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Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Big Hero 6!!!

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pre-Dark Cupid episode
  • Kim: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Max: yeah they are
  • Kim: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Max: *blushes* who
  • Kim: Chloé

Crossovers between Danny Phantom and Gravity Falls are perfect because 

  • Ghost boy meets mystery twins
  • Hilarious misunderstandings when Dipper inevitably tries to exorcise Danny
  • Danny finding another family that has a spooky portal in the basement
  • Grunkle Stan meeting a whole family of supernatural nutjobs and being like “oh hell no not in my house”
  • It would make sense for Wendy to be related to the Fentons because we know for a fact that Maddie’s sister is a redhead that roughs it in the woods. What if she named Danny after her brother, “Manly” Dan?

ugh i’m trying to compose an eloquent text post about this but i’ve erased it like four times now but like. there’s nothing wrong with being a moderate - in politics and in cultural stuff like fandom and everything else. a person doesn’t need to be Dead To You for saying one wrong thing. and on the flipside (and this is more my point), a generally shitty person (like jason kenney, or fucking like john mccain or someone) shouldn’t be Your God & Bae now for saying one right thing. don’t be reactionary, and don’t be polemic. don’t be inflammatory when you’re arguing with someone; they’re not an enemy to be destroyed. the end.

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Could I possibly request some sweet bedtime w/ so Ignis HC? I'd be very grateful 💜

Sure thing!

  • Goes to bed at roughly the same time every night since having a regular sleep schedule is important and would want them to try and do the same
  • After the bed time routine is done he’d love to settle down in their bed and wind down for a bit
  • Reading is a good way to settle down, whether they lay next to each other and read their own books or they cuddle together while one reads to the other are his favorite choices
  • Another good way to wind down is just lay face to face and talk until they fall asleep
  • He really likes doing that too, no matter what the subject is or if it’s serious or not
  • Loves to be the big spoon when they cuddle
  • Always says “I love you” and “sweet dreams” and he gives them a kiss before falling asleep
  • Sometimes says it more than once
How to Know if the Zodiac Signs Love You/ How They Flirt:

Mostly from X (love her) With some of my own input. Feel free to add.

Aries: Pretends like they don’t. Will bully you or play rough and maybe call you “bro” to avoid detection.

Taurus: Wants to travel with you. Will do anything just to meet up with you for five mins. They could be quiet because they want to hear you talk and listen to you. GIFTS. Taurus tend to think hard about gifting. If you get something small it’s probably because they were afraid you’d find out they like you by giving you something too big.

Gemini: They want to show off. Show you what they’re good at and display it. It might not be directed towards you, but they’ll show off their personality to someone else in hopes that you’ll notice.

Cancer: They like to help. They want to heal your wounds and make you feel like they can fix you. They want you to know even if you think you suck, they’ll love you anyways.

Leo: Will try to be around you and be seen with you often. They’ll do what they can to meet up with you, befriend your friends to get to you. Tag you in social.

Virgo: Another person to unintentionally friendzone you. Come at you with lighthearted but seemingly aggressive insults. Punch you in the arm, maybe call you bro.

Libra: Will hide that they like you for a long period of time. If they are the first to tell you, which is rare, they know it’s rare and valuable so it’ll be revealed as if it’s a huge deal. They’ll spend lots of time with you but then every now and again drop from existence because they feel like they’re making it too obvious they like you, and then come back.

Scorpio: Spending a lot of time with you and talking a lot. 

Sagittarius: Will tell you EVERYTHING. Oversharing their life and spilling all their feelings.

Capricorn: will ignore you. They want you to chase them and they’ll keep it up for long periods of time.

Aquarius: Will take care of you. They like when you need them. Will talk to you FIRST. If they message you first it’s a big deal.

Pisces: Will obviously persue you. They’ll be pretty straight forward but think they’re being coy.

I think one of the kindest things you can do for yourself as an artist is to accept that you will make bad drawings sometimes and just…stop caring about it. It’s not like that bad sketch you drew was your one and only chance to ever draw the thing. It’s so much easier emotionally to just say “lol what is that?” delete it and start over than it is to spend the next six hours crying about it. Once you stop treating every single thing you draw as something precious and learn to just throw stuff away it takes so much stress away. One bad drawing doesn’t make you a bad artist, or a fraud. Even the best pro artists are gonna have moments where they draw things wrong. You’re going to make bad drawings so just go out there and make them so you can move on with your life. Chances are your second attempt will be better. 

I was in seventh grade

and I said no to a boy who asked me out

it was my first time getting asked out

I wondered why all the girls were jealous

In high school I always wondered 

what point there was to my friends dating 

just to break up months later

Tenth grade a boy asked me out

I didn’t see any point

He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him

I declined multiple times

even after he gave me a bouquet of roses

even after I agreed to go to prom as friends

By senior year that same boy and I became best friends

and once again he asked me out

this time I said yes

since we’ve already gotten so close I thought I’d give it a shot

but I didn’t want to ever do boyfriend/girlfriend things with him

I was annoyed when he would walk me to class

it was out of his way and so it was illogical

I declined to go out on a date on valentines day

I never even kissed him

so I told him I liked it better when we were just friends

My family would always ask when I was going to get a boyfriend

strangers would ask if I had a boyfriend

I never did

I never wanted one

I never felt like I needed one

By college I had figured out I was attracted to both guys and girls

I found all genders beautiful

but only if they were aesthetically pleasing

my friends would call me shallow

they would say that I was horrible 

when I would tell them I only wanted to marry for money

and not for love

I was at a party and we played spin the bottle

I was nervous because it was my first time kissing

but when we kissed

I felt nothing

it wasn’t that great

and I couldn’t wait till the game was over

One night I was sitting in the car with my friend

she said that she didn’t mind being single 

and I agreed with her

then she asked,

“but don’t you ever feel like it would be nice to have a boyfriend?”

I didn’t agree with her

I’ve always been content with being with myself  

It hasn’t been until now that I realized that I am an 

Aromantic Asexual

I wish I would have known what that was in seventh grade

instead of growing up thinking there was something wrong with me

my whole life I felt different and like an outsider

my whole life I felt awful

When I finally learned that I was an Aro Ace

I felt so relieved

there were other people that felt the same as me

I wasn’t alone

I was happy

But when I expressed this to my friends

they told me it was because I’ve never really been with anyone yet

that I wasn’t ready for a relationship

they felt sorry for me and tried reassuring me that I’ll find someone someday

they missed my point

they thought I was upset that I felt like this

that I don’t have romantic or sexual feelings 

but what made me upset was that they didn’t understand

that this is who I am 

and I was happy

It is important for people to understand 

that there are different types of sexualities

so kids growing up don’t think that there is something wrong with them

that others can understand what that person is going through

that it is normal for people to be like that and to feel that way

I wish I would’ve understood that 

and I wish my friends understood that

It would have made my life so much better

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58 + 60 for jihope ♥


So this ended up being incredibly long, but I kind of loved every second of writing it.  Please check below the cut for the rest of drabble one and for drabble two! 

“You don’t have to say anything.”

Oooh, I have a good feeling about this one~.

It had happened so fast.  One minute, they were playing around, and then, well-

It wasn’t as if Jimin and Hoseok didn’t play like this constantly.  It was a thing that friends did - tease each other, slip into roles every now and then for a joke.  It only made sense that they always pushed it that extra mile.  Seokjin and Taehyung might’ve been the ones who had studied acting and gone professional, but Jimin and Hoseok had always had a special flare for the dramatic.

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MnRmodFWP8)

I wrote a letter of what I would say to my younger, pre-transition, self if I had the chance, and I decided to make it into a video to share it.
This is probably the most personal video I’ve ever posted, but I decided to share it as it’s things that would have really helped me a lot, and I hope it can help someone else.
I hope you like it.

NCT Dream reaction to finding out their partner’s bias is someone else in the group


Anon: “NCT Dream reaction to finding out their partner’s bias is someone else in the group” I like this one I hope you do it soon :) I love your block

Anon: Can you do first kiss for Nct dream? And also Nct dream reaction to finding out that their girlfriend’s bias is someone else?

Hi! Thank you for requesting this! I hope you like it! Tell me what you think :-) if you want more members, just ask. My inbox is always open for requests or if you just want to rant lol. Bisous, Flo xx


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“What? Jisung is your favourite? What? What? Huh?”

Mark would literally have no words. When he found you watching their latest performance on your phone and gushing about how cute and talented Jisung was, Mark wouldn’t be able to get his head around it. It wasn’t that he was jealous or thought Jisung wasn’t cute or talented bc yes the fuck he is lol, but he wouldn’t get why you were dating him, if you preferred another member in his unit.


Originally posted by haechannie

“Haechan? Yeah, good choice. Same”

He wouldn’t be bothered at all about your slight soft spot for Haechan. I see him as being quite mature and not being overly jealous and protective if you spoke to other guys, let alone have Haechan as your bias. To be honest, he’d agree with you and say that Haechan was under appreciated and he was happy that you liked him, because he deserved it.


Originally posted by princerenjun

“Whose your bias? Let me guess. Renjun? What? How did I know? You’re always staring at him, babe”

You wouldn’t have to tell Jeno for him to know who your bias was. The first time you met the rest of his members, it was clear you liked Renjun (as a member not in a romantic way btw) You’d be staring at him in awe and complimenting him all the time. Jeno wouldn’t be jealous, but would easily get annoyed if you spoke about his other members, more than you spoke about him.


Originally posted by haechanz

“Y/N! Why do you like Mark? Why? Why can’t it be me?”

It’d be so obvious that Haechan was upset that your bias was someone else than him. In a relationship, he’d like to be appreciated and loved so it would ruin his self-esteem a bit when he found out you preferred Mark over him. He would try not to let it affect your relationship, but would always get a little protective of you whenever you were around Mark.


Originally posted by catweeen

“Oh did you know that Chenle has really bad hygiene and never showers?”

Jaemin would try to put you off Chenle but basically exposing him lol. He’d tell you all of his secrets and bad habits in hope that you’d give in and say that you liked him more. Of course, he’d only be joking, but there would always be an underlying sense of jealousy in Jaemin. He wouldn’t be able to understand what made Chenle better than him, a bit like Mark, so sometimes he’d be moody if you spoke about him too much.


Originally posted by nakamotens

“Why are you telling me this Y/N? I don’t care if you think Jeno looks good! What about me?”

Even though it would sometimes sound like Chenle was jealous, he really wouldn’t be. Like Haechan, he’d just wanted to loved and cared for and appreciated in a relationship. He wouldn’t care about your relationship to other people or who your bias was or your favourite idols, as long as you complimented him too and reassured him that you’d never leave him for them.


Originally posted by hansoulji

“Y/N! Why don’t you just go and marry Jaemin then? It definitely sounds like you want to!”

Out of everyone, he’d be the most jealous and upset upon hearing that your bias was Jaemin. He wouldn’t like the fact that you liked someone other than him, so would quickly get upset and pouty if you ever brought Jaemin up randomly in a conversation. Expect a lot of furrowed eyebrows and pouts on his behalf, and a lot of kisses and cuddles on yours.

Last Promise.

Prompt: A Theo imagine where the reader is his gf and she dies in his arms like Allison did in Scott’s. She’s a banshee. – @rochyu

Author’s Note: This prompt originally had more to it, but after talking with @rochyu, she said it was fine if I changed it up a bit since she had already requested it with someone else and they got it written first.

Hope you like what I came up with!

Warning: Death.

Master List.

Last Promise.

(Y/N)’s heart started racing as a sudden massive wave of anxiety washed over her. She hated this. She hated being a banshee. She’d only been one for a few months, but she knew she hated it. She hated getting the feeling that someone was going to die. It didn’t help that Beacon Hills didn’t exactly have a high survival rate thanks to being a literal beacon for supernatural creatures and all. She didn’t understand how Lydia did it.

Lydia’s tried to help her manage it and push some feelings back, but (Y/N) doesn’t think this is something she’ll ever get used to. Don’t get her wrong, there are some instances where she gets the feeling that someone is going to die, and she’s actually able to help save someone. That was one of the most rewarding feelings, being able to save someone. But most of the time, the feeling is excruciating and heart-wrenching.

She stopped in her tracks in the courtyard of the school. Busy students rushed around her as they escaped the confined hallways and raced toward the long, holiday weekend. (Y/N) barely noticed them though as she zoned out. She could feel it. She could feel that someone close to her was going to die soon. It sent her into a panic. Her breathing got labored. Her palms got sweaty, and her vision started to get blurry. She could feel her legs starting to shake as she tried to maintain her balance. She was having a full-blown panic attack.

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“My sweet love~”

This is my valentines for sparots​!!!

I decided to make you a portrait of your new flame, Nerva! Since everyone knows you love the Leoxses family to death, I thought maybe you’d like to enjoy a blond

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Happy Holidays, @ashleopardd! This is my first time writing fic for someone else, and I really hope you like it!

“That’s bad luck, mate.”

“Yeah, I hadn’t noticed, thanks.”

Harry and Ron stood in the kitchen of Harry’s new flat. He had moved in three months earlier, but still managed to have boxes laying about and, as Hermione pointed out, not a single decoration up. Ron personally was impressed that Harry had this many boxes in the first place, with how few things he had.

“You’re still coming tomorrow, though, right?”

“Yeah,” Ron sighed. “S’not like I’ve got anywhere else to be.”

“Wow, thanks for that.” Harry raised his mug to Ron in a mock toast before taking a sip. “She’s really not coming?”

“I’ve told you…” and he had told Harry already. Hermione had come to the Burrow for lunch that day, which Ron took as a nice surprise. But, during their lunch, she had told him that because she was just an intern in the DMLE, she would not only have to work very late on New Year’s Eve, but she would also have to work New Year’s Day. She couldn’t spend it with him.

Ron, of course, had forced a smile, told her he wasn’t mad and that he understood and that he was proud of how hard she was working. That last part was true, anyway. He was, as always, proud of and impressed by Hermione. But sometimes he wished she would use her name to her advantage. She had developed a habit of signing messages within the Ministry “H.G,” determined to rise through the ranks on her own merit, and not because of what she had done during the war or the fact that she was one of Harry Potter’s best friends. As much as Harry and Ron tried to point out to her that the reason people knew her from the war was because of her efforts and work there, she insisted that it was different. She insisted that her superiors treat her like any other intern.
Apparently they were listening to her.

After she left back to the Ministry, Ron had gone straight to Harry’s. He knew no one else would be there yet, and, knowing Harry, he wouldn’t have gone out for supplies yet either. And he was right—when he had floo’d in to the flat Harry was sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal, still in his pajamas.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, Ginny probably won’t be here, either.”

“What?” Ron shook his head to clear it. “Why not?”

“Training with the Harpies. Something about the program in Belgium requiring players to not travel within fourty-eight hours of a game or something. So in order to play in the game on the evening of the first, she has to be in Belgium for New Year’s.”

“Well that’s ridiculous.”

“You’re telling me.”

They both stood in silence for a moment, both frowning about how their girlfriends would be away for New Year’s. It just seemed so unfair.

“At least you know where you stand with Ginny,” Ron muttered, drinking the last of his coffee before setting the mug on the table.


Ron winced. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “At least, er, at least you know, er,” he tried frantically to think of something else he could feasibly have said, but Harry was looking at him with an unusually concerned expression.

“Are you and Hermione fighting?”

“No,” Ron spat, more harshly than he had intended. “You have to actually see each other to fight, don’t you?” he slumped down into a chair at the table and Harry sat across from him. He sighed. “I know it’s like, her dream or whatever to make a difference and to change all these laws and do all these amazing things, but I wish she didn’t work so bloody hard. She’s barely 20, we’ve got so much time but the way she works you’d think she’s only got a couple of hours left.” He frowned, fiddling with his empty mug. “She doesn’t come round the burrow as often anymore, either. And I never know when she’s home so it’s hard to meet her there, you know?”

“I think she’s still embarrassed by her flat, really,” Harry reminded him.

Hermione had moved that summer, though it had taken a lot of convincing for her to let them help her move her things. It was a tiny flat in Diagon Alley, technically with two rooms if you counted the cramped bathroom. With so many boxes and books there had hardly been enough room to walk last time Harry had been there, and according to Ron it wasn’t much better now.

“To hell with that, we lived in a tent together for most of a year. What’s she got to be embarrassed about?”

“You know Hermione—” Ron scoffed, but Harry pressed on, “—she’s always got to appear in control, you know?”

“I just … I just want to see her, Harry. It’s like she doesn’t even care.”

“She does care.”

They sat together for a long while, Ron playing with first his cup and then his sweater cuffs and Harry pretending he wasn’t watching him. Ron knew she cared, of course. It wasn’t like she didn’t show it. Notes owled to him in the middle of the day, his favorite snacks always in stock at her flat, things like that. But it wasn’t the same as having her there. Finally, Harry stood up. “Come on,” he sighed, “these party supplies aren’t going to buy themselves.”

Together the two of them walked down the main road in Diagon Alley, stopping at shops to buy sweets and food and drinks. They stopped by the joke shop to visit George, though he was too busy to chat for very long. Finally, they stopped at the Leaky Cauldron for an early dinner and Harry pretended not to notice that Ron went quiet as they passed Hermione’s building. At a glance, they could see no lights were on in her unit, meaning she was still at work. Ron spent most of dinner frowning into his chips.

“See you tomorrow,” Harry clapped him on the shoulder before flooing home, and Ron followed suit not long after.


By the time Ron got to Harry’s flat the next evening, the party was already going strong. People filled the rooms, mostly Gryffindors from their year at school and their various partners, but with the occasional older former schoolmate or friend from another house to be seen. He walked through the living room, past Ernie and Seamus who were having an apparently serious discussion about broomsticks, until he found Harry in the kitchen with Luna.

“Ron!” Harry grinned broadly as Ron approached them. “My friend Ron,” he giggled as he stood up to hug him tightly.

“Woah there, mate,” Ron smirked and guided Harry back to his seat.

“Wrong Weasley kid, save the groping for Ginny.” Harry shrugged and giggled again.

“We played a drinking game,” Luna explained serenely. Her glass, Ron noticed, was only about half empty. “I don’t think Harry’s very good at them, you know.”

“Nah, I reckon he’s not,” Ron nodded, smirking as Harry feebly tried to defend himself. “Listen, don’t let him have any more for a while, okay? We don’t want our host to get too drunk tonight.”

“Psh,” Harry smiled, “You’re not my boss.”

Ron grinned back. “No, but with Hermione not coming, someone has to be the responsible one here.”

Luna looked up at him, a slight frown on her face. “Oh, is Hermione not coming? She seemed so excited when I talked to her last week.”

Shaking his head, Ron sighed, “She’s got to work.”

Hours passed and the party progressed around him. Ron kept an eye on Harry, who was having his drinks monitored by Luna and as a result was now more tipsy than drunk. He chatted with old school friends, catching up with ones he hadn’t seen in a while and making plans with the ones he saw more often. All in all it wasn’t a terrible night, though he was starting to get sick of the pang he felt whenever anyone asked where Hermione was.

“Thought you two were attached at the hip!” Parvati Patil teased him.

“Yeah, well,” Ron shrugged and moved on.

Around ten that night, a great cheer erupted from the front room. Fearing that something major had been broken, Harry and Ron hurried in only to find Ginny pushing her way through to find Harry.

“Ginny!” Harry shouted, throwing his arms around her. “I thought you weren’t going to make it?”

Ginny smiled broadly, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder with one arm around his back. “Yeah, well, some of the veteran players threatened to not play tomorrow if they couldn’t get home to see their friends for New Year’s and since the Gryffins aren’t really a big deal team they kind of needed the Harpies to play. So they lifted the ban until after our game!”

“That’s great, Gin,” Ron patted her on the shoulder. “You still starting tomorrow?”

“Should be,” she nodded, looking a little nervous now.

“You’ll do great, you always do,” he assured his little sister.

She looked touched and a little surprised. “Thanks, Ron.” Then, hearing her name being shouted by someone in the next room, walked away.

The fun of the party started to wear off for Ron as it got closer and closer to midnight. Someone had fixed a giant magical clock to the wall in the living room that was counting down the minutes. Around 11:30, Ron noticed that some people were starting to pair off or try to find someone to kiss at midnight. He wondered what he would do. Cheer, he supposed, with the singles in the room. The thought didn’t leave him very happy.

At about ten minutes to midnight, he found himself sitting in a great, cushy armchair not unlike the ones that had been in the common room at school. Harry and Ginny had settled themselves on one end of a couch with Ginny sitting on Harry’s lap, and Luna was standing in the doorway, smiling softly to herself. He saw other faces he had known for years throughout the room, as well as the occasional work friend of Harry’s. He settled himself in with his glass, getting ready to cheer in the new year.
At one minute to midnight, some of the overly ambitious (or drunk) in the room began to count down.

“Fifty-seven … Fifty-six … Fifty-five …”

Ron supposed he would see Hermione for dinner the next night, after she got off of work. If she wasn’t too busy.

“Thirty-three … Thirty-two … Thirty …”

He took a long drink from his glass and didn’t look around when a door opened nearby. Some couple was probably slipping away from the crowd and he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to know who it was.

“Twenty-five … Twenty-four … Twenty-three …”

The closer it got to midnight, the more people seemed to be joining in. Looking around at all the people staring up at the clock, he felt like his heart stopped.

Hermione was there. Taking off her jacked and hanging it neatly in the closet as she toed off her boots, being completely and utterly Hermione, she was there. She looked around as the count passed twenty, growing more feverish as the moment approached. Spotting him, she smiled, looking almost embarrassed and made her way over to him.

He reached a hand out to her and pulled her into the chair onto his lap, snaking one arm around her and staring at her as though he thought she might vanish.

“I thought you weren’t going to be here,” he said.

“I’ve got news,” was her response.

“Oh. What’s that?”

“I’ve been promoted. That’s why they had me work tonight and so much for the past couple of weeks. I’m a real employee now!”

“Hermione! That’s great!” he squeezed her hands, not wanting to pull her so close that he couldn’t see the look of pride on her face.

“It’ll be fewer hours for a higher salary. It’s going to be so much better,” she beamed. “And I was thinking, er, if you’re interested…” she trailed off, her voice being swallowed by the counting around them.

“Seven … Six . . Five … Four …”

“What was that?”

“Do you want to move in with me? I’ve missed you and, Ron, I love you.”

Ron gaped at her. The chanting around them broke into cheers as the clock on the wall struck midnight. Then Ron pulled Hermione close and kissed her, again and again until she made him stop, reminding him they were in a room full of people.

“I know I haven’t been a very good girlfriend lately, Ron, but I want to be with you. I want us to live together and spend every evening together. F-for as long as we can stand to.”

He simply looked at her. “Well, Miss Granger, that could be a very long time.”


Child’s play

Notes: parentstuck au created by @polyglotplatypus, I started this fic in the early stages of the au but since then the au evolved into teenagers blinding eachother with shiny bulges so I kinda feel like I’m late with this harmless fic

Summary: fic containes davekat, anshu being a savage, a bit of janshu rivalry and dave being a dork

Screams, shouts and giggles could be heard from outside of the Strider-Vantas household and loud noises may not be a rare occurrence around here, Karkat still couldn’t wrap his thinkpan around on what the other two members of this family could be doing.

He stopped reading a novel that was surprisingly not a romantic one thanks to Dave’s insistence and went outside of his Cantown home to see what was all the ruckus about. The sight that greeted the full grown troll was perhaps unusual at the least. His human husband and half troll-half human daughter was playing with vigour. Nothing wrong with that, until you look closer at this picture.

The cute child, Anshu, had a white tablecloth tied around her neck into a makeshift cape and a paper hat was placed upon her head, resting right between her small, nubby horns. Still, nothing wrong with that, as a kid she can get away with that and she looks really adorable.

Dave on the other hand…

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