hope someone smiles


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡


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VDay ShoutOuts

I can’t do much for Valentine’s, however, what I can do is spread some love to blogs I like/admire, or am lowkey friends with. 

The tumblr famous:
These are all of the blogs I follow that are kinda popular, and despite that are all really talented and lovely! (AKA they intimidate me a little bc they’re all highkey tumblr crushes whoops)

A-C: @agasonix @ahomeboyslife @ahyperactivehero @alwaysfob @alloftheginjointsinalltheworld @batwentz @bl00dspells @bratfrnk @bulletsjpg @cemetery-driven @cryptidway @cyanidefrnk 

D-G: @dearpercocet @deathrowcoffee @disloyalorder @drbenzememe @falllout-boi @ffudgesticks @fobmaniac @fob-on-high @folie-is-bae @frnkensteingrl @frnkjpg @ghostparachutes @grand-theft-autvmn 

H-L: @heeyyyoungblood @holytrohmanempire @hesitentaliens @infinityonhigher @just-fall-out-boy @leathermouht @lesbianfob @levithicn

M-P: @mindlessfrank @murderfrank @notrevenge @no-fun-club @ode-to-frnk @officialbillhader @parachutesfrank @parachctes @patrickstumph @patrickstumpisafashionicon @patroh @pavlovingg @pencey @petewenturies @plkwpvs @prehiatus-patrick @prehiatus-fob @prehiatus-pattycakes @pretty-in-pete @prettyboypatrick @prettyinpunk @pstumph

Q-T: @rad-rt @raytoroz @rosellary @ruberiot @saintdooms @sangrientojoe @saportuh @saverockanroll @saverockandsoulpvnk @sayonarabuckaroo @shatteredmirrors-and-lace23 @shoelessghost @sinfinityonhigh @smolfrnk @softfrnk @stillfeelthatrushinmyveins @sweatpea @stumpomatic @sweaterpawpatrick @taste-my-venom @thatswherepetewentz @ticksinbeat @tiredordead @travtrick @transbowie @trick-ta-life @trohmann @typicaltumblerer

U-Z: @uptownstump @val-velocity @vampirepete @vcnom @vengefulfrnk @vivalafrnk @vintagewentz @wellpetericktbh @xcfrnk @xkilljoy-unicornx @yourbuddyreggie

((i probably left out so many people, or included inactive blogs or smthn. let me know if theres a problem with anything?))


These are people i’ve spoken to once or twice before and they’ve always been lovely!! 

@mcr-fobpatd @hesitantaliengee @revengefvcker @glowingpatrick @penceybrats @daethspels @tofingerscrossed (ilysm) @absentloverz @mcraesthetics @frnkvol @trohmans @stillforests @hot-mess69 and probably countless more!! Ily!!

For my friends, people I talk to often/daily, I made individual posts <3 I hope you all have a wonderful and safe valentine’s day!

Much love! - xoxo ghostie

i hope liam and zayn smile a lot today and that they know they’re very loved and i hope that they feel safe and that things go very well for them both in their personal lives and career wise. they’re both sweet peas that deserve the world and then some :)

Positivity tag.

Been having a rough week so I decided that I wanted to spread some positivity and do a ‘virtual hug’ post like I have done in the past. I’ve seen some of my followers and mutuals are having tough times too so maybe this will make some people smile. I decided to tag some people whether they needed this or not just because I think they’re pretty awesome. Feel free to continue this and tag other people. I tag @bread–zeppelin @princessofawkwardland @habitsandbicycles @giraffe-in-combat-boots @midwivesofpoplar @blogger221b @the-one-with-a-blog @heythisisausername @thecheekynerdgirl @failed2be-chill @ohmyjesusjake @thefishcalledtony @holtzybert @iamem94 @fadingtale and my real life friends @geneticmutation and @sophiet-03 (also anyone else who needs this.) Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay. So this is me saying it to you, everything is going to be okay in the end. It may take time and there may be peaks and valleys but there are better days to come. You are precious and loved and utterly unique. Remember that.

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  • Me: *is having a wonderful day*
  • My brain: remember how softly Jyn and Cassian held each other as they died in an inferno after saving the galaxy?
  • Me: welp, back to Depression Mode

Always looking across to the other side. 

we can:

  • go to little cafes and try their coffee
  • spend 7 hours at half priced books
  • take naps
  • go on picnics in the spring
  • hold hands
  • paint each other
  • play ukuleles and make up shitty songs
  • talk about philosophy
  • watch movies with your mom
  • go on bike rides until we get lost
  • get tattoos (ill let you design mine)
  • go camping and smell like bonfire together
  • bake macaroons and other cool treats
  • star gaze on my roof
  • laugh a lot and be happy with/for each other

they tell me you’re out there. and i cant wait to meet you.

Mark appreciation Rant

Okay so I’m not sure if you guys have seen or heard what Doyoung had said about Mark on high school rapper, but the over all gist of what he said was “I was mad….they should have treated Mark better.”

I had this same exact feeling.

I was so excited and I anticipated for this episode. We all know the hard work that Mark has put in into preparing for this show. Hell-the kid put himself forward and said he wanted to be on it! He worked so hard-only to fucking walk into that waiting room and have people not treat him with respect.

He walked in and people looked up and looked away. He said that he didn’t expect for a reaction, but overall the way that the fellow contestants that treated him were rude.

The kid was nervous as hell and he seemed so uncomfortable. So now that he’s just waiting another contestant walks in and people seem to take notice and pay attention. No hate of Young B but like what? These kids were bowing and waving and praising and all Mark got was a look up and down? I’m not saying that everyone in that room should have bowed before him but a simple hi would have been nice for him to fucking receive.

Anyways, so when Young B walks in Mark just looks so confused and lost. One of the PD’s ask “anyone recognize anyone else in this room?” And I started to smile hoping someone would acknowledge Mark and his hard work in NCT-but no. They acknowledge Young B. I’m sure as hell Young B equally works just as hard as Mark but I was just so shocked and dumbfounded by the fact that no one in that fucking room said Marks name. Like the kids been in three sub units and is even talked about in k hip hop and they say nothing?!

Then what the PD asks next pisses me off- they ask “who doesn’t know of Young B”. You could already fucking tell Mark didn’t know who he was-and yet you single him out? Also-what they had asked before who knows Young B, I don’t recall all the people in that room fucking raising their hands? So why make it look like Mark was the only clueless one?

I just feel like right now, this show isn’t treating him well. Mark deserves the world for all his hard work and sacrifice,honestly. I hate the way they edited Marks short to make him look like that. I just don’t know about Mark being on the show. I fully 100% support him but they didn’t treat him well and it just makes me what to hug the kid and tell him he doesn’t need to be there.
Like Doyoung said “I watched Mark go through hardships to prepare for this.” and what does he get when he gets there? A cold shoulder and a stupid question to make him look unknowledgeable.

I don’t really know what to say
I just wanted to spread some peace.. I needed to

I hope this will make someone smile!  

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