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Me (Layered)
  • Me (Layered)
  • The 1975

use headphones

slightly slowed down for copyright reasons

all rights go to The 1975 and their producers, i own absolutely nothing!

Strip poker with the boys

A/n: this is more of a crack fic, just a random long idea. If you’re looking for something more sexy…I’m sorry V_V


“I hope no—I hope no.” The boy is dangerously playing with the bottles, making a tower out of them. Everyone else in the room is holding their breath, watching with interest if Max could pull it off. “I said I hope nobody—hic—does a…” His expression turns twisted, the grin on his lips malicious, preparing for the attack. “SMASHING GRAB!” It’s a given that he fails in grabbing the bottles properly, and the top and bottom ones fall loudly on the ground.

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Hera, can you hear me?
  • Hera, can you hear me?
  • Wolf 359

so yesterday I was like “what if I did one of those audio cut things with every ‘hera, are you there?’ from the podcast?” and here we are

(fun fact: the majority of the time eiffel says the thing is within a context where hera actually can’t hear him)


3t2 WIPs: Phixil and Pixicat edition. All three versions of Pixicat’s rose spike headband + phixil’s skeletal hands necklace.

(Please tell me those gorgeous headbands haven’t already been converted.)

Monbebe tag

tagged by @bryony-raylene, thank u!!! i hope school has been going ok and that you’ve been getting enough rest! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

im not sure which of my friends are monsta x stans and/or who has already done this tag, but i tag @blue-daeyang, @jongins-laugh, @escapade-bts, @jenpop, and @monbebeturtle! (and anyone else who sees this and wants to do this tag)

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James Spader Appreciation Week, Day 3:

I wanted to post a different scene but I saw someone else already posted it, so I went with this one. It was an impossible task to pick just one fav scene out of all the things James has done.

So here is the hug after Liz is released from jail. It was such an amazing moment, the fact that Red was the one waiting for her.

At that moment I was hoping that it would be the beginning of something more but unfortunately Liz was a total different person in S3b…

Let’s hope for better things in S4 and hopefully a nice reunion hug like this one.