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Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

“Danny’s enormously talented. Working with someone like him makes my performance better.”

“I’ve learned so much while working closely with Danny Miller- its all been an absolute pleasure!”

“We seem to have great chemistry on screen, which is a blessing.”

“I love working with Danny!”

“Danny’s a great actor and I’m very lucky to work so extensively with him.”

“We get on very well and he’s very grounded. We share a lot in common and we’ve got a great rapport.”

“It has been a gift for me to work with him and the fact we get on as well makes it easier and a lot more fun.”

“I’m very pleased to see Robert and Aaron together and happy. It means that Danny and I get to work together a bit more.”

“Ryan says he feels blessed to be working alongside Danny Miller.”

“My favourite storyline of the year was Danny’s [prison sl]. I think he handled it fantastically. I thought his performances were incredible.”

“We both enjoy working with each other and we have chemistry so I hope there’s a long future for the relationship.”

“It was pretty uneventful until I met Danny at the screen test and I guess things just clicked!”

“I’ve been very lucky that I was paired with Danny because not only is he a great actor but I’ve learnt so much from him.”

“I’m really lucky working with Danny. Not only do we get along but we amuse and entertain each other. We’re able to really knuckle down when it comes to it and that makes coming to work so much easier when you have that with someone.”

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{Long live Ryan Hawley… The #1 top fan girl of Danny Miller}

i wanna cut to the feeling by @playertwojer is a fic that saved my life today. it is so wonderful. please go read it


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I gotta say, after reading that Tokyo Dome fan account, all I can think about is how the members came home today..

In my mind, they immediately went to see Jinki as a group. Minho bought Jinki his favourite chicken, Kibum brought his favourite fuzzy blanket from the dorm, Taemin got Jinki his favourite smoothie, while Jonghyun drove them around and tried to keep it together.

I like thinking of all the members cuddling up to Jinki who is swaddled in the fuzzy blanket with each member touching part of him while they watch a comedy show, just something they can all do to laugh despite everything.

VDay ShoutOuts

I can’t do much for Valentine’s, however, what I can do is spread some love to blogs I like/admire, or am lowkey friends with. 

The tumblr famous:
These are all of the blogs I follow that are kinda popular, and despite that are all really talented and lovely! (AKA they intimidate me a little bc they’re all highkey tumblr crushes whoops)

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These are people i’ve spoken to once or twice before and they’ve always been lovely!! 

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For my friends, people I talk to often/daily, I made individual posts <3 I hope you all have a wonderful and safe valentine’s day!

Much love! - xoxo ghostie

Finding Forever - Drake x MC

[A little note: Bless A for giving me this request. Why am I writing fluff though like I know what I’m doing? Here’s a happy kissing prompt @mrswalkerwrites. Thanks for the request! I am always more than happy to write about these two so I mean. Except pulling away isn’t on their minds, so now I’m not sure if this even fits anymore, but I’ve already committed to this. ]

5.  Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.


The dip in bed makes Robyn’s eyes fly open. Her mind is alert in seconds, while the rest of her still feels half-asleep. She tries to mentally shake it off, stretching before she flinches at the sight of sunlight spilling through her half open-curtains. Slowly, she adjusts and squints at the time next to the bed. 

6:45 am stares back at her. 

Usually she finds it difficult to be up and as early as it currently is in the morning. However, as she dredges up memories of last night, she remembers it had been an early night for them both. She sighs softly; knowing that there won’t be any extra hours of sleep left once she realizes the morning appointment will still be waiting for them whether she wants it to or not.

Her eyes flit beside her, to where she expects him to be and her fingers follow reflexively; seeking his familiar touch before they come across empty sheets. “Wait, don’t go yet -” She stops; turning on the opposing side only to pause at the sight of one of his rare smiles. 

It sends a surge of happiness to her chest and she greets him back with a warm smile of her own. Her boyfriend. Her lover. Her fiance. All of these words define him and yet they have never felt enough to adequately describe how much he means to her.

She thinks she’s been in love before; and can dimly remember small glimpses of past relationships. However, none of them has felt like this  This - intense, and with this much certainty. Most importantly, she’s never been in love with someone quite so differently from herself. 

Although, it’s been over two years since they’ve met inside that New York bar she used to bus tables for, and nearly a year and a half since the first time they exchanged those three little words - she still feels every bit as in love with him then as she does now. It’s not her fault. He’s the first thought she has once awake, and the last thought she has before falling asleep. 

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Some shippy pride month art of happy gays being happy and proud~ I hope these can make someone smile!^^<3

The theme was “Queen Historia threw a pride parade in main!verse” but it probably looks too bright for that now lol but even so ;w;/) hahah I knew Ymir would be the most shameless display at a pride parade with her queen, and Armin has no concept of personal space with his Eren anyway, whoops! :o

Happy Pride Month! Love Wins!!!~~~

we can:

  • go to little cafes and try their coffee
  • spend 7 hours at half priced books
  • take naps
  • go on picnics in the spring
  • hold hands
  • paint each other
  • play ukuleles and make up shitty songs
  • talk about philosophy
  • watch movies with your mom
  • go on bike rides until we get lost
  • get tattoos (ill let you design mine)
  • go camping and smell like bonfire together
  • bake macaroons and other cool treats
  • star gaze on my roof
  • laugh a lot and be happy with/for each other

they tell me you’re out there. and i cant wait to meet you.