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I Need a Gangsta (Bottom Feeder - Part 1)

My first x reader post on here. I hope someone likes it :$ I have an idea of where I want this to go and I will post it, however if people have suggestions let me know!

Characters: Joker, Gabby Barnes (you), some goons, a couple bystanders.

Warnings: Some violence, threatening.

“What do you mean you’re going with the croc guy story?” I screamed into the phone, disturbing a few people ahead of me in line at the Gotham Bank. An elderly woman in a fur coat glanced over her shoulder at me in disgust. It took everything I could not to flip her off.

My editor sighed, “It’s Killer Croc, Gabby, and let’s be honest, who wants to hear about some blind psycho who really likes colours?”

“It’s Crazy Quilt and that’s all he can see - you know what it doesn’t matter. Mike, I really need that spot in the Times, I’m on thin ice here.” I glimpsed a man in a dark coat and hat with a long brim perusing the paper stand just outside the glass doors. Was that a hint of green? Fashion these days.

“I’m sorry, Gabs, people like that big, scary shock factor when it comes to crime figures. Besides, we still have a spot open for you in the obits.”

“You know what, Mike? You can just shove -” The man from the newspaper stand was suddenly inside and brushed passed me. I now realized that his coat was purple, and that the hair peeking out of his hat was definitely green. Silver glinted out of his pocket and my heart skipped a beat. Instinctively, I slid my taser out of my purse and into my jacket.

“Hey, Mike, honey?” I said sweetly, attempting to collect myself, “I’ll call you in an hour with something that’ll make Killer Croc read like a fluff piece. Keep that front page warm for me.”

As I ended the call, the man whipped out two silver handguns and began firing in the air. People began screaming, some even tried to run from the building, but men with clown masks stepped in front of the doors wielding machine guns. I lowered my phone and hit record on the camera just in time to catch the Joker’s signature laugh.

“You can’t do this! Who do you think you are?” the woman in the fur coat shouted.

His eyes flashed and he was in front of her in seconds, the cold barrel of his gun pushing up on her jaw. I tried not to smirk. Jesus, Gaby, you’re wicked.

He smiled wide, “Not so arrogant now, are we, old bag?”

She whimpered but said nothing. There was a long tense silence where he simply stared at her, and slowly cocked his weapon. Suddenly, a big hand gripped my wrist and twisted it behind me, causing me to drop my phone and yelp.

“Hey, boss!” said a male voice over my shoulder, “This one was trying to get it on tape.”

Without thinking I pulled out my taser and twisted around enough to hit him square in the chest. The goon fell to the ground writhing and I readied myself for the others to strike.

“I’ll handle this, boys. Go get that volt open.” the Joker turned his attention to me and the woman slumped to the floor in relief.

His heels clicked along the marble floor as he deliberately strode towards me. I resisted the urge to bolt and settled for taking a few steps back.

“You know, I really do like surprises.” he cooed, then hissed, “When I’m in on them!”

Sliding the gun shaft along my cheek, he snarled, “Why were you recording? And drop that.”

My taser clattered to the floor, “I-I work for the Gotham Times.”

He cackled, “Tell me, what’s it like being a bottom feeder?”

“Speak for yourself.” I almost covered my own mouth in shock but stood my ground.

His eyes glinted and he regarded me from head to toe, “What’s your name, kitten?”

Don’t tell the bad guy your name, Gabby, “Gabby Barnes.” I practically blurted. Idiot.

“I suppose you would just die for an interview, wouldn’t you, Miss Barnes?” he eased himself against the wall he had backed me up into.

I nodded sharply, not trusting myself to speak. I chose to think that it was because of the stressful situation, not because he oddly smelled good or that I had noticed his muscles tensing under his dark red dress shirt.

Abruptly, one of the goons called out to him, “Boss, we got the stuff, we best get out of here before the Bats comes!”

The Joker, seemingly unfazed, trailed a finger along my cheek and hooked a strand of my hair. He gently brought it to his face and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. When they opened his eyes were suddenly focused, almost predatory. My insides churned but I couldn’t look away. He then yanked me closer by my hair and I gasped as his lips grazed mine.


The criminal blinked back to reality and briskly turned to make his exit, leaving my hair behind.

“But how do I get in touch with you!” I yelled after him.

“Oh, kitten, just put your lips together and blow.” He gave me a once over, bit his lower lip for a long moment, then was gone.

I grabbed a bench to steady myself on. What have you gotten yourself into now, Barnes?

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Its not that I dislike Hope's look. It's that I dunno... I feel like someone plastered a mans face on a womans body. I mean look at that nose! I feel like I'm looking at Preston freaking Garvey xD. But with hair! I dunno I dont live in murrica to know these things. Still love ya though. Keep making WtmyH.

So I guess you never learned how to be polite.

I’m not even going to take the time to tell you how wrong you are, but as a woman with a large, prominent nose: Just stop and quit while you’re already woefully behind.

I feel like Hope’s fashion sense is legit ‘idgaf’ because she’s all like:

Plaid!Witch to noble!witch to sea!witch to earth!witch to pastel!witch to pirate!witch, she could not give two fucks.

George: ‘wasn’t your hair lavender yesterday and you were wearing a flowerdress?’

Hope: ‘yeah?’

George: ‘well, now you’re wearing black and green and you look like you’re ready to kill someone’

Hope: ‘…yeah?’

Little steampunk goth girl for someone from the giveaway! Hope they like it!

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The morning shine those the broke window of the large farm house and already the boys were quickly working. Lus outside in the garden, Crow checking the house and outside gates before caring for the animals, Aire with into his sewing room, He was making something he hope someone would like, and Slug with out to let go of everyone love pets, the pets. As he screamed though the halls “ Careful!!!”. Kiddo making sure all the doors were closed he was in the kitchen so the dogs were let out. This was a normal morning. The loud sound of N.C throw about the hallways and then making his way into the another room to wake them up “AHH for! “

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hey there mod v, i dont really know whats happening rn but what i can assume is you talked with bones and now you and this blog are probs getting alot of hate rn so i just want to say that you are strong for standing up to somone and telling them whats wrong, and honestly i look up to you for that. standing up to someone like that isnt easy and i hope that this passes over fast, i hope you have a good rest of the day/night. please have goodhealth :''>

I haven’t got much hate yet. But im not sleeping just yet becuse i know ill just wake up to more. and thanks.

-Mod V

Beta needed

I’m just trying to put this out here again :3

I would really love to continue my work on my fic Evanescence, but I’m giving my lovely beta that I have now a break because she is going through some things and I don’t want her to be pressured..

I really hope someone would like to help, not only with correcting my flaws, but also in talking about the story with me…


The Dan clones in Rejects

Not featured:  Barbershop Quartet Dan, Suicidal Dan, the two previously dead Dans

and here i thought Louis was free to enjoy his family time home on his own


disclaimer: i might have gotten some things completely wrong lmao LIKE LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED THIS i was like wait…. what are you saying about these official images being divided in half…. i mean you pointed out yourself that the eye line is not really halfway so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? these faces were constructed with thirds weren’t they?? WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THIRDS ((spoiler it’s bc i always use halves then add hair on top (see fig. 5))) and then i was like “would it be worse to spend another day trying to work this out and correct it, or spread misinformation on the internet?” ……and i was tired of looking at this so LOOK AT THE IMAGES FOR YOURSELF AND LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!! 

…or not…. lmao i do swear you can use this method, but although ive been drawing almost daily for over 10 years, most of my knowledge is based on my own observation and not official teaching so take it with a grain of salt. i hope some of the stuff here is still useful to someone anyway.

bc well, over time ive had several people say stuff to me like “teach me how you draw” and idk how serious they were about it, but here’s my answer… or an attempt at an answer? although this is focused less on how i draw and more on (hopefully) developing observation skills.

there is much better facial proportion reference in existence and i highly encourage making use of the wealth of resources that’s out there if you google!

let’s make even more akoyas! happy drawing!!

Star Wars time travel drabble

Inspired by @deadcatwithaflamethrower, @allhailthetea and @delicatefury and their bloody Star Wars time travel AUs that have taken over my life.

Ben Kenobi wakes up.

He doesn’t expect to. Not really. When one is a part of the Force they do not sleep - at least, not as the living would describe it. You could rest in an almost-meditative state (drifting amongst the currents of the Force, focusing on nothing) but not truly sleep. Ben hadn’t slept since before his confrontation with Vader [not Anakin. Never Anakin. Not the boy who he had raised and loved, not truly] on the Death Star (Decades ago and moments ago from his point of view. The Force is timeless, everything happens at once and not). Hadn’t slept restfully in even longer - since Order 66 and the Fall of the Jedi at least, possibly since the start of the Clone Wars, since the death of his Master maybe.

Either way, Ben Kenobi [Crazy Old Wizard, Exile, War Veteran, General, Jedi Master, High Council Member, Teacher, Force Ghost] did not expect to wake up, feeling fully rested.

He certainly hadn’t expected to wake up - for all intents and purposes alive - on the floor in the Chamber of the Jedi High Council with his Master staring down at him with worry pulsing from an impossible bond.

Old Ben Kenobi definitely hadn’t expected waking up 19 years old.

Somehow he knew a Skywalker was to blame for this.