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personally, as a victim of bullying, jan and ana really got to me. sylas is a whole different issue, and everyone has a lot of growing to do, but jan is at a place in her arc where i personally am Not Okay with her. i hope she grows more as a person as the story goes, but for now, can't say i root for the world to reward her until she learns a little empathy. but i guess the fact that you have people as divided over fictional people as they get over real ones speaks to your skill an author.

this is the only kind of january-is-bad opinion i’ll listen to tbh. bc you acknowledge she’s not a static character and also that she isn’t real :y it’s the people that talk about her like she’s a real person that needs to be lectured (or worse: the people that want her to be punished) that grate on me

i respect u bc you respect me as an author and trust me to know what i’m doing with her as a story teller. (and i’m sorry to hear about the bullying..!!! as a fellow childhood bully victim i feel u)


Friday’s female celebrity of the day is Karen Gillan.  I kind of thought I wouldn’t post her again until I’d seen Gurdians 2, but who knows when that will even be and there’s been so many great pics of her lately that I have to post her.  I hope that’s okay for you!  This is the fifteenth time she’s been FCOTD.

Sydney Update

 My little brother finally got her to respond, she passed out after she got to the house of the person who was going to take her home. I am thankful that she is okay, and hoping she and everyone reblogging this learns their lessons: Always take a friend if you go drinking, and make sure they can take you home. Please, no matter how well you may know the area, don’t ever trust strangers to take you home. I pray everyone has a safe night, and I thank everyone for signal boosting this. It means alot that everyone was willing to help.


Emma & Audrey + being compared to canon couples [👀]


I know who you are, and I doubt Kara would like the truth.


i’ve been scribbling gorillaz stuff since the day saturnz barz came out, but havent posted anything on here yet, so, uh. here’s a noodle doodle!!! hope she looks okay. havent really drawn gorillaz since, like, 2012?? oh boy

How to Flirt with a Dog Demon by TouchofPixieDust

I’m so excited for more of this!!!


So I did some NPC interactions for my Bloodborne Hunter Cecylia inspired by @annaxiin‘s artwork they did for their character >>here<< cause I thought it was such a cool idea and wanted to try my hand at it :’) hopefully its legible

Last Straw

This is how I imagine Rick, Michonne, and Jadis’ next meeting will happen.

Rick stepped inside the dark cell, Michonne quietly standing behind him. “Why are you here?” His hard voice echoed against the cold walls.

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