hope that doesnt happen to this one

I really hope Deasung is getting good care for his voice. It has seemed to be rough and creaking lately. I mean when he sings he is still beautiful but I have noticed there have been little moments where his voice is a bit rough or it cracks a bit. I hope he is resting enough and drinking lots of water and getting good care. Since he has vocal cord nodules ( ones similar to Boms), I get worried for him a lot and hope he doesnt get overworked.

I would be heartbroken if he could continue his passion for singing if something were to happen.

I hope you are doing well Daesung~

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Ah yes I would like to grace you with the thought of bae making morning joe for Owen and them and it's a routine but then something happens to bae and they can't make Joe for awhile and Owen misses the joe and coffee from the store doesnt taste right

A/N: Thank you for this request! I hope this if what you wanted!

Title: Morning Joe

Warnings: one curse word

The sound of your alarm blaring pulled you rather harshly from your dream of deliciously muscled arms holding you while the raptors played below you and you groaned. The dream had been so great and you were so close to figuring out who the man in your dream had been.

Mornings were never easy for you but you pushed yourself out of bed and trudged slowly to the kitchen to start your morning cup of coffee before getting ready for the day. By the time you were dressed and ready to leave, your coffee was done and you were able to fix it the way you liked. Taking your coffee in a thermos, you hopped down the few steps of your front porch and jumped into your jeep, guzzling your coffee as you drove the short distance to the raptor paddock.

“You’re always so early, (Y/N),” one of the security guards commented as he waved at you. You returned the wave as you climbed out of your jeep. Aside from the security guards and one other trainer, you were the only person at the paddock. The sun was just barely starting to light the sky, which told you that you had roughly twenty minutes by yourself before Barry and Owen showed up for the day.

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Do you think you would be happy if the series ended with Stiles and Lydia having an extremely close friendship, but no romantic relationship? I hope they do end up together but just wondering what you think! :)


Its been a ball just watching these two go from complete strangers to putting their lives on the line for one another (and the rest of their group). Its all in good fun, and its been a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and fangirling. 

Remember guys, whatever happens or doesnt, dont be an asshole.

For the ones that don’t live in the US or Ireland, I hope that same-sex marriage happens in your country as well.
All people, gays, lesbians, pansexuals, bisexuals, demisexual, asexual, polysexual, everyone should be free, not just in the US and Ireland.

Im so excited to meet Suzy next week. My friend who is attending the con and doesnt know about the Game Grumps likes messing with me as the day gets closer

My AX Friend: Imagine that guy Barry makes a surprise attendance one of the Con days.

Me: FUUUCK! Why would you even give me that hope!!? If it did happen my soul would leave me for a moment and return. OMG If he does show up I will ask him for a hug then I will have accomplished hugging Suzy and Barry my fave grumps. AH!! See now Im be thinking it in the back of my head when we go and if he doesnt show up Ima blame you for putting the possibility in my head, Chris!!

AX Friend: What if his brother whose bday videos you showed me goes too. >:}


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Im going to be very gullible those days because he’s probably going to pull those “Hey isn’t that him over there?” to fool me

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1, 26

1.the person i like and why i like them.

My wolf queen!! because she is my queen!!

26.story of my first kiss.

hmm i think i was in middleschool at the time and me and a few friends around my neighborhood would all play outside and ride bikes and skateboard all the time and one of my friends had a sister that was a year older than me and one day we all were riding bikes and hanging out and me and her would ride together, she would ride on my bike as i was peddling and one time she just like kissed me when i dropped her off at her house and i was like waahhhhh!? wtf just happened and she just went inside her house. yeah it was really random af. but what ever my life is trash anyways and probably dont deserve to be kissed :/

Thank you Mojca!!! i hope everyone likes my terrible story and doesnt judge me at all :/ killme

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About the "predator" thing... It's happened to me before, many times. I would get followed into shops by boys and men, I'd have older men follow me if I was wearing a skirt, and, just the other day, a security guard from a supermarket kept making remarks and smirks about me, and I'd just have to just look awkward and walk away, yet he followed me.

where i live, this doesnt happen that often tbh, but i’m visiting my cousins in another country and this behaviour is more rampant here so i freaked out; people are yuck as fuck hope all people like this fall into one huge ditch and stay there

Somebody's gonna die? Not die?

So if all goes according to plan and Lore don’t kill nobody no more–

John and Sarah(I highly doubt they’ll die cause they’re based off himself and his first girlfriend I think. Sure about Sarah, not John).

Sam and Six(Six is Maren Elizabeth, his daughter. I’ll burn something if Sam dies.)

Either Five or Nine end up with Marina. Most likely Nine, they’ll be the only ones to share the trauma of losing Eight the most. (I’ll still ship Navrina to the ends of the earth and lorien and mogadore and BACK). Also kinda messed up if she ends up with Five, in my opinion. I hope he doesnt just trample on the feelings he gave Ella for Nine though.

So that means Filla(Its so weird to have ship names for myself) happens—- BUT WAIT THERES MORE.

What happens to Adam?? If he’s the type of author who wants people to end up together in the end, that means there’s a boy extra. Still, Mark James.

Lastly if LEXA DIES I CANNOT FATHOM HOW UPSET ILL GET. But she’s older than all of them and that gets messed up if she ends up with any of us. Besides, Craylexa.

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i hav so much to say

How I feel about this idol: hes unnecessarily tall and perfect why is he so good at singing and why do i dedicate a whole blog to him
All the people I ship romantically with this idol: suhyun? maybe idk why but i feel like theyd match each other well
My non-romantic OTP for this idol: him n donghyuk im glad donghyuk argues with him he needs it
My unpopular opinion about this idol: he deserves more love but i hope his ego doesnt fly to the sky after they debut
One thing I wish would happen if I met this idol: i want him to give me a piggyback ride so i can see the world

We need to talk- in more ways then one >.<

pearl, my dear beautifully flawed pearl, turn it down the jealousy a bit XD i dont really mean that! but i hope that she eventually learned to turn it down as she gets to know greg. I mean she clearly doesnt turn down her affection for rose, which by now is reaching to the moon with how queer it is XD, but judging by whats happened in current events, she doesnt seem all that hostile to him anymore. Yeah she isnt fond of him still, but she does seem to have calmed down with the jealousy….unless shes bottling it up like she does with every single thing now D: 

I like how throughout the episode, rose is constantly saying things that sound belittling to greg, and how u can certainly tell that they are off putting and how greg questions if rose respects him or not. it shows a clear misunderstanding between how rose views humans and such and hopefully this talk they had was the beginning of rose getting to truly respect and understand humans

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It's not the shipping that bothers me it's the fact that people are so determined to prove r#y%d#e%n was real that it makes me wonder what will they get out of it. Do some of them think he'll leave Sarah or something one day? Because if so that's really crazy and laughable.

yeah people who think ry and bren are STILL a thing after almost 6 years baffles me. brendon and sarah are happily married and i hope they stay that way for a very very very long time. A few theories doesnt prove the existence today, though i wont say anything about the past because i dont want to get into it (*coughs* even though brendon has denied it along with sarah and zach in the same scope and i personally dont think ryan/bden happened unless it was just sex like 2 times maybe idk probably not).

what i dont like is that people keep bringing ryden and the milk fic up in the scopes because it very obviously makes brendon uncomfortable. just keep ryan out of his life, he probably doesnt want to talk about him. he’s moved on.

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If you don't like solo why you gotta comment so negatively about her your Bitchin don't help anything P.s hope has done many nice things so quit acting like you know about cuz you read an article about her case on espn

Oh yeah I read one article so I’m educated. No, I’m not an idiot. I’ve been saying this shit for years. I cannot stand people that do something wrong and then lie on their back and pretend they were the ones who got hurt. It’s not okay. Every time she gets benched because she loses her goddamn temper (which has happened multiple times) she complains and whines and DOESNT APOLOGIZE. Jill and the rest of the staff simply shouldn’t put up with that behavior. The fact that she hasn’t been punished at all only furthers her idea that she can get away with whatever she wants because she’s the best goalkeeper in the world. I’m talking about it because everyone else has stopped. I don’t condone her behavior and I want her to ADMIT HER FAULTS. It’s really not that hard. Tiger Woods did it. Countless other athletes have done it. She doesn’t even have to really mean it. I just want her to acknowledge her actions. Get Ashlyn in there, man.

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The thing about writing is that you don't really need the fancy metaphors or any of that fluffy bullshit. Sometimes writing is gritty and harsh and real and its just as good as flowery peaceful things. someone is always going to prefer harsh realities over poems over how happy the writer is. It's kinda like comparing hard rock to pop music. They're a different animal and someone will like one over the other. I hope I'm helping ahhh

you really are like it actually reminded me my fanfics on ao3 have a LOT of love and people always wanna know when imma continue and its like oh ok im not a bad writer im just a different writer

like im one of those who makes characters as human as possible to the point i can hold conversations with them and then i stick them in highly developed worlds and situations and set them loose to record what happens and what they tell me they feel

that doesnt make me bad just different

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1, 6, 70

  • 1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?


  • 6. What are you excited for?

um me and my 2 friends are planning on going for a swim one night and yah that will be awesome i hope and POSITIVUS FESTIVAL yeah!!!!!

  • 70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?

ive always imagined that my partner would somehow be linked to music so something along those lines 

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hii u are teen wolf fandom and one of my faves blogs here and i hope this doesnt annoy u but i dont remember nothing of teen wolf, literally. can you explain it to me? like what was the last thing we knew?? what happened to derek, aunt argent, did dad stilisnki or mom mcall knew about scott or the werewolves at all?? and parrish??does he know he is some kind of supernatural being like the rest?? MY MIND ITS BLANK I SWEAR, please help me here i wanna watch 5x01 but i cant yet

you’re so sweet honey ♥️♥️♥️♥️ and you’re not annoying me at all.

This is what happened in the last episode of s4:
Stiles, Derek, Malia, Liam, Braeden and Peter set out for La Iglesia. Lydia and Mason are attacked by one of the Berserkers at the school, and are held prisoner in the basement; Lydia realizes that Kate wants to make sure that she cannot help the others. Liam begins to lose control due to the full moon, but Stiles and Derek are able to help him regain control of himself by having him recite Satomi’s mantra. With the help of a hallucination of Noshiko, Kira is able to trigger her supernatural healing ability. The pack arrive at La Iglesia, but are immediately attacked by the Berserker-transformed Scott. Derek is badly injured, and Braeden stays behind to protect him while Stiles, Peter, Malia and Liam pursue Scott into the church. Stiles finds Kira in the tunnels, while Peter, Liam and Malia are able to overpower Scott; fortunately, Stiles and Kira stop them before they can kill him, revealing Scott’s transformation. Scott attacks Liam, but Liam is able to bring him back to himself, and Scott tears the Berserker armor from his body, breaking Kate’s spell and reversing the transformation. Back in Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski enters the school basement and destroys the Berserker using the Mute’s claymore mine. In La Iglesia, Braeden is attacked and overpowered by Kate and the other Berserker, but Chris, Parrish and the Calaveras arrive as reinforcements, and a battle ensues. Amid the chaos, Derek apparently dies from his injuries. Just as Kate and Araya face off, a huge black wolf appears and attacks Kate, brutally overpowering her. The wolf then transforms into Derek, who reveals that his temporary “death” was actually his body evolving into a new form; he is a werewolf again, and can now shift into a full wolf, just like his mother and sister before him. Derek destroys the other Berserker by crushing the animal skull on its head, causing it to disintegrate. Chris shoots Kate with a bullet containing the rare strain of wolfsbane that Garrett and Violet used on Brett and Liam. Injured, Kate escapes into the tunnels; Chris pursues her, and during a confrontation between them, Kate reveals that she tried to kill Scott because she thought that he and his friends had killed Allison. Chris tells her the truth about Allison’s death, and Kate flees. Elsewhere, Scott deduces that Peter knew too much about Kate and the Berserkers, and therefore must have been working with Kate. Peter reveals his true plan and attacks Scott; the pair clash in an all-out fight. Peter appears to be winning, until Scott finally embraces his true nature to defend Liam, unleashes his full Alpha power, and easily defeats Peter. In the aftermath of the battle, Chris leaves with the Calaveras to hunt down Kate. Braeden informs Derek that she was formerly a U.S. Marshall, but that she was fired after she became too obsessed with finding a particular target - the Desert Wolf. Lydia gives Parrish a copy of the Argents’ bestiary and offers to help him identify what kind of supernatural creature he is. Noshiko informs Kira that she reshaped a chunk of obsidian that Kira used to trigger her healing in the tunnels into a throwing star, and Kira realizes that the throwing star represents her first Kitsune tail. Peter is locked up in the supernatural wing at Eichen House, in the same room as Dr. Valack. After looking into Valack’s third eye, Peter becomes terrified and makes a desperate but useless attempt to flee. Peter’s fate, and Valack’s intentions toward him, remain unrevealed.

Uhhh. Hope no ones sees this cause no one follows me.
She acts like such a good girl but she’s bad behind the phone screen. She sends me dirty snapchats and facebook messages. She’s so bad. I want her to just come to mine and have fun ;). but a few days after she acts like nothing has happened. A friend tells me to get over her but she doesnt know the shit she sends me.