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Light Up the Ice - Chapter 1

Summary: Aelin Galathynius has never really been into sports. Yes, she likes to keep in shape, and she works out, but watching people run up and down a field, trying to keep a leather ball away from each other? It’s always seemed a bit childish to her, and decidedly NOT a way for a grown adult to make a living.

Rowan Whitethorn has recently been drafted by the Terresen Staghorns, one of best teams in the EHL (Erilean Hockey League). And since he moved to Terresen from Wendlyn, it’s been hard for him to get more than 30 seconds alone from someone demanding a picture with him. Getting drafted straight out of college wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but he’s not complaining. Until he accidentally meets a girl. More specifically, until he accidentally meets his neighbor. She seems to have no idea who he is and for some reason, that’s refreshing. But will she still want to be with him once he shows her the truth?

Author’s Note: Well, friends, here we are! My newest multi-chapter has begun! This is a spinoff of my one-shot Missed Dreams and Lost Sleep which, if you haven’t read, I suggest you read it before you dive into this one! You can find it HERE! I’ve been bouncing this idea off of @tacmc for about a month at this point and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

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Keeping his feet moving was the only thing that kept Rowan Whitethorn from falling asleep on the ice. He harshly tapped his stick on the ice, letting his teammate know he was open for a pass.  The puck glided across the ice to the other side, and he skated around the back of the net, changing his position to where he was supposed to be next.

He danced around the edge of goal, staying out of the way of the goalie and was ready, waiting. He didn’t see the stick of the defensemen in front of him, however, and his skate got tangled up in it.

He hit the ice, shoulder first, taking the other player’s stick with him and groaned. Before he could make a move to get back on his feet, he got hit in the chest with the puck. Hard.

Gasping and resting on his hands and knees, he heard the whistle blow.

“Whitethorn!” He looked up, finding Coach Brello skating through the neutral zone. “Where the hell is your head today?”

He made it back to his feet and winced as he rubbed at his chest through the thick pads. Ress retrieved his stick from the ice by his feet and clapped him on the shoulder.

Everyone knew Brello was fair, but he was harsh when it came to slacking off on the ice, whether that was at practice or during a game.

“Just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, coach,” he said, standing to his full height of 6’4. “My building had a false fire alarm and we were all evacuated for most of the night. I’m here, I promise. It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Let me make sure you can get some sleep tonight.” Almost as one, the entire team turned to glare at him. “Speed backchecks, let’s go! Line up!”

There were quiet grumbles as everyone skated to the other side. Rowan’s line sidled up beside him.

Lorcan, the Terrasen Staghorns’ captain, and Rowan’s left defenseman glared down at him. “Getting real sick of running drills thanks to assholes who can’t do their job at practice.”

Fenrys, his right winger, snorted from Rowan’s other side. “Says the one who caused us to run puck control drills for forty-five minutes last week because you bounced the Valg’s captain’s head off the ice.”

“He deserved it. He was playing dirty.” The sentence was more growl than it was words.

Gavriel, his right d-man, said under his breath, “If you don’t both shut up, coach will have us running a lot more than just backchecks.”

As the whistle blew and Lorcan and Gavriel took off towards the puck at the center of the ice, Fenrys nudged him. “You sure you didn’t finally get some last night?” There was a gleam in his dark eyes. “Didn’t finally sample some of the sweet things Terrasen has to offer?”

He turned away so the fastest forward in the EHL wouldn’t see the blush attempting to creep onto his already flushed face. “No, man, I wasn’t with anyone last night.”

Lie. It was an outright lie, but only because Fenrys was talking about spending some time in the bedroom. He didn’t say anything about the front lawn of his building or the diner down the road.

The whistle blew, alerting them that Lorcan netted the puck. He and Fenrys took off, having to go 2x2 until one of the pairs scored. They hadn’t lined up fairly, and Rowan planned to use that to his advantage. Two forwards against two d-men would typically be pretty evenly matched, but with Fenrys’ speed and Rowan’s puck handling, they would make quick work of their captain and alternate.

Fenrys beat him to the puck – unsurprisingly – and passed it to Rowan as he made to curve behind Gavriel. He chipped it with his stick, sending it around Gavriel, who expected it to skirt in front of his skates. Lorcan anticipated it though and had fallen back, ready for the forward to charge ahead. Fenrys wrapped behind the net and with expert skill, Rowan sent the puck to him and fell back. Lorcan had to decide, keep an eye on Rowan or keep Fenrys from netting the puck.

He chose wrong.

Turning to press Fenrys, the puck slid to Rowan’s waiting stick. Rearing back, with a crack that filled the empty arena, he sent the puck flying towards the goal. It caught in the netting and the goal horn blew.

“Looks like Mr. Whitethorn finally decided to show up for practice,” Brello hollered from the box where he and the assistant coach were manning the horn controls. He glanced at his watch. “Next line, reset the puck and go. They completed the full drill in less than 50 seconds. If you cross a minute, you’ll be running drive drills until my wife gets home from work.”

The entire team knew that Brello wasn’t married.

Skating over to the benches, the first line grabbed their bottles. Rather than drinking his, Rowan sprayed the water over his face and neck, shaking his silver hair out.

“Good misdirect, Rowan,” Gavriel, said, one leg swung over the wall separating the ice from the bench.

As he nodded his thanks, Lorcan said, “Use that against Red Desert tomorrow night and they’ll have no idea what direction you’re coming from.”

The rest of practice flew by. Rowan tried to keep his mind on the game, on practice, but his mind kept drifting back to last night. Back to the laughs that he’d shared with her; to the 24-hour diner she’d shown him down the street; to when he’d stood outside her door this morning and asked if he could call her and she’d said no, temporarily causing him to think back through the whole night. Had he been that far off on how she’d been looking at him? When she’d said he could just knock on her door and then shut said door in his face, a devilish smirk on those lips, he couldn’t do anything but stare. And then smiled as he headed to his own door down the hall.

Pulling his phone out of his bag, he saw it was just after 5:30. People with real world jobs would just be getting off work now, so maybe he could catch her just as she was getting home. Maybe they could grab dinner. As he sat down in the locker room to take off his skates, that plan went out the window.

“Kennedy brothers, Whitethorn, Bourne.” He glanced up to see Brello holding a clipboard. He suppressed a groan. “I want you clocking another 3 hours in the gym tonight. Do it here, do it at home. Hell, do it at Planet Fitness for all I care. But I want at least an hour of cardio, an hour of free weights and an hour of bands. The rest of you rest up. I’ll see you at 10:30 for pre-game ice time tomorrow.”

Knowing that Bourne lived in a fancy high-rise with a gym and the Kennedy boys had a gym at home, Rowan elected to use the facilities gym. It wasn’t often he could work out in solitude. His morning run was the closest he got, but only because he was up before the rest of the city was.

Since he’d been drafted by the Terrasen Staghorns, it had been nearly impossible for him to get more than 30 seconds alone before someone noticed him, but so was the life of a professional hockey player in the Erilean Hockey League.

Coming from Wendlyn, he knew nobody here, yet everyone seemed to know him. Luckily, a few of his teammates – specifically, his new line –  hailed from the same lands, and he’d gotten in tight with them. They were now a force to be reckoned with, a perfect line of offense and defense and it was almost as if they had one thought process running throughout them.

That’s one reason that the girl from last night had been stuck on his mind. She looked at him like he was just a normal person, not a professional athlete. He wasn’t sure if she was very good at ignoring the obvious or if she genuinely didn’t know who he was.

Stripping out of his pads and putting on an old shirt from his days at the University of Doranelle, he tied the laces on his shoes and made his way to the gym. Might as well get this over with if he had any hope of seeing her again tonight.

Pulling the door open to her coffee shop, Aelin attempted to fight off a yawn. The little bell tied to the knob jingled, alerting Lysandra that there was someone coming in.

“Goooooood morning, boss, slash best friend, slash person who I love more than anyone else on this planet.” The dark-haired vixen called from behind the counter.

“Hey,” came a male voice from beside the door; Aelin’s cousin, Aedion.

She pointed a wet rag from where she’d been wiping down the counters in his direction. “Hush up. You don’t make my schedule.”

Aelin looked from her cousin back to her best friend, yawned, and said, “Somebody is obviously about to ask for another day off.”

“Blame him!” Lysandra said, pointing to Aedion, who immediately set his cup down and held his hands up in the universal gesture for I didn’t do anything. “He got tickets to the hockey game tomorrow night and wants me to go with him.”

Aelin fought the urge to roll her eyes and headed behind the counter. Lysandra handed her a cup of black coffee and she walked towards her office, sipping the sweet nectar as she unlocked the door. “I just don’t understand why you’d want to pay to watch a bunch of grown men play a child’s game.”

Aedion had stood and followed her into the back office Aelin used as her base of operations. He dropped a few envelopes on her desk and Aelin immediately began to open them, yawning again. Bills, ads, and teenage resumes; the usual mail she received. “Children don’t beat the shit out of each other when they play,” he said. “These guys do. It’s awesome.”

“Ooh.” The sarcasm lacing Aelin’s tone as she threw the sales flyers in the trash was evident.

“Come on, Aes,” he said, sitting in the chair in front of her desk. “My boss gave them to me because he can’t go. I really think Lys would have fun. Please?”

Turquoise and gold eyes met across the desk. Looking at her cousin, his bottom lip jutted out like a petulant child, she rolled her eyes. “Of course, I’ll let her have the night off. I’ll just cover the barista shift tomorrow night. It’s not a big deal.”

Aedion jumped up and ran around the desk, planting a loud kiss on his cousin’s cheek. Aelin pushed him away as she fought off another yawn.

“Okay, that’s the fourth time you’ve yawned since you stepped foot in the door,” Lysandra said, leaning on the frame of the doorway separating the office from the front of the Staghorn Café. “What’s up?”

Aedion turned and looked her up and down. “You didn’t finally get laid, did you?”

“Ugh, Aedion,” Aelin groaned. “You’re practically my brother. You don’t get to ask things like that.”

“Yeah, Aedion,” Lysandra said, smacking him on the shoulder and plopping into the seat he had just vacated. “But I’m the best friend, so I do. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Letting her head fall into her hands, she said, “I did not finally get laid.” She put emphasis on finally since so were they. It had only been 3 months since she and Chaol decided they just didn’t work as a couple. They were actually great friends now, his current girlfriend working as Aelin’s baker, filling her shop with the delicious scents of freshly baked bread and pastries. She and Nesryn got along surprisingly well, considering the awkward way they knew each other.

“The fire alarm got pulled in the building at, like, three this morning. I had to sit on the front lawn until the sun rose and they cleared the building for us to go back in. I’m just tired, that’s all.”

“So there wasn’t a guy involved?” Aedion asked, and the tips of Aelin’s ears involuntarily turned pink as she thought about him.

Lysandra squealed and shoved Aedion out the door. “Man the counter, babe.” She slammed the door in his face and sat back in front of the desk, her green eyes huge as she waited for Aelin to fill her in. A muffled “I don’t even work here!” could be heard through the door. Lysandra sat, waiting.

Aelin couldn’t stop the smile that broke across her face, causing Lysandra to squeal again. “It was him, wasn’t it? Your neighbor?”

“Rowan,” was all Aelin said, and Lysandra cried, “You got his name?!”

So Aelin gave her the quick recap of the night, from waking up to the alarm screeching to turning around and seeing Rowan in nothing but boxer-briefs, to watching the sunrise and grabbing breakfast from Emrys’ Diner down the block. By the time Aelin finished, she could tell Lysandra was already trying to decide what kind of dress she should wear as the maid-of-honor in their wedding. Her green eyes were wide and she asked, “What’s his last name?”

Aelin opened her mouth and then closed it. Somehow, she hadn’t gotten it last night. They’d mostly talked about trivial things; movies they liked, their favorite breakfast foods, the path Aelin normally took when she was running.

“I’m not sure,” Aelin said honestly.

“You have to find out! What if it’s like “Johnson” or “Peters” or,” she gasped. “Cox?”

Rolling her eyes, Aelin pointed towards the door. “Out. You can have tomorrow night off. Enjoy watching the man-children ‘beat the shit out of each other’,” she said, quoting Aedion.

Blowing a kiss across the desk, Lysandra jumped up and ran back out front.

Yawning, Aelin took another long drag of her coffee.

She was exhausted. She hadn’t gotten to run this morning or take a shower or even start her laundry from the night before. But it was worth it.

Glancing at the time on her computer, she saw it was 11:45 in the morning. She wouldn’t be home until nearly 10:00 that night. Hopefully, he wouldn’t stop by when she wasn’t home. Hopefully, if he did, he wouldn’t take her lack of answer as a lack of interest.

Hopefully, she’d be seeing him again tonight.

Tag List (people who told me they’d be interested, I’ll start a full tag list on Ch 2): @abigailmadeline, @tacmc , @bbyshadowbat , @tiny1hallie , @photofeesh , @queenoffantasy , @otaku-trash-sendhelp1000-7 , @yourejustassaneasiam3 , @eternally-reading , @queen-archeron .

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I always see Feysand pregnancy AU, but what about Nessian? Could you give us something?

YES! Nessian feeeeeels. I hope you like it.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful the day they’d met.

She was a goddess of fire and death. It would scare most men away, which was her intention, but it only made Cassian fall for her faster. She was radiant, and she had been since the first time he’d laid his eyes on her.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the night he’d made love to her for the first time.

There was nothing but her skin against his, her hands roaming him, freely. He had dreamt of it, had longed for it for so long. He was nervous, more so than he had ever been with anyone else. And it was perfect, because he loved her. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the day he’d asked her to marry him.

He was nervous. Hell, he was terrified. He knew she’d say yes, but he wanted it to be perfect. And he knew it was, he knew he’d done well, when she said yes, and a single tear slid down her cheek.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on their wedding day. 

Dressed in white and walking toward him, he just about passed out. He had no doubt that she was the woman he was meant to spend his life with. But she was so mesmerizing….he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t do anything but stare, thanking the gods that she loved him, too. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the day she had told him she was pregnant.

She had cried - tears of pure, utter joy. He had pulled her close against his chest, and didn’t let go for the rest of the night. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the night before she gave birth.

They were sitting at home, the contractions having just started. Nesta was nervous, he could tell.

“Do you think I’ll be a good mom?” she had asked, and Cassian thought she was ridiculous.

“You’re going to be an amazing mom,” he promised, taking her hand in his and kissing her forehead. “You already are.”

Cassian had thought she was beautiful the day after.

When she was holding a small, pink bundle in her arms. Cassian had cried. He rarely cried, and he didn’t let people see him when he did.

But, he bawled.

There she was - the love of his life, holding everything he had ever wanted in her arms. His baby girl. His heart.

Sitting before him, alone in the hospital room, was his entire world.

And he had never seen anything so beautiful. 

After everything that I went through and still are going through, it’s scary to me that some of us thought that her before picture was beautiful.

Demi Lovato says, “[Future me wishes to tell my past self] that I was beautiful [and there was no need to change,] people are still going to love you, and you’re beautiful just the way that you are.” She also says, “sometimes I’m not perfect with my recovery… but I keep fighting.”

After I was discharged from treatment, I instantly wanted to prove that I was all better. But it doesn’t work like that. Recovery is challenging but I’m seeing the value of life and I finally wanna live it. Demi opening up about her recovery gives me hope and to hear her talk about the challenges you can face is validating.

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Do you have any ace or aro Dazai headcanons? | hope you have a nice day! (;ω;)

Yes!!! Ace Dazai headcanons with a side of soukoku coming right up!!!! (Sorry this took so long, love, I’ve been mind mushy and weak-willed)

  • okay so he kind of realized he was ace around like fifteen, but he didn’t really have a label??
  • Mostly because everyone was talking about sex (as teens do)  and he just… didn’t really see the big deal?
  • He dated a girl, and when she brought up sex, he just shrugged and said he wasn’t interested.
  • Which she took as not interested in her and got really offended and broke up with him right then and there
  • When he was sixteen, he started noticing little details about Chuuya - the blue of his eyes, the curve of his hips, the way his hair fell over his shoulder in perfect curls, the little dimples in his cheeks when he smiled.
  • Which lead to his heart thumping way too strong to handle
  • And he talked to Oda about it, (because he trusts Oda more than anyone, fight me)
  • And Oda was like, “You have a crush on him.”
  • And Dazai was like, “Yeah, but I don’t want to have sex with him?”
  • And Oda was all, “Umm… you don’t have to? Idiot. Go tell him.”
  • And Dazai freaking tells Chuuya and he reciprocates
  • And a month later Dazai drops the whole, “Oh, yeah, I don’t want to have sex.”
  • Which Chuuya almost took wrong, but he also knows Dazai and he knows what he’s means
  • So he leans in and pecks him on the lips and says, “Okay.”

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Hi! Can I ask you for prompt 94?

Hi anon! Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy 😃

Sheldon held his hand out to his bride. They had just enjoyed a wonderful meal surrounded by family and friends under the stars, and now they were ready for their first dance as husband and wife. As they made their way to the makeshift dance floor, far away from the cliff overlooking the ocean where they had exchanged vows, Penny’s excited voice caught the attention of all the guests.

“Shooting star! Make a wish!”

All heads turned toward the burst of light traveling across the clear night sky. All, that is, except for one.

Sheldon rolled his eyes. “Look at them, Amy. It baffles me how these people make such a huge deal over something so foolish.” When she didn’t respond, he turned his head to her and caught her staring along with everyone else. “A shooting star is just a meteor; it can’t grant wishes. You don’t actually believe in this malarkey?”

Her eyes met his as the object sailed across the sky, out of sight, and the first notes of their song began playing. She wrapped her left arm around his waist and swayed to the music with him. “Didn’t you ever feel there was something magical about the mysteries of the universe?”

He twirled her around. “No.”

“Not even as a child?”

“My scientific curiosity prompted me to study the facts about the mysteries of the universe. Magic is nothing more than trickery and deception.”

“Perhaps, but it provides enjoyment and hope in a sometimes-confusing world.”

He snorted in derision then thought better of it. This was their wedding, afterall. Everything had gone according to plan. It was even better than he had imagined. The ceremony was beautiful, the woman in his arms was beautiful, and even the setting was beautiful. He wasn’t about to ruin their perfect day, so he urged her to continue.

“The first time I remember seeing a shooting star was when I was four years old. My father pointed it out when we were sitting on our porch drinking lemonade on a warm summer night, much like this one.” She paused as he twirled her again. “He told me to make a wish.”

“What did you wish for?”

Her cheeks flushed a deep red. “I wished for a pony because that’s what all the girls in daycare always talked about.”

“Really, Amy?”

“I know. It seems silly now, but I didn’t know what else to wish for.”

“What other wishes have you made over the years?”

“When my parents divorced two years later, I wished for them to get back together,” she said wistfully, resting her head on his chest. “For the next five years, that’s all I wished for every time I saw one. After that, I realized it wasn’t going to happen and came to terms with the situation.”

“Then you determined that wishing on a star was useless, and you never did it again?”

“No, I continued. It made me feel closer to my father, and I hadn’t given up hope that wishes could come true. I just began wishing for other things.”

“Such as?”

“Friends, a boyfriend, eventually a husband…” she lifted her head to gauge his reaction. He was studying her, as if seeing her for the first time, or maybe he was wondering what he had gotten himself into.

“What did you wish for tonight?” He asked.


He furrowed his brow. “Nothing?”

“I didn’t have to make a wish because now I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I have great friends, a job I love, and now I’m married to the love of my life.”

He pulled her closer and lowered his lips to hers. “I love you Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper, quirks and all,” he whispered when they came up for air.

“I love you, too.” 

As they glided together, holding each other tight, Sheldon lifted his eyes to the sky. Though he didn’t believe in wishes or magic, he appreciated the fact that the stars had figuratively aligned, and he was here tonight with his perfect match. The fact that they had found each other and had arrived at this point was another mystery of the universe, one that he wouldn’t attempt to solve with scientific curiosity because the hows and whys were irrelevant.

“Best friends, Besties, BFFs, Peas in a Pod, Sisters who would share traveling pants” - Amy ´s bestie - Scene 11x04 💕 

Dedicated to @linda6788,  she told me to do it and even that I said I would only do one scene per episode, I loved this scene so much with Amy and Leonard that I couldn´t resit myself. 

First, because it is not so common to see them alone in a scene, and I love their chemistry together, and second because it was hilarious, Amy has always been very sure of her friendship with Penny, and neither Berverly can get in between them!. I hope to see more interactions of Leonard and Amy, and show us that they have a friendship separate of their significant other. 

Hope you like it and have a wonderful Friday!! 😘😘,

“Fascinating,” Harukawa proclaims as her lips twitch in a tantalized smirk. “You sure love the main character act. I’ll let you assume that what you said is true, however,” her face draws if only an inch closer to Kaede’s “that only confirms the fact that I don’t. Want. To see you,” she finishes her rebuttal stressing every word. “And if you dare say that’s wrong again, which I hope you do not unless you have a deathwish, better explain yourself.”

“I dare,” her voice an octave lower, “and you do. Because every day after school you go straight home. No exceptions. I bet our classmates can attest to that,” Kaede now whispers, “yet, here you are. Waiting for me.”

Made this for Carrie last year and hoped she would see it. I was thrilled to know she did. Hard to believe it’s been a year and almost a year since we lost her. Celebrate her today in some way. She was a gift to us all - amazing and unique, as Harrison said. Keep her memory alive. Do something to make yourself better, be a better friend, live life like everyday is your iast and love, love, love. 

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A CONCEPT!!!: taylors gorgeous is about joe from Taylor's pov Ed sheerans perfect is about Taylor from joes pov (it fits them so much please help it having feelings)

well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
she shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love
to carry more than just my secrets
to carry love, to carry children of our own
we are still kids but we’re so in love
fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
darling, just hold my hand
be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

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Would you mind reblogging my most recent post? It’s a letter to Taylor with things that I would really like her to know and I really hope she sees it. 😊 x


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did u see the @poptivist debacle on twitter? bill shatner's twitter was a goldmine these past few days. i love it when haters get dragged.

I did.  Never mess with the Captain, come on he destroyed his own ship to kill Klingons!  I hope I’m that sharp and witty at his age, he slays them all.  Popy probably panicked when The Shat got involved and now she had the Star Trek fandom after her when the SPN fandom aka Jared fans were already dog piling her.  Time for plan B

Popy: hey guys it’s alright because Jared personally DM me and we talked for 30 minutes and he apologized so everything is great now and I love him.

Fandom: But Jared isn’t following you, how can he DM you when he’s not following …


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Honestly tho, this is probably just me but I feel like Narti is gonna come back in Canon (however until then your Cadet au is Canon for me haha 😄)

I really hope Narti comes back, if it’s a possibility! She had such cool powers, and because she had such an interesting design and was so mysterious, I was hoping to learn more about her this season.

If they do bring her back, I’d love to see how it’ll effect the generals and Lotor, and hopefully we’ll get to see how they all came together as a group at some point in the series. 

at nights like this i honestly wonder about how much stuff taylor actually sees, how many of us are in her camera roll, what goes through her head when she reads our posts, is she proud of how much we’ve grown in past three years, does she know our favorite songs and things about our families. i wonder how many people she lurked on. how many pictures she has seen. i love her so much

hasensalat respondeu seu post “lisaamd respondeu a sua foto “erasmusofakielos: I’M DYING OVER…”

Same! I really hope it’s either Talik or Paschal!

Listen yesterday I remembered Talik and thought it could be about her, she’s one of the few (the only one?) female Pets we see and man she was such a badass I’d love to get some material about her. 

But even though Talik would be a lot more interesting than Ancel I still don’t see her as such an important character to warrant having four chapters written about her, you know? 

Idk we’ll have to wait and see. My hopes now are on it being about Paschal *fingers crossed*

i love dani and how i feel connected to her in a cosmic sense and want to see her grow as a person and discover everything about the world and herself that she possibly can. i want to see her find her dreams and turn them into her legacy. to never stop craving adventure but not have to feel so adventuresick as we do now.

i hope we’re friends in lives after this one.

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The black fox with 3 tails appeared again. A smile on his maw as walked up to October, " I hope you enjoyed my gift. Sorry i left in such a hurry before, but i had to be quick. I hope your birthday was lovely and i wish you a very happy Fall Harvest." And with a smile on his face, the black fox vanished once again.

October is surprised to see the black fox return again, but glad that he did all the same. At least now she could probably thank him. She returns the smile as he greets her, explaining his short meeting, but wishing her well all the same. “I did have a lovely birthday, thank you!” she says, but the fox once again disappeared before she had even realized.  


she’s trying her best