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My Headcanons #27.5 (Christmas Edition: Arkos Special)

After the hecticness of everyone opening their presents had died down, Jaune nervously confronts Pyrrha.

He is holding something behind his back. He reveals to her a small wrapped box, gold wrapping with a red bow.

He watches nervously as she opens it. Inside the box is a silver promise ring.

Their names are engraved in cursive on either side of two gems. A pyrope gem (a red gem named from the Greek word for fire, like Pyrrha’s name) to represent Pyrrha, and a citrine gem (a type of yellow quarts, a birthstone color for November, possibly could be Jaune’s but we don’t know for sure yet) to represent Jaune.

It has the word “arkos” engraved on the inside.

He worries she’ll think it’s cheesy, or that she’ll laugh at him, question it, or worse, turn it down. But instead, she cries.

Before Jaune could make a sound, she wraps her arms around his neck, embracing him tightly. He attempts to put his arms around her but she pulls away before he can. Apologizing for tackling him, she watches as she puts the ring on, entranced by it. Jaune smiles at her and they sit down together. He pecks her cheek and wraps his arm around her shoulder and she burrows herself into his chest. He kisses the top of her head,

“A promise is a promise”