hope plaza


The left-hand picture - a high-perspective shot of the central plaza at Hope’s Peak (click it for full detail!) - is my favorite picture in the Danganronpa 3 Staff Book. Not only is it a valuable resource for fic writers, it’s also FULL of tiny chibi characters with details that thrill me.

I waited until I could scan this one in for maximum detail, but I’ll also guide you through everyone I managed to identify here. There are a few minor differences between the two pics… and I wish I could read the Japanese at bottom.

(No lie: I had to use a magnifying glass to tell who some of the characters are… and some are still unknown to me.)

Please use the markup photo at right for guidance as we go through this.

- Top, from left to right: Top photo has Nanami in her hoodie behind a tree (absent in bottom version). Next we see Yamada balanced atop a tree while Fuyuhiko and Peko are watching below, pointing their weapons up at him. Then Teruteru is ALSO perched on a treetop (is this a competition?) with Hikyoko and Mahiru below, the latter taking a photo. Top center shows Bandai next to Great Gozu, who is literally grazing (!). Sakura is next; she and Akane are flying towards each other in a battle while Monokuma stands atop the fountain, watching. Nekomaru is actually wading IN the fountain. To his right is Munakata/Yukizome, who are holding hands while Juzo surreptitiously watches nearby. The top pic (not shown at bottom) has a final girl with long pigtails who is walking on the top-right path. Who is she? I can’t identify her…

- Center, from left to right: The center starts with Hagakure and Asahina facing each other on a blanket, each with a ball placed before them (I assume Hagakure has his crystal ball, but the black ball that Asahina has? No idea). Togami is standing just above that, watching them. Slightly up and to their right are Toko and Komaru; note that Toko is Genocide/r Jack/Syo in the top picture, but she’s normal Toko in the bottom one. Next is Gundham and Sonia, poised over a pentagram for some dark ritual. To their immediate right is Souda on all fours, trying to figure out what’s up. From there we move to a bench where Chairman Tengan is seated. Mitarai is kneeling on the ground, using the bench as a surface to draw something. The Imposter is to his right, watching over him. On the other side of the fountain, you can see Seiko and Ruraka with Izayoi laying on the latter’s lap. The far right hedge area has some person throwing a ball… who is that? Logically it should be Kuwata, but the hair is totally wrong for him. Anyway, he or she is throwing the ball at Mondo in a game of… baseball? cricket? Jai alai? I don’t know, but the bat is curved slightly and looks flat, so I’m at a loss. Ishimaru is watching this, and his companion is either Alter Ego’s laptop (in top pic) or Fujisaki (in bottom pic).

- Bottom, from left to right: First up is Monomi, standing beside Gekkogahara in her wheelchair. In the hedges next door, Junko is stomping on poor Mukuro. Our two main protagonist pairings are holding hands in front of the fountain: Hinata/Nanami and Makoto/Kirigiri (more proof that Naegiri is canon). This does mean that the top picture contains TWO Nanamis total, so you get to choose which one is her A.I. and which is real. Also note that Komaeda is standing alone behind the couples by the fountain, and Kizakura is watching over Kyoko from behind a tree farther down from there. There’s another character with Kizakura, but I don’t recognize him/her. Any guesses? (I hope it’s Jin.) In the right-hand hedge section, we end with Maizano and Celestia meditating together on a blanket.

This picture is packed and delightful! Even so, come on, no Tsumiki or Ibuki?

Aaron Tveit Live at Irving Plaza

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for bearing with me… It has been a busy week and I have been go go go since I got back from NYC!

Below are the videos from my youtube channel; I really wasn’t super focused on getting a good shot, I was a little (LOT) distracted by the beautiful, talented, angel voice, I was SO close to!!! 

I have also included a playlist on my channel that takes you through the concert… With the help from my girl @delightfullydecadentlight for “Use Somebody” because my video didn’t turn out.

Links to individual songs, in order of appearance:


From Eden

Use Somebody (Thanks again @delightfullydecadentlight)

Pop Medley- Call Me Maybe/Confident/My Life Would Suck Without You/ Nice and Slow/ Shake it Off

Young Wild Girls/ Creep

I Can’t Make You Love Me/ All I Ask

Love Yourself

What About Love/ I Wanna Dance With Somebody ft. Carrie Manolakos


In Your Eyes/ Your Eyes

Fix You

We Are Never Getting Back Together

And then the show ended and I was not the same… Stories tomorrow…

Enjoy! All I Ask (see what I did there) is if you use the videos for anything you link credit please and thank you!

Xoxoxo- A


TAYLOR I can’t believe I get to see you tomorrow!!! We’ve driven through 3 states today and are finally almost in Baton Rouge! I’m so excited and I’ll be there bright and early tomorrow morning to try and get to the front of the Tiger Plaza! I hope this is the tour I can hug you and tell you why I love you so much! See you tomorrow beautiful! 💖 taylorswift


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Aaron Tveit 10th June 2016

“Oh, no, [aliens are] scary! I made the mistake of watching Fire in the Sky when I was a kid…so basically for the three or four years after I saw this movie I thought I was gonna get abducted by aliens every night when I went to bed. And I used to actually sleep with my baseball bat right next to my bed, just in case. ‘Cause some part of me thought: an alien species that has technology to come to Earth was gonna be deterred by my baseball bat - which, you know, probably wasn’t the best line of thinking.”

Lots of interesting stuff in his late-night talk-show debut…! In addition to his fear of aliens, Aaron discusses being at the Tonys, BrainDead, and how he “might have” broken the law bartending alongside waiting tables at “20, 21.”

*We’ve swapped out our original video for the official full interview later uploaded by the Late Show YouTube - please watch the official video for viewcount! The only exclusions are the last handshake and soundless zoom-out where Colbert asks about his suit, which we’ve gif’d for viewing here.