hope that doesnt happen to this one

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I asked someone out today and he said maybe, and that his parents were strict. Idk if that was just an excuse or not but he hugged me pretty hard after I asked? Idk what it means and I just want to cry rn

Ohhhhhhh daamn, ok maybe he said the truth, I relate tbh /#whenuhavejewishparent/

But sometimes boys arent good with expressing their feelings, so maybe he hugged you hard because he doesnt want you do be sad, its liek a sorry, because well maybe he doesnt share your feelings /im saying that be it happened to one of my friends/. BUT MAYBE ITS NOT THAT, I HOPE IDK YOU OR HIM SO YEA!!

But please don’t cry baby, you’ll see what happen! Try to talk about this tomorrow and yea. I LOVE U!!!

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What happen to tyler at the concert?

ok so i read a really long post earlier [here] from someone who was there and i guess the whole show was kinda messy? but tyler tried to crowd surf i believe and people were grabbing and getting very rough and when he climbed up on  his platform..well this was the result?

ripped shirt, mask torn off, and stolen shoes, [another post about it here]

so yeah thats really shitty and not cool at all, doesnt matter if youre a fan of twenty one pilots or not, what happened to tyler was not cool at all and pretty dangerous if it got anymore out of hand. He couldve gotten seriously injured or groped even further which is the shitty truth and theres the proof  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i hope he’s alright, but i have to say..and lord it pains a bit to say it, because what a world right.. considering the stories(+personal experience) ive heard of not only their crowds but the reading festival crowds (lord remembers the Brendon bottle incident) and what happened to josh a while back. I am. Not. Very surprised. this happened. Which is shitty. And i hope that changes?

again, i hope he’s alright. Being in that situation is shitty all around. They ended the show early, i believe, which is- holy shit -completely fine considering the circumstances.

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Hi, firstly I enjoy your page very much, and i love the way you reply to each thoughts and questions. Secondly, i love that lydia is back, but the wedding rune on her arm has thrown me off. People are now saying that because victor aldertree is coming lydia and alec will have to marry to rule the institute together, a quick rune draw and sign marriage forms or something and it will be political but malec will still happen on the side, and now i am very upset..

As much as I love Malec, I love Magnus more, and I know in the future, another guy will come along and attracts Alec, and I hope when that day comes, the writers does not degrade Magnus character by making him cling on to Alec. One thing that I love about Magnus is that he Loves Alec yes, but when Alec treats him like just someone to go to when they needed help * in the books*, Magnus doesnt stand for it, & neither does he accepts it. And thats why I love Magnus Bane

Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up now.

Honey, no one knows anything. It is alllllll theory. The fandom simply likes making mountains out of mole hills. There is no need to be upset or panic. The time for weddings is over. Malec is happening. And who says Alec is going to be attracted to another random guy one day and treat Magnus any less that he does? And Magnus running after someone who is going to play him that way? That doesn’t sound like any Alec Lightwood or Magnus Bane that I know of. That’s…no, honey. I think we’re safe.

Magnus Bane respects those who earn it, and more importantly he respects himself. I don’t believe for a second that the writer’s room would relegate him to anything less. Rest easy.

Im just waiting for an episode where Steven kinda just snaps for a bit..Just from seeing these episodes. Dont get me wrong, im glad he has the support he does but the way im seeing it is like this…Steven is normally left in the dark about alot of things and from the looks of it the gems have been kept in the dark as well and Steven has to suffer for it, like with Bismuth. No one knew the true story. The kid couldve died had he not did what he needed to do. Everyone has a breaking point. Steven is stronger than he or the gems know. At some point something is gonna happen (I really hope it doesnt involve Connie but thats his rock, pun intended) and when it does itll mess him up…

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Do u have an opinion on what happened to Tyler during their reading festival performance

yes, from what i know/have heard, it was awful and i hope it doesnt affect how tyler feels going out into the crowd, not for the fans sake but for his own. I know he likes going and interacting with the fans, but something like that can shake anyone up, and in a crowd of so many.. just. Its terrible. It’s fucked up. fans or not no one should be doing those things to anyone. i hope he’s alright. that’s the kinda shit that goes under The Rule Of Asshole for concerts and anywhere else. didnt a similar thing happen to josh a bit ago? do people even learn or listen??

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Am I the only one who feel that L was trying to reach out with C from the last tour? L was trying to interact with C but C doesnt even feel comfortably look at L when she is talking. She barely stares at her. what confuses me is, she posted in IG describing how painful it is to love the person, well all CS knows who that person is. Is she mad or something? Coz only mad person can do that, hating and loving while you are hurting at the same time. I hope love will still win for the two of them

I don’t know what happened between them,this year I’ve seen Lauren trying to interact more with Camila (maybe I’m the only one who see this) and Camila seems sad or Hurt,I don’t know if Camila’s sadness is related to Camren or if Lauren just wanted to comfort her,but I think all is better now

im literally still in love with two of my exes like i dont love them im in love with them and one of them doesnt even talk to me regularly! he texts me like once every three months and id still do anything for him probably!!!

ive literally had two long ass periods of my life where i thought us saying forever actually meant something and its pretty fucking sad that i still dream about that forever! i still hope that maybe one day ill wake up from a dream and be back in those relationships or theyll date me again or some convoluted desperate shit! and thats probably not gonna change in the next few years either regardless of what happens!

i fucking hate myself why cant i be hard and cold and untouchable why do i have to make myself vulnerable by dedicating every single piece of myself to people why do i have to love so hard i want to fucking die goodnight

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Ahhh Hinata finally became Izuru!! Do you think that he will also care for Chiaki or have a crush on her and etc.? I sure don't hope so, it would be really ooc for Izuru to feel that way for someone

 hmm, it depends! we haven’t seen izuru at great length before, so i feel like a lot of him is still a mystery, and i dont want to make too many assumptions? however personally when i try and imagine what would happen… i see one of two things happening, either of which would yield pretty “tragic” results (which is what im assuming they’re building up towards?)

1) he doesnt remember chiaki at all and he does not care for chiaki at all. 
2) part of him instinctively feels something towards chiaki, and he endures some kind of internal conflict. like ive been hoping some part of hajime is still there after all of this, because god bless that boy.

that’s what i’m assuming! although i highly doubt he’ll still have strong feelings for her.

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i knw someday it cannot control this fandom to be divided by L and C girl.I can see most of the time u always blame Lauren and make C a victim, why? bc C is always showing how sad she is with the situation and L is just playing it cool? dont u all think that maybe L is the one who gets all the hurt but she's just so matured to handle her pain? no one of us knows what exactly happened and all of this are assumptions. but I hope this wont cause us division and blaming d other girl for all d mess

I’m not blaming anyone in this situation, both of them are visibly upset. On my side it’s mostly camila, but it doesnt mean that i go against Lauren or the other girls. I love them all equally, not one is favored over the other

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UWOOO IM SOO HAPPY FINDING ANOTHER BPRO IMAGINE BLOG ON TUMBLR ;;W;; can i request Hikarus scenario? the plot is what if he eavesdropping to his lover and Tsubasa talking about her birthday, Hikaru determined to surprising her asking help from the others but because some of them cant cook, a disaster happen in kitchen and after that is up to you^^ thank you~ hope my plot doesnt confuse you

Hikaru looked around for you trying to find you in the company. You and Tsubasa were gone. “Leader-san have you seen [Y/N]” he asked Kazuna. “Um she might be getting snacks with Tsubasa so she should be back soon” he checked his clock.

He walked around the buliding till he seen you and Tsubasa in one of the meeting room taking out the drinks and food. He leaned his ear on the door to hear there conversation. Hikaru usally wasn’t the ease dropping type but he was semi Intrested in what you were talking about with Tsubasa.

What if they were talking about how handsome Hikaru is.

“So [Y/N] when is your birthday” Tsubasa asked you looked up “oh its in two day but I think Hikaru forgot you know him” you smiled,. Hikaru was puzzled he would never forget your birthday maybe it did slip his mind but being an idok he lost track of time easily.

“He won’t forget” Tsubasa defended him. “Yeah I just think he has a lot more to wory about then a birthday” you said. “Is this all the food I’ll go and give Thrive this in the music department and you can give MooNs and Kitakore in the dance room” Tsubasa said giving over the drinks to you.

Hikaru was gone before they could find him ease dropping on your conversation.

~A Day later~

In MooNs condo the members were trying to help Hikaru with his problem.

“[y/n] has no faith that I’m going to remember her birthday” Hikaru said. His green eyes staring at the white celing “well impress her with the best birthday” said Mikado.

He sighed “She’s not a material girl so I can’t buy her anything” Hikaru said and coverd his face with his hands. “Girls are so hard” he whined.

“How about you cook for her she loves food you love food we have a big kitchen we rarely use” Taka said.

Hikaru mulled it over for a second “great idea” he smiled and jumped up “I’ll make her he best dinner”.

“Can you even cook” Momotaro said in a calm voice. “Um well a little but I know Goushi and Yuta can cook” Hikaru grinned.

“Okay well make a meal plan and I’ll ask them if they eant to help ” he said.

Hikaru smiled “Let’s cook” he said.

~~~Cooking time~~~~

“Okay we told Tsubasa to bring [y/n] here in two hours” Hikaru said. Goushi and Yuta were in the MooNs dorm with aprons on ready to cook. “We’re cooking the best ramen we know” Yuta sais exicted.

“Hikaru and Kazuna make the cake” Mikado said “and I’m supervising” Mikado pointed to himself.

They all started to cook Goushi was chopping the mushrooms while Yuta added spices to the water. While Hikaru was finishing up the cake mix and then all h3ll went lost.

Yuta ramen caught on fire and Goushi cut his finger. “I’m here” you called out peeking into there condo with Tsubasa. Today was your birthday and Hikaru said he had surpise for you.

“Um something doesn’t smell right” Tsubasa said smelling the air. You raced to The kitchen to see it was destroyed with food everywhere. “Um hi [y/n] san” Hikaru grinned cake batter all over himself.

You smiled “Happy birthday” Hikaru said waving at you. You grinned “we planned on making you a special dinner”. His smile fell and you’re heart raced he was so kind so loveing. “Let’s go out and eat” you said reaching for Hikaru hand and pulling him to his room.

You pushed him into his room. “Thank you Hikaru for trying” you said. You wrapped your hands around his neck. He was a mess but you didn’t care. “I failed at a simple thing” he said his voice filled with a sad undertone.

“You know what you can give me” you said sitting on his laps. “One your smile” you said. He smiled lighty “and a kiss” you said. He grinned “I can do that” he said leaning down.

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i do see your point about Lydia staying single but at the same time I can understand some of what that anon was saying Lydia getting engaged to alec to me did feel like she was giving up and if Lydia chooses to stay single that's fine but I just hope she doesn't ever agree to something like that again Lydia deserves better than a marriage of convenience and I don't think it's bad for her to at least be open to being romantically involved with someone one day

oh no of course she deserves to be happy and not just conform with a marriage like she would have if alec and her had gotten married, but i meant that she probably thinks she shouldnt fall in love any time soon bc of what happened i do hope she ends up with someone she loves (totally not talking about izzy right now) but it would also be cool if she was a character that doesnt care about any kind of romantic relationship you know what i mean

His smile burns so bright. He has so much potential, I know he doesnt belive it or believe me when I tell him he can acheive anythung, but one day I hope he realizes just how much hes worth and I hope that when it happens, I’ll still be there, right beside him.

i hope the end of one piece doesnt get the naruto/bleach treatment but i cant really.. imagine that happening anyway

like.. i can definitely imagine luffy leaving a legacy behind (”inherited will, the destiny of the age…”), but one piece has a recurring theme of legacies not being passed down by blood. luffy inherited roger’s will, and sabo inherited ace’s will.

so luffy passing something down - his ambition, heck even the straw hat itself, provided he doesn’t get it back to shanks somehow - isn’t out of the question; in fact, i expect it to happen. but not via having a kid.

i mean, he COULD have kids - it’s out of character, sure, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility, especially considering that he has a LOT of parallels with gol d. roger, so much that other characters have pointed it out on multiple occasions. he is definitely following in roger’s footsteps, and, well, roger did have a kid (ace), so following that logic… luffy having a kid isn’t impossible.

but the only person who even shows romantic interest in luffy is hancock, which.. isnt that bad of a pairing i think, but luffy is explicitly shown to not be interested in her, and hancock’s crush is mostly played for comic relief… and oda himself has said that luffy isn’t interested in sex or romance. although kubo and kishimoto did essentially pull the endgame ships out of their asses with no development. i hope oda doesn’t do the same.

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RILEY I'M FUCKING CRYING OVER YOUR DESCRIPTIONS OF THE BNHA CAST like this is how i'm going to refer to them from now on. and tbh my ships for bnha are main dude/stock looking engine guy and main dude/electric calamari boy. and i'm kind of terrified that this is gonna go ala naruto and have floaty girl and main dude get straight married with kids at the the end even though romance is not part of this genre or ala bleach and just get canceled.

IM SORRY I DONT REMEMBER NAMES D: but yes thats defs how you should call them now 

main dude and stock looking engine guy is a ship of yours? cool! that makes you the first person ive seen shipping them hahaha, ive seen the second one more often (and fire ice dude the most)


and seriously im really hoping that doesnt happen for you, theyre the worst kind of endings (straight married w/ children and cancelled, or both in bleach’s case). i think bnha is doing pretty well w/ popularity though so theres no risk of being cancelled currently! :D (pls,,, no floaty girl/deku pls i beg)

Johnny and Hansol might debut in the nct shanghai team but...

Am i the only one who doesnt really want that to happen?:( i mean i think it would be better if the whole team is chinese rather than koreans mixed into it… I am getting flashbacks from the awkward convos in EXO-M… I really want johnny and hansol to debut but i would rather if they debut with a korea unit…. I hope i dont come off sounding selfish i am just worried someone might pull a lukristao (i am chinese so pls dont think i am racist or anything its just that the chinese industry in china is really good at persuading you 👀👀👀)