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Hello, my fellow Gotham city inhabitants! It’s ya boy Joker here! Now you may be wondering what I’m doing here, and to that, let me answer! It’s…complicated on how this turn of events happened, but tl;dr I accidentally made a promise to Bat Jr. that I’d try out running this blog for awhile (of course, in exchange for a date with one of his dads. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother bein’ here!) Part of that agreement was that if enough people get me to have fun, I might not destroy all of Gotham city. Though I doubt I’ll get any true enjoyment from your asks, give me your best shot! I’ll be waiting.

RIP Kylo Ren? Nah.

I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone else but… I love how scary Kylo is. Even though there is a man underneath it all–a conflicted dramatic Skywalker–he is still intimidating as fuck and I love it. So yes, of course I will miss Kylo’s mask, the frayed cowl, the villainous decoder voice, the villain swag, the clenched fists, and the lightsaber destroying shit. It will always be iconic.

But I’m SO READY for anti-hero Kylo. And I’ve honestly been ready since day one.

To anyone feeling betrayed that he might become “not as cool” or lose any of his Kylo-esque personality traits I just want ya’ll to remember a few things that might help the transition:

1) I’m fairly certain many of us went into TFA expecting this masked baddie to be just another boring dark sider, a one dimensional villain who we didn’t care about, a one and done. They definitely blew all my expectations out of the water. Everything I got and everything I’m going to get is ALL so much more and so much better than I ever hoped for. Even all the shitty discourse I wouldn’t trade for anything because, well, I got to discuss & analyze one of my all-time favorite SW characters with friends, family, co-workers, and my online SW fandom. I’m prepared for anything, I feel ready to survive this epic (and likely painful) story!

2) Kylo Ren… well, he doesn’t really like being Kylo Ren. The guy isn’t happy in the First Order isolated under Snoke’s creepy overbearing wing. Even his dad, while dying at his hand, remarked just how sad his son’s eyes are, how Ben looked deprived and malnourished. Han wanted Ben to find peace. Being the villain isn’t going to do that. He thinks he wants it, he thinks he needs it for any kind of self-worth… but is villainy his true nature or true calling? I don’t think it is. I think people will much prefer the anti-hero Kylo once we see the transformation… because he will be more confident, stable, determined, powerful, and even more badass imo because he will be fighting for himself… maybe (hopefully) even alongside Rey. NOT fighting for Snoke. I think it’s going to be super interesting watching him go down a grayer path.

3) He’ll still be Kylo. All the snark, all the sass, the puppy headtilts, the gazing into his enemy’s eyes, the ultimate Hux insult generator, the bridal-carrier… he’ll just be a little less of an asshole–you know, showing his humanity, dealing with the aftermaths of his father’s murder, getting closer to Rey, etc.

So even if he heads the way of the anti-hero and we eventually lose our masked villain I will always want Kylo to have that choice to be who he wants. Because a creepy old asshole has interfered with that choice since before he was born. If Kylo chooses to die, rot in a jail cell, or even become a semi-heroic character, just let it be his choice. And that will be more than enough badassery for me, mask or no mask :)

I too have met Faust

It is never a full on victory
Happiness as sadness is a transient
albeit constant being and I am a destitute
riding its runaway freight train

This campaign to be in peace is lifelong
complex and never clear cut
but I do my best

I once shook hands with fate confidently
fresh out of a vision believing I understood
what the meaning of peril was

I looked life in the eyes and I said,
Take my petition, I am happy to oblige
Transfer all bruises upon my soul
Trade off my hopes and aspirations
if this be the gamble
After all, all I desire is in this
particular blessing
To taste
To know
and to hold—

Life as Faust obliged all too well
pouring fountains of words down my throat
Watching my eyes clock and turn from
the intensity of the love I felt

Syllables danced as fine red wine
upon my twisting tongue while one voice
recited predictions in poetic form
Identifying the beginning to an end
in metaphors
As I myself too wrote and wrote
of how I would likely see this
very end to come

But I precipitously fell
Became the tiniest of prey
inclined to believe

I descended into a sorrow so profound
that it spun me round to weave itself
within my conscious and sub without
my resisting

Having drank from the actual cup of life
Having heard and beheld all that I did
That I would have to live each second
thereafter the fall as I do—
As first woman surviving Eden
This I did not foresee

That poetry would make
a strange bedfellow out of me and
that I would be condemned to search
in the odd spaces of this world
for that one voice to recuperate
something forever lost in me
While yet knowing all is gone
and that I should bless it as so
Praying for tranquility to be

Kura are you even reading those pages or what.

Merry Christmas @glaringxdream! This is my part of our Xmas art exchange :D

Thank you, Goblin Week.

I’m doing a decklist. The gobbo deck we all deserve to helm at one point in our lives.

Wort in this variation has an awesome dichotomy that makes the decklist simple and easy to balance- we’ll call it ‘goblinball’. The trick is to pretend you’re playing elves. For example, you’re gonna need some tokens. In fact I’d say almost every goblin you play is a goblin token.

What’s fun about Mogg Infestation is that if you copy it you’re basically quadrupling your goblins. Then you have the garbage that is Goblin Rally, which gives you eight bodies for five mana. What do we do with those bodies? Draw cards, of course.

Pay some mana, tap some friends, and draw a whole bunch of cards. Green can even find you your Reliquary Tower pretty easily! What’s nice is that you don’t need to rely on red’s wheel effects when you’re in green. Green also gives us other toys, such as the ‘ball’ part of the name-

Jenny has eight goblins, so normally Overrun would only give them a bonus offensive power of 24 damage. But if Jenny taps two goblins, the offensive power actually increases to 36! And with Wort being 3 power, Overwhelming Stampede when copied will at minimum buff creatures by +9/+9. Of course, we do need to have some ‘goodstuff’ synergy.

Pay four mana for six cards and watch the blue man weep. Then double up on second harvest and quadruple your gobbo squad again! Don’t forget primo removal such as Artifact Mutation, which will give you more bodies to work with, and Hull Breach, which has the potential to be a 4 for 1 trade off.

I hope you all have enjoyed goblin week as much as I have!

It just hit me that i’ve been doing this blog for a bit but i’ve never made an intro! but eyy lmfao I’m Mod Cain! Nice to meet you all and I’m glad you all seem to be enjoying this blog! It’s blown up pretty quickly and I’m super glad to have you all here. I hope you continue to enjoy these Delicious Quotes™

i tried very hard to draw future trunks as an art trade for sulphursun and by “tried very hard” i mean stared at dbz anatomy with a befuddled expression on my face for at least two days

but as long as he turned out kinda recognisable then i achieved what i set out to do and all the tears and style rage was absolutely worth it 8′) enjoy.

i get that the uk isn’t in a position to seriously piss off the US but i hate how theresa may fell all over herself to be the first foreign head of govt to secure a visit with trump, the chummy way she held hands with him for a photo-op (gag) and her clearly calculating to water down her words on torture -which is an ECHR obligation the UK has signed up to on its own volition, and that travel ban which affects many british citizens (so now the DHS says it won’t apply to British dual nationals but if they travel to those countries they might still be affected & that still doesn’t deal with them being unable to meet family members?). her spinelessness about the us blanket ban on refugees- the protection of refugees is yet another ECHR obligation the UK signed up for. just her generally cowardly response to what are now not merely words, but trump’s policies. other european us allies like netherlands and germany have shown more spine. and yeah, i can see she’s doing all that because she hopes to clinch that free trade deal to smooth over the UK cutting itself out of the European Common Market and its 500 million customers. 

all the while peddling the fiction that the special r/ship is some sort of equal, frank exchange between good friends (lmao) instead of clearly this thing where the UK is all-too willing to dance to America’s tune, no matter how shitty.