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- Stan has had to deal with being bullied because of his religion ever since he can remember

- the names and mean comments never seem to stop

- he’s referred to as “jewboy” so often he wonders if people actually know his real name

- the jokes about his nose and money are old but still hurt as much as they did the first time he heard them

- he tries not to let it get to him because his parents have taught him to be proud of who he is but sometimes after a particularly rough day he wishes he could be someone else and hates himself for it

- Richie is protective as HECK over his boyfriend and goes off whenever he hears someone talking shit

- Stan’s always secretly thrilled when Richie has his back but tries to play it off and scolds him for it

- he makes out like its because he doesn’t need to be saved but in reality he’s terrified Richie will get hurt or worse

- lets face it his trashmouth never fails to get his ass kicked

- Richie doesn’t care and is ready to throw hands with anyone who even LOOKS at Stan the wrong way

- “Richie ive been handling this shit my whole life, you’re just gonna make things worse, don’t get involved”

- “okay babe” *continues to protect Stan behind his back cause no one hurts his bf*

- it stays like that for a while, Richie sticking up for Stan behind his back and keeping his mouth shut when they’re together

- until Stan’s late meeting Richie outside after school (the always walk home together)

- Richie’s worries now cause this isnt like Stan, he’s always out of class on time, he’s always there to walk hand in hand with him back home, where the hell is he???

- he finds Stan at the back entrance of the school with two guys Richie vaguely recognises from the grade above

- one if them is pinning Stan’s arms behind his back and the other is screaming in his face

- Richie barely has five seconds to register Stan’s bloody nose and tear streaked face before he reacts


- he may weight in at just under 110lbs but boy don’t let that fool you

- he ends up rugby tackling the guy who’s screaming at Stan before he knows it and starts laying into him

- they guy holding Stan is so surprised he losens the grip on his arms and Stan manages to get free (not before giving him an elbow in the face)

- the surprise tactic seems to be working because Richie is actually winning??

- and Stan is just like holy shit my boyfriend is BADASS and he fucking loves him

- a teacher eventually hears the commotion and splits the boys up

- Richie comes away with a black eye and a bloody lip (“you should see the other guy!”)

- he also gets detention despite being “a knight in shining fucking armour”

- the news of what Richie did spreads like wildfire around the school

- “did you hear what trashmouth tozier did?” “i heard he put a guy in hospital” “i heard he almost DIED”

- none of the rumours are true and the fight is nowhere near as bad as people are saying but for now no one is picking on Stan so Richie doesn’t bother correcting them

- Stan doesn’t want to kiss Richie’s burst lip until it heals so peppers him with tiny kisses everywhere else on his face instead

- it makes Richie blush furiously but god he loves it

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Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

that interview with Zach Sang is probably the best interview BTS’s has had since coming to the US for the AMAs. like, Zach obviously did his research and he didn’t ask petty questions like ‘who is your celebrity crush?’ instead what he did were:

  • he actually asked questions the boys’ wanted to answer and you could see that they’re very comfortable. 
  • yoongi even spoke up a couple of times and joked about making it to the billboard
    zs: what was your dream growing up? like, when you first realized that you wanted to sing. what was your end goal? what did you wanna see yourself do?
    yg: go the billboard. i made it <laughs>
  • he talked about how BTS’ music embodies change and the belief of the next generation and that even when their songs are in Korean they’re proving that music is w/o borders wHICH IS ONLY WHAT NAMJOON HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTIME SOME IDIOT ASKS THEM ABOUT RELEASING AN ENGLISH SONG
  • he did his research about the history of their songs and their lyrics and Namjoon legit sounded surprised when Zack reference their earlier lyrics of studying and being turned into working machine bECAUSE SHIT SO FAR HE’S THE ONLY INTERVIEWER WHO TALKED ABOUT IT
  • instead of talking about how the boy’s are dealing with the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity/idol, he asked about how they deal with the pressure of being idols and basically being looked up to by their fans and how do they deal with it (of course he mentioned about the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity but that it’s just material and he asked them how they stay in touch with themselves)
  • he understand that BTS’ journey isn’t an easy one and he knows what their work is all about calling them ‘socially charged since the beginning’
  • HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THEIR UNICEF WORK SO FAR and you could practically see the boys light up at the question. they all smiled and nodded and Namjoon thanked him and enthusiastically discussed about their UNICEF #EndViolence campaign
  • he asked them about how they remind themselves to love their selves and not as BTS - which for me is a very relevant and good question bc so far all we see people ask them is ‘how does it feel like to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world??’
  • the boys are comfortable enough to answer in Korean and let Namjoon translate for them unlike in the other interviews where they really struggle to speak in english for the interviewer (but idk. maybe that’s just me)
  • yg: please don’t compare yourself with others
    jh: finding my dreams and something that i really want to achieve is the best way to love myself
    nj: simply just call yourself (…) if i’m zach i’ll tell myself ‘zach, you’re doing just great. zach, i love you.’ pat your shoulder 3x a day. that can change you.’
  • he asked them if anybody in the group has the goal of learning english and everyone is just like ‘of course!’ (suga said ‘why not?’ V was very cute raising his hand and saying ‘me!’ and jhope sang the english alphabet. omg these boys.)
  • namjoon said they’re practicing and studying and memorizing words for the interviews and he’s really very, very proud of them.  (◡‿◡✿)
  • ZACH TOLD THEM TO JUST KEEP RELEASING MUSIC IN KOREAN because BTS is connecting people through music, telling the same struggles and experiences wherever they may be, and it’s a Big Deal.
  • He thanks BTS for their UNICEF work, telling them it’s very appreciated that the boys are working towards making the world a safer place and Namjoon legit said he’s the first one to ask them about their UNICEF campaign and said they’re so touched.



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Note: The diagram of the Smith’s residence is missing a bathroom because the bathroom was an afterthought. 

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Do I really have to exist

i am not god; i sometimes think about how much doesn’t have to exist, myself included. it’s a problem i find a lot. i don’t feel necessary.

but then, neither is my dog. he is a sheepdog with no sheep. he has nightmares a lot. his purpose is moot.

one of my cats only eats bugs. he won’t catch mice. for an obligate carnivore, he loves moths.

is it required that i or you or anyone else exists. maybe not. but i kind of think of it as a small miracle. you do exist. despite how scientifically improbable it was for you to be created, you were. and something in that is beautiful, you know? the universe needed eyes to watch all these unnecessary things it created. you don’t spend hours on your sim house just to put no people in it. does a house require people to exist? no. but it does require people to be a home.

i know the world demands you Fulfill Thine Divine Purpose. i think that’s kind of bogus. you don’t have to be useful or valuable or exceptional to be worth something. my dog is worth so much to me. the idea that he’s not necessary is silly to me.

yes, i know. life goes on when people leave. true, and true indeed. i think about that a lot. but i also know that my sister’s cat goes to check to see if she’s home every night, and she’s been gone for months. 

grand scheme? who knows. but the truth is that other people need you because you help them feel like they exist with purpose. maybe you haven’t met the right people yet. i felt strongly in senior year of high school that nothing i did mattered - after all, i had no friends. i was bullied. if i died, it would make zero difference. and maybe it would have. maybe the gap would have filled after me. maybe my cat would learn that i was gone, that nobody was coming. maybe my mom would foster a new daughter. who knows. i’m not god.

but i do know if i didn’t exist. if i had taken myself off the table because i didn’t have to exist…. i wouldn’t be here talking to you and all of my new friends here. i wouldn’t tell you that, since you’re here, you might as well enjoy the rest of the things that shouldn’t exist. televisions are sound and image boxes. music and art and dance and writing don’t have to exist, but they do because they bring us joy, fill us with harmony. airplanes are godless flight machines and if god wanted us off the ground he would have given us wings.

airplanes were someone saying “this doesn’t have to exist, but i want it to.”  and i want you to exist because it’s worth it. it’s worth it for the dog you might adopt or the tattoo you might get or skinny dipping or writing songs or planting a garden. all things in life that won’t exist without you, that won’t happen without you around to make them happen. that need you to exist so they can exist too. 

please stay on this earth. i can’t force you, i can’t offer you a promise that the world ever stops hurting. but i can say that somewhere, to someone, you matter. and you matter to me, because you exist, because you reached out to me, because you have a question that i ask myself daily. 

here’s my suggestion. when i’m at the point that the rope has a stronger pull than the art of the world, i make myself count the things that are good, and didn’t have to exist, but do. libraries. books. bath bombs. me and you. because i know we can be a force for good, you and i. somewhere on some level we can help others or just help ourselves and that’s…. good. and i think, really, in this universe that loves entropy, yes, absolutely, we need you. we need the good you can do. and we need you. or, at least: i do.


countdown to jeonghan’s birthday

D-0: collection of jeonghan moments

happy birthday jeonghan!! thank you so much for sharing your talents and personality with us. it has been wonderful watching you grow so much through your journey with seventeen and get better and better at singing! we love you so much 💕💕💕

there’s someone in the middle… [lets a security guard know someone needs help] someone’s coming. is everyone alright?… do you wanna make some space for them? … is she down? [the crowd responds yes] do you wanna help get her up? [sends a water bottle to the girl] good? is everyone ok? … no? ok. if everyone could take it down for a second we’re going to slowly take a step back… we’re going to chill it down, take it back a little bit. are we ok? ok.
—  harry making sure a fan in the middle of the crowd was alright