aware the chances of disney actually going through with it are unlikely,  but still I can hope and even if it doesnt happen its still an awesome theory/headcanon).  

I’m so proud of my people. When you are going to protest in Russia, you don’t know whats gonna be next for you, are you gonna be injured, are you gonna be in jail for your constitutional right to protest? It doesnt matter if you very old or very young, they are taking everyone.

There is not a single word about it on a federal channels. 

Anything can happen and there is only a small chance that justice will prevail.  

Nevertheless they persisting and i’m proud of it. 

I hope no one get seriously injured.

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what's happened with seungkwan?

It’s explained well right over here; the entire situation just doesn’t make sense to me. The response itself could be interpreted negatively but, that’s honestly such a stretch of a route to take. It’s not something that deserved the attention it got and the fact that it could affect Seungkwan and Seventeen negatively is annoying. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feelings but it’s something that could be reasoned out of easily.

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Would you do an imagine with Bucky from his POV where he fell in love with a Girl who works at the compound but he thinks she sees him as a Monster so everytime he sees her he gives her a shy smile before hurrying away. What he doesnt know that she also likes him. So one day she surprises him with self-made Muffins after his Training and they finally talk and are totally comfortable around each other. Then Buck asks her out on a proper date where they also have their first kiss? Hope it’s ok :)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: minor language

A/N: thank you so so much for this request my love! i hope this is what you wanted (it’s honestly such a cute request, I loved it!).


It’s been this way for weeks and every time it happened, he immediately wanted to slap himself.

When did he become such a coward when it came down to girls?!

This area had never been a problem for him!


He could’ve blamed it on becoming the Winter Soldier all those years ago, but he had been on dates ever since he started working with Steve and the others and they all were okay. Not particularly good, but okay.

He certainly wasn’t shy or anything like that.

But when it came down to you, he behaved like a teenager trying to ask his crush out to prom.

It was the same damn procedure each time.

He’d see you from afar working in the lab, stare at you for a little, then you’d spot him do so, he’d smile at you, you would only stare back like he was the devil himself, he’d think you hated him or were even afraid of him and he’d scurry away.

Every. Damn. Time.

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So some people are saying Oliver’s character is regressed and development in season 4 is erased for this to happen when actually its the so called “growth” last season that didnt make sense. Sorry but as romantic as it sounds ignoring internalized issues and going on a vacation with the love of your life doesnt automatically cure ptsd from 8 years of hell. I for one am glad we are bringing this up now i am just hoping it means he will finally face his demons for real this time and maybe get some professional help.

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hello! (: can you do a reaction of bts to their crush looks cold but actually is a nice person, (but not the "cute" type, like she really doesnt look like her look). idk if you can understand my poor english?

heyy - your english is fire emoji, i just hope i got it right 


Captivated. Honestly, if he didn’t have a crush on you before, it would bloom in an instant. It’s ridiculous, because it happens while he tells one of his infamous dad jokes - among the many he’d been spouting throughout the hangout you’d been present for. He hadn’t expected you, out of all people, to defend him when the rest of the guys tried to roast him, for the lack of better word, or nag him into stopping all the cheesiness. In fact, he’d halfheartedly thought you might tag along and tease him for it.

Jin’s ears would turn a little red, and a smile would grow on his face as you encouraged him to finish - much to everyone’s dismay. Even though you were cold, and didn’t exactly fit the ‘cute’ preppy criteria, he still saw you as someone would the product of royalty - even if you were one of ice. 

Originally posted by jimins-bootae


Upon witnessing this, he’d likely become more interested and attracted to you beyond your outward appearance. It’s obvious you two share this trait and Yoongi’s aware of how he can, not only, appear cold and distant to others but also act it too when, in reality, he’ll just be too tired to concern himself about appearances.

The moment he sees your face change from an apathetic expression to a radiant smile, and hears your melodic laugh, as you viciously attack your friend with a plush toy to get her to crack a smile, he can’t fight back the crescent growing on his lips.

All in all, it’s not that you look cuter - in fact, it’s not about appearance at all, but rather the unearthed common ground and how ‘niceness’, in general, is a game changer.

Originally posted by yoo-ngie


He’d be beaming. While Hoseok wouldn’t necessarily steer away from you if you looked cold, it may make him hesitate in his rush to interact with you. A negative response would be double the blow considering the crush he was sporting on you. But when he finally took the leap, and saw that he didn’t get a negative response but rather received kind words and a laugh - a whole, genuine, non mocking laugh - from you, complimenting his entrance, he was smitten. Then struck by guilt.

How could he have ever made such terrible assumptions? Would probably apologise out of nowhere and leave you confused, only to laugh as your face fell into a living portrait of ‘dude what’, knowing you meant no harm.

Originally posted by hobisu


He was hoping his speculation of something warm lying beyond your cold exterior was true, maybe so he’d finally have an excuse to talk to you by asking for help without being redirected to someone who actually cared. It just so happened that he didn’t need an excuse because, while fumbling with some equipment, you really did go out of your way to ask if he needed help.

Sure, your face was blank and the outfit you rocked was something truly befitting of a KimDaily rather than even reminiscing the concept of ‘cute’ but gestures spoke louder than words, and Namjoon still found this one swimming to his head and pouring out of his lips before he could notice, or hope, to stop it.

Your frown had him stumbling for words as he noticed his faux-pas. Though you might assume its antithesis - a smile - would fix it, the short circuit worsened until you stopped it with a laugh and a concerned ‘are you okay?’.

Originally posted by nastybangtan


Relief. Jimin would be, above all, relieved once he found out you were actually nice, even though he was well aware looks could be deceiving. The utter confusion of having a crush who looked ‘so detached they wouldn’t give him the time of day even if it was the last day on earth’ - as someone had once teased - would poof and disintegrate as he finally saw you for who you were.

It wouldn’t change how he acted around you, he’d still be a shy mochi, but the intimidation would be gone - save for the times where he forgot to look beyond your expressions.


Irrespective of how you screamed the opposite of ‘cute’, Taehyung would still find it in his mind to somehow to pinpoint you as ‘adorable’ before he even saw you being nice. To say he was overjoyed is an understatement. And, honestly, though it’d be hard to tell due to his usual merry persona, he’d be walking around like he just got let in on the world’s biggest secret after seeing your interactions with others - and most likely try to get in on some of the action.

Originally posted by bwipsul


If you were becoming somewhat close, and he discovered this while getting to know you, chances are he’s going to tease you about it, even if you’re his crush. Like Jimin, it’d be a relief because, after getting over the milestone of actually talking to you, your kind nature would probably make him feel at ease - as though he can joke around without the risk of being shot down with a blank stare or a chilling ‘What the hell are you doing?’.

And, eventually, he found out that the times where you did do this, most likely after he sent you dead memes, never failed to make him descend into a fit of laughter. Rather than dejection, he’d feel a familiar warmness creep up on him as you broke into your own giggles at his antics.

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Frisky Bear

wonho x reader 


680 words

anon nymph wished– hello :) can i request 70 “Call me that one more time, see what happens” from the drabble game with wonho? :) and maybe 69 “Bed. Now.” it could be in one drabble or you can write them separately :) (i’d prefer separately tho, cause that’d mean more things to read about wonho ♡ hehe) thank you!

Hello dear! I did split your request into two scenarios ^^ so here is the first one!  (and I apologize if you (and/or others) don’t like a certain petname that is used in this scenario. To me, it is something that causes laughter so I hope it doesnt offend anyone. but Thank you for your wish! Enjoy! 


#70 Call me that one more time, see what happens.

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This time last year, I’d become depressed as everything that was happening in my life at that time had completely overwhelmed me. I’d lost motivation to do anything, giving up on my studies and even eating or sleeping properly. I’d fall asleep so late every night consumed by my thoughts, and I felt so isolated and alone physically and emotionally. I was lost, empty and hopeless.
While I was going through honestly one of the hardest times of my life, I often felt despairing and as though I’d never feel anything but numbness again. But I never gave up hope in Allah, and prayed endlessly for Him to give me peace in my heart.  It literally fills me with so much joy to think about how far I’ve come since then, how much happiness is in my life now, and how much stronger and wiser I am. Alhamdulillah, truly. 

as a celebration to recently hitting 3k, i decided to finally to a tumblr awards!! i’ll probably close this in a month, but it depends on how many people enter. i’ll choose one winner and two/three runner ups!! dw if you miss out this time bc i’m planning to do some promos in the future ^-^


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margaery tyrell award ➣ best multifandom blog

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prizes below the cut:

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Um, for that anon who's adopting a male bunny and putting it with a female, I HIGHLY suggest getting the male nurtured unless they want sixty million baby bunnies hopping around because that can and will happen if one of them isn't spayed/nurtured. -From an anon who had that happen

oh! let’s hope that doesnt happen but, here

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Please block the user omgbigbangtanboys! She's stealing gifs and refuses to credit them. We're sending this message out to anyone she hasn't stolen from yet to prevent it from happening and privately messaging the creators she has stolen from. If you can, please help to find the original creators and inform them of what's going on so they can take action against what she's done to them. Good luck and I hope nothing of yours gets taken!

too late they already used one of my gifs lmao. people should just block/report them cause i saw that explaining to them doesnt work

me and rola talked tonight about moving out and the idea of finding a new place by may doesnt feel terrible and feels like it can happen. i just want a quiet place near friends for me and my kitty. everything about housing in the bay is so violent i dont even know how to write about it, but here i am. i’m probably looking at moving to one of the nearby suburbs cause this anxious baby cannot handle collective living! hoping there is a quiet clean 420 friendly older cat loving dyke out there with a spare bedroom she wants to sublet.

and like, its really not that hard to see the classpect system as neutral

just because are only two (TWO!) examples of Rage players from one session of universe in the entire multiverse that happened to both be alpha timeline sanctioned to serve a dark lord villain because the plotline of homestuck says so doesnt mean Rage as an aspect altogether needs to be thrown out the window

Homestuck the story is not the be-all end-all of the Homestuck Multiverse™. We know this because more sessions exist in canon than the ones we have directly witnessed, and because Hiveswap exists, which also doesn’t need to have a playable SBURB component to expand on the system itself through any sort of insight or dialogue or anything at all. 

we’ve seen probably exactly 0.02% of Rage as an aspect’s direct influence on reality, there’s plenty we haven’t seen. Same goes for Bards and for Princes and Doom and whatever else class or aspect has unfair negativity attached to it, like Mages because my poor word choice of suffering, or that Knight theory that they kill their session just by existing (which has never stopped being dumb for me)

Dirk alone is proof of this concept between himself as Dirk and his other versions of himself like AR and Bro. 

even then, there is so much we can glean about Rage in canon that have nothing to do with Gamzee or Kurloz. Hope is Rage’s opposite. Anything that IS Hope, IS NOT Rage. and the same goes for the other around too. Anything that IS Rage, IS NOT Hope, it cannot be, or else they wouldn’t be opposite fundamental forces of reality. and we have 3 Hope players to triangulate between, so its not hard to see patterns and similarities between them that logic states, if they are a pattern across Hope players, they would not be a pattern in Rage players. This is entirely the reason why we have so many character examples of varied, different, classpects. So we can triangulate their meaning from across the board

so many thoughts, I should really just write out a huge post about Class and Aspect fandom stereotypes and how to break them while staying 100% canon

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i feel like we only come to you to complain about shitty people and characters and i feel bad. anyway, i can't believe bob would get a tiny bit of hope up for lowkey confirmed bellarke this season... on the one hand i trust him with my life, but on the other i'm like 'no bitch, he only said he'd be careful to say anything about bellarke since he knows where they're going, bc it's an easy way to avoid the question'... i can't take anything at face value, this show has damaged me 😩

im actually just happy with what he said i dont think you should overthink it if it happens it happens if it doesnt just think of it as one cast member FINALLY being straight with us about whats been written anyways i love my mans