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Castiel had always known how he felt about Dean. Somehow he’d always been able to conceal it.

Not anymore. Castiel feels like he’ll burst if he doesn’t just say it. He’s only human now, after all.

He does say it, eventually. He makes use of all the knowledge he’s acquired and tells Dean how he feels over and over again.

It’s in Danish the first time. “jeg elsker dig” he murmurs as he accepts his mug of coffee.

The second time is a few days later when they’re on a case related to an Arab painter. “أحبك,” Castiel says, not looking up from the book he’s poring over.

He ends up saying the phrase more times than he can count.

“Ez hej te dikim”

It is not always “three simple words”.

“मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ”

And he never says it in the one language that matters, the one language that Dean would understand.

“دوستت دارم”

Castiel will only learn later that he has severely underestimated Dean. He will only learn later when, one day, Dean turns to him and says, “You know I love you too, right?”

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Haven, what's going on? Is she still talking trash? Or is her fandom talking trash? I feel very confused and and not understanding what's happening?

Essentially, yes, she is.  She is allowing a narrative that paints him as mercenary, that he was exploiting her, that he was only with her to further his career, that he was pushing her to be more public (I can barely type that without gagging in disgust), etc.  All of these things are so ridiculous, ridiculous to the point of making me question why she would even bother attempting the claims in the first place, as I am under the impression that lies are only worthwhile if they are believable.  

And I am not sure why, but this new rash of articles that further these claims have just sent me over the edge.  I tried to be circumspect and not dwell on the drama for a year and now it’s simply too much.  Too.  Much.  This is deplorable.  He has had plenty of opportunity to speak ill of her and has not said a word.  Meanwhile, she chooses to allow her PR paramecium to drag him while they are touting this latest and greatest Chosen One who has been found worthy to join the ranks of her ex-boyfriends (because that IS what he will be known as soon enough).  The sad thing is that her supporters will continue to be just that, ignoring such shameful childish behavior that reveals itself in always pointing the finger and blaming the other person and ignoring the potential for any harm it may do to that honest and kind man who, despite said behavior, will not cease to speak of her with anything less than respect.  Because that is what a mature adult does.  He is being gracious in a way that she is consciously choosing not to reciprocate, in front of the whole world.  If you really want to know who someone is, especially a celebrity, observing how they handle a break up and how they speak of that person afterwards is an excellent indicator of who they really are.  

I hope that my response here translates accurately; it comes from a place of extreme frustration.  I hope people who are familiar with this blog will understand that I am not a mean, vindictive person.  This is not meant to be a diatribe against her, it is meant to be an explanation of why I am frustrated.  I am not here to hatefully criticize.  I am not speaking without cause.  I am speaking because it needs to be said.  I know there are going to be people reading this who follow this blog because of her.  I am not here to argue with you, so any attempts to defend her choices in this matter are pointless.   A rational person can weigh the known facts and history of each of the two people involved, along with their responses regarding the ending of their relationship, and see that something is out of balance.  It simply doesn’t add up.  I am tired of him being unjustly tarred and feathered by her camp.  

And I am going to post this knowing that I will probably have to deal with nonsense about it in my notes.  It will be worth it.  Enough is enough.  

Vive la France (Remus Lupin x Reader)

So how about a reader who’s been friends with Moony when they were little children, but who then got separated because he went to Hogwarts and she - to Beauxbatons. And then somewhere around the fifth year she transfers to Hogwarts, and Remus realizes he has a thing for her but he doesn’t show. So then the Marauders start to hit on her deliberately in order to make Remus jealous and get him to tell her about with feelings? Lots of fluff, maybe? Thank you so much in advance! You are so talented it’s inhuman!

I love love loved this request!! I tried to write a French accent so I hope I did an okay job, I took French for six years so I hope my phrases are accurate!

French translations:

Vivante: lively

Amis: friends

Mes amis: my friends

Oui: yes

Ma chère: my dear

Tais-toi: be quiet/shut up.

Maman et papa: mommy and daddy.

Y/Nm: your nickname

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You adjusted your black robes for what seemed to be the hundredth time, missing the blue of your former uniform. Your mother sent you a comforting look as she waved one last time before you were being directed towards the Headmaster’s office where you would be sorted into your Hogwarts house. You were a transfer student from Beauxbatons, only a month into the school term so you still had time to catch up in your lessons. Your father had landed a much better job in London, much closer to Hogwarts so it was decided that it might do your family some good to turn a new leaf. You nervously sat in front of Dumbledore and another professor, McGonagall if you recalled correctly.

“Don’t be nervous dear, now, the sorting hat will determine which house you belong in, then we’ll have one of the Prefects from that house come and escort you to your lessons and give you a tour of the school.” He said kindly as you politely nodded. Ever since your parents told you that you would be switching schools, you promptly wrote to your best friend, Remus Lupin; you two grew up together but then once you moved to France you didn’t see each other as often, but you wrote to each other every week and tried to at least visit him once every year. You remembered how nervous he was when he told you about his condition, but you didn’t care that he was a werewolf, he was still your sweet best friend, you were more worried about his well-being, remembering how the full moons took a toll on him and you hoped that they were easier to deal with now that he was older. Remus attended Hogwarts, and you were bursting with excitement at the prospect of going to school with him. Your nerves seemed to have betrayed you because you were drawing a blank at which house he belonged to…what if you were placed in a different house…

You were knocked out of your thoughts when Dumbledore placed the hat gently on top of your hair.

“Hmm…a cunning mind…yes very cunning indeed, but extremely witty and creative as well. We certainly can’t box you in a house with just one of those traits…yes, you’ll do good in Gryffindor, I can see great bravery in you, not afraid of the unknown.” Said the hat after a couple of minutes. You saw the witch next to Dumbledore smile.

“Well Miss L/N, looks like you’re in my house. I’ll go find my Prefect and he’ll be your guide for the day. I’m sure you’ll make Gryffindor proud.” Professor McGonagall said, and with that she left the office. After a few minutes she came back, next to her was the familiar face of your favorite, chocolate lover, lanky best friend.

“REMUS!” you exclaimed before hugging him. He chuckled in response, hugging you back.

“I’m glad you got sorted into Gryffindor Y/Nm.” He said fondly.

“Mr. Lupin, today you are in charge of showing Miss L/N around, make her feel welcomed but I’m sure the latter won’t be a problem.” Dumbledore said, shooting McGonagall a knowing smile. Remus nodded, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink while you blushed slightly next to him.

You both exited the headmaster’s office, walking in a comfortable silence.

“Let me guess, you completely forgot each house and were slightly panicking while the hat ominously whispered in your ear?” he said, a goofy smile making its way on his face.

“Oh shut up…but yes, I did. But hey! At leas’ we are in zhe same house!” you responded, shoving him slightly to the side, as he chuckled.

“Well, as you can see the castle is big, not as big as Beauxbatons but still quite impressive.”

“My friends back at Beauxbatons would kill me, but I am starting to like Hogwarts a lot more.” you said softly as you looked around the castle walls, taking in the moving portraits and the low candlelight that adorned the archways.

“I wouldn’t say so just yet, our resident dead prankster, Peeves, will have you singing a different tune I’m sure.” He said as he led you up a long staircase, warning you of a loose floorboard.

“Speaking of prankster… didn’t you mention how your best friends were big on pranks? What did you call yourselves… ah yes, zhe explorerz?” you teased.

“Very funny, and it’s marauders.” He said with a good natured eye roll.

“Explorerzs, marauderzs, same thing. Either way, I’m looking forwar’ to meeting your amis!” you said cheerfully.

“Hope they don’t scare you off, love.” He added as he led you towards the dining hall.

“There’s about ten minutes until lunch, figured we could come a bit earlier. The tables are divided by each house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.” He explained as he pointed to the four long tables, each already set with countless of silverware, plates and goblets.  You both made your way to the Gryffindor table and soon enough the great hall was filling up with students, all eager to eat and relax before their afternoon lessons.

You were too caught up in your thoughts, and people watching, that you didn’t notice the three boys that came to sit down next to you and Remus.

“Should we poke her?”

“Yeah, let’s poke the new cute girl Prongs, it’ll be real smooth.”

“Shut up, Pads, it’s not like you’re coming up with any good ideas.”

“Will you two stop ogling my best friend?” Remus snapped, glaring at the two boys. Sirius and James got quiet for a few seconds but then their eyes lit up with understanding, a smirk making its way on each of their faces. Remus waved them off and turned to you, tapping your shoulder softly and bringing you back to reality.

“Y/N, these are my friends, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew.” He said pointing to each of them. They each waved but Sirius and James were on a mission to get a reaction out of Remus so they each pulled out their charm, much to Remus’s displeasure.

“Pleasure to meet you, and might I add just how fortunate we are to have you here. Our very own beauty, our treasure. We shall admire and guard you, I’ll alerts the knights.”

“That’s right, Sirius.” James said, doing an elaborate bow as Remus rolled his eyes.

“Well Remus wasn’t kidding when he said you were a bit vivante.” You said chuckling slightly. At hearing your accent Sirius and James smirked even more, shooting a fleeting look towards Remus who was glaring at them, if looks could kill…

“Is that a French accent I hear?” Sirius asked.

“Oui, I’m a transferred student from ze magic school in France, Beauxbatons. Did Remus not tell you?” you answered, smiling as you saw how your goblet refilled itself.

“No, he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t even tell us you were coming today.” James said.

“Remus would love for her to come, isn’t that right Moony?” Sirius added with a sly smile.

“For Merlin’s sake, both of you shut up…” Remus grumbled; he was quite thankful that you didn’t catch the double meaning behind Sirius’s words seeing as how you were busy deciding which pastry to choose from.

Lunch went on, the boys kept asking you questions about Beauxbatons and how it was different from Hogwarts, but before you could keep on talking about it, the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch hour.

“Come on, Y/Nm, we have Potions next.” Remus said kindly as he picked up your bag for you.

“Fear not Moony, we can escort Y/N! Think of us as her handsome bodyguards.” Sirius offered. Before Remus could object you spoke up.

“It’s okay, I love to ‘ear the fun facts Remus has about the castle! Besides I missed ‘im very much.” You said as took his arm and led him towards the exit.

“Well, I think we got our job cut out for us. Y/N is definitely into our dear Moony, and is not shy about showing it, but Moony is a bit more on the shy side of the looove spectrum.” James pondered out loud.

“You’re right, I think operation Vive la France is a go.” Sirius concluding, earning an approving nod from James as Peter merely watched, shaking his head at his meddling best friends.

As the weeks went by you began to feel at home at Hogwarts, you wrote to your friends weekly, and your parents were very happy with how well you were adjusting. Remus was over the moon by how you were settling in and he was extremely fond of your study dates, although you had never called them that, but he liked to think of them as dates. Little did he know you felt the same way.

“Oi! Y/N! Where are you headed? We’re going to the lake before dinner, we want to lure out Ollie out.” Sirius called out as he ran to catch up with you in the hallway.

“Ollie? Did you name ze giant squid Ollie.”

“Yes we did. He’s a Virgo, extremely picky when it comes to snacks…” James trailed off.

“Sorry mes amis, but I’m meeting Remus at the library, he’s been helping me with my Eenglish and I don’t want to be late.” you said as politely, smiling to yourself by the mere fact of seeing Remus.

“Oh really? We’ll join you!” Sirius said brightly, bursting with excitement at the thought of his and James’s plan finally going into play.

You three made your way to the library, James and Sirius whispering to themselves and eyeing you suspiciously every so often. You simply brushed it off, thinking that they were simply plotting their next “super-secret” prank. After a few minutes of walking next to the whispering duo, you all made it to the library, you guided them towards yours and Remus’s spot, near the back of the library where there was a fireplace that Remus would light during each of your study sessions knowing how cold you got.

“Bonjour, Remus! I found our friends while I was on my way ‘ere. They insisted on joining us.” You greeted him and explained why the two marauders were with you.

“Hello Y/N, James, Sirius. I’m sure these two were probably incredibly annoying and for that I apologize.” Remus chuckled.

“No more annoying zan usual.” You replied, laughing softly.

Soon you both set to work and after a few minutes James coughed three times, signaling Sirius to put their plan into action, Sirius nodded and so it began.

“Say, ma chère, you look lovelier than ever. Even the reddest rose shrivels in comparison to your beauty.” Sirius said casually, leaning into your side, taking a hold of your hand. At his actions Remus’ eyebrows shot up, almost dropping the quill he was writing with.

“Zank you, but you should really go back to your essay if you want to finish it.” you answered politely. Remus visibly relaxed by how you brushed Sirius’ charm off. Another half an hour passed, Remus was in the middle of correcting your essay, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes while the two boys were doodling on the corner of their parchments. All was peace and quiet until James broke the silence.

“Hey, Y/N?”

“Yes, James?”

“Are you doing anything this weekend?” he asked with a growing smirk. Out of the corner of his eye he saw how Remus stopped reading your Transfiguration essay and was looking intently at the two of you.

“No, I don’t zhink so.”

“Well, then I think we should go to Hogsmeade together, we can go to Madam Puddifoot’s.” he continued smoothly.

“’ow kind of you, but I will have to say no, maybe you could take Lily.” You said politely, going back to your current essay, not noticing how Remus was glaring at James with such an intensity that if looks could kill the poor boy would’ve been history. A few minutes went by and you excused yourself as you went to look for a book to finish your essay. As soon as you walked away Remus turned to his two friends.

“Care to explain what in the bloody hell was that all about?” he asked seething.

“Whatever do you mean, Moony?” Sirius asked coyly, as James snickered next to him.

“The flirting! With Y/N! and the asking her out!” he whispered-shouted, not wanting Madam Pince to come and yell at them.

“Moony, do you care if we flirt with Y/N? I mean you have said countless of times that she’s just a friend…”

“Oh sod off, James.” He muttered as he went back to editing your essay, not daring to make eye contact with his friends. You were coming back, but before you could make your presence known Sirius made a stopping motion with his hand as well as bringing his pointer finger his lips, signaling you to keep quiet. You were standing behind Remus, confused at to what was going on.

“Well, well, well, Sirius, I think Remus likes Y/N.”

“Hmm you might be right, Prongs.”

“So what if I do, now can you two shut up before she comes back…”

“Ha! We knew it! Just tell her how you feel, she’s obviously into you.” James shrugged as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

“No she’s not. She’s this great, incredibly pretty, charming, funny girl, and I’m just a dorky werewolf.” He said defeated, not noticing that you have been standing behind him for the last few minutes, hearing the whole conversation. You cleared your throat, making your presence known, Remus dropped his quill as his eyes widened comically.

“I zhink you are wrong. You are so much more zhan zat and I like you, a lot. So how about we steal James’s idea and go to Hogsmeade together?” you said, blushing by your confession. Remus starred at you, wide-eyed as Sirius and James eagerly watched your exchange from the sidelines.

“I would love that.” Remus said after ten long seconds. You smiled brightly. The two of you went back to work, brushing into each other’s hands and arms more than usual or necessary. The quiet atmosphere was soon interrupted by Sirius’s stomach growling, signaling you all that it must be almost time for dinner. You all packed your belongings, Remus taking hold of your bag and hand, and made your way to the dining hall.

“So does this mean we get to call you both mom and dad?” Sirius asked as you kissed Remus on the cheek once he set your bag down and sat next to you.

“Sirius, for the love of Merlin…” Remus started.

“Tais-toi.” You finished.

“Okay fine, maman et papa…” he said smirking which earned him a slap on the back of his head by Remus. James spit out his pumpkin juice due to how much he was laughing.

“If you don’t stop laughing, I’ll hit you next.”

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Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping up with this mini translation blog. I hope this is helpful in some ways (even though my translations are not very accurate; please feel free to correct me!)

I would start to become busy so updates will not be as immediate as possible. I will try to put them up as soon as I can though, especially when Tumblr app allows it.

Anyway, if anyone has noticed it, I have just translated Kousei’s latest blog (albeit late). It’s not related to Haisute at all so I would like to know everyone’s suggestions.

Would you like to have non-Haisute-related updates (from both Fucchi and Kousei) during this stage play’s duration be translated as well?

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Happy Monday!!! Hope this will make your day…

Translation (Not accurate, it’s only my guess :) )

Aiba: Is it okay for me to ask you a question?

Sho: No problem.

Aiba: What type of ideal person (man) do you like/love?

Sho: The muscled/beefy type!

MC: So in Arashi…who is your ideal man?

Sho: Aiba! :) (The crowd went wild!!!!!!!!!!!!)

MC: Thank you very much.

MC 1: It’s something that I would like to see in a DVD. (I presume something- a scene in a film)

I don’t know what the other female talked about and Sho-san was saying “Idiot” in a really cute way…

A note my father gave to my mother when they were about to move to the states. What a lovely thing to find.

I would like to offer you the world, but I can’t at this moment offer you anything but my love. The world will come to us soon enough. To the three of us, we will conquer it. 
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful present of the world. She talks, she walks, and she is the most beautiful.

With all my love,