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May i ask how often you have played Undertale? Just the neutral and pacifist route, or did you also try genocide or multiple other runs?

* I only fully finished one game which took me a pretty damn long time, because I wanted to see and touch and talk to everything and everyone lmao.

* I had two unfinished runs, one on a computer that wasn’t mine, and one that’s currently waiting for me to complete it when I finally have time for games again. 

* This one’s more of a “speed run” as I don’t spend time talking to anyone and it honestly doesn’t feel all that good. What’s the use if I don’t call Papyrus every 3 minutes. I’ll definitely do another proper run sometime after this one is done.

* Waterfall is depressing without Papyrus suggesting that I should eat a lantern.

* As for your other question;


2016年 02月 18日 (土)

안녕, 친구들! (Hello friends! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ)

First own post of the new semester! As active as I wish I could be, a lot of times I never feel like anything I make is worth posting… But here’s my bujo spread from this past week. I am obsessed with BTS You Never Walk Alone album so of course my spread needed to express that. Plus Happy Hope Day! Hoseok’s birthday is today and I thought that it was necessary to have not only one but two pics of him this week ㅋㅋㅋ 홉이 생일 ㅊㅋ!~ It’s midterms and this past week was extremely stressful as I had three tests but I got through it and I only have two more to go next week! // On a side note I watched the Japanese anime movie Kimi no na wa today and it was a piece of art. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it. Not only is the art beautiful but so is the music and the story line! (+the videos of BTS’ first wings seoul concert has me shook and how are they even real ??) // Anyway, I need to study now, I just wanted to get this up before 홉데이 is over! 열심히 공부하세요, 친구들! (Study hard my friends!♡)

Currently listening to: BTS You Never Walk Alone album

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do you have any recommendations for shows that feature people of 18+ age?? i feel so pathetic being over 20 and watching shows about teenagers esp since they hardly are appropriate towards the kids and i cant even relate half the time :( i just wanna be normal

disclaimer – i don’t want this rec list to come with the undertone that it’s somehow problematic for a 20+ yr old to be into nonsexual stories about kids and teens. no one ever feels fully grown up or in control, so it’s no wonder adults, especially young adults, continue to relate to young characters. everyone wishes their childhood was a little bit (or a lot) different, so it’s no wonder people escape to a preferable youth through a fantastical lens. as long as you have an appropriate attitude about it i don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with it! 

that being said, if you’re personally uncomfortable with that or don’t relate to younger characters, i totally respect that. here are some of my own favorites for/about adults:

  • trigun (anime)
    • two insurance agents track down the notorious outlaw whose disaster-causing habit costs their company a fortune.
    • as western as a space western gets. fun and not always the best production value but has lasting power… tacky but heartfelt. i feel like it’s going to stay with me my entire life.
    • cw: 90s-anime-typical sexism/sexual harassment gags, mortality as a serious plot element, implied abuse, mentioned rape, and christian religious themes.
  • monster (anime)
    • a japanese doctor living in germany in the 1990s struggles with the moral, social, and political consequences of saving a certain child.
    • my all-time favorite manga and one of my favorite anime. if you can handle the content in monster, check out naoki urasawa’s other works! he’s renowned for a reason. simply one of the finest artists to ever work in comics.
    • cw: textual nazism, psychological, physical, and emotional child abuse, two rapes, one off-screen and one on-screen (and witnessed by a child), lots of murder as a serious plot element, and some metatextual transmisogyny.
  • mushi-shi (anime)
    • in an ambiguous time in japanese history between the edo and meiji eras, a man wanders from village to village helping the locals with (super)natural challenges.
    • if you watch anime at all, i’m sure you’ve had this show recommended to you. i cant think of a single more consistently stunning anime. each episode is a breathtaking stand-alone story, so some deal with children, but the protagonist ginko and the presence of mushi are what tie the episodes together.
    • cw: sometimes a little creepy, can mention or imply child death or disturbing medical issues.
  • a raisin in the sun (film)
    • a black family in the late 50s/early 60s debates what to do with grandfather’s life insurance check.
    • i cried so hard when we watched this in my 60s film class that i was dehydrated to the point of blacking out and having a migraine for 3 hours afterwards. the entire cast performed so powerfully that i could feel their emotions from my toes to the top of my head.
    • cw: textual racism and sexism
  • midnight cowboy (film)
    • a male sex worker moves from texas to new york and befriends a sick homeless man.
    • second favorite movie i watched in aforementioned 60s film class. really interesting to think about in the social and political context of america in the 1960s. brilliantly crafted.
    • cw: this film is a DOOZIE, tons of (internalized) homophobia, ableism, heavy references to rape and child sexual abuse. sometimes the way it’s directed had me on the verge of sensory overload. go into this film knowing the director was an out gay man in the 60s and you’ll have a very different perspective on it than you might otherwise.
  • the world’s end (film)
    • a nostalgic asshole wants to finish the pub crawl he and his high school friends started back in the day.
    • don’t google this film before you watch it please … people going in fresh is my absolute favorite thing. i know this sounds like a douchey movie but cross my heart it is worth your time.
    • cw: alcohol/alcoholism, suicide attempt, Exactly One Female Character, martin freeman is there unfortunately.
  • the book of life (animated film)
    • the rulers of the land of the remembered and the land of the forgotten place a bet on which of a bullfighter and a soldier will win his childhood friend’s love.
    • still a favorite. a really one-of-a-kind film. kind, funny, visually spectacular. turns me into a complete romantic.
    • i can’t really think of any cws for this film ?? pretty standard fare.
  • dead like me (tv show)
    • an apathetic 18 year old is crushed by a toilet on her first day of work. having not lived a remarkable enough life to be sent to either heaven or hell, she stays on earth as a grim reaper.
    • by the creator of the extremely popular pushing daisies! man, that guy just can’t get enough of death. my favorite show growing up but i have no idea why my parents let me watch it. funny in a simultaneously humble and outlandish way.
    • cw: LOTS of cursing, probably a lot of slurs too but i haven’t seen it in a while. death, obviously, and often extremely stylized gore/body horror to go with it (a guy gets stabbed by a decorative swordfish, for example). tense and unhappy mother/daughter relationship.
  • some more stuff i’d recommend looking into, but aren’t my favorites or i haven’t seen em in long enough that i can’t give content warnings:
    • nana (anime)
    • samurai champloo (anime)
    • tatami galaxy (anime)
    • planetes (anime)
    • hardly worth mentioning with how famous it is, but cowboy bebop (anime)
    • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (film)
    • butch cassidy and the sundance kid (film)
    • arsenic and old lace (film)
    • jesus christ superstar (film)
    • again sorry to be that guy and recommend this but – breaking bad (tv show)

hope there’s something here that suits your tastes! happy watching!

Watching Toonami’s Midnight Run.

My nine sleepy year old eyes were like fish pulled out of the water and held up in front of the sun; the midnight sun.

I’d fought sleep for hours; waiting for my parents to go to bed. Hoping and wishing, dozing and dreaming about anime. We only had Cartoon Network for one summer. 

My parents forbade me from watching Dragon Ball Z. They told me “it’s too violent”. That only intrigued me. My friend told me that “the Midnight Run shows it with more violence”. I couldn’t resist.

Sleep whispered in my ear “it’s not worth it, close your eyes”. I nodded in agreement, and forgot my desperation for animated carnage.

Suddenly, the shutting of a door, and the silence that followed reminded me of my mission; my mission to see the midnight run. I carefully slipped out from under my covers, and tip toed out of my room. I held my breath, listened, and continued. My parents had gone to bed. They underestimated my desperation for Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing.

As an adult, the words “midnight run” make me think of some late night drug smuggling. Now, many years latter, I see Toonami’s Midnight Run for what it was: animated cocaine.

These exotic, violent, colorful, loud, cezure inducing cartoons felt smuggled. From halfway across the world, the finest version of this video drug was ran threw the cable box at midnight.

I overdosed on cartoons, and fell asleep in front of the TV. My parents grounded me when they woke up, and canceled the cable a few months later.

Side Note: I’ve been writing a lot on Tumblr, and I’m working on a novel. If you’d like to keep up with me follow this blog. I really appreciate all the support I’ve received from this community.

Thanks, JO

How You Met - Axis (Hetalia Imagine)

Hi! This is a fairly new blog, but I’m hoping to get to know you all better. These imagines are from my Wattpad account arufureddo-, but requests and matchups are open on here! Enjoy~

You were visiting the wondrous country of Italy for vacation, and you were extremely lost. You held a worn map that you had somehow found at a street vendor, as the crumpled instructions didn’t seem to help you whatsoever. Many people pass by you, twirling you left and right as you were easily pushed by the crowds. Your map had fallen loose in your hands, allowing it to escape and twirl with the wind, sending it far from you.

Just what you needed.

Sighing, you navigate your way over to a bench, away from the noisy and disturbing crowds. You place your head in your hands, feeling the tower of stress pour down onto you like a summer storm. What could you do next? Your only hope now was just to wander around.

Suddenly, a man with auburn hair and a strange curl approaches you with a wide smile. Of course the logical thing to do would be to walk away, considering he was a complete stranger, but something felt different about him. You hesitate and pretend like you don’t see him, avoiding eye contact completely.

“Ciao bella,” the man begins in a gleeful tone, tilting his head, “are you lost?” He sweetly asks, giving you the chills. As nice as he seemed, you could never know if you would trust him or not. Seriously, although you wanted to trust him so much, this was real life, not some silly fanfiction where the man and the woman meet instantly and fall in love.

You look up to him, slightly regretting it. “Yes, I am. Do you happen to know where-,” you glance to your wrist, where the street name was written. “…Via Nazionale is? And I apologize if my pronunciation is bad.”

The man nods eagerly, his curl bouncing on the side. “Of course! And don’t worry, you’re pronunciation was perfect! Would you like me to show you there?” The man holds his hands behind his back, smiling still.

Alright, maybe you were being a bit too judgemental. He seemed like a completely innocent person.

…Almost too innocent.

“That won’t be necessary, sir. I’ve already caused you enough trouble. But I really do appreciate the offer, Mr-.” You pause, waiting for the cheerful Italian to give you his name. He just stops and hesitates as if he had forgotten his own name.

The auburn man grins and sticks out his left hand. “Feliciano Vargas! And may I ask for your name, bella?”

Feliciano’s hand was left dangling in the open air, as you thought out about shaking it. Finally swallowing your anxiety and pride, you shake his hand, returning his smile. “Y/N.”


The moonlight was about the only thing illuminating the dark and narrow road that you were walking down upon. Unfortunately, your car had broken down two blocks back, and you were walking home to try and find help, or at least someone. Thank goodness for this light, because without it you would stumble into the unknown wanders of the nighttime.

But sometimes even this small amount of light couldn’t help.

Two pairs of arms wrap around your waist, and the other over your mouth. You screech and struggle against them, violently kicking your legs and hissing your voice. The two finally get you to stay still, as you feel two tears ripple against your cheeks, wincing.

“This is a nice one~ Should we take her or her money?” The first man asks, though his voice was light for a man’s. The other man, whose hair was messily blonde accompanied with brown eyes, rolls his eyes as if the person was joking.

He scoffs. “You kidding? Who said we had to choose? I say both~!” The man smirks and searches through your bag and purses, getting a little too close. You wince and scream through his hand, trying to yell for help. However nobody could hear you through the man’s hand.

Another figure approaches the three, and with this one being fairly tall and well built. Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, and practically reciting an Eminem song. Upon further examination, the man had slicked back blonde hair, and blue eyes that seemed slightly terrifying.

The third man swung his arm right towards you, and you flinched, expecting it to knock you in the face. Instead, it slammed the other man’s right eye, serving him a nice black eye. He stumbles off of you, only leaving the other guy’s arms around your waist. The man raises his leg and sends your assailant yelping, and his arms slip off of your waist. The two scurry away quickly, as your eyes widen in fear at the man. Even if he was your savior, what if he was no better than these men?

The man’s blue eyes glare down to you, though you had your arms wrapped around your head in defense. He extends his hand to you, and you slowly look up to him. You gulp and take his hand, still shaking.

“Jou know it’s bad idea to be wandering in these streets at nice, frau.” The man had a thick German accent, which didn’t surprise you for whatever reason.

“I know… It’s just my car broke down and I’ve been trying to find someone to help with it. And, thank you for the help.” You quietly thank, crossing your arms across your chest and shivering slightly.

The man thinks for a moment, placing one hand on his hip. “Vould jou like some help from me? I could probably help vith jour car.” He suggests, as another chilly breezes sweeps under your hair, brushing against your neck. Even the man seems to have shivered from it.

You nod your head almost too quickly. “Yes please! Thank you, sir! I just can’t even express my gratitude.” You laugh from joy, jumping and hugging him. The man’s cheeks blush red, and he looks away awkwardly.

“Frau, just call me Ludwig, alright?”

Your eyes wander back up to him, pulling away. “Thank you, Ludwig. I’m Y/N.”

Ludwig didn’t show a smile, but he just nods in respond. Suddenly, he pulls out a small notebook and pen, and then scribbles something onto it. Ludwig thrusts the paper towards you, and you take it slowly, not knowing what it was. “Nice to meet jou, Y/N. And if jou ever need anything else, just call me.”


You were at your very first cosplay convention, though you had worked on cosplays outside of conventions before. Currently, you were cosplayed as Eren Jaeger, from the anime series Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan. You had to admit, this cosplay wasn’t exactly the most “comfortable” one just because of the 3D Maneuvering Gear, but you thought that it was worth it.

You were glancing around, hoping to make it to your favorite voice actor’s panel. The panel was exactly at 12:30, and right now the time was-. You stop and glance down at your watch in completely awe. The time was 1:30, not 12:30. You had missed the panel, and now your day has just gone from magnificent to horrible.

You let out a long sigh, brushing against the crowds. At least those people who asked for your photo brought up your mood some. But this was a convention after all, not some place to be sulking around.

That’s when you heard some strange voice over the crowds. “Tch, I’ve been rooking arr over for you, brat. Why aren’t you creaning?” The Levi impression was spot on, except the person had a tiny accent, which made it even more amusing. The Levi cosplayer meets you face to face, trying to stand tall.

“H-heichou!” You nervously stammer like Eren, saluting him. “I thought you were cleaning! I was just uh- helping Mikasa!” You struggle to say, trying to keep your happy smirk away to keep the mood.

The man suddenly shows a small smile and walks up to you. “You are a good Eren impersonator, you know. So why were you rooking so sad?” He asks, studying your facial expressions. You gasp and widen your eyes, not realizing that he was paying attention to that.

“I missed my favorite voice actor panel. But really- it’s cool, bro. Don’t worry about me!” You try to laugh and cheer up the mood, but he seemed unconvinced.

The man shakes his head. “I’m sorry that happened to you,-?” He pauses, waiting for your name.

“Y/N.” You simply introduce yourself.

“Well it is a preasure to meet you, Y/N-chan. I am Honda Kiku. Would you like to go for some tea or ice cream later?” Kiku invites, though his voice was quiet and soft.

You smile and eagerly nod your head, feeling the sadness lift from your chest. “Of course! Thank you so much!”

[Requests are open.]

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Know any good "magical girl" animes? 😊

Yup, quite a lot I think xD I will give a very short description or else it would be a very long answer. Also, I’m not really watching new “magical girl” anime, the anime’s I’m going to recommend are pretty old ones. But still amazing!

Sailor Moon (Crystal) - A girl named Usagi is going to be a hero after she met a talking cat. She would fall in love with Tuxedo man and would become friends with girls who would become her hero partners.

Originally posted by neogohann

Mermaid Melody - As the mermaid princess of the North Pacific , Lucia entrusts a magical pearl to a boy who falls overboard a ship one night. Lucia is going travel to the human world to reclaim her pearl and protect the mermaid kingdoms. She sings to defeat evil.

Originally posted by kiraraboshi

Cardcaptor Sakura (my fav) -  Sakura would come across some book with cards, because of some magic wind all the cards flies away. She awoke the Beast of the Seal, Kero(beros). Sakura must search for the cards to seal them, because those cards possesses incredible powers. (Also she doesn’t transform, all her cute “hero” clothes are different.)

Originally posted by heartcoma

Shugo Chara - Amu goes with the reputation for being “cool and spicy”, however her real personality is different. She would get three eggs, where the Guardian Characters are. They are some angel-like beings that aid a person into becoming their “would-be” selves and fulfill the person’s dreams. There would be some bad guys and some people who got their dreams ruined and Amu would save those.

Originally posted by mintone-arrow

Extra one because I love Ikuto

Originally posted by tianaisadork

Tokyo Mew Mew - Ichigo got into an incident where her DNA is mixed with that of a wildcat. Happened to four other girls. She became part of a secret project called “Mew Project”. Their mission: To protect the planet from aliens who are using the planet’s animals to attack humans. I ship her so much with Kisshu

Originally posted by ettoh

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (another fav) - Just a normal school girl during daytime, but a thief named Jeanne at night. Maron will seal at night the demons that reside in pieces of artwork. The artwork would disappear after she seals the demon, that’s why people think she’s a thief. She would meet a rival thief, Sinbad, and her best friend at school is daughter of a detective. 

Originally posted by teamchivalry

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (PMMM) - Madoka encounter Kyuubey, a cat-like magical familiar who would offer a proposition: he will grant one of their wishes and in exchange, they will each become a magical girl, gaining enough power to fulfill their dreams. However it’s not a magical girl experience Madoka and her friends expect.

Originally posted by spinning-bird-kick

Saint Tail - Meimi, a normal girl during the daytime, but during the night, she assumes the “position” of Saint Tail, a modern-day Robin Hood who steals from thieves and gives items back to their original owners. She is aided by her friend, Seira Mimori, a nun-in-training, and Saint Tail is chased by her classmate, Daiki Asuka

Originally posted by dearninety

Full Moon wo Sagashite - Okay, this one is not really a magical girl anime. Though she does transform. But this anime is totally worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s about Mitsuki who dreams to become a professional singer, but she has a throat cancer. Also two shinigami’s visit her, telling she has one year to live. So in that one year she wants to become a singer and Takuto (I love him) will help her by turning her into a healthy 16 years old girl.

Originally posted by meanwhile-smileforme

Why You (Probably) Should be Watching Starmyu - Part 1

It is inevitable that it would come to this, but here I am, writing about a musical anime and why it’s one of the best shows this season (yet).

Highschool Star Musical (or Starmyu) is directed by Shunsuke Tada and written by Sayaka Harada, animated at C-Station. It’s set in a musical school where the musical department essentially narrows down those ‘worthy’ of joining their department through various screening performances.

Starmyu isn’t  just good, it’s actually pretty great. The writing is thematically cohesive, the characters have depth to them and the visuals (especially the musical performances) are ambitious and leads to some really great looking numbers. It’s really more than what I’d expect from a show of its ilk, but above average shows don’t make me write posts like this. Great shows do.

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Hey, have an awesome day with fantastic anime to watch. I hope you slept well and I hope you get to laugh at something outrageously stupid but goddamn amazing. You're brilliant, please don't let anyone try to bring you down. You're worth it x

Thank you. Thank you so much.

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. Write 11 questions on your own.
4. Tag 11 people.
tagged by @miskatsura

1. Manga without anime you would recommend?
I don’t watch that much anime so I have no idea if the mangas in my possession actually have an anime or not, lol. I’m relatively certain A Lollypop or A Bullet by Kazuki Sakuraba and Iqura Sugimoro doesn’t have an anime and it’s definitely worth a read. Be warned, it’s quite heavy topic-wise and it made me cry A LOT.

2. Pokemon, digimon, both or none?
I’m not the biggest fan of the Digimon franchise but I did watch some of the anime as a kid. As for Pokémon… don’t get me started. I love the games and the manga series and I sometimes watch the anime. My Mom is still hoping it’s “just a phase” but over ten years of love and a closet full of Pokémon clothes say otherwise.

3. Mystery book you recommend?
I hate genre classifications (and since I have written too many papers on this particual topic for my German literature studies, it’s a well-founded hate). Which defintion of “mystery book” are we talking about? Anyway, I’m a fan of the classics, so I’d recommend Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes or Christie’s Miss Marple if we’re going by “detective novels count as mystery”

4. Favorite string instrument?
The violin. I always wanted to learn playing the violin but since I’m living in a very small town thre wasn’t anybody who could teach me and I had to make due with keyboard lessons.

5. Ever finished a series where you hated the main character?
Not sure I ever actively hated the main character, maybe thought them overrated or didn’t particularly like them. I’m not good at finishing series anyway so it’d probably be a ‘no’ anyway, even if there was such a series, haha

6. Average amount of songs listened in a day?
I don’t have the faintest idea. I have music playing in the background most of the time so I could probably work it out if I wanted to, but I don’t.

7. Have you ever dropped a series after the first chapter/episode?
Do fanfictions count? If so, then yes

8. Most unsatisfying ending you’ve ever seen in a series?
When nothing gets resolved and everyone is unhappy. That’s very unspecific but since I’m trying to acticely repress the memory of ever watching/reading some endings, I’m not gonna talk about it more

9. is there a song you liked in the past but now you hate?
I made some very questionable music choices when I was a child (it was the late 90′s/early 00′s, what did you expect) but I actually like listening to most of them even now because of the nostalgic factor.  

10. solitaire or minesweeper?
Solitaire. Minesweeper is rage enducing and I hate it. My parents love to play Solitaire on the computer but I actually learned how to play it from my grandma with real cards. I still play it like that when I want to remember her.

11. if given an opportunity to be an author of a novel, what era would you choose as the setting for that novel?
It would be a contemporary setting or somewhere in the future. Otherwise it would have to be a fantasy setting with a made-up or deliberately changed history. I’m someone who likes to keep their facts straight, I could do all the research in the world and still wouldn’t be satisfied if I don’t have at least a bit of first hand knowledge / have to completely make it up. I can do it when writing fanfictions but there’s no chance I’d be able to curb the habit for a novel that’s actually getting published.

My questions:
1. If you had the chance to move to another country permanently, would you do it? If so, to which country?
2. Describe yourself from the point of view of your favourite character
3. Did you have an OTP you lost interest in? If so, why?
4. What’s your favourite fanfiction trope?
5. If people had marks on their skin that show who their soulmates are, what would the mark on your soulmate’s skin look like?
6. What was your favourite series to watch as a kid?
7. What’s the easiest way to make you angry?
8. Your answer is never. What’s the question?
9. If you had the chance to save one fictional character, which one would you choose? 
10. You have a time machine. Do you travel to the past or the future? Why?
11. Cats or dogs? 

The people I’m gonna tag are a funny mix of people I have talked to once, actually know a bit and blogs I follow that don’t even know I exist so you can all happily ignore me if you so wish

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Okey, lately I have been reading this manga and I know there is an anime, but I havent seen it, my question is if i should watch it, is it worth watching??
I mean, these 4 volumes are the only ones that have been realised in spain soo, should I wait or what??
By the way, I think the villain of the hands is so cool, I hope he appears more often and, above all, more of a badass haha

Byeeee friends

Forced Relation(ship)

I’ve considered sending this for a while, but finally got around to it. It happened last year, in 2013, but it still sticks out. It might be kind of long, sorry about that. For anonymous sake I’ve changed the names to just letters.
Me: K
Weeaboo: N
Old friend: A
Best friend: L

Alright, so, N was a huge, and still is (though I don’t ever talk to her) a huge Weeaboo. Now, I’ve been in fandoms for a very long time, but never this bad. I’m only thankful she never got into Homestuck and ruined that for me too. She constantly referred to herself and others as characters from Hetalia, made annoying references to our History class that nobody understood, etc.
Any time we were out it was a ‘SuFin’ date, because she referred to me as her “Kawaii Finn-chan” or “Australia and Taiwan” because she insisted I was Taiwan too. Honestly, I don’t even know why I hung around her, other than the fact that I felt a little bad. She had latched onto me and refused to let go.

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My Top 10 Anime Another Seasons of 2015 (in no particular order)

Rules: These are anime’s that were release and finish in 2015 and I actually watch (I can’t watch everything) and have another season (sequel, prequel, or whatever). Also, it is my opinion, so write down your thoughts on the list and not about whether or not my decision are terrible. I am happy to see what your favorites are.

10. Diabolik Lovers: More Blood

Originally posted by bre-lla

I did enjoy the first season, so I went to watch the second and I did not like it as much. The new characters that were added did not appeal to me and it did not help that they were the main focus of this season. I would have like more development on the relationship of the Sakamaki brothers and Yui, but what little we did get was good enough to make me watch all episodes of season 2.

9. Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolution

Originally posted by starlixo

Like Diabolik Lovers, I did not enjoy this season as much as the other seasons. This also due to me not appeal to the characters that were the main focus of the season. But since I meet these characters before this season it did not annoy me as much. Plus there story’s were more interesting to me that the Diabolik Lovers. Also the ending makes me cannot wait for the next season.

8. I Can’t Understand What my Husband is Saying

Originally posted by isthisazombie

I put this one on My Top 10 anime of 2014 and now that the second season was released in 2015 I can put in another list as well. This series is so cute that I had no problems putting this on my list again. I just hope to get another season because I needs more.

7. Nisekoi:

Originally posted by gurrenlagging

I like the first season, so I watch the second. Like the first season the story is slow. But I really like the characters, so I kept watching. The new characters that were introduced in the season are also interesting as well. I hope this continues, or I going to have to read the manga, which will be even slower than the anime.

6. Kamisama Kiss

Originally posted by 2uncute

The first season was great and the second season is just as good. The new characters that were added in are interesting and help us figure out more about the main characters. I hope there will be another season, which I have no idea if the third season rumor is actually true or not.

5. Hetalia: The World Twinkle

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Well, there is not much to say about this. It’s Hetalia, and if you have not watch any yet, go do it now. This season was hilarious as the other seasons. Also there was like a series episode of Hetalia as well and it made me cry. Well, any ways, here’s for more Hetalia, hopefully.

4. Seraph of the End

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This one is a special case, because the first and second seasons were released this year. I put it on this list because then I would have room to put others on the other list. I enjoyed the characters and the story of this series and I have read the manga and new what was going to happen before the second season aired. 

3. Tokyo Ghoul root A

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I really enjoyed the first and wanting more, but I heard that the second season was going to not follow the manga and go a different root (pun not intended), I kinda stop watching. But I picked it up again I did enjoy the second, but I feel like it could have been better, especially since the manga (from what I hear from the fans) was done better. I probably going to start reading the manga soon. 

2. Noragami Aragoto

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Well, if you did not know from my blogs name, I really love Noragami. I read the manga and I really wanted a second season and I got one. Although it was not as well portrayed like the manga, the anime did a decent job. But hopefully the next season, if there is another, they portrayed the season better then this one.

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too!

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I started watching the first season recently and then I heard there was another season that came out this year, so naturally I watch that one too. The title is definitely misleading, but it is still worth a watch. I feel like the second season has more romance than the first season, but still nothing major. This is also a very intelligent show, which I hope gets another season.

Okay I just need everybody to know that, finally, 2016 has done something right.

For the first time EVER, a sports anime made the ship canon. No queer baiting. No teasing you with this ship to ultimately never go anywhere. Victor and Yuuri kissed. THEY FUCKING KISSED. So if you want to watch something that isn’t queer baiting you and gives you a great ship, watch Yuri on Ice please. I hope it’ll make your 2016 a little better as it has mine.

I realize this is a PLL blog and anime doesn’t appeal to everybody that follows this blog. I also realize the fanservice in this anime series is astonishing, but it actually leads somewhere. And it’s so worth it. Please watch Yuri on Ice.

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Where can we watch the season 2 when it comes out?? is crunchyroll taking care of it??? thank you!

I’m not a fan of crunchyroll, so I’m not sure if they’re taking care of it. But this great website http://animecruzers.com is always super up to date, I remember watching Free! Eternal Summer every day that the episodes aired. They have a specific site for each anime, and for Haikyuu!! Season 2 it’s: http://haikyuu2.com/

They have a count down and everything for each episode, it does buffer occasionally since everyone is watching at the same time as the episodes air, but it’s 100% worth it!!

Another website I recommend is http://kissanime.com and http://www.gogoanime.com (gogoanime might be 1 day behind, since they have the air date as Oct. 4th)

I hope this helped!!

The Top Ten Expectations for the End of Shippuden


    You all heard the rumors - Naruto Shippuden is most likely to come to an enveloping close this year, 2014, or maybe stretching into the next year, competing head to head with One Piece, which has around a twice more of a number of chapters as Shippuden. But Kishimoto definitely had it - a decade’s worth of writing a series? I feel for the guy, being a writer myself. He especially enjoys making depressing, emotional, tear-jerking moments every ten or so chapters (he claims it’s due to sad music he listens to). I mean, Kishi was inspired by Dragonball, right? And who can beat Akira Toriyama’s heart-racing series? The one and only Naruto, who we’ve been watching intently and religiously since we were first grade noobs. Naruto ranks higher than Bleach and One Piece and has one of the most captivating anime adaptations. Let’s just hope that he leaves a series as awesome as this with a brilliant finish, making it of the most memorable shonen collection of our generation. 

   My expectations, as well as those of the Narutards whom I communicate with and know worldwide, are composed of what the series should and will be inclining towards - here are the top ten things that Shippuden has to end with ~ art is a blast after all!

10. Madara needs a perfect slam-dunk to finish him off. And I mean seriously - the dude is so OP it’s hard to believe he’s 1/3 human. Kishi has a difficult time getting rid of him. Let’s see what this week’s chapter has to give. I personally want Madara’s end to be idealistic too - with most of the villains of Shippuden, they all died in a certain touching way, and I hope Madara’s story will be the most emotional and he’ll leave us in a way we wish he never had. It’s reverse psychology. Like I always say, he’s badass but his backstory, along with Hashirama’s, is affecting and sad in its own way. I want to feel like he was a genuine character, not the freaking invincible piss off he’s being right now.

9. Each of the Konoha 11 need to be given the spotlight near the end to demonstrate their accomplishments and the near future, and this includes Sasuke. They all need to move a step upward, given the fact they are practically young adults by the end of the series. Neji Hyuga needs a memorial funeral and a moment of vigil from the characters. Itachi, who is my freaking favorite, needs to be remembered and something has to be done for his sake. I don’t know, we’ll let Kishi sort that out. 

8. We should see Konoha being rebuilt and everybody moving on to a certain extent. We need a final glimpse of Ichiraku Ramen, Konohamaru and his gang, the Hokage monuments, you know, all the things that make the Hidden Leaf Village home and our childhood bittersweet.

7. Kakashi and Obito need to have a nostalgic, overemotional and effusive end together. Expect a lot of weeping and cursing here.

6. The four Hokages should have a spectacular farewell moment with everybody before they go back to the land of the dead. Orochimaru and Kabuto need a proper dissolution too.

5. Something needs to be done about Kakashi’s eye - we all have to accept the fact that he is no longer Konoha’s Copy Ninja unless he can snatch back what was stolen from him. He was Kishi’s iconic character from the start and we all have to admit, we loved him like heck. But I’m not sure it’s as easy at it sounds, this whole eyeball-grabbing-shoving-into-eye-socket process. I mean, I hate to break it to you guys, but it doesn’t work in the real world. 

4. The five Kages should have a group hug or something at the end, hopefully they’ll all be alive to see their villages reunited together after so many years of disunity. Something grand needs to happen for the five of them. 

3. Naruto has to become Hokage in the near future. Has to has to. Why I stress the importance of this fact is that the whole point of the series was this - everything the blond dude does is pushing for his position as Hokage, since he was a puny kid. And we love him as a protagonist for that. However, at an interview at Jump Festa Kishi claims that he may be considering making Sasuke Hokage…OKAY WTF…HOW WILL THAT WORK OUT? He himself admits that Sasuke is self-centered and impulsive - he’s a true hedonist + sadist inside out. I like him and all, but he and Hokage don’t really string together. The Uchiha clan need to recover, much like the Hyuga do - they are full of the sick and broken-hearted. They don’t have time for Hokage business. Here’s a screenshot from an interview I read:

   So yes. We sincerely hope Kishi has his head on straight right now.

2. All the regularly-inclining, one-sided love which are closest to canon right now have to happen. One which is undoubtedly going to occur is Shikamaru and Temari, because their love is obviously not one-sided and more canon than anything. They are really the only couple everybody agrees on, and that satisfies most fangirls. (ShikaIno has little or no chances of canon). Both Temari and Shikamaru are smartass, calculating, spiky-haired, overly mature and serious characters who only soften up around each other. RING A DING DING. Even during the Omakes and filler arcs, both of them are hinting their feelings constantly. 

     Naruto and Hinata are presently second most closest to canon, even though Naruto likes playing the naive idiot when his resurrected father asked if Sakura was his girlfriend.But moreover, I personally can’t favorite Sakura, but she and Naruto are so much like siblings and best friends I find it hard to imagine them together. Like Hermione and Harry, or the Doctor and Clara, or Kiba and Hinata. On top of it all, Kishimoto minused one character (my beloved Neji Hyuga) for the sake of NaruHina’s chance to shine. Hinata is also the only person who ever truly confessed to Naruto or to any character for that fact. And Kiba would beat the shit out of Naruto if he breaks Hinata’s heart, since Neji isn’t there anymore. He’s our good old NaruHina shipper.

    And lastly, SasuSaku, which has been an object of intense contemplation since Part I. A lot of people claim Sasuke hates Sakura but I disagree. He has the sort of feelings for her a lot of readers skim over. But I, liking Sasuke, pay attention. The first thing he always says when he shows up, in rain or snow, in Shippuden and Part I, is “Sakura.” He plays the hero all throughout Part I, blushes when he asks about her, and is always acting stoically around Sakura in Part II. Sakura also refused the love letter from the ninja at the medical unit for obvious reasons. She is always backfiring on Naruto. And this week’s chapter should reveal something now - Sakura’s in danger, and Sasuke is the only one with Sharingan who is on Madara’s tail. Let’s hope these three OTPs work out. The rest will come together somehow. What I love about shonen is that there is minimal romance and leaves you thinking about it last. But for the end, I want it to be a priority.

1. I’m dying and anticipating to see Konoha and the Rookies at least ten years from now. I loved the way Deathly Hallows ended at book seven, it was absolutely brilliant and left you wounded with feels. Mockingjay’s flashforward, observationally, was a great disappointment but it was nice to see Peeta and Katniss moving on after so long, and that they had children too. (Although I was a Gale/Katniss shipper). However, Finnick, Gale (AIEEEE) and a large majority of characters were lost, dead or simply not there anymore. We heard nothing from them or what happens supposedly. We can leave Game of Thrones out of this one since practically everybody dies. Lord of the Rings was an absolute sobstory of an ending - it was amazing in the way no other fandom was. I can’t even remember Twilight’s end since it was all so sappy, but my greatest disappointment was what happened with Jacob and all. Anywho…most popular fandoms end this way. Since we know Kishimoto’s writing style, he loves to take his fans back to the past, and back to childhood - it brings about a sense of romance and intense emotion. Now we request he takes us forward, much forward, to when everybody is older, accomplished their dreams, have their own kids and families, and are still the greatest of friends. 

    So what’s going to happen in the end? Let’s stick with it for the rest of the agonizingly long year, folks. 

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